even though i love the way the story is going

The most fascinating part of rebelcaptain for me is that it’s an uncompleted story. It’s a story of what could’ve been. The reason we didn’t see a kiss between the two, in my opinion, is because they weren’t allowed to get to that point in their relationship with one another. The hug solidifies that there were true feelings between them. The way Jyn smiles, the way Cassian brings his face in closer to her shoulder. They loved each other, but their story was ended before it could begin.

I think the elevator was where they realized how real their feelings were. Those looks, that closeness. That’s more than just friendship. Jyn wasn’t going to let Cassian die alone and Cassian, though wounded, found his way back to Jyn because he was serious when he told her welcome home. He would be the home she never had. The person who’d stick by her through it all, even until death.

Even when Jyn is unnecessary to the mission, Cassian always goes back for her. He always tries to take care of her. Jyn has been without a true purpose for so long and Cassian’s had a set purpose since he’s been six years old. Both see something in the other that they long for and through their mission they find each other in a way they, at least I think, don’t necessarily expect to. Their love is subtle and slow and it builds up.

The reason I love rebelcaptain is because it’s a not quite and that’s how life is a lot of the time. They had a beginning, but because of their circumstances they received no ending and in a way that almost immortalizes their bond. The way we saw things falter for Han and Leia we never have to see for Jyn and Cassian. It’s bittersweet. They get this image of each other as their last moment, their success in reaching their goal, but their love never got to be complete. They never got to kiss because the story wasn’t over yet. It got cut short because that’s what sacrifice is. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love most for the best of all.

I’m slowly coming to accept that you’ll always have a big impact on my life – even though you’re no longer in it. Meeting you changed me as a person and so it’s natural to expect that you’re always going to affect the way I think and feel about things. I have accepted that there are going to be reminders and that they’re going to make me sad… but forgetting you is not an option because there were so many positive things you brought into my life that I wouldn’t change for the world and I try to hold onto those because they’re worth saving…
And I hope that somehow you know that you’ll always mean something to me – even if I don’t mean anything to you anymore. I hope you know that I will always love you… in some way… in some form… But most of all, I’d like to think that I still impact your life in a positive way, even after all this time. I’d like to believe that every once in a while when you think of me; it’s not with regret… but with a smile…
—  Ranata Suzuki  Gone but not forgotten
LGBT Shows

Hey y'all, there’s this tv show called Eyewitness which airs on USA Network at 10/9c every Tuesdays. It’s this amazing(like seriously amazing) tv show with these 2 boys and I’m just gonna say: it’s not a beautiful love story. It’s a love story that shows the painful truth of coming out and what extents people go to keep it a secret. Now, I think that’s beautiful because sadly it’s not always a happy journey for everyone and this show expresses that in so many ways. It does show that even though you may go through so much shit; the ending is worth it. The story line is captivating with a murder and everything else going on. SADLY, if this show doesn’t get over 1million views live today it won’t go on for another season😭 American peeps and everyone who can live stream it please help.


© ramibriidge

More unplanned drabbles and this time, I blame @ulric-nyx for sending this prompt to me. It’s so cute and not sad like the other ones she had showed me and I’m capable of writing sad things, you know that XD I knew exactly how I want to write this even though Escort Mission already involved a flower exchange and Nyx did it the smart way. Is it obvious to who is Person A and Person B, yet? The art you see is from my duckling’s, @ramibriidge, LuNyx Log 4 art. The story and the art are no way connected to each other, but I asked for her permission if I could use it for aesthetic purposes, nothing to deliver my writing across, I just love her art and I can’t understand what’s going on in it so that’s one interpretation I can make out of it.


“your hand
touching mine.
this is how galaxies
- Sabober Khan


“M'lady, a peace offering from the Marquis has arrived.” The austere and reverent Gentiana needn’t bother reading off the card that came with the bouquet.  

“Another one? But he sent one last week.” To her dismay, the Princess Oracle accepted the vivid flower arrangement. “I have already forgiven him.”

“I do not think forgiveness is all that he is after, Lunafreya.”

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret had unintentionally embarrassed Marquis Antonius Bellerose of Tenebrae by correcting him in front of their peers. He was mortified that a woman carried more validity than he. The man accused her of obliterating tradition, and swore that he would impeach her from office if it’ll be the last thing he’ll do. Empty threats of a profound reaction, but the man was persistent. The one-sided feud lasted for a duration of a month before out of the blue, the Marquis made a public apology and asked for an audience with the Oracle. Ever since then, Luna heard nothing but praise for her humanitarian efforts and initiatives for change, Antonius being one of her biggest benefactors.

“He is quite taken by you.” Gentiana commended her mistress’s auspicious courting abilities. “This is how men fall prey to your charms. Corrode their will and beliefs and what remains are filled by yours.”

“Gentiana, please, I highly doubt he has fallen for me. But he did remember roses were among my favorite flowers.” A flush crept up the young woman’s face as she placed the bouquet down on the desk. “I will certainly write Marquis Antonius another thank you note.”

Unbeknownst to the Lady Oracle and her attendant, the guardian and hero of the Kingsglaive overheard their conversation. Nyx Ulric was less bothered by some royal ass trying to charge up Luna’s loading ramp; he was the reason why the Marquis’s visits were limited as they were. Gentiana’s comments didn’t bother him either, she was a broken record that he told her that she should hire a writer to come up with new variants of the word “fool”.

No, what really bothered him was the fact that Luna liked roses. It should’ve been a no-brainer to the glaive, but he dated women in the past who irrefutably hated roses, one of which broke out in hives because she neglected to tell him of the allergy. Being that Luna was a flower girl and loved gardening, it couldn’t been any clearer for a potential gift.

Despite not being in a relationship for long,  Luna made it perfectly clear that she had eyes only for Nyx. It didn’t stop the declarations of love and marriage proposals sent her way though. Nyx can’t give her the pearls and jewels that get thrown at the Princess’s feet on a daily basis. It didn’t help that even his friends voiced vaulted speculations of how a blue blood could fall for a commoner like him. Damned if he knew.

But roses, as far as his knowledge could go, represented love and passion in the language of flowers. And from what Crowe had informed him, flowers should be given without a reason why, that meant no holidays or before spilling your guts a huge mistake.

The glaive had no idea that the ritual could so complicated. Flowers are colorful and they smell nice.

Luna never complained or eluded to gift exchanges even with her mischievous ideas leading them to mishaps, she genuinely enjoyed his company. Maybe it’s about time Nyx does something safe and little cliché for once, a breath of fresh air to the heart-pumping adventures of the glaive and oracle.

Nyx found himself in the villa’s gardens and not a soul was in sight, not even the dogs, Umbra and Pryna were present.

He and Luna (accompanied by third-wheel Gentiana) have strolled on its lush and green grounds, more vibrant than even Insomnia’s neon lights, countless times. There was a mini-maze of hedges that lead directly to the rose bushes.

Tony, as Nyx had fondly dubbed after the Marquis’s remark of a Lucian dog soiling the Oracle’s residence, presented her white roses.

He’ll just have to one-up him with the classic red.

Blistering pain enveloped him when the glaive reached in and seized a handful of roses. He had forgotten roses weren’t without its thorns.

Beads of crimson lined his fingers and palm. Maybe he should’ve brought some pruning shears from the shed.

“Nyx Ulric, where are you?” A voice called out. Gentiana. “Where could that foolish-looking Lucian glaive be in with his equally foolish tomfoolery?”

The yank and pull trick would just have to do.

Ignoring the pricking sensation in his hand, he took on the roses with both hands and pulled, successfully snapping the stems in half and taking a number of thorns with him.

Just as he successfully stowed the handful of roses within the confines of his jacket, the attendant found him.

“There you are. I do not understand why you did not answer me.” Gentiana raised a slender eyebrow when she detected the glaive’s hands fly behind his back, but she chose not to bring it up. “Lady Lunafreya requested your presence on the patio.”

Nyx regarded her with a nod. “Lead the way.” He followed, attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible while trying to imagine the itchy sensation on his chest was all in his head.

Luna was hard at work writing on a vital stack of documents and without looking up, she thanked Gentiana and relieved her. The attendant bowed respectfully before leaving for another task. She spared Nyx a suspicious glance before departing.

“So what can I do for you, Your Highness?” Nyx asked.

Before Luna could answer, a sudden gust sent a number of papers flying. Nyx chased after them.

“Thank…” The Oracle began before staring at the bloodstained sheets. “What happened?” She tilted her head, trying to scrutinize the folded hands behind the glaive’s back. “Why are you favoring your hands like that?”

“Painting. Needed a fresh coat in the room.”

Luna sighed. “Nyx.”

Nyx couldn’t lie to his moon moon, she called out other people’s bullshit on a daily basis, came with the job. He reached into the folds of his jacket and reluctantly bestowed Luna a sad and slightly crumpled display of roses.

Luna’s eyes went wide and blinked at the fallen petals before laughing, “Are those my roses?”

“Uh… Maybe?” He sheepishly grinned.

Luna forced herself to stop laughing and  hummed. “Come with me.” She took Nyx by the arm and pulled him within the villa, practically dragging the glaive to the infirmary.

The Oracle took out a first-aid kit and removed the roses from the glaive before focusing her attention to his bloodied hands. She wiggled the thorns out of the flesh with a pair of tweezers.

“I hope it won’t leave a scar.” The young woman lamented as she cleaned and disinfected the wounds. “You are covered with enough as it is.”

Nyx winced. “If it does, it’ll be a great dinner story with the Glaive. I took on assassins, bare-handed.”

“If they were armed with thorny floral arrangements then it’ll be a likely story.” Luna smiled as she securely wrapped the glaive’s hands in gauze. “I can testify on your bravery.”

“Nah, they won’t believe you. You were overwhelmed by their rosy scent and fell unconscious.” Nyx smirked as he brought her hands to his lips. “But I thank you, m'lady. Always there to restore my good name.”

Luna turned Nyx’s hands over, studying the black singular lines etched down the left middle and right index fingers. The line on the middle finger stood for discipline and balance while the one on the index represented the glaive’s ego and drive, both things he had explained to the curious woman.

“What’s up?” Nyx asked.

“This may sound insane, but… Would you like to go get tattoos together?”


“I have read that some couples commemorate a relationship by getting tattoos together.”

“You sure you want that? It’s painful.” And permanent, he wanted to add.

“Any more painful than picking my roses?” She gave him an evocative glance before her eyes fell upon her left ring finger. “I could get a wolf etched on side of my finger.”

“And you think I should get a moon on mine?” The glaive quizzically questioned.

“Well, I wasn’t going to suggest that design.” The light in her eyes spoke volumes that was a lie. “But gold star for you, Nyx. I do hope you get it in its waxing first quarter, befitting for my god of the night, would you agree?” She giggled as she turned on her heel to leave.

Nyx was left stunned as he watched her leave and a moment passed before the gravity of her words struck him. “Hey, you led me into that one!”

The next morning as Nyx got out of the shower, he found a rose boutonnière in the  lapel of his uniform.

The floral arrangement of baby’s breath and silver fern leaves were held fast by a shimmery gold ribbon, and the rose bud was the same color as the ones he picked yesterday.

A small piece of parchment attached to decoration read:

With all my heart and soul
     -  Luna 🌙

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I really like Mr.Min's character. How his love for the protagonist grows even though he tries to persuade himself that he's just possessive regarding sex and not romanticism. He wants to make her feel bad only so that in my opinion, she will not go after another man but regrets saying these things afterwards. This kind of personage's personality outgrow is very interesting because there are lots of ways their story could end. Reading ch4 made me like him a bit because of how he acts in it.

I love his character, too – he’s fascinating and chapter 4 provided the backstory that makes his character even deeper and more fascinating.  But he’s still a grade A asshole and a terrible person right now.  I know he’ll grow and develop more eventually, but right now… NOPE.  We all agree that he’s possessive and jealous (even if he denies it) but to me, that isn’t love.  He feels something for her, but if it was love, he’d want her to be happy first and foremost.  Right now, his concerns are completely about himself – keeping her, owning her, and destroying her if she interferes with what he wants.  Classic abuser.


Birthday Trope/ Country Song Challenge

I love @outside-the-government. She is always so good as solving my dilemmas. I am to excited to sit on this any longer. Even though there are like a ton going on right now. So I decided I would it this way. Since not everyone likes Country music, I decided on a compromise.  Here it is: You can do a Trope, a Country Song, or a Trope and Country song together (not sure how this one will work but we can figure it out together.)

1. Since this is Birthday Trope/ Country Song Challenge all stories will be due by my Birthday April 4. The Challenge also won’t start til the 1st of February. I am just impatient.

2. All stories must be reader inserts. Let me know you want to participate in an ask and I will give you a song, a trope, or a country song and a trope. Not everyone can pick Soulmate AU as much as we all love it. LOL!!!! 

3. They must come from one of the fandoms I follow: Firefly, Star Trek, The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law and Order: SVU, and Game of Thrones . But I may make exceptions to this rule. Supernatural will not be the exception. Sorry guys I am just not into it. 

4. I would like if they were with the characters I follow: Mal Reynolds, Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Aaron Hotchner, Tony DiNozzo, Dwayne Pride, Rafael Barba and Robb Stark. But I may take into account others. But no Bucky please. I have reasons. 

5. It can be fluffy, angsty, smutty (may be as smutty as wish). Whatever you wish. I am not really picky. 

6. If you write more than a 1000 words please add the Keep Reading thing. Remember to put in trigger warnings if necessary. Oh and please please have your story betaed if you can. 

7. Be sure to tag @yourtropegirl in all entries and do #yourtropegirlbirthdaychallenge



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I read your urban legends article on wicked horror and there's a movie called bad ronald that's basically an adaptation of the killer living in the house legend, it's told from the killers perspective though

Thanks for reading. Forgot about Bad Ronald. I think I also saw a drama once about a woman that did a similar thing. To me, it’s a completely different story when it’s told from their perspective. That’s conveying horror in a totally different way. With what I was thinking for that urban legend, I want the fear to hinge on a family learning what’s really going on and realizing just how long it’s been happening. That’s really unnerving. 

I’d even love to see something like this done as a haunted house movie. I think it would be great if the film was marketed as a paranormal movie, especially because those are really big right now, and dealt with traditional classic haunted house stuff. Things going missing, things being out of place, mysterious knocks on the wall. 

With something like this, for the impact to work, I’d want the audience to be surprised too. And all of those things that are classic to the first two acts of a ghost story would make perfect sense in this setting. The twist would be even creepier than the supernatural stuff the audience would be suspecting. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with movies like Bad Ronald. It’s just that perspective really changes everything about a movie. It’s a very different viewing experience between watching Friday the 13th or a similar kind of structure and watching something like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or Maniac. 

dragonairheart  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you are a fantastic writer and I am amazed as to how much thought you put into your words and the characters actions. I love zen's routes to the point where I feel gross attempting any others, so reading your stories makes me feel like stories with him can go on, and therefore, very happy! I try to stay up to date to all that you post and even though I don't comment on everything, all is very supported! I will try to give feedback when I can though :)

Ahhh, thank you! ;;
I’m a huge sucker for trying to figure out why people act or feel a certain way they do, so I usually try to reflect it in my writing; I’m so glad that I’m able to convey them properly!
Honestly, there’s just not enough Zen content out there (at least, Zen reader inserts; there’s a ton of JuZen though…) for my liking, so I’m always happy to contribute! Your support is very much appreciated! <3

jollysailorswan  asked:

(C) describe feelings. And the action scenes were very good considering they are usually so hard to write. I can't wait to read more of this story, it's really amazing!!!!

Answer time yay! Yay, thank you for picking up on the feelings over sex thing, I don’t really tend to write smut unless it adds to the plot or is a plot device, (not in all cases cos pwps are hella fun too) but yeah, this story was never going to be as effective and emotional if I didn’t develop feelings right from the get go, it actually makes writing the tension so much easier because the readers already know. 
And yessssss, I live for badass characters, I can’t help but love them, so I love doing my own characterisations that way, though I was hella nervous to post the first chapter of Masquerade incase it seemed so far out of character that they might as well have been OCs, because even though AUs are where my heart lies I still am obsessed with keeping them as much in character as I can (within reason, cant drop canon Yuuri straight into a mafia war, the poor man would shit his pants!) So I am beyond happy that people are liking who I’ve made them so far. 
As for angst :/ there’s a fair bit more where that came from haha, but I will try and balance it out with goofy Victor moments too because it can get hard even on me sometimes.

AND YAY, that action scene, fjbvifbvwirhbvwhr I’ve had a few people say it was clear and easy to follow, which is all I could have asked for out of that chapter. 

Thank you, I’m so excited to share more!

Anime Idea

I have become sick and tired of anime giving the lead a childhood friend who has been in love with them the whole time, who they continually tease a romantic relationship with, only to very predictably have the lead go for whatever female came into his life at the start of episode one. Even though she is in no way better for him than the CF. 

What we need is an anime STARRING the childhood friend. The story still starts with some new female coming in to the picture, but this time the CF gets her story told as actually she stops this homewrecker from taking the guy she’s loved for years.

A lesser thing regarding Odin Sphere story/character things

So the most difficult thing about having a favorite game that you love with all your heart is seeing people dislike it. You can write all the articles about why the gameplay, story, graphics, etc. are the best with valid points, you can combat arguments that [character] isn’t problematic, explain why it deserves recognition, and more. People are, in the end, still gonna have different opinions compared to you, some of which may be negative.

Considering what happened the other day, I’m more than willing to admit that, even though I’ve been on this earth for just a little over two decades, I still have a ways to go in terms of maturity. Right now, the maturity I can express is that I can understand valid points that people may have against something that I really enjoy.

As much as I love Odin Sphere’s story and characters, there are some serious bugs that, in the end, ultimately become a turn-off for people who do like to focus on the story as much as the gameplay, sometimes even more so. It also, I think, is part of the reason that Odin Sphere does fall into that category of niche titles that have some voice in the gaming community, but don’t have as large a following as, say, the Shantae series or behemoths like Mario, Sonic, or Pokemon.

The one thing I tend to emphasize is that Odin Sphere’s story is one that you really have to pay attention to understand why certain characters act the way they do and why events play out that ultimately lead to the Armageddon. It’s not just a matter of interactions between characters–the world of Erion is incredibly fleshed out considering the cultures, social norms, and politics that each of the kingdoms present have. Such stuff plays into things like Gwendolyn’s mindset at the beginning of her story (which I’m touching down in that essay I’m currently writing about her) or why the fate Mercedes suffers at the end of the game is even more tragic than it is at face value (her losing everything she cares about and dying thinking she’s useless.) If you’re not paying attention to what happens where, connecting the dots, and REALLY getting inside those characters’ heads, stuff is either going to feel very contrived or not make sense.

Also, there is a matter concerning genre. In terms of gameplay, Odin Sphere is a Beat-Em-Up Action RPG, which means people who are simply looking for a game of that type are going to enjoy it no matter what (give or take some complaints). When you look at it from a story standpoint, Odin Sphere is, first and foremost, a dramatic romance. If you don’t like romance, especially those romances where every main character is going to have a love interest, you’re not going to like Odin Sphere because it will feel like it was all shoehorned in regardless of the romantic development that actually goes down on-screen. Among other things, Odin Sphere’s cutscenes were designed and written to mimic a stage production due to the 2D graphics, so if you don’t like cheesy and flowery dialogue, you’re probably not going to like hearing anyone speak. (Assuming you’re playing with English audio anyway.)

Those are the potentially negative points regarding story that are more attuned to people’s personal taste rather than actual problems. (IE I love pizza, my younger brother doesn’t.) There are genuine criticisms regarding the writing that I do have, notably that there are a couple plotholes here and there (the whole confusion regarding the Book of Transformation comes to mind.) Someone on Twitter also pointed out that, when a given character dies (example: Hindel), their overall influence on the plot often comes to a grinding halt, which I do agree with. There’s plenty more I can think of regarding why people might not like Odin Sphere’s story, but I think I’ll leave those for another time.


Finally, here are my pieces for the HxH Big Bang!! The fic is “Days gone by” by @ardathsade!

I had a really great time drawing these, and absolutely loved the story!!! Even though I was stepping waaay out of my comfort zone here, it was a real challenge haha Thankfully the writing gave me freedom to imagine and experiment.
Gotta say I’m impressed though, Tonpa is in no way a character I would get invested in if not for this wonderful fic!! So I can’t recomend this enough, seriously people go read it!

Last but not least, thank you all the amazing people who put this event together!

My idea of Killing Stalking (spoilers)

Ok, first of love yes i love this manga but i don’t ship sangwoo and bum. I know this relationship is not healthy, please don’t put all the fans in the same category.

I love the drawings and the way the author highlights the characters’ expressions throught the story. I really felt fear, i even cried while reading a chapter (i don’t remember which one though).

Obviously Sangwoo is a serial killer with a serious mental problem, and i clearly wish he was in prison rn. But i don’t really understand why some people call Bum a creep. I mean, yeah he stalks Sangwoo, yeah he enters the apartment without permission, but still. Same for people who say Bum has to go to jail too. Wtf man? You call that justice? I’m in law studies rn and no, he can’t go to jail. He needs a therapy, the help of a professional, he needs to go to the hospital. Not prison, wth!! If you read everything you know that he has serious problems, with his uncle who sexually abuses him for example. He never knew what love was and he was desperately looking for it in any way possible. He just needs love, he needs to be protected. I do agree he’s not totally sane mentally speaking, but he’s not a creep. He just needs help, he just needs someone who can be here for him. He’s kinda weak. But i really love Bum, i wish i could save him. I was so sad and broken when i read the manga for the first time… Poor boy. He’s treated like shit. Sexually abused by uncle, no friends, always alone, finally fall in love with a guy who’s a fucking killer who tortures him and hit him all day. You obviously have a serious trauma after that.

I just hope the author won’t end the manga at chapter 15 (which i didn’t read yet bc i didn’t find it), because i’m so curious to see what’s next. I want a happy ending, which means sangwoo in prison (or dead) and bum free again (who should then consult a professional to tell about his story). Like, SERIOUSLY, I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN BUM KILLED SANGWOO TO FINALLY REALIZE IT WAS JUST HIS IMAGINATION *sobs*

I’ll give this manga a 9/10. The emotions and atmosphere are here. The only problem - which is not serious at all - is the shape of the numeric pages. They are too long long with only 2 or 3 pictures on them. Also, i find some things incoherent: why isn’t anyone leaving in Sangwoo’s street? Why isn’t Bum’s uncle worried about him not showing up anymore? Why didn’t anyone actually worry about the girl we see in Sangwoo’s basement at the beginning? Come on don’t tell me she had no friends or family who didn’t notice her absence? If anything is said about it in the manga then i’m sorry (i still doubt it, i read it twice).

All i have to say now is go read the manga and stop being influenced by all the fans who think it’s yaoi. They are dumb and they do not represent all the ks fans. Also know that it’s only a manga, it’s not real. I mean, there are a lot of mangas where there is torture (i’m kind of ““used”“ to it now because of Kaneki’s uncensored torture scene which made me cry for 3 hours straight).

Anyway! Go read and make your own opinion instead of directly assume that fans thinks it’s romance just because a lot of people say so.

With a shaking hand, you wrote the reasons why you had to go. You had hoped I’d understand why you couldn’t even say goodbye. The things you should’ve said raced through my chaotic mind. My heart was breaking while yours was only aching. You didn’t want to see the tears in my eyes or hear the pain in my voice. You took the easy way out, even though there wasn’t an easy way out. You knew that if you had see my eyes, you’d change your mind.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #70

I know this has been talked about already, but…

All morning, I keep thinking about Killian keeping the shears and it’s making me emotional (best way emotional, btw). Him willing to risk her anger to make sure all her options are still available to her should she need them. That it’s more important that she can still help/save herself from the Savior burden. He throws them into the sea, that’s it. There’s no going back. He can’t help her, even if she comes begging for it later. It shows that even though he is a fan of every part of her, including the fact that she’s the savior, being the Savior isn’t why he loves her. He’s always seen her for who she really is. 

(I’ll emphasize here again that we still don’t know what his motivations are with the shears because obviously, whatever they are, they are still integral to the story and will need to wait to be revealed. It could go another way. But knowing Killian as well as I do, I feel like the above IS his motivation. Especially considering his promise to her that her heart’s desire and happiness is all he wants. ALSO want to acknowledge that it’s equally commendable to Emma that she was willing to risk HIS anger for the same reasons - his happiness. 


“I hope that sometimes you stop and think of me. I hope that even though our love story didn’t go as planned, you look back and you remember the way my chocolate brown eyes stared into your crystal blue eyes. I hope that one day you wake up and realize that those new eyes staring back at you never noticed the way your eyes change to a shimmering grey when you’re distressed. And maybe one day, even in the distant future, you will sit in the corner with your four beautiful children, and reminisce about your first love. That even though it never worked out, I was still one of the greatest things that ever walked into your life. Because I know I will.”

-things i wish i could tell you (06). 

Work of Art (Michael) Part 2

Requested: Yes

A/N: You guys asked for it so here it is! I really love writing this story and you can expect at least one more part (with smut duh) and possibly more in the future. -Gabby

Part 1  


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I want mundane things. Average things. Everyday things like chasing after my husband, yelling that he forgot his briefcase as he tries to balance his books and his coffee. Bringing our child, literally half of me and the man I love, to the zoo for the first time and having her eyes light up (because the first will be a girl - at least I hope). Getting walked down the aisle in a church with my father’s hand and the love of my life waiting for me in a dashing tuxedo. Having him hold my hand at night when I get scared of the dark, or spiders, or horror stories. Watching romantic movies with him even though he hates them - and maybe he will hate them, but he’ll watch them anyway because I love them, the way I will go with him to sports games just to cheer him on and go camping in the summer to make him happy.

I think ordinary things become extraordinary when they’re with the right people.

—  Ordinary Things // lily rose.