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So... Um...Idk and I feel like this is stupid but my friend went out with this boy. Let's call him R. When they broke up it was mutual and he liked me. I told him I didn't want to ruin my friendship. Then somehow my friend got us together. Even though he was her ex. Then he broke up with me through another friend who just texted me. Anyway now my friend is back with R and I don't know what to do because I'm still mad about our break up and she didn't even tell me about it. What do I do? -A

i doesnt sound like they’re really good friends. let’s say i was you and sirius was r and james was my friend, i would probably only hang out with peter and lily for a while. that’s just kind of rude. that’s a mess that is want to stay out of. if they’re playing games with your heart then you shouldn’t play along. i’m sorry that happened, it sucks, but all you can do is prevent it from happening again. if anything else happens, tell us💙💙 -remus

I still want you.

Even though you broke my heart. Even though you cut me to my core.

Is it supposed to be this way? I can’t bring myself to hate you.

You shattered me, yet I still want to make sure you’re put together.

This can’t be love. Love isn’t supposed to make you destroy yourself for someone else.

—  excerpt from a story I will never write #317
storiesiwillneverwrite // instagram

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i love your blog so much! Thank you for coming out with such amazing prompts!~ Was wondering, since valentines day is coming, could i have some prompts for the lovely date? Thank you so much xoxo

Thank you so much for you kind words!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!! <3

Of course you can!!!

1. “I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids, but I’ve always been scared to say anything. This year, I impulsively bought you a Valentine’s Day present, but now, I can’t work up the courage to give it to you.”

2. “I absolutely hate chocolate, but I always get several boxes from relatives on Valentine’s Day, and I give them to you, since you love them so much, and you bring me non-chocolate candy in return.”

3. “We always give each other goofy Valentines, with puns or insults on the cards, but this year, you got me a super-sweet, touching card, and I still got you a rude/funny one. I’m panicking a little.”

4. “I bought you chocolate, flowers, and a stuffed teddy bear covered in hearts, and you still don’t understand that I’m interested in you. HOW?”

5. “We’re coworkers, and I left a Valentine on your desk, but I was so nervous, i forgot to sign it. Now I need to figure out a way to tell you who it’s from.”

6. “I had all these plans for a perfect Valentine’s Day proposal, but the waiter put the ring on the wrong tray, so now someone at the next table over is squealing with excitement, while their S/O looks on in horror, and I have no idea how to fix this.”

7. (To go with above.) “There’s a ring in your food, and I definitely didn’t put it there, but you’re so excited, I’m not sure if I have the heart to tell you or not.”

8. “You’re a thief, and I’m the cop who’s always trying to catch you. You somehow got into the station and left a Valentine on my desk, and I probably shouldn’t be as impressed as I am.”

9. “I bought a single red rose for Valentine’s Day, but it looks like you cleared out the florist’s shop.”

10. “When we were in Kindergarten, you gave me a Ring Pop on Valentine’s Day, and said it made us married. This year, I’m giving you a real one.”

11. “You asked me to help you put together a care package for your Valentine, and even though it broke my heart, I did. But now you’re giving it to me?”

12. “You’re the cheesiest person I’ve ever met, and I love that about you, but if you actually get up and serenade me for Valentine’s Day, I may throw something.”

13. “I know you aren’t big on sappy romantic gestures, and I’ve accepted that, so I wasn’t expecting much on Valentine’s Day, but you showed up with a huge box of chocolates and a singing card. Do you have a fever or something?”

14. “Every year, on Valentine’s Day, you ask me if I want a kiss, then give me a Hershey’s before I can answer. This year, I’m getting a real kiss.”

Hopefully, you enjoy these! I tried to go as sappy as possible! :D

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 8-ish

So, @outlandishchridhe and I were talking and we realized something… There was one thing in chapter 8 we really wanted to do (and were super duper excited about) and COMPLETELY forgot. SO y’all get a wee little ficlet today. Don’t worry everyone, we’re both multitasking. I’m still reading my books for school and doing my schoolwork, plotting oddly is helpful with that. Hope y’all like this little tidbit you’re getting!

That was the last of it. They’d made arrangements for the furniture she wouldn’t need and had found places for all of her things. The closet and dresser were a little cramped now, but it somehow felt right. Uncle Lamb’s Viking sword hung back in it’s place, looking like it was finally home. Claire seemed happy too, to be back.

The only photographs she had of her parents sat beside the photos of his own family, though he’d moved hers to the forefront. Looking around, he was pleased to see how well her things fit in with his own. Hearing her soft voice drifting in from his - their - bedroom, he went to see what she was up to.

“That’s just about right, I think. I’m glad to see you survived being packed and unpacked and repacked.”

Delicately, her fingers drifted over a glass case as she stared lovingly at the rose inside. It was the same rose he’d given her when she’d come to see his show, the one she’d hung in his closet to dry.

“I was hoping ye’d like it,” he said quietly. She didn’t seem surprised that he was there. “When I left it there, I wasna sure if ye’d keep it as a memory of us together, or throw it against the wall. But I kent that ye had wanted to save it.”

“I thought I might faint the first time I saw it, lying on my bed. It clicked with everything else.”

“What did?”

She turned to face him, standing and putting her arms around his neck.

“That you loved me. And that you loved me enough to let me go, even though it broke your heart. I didn’t see it before, that I loved you too. Or, I did, but I was afraid to admit it to myself. But then it all made sense and seeing what you did for that silly little flower, well… I knew I had to come home then.”

He kissed her, long and slow, feeling the emotion swirl through him at her words.

“I’m glad ye did, and that ye feel that here. If ye wished, we could find a different apartment. One we pick together.”

Shaking her head, she smiled softly.

“Home isn’t this apartment, you silly Scot. Home is you.”

Me, jokingly: “Do you like her now?”
Him after minutes of silence: “Yeah, I think I do.”
“That was quick.”
“Yeah well, I’ve always kept her as a back-up. Most people have back-ups. You probably have one too, a friend you always stay friends with just in case, you know, a closet falls on you or something.”


We had been dating for 7,5 years and living together for 3 years. Ever since our first day of living together I felt like he wasn’t invested in our relationship, in anything. The girl he talked about had been a mutual friend of ours during those 7,5 years as well. He made me feel like I was crazy, when I questioned him about whether he still loved me. Because it didn’t feel like he did.

In December 2016 I told him it might be best to live apart for a month. Not break up or take a break, just live separately. I reasoned that if that went better we could start loving one another again, and it would give us both the space and time to think. He moved out on the 1st of January 2017. His choice. On the 4th of January he texted me for meeting up for dinner. I hoped that this was the start of fixing things, even though it seemed unfixable. On the 5th of January he broke up with me, on our way to the restaurant, not even 5 days after living apart. I had asked him so many times if he still loved me, and why he didn’t talk to me. Why he was being unresponsive, unloving and uncaring and he always guaranteed me that he loved me and that it was just my depression acting up.

I’m angry with him for not thinking about our relationship sooner. If you’re capable of breaking up with me after 4 days of living apart, you’re capable of thinking about our relationship before that.

He told me this after we arrived at the restaurant. He’d met the girl the day before he met me. He went to the hairdressers before he met her, so that’s why I asked whether he liked her. He doesn’t go to hairdresser that often.

They had sex within two weeks after we separated.

I hear they’re together now.

I’m better off without him, but I’m only 24. I spent nearly a third of my life with a guy who thinks it’s okay to keep back-ups. Sometimes I hate myself for trusting him so much. It sounds cliché, but I’ve lost all faith in love.

I made some bad mistakes afterwards. I hope I’ll recover.

I was hanging on a small ledge that was a foot or so taller than me, and Scruffy from Futurama was browsing his phone on top of that ledge. I asked him if he could send me back in time to make sure my girlfriend wouldn’t break up with me (even though she never broke up with me) and to make sure Hillary Clinton was elected. He then told me he didn’t have any “time travel magic”, but luckily, he had “downloaded this app on his phone”. He then proceeded to take a picture of my shirt and I woke up.

The Provider - Soda Curtis Imagine

A/N: Hope you enjoy, anon! 

Word Count: 454

Warnings: None

Pairing: Soda Curtis x Reader

I gaze down at the beautiful engagement ring on my finger. Soda proposed last month. We’ve been incredibly happy, but lately, he’s been very distant and been out a lot. Luckily, he’s coming home tonight just in time for dinner. I smile to myself as I cook pasta on the stove, hoping a nice dinner will relax him.

“Hey, baby!” Soda comes in the kitchen and though his tone is cheerful, I see right through it. He kisses my cheek and sits at the table, smiling as I set down two plates.

I pull out my chair and sit down, quieter than I usually am. I want to ask him so many questions. Why is he so stressed out? Does he still want to get married? Is he sick? Did I do something?

“Y/N? Don’t you wanna eat? The food’s delicious…”

Sighing softly, I bite my lip. “Soda… You’ve been acting so different lately. Real stressed out and distant.”

Soda sets down his fork and his soft brown eyes meet my worried Y/E/C eyes. “Please don’t make me talk about it,” he implores. “You shouldn’t have to worry about things like this.”

“Soda, we’re gonna be getting married. You have to tell me about stressful stuff. We can handle it together.” I take his hand in mine and run my fingertips gently over his dry knuckles.

“Are you sure? You’re just…” He hesitates before continuing. “I’d just feel horrible if I worried you.”

A small laugh escapes me. “Soda, babe, I’m not made a glass. Talk to me?”

“We don’t have enough money.” He speaks so softly that I can hardly hear him. I know he’s ashamed. He pulls his gaze away from mine and keeps talking in that same soft voice. “They cut our pay at work and last week twenty dollars came out of my paycheck because the boss saw something break and blamed me for it, even though it wasn’t me that broke it.”

“Oh, Soda…”

“I’m so stressed, Y/N. You deserve a guy who can give you whatever you want and need.”

I get out of my seat and wrap my arms around Soda, holding his head against me. “Baby, I only want you. I can get a job too. We can get through this together.”

Soda’s arms slip around my waist and he rests his head against my arm. “What would I do without you?”

“Starve,” I laugh. “You’d have no one to cook you pasta.”

Soda grins against my bicep and as I run my fingers through his silky hair, I know we’ll be okay.

I longed for you for months after you left me, and even though I was prepared for a long time, it broke me down piece by piece. I don’t remember the person I was before I loved you, and I don’t think I’ll ever get her back. And that’s your fault. I made you understand yourself and you made me lose the person I spent years trying to find. Now I’m left with nothing but memories of the person you made me turn into, and I don’t like her.
She’s cold. Distant. She’s no longer laughing like she used to and, she doesn’t dance in the shower or sing in her room when no one’s listening.
But I guess that’s what you get when you put everything you are, and everything you stand for into the hands of someone else. I guess that’s the reward.
You lose yourself but you get to love them.
—  F.F. // Thoughts after you left #1
Zen (angst-ish requested)

“I want your boyfriend.”

My head turned to face my sister, “Why, of all the things I give you? I just got you a new apartment even though I am broke, why do you want him?”

“You love me and him. I love him though and I want him. Please just cave in. Let me have him, you’re the only one that gives me things anymore.”

“I am the only one actually alive to give you things and I give you everything. Can’t I have him?

She shook her head and looked at me with pleading eyes, “I want him though! Can I please?”

“Fine, go. Take him,” and leave me to be hurt and heartbroken.

Anything for your happiness.

I’m lying to the man I love without physically talking to him. How fucked up can I be to hurt him and him not even know?

We had to switch phones so she could go under my number and have access to the RFA or it would be obvious Zen isn’t with me. The RFA, I had to not only give up my boyfriend but my best friends just for her happiness.

I spent the next 4 months in pain and without contact of others. My job suffered for the longest time and I couldn’t even give my sister everything she wanted because I gave up everything I needed. Time was supposed to heal pain but even time couldn’t heal this because Zen had done nothing wrong.

“It slipped that I have a sister, you, and Zen wants to meet you.”

“I can’t face him, I will have a breakdown. Just say I don’t want to.”

She scoffed,” I want you to ‘meet’ him. We’re going now.”

I was forced to go to her car and she drove me to an unfamiliar house, “By the way, we moved.”

“Couldn’t tell,” I forced a smile for her.

“MC! Is your sister with you?”

That’s my name that went past your lips but you aren’t referring to me.

“My twin! Don’t get us mixed up.”

I got out the car and walked up to him, smiling. Our voices are so different how have you not noticed.

“Hello, I’m Kayla.”

“Zen,” he kissed my hand. Nothing about him as changed, other than his girlfriend.

“Let’s go inside! I wanna show you the house, Kay.”

She showed me around but didn’t notice the glances Zen kept making to me. He constantly had a confused expression when looking between us. Though, he hasn’t noticed yet who is actually who.”

After two hours of being there I decided I wanted to go home, “MC, I want to go home now. I have work tomorrow.”

“Okay! I’ll go start up the car, get your stuff.”

Zen smiled at her, “See you soon!”

Once she left the room his expression changed to be serious and he looked at me,”Did you not like me?”

“What do you mean? You’re a nice person for MC.”

“I know she isn’t you. Why did you put her in your place to date me.”

I sighed, “Zen, I love you. I also love my sister, our family is dead and I’m the only one left to take care of her and love her. I give her everything she wants so she can just be happy since she was the most affected by everything. She wanted you and while I argued to her that I wanted to not give her this one thing she has those pleading puppy like eyes.”

“I knew something was off about ‘you’ she got defensive easily about not getting her way unlike you who just accepted it, which you still need to work on obviously. Can’t I have you back, it isn’t the same in the RFA with her and dating her isn’t the way it was with you. I just thought you were going through something for a little.”

I grabbed my stuff, “How are you going to tell her this is the real question. I cannot tell her no, I tried and here we are anyways.”

Kayla peeked her head around the corner of the door, “You coming.”

Zen faced her, “Kayla.”

She laughed, “I’m MC. Didn’t I say not to mix us up?”

He sighed, “Kayla,” He pointed to her, “MC,” He pointed to me.

Her expression changed from happy to be disappointed and angry, “You told him? I told you I wanted him, MC. Why can’t you just let me be happy!”

“I figured out myself, MC buys you everything. I can even tell by how tired she is you’re running her broke. You seemed fine before even if I didn’t know you, MC wasn’t complaining about making someone angry so that means you were happy. Why can’t MC be happy though?”

“I love you! Accept my love for you and ignore her!”

“Kayla, I think it’s time you give up because he fell in love with me not you, I don’t mean this in a rude way. He would break up with you either way. I know how Zen is and he won’t adapt to this change.”

“Fine! Don’t talk to me anymore, MC, I don’t love you anymore. Don’t even call me your sister because I wish I wasn’t.”


Summary: After delivering the map to the Resistance, you are sent on another mission to bring back Luke Skywalker. During your trip, you are informed the First Order has attacked the Resistance base and you are quick to return back. Once at the base, you are surrounded and knocked out, only to wake up somewhere you wish you hadn’t be. And the reasoning? Execution.

A/N: So, as requested by some of you, I decided to add another part to transpose seeing as I actually liked the first part and had come up with something for part two. Like mentioned before, this is a sort of emperor/cowboy bebop au that is still set in the star wars universe (confusing, I know). Anyways, enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Mentions of death/blood

Standing off to a side, eyeing your bruised knuckles and bloody hand, you let out a breath. The image of the blood dripping down Kylo’s face haunted you, the fresh wound the dressed his skin made your skin crawl. You never intended to cut half of his face open with the knife, but you had.

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Who’s the cutest little dragon?

Yes you are!

Since school is almost out, I thought I would get a picture of what I normally put in my backpack for classes.

1. Folder. It holds all my papers and stuff. Super duper exciting, I know.

2. My bullet journal. I write all my assignments in it. I used to use an agenda to do that, but since I have little to no homework anymore, I just use this.

3. Calculator. I’m in calculus rn so I use it all the time in class or for assignments.

4. Glasses. I don’t wear them a lot because they give me a headache, although occasionally it is just impossible to see the board and I just gotta suck it up. Fortunately, I am getting a new pair soon with an improved prescription.

5. Phone. Yeah, it’s a dumb phone, but eh, it works. (I also carry around an iPod but I used it to take the picture 😄)

6. Wallet. I carry this around even though I’m broke. It makes me feel better.

7. Sticky notes. I put these in my backpack for some random reason and I actually use them more than I thought I would.

8. Pencil Case. Lots of random stuff in this. I mean, there are pencils in there but there’s a ton of paper squished in there as well.

9. Random stuff bag. Any small items that I don’t want roaming around end up here.

soooo @hrrytomlinson and @wubwubnparmaham decided to be hoes and tag me in the fic writers ranking their fics thing and even though I’m soooo lazy and this is taking all of my energy haha. I’m doing this only because lauren is practically holding me at gun point…so…..

1. fake it till you make it 

its my longest fic and i love it the most because of how random and absolutely ridiculous it is! like i was inspired to write it because of that time when liam referred to them as brothers and louis was instantly sooooo triggered haha and i was like harry and louis pretending to be brothers would be like TOO FUNNY so anyway i had looooaaddddssss of fun thinking of the most awkward and embarrassing and wild scenarios and it was a BLAST 😅

2. all i wish not to remember 

with this fic i literally broke my own damn heart. its inspired by my all time favorite piece of literature, the count of monte cristo, and its just non stop angst and sadness and unfortunate times. this one required a lot of personal introspection about life and what it means to love someone and anyways i really love how it came out even though it broke me rip

3. too real to fake it

a fic with literally no reason to exist except to be the kid fic i always wanted to write lol. its the sequel to fake it till you make it, so its just as wild and lame and stupid as its predecessor. i love picturing h and l as parents and there honestly aren’t enough kid fics so this was my attempt to rectify that. i still think about their kids in this fic and wish they were mine lmao

4. escape (the piña colada au)

my shortest fic and an angsty little ode to the wonderful and timeless escape (the piña colada song) {btw look how creative i was with the title haha jk} anyways this fic wasn’t meant to be sad but I’m a hoe for suffering so its actually pretty sad and unfortunate but its just how i interpreted the song in a real life kind of way

5. all we can do is keep breathing (unpublished)

 this could end up being my absolute favorite of all my fics when i finally finish it but its going to be really sad and heartbreaking. its similar to all i wish not to remember in that sense (lets just say any fic i write that starts with the word “all” is going to be painful), but its a pretty intricate plot and i have tons of work to do to get the dynamics right still, but I’m working! i don’t even want to give anything away about it yet because its still such a young babe of a story. but its like 60k right now and its not even half way rip so theres that. wish me luck! :)

ok so im not gonna tag anyone because i think?? all of my writer friends have been tagged?? if not?? you can absolutely do this and tag me! thanks to everyone who ever supported my work evveerrr, i love you all  ✨🌻

WAT!! @miniature-lou 👀 jodie whats good 

so I just finished reading the Thrawn Trilogy and had to do a thing because wow Grand Admiral Thrawn was really great

I really appreciated how he was basically the exact opposite of Vader, yet made an incredibly badass antagonist and by the end I just wanted to see him continue throwing his military prowess against the New Republic and treating his subordinates with reasonable working conditions and holding Art Appreciation Thursdays

WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AALLLLLLL I mean what even was that ending sure it was fitting but STILL

‘I love you' 
'I love you too’

we met at school and started dating a few months later in September 2010, I was fourteen at the time while he was seventeen. honestly, it was a relationship full of so much heartbreak and hate and yelling and tears and in February 2012 we ended our relationship with those words only to literally never speak again. after saying this, we just never saw one another again and never messaged one another again. once our school ended for the year toward the end of our relationship in about november 2011 he started refusing to see me even though he lived less than a five minute drive from me, i broke up with him around december 2010 or january 2011 but we continued speaking online possibly trying to get our relationship back but i could feel him distancing himself he didnt want to see me and was hardly trying to hold onto us anymore, so one day just like every other day of me fighting for him i simply told him i loved him and he said it back and then we never spoke again, there was no argument or me begging him to talk to me i just never messaged him and he never messaged me, i didnt plan on never speaking to him again after that it just seemed to happen. it was simple and quite strange to be honest. i quit that school a few weeks after our split and i never saw him ever again. i look back and now im with the love of my life for over a year we are getting engaged at the end of this year and live together across the country from where my ex lives, im beyond glad my ex and i ended our horrible relationship when we did because he was an absolute monster and when i was young and naive i didnt see how disgusting he was, i was scared of him to be honest and also afraid of being alone he made me feel like i needed him and couldnt live without him, but now years on i look back and i am full of regret. he was an abusive piece of shit emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically and the stuff he did ruined me but im still here building myself back up from what he tore down. so jamie, i hope you havent hurt any other girls the way you hurt me because i know after our split you dated another very young girl (15) and i hope you didnt take advantage of her the way you did me. and by the way, i now know that i never did love you. at all. 


When Jamie cried because Claire stayed… When he cried when she left.

Taking My Life Away Part 13

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Summary: Reader gets a job in a new city forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1367

A/N: So much for being a short series eh? There is some mild violence and some mild angst in this part. Also I can’t explain Gabe, he is literally writing himself.. Thank you again for all of your wonderful comments, I love receiving them! Feedback is also very welcome! Please let me know if you want to be tagged (or untagged!) :)

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