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Hello I was the girl who ask you if you could do a canon about the boys fiding Guardiene after she was mutilating herself and I saw that you couldn't but you said that if I want you could do a canon about Guardienne recovering after self-mutilation and I'm okay with that 😄😄 ( with the help of the boys of course 😝 ) Thank you a lot ♥️♥️

Hello again, Anon! I hope you enjoy your headcanons~ ^-^


  • Is fully committed to getting you sound in both body and mind.
  • He accompanies you to all of your appointments, makes sure you take whatever medicines Eweleïn prescribes you, and spoils you rotten.
  • Seriously though, he always compliments you(even when you look like shit), escorts you everywhere and you can bet your ass he’ll drop everything he’s doing if you need him for even a second.
  • Whenever you have a bad day, he does everything in his power to make it better, even if it’s only by a little and watches you very closely.
  • But then, he always watches you closely, secretly scared that one day you’ll hurt yourself again, and this time he won’t be there to save you.
  • It’s your good days, and how much more frequent they become, that reassures him that you are on the track to recovery, though he’ll never quite lose that fear, even after you’ve fully recovered.


  • Feels like he should have noticed your depression and prevented you from hurting yourself in the first, and often berates himself for it even though it’s not his fault.
  • He doesn’t want to let you down again, and works hard to let you know he’s there for you, no matter what.
  • One of the first things he does is try to discover why you did it in the first place, and then dedicates himself to making sure you never feel like that again, even he doesn’t quite get it himself.
  • Another of the things he does to help you is learn about the symptoms of depression and ways to alleviate them so if you’re having a particularly bad day, he’ll able to make it a bit better.
  • It’s a lot of work, but Valkyon knows it’s worth it as everyday you seem a little better than the last, and he can’t wait for you to be truly happy once again.


  • Is honestly terrified.
  • Even if you’re getting help now, he can’t help but feel you’ll regress one day and finish the job you started.
  • He doesn’t want that at all, and does his absolute best to aid you in your recovery, working closely with Eweleïn to give you the most effective treatment possible.
  • It’s a bit unusual for him, but he does try to curb his tongue when talking to you, ditching his razor-sharp wit for something much gentler you as he’s afraid of pushing you to the edge.
  • Though he is still Ez, he can’t help a witty remark or two, and he does still snap at you every so often.
  • And then promptly feels horrible and gifts you with an incredible amount of honey cakes.
  • He’ll gradually become more Ez-like as you recover, but he’ll never be as emotionally distant, making sure you now if you ever need to talk or a hug, he’ll be there for you.

This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds

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For a prompt: Nanami is still alive, somehow, and catches up with the ship the 77th Class is on to find out what's going on from Hinata himself?

A/N Finally, the ending that Nanami deserved

Chiaki Nanami’s IF read part 1 2 3 4 5

Complete Class Picture - finale of Nanami’s IF where the rest of the class reunites with her

There before them was a ghost… until Hinata gave the ghost a gentle push and confirmed for them that this was no ghost. This person was real and alive.

Chiaki Nanami was alive.

“Nanami? Nanami?! Nanami!!” The whole class rushed towards her with tears in their eyes and hope bursting from their hearts.

Nanami gave them her brightest smile yet as she shouted, “I’m back, everyone!”

And everyone rushed forward to welcome her back.

“Is it really you, Nanami?” Owari cried as she held her tightly in an embrace. “You’re soft! You’re real! You’re alive! Guys, it really is Nanami!” She shouted in joy as she cried harder.

“Yes, it is me.” She answered as she gently stroked Owari’s hair. “It’s good to see you too, Owari.”

“Hold back a little or you’ll crush her.” Nidai reprimanded lightly but his voice broke at the end, he too was crying. “We can’t let anything happen to you now that you’re back again.”

“It’s okay. I can handle this much.” She giggled as she relished in the feeling of affectionate physical contact. “Thanks for worrying over me though. You’re the same as ever, Nidai.”

“Welcome back, Nanami!” Sonia cried as she too wrapped her into a tight embrace. “Oh, how we missed you! We missed you so so much!”

“Same.” She said as she returned her embrace. “I missed you too, Sonia.”

“Hell yeah! Nanami’s back!” Souda shouted with a grin despite his tear-stained face. “For reals though, it’s good to have you back!”

“It’s good to be back.” She smiled wider. “It’s good to see you’re still so energetic, Souda.”

“It would seem that the gods have finally accepted my rituals and sacrifices.” Gundam chuckled as he then proudly showcased his army who were also crying. “Welcome back to the world of the living! You have been blessed by the dark lords!”

“Yes, I guess I really am blessed.” She agreed with him. “I’m sure that your rituals have convinced the gods to bring me back, Tanaka.”

“This is truly something worth celebrating!” Teruteru didn’t even make a green comment because of how emotional he was too. “Quick, tell me all your favorite dishes! I’ll cook you all of the food you want to eat right now!”

“I’m not a picky eater. Oh, but if you insist then…” She pondered as she tried to recall a particular dish in mind. Anything tasted better when shared with everyone so maybe something they ate together in the past. “I really missed your meat and potatoes stew, Hanamura. If you would, I’d like to have that please.”

“We didn’t think we’d get to see you again! Ever! Waaaaah!” Hiyoko sniffled and just cried harder as she hugged Nanami as well. “Don’t ever leave us again, okay? Never ever you hear me? Promise me!”

“I don’t plan on leaving you either. Never ever.” She said in all sincerity. “I promise, Saionji.”

“UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT A B START” Ibuki shouted almost  mechanically and with all of her energy and then burst into tears. “That is Ibuki’s way of saying she missed Nanamemes in gaming language!”

“Ah! A Konami code! That’s so cool and sweet of you!” She replied with just as much enthusiasm. “L R R L UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT A B START! I missed you too, Ibuki.”

“N-Nanami! I’m s-so sorry for everything! SORRRRYYYYY!!” Mikan wailed as she threw herself in. “B-But I’m also s-super happy that you’re back! Thank goodness you’re back! I’ll do my b-best to make up for w-what I did! P-Please don’t ever leave us again! We love you so m-much!”

“It’s alright. I forgive you. I was never even mad at you.” She said as she tenderly patted her on the head. “Be more gentle on yourself, Mikan. And I’m super happy to be here with you too.”

“I know we didn’t get to know each other much but…” Mitarai started and smiled weakly. “I’m happy too that you’re back. You’re so strong to have come back.”

“Ah, hello there. Mitarai, right?” She said with her head tilted. “I finally got to meet you! Let’s get to know each other more from here on out!”

“Guys, give her some space to breath! She could barely move in there!” Kuzuryuu yelled over them, his face was suspiciously angled in such a way that his working eye was hidden. “Well, I can’t blame them since we’re still not over you, ya know?”

“I don’t mind. This is actually… nice.” She admitted with a soft smile. “But thanks for worrying over me. I missed you too, Kuzuryuu.”

“You have always remained in our hearts.” Pekoyama seconded with a small smile. “We’re grateful that you have returned and are now able to remain in our lives as well.”

“Thank you for keeping my memory alive all this time.” She replied in a tender tone. “I’m happy too that now I get live and make more memories with everyone.”

“The class just wasn’t the same without you, class rep.” Twogami commented as he discreetly wiped off his tears. “The leader role suits you more than it did me. It’s good to have you back with us again.”

“You’re giving me too much credit. You did fine even without me.” She said with her face flushed in embarrassment. “But if you would like then I’m okay with keeping the class rep position.”

“We can finally have complete class pictures again.” Koizumi said as she took another photo despite the tears in her eyes. “I’m going to take lots of your photos to make up for lost time!”

“Yes, I look forward to those photos!” She seconded with a shout. “Give me a copy,  Koizumi. I love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces.”

“This must be it! A hope brighter than anything I have ever seen! You, Nanami who is our class’ hope have returned to us in spite of all the despair we’ve been through and created an even greater hope!”  Komaeda proclaimed with his widest and most heartfelt grin yet. “Look at how bright your hope is and how it’s shining over the whole class! You and your hope has united everyone’s hopes yet again! This must be the ultimate hope! How truly blessed we are!”

“You look like you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.” She said with a chuckle.  "Thank you for believing and holding on to hope, Komaeda.“

And not too far away, Hinata was smiling at her. “Welcome back, Nanami.”

“Thank you for bringing me back, Hinata.” She said with a tender smile and then more tears flowed. “Thank you, everyone. For having me back.”

And as they celebrated her return, she knew that this was just the beginning of their future. The future they all worked hard together to achieve. A future in which hope and despair are mixed together. A future wherein they are complete and together. A future that they could shape as their own however they want to.

“I lived, fought, and risked my life for this.” And although she was crying with them, she was also smiling with them. The hope they had with them all along was shining brighter than ever. A hope that was born from their bonds. And with that hope, they were able to overcome despair. “This is the miracle that we all won together.”

“An ending like this… isn’t so bad.” Hinata remarked softly.

“You’ve got that wrong.” Nanami objected with a small smile. “This isn’t an ending. This is just the beginning. The beginning of our bright and shining future!”

A bright and shining future lay ahead of them. It’s true. It’s absolutely true. She knew it was true every time she saw her friends’ faces full of hope. She knew it was true since she’s here and with the people she loves. She knew it was true because she believed it to be true. That’s what she believed in. And hoped for.

And though the future may be uncertain, she’s sure that if they just give it a try, everything will turn out okay. And with everyone doing their best, she knows that tomorrow will be even better.

“There’s no need for you to worry… The only thing beyond this point is a shining future!”

  • Garrus: Are you sure you want to play this game?
  • James: What's the matter, Vakarian. You chicken?
  • Garrus: I don't even know what that is -- though I've heard everything in the galaxy tastes like it. But, if you're suggesting I'm scared... game on, Vega.
  • James: Age before wisdom.
  • Garrus: Okay. Back in my C-Sec days, I busted a batarian spy ring that was trying to assassinate a councilor.
  • James: Please, I fought off a dozen angry batarians on Omega single-handedly. Used one of 'em as a landing pad off a three-story jump.
  • Garrus: Just warming up, seeing what you had. Now: I tracked down this guy, Saren. Stopped him from raising a geth army and unleashing the Reapers three years ago.
  • James: Doesn't count. You did that with Shepard.
  • Garrus: You're right. I was with Shepard. From the very beginning.
  • James: That just means you're old.
  • Garrus: Still think you can win this, huh?
  • James: I can do this all day, Scars.
  • Garrus: Funny you mention those. Ever hear the name Archangel?
  • James: I might've.
  • Garrus: You know you have. I'm Archangel.
  • James: Maybe I heard something about that, too.
  • Garrus: Then maybe you also heard that, for a couple months there, the crime rate on Omega mysteriously dropped while Archangel did a little "housecleaning."
  • James: So you ran a cleaning service on Omega? Back on Fehl Prime, I uncovered a pair of Harvesters. Had to kill them. By myself.
  • Garrus: Two wormnecks... that's almost impressive.
  • James: Oh, that's not even the best part. They left behind an egg. It hatched, and I trained it to let my fly it.
  • Garrus: Hah. The Alliance teach you to make up crap like that, or did you figure it out all by yourself?
  • James: It's a gift. You've been through a lot, Scars.
  • Garrus: You giving up?
  • James: Nah, I got more. Just don't like to talk about it.
  • Garrus: Fair enough... we've all got one of those.
  • James: Just one, huh?
  • Garrus: Yeah, not every story has a happy ending.
  • James: Except there was this one time I teamed up with a turian named Garrus Vakarian. He was pretty good with a gun, but he thought he was some kind of hotshot.
  • Garrus: Yeah, I knew this wise-ass marine named Jimmy Vega -- sounds like a pole-dancer on Omega -- always got on my nerves. But the kid was alright. Had guts when it counted.
  • James: And together they cured the genophage.
  • Garrus: And stopped Cerberus from taking over the Citadel.
  • James: And finally kicked the Reapers from this galaxy and into the next.
  • Garrus: With a little help from their friends.
  • James: Nah, it was just us. But mostly me.

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I may be late, but I've just now seen your response to someone asking for 5 things you dislike about SS and NH? I wanted to say that Kishimoto did say he made Naruto and Hinata end up together because after she kind of sacrificed herself to save him, Kishimoto didn't know how to have Naruto handle the situation without making him look bad. I'm not sure whether this is credible or not; I simply saw it somewhere. It contributes to the idea of their relationship being wholesomely unideal though.

Oh, I’ve heard that before, Anon. Kishimoto is an okay writer with terrible decisions, though I wouldn’t blame him for everything, but honestly, his justifications are laughable. He really needs to take some literature courses. I remember how he claimed NaruSaku’s development was a red herring. 


Does he even know what he’s talking about? Nobody would invest that much time into developing the relationship of two people to discredit it afterwards altogether. Because contrary to popular belief, screen time is important when it comes to developing a relationship. You have to put two characters through a lot of situations and make them feel everything, both sides, so you can explain why their bond is strong and developed. Two or three meaningful moments are not as strong as a variety of different moments, plenty of time invested in successful development. If you intend to make two characters end up together, screen time is essential.

Furthermore, authorial intent isn’t important anymore and lost its original sense. Roland Barthes, French philosopher, author, and literary critic, published an essay called La mort de l’auteur (English for “The Death of the Author”). He postulates there that the author has to be treated as dead from a literary point of view. It doesn’t matter what Kishimoto says if he fails to portray it correctly. 

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Hey. I'm sure Sans still loves you. You couldn't have known what would happen back then, and you lost control. You were scared. It happens to everyone. Sans most likely appreciates the fact that you did the reset to make things right. Even though that doesn't erase the past timeline, it paints a brighter future for the both of you.

*it’s… okay. 

*i’m sorry for that.. i was…

*well someone who knows that password can’t be bad…

*friendship is pretty great… huh?

*lets stop fighting…



*i know how hard it must be…

*to give up on everything youve worked up to….




*c’mere, pal…

“I-I’m so sorry, Sans! I… I’m so sorry!” 

  • Garrus: You sure you want to play this game?
  • James: What’s the matter, Vakarian, you chicken?
  • Garrus: I don’t even know what that is – though I’ve heard everything in the galaxy tastes like it. But if you're suggesting I'm scared... game on, Vega.
  • James: Age before wisdom.
  • Garrus: Okay, back in my C-Sec days I busted a Batarian spy ring that was trying to assassinate a councilor.
  • James: Please, I fought off a dozen angry Batarians on Omega single-handedly. Used one of 'em as a landing pad off a three-story jump.
  • Garrus: Just warming up, seeing what you had. Now, I tracked down this guy Saren. Stopped him from raising a geth army and unleashing the Reapers three years ago.
  • James: Doesn't count--you did that with Shepard.
  • Garrus: You're right. I was with Shepard, from the very beginning.
  • James: That just means your old.

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Can we just talk about Stiles's voice when he's giving his speech in the Jeep? It's so gentle and reassuring like he's trying to tell her that it's okay and remind her of the good times. I'm dying.

I can’t deal with the fact that he is soothing her and taking care of her even though he’s scared shitless. It’s like… after everything that has happened in his life that is dark and scary and awful, the best thing, the thing that makes the most sense to Stiles, is still comforting Lydia. Taking care of her. Making sure she’s okay. 

The best part of Stiles is how selfless he gets when he’s loving her. He could tell her that he’s scared. He could tell her that he wishes this wasn’t going to happen. He could say “Please tell me everything is going to be okay” even though he knows it won’t. But he doesn’t. Instead, he is very soft with her, very steady. He’s sad, but he tries to bring humor into the moment. 

In his possible last moments on this plane of the earth, he’s taking care of Lydia. I can’t fucking believe it. 

here’s a thought:

maybe, just maybe, aidan keeps his beard and hair long cause he likes it that way? it could be for a role sure, but historically when he isn’t working he likes to keep everything a bit longer. so why is it okay for all these people to basically body shame aidan for how he prefers to hold himself????????? like it’s still sexist and gross even though he’s a man. he’s already an anxious and insecure guy, can people just like let him live before they start making petitions to have him cut all his hair off??? like, be supportive y'all.

  • Job Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?
  • Me: I keep reading Tokyo Ghoul :Re and convincing myself that everything's going to be alright even though I know in my heart of hearts that Ishida takes some kind of twisted pleasure in making his fans and characters suffer. I don't even enjoy reading it any more, it's honestly gotten to the point where I only keep up with it to make sure that my favourites are doing okay, and they never are. I really don't know why I do this to myself, it's like I'm some kind of emotional masochist. It's like an addiction. I mean, people keep coming up with theories about how Haise/Kaneki is going to get his memories back and how Tsukiyama is going to make a comeback and I'm one of those people, and yet now and then I realise that this probably won't happen in any positive kind of way but week after week I put myself through the same torture, the same heartbreak.

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this might be a weird prompt request but could you do a harry one where Niall and him are room mates and you stay over (for harry obvi) just wanted to see how you'd perceive this have a great day autumn!

Niall hadn’t meant to do it - he hadn’t meant to fall in love with you. 

But it happened  anyway, and it happened quickly. The first time he saw you, it was a Saturday morning, somewhere around ten thirty, and he had been slowly pacing the kitchenette with a chilled steak pressed to his blackening eye. He was only in his sweatpants with the university’s logo on it, and you were only in Harry’s flannel and Niall’s eyes were caught on your legs. 

“What happened to your face?” you asked in your way of a greeting, moving past him to reach into the refrigerator for the orange juice, and Niall thought it was so bizarre how you acted so bluntly and naturally around him even though he was Harry’s best mate and you still smelled like his sex. 

Niall remembers stammering, tongue glued to the roof of his mouth and his free hand jittery by his side. You took out two glasses from the higher cabinet, your toes pressing into the tiled floor, and Niall watched as Harry’s shirt rose higher on your body. He wanted to give himself a second black eye. 

“Got into… a uh, bit of a fight last night." 

"Bar fight?" 

Niall tried to not look taken aback. “How’d you reckon?” he asked, and he wasn’t sure if he looked so much like the type that he felt offended. 

Your mouth quirked up into a smirk that looked much like Harry’s signature wolfish grin. Moving past him once more, you rummaged around through the freezer until you found the bag of frozen peas. You pressed them into his opened palm, and without any answer to his previous question, you advised, “Use this, it’s better than the steak. It’ll compress more closely to the bruising.” 

Niall watched as you took the two glasses back to Harry’s room, listening for the giggling that followed a moment later. Niall remembers not even knowing your name and still being in love then. 

He saw you around everywhere after that; in the shared apartment, in passing on campus while he had lunch and you began leaving to volunteer at the local children’s hospital, and he saw you even in the most obscure places, like the run-down bar he thought he only knew of and the corner in the school’s library that was never occupied by anyone else. 

Sometimes you would plop down next to him on the sofa in front of the entertainment system, your fingers clutching the spare controller that Niall always kept lying around for Louis or Zayn. Harry would come and go as he pleased, snickering at Niall when he averted his eyes at the kisses you two shared. Harry thought it was from being uncomfortable, like the blonde was pressing his tongue into his cheek and grimacing at the PDA. Instead, Niall was a pro at looking away because the envy burst into his stomach and clawed at his insides. 

One night, you were in the library, in the corner that Niall once used to like calling his own; head resting against your crossed arms, your hair falling in front of your eyes, mouth slouched in a permanent frown. Niall slid down next to you, his arm twitching to be put around your shoulders in a comforting squeeze. 

"Harry and I got into a fight,” you mumbled, and Niall had gotten use to it over the months - how you would just say what was on your mind instead of giving a cordial ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’

Niall watched in silence as your chest raised at the empty breath you took into your lungs. “He was really upset,” you whispered, eyes starting to fill with tears, and he only had a second to react before he was lurching towards you and putting his arms around you in a protective embrace.

“Hey,” he murmured, and even though it hurt him, he still said it, “I’m sure you two will be alright, okay? Everything will be okay. Shh, c’mere, it’ll be okay.” His fingers twisted in your hair at the base of your skull, and even though it hurt him, he let go. 

Things The Signs Have Made Me Feel And Why
  • Aries: Amusement - I don't think anyone has ever made me laugh more then my Aries. She has the best sense of humour and always looks on the bright side.
  • Taurus: Indifference - There's a lot of thing I won't accept and trying to make me look bad is one of them. My Taurus tried it and now he's dead to me.
  • Gemini: Maternal Instincts - The Geminis in my life are huge dorks and I just want to protect them from the world because they are so precious!
  • Cancer: Fear: The Cancers in my life are so precious to me that I fear loosing them. I don't know what I would do without some of them in my life.
  • Leo: Companionship - My Leo has been my rock for the last 5 years. He is so willing to just accept me and put up with my shit and I know he will be in my life forever.
  • Virgo: Sisterhood - Even though I've always had a sister I never truly knew what it felt like until I met my Virgo. We've laughed together, we've cried together, we've made horrible decisions and bitched about boys together and one things for sure I will always have my sister by my side.
  • Libra: Acceptance - The Libra in my life is the only person I have ever truly trusted. She understands everything I've gone through and she loves me anyway. She's truly who made me realise that I'm okay even if I'm not perfect.
  • Scorpio: Inadequacy - The only moment I've ever felt less than someone is when a Scorpio put his arms around me and told me everything he wanted to do with me and then made me go gift shopping with him for his girlfriend. I refused to be a side-chick but I still get chills when he touches me.
  • Sagittarius: Pride - My Sagittarius is a truly talented singer and with every accomplishment she gets I feel so proud of her. She's gonna go places and I'm going to be holding her hand every step of the way!
  • Capricorn: Betrayal - The only Capricorn in my life put me and a friend against each other for pure amusement when I thought he was my only friend at a new school. I will never forget what he put me through. A wolf in sheeps clothing truly.
  • Aquarius: Shame - The only moment I've ever truly felt shame is when I felt the need to apologise to someone for standing up for myself because I cared too much for someone who never cared for me and I let them walk over me so that they didn't walk away. I will never forgive that Aquarius for what he made me feel.
  • Pisces: Courage - The Pisces in my life gets bullied daily but has he ever let it get the better of him? No. He is a strong, sensitive and honestly amazing person. I don't tell him this but he inspires me and gives me the courage to show my face even when things get really bad.

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Hi! :) As an intermediate Spanish learner, what is the best way to read in Spanish? I've heard reading was one of the best ways to improve fluency, but I'm not sure *how*! Do 1) I read a paragraph, then go back and translate it into English? 2)Read solely in Spanish, even though I might not understand everything (but learn to rely on Spanish, rather English)? Or 3) translate EVERYTHING into English the instant I read a word? Furthermore, should I read more for fun or for vocabulary? Thanks!

Okay. Well… Take all of this with a grain of salt, as the way one person learns is not the way everyone learn. And some methods may work best for others, but be the worst for someone else.

#1 is good if you want to practice your fluency in terms of reading comprehension. It’s probably good for people transitioning from beginner to intermediate, but maybe not so great for intermediate-advanced. The reason is that ideally the end goal is for you to read and understand in Spanish without having to translate it so much. But that being said, this method will help you understand longer stretches of information. If this works for you, do it. And as you get better and faster with it, do multiple paragraphs, and only translate when you feel like you’ve missed the meaning.

#2 is the endgoal of intermediate-advanced and just advanced in general. It’s not really an option for someone who has more limited vocabulary because it would be too confusing and too many holes would be left. 

#3 is the tactic for beginners. These are people who need to translate things in their minds because they don’t have the skills yet to do without it. In addition, these are people who know only every other word - which is totally understandable - and because it’s very start-and-stop, it takes longer. This tactic is very frustrating for people on the whole, because it depends on your ability to know what someone is saying.

So, my suggestion, and how I was taught to learn read during the intermediate phase was to read with a notebook and a dictionary (WordReference probably).

  • As you read, don’t try and translate anything yet.
  • Read it once and see if you can understand the meaning.
  • As you go, make a mark over the words or phrases that you don’t know. And write them down.
  • If they’re verbs, make a note of what tense they are because this helps you identify the tone it should be read in
  • Also mark grammar that you don’t totally understand.
  • For me I wrote a check mark on words I didn’t get, I underlined an expression (more than just one word, I mean), and I double underlined something grammatical that I’d never seen before.
  • When you’re done, see if you understood what was said. Talk it out to yourself and see how well you understood what was asked, or write it down.
  • Then go through your word list and find the definitions.
  • Finding the definitions for expressions might be more difficult because you might end up having to deal with multiple words or something that doesn’t translate literally. Just do your best in that case.
  • For grammar you haven’t seen yet, maybe ask your teacher or try and find information online. You don’t necessarily need to know the intricacies of the tense, but enough to know what you should be thinking it means.
  • Then read the text again. See if you understood it better. You don’t need to make notes on it unless you still really are lost, in which case, I would write a ? on it and ask your teacher (if you’re studying formally)
  • And when you’re done reading, see if you understood more than you did the first time and make note of things that you understand now that you didn’t before.

Another thing I used to do was I would write things in the book to get used to what tense or whatever was being used.

So, I would draw a square around preterite, and circle imperfect.

I would write “subj” for subjunctive, and “impsubj” for imperfect subjunctive.

I would write DO for direct object, and ID for indirect object.

Another thing that helped was to differentiate “rfx” reflexive, “DO” and “ID”.

Ideally what will happen is that this starts to no longer be required. When you get more and more advanced, you start to be able to identify things without needing to strain too long. And you get used to the different tenses and grammar information so you  no longer have to make notes.

But I still make a mark on words I don’t recognize so I can look them up later.

The end goal is really to be able to read pages and pages and pages like a native speaker and not worry so much about words you don’t know, unless you can’t figure them out by the context clues.

Especially things like the names of plants or the names of diseases, which are more specialized, it helps to be able to think “it’s a flower” or “they’re talking about a disease” and move on.

The problem with translating EVERYTHING, especially word-for-word, is that sometimes the individual words aren’t completely relevant to the story. You could easily end up getting hung up over words that don’t make a difference in the story if you’re not careful.

EDIT: You should be reading for both. Fun always trumps vocab though. If you’re not enjoying what you’re reading, then it takes twice as long. Ideally, you find a story you really enjoy that teaches you some new things. And even if it doesn’t, then it means that you knew the words in the book and that’s an accomplishment by itself.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or ideas?