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Lol I am so happy that this came out perfectly. lol even though there was a few time where I had to redo a few pages. :C BUt hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did making this.

Omg it would so cool if Seigiva  noticed my comic OMG I WOULD FLIP OUT AND THEN CRY /(TOT)\ If you don’t know who he is then go on Youtube and support him. Personally,I think he has the perfect voice overs for Overwatch fan comics. 


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endless summer characters as people u meet at a party

diego: the one who got too drunk and keeps crying and asking the DJ to play taylor swift songs

michelle: wore the same dress as you and looks better in it

lila: the step-mom who bought all the alcohol for the party because she wants teenagers to think she is cool

quinn: the nice drunk girl in the bathroom who compliments your shoes and offers you some chapstick, like the nice burts bees kind

jake: “anyway here’s wonderwall”

grace: that chick who brought her homework and actually started doing it

iris: what do you want me to say about her she is not a real human being she’s the spotify playlist the DJ is using or something idk

craig: the guy that won’t stop yelling “DO IT FOR THE VINE”

sean: three girls are trying to hit on him but he keeps texting his mom

raj: dude that made pizza rolls inexplicably even though it’s not his house and the host didn’t have any pizza rolls in the freezer so where did he get them?? did he bring them??? we aren’t sure

zahra: came to the party “”“ironically”””

estela: found the cat and just sits in a bedroom silently petting it and when couples come in to try and hook up she just looks at them and keeps petting the cat until they leave

aleister: yeah he didn’t even go

The time has come guys!!! Tomorrow, I’m flying out to Burbank, CA! I start working at Cartoon Network Studios as an intern on Tuesday, and I’m told my desk is gonna be set up right on the Steven Universe floor!! Gonna be an awesome summer!!!! 😱

Thanks again for all your kind words and support, I am so incredibly humbled to be able to meet and work with the amazingly talented people on the Crewniverse!!! Even though I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m not sure everything has registered completely in my mind. Like, this is insane right?? This is insane???? I’m going to try to take pictures and stuff where allowed to keep you all updated when I get there!! Love you guys!!

I’m back with another Spanish-English vocabulary masterlist! I asked on Studycord which kind of words would be more interesting/useful for you and the most voted option was summer vocabulary. 

Even though today’s been raining since 10 AM, these days have been really hot here in Spain (or at least where I live). I hope you guys find this useful! And if you want me to add more words related to summer, you can DM me the words and I’ll write them here. Here’s the list: 

  • la arena the sand
  • las aletas the fins
  • el bañador the swimsuit
  • la barbacoa the barbecue
  • el barco the boat
  • bucear (v.) to snorkel
  • el buceo snorkelling
  • el calor the heat
  • el campamento the camping*
  • el campamento de verano summer camp
  • el cangrejo the crab
  • el castillo de arena the sandcastle
  • las chancletas the flip-flops
  • el cinturón salvavidas the lifebelt
  • la cometa the kite
  • la concha marina the seashell
  • la crema solar the sun lotion
  • el cubo the bucket
  • el delfín the dolphin 
  • la estrella de mar the starfish
  • las gafas de sol the sunglasses
  • el helado the ice cream
  • la hoguera the campfire
  • el lago the lake
  • la limonada the lemonade
  • la manguera the hose
  • nadar (v.) to swim
  • navegar (v.) to sail
  • la ola the wave
  • la pala the shovel
  • la palmera the palm tree
  • el parasol / la sombrilla the sunshade
  • la pelota de playa beach ball
  • pescar (v.) to fish
  • el pez the fish
  • la piscina the swimming pool
  • la playa beach
  • la tabla de surf the surfboard
  • la tienda de acampada the tent
  • la toalla towel
  • tomar el sol (v.) to sunbathe
  • las vacaciones the holidays

*camping is also correct.

If you have any questions or comments, message me! Once again, this is based in Spanish from Spain, so maybe there are words that change from other countries that speak Spanish.

I am the storm and you are the eye

Request: Hi i was wondering if you could do a blurb where you had a bad day at work/school and harry cheers you up?? thank you!

You have a bad day at work and Harry makes you feel better

    Its a warm summer night with a bit a cold breeze, i just looked down at my watch which reads that it is 6:51. Harry must be wondering where I am and why I haven’t shown up at home yet. But to my knowledge he wasn’t that much surprised since I have to stay late at work most nights. It was the beginning of August so it was getting even closer to autumn. It wasn’t the best day, but I could really just be saying that to try to make myself feel better. Even though I know deep down that I just want to scream out all of my anger. I just had to get out of there and get out of the surroundings of this environment. I haven’t been happy ever since I started this new job, it truly wore me down and just made me dread coming back the next morning. Harry knew how much I hated it and would tell me all the time “Y/n babe you don’t need to work there, I can support you and me both. Please quit, the last thing I would want is for you to be unhappy.” I am unhappy he is right about that part but some part of me doesn’t feel right having Harry financially supporting both of us without me helping.

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burned in a feathering pyre, 2.6k, loki and thor, another AU suggested by professional enabler @portraitoftheoddity

Thor woke up to Loki slapping him across the face.

“Now look what you’ve done,” he hissed. “Look where your reckless idiocy has gotten us this time!”

Thor sat up, groaning. Memory swam in slowly - he’d been in Jotunheim, then on the Bifrost, bloodlust high and shouting at his father - at the All-Father. Oh, Norns. He looked around and saw blasted scrublands, sun beating down on his shoulders. His armor was gone, and he felt weak. Thirsty.

You are unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed, Thor remembered, and turned to stare at Loki.

“You…what have you done?”

“The mortal crime of attempting to defend you,” Loki snapped. He stood up with only a slight wince, looking upwards. “I did tell you how monstrously stupid of an idea it was. Going to Jotunheim-” His voice hitched oddly, and he cut off. Thor shook his head and stood up.

“Heimdall!” He shouted. “Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!”

Loki wheeled on him. “Do you not understand the concept of exile, Thor? We’ve been cast out of Asgard, until such time as the All-Father should decide we have learned our lesson.”

“What lesson?” Thor asked blankly.

“Damned if I know,” Loki growled. “He did not see fit to inform me.”

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fandomtrash0101  asked:

I hope you don't give up on the comic because of all the hate you're getting. Just thought I would pop in and say take your time

I definitely don’t want to quit it. I am having a bit of a tough time getting back into it because I had to stop for so long, and at the same time, we’re starting to reach the part where the series is starting to get serious, answers are going to be revealed, characters are starting to catch on, and I am constantly thinking of little story changes or things that might make it better, we’re starting to get to the part where I haven’t exactly fine tuned the scenes anymore even though I have the story as a whole planned out. Not to mention I want the climax to be gripping and exciting, hopefully not too predictable, and not to similar to other climaxes we’ve seen from past artists since I’ve been writing this story since summer of 2016 and so far there has been a few other stories that have done what I had planned, so I had to change a couple of things up because of it.

honestly that’s the biggest downside of me taking so long, the longer I wait, the more likely someone might beat me to doing certain events with characters and I definitely don’t want to look like I’m ripping anyone off 

Good Girl Ch 44: First Day of Summer


I burry myself deeper into the massive pile of pillows when I hear someone come in. I’m happy where I am, warm, half asleep, and not out of bed at seven in the morning. But that does not seem to matter to my daddies who seemed to have woken up at the crack of dawn for a meeting in the kitchen or something that I was not invited to, not that I wanted to go. I was actually kind of hoping that they would just leave me here when they left, even though I don’t want to be alone, I also don’t want to get up.

It’s the first official day of summer and they for some reason expect me to get out of bed and be ready to go by 8. Though I shouldn’t complain, once we get to the office nothing will actually be expected of me other than to eat breakfast and not get into trouble. But still when someone pulls the covers away from me I can’t help but groan.

“Come on baby,” Chanyeol coos as he gently tugs on my ankle.

“But daddy,” I whine.

“Are you being naughty?” His voice is suddenly an octave lower. I suddenly pop up in bed with a pout on my face. He just chuckles, “So I take it you don’t want to be punished again?” I shake my head, my ass still hurts from two nights ago when I got a little mouthy with Chanyeol and got a couple of spankings in return. I need to remind myself that him, Kris, Xiumin, and Suho are not the one’s to mouth off to. “What do you want to wear? Comfy or stylish?”

I cock a brow at him, “Are you really giving me the option?”

“A pencil skirt it is!” He beams at me pulling an outfit from behind his back.

I glare at him.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll have a pair of sweat pants in your backpack for you to change into once we get upstairs. Now come on,” He holds a large hand out to me and pulls me to him. I stand up on the bed and begin to bounce happily making the giant smile, “Are you having fun?” I nod.

“I’m finally taller than you,” I grin at him.

“Chanyeol,” Kris scolds, “I thought you were coming to get her ready.”

The shorter of the two giants pouts, “I was trying but she started playing and she’s just too cute to stop.” They both look at me as I continue to bounce around on the giant bed like an idiot.

Kris tries to hide the smile on his face and be a strict daddy, “Joo-ya, you need to get dressed so we can go.” I sigh and stop bouncing right in front of Chanyeol. With my hands on his wide shoulders he helps me into my blush colored skirt and flowing cream top. Kris is carrying matching shoes that he insists that he puts on for me. I don’t put up a fight, I just sit down on the edge and let the tall man slip the cream heels on my feet. He offers me a hand that I quickly accept. We meet the others in the foyer, they are all in neat suits varying in color but they are all unbelievably handsome. They greet me sweetly with kisses and hugs before Kris escorts me to his car.

Tao, Luhan, and Lay join us, they talk on the way, though I’m still a bit tired from my, um, exciting night with Chanyeol. I wish I had taken Luhan up on his offer just to cuddle instead so I could be more excited for them. For most of them this is their first look into how their more legal side of business. We arrive at the building where Kris parks in front only to hand his keys over to one of three neatly dressed valet, or assistant or something. Suho pulls up behind us followed by Chen. I wait for a very crabby Sehun to lead me to the top floor along with everyone else. We step into a familiar lobby that I haven’t been allowed to visit ever since I met Jiyong, though I can’t really blame them since trouble seems to follow me whenever I’m out of their sight. Jinyoung, Jaebum, and Mark are there to greet everyone bowing at a complete 90-degree angle. I wave at them happily.

“Good morning,” They say together.

“Morning,” I greet back happily.

“I’m going to take her down stairs and get her settled, Suho, come along.” Xiumin decides as he takes my hand from the younger boy and pulls me back into the elevator before anyone has the chance to argue, Suho is able to slip in at the last second. The older looks at me with a small smile, “How are you feeling baby?”

I yawn, “Tired, though I shouldn’t be complaining, I’m not the one who has to work all day.” They both chuckle as we step off the elevator, to my surprise we are actually a floor higher. My jaw drops at the massive open room in front of me. The first thing that catches my eye is beyond the floor to ceiling windows on the patio.

“Is that a pool?” I grin excitedly.

“Yes, but those doors will be locked unless one of us is up here with you,” Suho says sternly drawing my attention back to him. “You are able to get snacks from the kitchen but no cooking, Kyungsoo will know if you even try to boil water.” I sigh at the truth in his words, Kyungsoo has weird 6th sense when it comes to me doing anything I’m not supposed be doing. “There is a bedroom threw those doors that you are allowed to sleep in to your hearts content. The universal remote is like the one at home so you already know how to use that. If you feel like changing there is a few extra outfits in the closet in the bedroom along with extra blankets if you get cold.”

I nod as he continues his rules and explanations. My eyes scan over the room finding each thing he is talking about. There is a double set of doors on the wall to my right, which I’m guessing leads to the bedroom and bathroom. In the beautiful kitchen that is in the corner I see a tablet that I’m guessing in the remote along with a basket of snacks that are ready for me. The long dining room table is already set for lunch so there goes the idea of me setting it. Two massive L-shaped couches are in the middle of the room with a soft looking rug on the white marble floor. Everything is light colored, grays, blues, and white with a few splashes of other colors here and there.

“We will come up for lunch everyday so don’t snack around noon. We are just a floor away or you can call or text us if you need anything. Our assistants are also there for a last resort if you need something and we are in a meeting. I’ll post our schedule on the fridge so you can know where we are all the time.”

Xiumin finally chimes in with some annoying news, “If we ever have to go to a meeting at a different building you will be coming along. Even though this place has the best security, I prefer it when you are close by, so no whining about sitting threw meetings with us.”

I sigh but nod.

“Good girl.”

“Also,” Suho clears his throat, “There is one more thing we need to discuss.” He pulls me deeper into the apartment and sits me down on one of the couches, Xiumin sits on my other side. “Jiyong talked about how his building is only a few blocks away and asked if on Tuesdays you could go over after lunch. He said he would bring you home by ten if we agreed, so I was wondering how you would feel about that.”

I shrug, “Sounds fine to me.”

“Of course it does,” Xiumin grumbles.

I turn to face him and take his hands in mine, “Daddy don’t start with this. I’m saying yes because Jiyong is my friend and I want to spend time with him. Jihyo is out of the country the whole summer and you won’t let me hang out with my other friends alone so Jiyong is the only person I have to talk to.”

“So you can’t talk to us?”

“Daddy, you need to stop looking for reasons to be upset. All I’m saying is that you guys can go out and talk to who ever you want. I have all of you guys and I love talking to you guys but sometimes it’s nice to talk to have a friend to talk to about this stuff. So please do not get mad.”

He sighs but nods.

“Good Daddy.”

The next day

“Do we have to let her go?” Chanyeol whines.

“Daddy, don’t you dare start that fight again!” I try to scoot away from the red haired boy but his grip around my waist tightens.

“Fine, I won’t, just finish your lunch before you go.” Chanyeol pulls me back into his lap and pulls my half full plate of pasta closer. I take my fork and begin slowly eating the rest on my plate. By the time I’m done it’s time for them to go back to work and time for me to go meet Jiyong who is meeting me down in the lobby. I wave goodbye to daddies as they load into the elevator when they are gone I go to the bedroom to change out of the nice dress Soo put on me this morning. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt I shuffle to the elevator. Down in the lobby I expect to find Jiyong waiting for me but instead I’m greeted by the judging stares of the receptionists. I give them my own glare before walking straight outside, completely ignoring the nagging in the back of my mind that my daddies would kill me for doing such a small thing. Outside I still don’t find Jiyong but instead hear someone whistling at me.

“Yoo who, pretty bird,” A familiar voice calls. I turn around to see my joker smiling at me mischievously. A giant grin spreads on my face as I rush over to greet him.

“Long time no see.”

“Yea, I thought you hated me when I left you my number in that card and you didn’t call or text,” He huffs as she shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry, my oppas are really strict with who I talk to and you would definitely not pass their background check.”

“I take offense to that.”

“I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t pass it either so don’t feel so special.” He just laughs. “What brings you here?”

“I’m your escort.”

I click my tongue at that, “What is a hitman doing as a babysitter?”

“I’m just a body for hire, regardless of the job, I go where the money is. And I just happen to be so lucky to have the money lead to you,” He grins.

“Okay than escort, lets get going.” He nods and holds his elbow out to me, I laugh but interlock our arms as we wander down the street. “So how did you swing this job? Was is seriously luck of the draw or did you know you would be watching me?”

“The job was offered to my whole team but I was the one to volunteer to do it.”

I nod, “Why?”

He hums mindlessly for a minute, it’s that song again, the one he was humming those four months ago. I find it just as comforting as I did before. “I enjoy you. I have no interest in you sexually, incase you were worried about that, but your attitude is just magnetic to me.”

“I seem to have that effect on people.”

“So this is going to be a weekly thing right? What is this, a custody trade or something?”

I laugh, “Basically, but Jiyong usually picks me up himself. I was a bit surprised to find you. I feel a little offended that he would just hand over my escort to a random hitman he doesn’t even know. No offense.”

“I understand, but don’t underestimate me pretty bird. I’m the best at my job and I always get it done, no matter what.”

“That’s reassuring.”

He smiles down at me, “I like my client to be as relaxed as possible.”

“Don’t say that, I feel like you’re going to kill me or something.”

“Don’t you worry pretty bird, killing you is not on my list.” He stops in his tracks and steps away from me. “Looks like we’re here.”

I look up confused but he’s right we are in front of Jiyong’s building. “Wow that was fast.”

“I know a few short cuts, I’ll remember to take the long way next time so we can talk more, but until then have a good week.” Without another word he turns and leaves. What a strange guy.

I shuffle inside, expecting the same hostile reaction I get from the receptionists at my daddies company but instead they bow deeply at the sight of me. They make me feel like a princess as they basically escort me up stairs to his office where he is sitting behind his desk focused completely on the work in front of him. I smile when he doesn’t even look up from the papers just grumbles something about needing coffee. I don’t fight him on it, I just slip out and ask his handsome assistant where I would get him coffee.

“Oh please let me get it Miss,” He basically begs as I find my way to the little kitchen he has in a hidden room behind his desk.

“It’s fine Mino.”

I brew the coffee quickly with the tall, tan man hanging over my shoulder. When I’m done I bring two cups of coffee with cream and sugar on a tray back to his office. I don’t bother knocking or announcing myself, I just waltz up to Jiyong’s massive desk and set the tray down.

“It’s proper to announce yourself when you enter someone’s office,” He sighs.

“It’s also proper to greet those who enter your office,” I snap back playfully.

He looks up with a big smile, “Beautiful! I didn’t know you were here.” He stands up and greets me properly with a hug. “How was your morning?”

“It was good, I had an exciting lunch with my daddies and a nice talk with my escort.”

He nods, “Let me just gather my things and we can go.”

“Go?” I cock my head, “Don’t you have to work?”

He scoffs, “I have you one day a week and you think I’m going to waste my time with you at work?”

“Where are we going?”

“To have fun.”


On a side note: I did get his permission to put these pics up and to tell this story. If you have any other questions please message me and I’ll try to post what answers I can. 

This is my mate from London, met him while out on the club scene in 2014. He used to always be out taking drugs, partying and fucking so many guys. A real recognisable face everyone knew him and everyone fancied him. He used to get loads of attention, modelled quite a few club nights and even modelled fashion stuff as well.

Anyway in early 2015 he was prosecuted for some drug charge and sent to prison for 16 months. While in prison without his drug taking partying lifestyle he jus got massively overweight. His chiselled abs and rock hard pecs swelled and softened, and his belly just ballooned out in front of him as he wasn’t really able to be active he said that he just became really lazy, watched tv and ate snacks all day for the whole time. He was weighed when he went in, he was 5′10″ and 167 lbs and left 16 months later 236 lbs. Since he has been out he is still gaining more weight even though he has made poor attempts to get back into shape. 

Now back in London I made contact with him again. He wanted a hook up and when before I wasn’t his first pick, all his former gym bunny conquests aren’t interested in him now he has let himself go and let himself get so massively overweight. 

I see him occasionally, firstly I was shocked at how big he was and would tease him about his chubby fingers, his slight waddle and how his vest barely fits over his round belly now. Now he knows I’m into him being big and gaining more weight and even though he says he is ‘trying’ to lose weight, he lacks self control with me and I can always get him to pig out at a buffet or chug a few beers at a bar. Even had some feeding sessions while having sex where he has chugged pints of cream for me. Its weird how before I was too fat and not ripped enough for him and how I am in way better shape than him and I’m making him get fatter and fatter and becoming a big blubber boy. 

GQ ROMANIA INTERVIEW FULL: Captain Romania! Sebastian Stan - now playing in our movie.

EDIT: I finally found the magazine and bought it. Too bad I’m too busy sorting books in German at college and I can’t scan the photos, but at least here is the interview.

I hope I did my good deed for this year and Santa will come by :D

Note: I couldn’t find the magazine, so I had to use some not very good photos some Anons sent me. I also have to write a 15 page-long essay in 3 hours, so if I made some mistakes, I am sorry, but I am in a hurry.

(Edit: The photo was blurry and I couldn’t understand the last 3 questions and answers. If anyone has a better version… you know what to do.)

Thank you, dana2931 for the photos!

Born in Constanta (aka my town, the place where you can’t find this freaking magazine) on 13th August 1982, he broke some hearts in the HBO production Gossip Girl, he starred with Natalie Portman in Black Swan and is at the moment in two American Marvel blockbusters. Sebastian Stan is the one who has been so lucky from an early stage in his career. Even though he has moved from Romania at a young age, he is still speaking Romanian fluently (because of his mother) and he is still incredibly modest.

How was for you leaving Romania at only 8 years old?

  • Back then everything happened quickly. My family was moving quite often and the time to assimilate what was happening was insufficient. I had to adapt myself really fast to new surroundings. It was a cultural shock. I remember that I was in a supermarket in Vienna and it was the first time I saw bananas. Now that was an event! When you are young, you are just like a sponge and this helped me integrate quickly.  But I did feel like a stranger in the first years.

 On what level did you feel the change the most?

  • The biggest change was the language barrier. When I moved to Vienna, I had to learn German. Then, when I was 12, we moved to the USA and I had to change the languages again. I couldn’t have learnt so fast if it weren’t for my stepfather who is of American origins. It was really difficult for me in high school only because I had an accent. I remember that there was a year during which I spoke English defensively – even with my mother who continued to speak to me in Romanian. It was a great effort for me because I just wanted to be like all children and to lose my accent.

 Which is your greatest memory about Romania?

  • I have some unforgettable memories from the Revolution. I remember that one afternoon I was playing outside – I was 6 or 7 years old – and I heard a really loud noise coming from the street and all the children were running to see what happened. When I approached them, I saw a Dacia (Romanian car) full of students shouting, raising their fists through the open side windows and with the town hall’s Romanian flag – with a huge hole in the middle where it used to be the communist symbol - blowing in the wind. Even though I was very young, I did understand that what was happening was very important.

What made you become an actor?

  • I actually had the opportunity to perform when I was in Vienna. My mother took me to some auditions and my first role was the one of a homeless Romanian child. I was filmed in a subway in a short movie. I didn’t like it too much. I found it boring having to wait on the set for such a long time. Only when I was already in my first year of high school in America I started enjoying it. I had a friend who, even though he had hearing problems, he was responsible of all the school plays.  His attitude and the fact that he didn’t let a disability to discourage him made me try.

Which were the first steps you took in your path to this career?

  • From high school to summer school and until college in New York, I only had one motto: “If this went well, then I’ll take the next step and see where it leads me.” Fortunately, my path had already started forming on itself. My luck has played a very important role and until this moment I am grateful to my parents for bringing me to America. The greatest moment occurred in Stagedoor Manor, an acting camp in the north of New York. There I met my manager with whom I’ve been working for 17 years. I started going to auditions in New York when I was 16 and all those years were fundamental to me.

 It is not easy to get to Hollywood. What motivated you?

  • I find myself a very lucky man who has had many opportunities. My work depended on what I did with all those opportunities. I didn’t have the slightest idea that I would get where I am now. Starting from my family’s journey in 3 different countries, I never knew what to expect and to what to get attached. Therefore, I realized that no matter where the path leads me, I must trust it. Trust is what has been motivating me so far.

What were the challenges?

  • The challenge was to remind myself that everything is entertaining. As you grow up, there are more responsibilities and the industry continues discouraging you with its rejections. It’s important not to take it personally, even though it’s hard to do this. You become exhausted, you start blaming the others and sometimes even yourself. There were some times when I felt lost. I was young and I had forgotten why I was here. But, slowly, I returned on my path.

You have played in various different movies. Which one of your characters was the most demanding?

  • It’s always different and sometimes I have no idea how I should start preparing myself. I trust my instinct very much and also the feelings/impressions I get from the script. However, I remain very open in what concerns the director’s concept/view and I respect it. It’s very important to know your limits and the area in which you are working. “Captain America” was based on the story from the comic books and this was really helpful.  They (i.e. the comic books) were like a map and I only had to follow it. When you work with a director like Darren Aronofsky, who has a very precise vision, you only have to honor it.

You prepared yourself for theater. How is the stage opposite to the movie industry?

  • Television is the writer’s area, the movies are the director’s area and the theater, finally, is the actor’s area. What the public sees is only what the actor says. He is his own editor. The theater gives you the possibility to do something new every night. Countless revelations about a role keep appearing and this makes every performance different. It’s very interesting and it keeps you fascinated. In movies, the director edits the performance in a room. As an actor, you are at his mercy. But, in a movie, you can communicate only through one scene/close-up. It’s a special thing which you can’t do on stage.

And just like that, my first year of teaching is done. Is this real life?

Our classrooms are getting painted this summer so we had to 100% pack up our rooms. I’m a rebel though and left washi tape on my board for learning goals, and a bit of fabric on my back wall because it goes in between our thinking maps and those things were jerks to put up.

Two students have already emailed me and I am feeling pretty bittersweet right now. A year ago I didn’t know where I would be teaching or if I’d even have a job come fall and I was in one of the worst financial positions I have ever been in. It was all worth it though. Grad school and my surgery are two things that have made me stronger and I learned a lot from both of those choices.

Good things are still coming, I can seriously feel it. For now though I definitely need some time to relax and recharge. There’s no way I could have continued working 65+ hours a week much longer.

Ice Ice Baby chapter 8: First Date

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How are you guys liking this so far? I love your comments so much and every time I get one my heart bursts with love ^^

BTW, at the end of May i quit my job and I finally got myself another one. Well, I’ve only worked two days of it and I’m looking for something else. I’m 25 years old and I’m pretty confidant that my gut feeling is never wrong. So you guys pray for me that i’ll find something soon ^^

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything?

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NOTE: Gray will be a little OOC for a few chapters. But this is an AU, so yeah, he’s not going to be his moody self. But that part will come, I’m already there in my writing so I promise. This won’t last long! – Also! In this universe, the song Ice Ice Baby does not exist. (getting closer..)

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Thursday came before Juvia could even blink. She still felt guilty about sleeping with Gray knowing she was having another man’s baby, but after some thinking and soul-searching she decided that Lucy was right. She wasn’t the first woman to do so and she wouldn’t be the last.

Her only problem now? She still hasn’t told Gray and he’s about 5 minutes late for picking her up for their movie and dinner date.

“Juvia feels sick…” Juvia sat in her desk chair holding her stomach, ironically, she had not been morning sick all week. But all she wanted right now was to lose her lunch all her meals from the last few days.

She had no idea how she was supposed to tell him. How would he react? He would be angry for sure. But would he understand? Would he hate her? Juvia was at a loss.

“Juvia! Gray’s here!” Natsu called from the living room. He and Lucy were going to have their own at-home movie date while she was out.

“Coming,” she called, not sure if she was truly ready.

She slipped on her sandals, grabbed her purse and left the safety of her room.

Lucy winked at her when she entered the living room. Natsu was ignoring every person in the room in favor of the remote.

“Wow, you look great.”

Juvia turned and saw Gray standing there, looking as good as ever. Boots, dark jeans, and a red t-shirt underneath a leather jacket. She flushed, such a handsome man was taking her out?

“Thank you, Gray,” she fiddled with her purse. She glanced at her outfit. A knee length yellow dress, a belt at her waist flared out the bottom half.

“Ready?” he held out his hand for her to take, a small grin on his face.

“Yes,” his fingers were cool against hers as he pulled her closer, “I’ll be home later, then.”

“Have fun!” Lucy waved, nudging Natsu to at least say goodbye.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, stripper.”

“Natsu!” Lucy smacked him on the chest as the couple stepped outside and shut the door behind them.

“They make an interesting pair, huh?” Gray chuckled, he was still holding her hand.

“They are cute together,” Juvia twirled her loose curls around her fee fingers. Nervous about being on her first date in years.

“Where are we going?”

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He is like


Vibrant, colorful sunsets

Buzzing, roaming bees

collecting happiness in pollen

living off of flowers

Sometimes hiding behind clouds

but he

has it all figured out

When it rains it is gentle, soft

creating rainbows

the type of rain you

laugh and dance in

I’m just winter

freezing cold

chapped lips

dry skin

trying to fit in the soft weather

But through the

blizzards and black ice

Where I’ve swerved and crashed

countless times

he found a way to melt my

fears, tears, and cold, cold years and

bring me back to life

He is my shining sun

Even on my most paralyzing, frozen days

He brings me light even though I am like



His favorite season is winter on every summer day


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Felt the huge need to write something for my boy Alex; ((Inspiration))
Probably my most favourite character, g0sh.

Page 223; NOV 17th
To:  Forgive me, but I can not write your name, even though I doubt you will ever read this. Still, I can not risk, my love.

« Confessions: »

« Number 1. I do not know what I am doing anymore. It is such state of mind, where one is completely lost in thought, and can not focus on anything else, but this one thing. And the worse part of it is that my head is spinning around constantly, thoughts and feelings vigorously fighting eachother, and the more I think the worse it gets, but I can not stop! »

« Number 2. It is so sweet! Such pain... one can die for! Cheeks wet, eyes rolled back to the bone! ; teeth grazing, biting my bottom lip as if it was his! Nails digging in my flesh, thighs, chest, but it is not enough. Oh, you stupid heart, I curse you for bleeding my soul so bad! What now?! How do I look at those lips and hold back? How do I look at those hands and not want to feel their embrace? How do I listen to this voice and not want to hear it whisper in my ear?» 

One swift, fast, thunderlike motion and he had the little book closed instantaneously. His curiousity had turned from something innocent to something devouring and lustful. A couple of words, written from the hand of this little girl, had such a strange, unwanted, yet intoxicating effect on him.

“What is this?” - He raised a hand up his chest, fingers brushed against the buttons of his clean, white shirt. A sigh of surprise escaped past his lips that were curving up - was his his heart beating faster? Was it possible that her words reached out to his heart?
But it was true that the leather covers of the book felt softer, smoother than before; and now he wondered, what would her skin feel like? Would it be as smooth? What would her voice sound like if she was to read those pages, instead of him? Will her cheeks turn red if she knows he’s reading them right now?

This thought sparkled something in his mind and he felt his body fill up with adrenaline. He stood up from the bed, inhaled deeply; eyes set on that little book. What if he reads a bit more? Or… What if he was not the one those pages were talking about? He did not like the thought of that, his jaw clenched, eyes looked to the side. Who else would it be then? If not him? He had to know!

« Number 3. I see him. Every day I see him and this hole in my chest grows bigger, because I know my dreams were so vivid, so real, and there he is just as real as he were the night before, but I am not with him! It is cruel, so cruel to look at someone you love, but to lack the courage to actually be with them! Does this mean I do not love him enough?........ »

« Number 4. Stupid girl! You are just a stupid, little girl, who does not even know what she wants. You read so many books, and that was your mistake, because now you think that this fragile soul of yours would be taken care of... » 


« No! I refuse to think this way! I refuse to give in to these insidious thoughts! Maybe I do not know what I want, but I do know what I feel when I read these books and it is what I feel when I look in his eyes.... »

The next page was blank. And so was the one after and after and after. A new wave of adrenaline hit him. So little he read, yet so bad he wanted to know more of it.
Relief. That is what he felt what he saw a few more words scribbled on the last few pages:

Page 313; DEC 25th

« Number 5. To whoever reads this:
If you love someone, do not give up on them. This is one piece of advice from the stupid little girl, who wrote all these confessions. Actually, no. 
Let me correct myself: There will be a time when you will not know what to do. First love or not, it huts the same,... or mostly. The the more you think, the worse it gets. It sounds quite paradoxal. So stop thinking and let it be. This has thousands of different meanings, depending on the, on your situation, but you will know.


“What are you doing in my room, you Sneaky!” - eyes shot back in your direction, a glorious smile illuminated his face. You noticed he had some book in his hands, but did not realise what it was until he waved it in front of your face with a mocking and very smug expression.

“Oh, you know, just reading some poetry… about myself.” - cheeks went red immediatelly “Hey! I was young and confused!” - he wiggled his brows at you, lips curved up in a satisfied smile “Oh, you did not sound confused at all, if you know what I mean!” - he whispered smugly after that long waited kiss you just shared.

“Oh shut up, Summers!”

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My masterlist is pretty small right now!! But it will expand soon enough! Also! Even though I don’t have stories for the other members, I am happy to write them!! My request box is open! So if you want to request, please feel free to send them in here!! I will write them up asap, since it’s summer!! Before I forget, I also do other posts such as just fangirling over svt so click on my profile and look through, if you’re curious! And for those who don’t know me or are seeing “lil coups” for the first time, I have links (located down below) where I have introduced myself! 

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#85 & #144 please

I’ll do 85 separately.

144. I cheated.

don’t worry, it’s not what you think ;)

“One thousand five hundred!”

Robert nodded, smiling back at his sister, his grin reaching across the whole width of his face.

“Yep,” he beamed, glancing across at Aaron who looked set to burst out laughing at the Sugden siblings.

“How the hell is – show me!” Vic ordered as she leant over, grabbing the small white card from where Robert had proudly laid it out in front of him, along with his other purchases.

“See,” he explained smugly, pointing at the bottom half of the card. “Rent, with hotel, £1,500.”

She sighed, defeated.

“How much have we even got left?” she turned to ask Adam, who she caught mouthing something over at Aaron, the pair of them glancing across at each other amusedly.

“Err, don’t know, babe, I’ll count it up,” Adam insisted as he shuffled to sit upright, grabbing their pile of multi-coloured money and starting to separate it out into colour coded piles.

“I’ll accept property if your cash is tied up in assets,” Robert smarmed, the smug smile still plastered across his face. “For mortgage value, of course.”

Aaron laughed, getting himself a sideways glance from his husband in return.

“You’re such a businessman,” Aaron lamented him, quickly finding himself having to swallow down the lump in his throat with the suggestive way that Robert looked back at him, winking seductively.

“You love it,” Robert flirted back at him, capturing his husband’s gaze as they said so much between them without uttering a single word.

He really did love it. He couldn’t get enough of that side to Robert, sometimes – the side that was smart, and capable, and ruthless sometimes in his pursuit of what he wanted.

He felt the sudden urge to call an end to the evening and to take his husband home; something coiling deep inside of him that he desperately needed Robert’s expert touch to unravel.

“Erm,” Aaron coughed, breaking their heated gaze and gesturing casually towards the dwindling pile of notes spread out in front of Adam and Vic. “Think you’re going broke with this one, shall we call it a – ”

“No!” Vic interrupted, getting out her phone calculator and tapping in the values printed in red on the reverse of each of their four property cards.

Robert raised his eyebrows.

“There’s no way you’ve got enough,” he told her, self-satisfaction oozing from him.

It turned out they didn’t have enough, and when Vic finally managed to accept their defeat after adding all of their cash together, she flung their notes across the room in Robert’s direction as he laughed at her, and she stormed out of the room.

Aaron and Adam had sat and stared at each other wide-eyed as they’d watched her impending realisation of defeat; realising that maybe a Sugden siblings’ monopoly game hadn’t been the best of ideas.

“Um, well, shall we get off then,” Aaron suggested, smirking at Adam who laughed as the three of them stood up.

“Yes mate,” he smiled back, glancing down at the monopoly money littered around their front room. “I’ll put all of this away, and I’ll tell Vic you said bye, yeah.”

“Yeah, tell her it’s not her fault she’s just not as good as her big brother –”

“Shut it, you,” Aaron cut him off, laughing as he bundled his husband towards the door. “See you later, mate,” he said as he gave Adam a playful shove on his shoulder, before opening the door for himself and Robert to leave.

As soon as Adam shut the door behind them, Robert reached down and took Aaron’s hand for their short walk back to the Mill, interlinking their fingers as they smiled up at one another.

“You’re feeling smug then,” Aaron teased.

“When am I ever not,” Robert smirked back at him, leaning across for a quick kiss as they meandered slowly through the village; enjoying the mild summer evening as the sun set slowly in the distance.

“Not sure how we won, though,” Aaron muttered under his breath. “I didn’t have a clue what we were doing.”

Robert looked across at his husband and smiled with a hint of mischief.

“What?” Aaron questioned, eyes narrowed.

“I cheated,” he admitted, brazenly.

Aaron stopped walking, their conjoined hands forcing Robert to stop a couple of paces ahead, where he looked back and faced his husband’s disapproving glare.

“What! You put me in charge of the bank,” Robert protested. “Of course I was going to siphon off a few notes when I could get away with it!”

“You’re unbelievable,” Aaron muttered under his breath after a short pause, shaking his head as he started walking again beside his husband.

“Yeah, I know,” Robert purred back at him, leaning in to whisper into his husband’s ear. “You can punish me for it when we get home.”

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Thanks to @thevortexofourminds for the tag! I figured I haven’t done something like this in forever, so…

Name: Matt
Nicknames: She calls me “Love”
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Nationality: American, or as people from where I live might say, Texan, though I am decidedly not from Texas.
Favorite Fruit: Orange forever and ever amen
Favorite Season: Used to be summer, then autumn, and now it’s spring, and eventually the winter of my discontent
Favorite Book: Watership Down by Richard Adams
Favorite Flower: Surprisingly not a “Rose,”  but rather, not surprisingly, lilies.
Favorite Scent: Really good food
Favorite Color: Blue…ish
Favorite Animal: Slightly partial to cats
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Occasionally coffee, rare occasion tea, and never an occasion for cocoa, unless we’re talking Coco my cat, but she’s not a beverage.
Average sleep hours: However long the combination of a bad back and my bladder decide.
Cat or dog person: Cat for sure, but one day I’ll have a dog again.
Favorite fictional character: Wait! They aren’t real?!
Number of blankets you sleep with: One and done
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And, lastly, obviously I tag no one, and the chain shall be broken.

800 Followers Inspire Forever

it has been three days since i hit the last hundred; i am still working on the drabbles from 600; and now it is barely mid morning and this glorious event has occurred. i know i say it every single time, but it’s true: i literally cannot believe this has happened or is happening. it’s happening so quickly and im overwhelmed every single day. i feel so truly honored and blessed that people are still arriving at my blog, deciding they want to see more PCY/Hoseok meltdowns, and me drunkenly waxing poetic about My Guys. i appreciate every single one of you to actual infinity, and i dont have any words to describe how happy this makes me, or how amazed it makes me. 

SO instead of blathering everyone’s ear off about how crazy this is to me or how blessed it makes me feel; instead of doing a follow forever like i did for the first 500, im going to do something different. 

i want to do a kind of inspiration post where i detail the people here who inspire me to be better, both as a creative person and a general human, and the people who, even if they don’t follow me, manage their time here with grace, aplomb, and wild creativity. for each person listed, i will rec my fave things. that said, i would like to make clear i am not a fic recs blog and i will explain why below. 


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i drove around the old roads today. the ones my father used to drive us on after school or on those lazy summer days where you truly can’t find anything else to do. a warm feeling came over me even though i was alone this time. it reminded me of my dad and those close moments that are now nothing but memories. everything is different but somehow taking those old roads made me feel like i was a child again - when everything was right and i didn’t know of the bad in the world. i felt safe. its funny how even an old route can make you pure again. even for a moment.