even though i support and love arsenal

  • What I say: I'm just thinking about this book.
  • What I mean: Alright, yes the Six of Crows Duology deserves a lot of praise for many many things but like THE PARENTS. THE PARENTS. Jesper's dad is so damn normal that it reminds you how great a normal loving, supportive, trusting, though oblivious dad is. Jesper's mum taught him to not live in fear. Inej's dad is like your typical "go get 'em girl with your arsenal of proverbs" like your typical dad or even grandpa. Inej's mum taught her that's she's special, set aside and she shouldn't just give away her love willy nilly but when she does, it should matter. Kuwei's dad just wanted him to not get tired and not be taken away. Wylan's mum. HIS LONELY, DEFEATED MUM. Despite their separation her son encompasses her thoughts. Bardugo gives us examples of parents that love us but she shows us that our parents are human and sometimes they suck and don't love us and when that happens, you don't need to take it from them. FAMILY ISN'T JUST BLOOD, IT'S ABOUT PEOPLE YOU CONNECT AND COMMUNE WITH; PEOPLE THAT PROTECT YOU EITHER FROM PEOPLE OR MATTERS OF THE HEART OR LIFE ITSELF. And that like reminds me of my parents?? And like the friends I have allowed in my life?? Like!?????!!?