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So do you consider yourself a social justice warrior? Even if you don't, I just want to say, you are... And it's not a good thing. Not to be rude, (even though it is), you seriously should 'shut the fuck nelly'. Haha how can people even think that not liking white people is not racist, you literally don't like a race, how is that not racist. You're not supposed to like NOR dislike someone because of their race... wtf is wrong with you? and most of Tumblr? you all are so out of touch with reality

Me: I’m Tired by how white people as a population treat me as a minority and I need to vent this on my blog


Remember when I made that post about The Get Down being a good show with diverse characters and a good plot, and Stranger Things being the least representative show ever (I didn’t even say it was bad, I just pointed out basic flaws)

3 different people tried to say because the show was set in the 80’s, and that that was a valid reason as to why we only have 1 black character with a background and more than a few lines, and no lgbt characters. Believe me when I say I don’t dislike the show, it’s amazing. But this is valid criticism, and, wow, get this: POC and lgbt people existed in the 80’s, what a shocker?

Like all I’m saying is that The Get Down is underrated, even though it’s interesting, full of amazing diverse characters with believable perks and flaws, and over all just a *good* show, and that I can’t understand why it doesn’t have the audience it deserves.

And then I remember that it’s show about lgbt POC kids (mainly black kids!) in the projects trying to make their dreams come true, and that makes certain people uncomfortable I guess.

stressed out

i know i’m saying this so late but I just had a thought: the fact that a song is popular doesn’t strip it from its original meaning. I see so many songs that people play like this and they kind of.. forget their meaning, you know? Take Stressed Out: it was a beautiful song written about insecurities, nostalgia and fear of the future and what it holds, but since then it was a smash hit, played on the radio countless times to people who didn’t know how much tyler meant the words behind the song or even who he was. its success became something he felt like he had to apologise to the clique for, and i feel like that’s not alright. It’s not because Stressed Out is a so-called “popular song” that we should dislike it —though you can be tired of it— and say things like “true fans don’t like this song”. I feel like we should support Tyler and Josh in what they do, not diss them for their newfound popularity.

Some real talk now

Okay guys. How can anyone truly hate Ardyn as a character? If you think about his past it’s totally clear why he turned out like this! He was like Jesus for the people but was rejected for what? Doing his job? I mean I’d be pretty pissed too and if you ask me I’d use the shit out of those demons inside me to get revenge on those motherfuckers who told me I’m not good enough.

Many people say they don’t like him being oily but guys. Look, this guy is over 2000 years old, he’s seen it all he knows it all. It’s fun being all oily and making puns and being a mischievous fucker. Maybe the demons inside him contributed too. I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t find his character charming though but that’s just my opinion.

I don’t know how anyone could dislike this guy considering what he went through. Imagine living on forever, unable to die even if you want to. Yes, he was treated badly for being rejected as the king, but man, this immortality is even worse. Like, what do you do if you can live FOREVER? I’d plot some act of revenge too.

Poor guy just wanted to help people. He did nothing wrong. Give him a break.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Now, after the last few days of watching this whole thing blow up around Felix, not Pewdiepie, it has become very clear how something you have can turn up on its head in an instant.

Felix is an incredible man. He has done so many things to help others.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m the perfect fan, because I’m not. For years I didn’t really like Felix’s content and thought he was obnoxious. So when I sat down for the first time last year and started actually consuming his content, and enjoying it…I realized I was just part of a bandwagon.

I was part of the bandwagon that either disliked or vehemently hated him and his content.

Because it is so easy to sit and read what other people say about someone. That even though Felix is a good man, I let myself just read headlines or things other content creators have said about him.

What’s been happening recently is the same thing, only on a larger scale.

People let themselves become blinded by the human mob mentality. They saw articles posted by these “journalists” and immediately saw a hateful man who spread evil messages on a video platform.

They saw what a “prestigious” news company wanted them to see.

They seldom brought up any good that he’s done, but instead went for the throat when he slipped up.

Because what makes a better story?

“Felix and his friends raising millions of dollars for charity”?


“Pewdiepie is a racist fascist and here’s why”.

It’s easy to let these things happen. It’s easy to let the media run over you and let them have their way. It’s easy to roll over.

What’s not easy?

Fighting back.

That’s what I’ve been seeing. I’ve been seeing many youtubers and content creators that I did not even know knew Felix or enjoyed what he did, stand up and speak out.

The amount of immeasurable and overwhelming support that I’ve seen just on Twitter and YouTube has been incredible.

Because we all know that what happened to Felix was unjust, we knew that we need to stand up for him and give him our love and support because all he was going to see otherwise was hate.

It’s easy to hate. It’s easy to be ignorant and just let a title tell a story.


I’m not going to stand for that because of something I was taught as a child:

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

People need to understand that having a disinterest in something doesn’t automatically mean “hating” or “shading” I’ve seen people say some really fucked up things about TianShan and it doesn’t just end with “They’re boring” or “I don’t find them interesting” it’s more along the lines “Why are they even in the story?!!” and even ruder things AND it’s tagged lol. 

INTP problem

I dislike saying, “I hate small talk,” even though it’s one of the truest things I could say.
Because when I say it that way, it makes me sound like a snob, someone who looks down their nose at the regular people who don’t jump into a philosophical YA-novel conversation off the bat. 

The reason I hate small talk is because it’s terrifying. I don’t know how to reply, I don’t know how to ask the right questions. Literally anything I say or don’t say could lead to an expanse of awkward silence. Small talk is a social skill, a useful skill, that everybody but me seems to have hardwired in their brains; I’m stumbling around in the dark.

That’s why I hate small talk.

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i hate how if i really like a character i tend to end up being kin with them. i worry a ton of people are going to think im only kin because i like characters even though that isnt the case! but im kin with link, dave strider, lil hal, alois trancy, and now im questioning taako and i like all of them outside of being them. i think its inevitable that someone will say its just me wanting to be them rather than actually being them

I’ve been seeing people complain about Rowan and Aelin being mates because he hit her in HoF, but I haven’t seen anyone complain about Rhys and Feyre being mates even though in ACoTaR, after he comes to heal her arm, he begins twisting the bone shard that’s sticking out of her arm for no reason than to cause pain. And I’m not saying this because I dislike either pairing, I literally would die for these pairings (especially feysand). But I think with Rowan and Aelin the bond hadn’t snapped in to place yet, because Rhys knew Feyre was his mate and he was still able to hurt her, and he says that he knew but the bond didn’t fully snap into place until after she was Made.

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Once again, here I come XD A)Witches or Wolves; B)flying monkeys or flying crocodiles; C)Pizza or Burger or Pasta; D)Singing or Dancing; E) Life in hell with the one you love or life in heaven with the one you hate ?

Shikha strikes again 😂 but I don’t mind, these are fun!

A) 🐺
B) Flying monkey, even though those things from The Wizard of Oz always creeped me out. But a flying crocodile sounds loads more dangerous
C) All 3 in 1! Haha jk. Since I had pizza today, I’ll say pasta
D) I suck at both, but singing. That’s the one I wish the most I had talent in
E) Heaven. I don’t hate anybody and I sure don’t want to go to hell…even people I dislike won’t bother me anymore if we’re in heaven

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so I too cannot shit up about it. Also timothee chalamet is constistently Fuckinh me up. And the fact that all the reviews are 100% and five stars out of five stars and rotten tomatoes still has it on 100% and it's gone through the festival circuit and literally everyone is like this is the best thing I've ever seen. And people who give it less than 100% don't specifify what they disliked? Like at most it's like "armies hammer looked too old" that's it

I can’t even tell you, plus you already have seen anyway, the amount of people saying even though it’s only February call me by your name is already their favorite movie of the whole year. Plus the amount of people who are even hinting at possible awards buzz for next year IM LIVING! I’ve never been this excited for a movie in my life, I think it’s because like I can’t believe something like this is real, like almost everything in that book we’re gonna see in REAL LIFE PLAYED OUT BY REAL PEOPLE. So fucking wild man I’m just so happy.

To my dear toxic friend:

I cared
I cared too much
I was there for you
Even when you weren’t there for me
I fully supported you with everything
Even though you barely supported me
I defended you so many times…
Even though my family and my other friends strongly disliked you…
I never judged you
Even though you did judge me
I was loyal to you
So loyal…
And you kept saying shit about me at my back…
I kept trying to save our friendship
Even when you were constantly pushing me away
I even tried to convince myself that I was the problem, as you stated many times…
But I wasn’t

My other friends kept asking me
“Why are you still friends with her?”
And I wouldn’t be able to answer that
Why? Because I was scared that they might be right
But I didn’t want them to be right
I didn’t want to listen
Because I was loyal to you, because I cared about you, because I loved you and still considered you my friend

Big mistake

And the cost was high
So fucking high

You made me feel shitty about myself
You made me feel like I was always wrong
You made me fight with my family so many fucking times
You made lose my own confidence…
My personality…
My happiness…
You even crushed my dreams and made fun of them with others…
You even made me feel bad and guilty about good things that happened to me

How stupid I was


And I feel so bad right now
So angry for being at your side 8 fucking years of my life that are never gonna come back
So sad for trusting you and believing our friendship was worth it
Even though deep down I knew it wasn’t

Im done with crying over you
I’m done with suffering
I’m done with pain
I’m done with YOU
So fucking done
Don’t expect me to go to you begging for your forgiveness because that won’t happen ever again

I don’t need you 
I found myself again
And I realized That I care and love myself
And I deserve better
I’m leaving your side
Our friendship is over because YOU lost ME

You won’t crush me again
Because now I’m stronger and wiser
And if you even dare to try
I’ll crush you.

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💝 Does my muse like Valentine’s Day?💘 What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it?

sex+romance headcanons

[💝 Does my muse like Valentine’s Day?]
  “I don’t… dislike Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to be one of those people who complain about it… because it’s just a day, no one forces you to care.” She shrugged. “I’ve never really had one… though. With the like, nonsense and over doing it. I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten a gift. Though I send them. From time to time.” 

[ 💘 What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it?]
  “There are a lot of ways to love someone, I’m not sure what the big push is to say it all the time.” An onyx brow perked, arms crossing under her chest. “I don’t know… I could try harder to show that… I guess.” She sighed. 

  [ Thank you @toxic-wvsteland ]

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One thing i dislike about She//ith is that people are still shipping it and not letting it go even after Keith says "you're like a brother to me". She//ith still has its normal problems but now people are romanticizing/sexualizing familial love and as someone who is Keith's age and has siblings around Shiro's that's really gross to me tbh(even though they aren't blood related he still sees him that way so regardless it's not right)

i know!! n then people are like"but!!! people have said it before and ended up MARRIED!!! check AND mate!!!“

but like? the ones who ended up married? didn’t have a 9 year age difference?????

i hate that they sexualize familial love. just let them be brothers!!
broganes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sheith

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Hello! Love your blog sweetie! ❤❤❤ I'd like to ask for Zyglavis from SCM. Personality-wise, I'm quiet and prefer to read rather than deal with people. I only speak when spoken to. I'm the type to give up my happiness for the sake of the others. I'm sensitive and tend to bottle things up. I love babies and old people.

Thanks my lovely!

Well, even though you paired yourself up with Zyg, I’m gonna say I’d match you up with Huedhaut.

You both dislike dealing with people and both tend to put other people before yourself, terrible pair you are but I think you two would make a great team!


Sukekiyo will begin again in a few days.
Is also
Valentine’s Day.
I hate this holiday.
Not because I dislike receiving chocolate or anything else
People deem it appropriate to say “oh and Happy Birthday!”
As though the two are mutually exclusive.
Valentine’s Day is on the 14th.
My birthday is in the 16th.
There is a day in between! They aren’t even the same day! You don’t do this to Kaoru! (His birthday is on the 17th, I suppose they either deem this as enough time passed between or they are terrified of him…)
So it’s 6am.
I’m in the studio.
Surrounded by baskets of chocolate
Most of which say
“Oh and Happy Birthday!”
Of course.
Of course.

Again, anyone who is actually defending Zahra Schreiber needs to re-evaluate their life and their choices. Interesting, and by interesting I mean predictable as fucking hell, that she apologized for the Nazi pictures, but did not apologize for: 

-Blatantly stating that Princess Tiana is an inferior Disney princess because she’s black
-Implying that a white man would only marry a black woman for money (nevermind that Prince Naveen was NOT WHITE, guess that’s how she’s able to justify letting Seth Rollins stick it in her even though he’s not white but passes as such)
-Imploring everyone to come see a “mongoloid” at her previous job
-Assuring us that she didn’t dislike a girl because she had a “black girl’s face”

Even if she is not a Nazi sympathizer, which I highly, highly doubt, Zahra Schreiber is a disgusting, racist, literal piece of human garbage. This is not an opinion, as the above list proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m sure she is sorry; sorry that she got caught and will now live with the consequences of CHOOSING TO DISPLAY HER HATRED AND BIGOTED VIEWS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. She is not a victim. She has the right to free speech and to regurgitate her horrific world view, but that doesn’t mean that she is immune from criticism, disdain, and outrage from those of us who are not pieces of shit for said vile opinions. It also does not mean that she is immune to being fired from WWE for spouting these disgusting opinions, either. When you are employed by a company, you are representing them, period. I don’t work in the entertainment industry, but if I were to spew this sort of hateful garbage on social media for everyone to see, my employer would fire me, too. Just as every single other business would do.

So in the end, it’s every wrestling fan’s choice to either support said disgusting, racist, ableist, literal piece of human garbage or be a decent fucking human being and write her off and out of wrestling history. But if you DO decide that you support her and that she’s a “Queen” or “slays” or whatever the fuck it is that her supporters say about her, don’t be surprised if the rest of us here in wrestling fandom side-eye the fuck out of you and don’t trust you for a single second. By throwing your hat in with this racist, you are telling us that you condone her behavior and mindset, and that you yourself are not a safe person to interact with. 

Think about it, and throw your hat in for women who are not literal pieces of rancid garbage. Again, I suggest Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky, Natalya, Emma, Alexa, Naomi as women in the WWE to admire and support. 

Isn’t it funny how John Oliver is hailed as a journalist/comedian hero who consistently makes excellent points about terrifying and often unspoken (mostly) issues with his impressive researching skills and fact-checking? (Credits to his team, obviously.)

Isn’t it absolutely HILARIOUS how his latest video about Online Harassment was poorly received by comparison to his other videos? Seriously. Nearly 40% dislikes.

According to some commenters, it’s because the video featured alleged professional victim Anita Sarkeesian, even though no amount of whatever it is she says can justify the threats she gets on a daily basis.

According to others, it’s because he focused exclusively on women and that online harassment doesn’t disproportionately affect women, which, I must say, is a load of bullshit and anybody who pretends otherwise is lying through their teeth.

I dunno man. This was predictable. He talked about women. People don’t like women. They particularly don’t like the one who appeared for approximately 7 seconds in a 17 minutes video, and apparently just seeing her is enough to ignore all reason and throw a hissy fit in the comments.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Fraxus is so incredibly underrated even though they have moments similarly with miraxus and they even used to be the one with more moments before the gmg arc. I don't dislike miraxus but it is an undeniable fact that if, for example, freed would've been a girl and mirajane a boy, fraxus would be most likely the popular one, and miraxus would be extremely small or not even considered. Same goes for chendy. People say that shipping chendy is "wrong because they are too young" but are totally okay with shipping wendy and romeo even though they are young too and had 0 moments, and some people even ship wendy and mest, which is literally pedophilia. It's a good thing that the heteronormativity in this fandom has become less lately but it would be really great if there were more queer ships in fairy tail.


I hate reading about the reasons why people dislike certain characters, because it’s never “she’s annoying/he’s ugly/they’re boring” (which I wouldn’t mind, at least its honest). But its always something hypocritical in an attempt to get the moral high ground. You hate Cullen and say his past is not an excuse, but love Zevran while claiming his past excuses his callous murdering of innocents? You hate Sebastian for being religious, but love Cassandra even though she is just as pushy with her religion (as a Lavellan can attest to)? You hate Blackwall for murdering children, but love Sten even though he murders children as well? Panic attack aside, the end result is that there are dead children that he killed with his bare hands. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all fans, but Zevran, Cassandra, and Sten are fan favorites even though they share many of the same traits that people put Sebastian and Blackwall down for