even though it comes with dancing guards

a concept

Because girls don’t always need boys to save them, Mare finally outsmarts her guards and manages to escape on her own. But Maven finds out right away and sends his men to catch Mare again. So Mare is, again, running for her life. 

On the other hand, Cal, who still refuses to fully support the Scarlet Guard, is secretly in cahoots with his new friends Kilorn and Cameron to save Mare according to his own plans. The three have decided to split up on their way to the palace; Cal on his own, Kilorn with Cameron. They’re supposed to meet in a place near outside the palace.

There’s a small party somewhere outside the palace. It’s a masquerade party, and there are Silvers dancing. Mare scans the place, and from the looks of it, she concludes that it’s a party of common Silvers, no High Houses. She decides to blend in. She quickly steals the unattended dress and mask on a table at the back for herself. 

Cal, who has prepared this Operation Save Mare for many months, knows about the party and has dressed like he’s attending. But before he steps in the place, he spots the palace guards from a distance running and yelling “Barrow.” That’s when he realizes that Mare has escaped. Before he gets caught, Cal joins the party. He keeps walking to the far end of the place until he bumps into someone and mutters a quick “sorry.” He raises his head to meet the stranger’s face. The stranger is already staring into his bronze eyes. The exact moment he looks into the stranger’s eyes, she’s no longer a stranger to him because even though she’s wearing a mask and he hasn’t seen her for several months he knows that he’ll always know her whenever, wherever. 

Mare’s world seems to have stopped. She’ll always know those bronze orbs and who they belong to. Cal. She’s about to take a step forward toward the man in front of her when the doors to the place open and ugly palace guards step in. The music stops, the guests stop dancing. The guards apologize for interrupting the Silvers’ party and announce that they have come to inform them that Mare Barrow has escaped. They ask for permission to search the place, which they are given since these common Silvers don’t really care that much about the little lightning girl. 

At the mention of this, Mare starts to panic. Before she can think of a way to further hide herself, she finds herself in a pair of warm arms. The heat is very familiar, something that she’s been silently yearning for since she surrendered herself to Maven as pawn. Cal places his palm flat to the back of her head to soothe her, as if to say it’s okay, I’m here. The music resumes, except that it’s a different song, the song that they both know because it’s the same song they once danced to. The two can feel the guards are getting closer to them. Mare lays her head on Cal’s solid chest to further hide her masked face. Cal doesn’t let go; he just wraps his strong arms around her fragile body as they slowly move to the music to blend in and not look suspicious. The guards pass them and soon make their way to the doors after concluding that Mare Barrow is not in here. 

Mare takes a deep sigh of relief upon hearing the sound of closing doors. She doesn’t look up, though. She continues to bury her face in Cal’s chest as tears pour from her eyes. Cal can feel her shaking. He holds her even tighter to make her feel safer while she’s in a sea of Silvers. He plants a kiss on her head as she cries a mixture of tears of pain, sadness, regret, relief, and joy.


So I ended up writing what has been in my mind for so long. This is just a concept, though. Not a proper fanfic, I guess? ;)

The Masquerade Ball (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Helloo, loved the jealous murphy, is there a possibility of jealous!Bellamy and/or him worried for the reader? Thank you very much

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warning: swearing, guy forcing himself on reader but not to the extent of rape.

The lights twinkling down on the dancing teens and you admire the scene as you stand next to Bell. “Pretty good, huh?” You state, making small talk.

“Yeah, I’m surprised. I never knew the foyer could look anything other than trashy.” He admits with a small laugh and you join in on the heavenly sound.

“How’s your shift been?” You ask, genuinely curious.

“It’s been interesting.” He answers, his lips turning in a smile as he glances down at you, “Your friends think I don’t know about the alcohol they snuck in.” He smirks and you freeze in shock. “Don’t worry,” he laughs when he notices your expression, “I’m not going to rat you out.”

“Good,” You let out a breath of relief, smiling when Bellamy lets out a small chuckle. “Bellamy..” You state, grabbing his attention as you’re about to ask him if he would like to dance with you - even though you know he’d say it was completely inappropriate for a guard to dance with someone while on watch, even if it was just you and Bell. But you can’t help but want to do it anyways. 

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Essays in Existentialism: Lashes

Clarke does something that violates Grounder protocol and is to be punished (not to death). Lexa doesn’t want to appear weak and let Clarke off, but she can’t let her be hurt either, so she invokes a Grounder tradition that lets a lover take the place of their mate. She and Clarke are still in the not yet stage though, and Clarke doesn’t want to let her take her do it, but Indra convinces her that to deny what Lexa has asserted would shame her. However you go from there is up to you.

The lead in her stomach seemed to grow heavier and heavier with each anticipatory second. But Clarke stood there, her very being weighed down by self-loathing and guilt, merciless, hot guilt that felt like iron in her very veins. She could not look away, even though every muscle in her body dripped with this remorse, she wrung her tendons and stood there, staring at the guard who tied Lexa’s hands around the post, eyes unwavering.

There had to come a time when she would face punishment, and Clarke’s time ran out finally. Lexa hugged the post for her, head held high and disinterested while Clarke’s stomach did half-hearted summersaults in the crowd. The cloudling hated her in the moment, and in the next she loved her. So closely were the two feelings dancing in her heart that she did not know what to do with either. So she simply watched helplessly as her fate was decided. So delicate was the balance of honour and shame and guilt and love that she felt like a juggler who just wanted a glass of water.

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Companions React Text: Drunk Sole

Cait: Sole wasn’t someone who normally drank. They didn’t like the taste and hated the hangover effect that it left. There was only one circumstance that Sole would drink a lot, and that was if they wanted to forget something. Then, it didn’t matter. Sole would just use it to make all of their memories go away.

Cait hadn’t been able to find Sole all day, and when she finally did, they were a mess. They were sitting out in the Commonwealth, gun by their side, a glass of what looked to be whiskey in their hands.

“So this is where you’ve been. Tell me to wait and never come back to Sanctuary to tell me what is going on.” Cait walks over to Sole, sitting down beside them. Sole doesn’t say anything, they just stare into the swirling liquid that is filling their cup.

“Something on your mind?” Cait asked, knowing that look. She had seen it so many times in the Combat Zone and in the mirror.

“I can’t believe I killed him…” They mumbled before taking a huge gulp.

“Him..?” Cait didn’t want to seem rude, but they killed so many people that she didn’t know who Sole was talking about. It could have been anyone.

“Kellog! He might have been my only chance at finding Shaun!” Sole yelled at Cait who narrowed her eyes, but didn’t say anything back because she understood why they yelled. They were scared and didn’t know what to do.

“He wasn’t your only chance.” Cait started to say but got interupted by Sole yelling,

“Yes he was! He-He goddamn knew! And I put a bullet through his brain! The thing we needed!” Sole started to cry and Cait wasn’t sure what to do. She never expected Sole to be a sad drunk. She set her hands on their shoulders and brought them close.

“No need to worry, love. You’ll find Shaun, I know it. We are going to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor, they can help. I promise.” For the rest of the night, Sole sobbed into Cait’s shoulder while the woman run her fingers through their hair, trying to comfort them in any way she could.

Codsworth: While traveling the Commonwealth, Codsworth had found the right ingredients to make Sole’s favorite alcoholic beverage. He didn’t think about how he would have to deal with drunk Sole. He hadn’t dealt with that since the war.

But once he had made a few martinis and given them to Sole, he realized that he was going to have to babysit Sole. He didn’t mind. It was nice seeing them with the bright red cheeks and glaze in their eyes.

“Oh, Codsworth!” They swung their arms around Codsworth, a huge grin on their face, “Do you know how much I love you? I really appreciate you.”

They were slurring their words and it was obvious that they were drunk. It was something that Codsworth missed. They hadn’t been this happy for such a long time. They were always worried about others that they didn’t think about their own happiness.

“Oh, Mum/Sir, I love you too!” Codsworth tried to hug Sole back as much as possible with the arms that he had.

Curie: Since Curie had never had alcohol before, Sole decided that they needed to experience it together. They searched for a useable wine bottle and when they finally had it, it was time to have a party.

It didn’t take long until both of the participants of the party where giggling, being very drunk. Since Sole didn’t drink alcohol often and Curie never had before, it didn’t take much to make either of them to get drunk. After one glass they were already tipsy.

“This feeling is quite nice.” Curie giggled, her cheeks being the reddest that Sole had ever seen them before.

“Yeah..” Sole hiccuped, leaning back against the wall as they took a drink out of the bottle.

“Can we do this more often?” Curie asked and Sole laughed loudly.

“Yeah, we can do this more often if you would like.

Danse: “Soldier, I believe you have had enough to drink tonight.” Danse said, trying to grab the bottle from Sole’s hands. After a successful mission, Sole suggested having something to drink, and while Danse didn’t want to have any, he didn’t stop Sole from having any. He was regretting his decision now.

‘No, come on. Let’s pop open another champagne bottle. “ Sole grabbed a bottle and popped the cork off. When the stream of liquid came out, they tried to drink some but only ended up making a mess on their face.

Danse shook his head and grabbed the bottle from Sole, once it had finished erupting from the top. He set it down on the table and then took Sole by the arm, leading them back to their house. He hoped that they would want to go to sleep.

Sole followed, yawning while they were walking. When they finally got to the house, Sole laid down on their bed but forced Danse to stay with them until they fell asleep. Danse, though flustered, stayed with them.

He made sure to leave some water beside their bed for when they woke up, since they would be having a really bad hangover once they woke up.

Deacon: The Radio was turned up loud to the Diamond City radio, the music filling the entirety of Sole’s house. They were dancing in their living room, a bottle of beer in their hand. They had already drank a few bottles of beer so they were starting to feel a little drunk.

Deacon was sitting on their couch, staring at them with a smile on his face. He drank a few bottles himself, but he wasn’t as drunk as Sole. He felt a warm sensation in his stomach, but he still knew what he was doing. He didn’t know if the same thing could be said for Sole.

“Come on Deacon, join me~!” The extended their hands toward him, a huge grin on their face.

“Oh, I’m not really much of a dancer.” He tried to wave them off but they didn’t give up. They grabbed his hands and made them stand up, wavering slightly when they were pulling him up.

“Oh, come on. Please?”

“Fine.” Deacon smiled and the two of them started to dance together, both with bright red cheeks though for different reasons.

Hancock: The Third Rail was having a happy hour and anyone who wanted to get drunk was there. Sole wasn’t sure why they decided to go drink, but they did. At first, they were slightly awkward, as they didn’t fit in with the other people in Goodneighbor, but after a few drinks, they were having fun.

They didn’t notice that many of the guards were flirting with them, one even going as far as wrapping their arm around their waist. Everyone was being gutsy with all of the alcohol that was in their system.

Sole didn’t seem to mind, but they also had so much liquor in their system that they weren’t their normal self. Normally they wouldn’t let anyone touch them like that, but since they had so much to drink, their mind was fuzzy.

Just as the one guard was going to pull enough courage to try to kiss Sole, Hancock walked in. The entire bar went silent, knowing how protective  he was of Sole. As soon as his dark eyes fell on the guard and Sole, he stormed over.

“What is happening over here?” He asked, glaring at the guard. He wasn’t angry at Sole, but he was angry at the guards. They knew about how close Hancock was to Sole, they shouldn’t have tried anything.

“The drinks were cheap.” Sole slurred, almost falling into Hancock’s open arms, “I think I drank too much…”

“Yeah, I think so too.” Hancock started to walk back to his office, helping hold up Sole. Before the two of them were out of the door, he looked back at the guards and gave them a look that said he was going to have a chat with them about this later.

MacCready: “Boss, you need to get up.” MacCready looked down at Sole who was lying on a bed, an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor beside them. Ever since they had finished their most recent mission, MacCready had been unable to find Sole. He now realized what they were doing.

“Leave me alone…” They groaned, burying their face in their pillow.

“Come on, you did your best. You couldn’t have done anything else.” MacCready knew they were beat up over the results of their mission, but they tried their best. They couldn’t have done anything else to change the result. They shouldn’t be drinking to forget.

MacCready cleaned the room of empty bottles before sitting down on the side of the bed. He pulled the sheet up over Sole, deciding that the best decision now would be to let them just wait out the alcohol.

“Don’t worry.” He rubbed your back, “Sometimes things can’t always go our way.”

Nick: Sole wasn’t someone who drank normally unless it was fancy alcohol. They didn’t like beer or whiskey, so normal bars didn’t appeal to them. They were picky about their wine. The thing that they liked the most was Absynthe.

One night when they were in a fancy town that actually had the alcohol that they liked, they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. Sole came back to the motel that they were staying in with Nick,drunk.

As soon as they walked in, Nick could tell that they were intoxicated. He knew they were going out but he wasn’t sure where they were going. He know knew they must have went to the main bar in the town.

“I hope this is worth it, kid. Because I can assure you, you are gonna have a bad hangover in the morning and I don’t want to hear your whining.” He said as he helped them into their bed, a small smile on his face. He enjoyed seeing Sole so relaxed and happy, though he wasn’t sure how the next morning was going to go. Though, that didn’t matter, because Sole was happy now. That was all that mattered.

Piper: Sole came walking down the hallway of their shared house, wearing a bra and shorts. They had a bit too many drinks and they hadn’t drank in such a long time. They weren’t prepared because they had no alcohol tolerance.

Piper was chasing after them, afraid that they were going to embarrass themselves in front of people that they respected. She felt like she needed to be the responsible since she hadn’t had any drinks today. She was sober while Sole definitely wasn’t.  

“Get back here!” Piper yelled, not sounding angry but more annoyed and worried. She was like a mother who didn’t want their child to get hurt.

Sole was carrying a bottle of vodka in each of their hands, singing some old Pre-war song. Piper had never heard it before, but she wasn’t worried about trying to figure out what the song was. She realized that she was going to have a very hectic night until Sole decided to pass out.

Garvey: “Why don’t we celebrate tonight?” Sole asked, holding up two champagne bottles that they had found while traveling in the Commonwealth. They had been actually searching for this for this exact moment.

“Why?” Garvey asked, leaning back on the chair that he was sitting on.

“Because we’ve helped so many people in the settlements, you know? I think we should drink a bit and have some fun.” Sole said, popping the champagne bottle. They quickly poured it into a glass before handing it to Garvey. They poured themselves one and sat down on the couch with Garvey.

“Fine…I guess you are right.” Garvey smiled and raised his glass,” To the Minutemen.”

Sole clinked their glass against his, “To the Minutemen.”

Strong: Strong was impressed by the amount that Sole had drank. Empty bottles were littered on the floor and Sole was laying on a dirty mattress. Strong wasn’t sure what to do because he knew that they were passed out from having so much to drink, so he just decided to sit beside them and wait until they woke up.

X6-88: He walks in, sees that they are drunk, and turns around, refusing to see them while they are drunk.

Royal Endearment

1. Dance

“W-whoah!” Lucina almost faltered in her steps before she felt her body being pulled forward. Hands clenched tighter out of instinct, which then drew out a nearby chuckle that pretty much reddened the shade in her cheeks. 

“Quiet you…” she mumbled sourly, eyes brought downwards to avoid his lovely gaze. Though her face was hotter than any flames that she had encountered, Lucina didn’t even once let go. Instead, her left hand remained on his shoulder, and her right hand was still – firmly – grasping his own. Their fingers were still intertwined, fitting perfectly like a key to a lock.

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your sure steps, full of foreign grace

Follow-up to this. Varric/Cassandra. Part 2 of my Her Love of the Written Word.

(Now, I know they are representing a military organization and all, but for the sake of the fic let us pretend that dresses were an option for Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.)

The ball at Halamshiral comes as a pleasant distraction, knee-deep in shit as the Inquisition is at present, and Varric finds himself enjoying it, surprisingly enough. But there’s good food and ale (or what Orlais tries to pass off as ale, anyhow), and enough good stories to pass the time as their honoured leader lurks the shadows for shifty souls and hearsay.

And – there’s the Seeker, who Ruffles has somehow wrangled into a dress for the occasion. It’s a dark piece, deep purple folds and with a plunging back that’s got to have her feeling exposed – no warrior he’s ever known would willingly put on an ensemble like that and go unarmed, but Ruffles is nothing if not terrifyingly convincing (and Varric sincerely doubts Cassandra is entirely without a weapon).

She stays to the sides, trying (and failing) to keep out of sight, but the talk trails at her back in reverent whispers (‘What is Lady Pentaghast wearing?’, 'Unmarried at that age, imagine!’ 'What a posture, so awkward – almost like a man!’), but she bears the blows with her chin held high in defiance, and Varric watches her prowl the edges of the room on restless feet.

She catches his eye across the ballroom and he raises his glass in greeting, and she turns away so fast she almost trips on the hem of her dress. And it takes him a moment and a swig of his drink to make his decision, and then he’s crossing the room.

“Enjoying yourself, Seeker?”

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Over a Childish Game

Imagine losing a bet and having to do a sexy/lap dance for the three Durins

NOTE: This is not as dirty as it could have been but I was really happy with the ending so here ya go! 😊 

The hoard stank, rank and dirty, you had to hold your breath to keep from vomiting. Though it didn’t seem to bother any of your Company very much (or even at all). Each of them practically ran down into the hole and began exploring. “Look at this!” shouted Fili, his mature demeanor breaking over the pile of gold.

Most of the others came running over, feeling through the pile. “Nori, get a shovel,” said Gloìn. All but Thorin, who was searching through a pile of swords.

“I bet you’ll end up forgetting about all this,” you tested. There were still many, many miles to go. They might think about coming back and collecting their bounty, but with their short attention span, many things get in the way.

You start to walk out when Fili hollered after you, “Wanna bet?” His arms were overflowing with coins and various other items he uncovered.

“Yes.” You turned back after taking a deep breath of the slightly cleaner air. “I do want to bet. In fact, if I win, I get full access to whatever I want, whenever I want it.” You crossed your arms and stared him down.

“And if we win,” Kili put in, “We get whatever we want from you.” He smiled and slapped his brother on the back.

“Wait. Who’s ‘we’?”

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My loft '89 story: Sydney 28th November 2015

Okay so my friend Kristen @fearlesslycasuallycruel and I were seated in C3 which was on the floor so we were kind of close to the b-stage but pretty far from the main stage. We finally got to our seats about half an hour before vance joy was about to start and during his performance we stood up and danced. Just before taylor was about to come on at 8:30pm a security guard came up to us and said that they’d had many complaints about our wings because they were “blocking people’s view” which I don’t believe is correct considering they were at my shoulder length. Even though I didn’t really think we had a chance to win loft anyway considering the amount of people at the stadium but as soon as we were made to take our angel wings off I knew there was no hope. We decided to hold our wings in our arms and turn the lights on them and our skirts to flashing. Taylor began to perform and Kristen and I were dancing and singing like crazy and it was beyond amazing. When Taylor sang “You Are In Love” she was pretty close to our section. Because this song was acoustic Taylor wasn’t as loud and it was easier for us to be heard as no one in our section seemed to know the words so we started screaming them out and at one stage I swear I saw Taylor giggle at us. After that song we decided to put our wings back on anyway despite what the security had told us and just before she started singing “Style” and the videos of her friends were paying we felt a tap on the shoulder. I immediately thought we were getting told off for the wings again until the lady started talking and I noticed she had an American accent. She asked us if we were having a good time and if we had met Taylor before and of course we started crying as she gave us the pass and put the wristbands on our arms. The rest of the concert I couldn’t even concentrate and I was just looking at Taylor and not believing I would get the chance to hug the person I love and admire so much.
At the end of the the concert Kristen and I found out way to section 130 and started lining up with the other people that had been chosen to meet Taylor. There was only 17 other fans making the people chosen only 19 out of the 76,000 crowd. We got led to The Loft after filling out our details and waited about half and hour before Taylor and Mama Swift arrived. While we were waiting we were all just chilling and eating cookies and pizza. The lady from Taylor nation told us we had to line up and each group would get a signed picture from Taylor and one photo. Kristen and I decided to go last. While we were waiting Mama Swift popped out of nowhere and told us she loved your costume and said she saw us in them when they arrived at midday. She was so sweet and hugged us all and told us her fav song off 1989 was probably blank space. When we told her we loved Taylor and said she must be so proud she legit said back “just like your mothers would be” and OMGGG she was soo lovely. When we were finally able to see Taylor and I literally jumped into her arms and told her I loved her so so much. I told her my name was Hannah and that I was sweeterthanwonderstruck from tumblr and she said my URL was cute and that she sees my posts on her dash. Kristen and I told her how much her music meant to us and we laughed about the way names sound differently in Aussie and American accents. She was like “yesssss I love it and I see what you’re doing” when we explained to her that we went as TS Angels because her friend are VS Angels! I told her my favourite song ever was long live and that our song was the first song I ever played on guitar and she was like “yessss!!! Awesome 4 chords” she legit hugged me so many times and held my hand and when we went to take our photo she nestled her head on top of mine and I almost died right there. We showed her our 13’s on our hands and I showed her my 13 necklace and told her my birthday was the day style came out and she was like awwwww so cute and then Kristen told her she was turning 18 the day before Taylor’s 26th and she was like aww that’s a big one I’ll be thinking of you! She was sooooo sooo beautiful in person like OMGGG her face and her eyes were stunning!!! And went I put my arm around her I noticed just how tiny she was OMGGG and I don’t know why but it was so weird because I see her on tv and in interviews all the time and then seeing her up close and she’s the same and her voice was the same and she’s real and OMGGG I’m crying she’s just so beautiful! And the moment went way too fast but I’m so thankful I even got 5 minutes with Taylor because I’ve wanted to meet her for years and years and I can’t believe It actually happened and I got to meet my idol. I still can’t even believe I kept my cool in front of Taylor and didn’t cry because when I met Gigi I cried even asking her about Taylor lol
Just want to say a massive thankyou to Taylor, Mama Swift and her team for the opportunity I’ll never experience anything as amazing in my life and I can’t even believe this happened OMGGG I’m legit crying now! Taylor I love you so so much you have no idea and I’ll always love you!! Forever and always X
Plus thanks to all of you who reblogged and liked my costume leading up to the concert as well as all of you who have flooded my social media with such nice comments I’m so happy to be in a fandom where everyone loves each other and we build each other up! I love you guys too
Love Hannah X
Btw I’ve probably left so much out and this probably doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry but I wanted to post this for you guys quickly and I’ve had like no sleep and I’m so emotional and grateful that something like this would ever happen to me! @taylorswift

Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a junior in highschool and this is my first year in colorguard. I really enjoy it though and I've been thinking a lot about doing it in college. Any advice?

That’s great to hear! I marched an independent winterguard for five years in college before aging out/the guard folded. I was never able to participate in the marching band, but many of my friends did (at various colleges) and the director here (at MSU) is a super nice guy that I see now and then.

That’s him! In Pride of Cincinnati 2005.

I was going to put this under a cut, but tumblr is garbage and deletes your stuff! Love it! Sorry for the long post.

If you’re like me and aren’t into raging parties, then college guard is a GREAT excuse to turn down an invitation. If you are about the raging parties…well, guard might get in the way. Your weekends will definitely be compromised.

One of the best things about college guard (in my opinion) is the freedom. You’re considered an adult now, so you have far more control over your experience. For example, you are in charge of your travel plans (though some guards use buses). It’s a great push for your personal responsibility across the board.

In terms of the actual spinning, your new guard will most likely use a VERY different technique than you are used to. Don’t let this scare you away! The directors will know that everyone is coming from different training and are most likely familiar with yours, even if they don’t use it. It’s important to go into the experience with an open mind and a willingness to adapt. I like to think about it in terms of “language” and “dialects”. For example, I can speak the “languages” formal dance and colorguard, which have different words for the same things. I can also speak many colorguard “dialects” because of the various places I’ve spun/taught, which are mostly the same with a few different terms. The more you know, the better! The best way to improve your “vocabulary” is to go to the various clinics offered by independent guards.

How to audition: Luckily, I had a great ballet teacher who taught us how to audition for any performance art. Your appearance is key. Wear skin-tight black clothing with an accent piece like a colorful headband or hair flower. Make sure your hair is super neat and out of your face, and WEAR MAKEUP! Not a lot, it’s not a show day, but enough so that you don’t look washed out and tired. Bronzer/blush, eyeliner, a little lips. This way, you look super professional and you’ve given yourself a unique identifier (”the girl with the orange flower looks very prepared”) without actually having to know a single thing about colorguard! (These tips aren’t only for girls! All humans: very important to look alive.)

If the audition material is unfamiliar/overwhelming, FAKE IT! The directors aren’t looking for someone who can get every trick on the first try–learning new skills is what the season is for. They are most likely looking for someone who appears composed and pushes through no matter what. Be smart about what to cheat (for the time being) and what to attempt–these are good things they will notice. Once again, appearance is key.

SO! I hope this helps! I tried to answer any questions you may have – if I missed anything, feel free to shoot me another message! As a great colorguard inspiration of mine once said, “don’t worry”.

Best wishes,

gaytog  asked:


Gonna do Steven and Connie together, because I am very emotional about their tag-team fighting.

So Connie herself has only taken up combat fairly recently, but she’s quite aggressive. She tends to advance forwards with her attacks (look at Connie vs. the cluster gems in Nightmare Hospital, and the climatic battle with Pearl in Sworn To The Sword- both times she lunges forwards at her opponents- in Pearl’s case, driving her back with a rapid series of strikes that made it difficult for Pearl to retaliate)

There’s also an aspect of tumbling to Connie’s style. Like Pearl, Connie uses agility over defense. She jumps and turns quickly. This makes sense, because physically, being the same age as Steven, she’s unlikely to overpower an opponent. This is one thing that works out about Connie learning from Pearl- Pearl, by Gem standards, is not terribly strong or resilient, and relies on speed and reflex to dodge rather than block. I think as we see more of Connie fighting, that’s going to be more of her forte as well- though Connie tends to be more directly aggressive than Pearl.

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