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Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



so hey idk why but over the past few days I’ve had an absolute flood of truly bloomin’ heartwarmingly nice messages about my art across my Tumblr and DA inboxes and as ever I can’t properly express how much that means to me in words but holy moly y’all wtf that’s!!! so kind!!!! Ahhh!!!!

thank you so much— good eggs the lot of you omg  💖💖💖 

therealprofessoroak  asked:

Okay, it may seem weird to say this, but it feels like at this point Fresh's character arc could only be fulfilled with a suicide. All throughout the past two chapters we are seeing more and more parallels between him and Error. Now that he can feel, he wants to destroy. Plus, the title of the fic makes more sense that way as well. In the first chapter we are meant to believe that it is referring to Geno, but at the end of 1 it looks like it's instead about Error. Now after chapters 2 & 3, (1/2)

Analyses/speculations are always interesting to read!

About the fic title, however: I’d like to point out that it contains three titles. Technically, it’s a two-part series called The Breathing Dead. The first part consists of one “chapter,” The Endless Sleep, and the second part is The Sleepless Wake, which will have four chapters. I believe you’re referring to The Endless Sleep here, but that title’s meaning doesn’t necessarily extend to its sequel. ;) All three titles are open to multiple interpretations, though!

I can’t really say anything else without potentially giving something away, so I’ll just leave this here for everyone’s consideration.

A Variety of Drabbles and Unfinished Ideas

Under the cut, I’ve compiled a variety of free writing, warm ups, and first drafts of some of my work. Nothing’s super long and some of it is even cut off midsentence bc I must have had to leave or gotten an idea while writing it. I just thought it’d be fun to post a bit of it, unrevised.

If any of the ideas/themes in the works below inspire you, feel free to use the idea! Just tag me, please, so I can see where you take it! Or if there’s something you’d like me to try to return to, hmu.

Included Below (in order) is writing for: Newt Scamander, Cedric Diggory, Dean Winchester, Cullen Rutherford, Alistair Theirin, and my drabble series.

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Trust Fund Babies || Gods And Goddesses of NYC || Plot

       Too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar
              Too many white lies and white lines
                     Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends
                            Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends ( x )

Attractive, demanding, and filthy fucking rich. The family that came before them went out of their way to provide a good life for them, stock up some money but these kids can’t help but to go too far. They’ve got the cash, the friends since birth, the material goods, and the aesthetic (whether it’s natural or not, you’ll never know). What can’t these kids do? Better yet, will they do any good at all?

The Astors, Rockafellers, and DuPonts have come far from their roots of old money and they’ve intertwined with the Kochs, Bloombergs, and Murdochs who have fought their way up the ladder. And while the older generations worked hard to establish their wealth, the youthful can’t help but to exploit that hard work.

Look under the cut for the Tropes, App, and App Count

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up early in the morning just to remind every single one of you that you are wonderful people & deserve the best in the world. don’t fight me on this, thank you !!


Howdy y'all, here’s some pic of my face (ft one of my brothers). Y'all can ask me shit if you want, itz the weekend and I’m just chillin. Also if y'all want to follow my “personal” blog or be /mutuals/ on this blog just either follow it or give me an ask if you want me to follow you!!!

Reblog if you still have faith in Ohtaka and believe in her ability to finish this story well.

I’m starting to think I’m the only one here admittedly.

just so y’all know, in any Chango content I post you can assume that Caitlin Farmer is either:

a. happily dating Camilla Collins and BFFs with Chowder, they go on double dates all the time


b. she’s dating Camilla and Chowder, Chowder is dating her and Tango, they are in a happy and healthy polyamorous relationship

200 Followers Say Whaaaa?

Somehow I jumped from 186 or something to 212 in a day :o Thank you so much, my friends! Big s/o to the squad who like or reblog almost everything I post XD You guys are the best

I’ll share some of my favorite people (really good, big, SPN blogs, my loyal squad of followers (you know who you are xo) or blogs I aspire to meet the beauty of so you guys can go grab some new blogs) if ya would like x 

Bolded are the people I have developed a friendship with or I have stalked enough to judge an 11/10 human being with a great blog, so ya should defo follow them.


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