even though im totally not his type


as requested, some more of my old OC’s from beach bungo, drew em pretty fast so sorry theyre kinda crappy and doodley

pearl (me) was a psychic tiger, because at the time, mewtwo was the strongest pokemon, and i wanted to be like the strongest pokemon, even though my favourite move was shadowball, not actually a psychic move in the game. also im a cool guy in this story. i skateboarded and did pranks, like my hero bart simpson.

matt, based on my cousin whowas a total nerd when he was younger. hense always got angery at us rebel kids for being loud ruffians, so he played the angery nerd character. a water type dolphin (yes he looks like a shark lol)

nic, based on my best friend, was similar to me, but kinda dumber and scardier, and matt hated him THE MOST because his type, “magic,” allowed him to tranform like a ditto, and he loved to transform into him to make fun of him. a magic type trex.

maeve, based on another best friend, was a sensible character, but definitely the most badass girl, the leather jacket stereotype who was nic’s love interest. very futch. a fire type dragon.

and henry, who ive reuploaded, is based on my brother, a sensible smart guy who’s main roll in the story was to defuse conflicts between matt and me and or nic. also, all i knew was that electric types were fast. so he was the fastest and most athletic. just overall high acheiver, but not boastful, just a sweet kid. an electric type triceratops.

thats as much as i remember, apparently. there were about 20 more characters, im sure. but these are the main characters. they also had human forms, and they also had “advance” forms, which was my version of mega evolutions.

torimychael  asked:

Can i get a match up please? Im 5'1" and a little chubby. Im shy at first but can get more outgoing when comfortable. I have social anxiety, especially in crowds where i dont know many people. I love playful teasing and picking on each other. I love to joke around and laugh. Sense of humor is very important to me. I am pretty clumsy and accident prone but still love attempting sports even though i fail alot. I love music and reading. I also love the outdoors. I also love being spontaneous.

hi!! im sorry this took so long but i really hope you like this!!

okay so you got… AZUMANE ASAHI!! okay so you and asahi have social anxiety and are uncomfortable with crowds so he can understand and relate to you really well in these situations. you and him have the type of relationship he and suga share. you love picking on him and he is totally okay with your teasing so he’ll just laugh it off!! you two are kind of alike so you guys will go well with each other!!

hope you like this!! thanks for requesting!!