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This is a stupid cheesy post but I was just reading comments on the YouTube channel and stuff and I wanna say
I know I’ve lost some followers recently due to staff deleting inactive blogs and stuff, also switching gears and getting more into kpop and posting less cosplay and anime lately

But to the followers who have stuck around, and even those who have left, thank you. I truly appreciate the support and stuff you give
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I love you guys 💕 thank you so much for everything

thank you zelda wynn valdes for designing one of my favorite outfits ever👯

BTS Reaction-Strip Poker (18+)

Sure thing anon.   Here you go!!!  I’m sorry i’m behind on my reactions, ill be posting more as soon as I can.

I don’t own any of these gifs!  

Jin:  As you loose your last hand, you would be cautious and you started to slip your shirt over your head while he looked at you telling you how pretty you are.

Suga:  You would tell him you were nervous about being naked, so he would start to take off his shirt with you to make sure that you were feeling better and not as afraid.

J-Hope:  He would walk over to you once you lost your hand and help you take off your jeans, pushing you against the wall stealing little kisses as you take them off.

Rap Mon:  You slowly started to pull the strap down to your dress teasing him as you talked to him.  He tells you to stop talking as he walks closer to you and moves his hand on your back.

Jimin:  After you lost your hand, you would be scared to take off our shorts. however once Jimin got up and did a dance for you to encourage you, you had enough confidence to show him your whole body.

Tae:  “You lost noona, time to strip.”  He would say with a cute smile on his face.  You were nervous but the moment you felt his hand sliding up on your thigh you started to act on your emotions, taking your shirt off.

Kookie:  Once you said that you were nervous he would bring you close and kiss you first telling you he can help you calm your nerves.  “Even though you lost noona, I will join you and we can have some fun.”

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Making Love

Rating: M

Summary: They say that there is a thin line between true love and stupidity… I don’t know where we fall Sakura, but who cares, right?

a/n: I wrote this right after my exams. I wrote this on a whim. I wrote this, not knowing I would be writing a fluff-smut fic.

This is a sort of sequel to Daddy-like Kid, starring Boruto and Sarada, but this fic can stand on its own. I don’t own Naruto. This is also posted in my Fan Fiction Account: AliceInRealWorld. I hope you guys will enjoy it! :3

I woke up with a sharp jolt. I didn’t have the time to remember the context of the nightmare. The dark room didn’t help. It only lured the images that had faded. The silence didn’t help. It only encouraged the voices of my distress that disrupted my sleep. It was the nightmare so disturbing that it left my heart to beat plangently, causing my ears to ring, making my head ache, tightening my chest.

Cold sweat started to secrete from my bare skin, mixing with the sticky precipitation that was produced from last night’s copulating.

I trembled. I waited for the pounding of my heart to slow down. I thought back the passionate hours to keep my mind from retracting in the darkness. I combated the blood-curling screams with the timbre of my Sakura’s pleased moans and small whimpers. I replaced the scenes of death with the picture of my wife’s pink hair, curtaining her bright green eyes as she erratically move her hips to achieve euphoria.

That’s right. It’s alright if I got roused again and had to relieve it by myself (it’s rude to wake someone up just for such insolent reason.)

I allowed myself to think of anything, everything, just to dispel affective residue of the nightmare.

Think of anything but that.

“Sasuke-kun.” I flinched.

A small, delicate hand patted my back. When I didn’t respond, the hand trailed on to my shoulder, squeezing it affectionately. She scooted closer so she can place her chin on the spot where the curse mark used to reside. “Do you want to talk about it?”

After hearing those words, the dangerous beating of my heart appeased. I bowed down and shook a no.

She made a sound behind her throat, a sign that she’s thinking of ways to distract me from my thoughts. The hand on my shoulder tickled its way down my sole arm. Her nimble fingers traced the visible veins and then it landed on my palm where she drew infinite spirals. She repeated this antic until my breathing went back to normal.

“I’m not supposed to say this.” She began as her hand clasped mine. She pressed her body closer, my bare back feeling her healthy breasts. “But I think Sarada has already forgotten about it, so I guess it is okay to share it.”

I squeezed her hand, silently encouraging her to continue.

She let out a giggle, “When Sarada was six she started a list that she called, ‘Things That I’m Gonna Tell Papa When He Comes Home.’

A small smile graced on my lips. I released Sakura’s hand then gently shrug her off. Understanding my actions, she moved away and began piling the pillows against the headboard. When that’s done, I rested my back on the make-shift lean. I opened my arm, gesturing her to come closer. She happily obliged. She took a small pillow, placed it on my nether region before sitting on my lap. I wrap my arm around her waist. She looped an arm round my neck. I pulled our comforter over our naked body.

“What does it contain?” I mumbled.

“Hmm…” She wondered as her fingers play with my hair. “On the… Let’s say, preface of her list, she said, ‘Papa comes home only once or twice a month. You have to persuade him to teach you something new.’ Then at the bottom, there’s a footnote that says, ‘You have to perfect everything that Papa teaches you Sarada! Shannaro!’

We chuckled quietly in unison. Nuzzling her cheek on the crook of my neck she continued, “If memory serves right, one of her anecdotes is when she finally perfected her shuriken throws. You should’ve seen her solo trainings Sasuke-kun. Every day, I had to tend her hands full of cuts and grazes.”

My eyebrows knotted as Sakura tells the story because of two reasons. One, old friends, regret and longing visited my chest. I wish I was there to see, watch her struggle for greatness.

“Oh! Speaking of training, next to shuriken throwing is, ‘The Day I Finally Created a Katon Goukakyuu!’” She made a circle in the air, her viridian eyes gleaming with pride. “She never faltered even if her cheeks are blistered!”

She laughed softly at the memory. She glanced up and reached for my forehead. “You know what Sasuke-kun?” She tenderly brushed away the bangs that’s covering my other eye then cupped my face, “She reminds me of you.”

And two-Sakura’s right, verbalizing my thoughts perfectly. Sarada reminds me of me, Sasuke, two decades younger. Sasuke with eyes that can shine even if they’re dark as coal. Sasuke who had his head lifted as he chase down his idol, his inspiration, his reason. Sasuke who died in my personal nightmare.

“She embodies you in so many ways. Not that I’m complaining though.” She sighed dramatically then pointedly followed, “But I wish a child would inherit some of my features.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Is that bad? That… she’s like me?”


Do you think that she’ll also commit the same mistakes and sins that I did?

‘lub-DUB.’ Inferiority. ‘lub-DUB.’ Fear. ‘lub-DUB.’ Anxiety. ‘lub-DUB -!’

Do you think she’ll get lost on the darkness too?

‘LUB-DUB, LUB-DUB-!’ Trauma. ‘LUB-DUB, LUB-DUB-!’ Hatred. ‘LUB-DUB, LUB-DUB-!’ Loneliness-


The awful metamorphosis of my heart in the last moment of my childhood, hand in hand, the countless tomoe spiraled in to a constant repetition.

When can you say that you have atoned for the sins you have done?

“Sasuke, love.” I flinched.

Sakura ran her fingers through my hair as her other hand remained on my temple, keeping my bangs from covering my powerful eyes. She held their glare, showing no fear. “That’s not what I’m trying to say.”

I know. But…

“Is that bad?” I asked again, this time, it came out raspy and strained. “Do you think-”

She kissed the tip of my nose then pinched my cheeks, “Of course not! You got it all wrong Sasuke-kun!”

It was her blush and her futile effort to hide her breasts that supported her words, “ahhh I shouldn’t have said that! I’m sorry Sasuke-kun!”  

No. It’s my fault. Sometimes… This heart of mine falters easily when reminded of its old scars.

“Hn.” Having no idea how to return the ambiance of nostalgia, I turned my attention to her belly. In an attempt to distract myself from the rising panic, I started to map out the smooth pattern of her stretch marks.

She gasped at the touch. She replied by tugging at my hair. “It’s alright, Sasuke-kun.”

I have to turn the tables before this conversation went downhill. “What were you trying to say then?”

The crimson hue on her cheeks deepened. I pondered if it’s because the trail of my fingers was leading deep down to her thighs or it’s because of the illocutionary force behind her words.

Or maybe both.

“I remember another anecdote from her list.” She offered with voice strangled between decency and erotica. “T’was the d-day she went home late. Her eyes were puffy from crying and her glasses were broken.”

My hand paused when her words registered. “Who did it?” I asked sharply.

She massaged through my hair again to calm my nerves, “Sarada was bullied. When I asked her who and why, she won’t tell me because she knows that I’ll make a huge fuss about it.” She let out a melancholic sigh. “It was Naruto’s children who told me about it. Boruto explained, ‘we found her crying under the slide because some jerks broke her glasses and told her that she’s adopted.’

So that’s when she started to doubt her mother.

I pulled Sakura closer and planted a chase peck on her forehead.

She placed a hand on my chest as a response and connected the scars that decorate my skin. “But get this Sasuke-kun-Sarada entitled that anecdote ‘Daddy-like Kid.’ She cracked a smirk. “Himawari told me it was Boruto that calmed Sarada down.”

I kept my expression blank but no doubt she noticed my tense muscles. All of the emotions that surfaced because of the nightmare and unnecessary panic attack died down. However, to my demise, it was replaced by crazy assumptions, fueled by my fatherly instincts, suggesting of what could be the possible future of-

“Darling.” Sakura directed her lips on my ear, “Your jealous side is showing~”

I cringed back to glare at her properly, “I am not jealous.”

She narrowed her eyes mischievously, challenging my infamous glare, “oh really now.” She copied my smirk. “So it is fine that Sarada thinks of Boruto as-”

I dove down to capture her lips, preventing her from saying another word about the ridiculous matter. She giggled at my growls, still teasing through the use of lips and tongue and rising intimacy.

She tried to withdraw from the assaults of my mouth but failed ultimately. She instead let her body melt in to my dominance by audaciously asking for an entrance.

When I refused, she wrapped both arms around my neck and then swiftly shifted in to a straddling position to win back control. She now had me trapped between her legs, boldly showing what’s in between. And to further clarify the contexture of her demands, she lewdly ground her hips, flattening the pillow (and something else beneath it that’s throbbing) that prevents us from colliding.

I groaned out of frustration because that minimal amount of sensual pressure was not enough. And she took this as an opportunity to gasp for air as she annoyingly chortled. She brushed off my bangs again then placed her forehead to mine.

Our eyes met. “Are you okay now?”

I held her gaze. My heart picked up its pace. The countless, rotating tomoe dispel under her emerald eyes.  

Are you okay now?

Emerald eyes that have always been asking those words always have been looking at me even if it makes her cry. Those are the eyes that brought light to our coal black eyes, Sarada. The gleam that I never thought would come back. Those are the eyes that granted me the ability to think of a mirthful place in the midst of my chaotic mind. The place where all the forgotten beautiful memories reside that I never believed that could be revived.

           Am I okay now?

           Yes. Those are the emerald eyes that made me remember Sasuke who always die in the nightmares. Those are the beautiful eyes that beaconed as one of the proofs that there is something worth discovering, something worth protecting in this cruel world of ninjas.

“Sasuke-kun?” She caressed my cheeks.

           I captured her lips again, slowly, devotedly, reverting from the animalistic desires earlier. Her hands found their way to my hair again, tying knots, drawing me closer. My shoulders relaxed as the temperature of the room rose once again.

           Do you want to talk about it?

           It was my brother, Itachi’s love that demonstrated me the highest form of unmitigated familial love. It was the love that I have forgotten because it was buried underneath layers of deception, diffidence and corruption.

           “Sa-ku-ra…” My fingers outlined her spine with every syllable of her name, armed with the knowledge that the gesture turns her on.

           Yes. I want to talk about it but…

           It was Naruto, the idiot, which made me realize that I have someone who understands the pain and the loneliness of an orphaned kid starving for love-finding nothing but hatred. It was Naruto who swore that he would always willingly, stubbornly drag my ass back when I lost to the darkness again. It was him who taught me that it’s vacuous to sacrifice your own happiness so that you can cold-heartedly save the world.

           “S-sasuke…” She moaned as my lips ghosted to her jaw, then to her chin and then peppered hot nips on her neck. One of her hand relocated to my chest, drawing smooth lines leading leisurely down to my chiseled abs. She dared an experimental thrust, causing me to bite down at her pulse, earning herself a love mark and prizing me with the sweet sound of her whimpers.


           -it was you who never did give up on loving me in spite of my countless, unforgivable attempts in ending your life. It was you-your lively eyes, your ever loyal heart, your boar-like determination that brought me in to conclusion that one of the justifiable means to obtain peace is to truly, faithfully, unconditionally love.

“Sasuke-kun…” She whined unabashedly as my lips latched themselves to one of her pink, perky breasts. Her hand ventured below the belt, trying to remove the pillow. It was my turn to halt her from getting what she wanted as I amorously embraced her closer, closer, until our torsos mashed. I rolled her other nipple between my teeth, making her arch her back, allowing me to behold a better view of her arousal.

I don’t know how to tell you.

I thought about it as I was on journey to redemption-it was Naruto and Itachi, my brothers who allowed me to forgive the world.

And that, it was team seven that reminded me what’s like to have a family.

“Sa-ku-ra-chan.” I mumbled against the valley of her bosoms. “You’re right…”

So, instead, let me show you…

-you who convinced me that it was time to forgive myself-

“A-about what, Sa-su-ke-kun?”

Let me prove to you…

-you, Sakura Uchiha, who strengthened our bond by graciously adopting my name even if you knew the burden it carried. Even if you knew I would be seldom home, resulting to numerous rumors about our marriage. For example, I chose you because of physical attraction or maybe because I couldn’t be bothered to search for a more suitable vassal to restore the Uchiha Clan.

I returned to her sweet lips and muttered, “I would love to make, I mean, see a child bearing your features~”

That I’m forever thankful…

As a respond to those accusations, you intrepidly showed those people, who would never understand, that the time you can truly say that it is love is when-even if every bits and pieces of flaws are laid bare and even if hope is just a small ray of light, it is enough to sacrifice, to inspire one in holding on and moving on along love and hate.

She shivered at my words. I tried to subtly slide away the pillow between our… a, object of desire but she ceased my attempt by clutching my waist with her muscled legs, pressing her drenched core to my abdomen.

That I love you too.

Darling… I want you to know that one of the things that Sarada listed…” She pulled at my hair to make me look at her irises again, staring me down, stating that her next words are quite important.

They say that there is a thin line between true love and stupidity…

“…she wants a baby brother…”

…I don’t know where we fall Sakura. But, who cares, right?

I narrowed my eyes mischievously, enjoying that flustered expression she had on her face, “oh really now.” I smirked.

We just love.

My hand moved on its own, searing every inch of skin it fondled.

“I love you Sasuke-kun…” She proclaimed once again.

These words are left unsaid yet you understand.

But before my lone hand wandered to the area where it would minister miracles (as she describes it)it folded into an all too familiar hand sign to give Sakura’s forehead a light tap.

That’s the reason why I chose you.

And it will always be you…

a/n: haha hope you guys enjoyed it. Been loving these two for a decade and thank heavens they’re canon. Don’t you think so too?

                           HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!

Last month, marked a year I made this blog but I actually have been on tumblr for 5 + years. Through my time here, I have met so many different people, met so many new friends, some that I actually lost in touch with for months on end but just rekindled our friendships.  You guys have been my rock, my backbone and support system these past few years and months because without you guys I’m not sure where I would even be. So THANK YOU.

My sweet sweet followers and mutuals: You guys have seen me at my worse and still have stuck by me, you guys haven’t given up though I’m sure a few have lol and you ALL have pushed me through all my trials and tribulations to see me be happy. You guys really mean a lot to me, like really because you are all my main reason I like to visit tumblr and just see how everyone’s day are going especially if my days are shitty. I really wish if I could, I would adopt you all for the sake of being kind to a lowlife human being such as me but I can’t so al I can do is just tell you guys I appreciate you. I still have cards and pictures a few of you sent me  that I treasure and I want you to know that they are what motivates me to keep blogging and just being me no matter how hard the ball is thrown my way. From the fics, to the gifs to the amazing graphics you guys sent me, it means a lot and for that, I’m honored and blessed to consider you all great friends

You guys hold a humongous part in my deep cold heart, something I don’t ever want to get rid of because you guys have sent me every nice, every mean message and to me those are the kind of messages that help me move forward. You guys make me feel special because you dont discriminate  and you treat me how you treat all your other friends and that makes me feel so fuzzy lol. You all stood by me without any motivation, without me telling you to stand by me because you do it on your own and I AM SO HAPPY FOR THAT OMG. You guys are great listeners and give me advice on what to improve and how to better myself. I swear I’m always getting in trouble because I constantly live on tumblr, I literally go to sleep with my phone in my hand and wake up checking tumblr LOL..because I’m so boring but hey, this is how my day usually goes. You guys are very important to me and sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have a tumblr, if I didn’t meet all you wonderful and amazing people

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU again for sticking by me and just putting up with all my shitty edits, gifs and text posts!!!


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Hi can you give me some sh blogs to follow that don't have a lot of negativity please, this drama is giving me a headache

Hi! I may not be the best person to ask this of, but I will do my best. 

Tbh, I’m glad you are still following me after all of the drama I’ve been posting about. I advertise as “negativity free” with the intention being that I would only post positivity and nice things and stay away from the drama. Lol. I don’t think I’m doing too great at that. 

However, I have tried to remain level-headed and fair in regards to all the critical discussions happening in the fandom rn, when I do engage in it. I’ve lost several followers, but also gained some. So I must be doing something right XP. Thank all of you for sticking with me btw!!! You’re all amazing. 


I follow a lot of great people, but with the whirlwind of posts and opinions flying around I have not really kept track on all of my faves opinions on everything. I know they are all varying so you should totally check out the people I reblog frequently because even though they may have different opinions on what qualifies as negativity, they are all super nice, wonderful angels.

You can start with these people right here:

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Out of Mercy //  Something terrible happened…

So, you guys know how I had changed my name from misplacedxheroics to hyperionknight, right? (Right, Syn! Please, do go on…)

I had a few other names that I had reserved, and when I decided on hyperionknight I had plans to release the other names that I had kept on hand.


Thanks to Tumblr’s glitchy interface, even though it showed that I had THE SIDEBLOG SELECTED, my MAIN blog was deleted instead.

So… I suppose in some way, I did do what I had intended, by removing the sideblog. I just didn’t expect tumblr to ASSUME that I wanted my main blog deleted.

So yeah. 56 drafts, completely gone. Saved posts, things in the queue – MY HEADCANONS….

Thankfully most of it was backed up last December. At least I have that, but I lost my followers, and I lost the people I’m following.

Hhgh. This really sucks guys. I sent an email to @staff informing them of what happened, but after doing my own research, the chance for recovery is nil. (Staff, with as many sponsored ads that you push out on us, there needs to be some level of account recovery. Retro is cool and all but it’s time to live in the now…)

So if you can, please give this post a reblog, I have a LOT of mutuals with my followers so please spread the word. 

I’m so sorry guys. Please be patient with me as I try to gather up the pieces of my main blog. 

Wow, uh.. I’ve never done something like this before but.. uh I reached 350 followers only some minutes ago (thanks so much @mcgonnago  !!) and just wanted to thank each and every one of you who clicked the follow button in the last days, months or even years. I’ve been away for quite a while and when I came back (which was basically two weeks ago) hadn’t lost as many followers as I had expected.So now instead of doing blogrates (which I’ve never done before and.. don’t know if I can) I just want to share some great accounts with you. Some of which are my followers, some are mutuals and some are just people I like to follow a lot. 

I appreciate each and every one of you, so if you not made the list, don’t worry.. (plus this takes up a f*cking amount of time which I actually don’t have at the moment..) so it’s a rather small list.. but hey.. at least something, huh? :D 

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I love the Jewish headcanon for the Earps. What led you to that?

bc wyatt earp’s third wife (the only one that makes sense canonically to be the mother of the Earp line) was Jewish and Wyatt Earp was historically very respectful of that. he even (though this is only a theory bc the exact cause of the fight was lost to the ages (this one is p likely given some letters that were found tho)) got into a fight with his bff doc holliday over doc’s anti-semitism and they literally NEVER. TALKED. AGAIN. (i mean there were other factors besides wyatt’s respect towards Judaism. there was also possibly doc insulting wyatt’s maybe side chick who was Jewish (and also who later became his third wife so……awkward.)) wyatt earp respected Judaism and knew enough about it to follow customs without being told. Josephine Earp was Jewish and if she wanted to raise her kids Jewish i think wyatt would go along with it. esp since i dont think he was shown to have strong religious feelings in any direction.

    so, historically, i think that the Earps being Jewish makes the most sense. in heritage if not in practice (i say that bc i cant see asshole Ward bothering to teach the kiddos about their heritage, religion, or culture)

Little bunny

Based on: imagine 1, imagine 2 and imagine 3 from @middle-earth-imagines + imagine 4 from @imaginexhobbit.

I would like to dedicate this to the lovely @pureimagination01! Have some Bilbo-goodness!…. I had to write this…..

Originally posted by loriendesse

There he was, again. At first you had thought the Hobbit had got lost but now you were quite sure he was following you.

Everything had started some hours before.

Before starting an apparently very serious and private conversation with the Wizard, Lord Elrond had designated you to show the other uncommon guests their chambers: thirteen Dwarves and a Halfling were definitely uncommon but life in Rivendell could be a bit boring sometimes, so a little change was well-accepted. Besides, you had always been quite curious towards other races, even though you knew how much Dwarves despised Elves and it’d been clear from the very beginning that their arrival in Imladris wasn’t planned, at least not by them. You knew that Gandalf the Grey was Lord Elrond’s friend, so the real “news” was the little Halfling; nobody had seemed to pay much attention to him, not even his companions, so you didn’t know his name, you only knew that he looked bewildered and adorable.

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The Yule Ball. [Newt x Reader]

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A/N: merry christmas everyone! sorry for the late thingie I was celebrating for a while and had the most horrible hangover ever. This could be tied into Peculiar, but it’s not canonically correct. Either way, names are used. Still, hope you like it! <3 (side note: still working on masterlist. new one should be either today or tomorrow)
Words: 2592
Warnings: none


It had taken all of his courage, despite the two of you now being together, to make those words spill from his mouth. It was a big jumble of incoherent meek murmurs but you most certainly understood what Newt Scamander had in mind when in a heated breath he mumbled, “this—Yule-I…maybe, you…have…” his hands then jittered in the air as if it would be easier to convey his point, “…please?” the look in his magnificent green eyes was hopeful and strained with cracking nerves. The tension in the air – one he was imagining, no doubt – was deflated along with his tensed shoulders as a brilliant smile bloomed on your face with a small tint of a blush on your cheeks.

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An insight about Kylo Ren feat. Rey

Hey guys, so as i promised, here is my humble contribution to the fandom. I hope this adds new things into discussion. Obs: i will refer to him only as Kylo, even when i’m talking about his childhood or the time he was known as Ben Solo. It’s not ignorance from my part, i just think it will be easier to follow without getting lost with so much information.

First, i’ll start talking about some interesting things i’ve spotted in the Visual Dictionary:

“Having studied Jedi skills as well as arcane dark side lore, Kylo Ren is the embodiment of conflict, drawing upon contradictory teachings and deriving power from discord. Ren has taken pains to bury his past, though he uses the unpleasant emotions that stir within him when reflecting upon his youth to fuel his anger and dark powers. Through his veins courses the bloodline of the most powerful Jedi and Sith, and Ren sees it as his birthright to rule the weaker beings in the galaxy. As his power rises, it eclipses his past life leaving the young man further isolated. Kylo Ren aspires to build immunity to the light side - to succeed where Darth Vader and his sentimentality once failed.” - page 26

First of all, he automatically sees everyone as “weaker beings” that must be ruled, and this makes Rey an exception. He doesn’t consider her to be below or weaker than him, he doesn’t want to rule her. He wants her by his side, because he sees her true potential, even when she doesn’t see it herself. Everyone in the galaxy is by default weak to him, until he meets the scavenger and finds an equal in her.

He actually feels lonely, probably because of his Force-sensitivity. The more powerful he becomes, the more lonely he feels. That’s why he identifies with Rey in that aspect, but even feeling lonely, he would never ask for the company of just anyone. He sensed in her the exact same things that made him feel isolated in the first place: her power and her strength with the Force. To me, and this is just my guess, he was kind of okay with the prospect of being alone, but when she appeared in his life, he realized that maybe, just maybe, he didn’t have to be alone anymore, he found a match.

Here it’s where it gets good. The biggest part of fulfilling what Darth Vader started is do not make the same mistake he did. And that mistake is sentiment, emotion, love, compassion. See what i mean? Kylo aspires to be immune to the light. And in the very first movie of the trilogy, he fails immensely. It’s kind of funny how unlucky Kylo is, really.

“[…]Kylo Ren betrayed the other Jedi students studying with Master Luke Skywalker, and is responsible for their destruction. He has well earned the nickname ‘Jedi Killer’, as it was his deadly lightsaber skills that prevented the return of the Jedi Order.” - page 26

Well, this is self explanatory i guess. He most likely killed them all, i think this leaves no doubt. Or maybe it was all a part of a scheme and Kylo didn’t kill anyone, he only made people think he did. But that would be a wild plot twist in my opinion.

Now we move to the official novelization:

“[…]When next Snoke spoke there was an intimacy in his voice, a familiarity that stood in sharp contrast to the commanding tone he had used with Hux.

-I have never had a student with such promise… before you. Ren straightened

-It is your teachings that make me strong, Supreme Leader. Snoke demurred

-It is far more than that. It is where you are from. What you are made of. The dark side…and the light. The finest sculptor cannot fashion a masterpiece from poor materials. He must have something pure, something strong, something unbreakable, with which to work. I have…you. […]

-I am immune to the light, Ren assured him confidently. -By the grace of your training, I will not be seduced.

-Your self-belief is commendable, Kylo Ren, but do not let it blind you. No one knows the limits of his own power until it has been tested to the utmost, as yours has not been. That day may yet come. There has been an awakening in the Force. Have you felt it? Ren nodded. 


-The elements align, Kylo Ren. You alone are caught in the winds of the storm. Your bond is not just to Vader, but to Skywalker himself. Leia

-There is no need for concern. Despite the Supreme Leader’s cautioning, Ren’s assurance remained unbounded. -Together we will destroy the Resistance… and the last Jedi.

-Perhaps, Snoke conceded. -It has come to our notice that the droid we seek is aboard the Millennium Falcon, once again in the hands of your father, Han Solo. Even you, master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test. Ren considered his reply carefully

-It does not matter. He means nothing to me. My allegiance is with you. No one will stand in our way.”

Yikes, Snoke’s words are really creepy, to say the least. It is clear that he’s been grooming Kylo for a long time, and he still does. Am i the only one who gets the feeling that the “test” that Snoke was talking about could have been misinterpreted? At least in this dialogue, he says that this day has yet to come, as if he didn’t know exactly what would be the form of the test. Is even more strange that right after Snoke talks about this test, he mentions the awakening in the Force. What if the said test is something related to this event?

Also, i’d like to point out that Kylo probably sees Snoke as the closest thing he has to a father figure. When Snoke mentions Han, Kylo quickly says that his loyalty is to Snoke, as if he had replaced one for the other. And that makes me think that Snoke probably took advantage of Kylo’s disappointment with his own parents, because it was already confirmed that Han was always away and Leia was always busy with the cause. Plus, i don’t think Han really understood Kylo and i know that for a boy, the presence and approval of the father has a huge impact in their development as a man. So Snoke took advantage of his vulnerability, his feeling of loneliness and abandonment, you can even see that he talks smoothly with Kylo until this very day, which is creepy as hell. Snoke offered power and knowledge without a doubt, but i think that the key point is that he offered what Kylo missed the most: understanding.

“There was as much curiosity in Supreme Leader Snoke’s voice as there was disappointment. 

-This scavenger—this girl—resisted you?

-That’s all she is, yes. A scavenger from that inconsequential Jakku. Completely untrained, but strong with the Force. Stronger than she knows. His mask off, Ren replied with what seemed to be his usual assurance. No one else would have sensed a difference. Snoke did.

The Supreme Leader’s voice was flat. 

-You have compassion for her.

-No—never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order?

-I perceive the problem, Snoke intoned. -It isn’t her strength that is making you fail. It’s your weakness.”

This is even more important when you consider the fact that Kylo has spent years trying to be immune to the light, trying to succeed where his grandfather failed, that is not to give in into emotion. And then this scavenger, this young girl appears and turns all his training to shit. Is really amazing to me.

Oh, really important to those that loves to claim that Rey is more powerful than Kylo. It’s literally written that was not necessarily her strength that made him fail, it was his weakness. Now i’m not debunking Rey’s power, i’m just stating that he clearly dropped his guard for her, so it became much easier for her to enter his mind and flip the tables. I actually think is much cooler to see how much she affects him.

“Ren struggled to control himself. A great deal of his education had been devoted to learning how to live and move forward in the absence of emotion. Right now, he needed every bit of that training to stay calm. As bad as had been the girl’s expulsion of his probing, worse was the knowledge she had acquired. At the moment, he did not feel powerful.

He felt diminished. […]

His tone darkened. -The girl. She’s here somewhere. There’s nowhere for her to go. When you find her, bring her…” 

This is the part where i was trying to get. I bet my money that it’s the first time in decades that someone actually moves him like this. He is completely out of control, this is new to him, so he’s feeling helpless and probably panicking. One more thing, i have my suspicions that Kylo was not really planning to take Rey to Snoke, he was clearly ordering the stormtrooper to strictly bring her to him. This comes next:

“He had to see for himself. As he strode down the corridor where walls of exposed igneous rock alternated with panels and consoles of metal and spun synthetics, Ren’s emotions were boiling. His present mental state contradicted all of his training, but he could not help himself. He had reacted poorly to what had happened earlier, and that had been reflected in the Supreme Leader’s judgment. To add to the discomfort, that slimy sycophant Hux always seemed to appear at the most awkward possible moment.

He gritted his teeth, angry at himself. It was a measure of his current weakness that something like jealousy toward an insignificant simpleton like Hux could even enter his mind. It was nothing but a waste of physical energy and mental concentration. Hux—Hux was not worthy of such attention.

The girl, on the other hand…”

Boom, there it is. He is a wreck of emotions and all of that happened after Rey came into his life. Suddenly, he’s feeling again? Compassion, anger, jealousy… After so many years suppressing his feelings, it’s like they’ve awakened. I think this is the point of the story, the awakening. For Rey, it was the Force; for Finn, it was his courage; and for Kylo, it was his emotions, and Rey had a major part in it. You can see that all these emotions came to surface at once, they were triggered by something, or someone, and this is affecting Kylo like never before.

“-Your mother misses you. 

A strange sensation touched the younger man’s cheeks. Something long forgotten. Dampness. Tears.”

This makes my heart hurt. How long has it been since the last time he cried? Did he really spent so many years devoid of emotion that he simply forgot how it feels to cry? The mere feeling of a tear falling down his cheek? I’m done, goodbye world.

“Ren held his lightsaber, poised to strike. 

-I could kill you right now. But there is another way.

Breathing hard, Rey looked up in disgust at the man looming above her.          

-You’re a monster.

-No. You need a teacher. He was beseeching and insistent all at once. -I can show you the ways of the Force!”

To close, the most famous scene among the Reylo fandom. Nothing too important to add that wasn’t already said, but the fact that he was begging her to accept him, to stay with him sums up everything i was trying to say from the beginning. He’s been lonely, because of his powers and because of his own sense of superiority, but when he meets Rey, he sees the opportunity to have someone as powerful as him by his side, and he wants it, he needs it, and personally, i don’t think he’ll give her up very easily. I mean, the chance of finding a Rey is one in a million stars.

I literally do not understand why some people are so shocked about Oswald being LGBT. I mean. Have they even watched the show?

How can you watch that and still be like

“Oh yes look at this wonderful heterostraight character. Observe his exclusive and obvious attraction to women. See how he’s never actually gained affections for men even though he follows Jim and Ed around like a lost puppy. He spoke with a woman once. Heterostraight Penguin.”


Just got in my 3d print of my baby Beerus sculpt I did awhile back. Just a test so I chose a cheaper material to print with, so definitely lost some details. Thinking I might do more with this, possibly mold it. Would need to fix the chopsticks if I did though, they bent. Even though it’s got some issues, it is so awesome seeing a sculpt come to life. And Binx, my cat, helped to show scale, it’s roughly over 4 inches tall.

No one knew

(A/N): I’m so sorry about your seizures anon, I only hope you start to feel better soon 

Request: Can you do a Buck x reader where the reader has seizures but no one knows. Then one day randomly their on a mission or in a meeting and collapses. My seizures have come back for some reason, and i need the comfort

Warnings: seizures, swearing

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   You had that telltale sign of a seizure fast approaching. Whenever you had an episode or whatever you’d always get a massive headache, it feels as though your entire head was being squeezed with a metal studded belt and it was only getting tighter and tighter and more painful. Not only that but you were feeling awfully lightheaded, the room was seemingly spinning and everything seemed fuzzy. Perhaps you were just incredibly tired, perhaps you hadn’t eaten enough, maybe you were dehydrated? It was anything but your seizures, you hadn’t had one in months and now suddenly they were coming back? No, you wouldn’t believe it. 

   You willed your mind to pay attention on what Tony was saying, something about team failure/success rates or something like that. You squinted to see the board ahead of you but that only made your headache worse. 

    “(Y/N),” you were vaguely aware of Bucky’s hand resting lightly on yours but it felt- it felt strange, almost as though he was and wasn’t touching you all at once. “Are you okay? You look a little sick there doll,” You want to open your mouth to respond but you can’t, it’s as though you can’t control your body whatsoever. Everything becomes a million times fuzzier and all you can see is hazy colors. 

    “I-” your voice chokes off as everything turns black. You can’t feel anything, you can’t hear anything or see anything, all that surrounds you is that eery blackness.   

   You slowly open your eyes, blinking lazily at the bright lights surrounding you. A small groan falls from your lips and from some far off place you can hear a voice, distorted and muffled, but it’s still there.

    “(Y/N)? (Y/N), can you hear me?” The colors are hazy again, a mix of browns and blacks, blues and greens, yellows and reds. Nothing is truly definitive yet but it’s slowly starting to come together. 

   What had happened? You honestly couldn’t remember much except something about Tony…and Bucky. No, you distinctly remember Bucky. 

    “B-Buck,” You can’t seem to form words properly as you attempt to call out his name.

    “(Y/N), hey, it’s okay, I’m right here,” there’s a gentle squeeze on your hand and although it started off feeling weak it’s definitely growing stronger now. The colors are slowly starting to separate, each one taking its own shape and such.

    “What- what-”

    “Don’t speak if it’s hard for you to,” the first voice demands of you, albeit in a soft tone. You nod your head, immediately regretting it when a great pain spread though out your body as you do. 

    “Ow,” well. You managed to get one word out. Another hand, one cool and smooth cradles the back of your head, the thumb of the hand lightly pressing into the skin of your neck. 

    “(Y/N), are you feeling lightheaded at all?” You open your mouth to reply and while it’s still hard it’s slowly starting to get easier. 

    “N-no…just a headache,” your words are slurred and slow but at least you got then out there.

    “Do you feel sick at all?" 

    "Head…maybe my stomach,” The voice hums as the colors begin to take on more clarity, each one taking the shape of one human being.

   "(Y/N), are you prone to seizures? Do you have a history of them?“ 

    "Yes…not for months though," 

    "Shit,” you know that voice as Bucky’s and you’re just conscious enough to sense the worry in his voice.

    “(Y/N), can you see me?” The man before you finally starts clearing up, to the point you could actually distinguish who he was.

    “Bruce?” You question, still not trusting your senses just yet. 

    “Yeah (Y/N)?”

    “N-nothing…just makin’ sure that’s you,” Bruce smiles, his same, usual tight lipped smile. 

    “(Y/N), why didnt you tell me about the seizures?” Bucky asks beside you. You go to open your mouth to respond but before you can Bruce cuts him off. 

   "Bucky, they’re still recovering from the whole thing, give them a minute or two, okay?“ Bucky sighs softly, nonetheless nodding. Bruce smiles at him before turning back to you. "Can we just check some of your vitals really quick?” You nod your head lightly, the feeling still sending pain through your body. “Try not to move too much, okay?”

    “Okay,” You sigh softly, already knowing what to do. Everytime you went to the doctors you had to do some routine and it was no different here, in fact the whole process was so familiar it required no brainwork. “Well, while we wait for the labs to return do you wanna go lay down, maybe eat some food?” You contemplate it, trying to decide if you wanted to it if you’d rather insist on being fine.

    “They haven’t ate at all today,” Bucky whispers beside you, his hand still squeezing yours.

    “Then they most definitely need the food and water, go lay them down, keep an eye on them though," 

    "Okay,” Bucky nods as he easily slips his arms around your form, lifting you up bridal style. Without another word he leaves the labs, carefully making his way up to his floor. 

    “I’m not porcelain you know,” You mutter as let your head loll against his chest, your fatigue starting to get the better of you. 

    “You haven’t had a single thing to eat today and you just had a seizure, there’s no way I’m letting you walk up to our floor,” Despite your situation you smile, your eyes slipping closed as you do. “(Y/N)…why didn’t you tell me about the seizures?” Bucky’s voice is softer now as though he’s hesitant to ask.

    “They hadn’t happened in months…I assumed they had stopped,” You can’t help the ebbing of sadness in your voice, you had been so happy your seizures were gone and now they had suddenly returned and at one of the worst times too. “I’m sorry if I scared you,” you press a gentle kiss to Bucky’s chest, right above his heart. Without even having to look you know Bucky’s smiling, his arms tightening around you just a bit. 

    “Can you give me some of the warning signs? Like, how you know it’s gonna happen and stuff? As soon as you start feeling better though,” You smile and nod, wincing as you do. 

    “Yeah,” You cringe as a bit of pain shoots across your head. “Yeah, I can do that," 

 ~Extended Ending~

   "Bucky, I just have a sinus infection, I’m not gonna seize or anything,” Bucky shakes his head as he continues to follow you around like a lost puppy. 

    “You said headaches were a symptom,”

    “Ear splitting, nearly eye popping headaches, I’m just a little sick is all,” Bucky Shakes his head again, sighing a bit as he does.

    “I’m not taking any chances, I don’t want you falling on me again,” even in his most protective nature you couldn’t help but smile at his adorableness despite the way he was starting to annoy you.

    “I appreciate it Bucky but I can go to the bathroom myself, I don’t need you standing guard, got it?” Bucky sighs again, stopping at the door of the bathroom. 

    “Fine…just call for me if you need anything though,” You smile, gently patting his cheek as you open the bathroom door.

    “Sure thing cutie,”

✨I support under aged littles✨

Yes, it’s true; I support under aged Littles, even though I am not one myself, and I don’t even mind if the follow my blog. Here are some reasons I don’t agree with all this “under aged little shamming”:

•Being Little is a life style, and it doesn’t have to be sexual. It can be innocent and loving, without the sexual aspect of things.
•Telling someone under aged that they can’t be/aren’t little is like telling under aged people that they don’t know their own sexual preference. We aren’t them, so we don’t know how they feel.
•I don’t know about you guys, but I lost my virginity the day before my sixteenth birthday, and I know for a FACT that I’m not the only person that didn’t wait until I was legally an adult.
•The age of consent is different from state to state.
•As long as they aren’t harming anyone, why does it matter?

✨HOWEVER, there are some things I do not agree with and will NOT tolerate.✨

•I will NOT tolerate littles that post their own nudes. It’s illegal and can get you and many other people into trouble.
•The Internet is not a safe place and there are many people posing as “Daddies” who are not actually part of the life style and just want to prey on young, beautiful girls, and vice versa, for all you Littles who are of the male gender.
•Don’t post other people’s pictures claiming they are yours. That’s dangerous and wrong on so many levels.
•Do not flirt with over aged people and try to get them to be your care giver.
•Do not flirt with other people’s Daddies (THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE)!!!!!!

Namjoon Scenario: Berry Kissmas.

The Christmas Series

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

In which a kiss stand brings a whole new level of terror to Namjoon’s holidays.

Namjoon was walking up and down the room, his hands on his hips and a frown on his face.

-Of all the things she could have done! It had to be that-

His two friends stared at him more amused than anything. –What? - Yoongi looked up from his computer to his roommate.

-Don’t make him repeat it please- Hoseok was holding a glass of water, he was torn between being worried or annoyed because of the tantrum his friend was throwing.

-Am I a statue? Am I some kind of toy? -

Yoongi smirked. –Well, you’re kind of a toy to her-

Hoseok pinched the bridge of his nose. –Hyung, you’re not really helping-

-I should be the only one kissing her, I’m her boyfriend! –

-But if it’s such a big deal why don’t you go there? - Yoongi said despite the gestures Hoseok was making for him to shut up.

Namjoon fell on the sofa next to Yoongi. –Because she told me to not show up there and ruin her stupid stand-

-You should stay here Namjoonie, everything is going to be fine- Hoseok reassured taking a seat on the other couch. –Don’t lose your cool-

Yoongi drifted his attention from the computer to his friend again. –Why? Lose all your cool Namjoon, show up there, aren’t you a man? -

Namjoon stood up nodding, now with a determined expression on his face. –You know Yoongi hyung, you’re right-

-I always am-

Hoseok groaned. –Stop this-

But Namjoon was already picking up his jacket and his keys, he shouted a rushed goodbye and stormed out of the apartment.

As soon as the door closed Yoongi bursted in laughs.

Hoseok sighed. –You are the worst-

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Theo Raeken imagine

When you woke up that morning you felt motivated to go to the gym. You got ready and left a note for your sleeping boyfriend letting him know where you were.

As you walk into the gym you notice there isn’t anyone there. You find it strange but you go and get changed anyway. As you start working out, you see a shirtless guy walking in.

“I thought I told the owner I wanted the gym to myself, but hell, I’m glad they left you.” He says smirking at you while you try your best to stay calm and stop staring at his body.

“I’m Theo.” He smiles at you as you roll your eyes turning your head and continuing exercising.

You notice him getting closer and closer to you with every next workout. As you meet his eyes he smirks saying:

“So, where do you go after working out?”

“Nowhere. Because I don’t work out. I just like to pretend I do so I feel better about my body.” You turn again and continue with your sit ups ignoring him. You hear him laugh a little as he continues as well.

When you’re done and ready to leave, you go into the dressings rooms to take a shower. You feel like someone is watching you but when you turn around there’s no one there. Quickly afterwards, you pick up your stuff and leave. You notice that Theo is nowhere to be found on your way out.

You make your way home, and you see the front door open even though you remember locking it. You start thinking that someone robbed your apartment, but as soon as you walk in slowly, you see your boyfriend with some blonde in your bed. Tears start building up as you just turn around, slam the door and leave.

As you start running in no direction, tears start falling down your cheeks. You knew your relationship was over for a while now. Both of you felt as if you fall out of love. But for someone to cheat on you. You felt so insecure. As if you weren’t enough.

All this thoughts in your head distract you and the tears make your view blurry, which make you stumble and almost fall.

You feel someone catches you and you blink few times to see Theo holding you in his arms.

“Are you okay?” He asks you looking up and down at you.

“Y-yes.” You try to get out of his hold but he’s too strong.

“Why are you crying?” He looks at you and you feel like you can trust him.

“It’s none of you business.” You try to get free again but he holds you even tighter.

“Just tell me.” You feel him getting angry and you get scared. He notices that so he lets you go.

“Sorry. Will you tell me now?”

“I just walked in on my boyfriend and some blond in my bed. There, you know. Happy now?” You turn to walk away as you notice you’re in the middle of the woods.

“And you’re crying because him cheating on you makes you feel less of yourself?” You turn to look at him as you see how serious he is. Looking into his eyes make you feel like he understands you.

He starts walking and speaks not even turning to you.

“Come with me.” You look around totally lost, and you decide to follow him since you don’t know where to go. He leads you to some bridge, sits down on the ground and you do the same.

You start talking as he listens you and even though you feel like he’s not hearing you, it feels good to get it all out. When you finish you feel so much relieved.

“Thank you for that. I didn’t know just how much I needed this talk.”

“I didn’t do anything.” He smiles at.

“I didn’t need you to do anything. I needed to get everything out of my chest.” Suddenly it starts raining and you notice the sun has already set down. You stand up panicking.

“We have to go!” Theo laughs standing up as well.

“Why? Will you melt at the rain?” He mocks you.

“No. But I’ll get wet and probably sick.”

He slowly walks up on you and gently brushes his lips against yours before you can react. As he breaks the kiss you returned without thinking, he tells you smirking.

“Payback? My place is actually very close.” You stop for a second to think of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen, and you realize there’s nothing you want or need more than this right now.

“Hell yeah.”

His smile grows and he looks at you with amusement in his eyes as he takes your hand and leads you out of the woods.

When you reach his place he takes off his shirt and you realize just how much you missed those abs from this morning.

He takes off your shirt and starts slowly kissing your neck.

Soon enough your passionate intercourse ends as both of you lay on his bad trying to catch your breaths.

“That was amazing.” He tells you looking at you.

“You weren’t that bad either.” You say smirking.

“If you ever get in the revenge mood, you know where to find me.” He gently bites your ear as you shiver.  


For michaelcligford hope u like it bby xx

anonymous asked:

I love watching your live streams when you do them and i'm happy you do a lot of flash art but could you liven it up a bit? Like do a mixture of Star Wars and Marvel fan art? Or even some anime stuff?? I mean idk if you get it or not but i think that people would love to see some more variety in your live streaming.

ahh, i do get what you mean… 8’D there are lots of other things i love to draw, lately i just usually default to flash fan art because i get so many requests for it, and i do genuinely enjoy drawing those characters.

tbh i got discouraged from drawing more TWD fan art even though its a HUGE interest of mine right now, because i lost a few followers when i posted the last one? i cant please everyone though, im trying to remind myself of that. either way, ill try to mix things up a bit more!