even though i really like frank ocean

hi everyone!
my name is patricia and in a couple weeks i’ll be starting twelfth grade, which is the last year of high school here. so i decided to create a studyblr and i hope to be more productive and inspired to study, get my grades up and hopefully enter university next year. checking the studyblr tag has always motivated me and i’m excited to be a part of it! i also have another blog @renjs

about me
i’m 17 years old and i live in portugal. i’m fluent in portuguese and english, and i also speak a bit of spanish and french, while currently learning russian, i’m studying humanities in school and i’m not sure yet what to pursue after high school. i’m a gemini, and a ravenclaw. also, i’m bisexual
i’m really bad at making goals and keeping track of things so that’s also something i hope to improve.

my interests

  • i love movies and tv shows and would love be involved in cinema in the future
  • some of my favorite movies are: fargo, enemy, mulhollad drive, gone girl, the crow, the big lebowski, natural born killers, what we do in the shadows, and many others
  • as for tv shows, i love twin peaks, bojack horseman, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, the handmaid’s tale, game of thrones and black mirror
  • i also love to read even though i don’t read as much as i used to nowadays
  • my favorite books are sputnik, sweetheart by haruki murakami, the house of the spirits by isabel allende, and lolita by vladimir nabokov
  • i listen to a lot of different music genres and some artists that i like are banks, fleetwood mac, sky ferreira, king krule, joy division, radiohead, kali uchis, lana del rey, frank ocean and lil peep
  • and obviously i really like learning new languages and new things overall, and in my free time i like to go to parties and hang out with my friends (as cliché as that sounds)

feel free to message me anytime!


I have to take a minute to talk about these albums, which share a birthday (today).

When I started listening to Interpol back in 2015, I was going through a weird and awkward breakup and this was the first band that I kind of consider finding post-that relationship, just as I was entering college, and Turn on the Bright Lights was in constant rotation during that time. It ended up being my favorite album that came out that year

Fast forward to this summer (also kind of a weird, in limbo time of my life), we celebrate Blonde turning a year old. I wasn’t really hip to Frank Ocean till I finally started listening to channel ORANGE this past semester, but Blonde has really been the soundtrack to my summer, it’s influenced me and inspired me as an artist on all fronts. Even though it came out a year ago today, it’s been one of my favorite albums I’ve listened to this year (much like TOTBL)

I’m so grateful both these albums were made

anonymous asked:

That is the thing awards have pretty much become a popularity contest. I hope Calvin just keeps putting out great music and doesn't go the easy route. This is not saying I don't want him to shave, dress sharp or give interviews. I'm just saying if he isn't interested in those things than he just plain out doesn't care about the awards. The problem is even the Grammy's cave and often don't recognize the talent AKA Frank Ocean's letter. The music is what SHOULD matter unfortunately though Part 1

Part 2 often it take a back seat. I think a lot of artists know this though. The radio is often filled with a lot of just mediocre music that is just fun and catchy and a lot of the really great music is well overlooked. I think this has been like this for ever. How many times over the years have we said Why the hell did a song like that get a Grammy" I don’t want artists like Calvin, SZA, Frank Ocean etc. to compromise their art for success. Whatever I don’t even know what I’m trying to say

But… but… you were doing so well. Let me guess that your conclusion would have been we don’t want Calvin to compromise his artistic integrity, a.k.a, sell-out. We don’t want him to behave like a celebrity just to win vain popularity contests. And we don’t want him to collab w/ Justin Beiber just to get a #1 hit. (Thinking about Calvin working w/ Beiber gave me a shiver of disgust.) 

Ya’know he went to an awards show last night w/ Emil. He must care at least that much & hoped they’d win a trophy like they did last year. At the after-party, he may have joked about not being a good-enough celebrity. I’m sure he’s aware of what he would need to do if award-winning were a primary goal. 

And as long as streaming has an out-sized impact, downloads are undervalued, & hard sales are overvalued in their formulas, the charts are worthless so why bother trying to score there. But it’s hard as a fan to hear the remarkable greatness of Slide or the giddy bop of Feels w/o thinking, dammit, Calvin, if only you’d done some radio promos… And w/ FWB V1, why the hell aren’t you talking to someone about that creative process? Like, dude, own your greatness. 

Is that kinda what you were trying to say?

The Dunbonnet’s Cave

In response to this prompt: “Anonymous asked: What if Claire had a medical conference in Scotland, in her time, and couldn’t resist visiting Lallybroch. She then finds a stone or discovers the cave Jamie stayed in and sees something Jamie carved there.

Despite my reservations about being back in Scotland, the conference was exactly the distraction I needed. As a resident, especially a female one, I knew I was enormously lucky to be afforded the opportunity to attend the international symposium. But I had done the lion’s share of the work on my attending physician’s research on a novel technique for cholecystectomies, and he had rewarded me with the chance to present our data. I wasn’t sure I could emotionally handle the trip, but then I learned that Drs. Fourestier, Gladu, and Valmiere were the keynote speakers. Their novel innovations in cold light fiberglass illumination were certain to revolutionize the very future of surgery. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Once I found myself in Glasgow, I couldn’t bear to return to Boston without a visit to Inverness to see the good Reverend Wakefield and his housekeeper Mrs. Graham, especially since I still had a few days of vacation left. If nothing else, the side trip was a way to delay my return to Boston and to Frank.

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