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It’s All a Farce, Right?

Title: It’s All a Farce, Right? - Kidge Week 2017 Day 4 Prompt Fill
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge
Summary:Lance has too much faith in his teammates. Pidge and Keith are oblivious to their own feelings.
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AN: Had other obligations that from prevented me from getting this out on the right day. I should be able to get day 5 and 6 uploaded tomorrow though.

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Detention *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Word count: 1,299

Warning: smut, oral, hate oral? is that a thing? idk let’s just roll with it

A/N ‘ight so heres another smut because apparently I’m trash and I don’t hate writing it as much as I thought I did so here ya go. Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er

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“I can’t believe you got us detention, Stilinski,” you mumbled as you crossed your arms over your chest and leaned back into your seat.

“Me? How exactly is this my fault, y/n?” Stiles spat, twisting around in his chair three rows ahead.

Just as a little recap, during sixth period in Mr. Harris’ chemistry class, Stiles thought it would be a good idea to start talking to Scott about whatever supernatural crisis they were having today. You couldn’t help but listen into the conversation since one, your werewolf hearing is top notch and two, everything they were saying involved you. You chimed in, most likely saying something smartass-ey or sarcastic and Stiles, being the usual spaz that he is, replied back with something along the lines of, “That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.” Unfortunately, he spazzed out a little extra and basically yelled, causing Mr. Harris to literally twist his head around like in the exorcist. In Stiles attempt to defend himself, he threw you under bus. So here you were. Sitting in an empty classroom, an hour after school got out, with the person you tolerate the least at this school. Lucky you.

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Stolen Innocence *Part 6*

Jace Wayland X Reader

Word Count: 2094

Requested: @itsmagnusbabe

Request: I can’t get enough of this story, I need one more part haha

Warning: Mentions or torture, experimentation and abandonment. Slavery, human trafficking.

<< Part 5

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You sighed as you looked at your phone, it was Magnus, you were sure that this had something to do with Shadowhunter and their wannabe. “No.” You said as soon as you answered the phone, you had contemplated ignoring the call but you knew that he was persistent and you’d just become irritated.
“You don’t even know what I’m going to ask yet.” Magnus pointed out.
“Yeah well I don’t feel like helping.” You mumbled watching Simon rush out of a girls house flinging his coat on and hurrying down the road, seemed to be trying to call someone but it looked like they didn’t answer. You shuffled around the ledge before deciding it was probably best to actually follow him.
You followed him to a coffee stand and watched as he sat down and pulled out a tablet as well as writing something on the top of two napkins and underlining both titles, he then ordered something and then tapping away on his Tablet. You frowned before walking behind him and peering over his shoulder, he was so invested in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice the presence behind him, so instead you walked around him and sat in the chair opposite him “The is an inaccurate display of Vampire behaviour.” You said tapping the screen where he was watching an old vampire movie.
“Oh it’s you,” he mumbled sighing. “What are you doing here?” You just shrugging in response picking at your nails.
“It was different for me if you were wondering, I can’t tell you if your turning.” You finally said and sunk back in his chair.
“Well what do you think?” he asked.
“I wouldn’t say that you are… Do want to be?” You asked.
“I don’t know.” Simon shrugged.
“French press. And a garlic bagel. Extra garlic.” The waitress said reaching behind her to grab the Bagel and then looking at him.
“Oh, uh um I’m doing research for a graphic novel I’m writing about vampires. I don’t think I’m actually becoming one, ‘cause that would be crazy.” Simon informed her and you smirked at him.
“Where’s what’s-her-face? Latte-and-no-whip-cream girl?” the waitress asked glancing over at you, you assumed because you were sitting where Clary usually did.
“Clary, uh I don’t know. She’s not answering my texts.” Simon said after picking up his phone to check it.
“Can’t imagine why.” The waitress smiled. “You all right?”
“Yeah, it’s just, uh Just think I need some caffeine,” Simon answered sighing half way through his sentence.
“Okay. You might want to let that brew “ Her sentence was too slow though “Never mind. Would you like something?” she asked looking at you, you shook your head a small smile on your face before she nodded returning the smile and going to attend to the other customers.
“What are you still doing here?” Simon asked.
“I dunno maybe I’m curious or maybe I like to watch people suffer.” You shrugged balancing on the back legs of the chair you were sitting on. Simon sighed before taking a bite of the garlic bagel. He wrote something on the napkin that was empty and you frowned. “Don’t come near me with that breath…”
He laughed slightly when he looked at you “you’re nicer when the other aren’t around.”
“Yeah, that’s because I don’t like the others.” You shrugged. “I don’t have a reason not to like you.” When you looked up it seemed that Simon wasn’t listening to you instead he was staring at the coffee before he shot up throwing some money on the table a rushed away. “Simon?”
“Um… I’m sorry I-” he stopped abruptly.
“Saw something.” You filled in and he nodded. You looked at the floor and he frowned but didn’t push instead he started walking and you followed, both of you ending up at his house.

Alec and Izzy met up with Jace and Clary outside the precinct “Someone call for backup?” Izzy asked.
“Yeah,” Jace answered. What took you guys so long?”
“Funny, I was gonna ask you the same thing,” Alec answered quickly fixing them both with harsh glares.
“It’s complicated,” Jace answered.
“We found the Cup,” Clary informed.
“The Cup?” Izzy asked.
“Yeah, but then we lost it,” Clary admitted. “We have to sneak back in the precinct to get it.”
“This is a disaster,” Alec said crossing his arms.
“Hey, demon pox is a disaster. This is an inconvenience.” Jace corrected. “We just need a plan. That’s all.”
“What about a glamour?” Izzy asked.
“We tried that. Anyone working with Valentine will see right through it.” Jace explained.
“Can we ask Magnus Bane to portal us inside?” Clary asked.
“No,” Alec answered bluntly.
“That’d be awkward. Magnus can only portal us to places he’s been to before.” Izzy explained.
“What about (Y/N) then? I’m sure she’s been there.” Clary suggested.
“She already said no,” Jace answered, Clary’s phone began to ring and she looked down.
“Not again. Just give me a second.” Clary said as she read the name on the screen and then she walked away.
“Simon, this is really not a good time,” Clary said when she answered the call.
“Clary, where are you?” Simon asked. “This is an emergency.”
“Simon, are you okay?” Clary asked.
“Aww, she cares.” Clary heard your voice on the other end of the phone and both you and Simon dodged through people in the streets.
“I’m not sure. I haven’t been kidnapped yet today.” Simon said.
“That can be arranged.” You shrugged.
“Simon, seriously, what’s going on?” Clary asked.
“I think I’m sick. Like, really sick.” Simon tried to explain.
“Simon, remember that time you thought you had the bird flu?” Clary asked. “Okay, just stay off the Internet and you’ll be fine.”
“Yeah, I know. But this time it’s different. This time I’m really- Oh, my God. She hung up on me.” Simon muttered before walking faster.

You sat on Simon’s bed watching him type furiously on the computer, the knock on the door drawing your attention as his mum walked into the room, thanks to the runes that still worked she couldn’t see you sitting on the and so she just looked at Simon, who looked a mess having run his hands through his hair 50 times. “Simon can we have a talk?” his mum asked and you raised an eyebrow kicking back on his head and placing your hands behind your head.
“‘We’?” Simon asked.
“You, me and your sister.” his mum confirmed and you just smirked at how awkward this conversation would be.
“Do I have a choice?” Simon asked.
“Good question.” You nodded.
“Well, I’ve already ducked out of the office early, so no.” His mother answered.
“Okay.” Simon turned to face them and then put his hands in his head and spoke again “I stayed out last night at Maureen’s. I should have called. It slipped my mind.” he stuttered out an excuse. “So, what are you gonna do? Ground me?”
“Maureen called us this morning and she was very upset.” His mum explained.
“Actually, Maureen called me and she said that you were spazzing out, like more than normal.” His sister interrupted.
“She said She did what?” Simon asked.
“Well, I just tried to say that’s kind of how you are with girls, but, uh, she was very upset, so - I told Mom.” she confessed.
“You did what?” Simon asked.
“You only seem to be asking questions.” You pointed out.
“Simon, Maureen thinks that you might be on drugs. And listen, if I thought it was just marijuana I wouldn’t be so worried, but, honey you look like you’re dying.” his mum pointed out and you laughed.
“He think’s he’s dying!” You laughed.
“Would dying get me out of this conversation?” Simon asked.
“I know that I’m not usually the sentimental one here, but - we’re here for you.” His sister said gesturing her mother when she said we, even if she was a little stiff, you remembered when Jace used to be like that, he was awkward about any type of feeling but he would try to help you as best he could.
“It’s all right. You can tell us, whatever it is.” His mum said.
“Okay, okay,” Simon agreed and you raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Um, I think I have a disease.”
“A disease?” his mum asked.
“Like, a bad one,” Simon emphasised  
“Do you have an STD?” His mum asked walking forward.
“Okay, let’s let him finish talking.” His sister said walking forward and trying to defuse the situation.
“Look, Simon, it’s really not as bad as you think.These things happen, all right? When I was in law school, I experimented-”
“We’re really off track here. I think we really need to focus on Simon.” His sister said trying the stir the conversation back in the right direction. Upon hearing the arguing start you snuck out of the room and de-glamoured, you walked back towards the room “Hey, Simon I was think-” You stopped and looked at his sister and mum. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt I can leave… If you want.” You suggested and his mum looked at you.
“Sorry have we met?” she asked.
“No, I asked Simon for help with my writing project, I have all these ideas but I don’t know how to write them down, Simon promised to help me with them, I’m (Y/N) (L/N).” You smiled pushing your hand out for her to shake and smiling at his sister.
“Oh it’s nice to meet you” she smiled. “Are you going to college?”
“Yeah, well not yet, that’s what Simon is helping me with, the entry requirements for my course, they want me to have a piece for them before my interview in the next few week and Simon has been helping me get it right.” You lied.
“Oh well we’ll leave you to it.” his mum smiled. “We’ll finish this conversation later.”
“Thanks,” Simon mumbled.
“No problem.” You nodded.
“Why are you helping me?” he asked.
“You need one friend that’ll listen right?” You asked. “I pretty sure that’s the reason I ended up so bitter…”

“You really need to stop calling her, she’s not going to answer.” You mumbled as he hung up the phone. He didn’t answer instead he there his phone at you and you caught “What the hell?” You asked.
“Sorry,.”  he said quickly before turning around to face the mirror, he suddenly punched it and then fell to his knees. You jumped forward and knelt in front of him.
“It’s okay… You’re alright, I mean it’s not that bad being a downworlder, you don’t have to follow many rules, come on you’ll figure it out.”
“I have to go see Raphael.” he concluded.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You divulged.
“Look if you’re not going to help me then… Stay out of my way,” he ordered before leaving out of the window. You sighed before looking at the bedroom door and walking out, saying goodbye to his mum and sister and then leaving. Against your better judgement, you went back to the institute to inform them of the Mundane about to get himself into a lot of trouble.

When you walked through the door you were met with the sight of Clary and Jace kissing and you nodded to yourself before backing out of the institute the same way that you had come in, Alec and Izzy both seeing you before they walked away. Jace looked up and noticed you to but for some reason no one else had. You got as far as the steps before Jace called out to you. You stopped walking and turned. “What?” You asked.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I don’t know somewhere else.” You answered the tears brimming your eyes.
“Why don’t you come inside you can stay here tonight,” Jace suggested.
“I’d prefer not to.” You said about to turn.
“What is wrong with you!?” he asked suddenly more aggressive.
“My problem!? My problem Jace is that I loved you through everything and you don’t even care!” You finally confessed. “The reason I’m so angry at you for everything is because I loved you enough to believe that you would save me no matter what, you let me down and the only way I knew how to show that was to ignore the feelings.” Jace didn’t say anything and you nodded. “Clary’s waiting for you I’m sure you’ll both be happy.” Then you were gone.

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You're a Younger Model in a Music Video

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Calum POV

Day one. We were on the set of out new music video and all I could think of was wow, these models are gorgeous. We had just finished shooting for the day and Ashton, Luke, and Michael seemed to be warming up to them pretty fast. They were joking around and just having a good time. I noticed there was one girl though that was off to the side, and didn’t seem as if she fit in as well with the rest of the girls. She looked young, that’s probably why.

I felt bad for her. She was all alone watching everyone else and seemed like she’d rather be anywhere but here. I started making my way toward her so she wouldn’t be so lonely, but Ashton caught my attention with his obnoxious screams. “Calum! Get over here! We’re gonna hit the club!” I nodded and made my way toward the rest of the boys, a few of the girls coming along with us.


Every day on set was the same thing. We would finish the shoot and the boys and I would hang around the models and chat with them and later go out for a few drinks. Which was amazing, by the way, I mean what teenage boy wouldn’t want to have a bunch of hot girls surrounding him. But after the first few days it started to get boring. Too repetitive. We’d talk about the same thing each time and whenever I tried to bring up a new topic the girls stared at me like I was some alien life form. Eventually the boys and I would simply talk to each other while the girls were huddled in their own group gossiping about the latest heartthrob or their hair or whatever the fuck it is that girls talk about.


I’d been watching that girl lately. The younger one who never talked to anyone. I don’t know, she interested me. She was always so quiet and then when the set was done for the day she’d stay around for a few minutes and then just disappear and soon after the rest of us would to out to the club or a bar or something of that sort. I’d been wanting to talk to her but I didn’t want to seem like a creep so I decided it was best if I kept my distance.


Your POV

When I first found out I got the part for this video, I was ecstatic. I’d get to help my career get started, obviously, and I’d also get to meet the 5SOS boys which was a really big deal to me because I’d been a fan since forever. Unfortunately, they didn’t even notice I was there. Neither did the other models, or at least they didn’t care I was there. They all kind of look down on me because I’m younger and there wasn’t really much I could do about that so I decided I’d just leave them alone and keep to myself.

Usually after the set ends I’d stay around for a few minutes to see if maybe they’d come talk to me or something but that never happened. And so I’d usually just go back to home and relax while everyone else left. They went to clubs I think but I can’t be sure, though sometimes they do come back in the morning with some hangovers.

The other models always get mad at me and give me irritated glances in the morning because I like to play my music nice and loud to get myself amped up for the shoot and it bothers them. But hey, it isn’t my fault they went out and got drunk when they have work the next day. They’ve even complained to the directors about me but the directors don’t seem to see the problem and so them let me keep my music. Instead, the models try to clear the dressing room as quickly as they can in the mornings and go hang out with the boys instead.

It doesn’t matter. That just means that I can party more on my own. I looked around the room to make sure all the models had cleared out and turned my music up even more to started up my one man mosh pit. ——————–

Calum POV

Another morning another hangover. Well not for me, I didn’t drink too much last night, but I can’t say the same for Ashton and Michael. We walked in and Luke made a straight line towards the girls with Michael trailing behind him still trying to nurse the pounding in his head. Ashton and I found a place to sit and started chatting and waiting for the directors to call us to set.

“How are you not dying right now?” Ashton grunted putting his head in his hands. “I didn’t drink everything in sight last night.” I shrugged as he gave me a glare. Ashton always went a little overboard with his drinking. Nothing serious, just enough to have a good time and a raging headache in the morning. “Oh my god why is there such obnoxiously loud music playing here every morning? I was about to respond, but he got up and left. Probably trying to find something to help with his hangover.

Truth is I don’t know why there was always music playing. From where I sat it wasn’t too loud but you could tell it was being muffled by door and so wherever it was coming from the volume had to have been pretty high.

I walked up to of the directors and asked him about it. "Oh, it’s one of the models in the dressing room. Please don’t tell me you’re going to complain about her too because I don’t see any problem with her wanting to play a little music around here before we shoot.” I assured him I wasn’t complaining and was simply curious, thanked him, and made my way to the models dressing room. I wasn’t being creepy, like I said, I was just curious.

As I walked closer to the dressing room the music got louder and louder. I knocked on the door a few times and got no answer, which I kind of expected considering the noise. I slowly turned the doorknob and hesitantly peeked inside, I didn’t want to walk in on some naked girls. That would be awesome, but you still have to have some respect. Instead of naked bodies I found the younger model dancing around the room like a freak. I don’t even know if those are actual dance moves, it looked more like she was spazzing out, but at least she was trying. It was cute. I liked her.

I think she noticed me because all of a sudden she froze. She turned to look me directly since she had been twirling around and almost instantaneously her cheeks turned so red I wondered if I should go call someone to make sure that was normal. “Um…h-hi?” She stuttered. “Hi!” I gave her my cheesiest smile. I think I found who I was going to be hanging out with.


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