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Hogwarts! Wonwoo

requested by anon: “Hii ♡ I loved Joshua’s hogwarts au and I was wondering if you could pretty please do wonwoo’s too? 🙏🏻”

  • not a lot of people really know his name
  • he’s just known around as the handsome ravenclaw bookworm
  • pureblood and heir to his family
  • but really chill about it 
  • people will seeing him sitting alone at the library and they’re like 
  • “who’s that”
  • “i dont know but i’ve seem him hanging around with junhui”
  • “well he’s cute”
  • wears these circle farmed glasses and people aren’t really sure if they’re real or not
  • at lunch, you’ll see him with his head in a book and pretending to listen to seokmin or someone
  • and slowly spooning food into his mouth without looking away from his book
  • and occasionally he’ll engage in conversation and joke around with seokmin or ask chan about his day
  • not really an athletic guy, just stands in the crowd cheering them on when something exciting happens
  • helps with the Quidditch strategies sometimes though
  • the only times he’ll ever get points docked is if he stayed past curfew in the library
  • people tell he all the time he’ll be chosen as perfect next year and he’s like no
  • “i dont want to guard the hall, i’d rather be reading”
  • best subjects are herbology and charms 
  • and has the best herbology grades in his year
  • in class he’ll be really quiet and looks like he’s just spacing out
  • but really, he really is paying attention or already knows the lesson
  • cause he’s the type to read the entire book within the first month, unless it’s boring as hell
  • does his friend’s homework like once in a blue moon
  • and that’s after being bribed and convinced 
  • after coming back for forth year, all the girls pretty much noticed how puberty did him justice
  • half the school was pinning for a date
  • though this only lasted about a month after wonwoo gave them odd looks and turned them down
  • in reality he just didn’t know what to say because it was pretty obvious those girls only wanted him as an object or title 
  • and he happened to have a crush already
  • you were a fourth year, same as wonwoo
  • and had transfiguration and herbology with him as a slytherin
  • you didn’t really know who wonwoo was but as jihoon’s friend and class partner 
  • you knew they were friends from interactions 
  • but you and wonwoo just said hi occasionally and acknowledged each other in the hall ways
  • this changed when you and jihoon were failing miserably at collecting some liquid substance from a plant
  • “no stop stop that’s not it!” you whisper yell to jihoon 
  • “well then you do it then” he retorts, equally as stressed out as you
  • “i never said i could” 
  • “hmp, i’ll get wonwoo over here” he turns his head and subtlety motions to wonwoo to come over 
  • wonwoo just laughs quietly at you and jihoon’s work and patiently shows you how to do it
  • “ahh i see thanks a bunch wonwoo” 
  • “you welcome oh-” he gets dragged off to the side by jihoon
  • but that this point you were too focused on not failing the class and didn’t notice anything wrong
  • “i saw you over there” jihoon states 
  • “what? i didn’t do a thing!” wonwoo denies a little too quickly
  • “mhmm you looked back at y/n like 10 times while you were showing us. you even crinkled your nose at her” he says with raises eyebrows, daring him to deny again
  • “fine okay so what?” wonwoo replies, slightly embarrassed 
  • so ask her out.”
  • “i don’t even know if she likes me, do you?” 
  • “well-” 
  • he stops short from the sound of your voice
  • “jihoon get over here im not doing all of this by myself”
  • jihoon simply shrugs his shoulder at wonwoo and leaves
  • shaking his head and adjusting his glasses, he goes back to reading his book
  • he finished his assignment within the first 5 minutes of class after all
  • after class you nod your head goodbye to jihoon and start walking with your friend
  • “i saw you there with wonwoo~” she sings happily
  • “what kinda of nonsense are you saying so loud” you roll you eyes
  • she quiets down, unaffected by you, “meaning i saw you and wonwoo! you two were totally flirting with each other” 
  • “i thought ravenclaws were supposed to be smart” 
  • but you couldn’t hind the redness on your cheeks at her remark
  • “mhmm. anyways let’s go to lunch and eat! do you know you need 46g of protein per day” 
  • “yes yes i know this is the 2nd time you’ve told me this month” 
  • “well i wouldnt have to if you eat properly. come sit with me! im gonna make sure you eat!” 
  • shaking your head fondly, you agree
  • eating at other house’s tables is technically not allowed but everyone does it anyways so it doesn’t matter
  • you find your self greeting wonwoo who your friend sits across from
  • purposely of course
  • “oh hey y/n” 
  • “hey wonwoo” you smile 
  • and ignore your friends foot nudging yours
  • “so what are you sitting here for?” he asks, the cute smile still on his face
  • your friend buts in, “im making sure she eats properally cause-” 
  • she whips her head and glares painfully at you who stepped on her foot sharply
  • you smile innocently
  • wonwoo seems kind of surprises at her abrupt stop but nods
  • “well i’ll leave you then, make sure you eat well” 
  • your heart warms involuntarily
  • the corners of your mouth twitches upwards, “i will, make sure you eat well too”
  • exchanging smiles, you both leave each other be 
  • your friend squeals quietly and whispers
  • “you where practically beaming” she teases 
  • “hmm” you sound simply and take a spoonful of your food
  • as the you both get done eating, you stand up, bidding goodbye to your friend who stays and chats 
  • as you leave the dining hall you almost run into wonwoo with his read ducked inside a book walking slowly
  • “oh!“ you yelp staring up at him with wide eyes 
  • "ah I’m sorry” he apologizes and closes the book, holding it at his side  
  • you become curious at the different cover from magical books 
  • “what are you reading?” your heart is slowly speeding up at your initiative to further the conversation 
  • “ah it’s a muggle book, I don’t want to bore you" 
  • you notice the way he rubs the back of his neck nervously 
  • so freakin cute 
  • you slightly smirk, "try me, my best friend is a muggleborn ravenclaw, i’ve had my fair share" 
  • laughing, he hands you the book, "it’s called ‘Macbeth.’ it’s a muggle classic apparently" 
  • you nod and answer how you’ve actually read the classic 'romeo and juliet' 
  • which leads the both of you into deep 
  • conversation about books and such 
  • the two of you just end up casually taking a walk around the castle 
  • "i hope it’s not rude to ask but, are you halfblood or?” you ask cautiously 
  • honestly you just wanted to know more about him 
  • “actually I’m a pureblood” he replies almost sheepishly 
  • your eyes noticeably show surprise, “it’s cool you’re interested in muggle stuff. i’m a halfblood myself" 
  • this must mean he’s not one of those super traditional purebloods right?
  • so.. that means he'll 
  • 'stop don’t think about that’ you scream in your head 
  • only so much time can be spent walking so the two of you slow down 
  • but don’t leave, wanting to stay in each other’s presence
  • you can feel his gaze fall on you, so you tilt your head up to look at him 
  • "so do you want to go to the library? we can show each other the books we were talking about" 
  • you look closely at his eyes, searching for something 
  • a sign of some sort you guess 
  • and you catch that glimmer of hope and nervousness written all over his face 
  • different from his usual 
  • gaining a tiny bit of confidence, "will this count as a date?" 
  • you voice becomes smaller at the end, showing your obvious emotions 
  • he twists his head to you in surprise 
  • the two of you stare at each other before forming smiles 
  • you distinctly notice the way his eyes change 
  • and he notices the way your dimples form 
  • "yes it will" 
  • now, you guys walk happily to the library 
  • and somewhere along the way your hands brush against each others
  • it’s debatable who initiated it, but your hands intertwined 
  • at the shelves, you decide to search for your recommendation first 
  • "i swear it was somewhere in this aisle” you turn your head around to look 
  • or maybe you were distracted by your hands still joined 
  • “what’s the author’s name?" 
  • you tell him and continue to search for the book 
  • seconds later, you feel your hand being slightly tugged up 
  • watching, as Wonwoo reaches up and picks out a book 
  • "this?" 
  • you smile and nod, kind of embarrassed for no reason 
  • which he thinks is adorable 
  • so after the two of you found your books, you guys settle at Wonwoo’s spot 
  • near the front of the library but hidden behind the shelves 
  • so when Junhui comes by to come bother Wonwoo like he normally does 
  • he sees you with your head rested on your book comfortably, eyes closed
  • and Wonwoo flipping through his book with one hand and the other under the table 
  • which Junhui could clearly see grabbing your hand 
  • and his first reaction is to scream and expose Wonwoo 
  • but he doesn’t
  • and instead gathers all the other boys to ogle also 
  • so Woozi is left with the honors of alerting the two of you of their giggly presence 
  • how could the two of you not hear them though, even if it’s a library, it’s 12 boys 
  • you open one eye confusedly from your quiet resting at the sound of taps hitting the table 
  • you fulling raising your body upright when you see Woozi s face instead of Wonwoo's 
  • and Wonwoo’s face turned away annoyed at the body language commotion from his friends 
  • "you two are disgusting” Woozi sneers hiding a smile 
  • you shrug and blow the hair out your face 
  • “ha just wait till you get a girlfriend, i’ll be ready to bother you" 
  • not even five minutes later, the 12 boys get kicked out because of noise pollution 
  • you and Wonwoo are alone again and face each other 
  • a half smile and half smirk forms on his face, "so are you my girlfriend then?" 
  • you want to say a just-as-smart remark but your heart doesn’t let you 
  • and neither does your face as it turns a shade of red 
  • "I-" 
  • "Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks, cutting you off 
  • you squeeze his hand slightly and grin 
  • “only if you’ll be my boyfriend" 
  • thus the bookworm couple was born 
  • and though you didn’t read nearly as much as him 
  • that table belonged to you guys
  • if anyone walked past it 
  • a common slight was Wonwoo deep into a book and you working on school work 
  • or you resting your eyes as Wonwoo does his work 
  • and if anyone comes by late enough 
  • one will most likely be asleep with the other grasping their hand warmly

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Villains of the Hogwarts Houses
  • Since the common occurrence in the book series is that Slytherin = bad, you don't really get exposure to how villains of other houses work, and how to identify them (except in the case of Peter Pettigrew, and he was more of a man with weak character than a true villain). This leads to lazily typing every villain you come across as Slytherin because they seem like this list of characters (all the #death eaters).
  • Villains can be any house, and are spread quite evenly, but just as we look for motivation in typing regular people, villains are the same motivations in an unhealthy way; their thought process does not change; the same core life goal/motivation remains, except how they are accomplishing it is very bad. So here are some examples and explanations of each kind of villain.
  • Slytherin: Ahh, why not just start with an easy-peasy, completely expected one. Crowley from Supernatural. He's evil, right? He plans to take over hell and overthrow whomever needed because he wants to. He wants recognition. He wants to stay alive. It's all about him and he's open with that, which is why he'll assist the Winchesters: he needs something that they can provide. There is no moral wall, he's just doing what best serves him at the moment. Flexible, calculating, charming, the ideal slytherin villian. Look over at Voldemort. Same thing. It was very personal; he wanted to rule the wizarding world and decided to do it for no reason other than power. His dislike of muggles came from personal hatred of his father, not a perceived noble pursuit (as you'll see in hufflepuff, oh yes).
  • Gryffindor: The perfect example of a Gryffindor villain is once again from Supernatural. Lucifer. When you look at him, you can easily tell his motivations are vastly different from Crowley. While Crowley is open that yes this is shitty, it's because I want it, Lucifer takes on a holier than thou attitude, and has a perception of a great wrong that has been done to him, that he must avenge. He wants to kill humanity because it's right. Why is it right? Because he says so. There is no concept of climbing to the top, or winning anything, Lucifer is trying to simultaneously prove something and enforce his idea of a correct world onto others. They can either agree and help him, or, as happened to Gabriel, they are flawed and must perish (which is different from a slytherin who will spare you if you don't get in their way). Slytherin is self-serving; gryffindor is blinded righteousness.
  • Hufflpuff: Hufflepuff really has no fictional villains, which is horrid because they are some of the greatest possible villains to write. The villains in fiction from most to least common are slytherin, gryffindor and ravenclaw rarely, and hufflepuff never. Just basically everyone picks a slytherin villain, which is why they all seem the same. The only place I can think to find a hufflepuff villain is history. The truest hufflepuff villain I can think of is Adolph Hitler.
  • Similar to gryffindor, they believe they're working for a cause, except it's not based on personal moral belief as much as perceived needs from others, and the greater good, something outside themselves. My people are having difficulty? I'm doing this for THEM, to help THEM, because it needs to be done. This is what they want, right? Yes? Good. No? Well, it's what they need, and I'll help them anyway (like a distorted mother knows best kind of thing). They genuinely believe that what they're doing is HELPING someone, that they're doing this great deed, which is why they're actually dangerous villains. The least dangerous villain is slytherin, because they know what they're doing is self serving, and therefore an be persuaded. The other 3 houses are deluded in some way, which makes it nearly impossible to change their point of view, if they're unhealthy enough to be villains in the first place.
  • Ravenclaw: Sigh. Ravenclaw villains are, in a word... hard to pin down. Their motives are very abstract, so they truly could not tell you a specific reason for doing what they're doing. While Gryffindor and Hufflepuff would use a personal experience or observation to draw and back up their faulty conclusion, ravenclaw isn't doing that at all. There is no specific reason they can give, it just goes from vague abstracts to vague abstracts. Often their motivation is because people 'are blind', or 'can't see', or don't understand, or that they shuned an innovative idea. Ravenclaw then usually goes on a ruthless trip to 'show them', or make them understand. Basically The Joker in DC and Ultron in Marvel. Why are they doing anything? To make people see or understand. Often motivated by revenge or bitterness, usually a backstory about embarrassment or perceived humiliation.
  • A ravenclaw villain is basically existential nihilism on steroids; a in the end, the world will just burn, type vibe.

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While we all know that that isn't Shiro, I have to wonder what people will think it'll be like if the real Shiro returns? He's a natural leader, that is a canon fact, Keith struggles more in that role, another canon fact, so yeah I can still see him stepping into that role and butting heads with Keith? The real one wouldn't just sit in the back and twiddle his thumbs while everyone else does the fighting either. I know that's what y'all HOPE he'll do, but it isn't what he would do either.

Oh! I mean, I certainly didn’t hope that?? D: If that was the real Shiro I think there would be a lot less conflict though, and for a lot of reasons. For one thing, I don’t think Shiro would be back at the base at all. He’d be right back in Black’s seat where he belongs. Because unlike Kuron, Shiro is a a paladin. After seeing through his lion’s eyes and traversing the astral plane, after learning so much give and take when it comes to trusting her instincts and building up a mutual bond after everything Zarkon’s done–I don’t see all that just crashing down. And I mean, Keith’s entire link with Black has always been rooted in Shiro. His drive to protect Shiro, to carry on Shiro’s will after he’s gone–his motivations for taking on Black have always been singularly focused on Shiro. And even when Black locates Kuron, it’s not him she’s drawn to. It’s his memories. Shiro’s memories. 

So if Shiro were really back, I don’t think Black would have any reason to reject him in the first place. So right off the bat, things would run a lot smoother. You wouldn’t have this disconnect of one person piloting the head while someone else leads. Things could easily fall back into step. They obviously wouldn’t be the way they were before, but I think they could work something out. If Shiro were really back, I imagine he would still insist on Keith piloting though, so maybe we really do get a true co-leader scenario where they trade off piloting and providing direction from the base. 

The real Shiro was also a lot more trusting though. He wasn’t breaking up the team left and right. He knew to trust Keith’s instincts, even when it led to choices that he dreaded, such as letting Keith shut down Zarkon’s base alone. Kolivan calls it a suicide mission and tells Shiro he would never command someone to take such a risk. Keith snaps back, “No one’s commanding me. I’m doing it.” This is a noticeable callback to when Shiro’s in the astral plane–“No one commands the Black lion.” Just like how he had to learn to trust Black, he lets go of his fear and relies on Keith’s instincts as well. Even though it looks like it’s killing him to do it 

So, rather than shutting down Keith every opportunity he gets, I think the real Shiro would let Keith take a chance. More importantly, Shiro would never risk the safety of his entire team, even if it was for the mission. Shiro lectures Keith about how he has to learn to make hard decisions, but Keith does do that. Don’t rescue Allura because you can’t risk Voltron. Fight Zarkon one on one. Hold hostage the guy you were supposed to “rescue.” Split from the team so they can’t be tracked. Go on a suicide mission alone. Keith can make harsh calls. Shiro has always been shown to be more careful, more cautious. His leadership style often ends up being a bit softer than Keith’s (and that’s not a bad thing). And the person who reacts like this when his teammates are seriously injured–

they would never just sit by and say, “deal with the consequences,” and put everyone in jeopardy.  

And again, when it comes to this “disconnect”–Kuron practically gaslights Keith. He spends the whole episode overruling Keith’s decisions every chance he gets and then tells him good job. He leads with, “I’m sorry I had to step in back there”--I’m sorry you were too incompetent and I had to take over, not I’m sorry I completely took over, made everyone question your leadership, and then made a rash call that got you all hurt. But then when Keith agrees and says, “I’m no good at this,” Kuron completely contradicts that line of thought with, “Yes you are,” and compliments his “quick thinking.” The quick thinking that wouldn’t be necessary if Kuron hadn’t fought him every step of the way and forced Keith into that position. 

I don’t think he’s intentionally trying to mess with Keith. Not at all. But even still, Kuron obviously doesn’t understand him. His “advice” is confusing and contradictory, and only makes Keith further question his position. When Kuron tells Keith he’s the true black paladin, he does not look comforted. It’s obvious Kuron’s words have brought him no relief, and he’s left looking even more despondent than before. Kuron obviously cares for Keith, and he still approaches him for a quiet heart-to-heart the way Shiro would. It’s his way of checking in and offering support. But he can’t quite replicate Shiro’s level of intimacy and understanding. 

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Anti will probably wake up really weak, but I think he'll like the comfy surprise :)

Anti’s eyes open, and he realizes that he’s not quite sure where he is, though that’s normal to him now. He glances to his right and sees Ollie asleep in a chair, charging. To his left, Google is working on something intently. He senses Anti’s movement out of the corner of his eye and looks up. “Anti,” he says, getting up. “How are you feeling?”

Anti shifts so he can sit up and lean on his elbow. “Still like I got hit by a bus, but maybe a smaller bus than the one that hit me yesterday.”

Google smirks. “Well, you were ‘wasted’ as they say. I still do not understand why some insist on poisoning themselves for recreational purposes.” He looks Anti over. “Your wounds are healing rather quickly, not surprising. You’re a rather infamous figment.”

Anti wiggles his eyebrows, but even that is painful with the cut that is across his left brow. “Yeah, ‘m kind of a big deal.”

Google makes a face. “Sure.” He looks over at Ollie and smiles softly. “Dark’s letting you stay for now,” his eyes flick back to Anti. “Don’t screw this up for him. He believes in you.”

Anti watches Google’s face. It’s not a threat; it’s a plea. He doesn’t want Anti to break his brother’s heart, and Anti feels that weight settle on his chest with a sigh. “I won’t hurt him.”

Google nods. “I know.”

Oliver sits up, blinking slowly and looking around. He sees Anti and instantly brightens up. “You’re alive!” He tackles Anti in a hug, and the glitch yelps. “You gotta see your room!”

“My room?” Anti looks from Ollie to Google, and the blue android shrugs with a smile. When Anti sees the fort, he claps his hands together like a child and immediately dives inside.

“It’s so cool!” He cries from somewhere deep inside. His head pokes out on the other end of the room. “Is there a mini fridge?”

Ollie nods, his mouth open in a wide smile. “Yeah, in the west wing!”

Anti rolls his eyes. “Well, come show me!”

Oliver looks at Google who nods and gestures towards the fort. “Go ahead. You deserve some time off.”

Ollie squeals and gives his brother another hug before disappearing into the fort.

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Hey tink, I was thinking, we saw in the last videos about season 13 (I think it was the sneak peek video) that Dean talked about Jack as someone they needed over someone they loved, so do you think it'll be relevant to Castiel's character arc of feeling like a tool and like Dean stays with him because he needs him? Like he'll see the difference between only being needed and being loved?

I think this is definitely going to be a theme for season 13 :)

There are too many quotes for me to list them all that address this topic, needless to say they’re mostly things like

I don’t need you, I love you.
I don’t need you to fix me, I need to you love me while I fix myself.
etc etc etc

There are going to be so many people trying to use Jack, pulling him in different directions and needing him to further their own ends (Lucifer, Asmodeus, even Sam and Dean just want to use him to get Mary back to start with, no-one yet that we know and is alive actually cares about Jack himself and that’s going to be a struggle and a theme).

So Jack has to go on a journey of self discovery, embodying all the themes of TFW (Sam re Lucifer, Dean re his father, Cas re who he is) and the show overall (found family v blood family, free will, choices, love etc).

Plus who could possibly come back from the dead, who was framed as Jack’s found father (plus with the light/dark Lucifer/Cas theme) and even more so with all the mirroring in the sneak peek? Who following on his own themes for the next season could possibly be the one to ask Jack what he wants, who he is, what he desires

Who has always struggled with forced faith & duty v free will & chosen faith? Who had unwavering misplaced faith in God, then tentative and well placed faith in Dean, then faith in no-one, through it all no faith in himself (except that one time he did have kinda misplaced faith in himself and it all ended terribly so it reinforced that this was bad and he’s struggled with it ever since).

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Spiralling into a pit of despair, textually shown as having all the symptoms of PTSD and clinical depression, then finally out of sheer desperation found faith in Jack once he saw the vision of paradise (bad Cas, silly Cas, you should have known this was wrong but your depression was so entrenched you clung at anything you could) and now really he should emerge from this rebirth without this crippling depression, to find faith in himself.

Anyway, asking Jack these probing life questions and thus mirror-projecting these themes onto himself in the process is part of what I hope will help his narrative moving forwards, finding well placed and realistic faith in himself at last instead of blind faith in someone or something else.

Jack at some point is going to need to make a choice, or multiple choices really, probably a bad choice then a good choice. Will he follow the blood/destiny/dark option or the found family/free will/light option?

*ponders, ponders some more and wonders how blatant it needs to be already*

Jack could choose to go dark side and if this is the case it should mean that the show is going on for a little longer, because otherwise Jack literally embodies all the themes of the show and TFW in particular for their happy endgame if/when he chooses the light. It’s kinda like if he chooses the dark then he’s the Anakin and the Luke plot comes later, he’s the in between, but really…that doesn’t work for me with the way it’s been framed so far.

Given that Lucifer is the “bringer of light” I can’t help feel it is more likely that Jack will choose the light and they’ll really go to town on the whole Jack embodies all the positive themes of the show thing. But then again as I say, it all comes down to the length of time the show will go on for as it’s not a finite story, we just don’t know how long it will continue and if it does it needs more drama and for the spiral to go down again in order to come up in the actual end.

Either way though Jack embodies all these themes, some of us have said it since 12x19 and there’s no denying it now with the spoilers.

(Sorry I’m just kind of bitter about how much wank myself and my friends got when we said all this after 12x19/23 aired and suddenly now it’s supported by the sneak peek it’s like this is news and we haven’t been passive aggressively wanked on for months for saying it earlier).

Anyway, @amwritingmeta said something that I was thinking but put it much more succinctly, that ties in with your question, that through the grieving process Dean and the audience should learn that:

Dean doesn’t NEED Cas, he LOVES and WANTS him.

In Dean losing Cas he/we will see that he can keep going, he can live without him, but is he really living, is he happy? Need and Want are two different things and this is going to be key to how we see Dean grieve in season 13.

We should see anger, pain, depression, hopefully a really dark moment in 03,  but we should also see him coming out the other side after this, being kind of OK by the end before Cas comes back in 06. Because he doesn’t need him to survive, but he does love and want him, which I think is a much healthier message. 

(This is also why I can’t help but laugh at the anti comments I get like “oh but Dean is drinking beer with Jack and Sam, not like when he traded his soul for Sam/OD’d for him”, like there is a comparison here, because literally the whole point is that well A. Dean should have moved past this horrifically toxic behaviour towards Sam now so if he was in the same position he wouldn’t anyway and B. his love for Cas is HEALTHY in a way that that toxic parent Dean/Sam relationship obviously was NOT so Hell yes it’s a good thing and we don’t want Dean to be selling his soul for Cas, not at all! We do not want the ship above Dean’s well being and own character arc! The whole point is that their relationship is healthy and leads them both to be in a BETTER place, not dragging them down into a toxic place. It’s healthy ship v toxic ship, plus you know, actually written into the show, but whatever, that’s semantics apparently).

I’d love for Dean at some point after Cas’ return to say that he doesn’t actually need Cas (cue Cas looking sad) but that he wants him around, that he’s just better, happier, when he is (cue Cas looking utterly ridiculously happy himself)… it doesn’t even have to be an I love you scene yet, just this distinction… but let’s see :)

Who to fight: M*A*S*H Edition

Hawkeye Pierce: Dude of course you want to fight Hawkeye, fight him in the middle of camp and punch him in his smug mouth. He can’t fight for shit and he’s probably drunk anyway, but he might make you feel bad about winning and hate you forever. Don’t listen to the lies, you wanted this, everyone wanted this. Fight Hawkeye.

Trapper John: Like I guess you can fight Trapper but the man’s built like a brick shithouse and those arms of his have spent a lot of time hurling footballs around, it could get pretty nasty. If you want to take him on though at the end he’ll probably buy you a drink, no hard feelings. Sure, fight Trapper.

B.J Hunnicutt: Do not fight B.J. This is a warning for your safety, do not fight B.J under any circumstances. He is a ball of repressed rage just waiting for somebody to start some shit, and you may win the battle, it’s a 50/50 chance, but you cannot win the war. He is a sneaky motherfucker and he will get you back. You don’t know where or when but he’ll get you, you’ll live in paranoia and fear for the rest of your life. He’ll be there. Waiting. Also he doesn’t have a real name, possibly a witch??? Do not fight B.J ever!!!!  

Hot Lips Houlihan: Margaret is also a ball of rage and will go hog wild at you, every object will become a weapon and watch out, she bites. But it’s not impossible to take her out if you watch her wild swings. If you win you will gain an enemy for life though, so be warned. She will follow you around forever. If you’re looking for a challenge fight Margaret.

Charles E. Winchester III: Charles is a big man and good at haranguing people but the upper class don’t know how to fight without paying someone to do it for them, so if you want a little social leveling do it. He’ll shout a lot but will get very confused when you start fighting him, he won’t expect it. Break the system, fight Charles.

Radar O’Reilly: Why the fuck would you want to fight Radar??? He’s a small sunshine boy and you want to punch that innocent corn-fed face? Granted, he’ll put up a fight but it’ll be like being attacked by a tiny puppy, and the entire camp will come down on your ass. You will be destroyed. Everyone in camp will take turns beating your fucking cowardly, morally bankrupt ass to Tokyo and back. They’ll take you down. Don’t even think about it, not just because it’s sacrilege but so you don’t have to eat your food through a straw for the rest of your life. Don’t fight Radar.

Henry Blake: Henry is basically a pear with noodle arms so if you’re looking for a quick victory all you have to do is get inside his reach and he’ll fold like a bad poker hand. Fight Henry. 

Frank Burns: Absolutely fight Frank anywhere, anytime. Fight him in the Swamp, fight him in the mess tent, fight him in O.R. He’s easier than Henry so one punch in his stupid ferret face and he’ll crumple and start crying really pathetically but you won’t feel bad about it. It will feel good. Do it, I highly recommend fighting Frank.

Maxwell Klinger: Dude, do you think a guy who has gone to such lengths to get a discharge will not take this opportunity? It might get weird, he might try to get you to break his legs or lightly stab him or something. But it won’t be a one-sided fight, he will come at you with everything he’s got so be careful, Klinger fights dirty. I guess you can fight Klinger if you want.

Father Mulcahy: Dude, dude why would you fight the damn priest? Like not only is he the priest, he is the sweetest person ever and also a right hook like the wrath of god. Not only will he completely hammer your fool ass into the ground, you’ll be lying there regretting your sins when you’ll get struck by a bolt of lighting and then Father Mulcahy will make sure you get into Heaven anyway because he is such a nice guy. Don’t fight the Padre, you awful sinner.

Colonel Potter: Colonel Potter may be a tiny adorable old man but he has lived through like ten world wars and he will fuck you up so bad he’s going to play polo with your head and then paint a picture of your shameful defeat. Don’t fight Potter.

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i cant believe im only just now finding your blog - a hide enthusiast who has the same opinions about touken as me! instant follow! mind if i ask what you think happened to hide / when (if) he'll come back??

Oh boy, I am so glad you asked me this because I have accumulated A LOT of thoughts over the past three years.

This might turn out a bit long since I usually come up with more stuff the more i type. We’ll see.

So firstly, I don’t think Hide is dead; I actually think it’s pretty unlikely at this point because of the nature of his character and how much we don’t know about him. It would seem like a huge waste of a character to just kill him off; I definitely think he’s been doing something behind the scenes, and I have a few ideas as to what that something may be, but obviously, nothing is certain.

Usually the first thing I look to when I’m theorising about Hide is the play that he was in with Kaneki when they were kids because that play does a great deal of foreshadowing and I think it’s the key to figuring out what happened with Hide and what’s happening with him now.

This is what I understand to be the basic plot of the play: the prince (Kaneki) and the witch’s servant (Hide) are both close friends. The witch’s servant, however, is tricked by the witch into betraying the prince because he is made to believe that doing so will help the prince. The end of the play has the witch’s servant asking the prince for forgiveness. The prince says he will forgive him as long as he promises to stay by his side and the witch’s servant agrees.

Now, a lot of what I get when I talk about this is the disbelief that Hide would betray Kaneki, but I think, like it says in the play, he may have either been tricked into it or thought it was best for Kaneki or a combination of the two.

The most likely explanation I can give that seems to match up with the plot of the play involves the theory about Hide making a deal with Arima to take Kaneki into the CCG. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this theory, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it basically involves the idea that Hide may have had a discussion with Arima regarding Kaneki wherein he managed to convince him that Kaneki was worth keeping alive. Hence why he said this to Kaneki:

If Kaneki could prove to Arima that he was useful, then Arima would take him in and that is how Haise would come about. That also might explain the awkward cheek scratching that Hide did in the sewers when he was telling Kaneki that he wanted to help him.

He was, effectively, leading Kaneki to his death, so that might explain the betrayal aspect, since Hide may have thought that by doing this, he was doing what was best for Kaneki by allowing him to live. We’re obviously yet to reach the part where Hide asks Kaneki to forgive him, but in my opinion, that gives us something to look forward to, hopefully following the direction of the play where the two of them join together to fight on the same side.

That does leave the witch out of the explanation though, and that’s kind of where I’m stuck. The only character that’s really been shown with witch imagery is Eto, and she doesn’t seem to tie into this theory as it is, but maybe by making this deal with Arima, it would aid her in getting Kaneki to be the one-eyed King? That’s the only thing I could see her wanting from Hide at the moment, and maybe she saw his usefulness when he went to get that book signed for Kaneki.

I also want to address the Scarecrow theory since that seems to be the favourite recently. I think it’s definitely plausible, considering Scarecrow’s injuries and the fact that he’s only a C-rank and we’ve never seen him with a kagune before but that’s all we really have to go off of so far so I can’t really say much about it besides the fact that I think it’s plausible (and that Scarecrow’s mask certainly seems very Hide-ish with that face drawn on it.)

If Scarecrow is Hide, then that would explain why he saved Amon and how Amon seemed to recognise him. Maybe he needed Amon for something since he didn’t seem to go after Seidou. Maybe for something he’s been planning behind the scenes? Scarecrow seems to be doing a lot of snooping around; something Hide is certainly known for, and I’ve seen some say that he may be forming his own organisation or perhaps has joined one, but I feel as though Hide would work more on the down low than that. Joining or forming an organisation brings too much attention to himself; Hide seems like the kind of person who would rather snoop around my himself, or with a couple of aids by his side, which is also what I think Marude may be up to.

Marude came to trust Hide more when he joined the CCG and he saw his potential. Hide even seems to have shared his knowledge about the Washuu with him and he must look up to Marude since he’s proven to be very sharp as well; a characteristic that Hide, no doubt, values greatly in a person and would most likely cause him to look up to them. Perhaps Hide sought out Marude when he defected from the CCG? Marude’s off on his own snooping around too, and now that he knows the Washuu’s secret, I think that gives him even more ties and incentive to be working together with Hide.

There is one thing I particularly want to know though; what is Hide up to? I have no clue what his goal may be at this point; everything he’s done so far in the series seems to be driven by the idea of Kaneki and keeping him safe and protecting him, so perhaps whatever he’s doing is really for Kaneki but he’s managed to manipulate his goals in such a way to convince others to aid him (such as Marude, or Amon potentially.) In the end, I’m just waiting for him to come back so Ishida can answer all the other questions we have about Hide; where he’s been, what happened in the sewers, what he’s been doing all this time, what his true intentions are, but perhaps most of all, who is he? Because we still really don’t know even that.

As for when he’s coming back, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some time soon, perhaps around chapter 136 since that’s the chapter where Hide had his reunion with Kaneki in the sewers and Ishida seems to like his parallels. I can only hope the outcome is more positive this time and ends with them staying together rather than being torn apart again; it hurts me to see them apart from each other for so long after being each other’s only support for most of their lives.

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with bb theirs no well known trope so it's "forced". They put w/b cause the racist meets someone from the race who targeted her family which is why they don't get why it wasn't her or think she'll meet him after a sl which will force them into a rs & he'll get mad at their love. R/b cause she gained her trust before she was their leader over books, never gave up on b reminded her of younger self. what they don't see is b w/ a human not cause a name, reminder of her past, just cause of who y is

yeah - i mean with the first one it’s just fundamentally ignoring that Blake wants to be seen for who she is, not what, and so whoever she ends up with is likely going to be chosen for who they are, not what - so the importance lies in the shared dynamic, how important they are to each other, not because they fill specific roles and exist in the same breathing space

here’s the thing though, they do actually have a writing thing that applies to them, it’s just because people ignore Yang’s complexity and so ignore its presence - person A is carrying trauma and baggage and person B is their salvation, but under the surface, person B is also carrying trauma and baggage in a less obvious/volatile way, and person A is their salvation right back

Yang and Blake have shared a close, fond dynamic since they paired up in the forest, Yang understands Blake on a level no other character is shown to and since volume 2 there have been repeated showings of just how important they are to each other - Yang being the one to persist in trying to help Blake, 2x06. Blake trusting Yang’s advice and going to the dance, 2x06. Yang breaking down in tears when she thinks Blake doesn’t believe her, 3x07. Everything involving them in 3x11 and 3x12. Blake talking about how she loves her team more than she ever thought she could anybody, with a significant hesitation on Yang, 4x10. and the opening verses of Armed and Ready.

hell, given how every Yang song (I Burn, Gold and Armed and Ready) has references to soaring and flight, Wings, which also references helping someone fly similarly to how Gold does, comes off as a song about Blake from Yang’s perspective (it’s far more empathic and understanding than Weiss was capable of, the reference to ‘twelve hours’ being the only Weiss connected line and Yang was with Weiss for that twelve hours. even the lines about knowing what it’s like to be stray kinda make sense with Yang’s backstory, where she essentially had to learn to look after herself to take care of Ruby because it’s not like Tai was any help. Yang was also the one most visibly concerned about Blake during that episode)

Yang and Blake’s connection is one of the strongest dynamics in the series because of who they are and their implicit understanding of each other (i mean if we want to look at tropes, Yang and Blake fit a light and dark dynamic in terms of theming. the bright and sunny one pairing up with the quiet moody one and bringing out their goofy side is also a pretty common thing. at a stretch, Tomboy and Girly Girl; Yang’s outfits tend to be more overtly feminine than Blake’s do. there’s a contrast and complement thing going on), so a lot of the denial and writing off of it is just willful blindness, not wanting to acknowledge that the writing is very heavily leaning in that direction

also the Japanese releases have, in their soundtrack booklets, these images

(images courtesy of @almea)

real subtle Japan - like they went through the trouble of editing it to solely focus on Yang and Blake. so if it’s that obvious…

Which Batman Villain Should You Fight?
  • The Joker: You should fight the Joker but don't. He's always got some dirty trick up his sleeve and he's smarter than you think. Even if you win and don't die, he'll probably come back with some horrific retaliation against you and your family.
  • Poison Ivy: Don't fight Poison Ivy. She might not be the best hand to hand but she's got all those strangling vines and giant venus fly traps to feed you to. If you win, you're never going to be able to leave your house again and if you have a garden, you're fucked.
  • The Riddler: You should absolutely fight Riddler. He's an arrogant, patronizing nerd who thinks he can get away with talking smack. Fight him and shove him in a locker. Asshole.
  • Mr Freeze: I mean, you can fight Freeze but why would you want to? He's done some bad things but give the guy a break, okay? He's just trying to help his wife. Don't be a douchebag.
  • Catwoman: Why would you want to fight Catwoman? She's just here for your stuff, which is probably insured. She's got a lot of hungry kitty mouths to feed, okay? Just calm down. Plus, she's x10 a better fighter than you'll ever be. Don't be fooled by the tight-fitting spandex.
  • Scarecrow: Fight him, so long as you have a gas mask. He's an asshole. He got his "violent dancing" but it's 99% most likely bullshit.
  • Two-Face: Oh yeah, fight the scarred guy. Does he deserve it? Well, yes. I mean, he beat up the first Robin with a baseball bat and has killed a bunch of people but his life is HORRIBLE. Do you know how hard it is to find a date looking the way he does? He'd probably just shoot you before you could land a punch, anyway.
  • Bane: Don't fight Bane. It's not a good move, ask Batman.
  • Harley Quinn: Lots of people have tried and failed to fight Harley Quinn. Why would you want to? She's so adorable. And she's got enough on her plate as it is. She'd probably kick your ass but give the girl a break, jeez.
  • The Penguin: Fight Penguin. He's a pompous prick who needs to be taught a lesson. Watch out for the sharp end of that umbrella, though.
  • Man-Bat: Don't fight Man-Bat. Poor guy can't control it. Just leave him alone.
  • Killer Croc: What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't fight Croc. Dude eats people, which should be motivation enough to stay away from him but apart from that he's a chill guy. He gives people a home in his sewers. It's fine, don't fight him.

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hiiii tay, i was wondering if you wouldn't mind writing an imagine where tyler promises the reader he'll be back to play a charity baseball game with her but he doesn't make it because of work and she gets hurt or something? ilysm :)


“You said you’d play.”

“I know, I’ll be there.”

It was the same answer you had received from Tyler the last time he missed the charity baseball game, and you didn’t want to get your hopes up again. “Tyler,” you said slowly. “Tyler, the game is tomorrow. You promised. You promised you would play this time. Why aren’t you back home yet?”

There’s silence on the other end of the phone for a few moments before you finally hear Tyler’s deep voice. “I’ll be there,” he answered. “Josh and I snuck on this late night show last minute, and we have to do it. I’ll head over right after though.  I promise. By the time you wake up in the morning, I’ll be in bed with you.”

“You promise?” you repeated.

“I promise,” Tyler replied.

You let out a soft sigh of relief then. If there was one thing you knew you could count on, it was Tyler keeping a promise. “Alright,” you said. “I’m sorry I’m getting so worked up about it. I just miss you.”

“I miss you too, baby, but I have to go now,” Tyler said back. “I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

You sat your phone down onto the nightstand by the bed and turned off the lamp. You laid down in the bed and covered yourself up before curling up to the pillow you’d laid on Tyler’s side of the bed when he was gone. You really hated to sleep alone. You were so used to Tyler being there. His warmth and smell was your own personal lullaby that lulled you to sleep each night, and when he wasn’t there, you really struggled.

It was really pathetic, or at least you thought it was. Never in your life did you think you would find a love where you couldn’t survive without the other person being there, but you did and you wouldn’t change it for anything, no matter how bad it hurt.

You knew the day was going to be a bad one when you woke up still snuggled up to the pillow and not to Tyler.  You laid in bed for as long as possible before you absolutely had to get up and get ready.  After dressing yourself, you grabbed onto your phone and sent a few angry texts to Tyler.  You were really upset and hurt that he actually broke his promise.

When you showed up to the game, things got a little better. You suddenly became too busy to worry about Tyler or be angry at the fact that he broke his promise and hadn’t replied to any of your text messages yet.

During the game, you weren’t able to concentrate at all. Your mind was worried about Tyler.

You really didn’t know what was coming for you until it hit you, literally, and it hit you really hard as you slammed down into the ground after the guy on the other team hit a line drive right into the side of your head. You’re confused at first, then angry causing your blood to boil. You screamed, but it was a small scream in agony as you felt the searing pain in your head. You immediately grasp onto your hair as you roll over, getting a face full of grass but you didn’t care, you couldn’t. The only thing on your mind right now was the pain.  Several of your teammates run over, helping you stand and leading you off the field.  You don’t even bother checking to see if Tyler had arrived.  At this point, you couldn’t even be mad anymore. All you can feel is the hurt as you stagger off the field, but the hurt from your head is nothing compared to the hurt you feel from Tyler breaking his promise.

Tyler wanted to go back home and go to the charity game. He really did, so much more than than he wanted to play a couple of songs on a talk show that night. He could remember their first charity game that they played together. He wanted Y/N to know that he wanted to be there.

A part of Tyler knew he wouldn’t make it in time for the game, but he couldn’t tell Y/N no. Each time his she asked, Tyler had to resort to telling her that he would be there. Tyler just didn’t have it in his heart to tell her that he had to work.

Tyler’s phone rang loud that morning, jolting him out of his sleep. He groaned tiredly before he grabbed his phone and saw that it was Y/N calling. He almost declined it, knowing he would be in big trouble, but he couldn’t ignore her any longer. “Good morning,” Tyler greeted cheerfully in his husky morning voice as if nothing was wrong.

She didn’t even hesitate before responding with a dull, “I got hurt.”

Tyler’s heart feels like it stops for a moment as he quickly sits up. It takes a second to register before his heart is pounding wildly in his chest. “Hurt?” he asked back, voice a bit frantic. “What do you mean you got hurt?”

“I mean exactly that, I got hurt,” she replied back with no emotion in her voice. “I got a concussion.”

“I’ll be—“

“Tyler, don’t.”



There is a long pause of silence and it makes Tyler feel sick, his stomach twisting with fear and guilt. “It’s not a big deal,” she finally said. “I’ll be fine. I don’t expect you to come take care of me. You didn’t even want to come in the first place, apparently.”

“Common, don’t be like this,” Tyler replied back sharply. She didn’t understand how demanding his job could be. Tyler would give Y/N everything possible, the moon and the stars if she wanted. He would’ve been there if he could get away from work. “I’m coming back home. I promised—“

“I know what you promised,” she interrupted with venom in her voice. “I know what you promised and I know that you broke that promise.” She paused for a second before continuing. “I’m going to go. I have a headache. My mom is going to help around the house. I’ll talk to you later Tyler. Love you.”

The phone call clicks as it ended, leaving no time for Tyler to respond back with an ‘I love you’.

The guilt churned in his stomach again and he knew there was still time to keep his promise.

Tyler was going to be there for Y/N.

He got back home early the next morning. He was completely and exhausted and drained, not able to sleep the whole flight, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t just crawl into bed and go to sleep. He had to make things up with Y/N.

Tyler headed to their room first, opening the bedroom door quietly and peeking in. She was fast asleep, curled up to the pillow and holding onto it for dear life. Tyler stepped closer, seeing how peaceful she looked in her sleep. He leaned over, pressing his soft lips to her forehead. “I love you,” he whispered before leaving the bedroom.

Tyler immediately went to the kitchen. Tyler knew that a good old-fashioned breakfast in bed would win his girl back.

Tyler took his time to make the food. He made fluffy pancakes in the shape of a heart along with delicious scrambled eggs and greasy yet satisfying bacon, all of which were her favorites..

Tyler carefully carried the tray back to the bedroom and he sat it down on the nightstand before looking down at Y/N.  He removed the pillow she was holding onto and he replaced it with his own body. He didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around her and bring her in closer. “Baby,” he mumbled in her ear, kissing the side of her head gently. “Baby, wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered opened slowly and she blinked, staring dumbfounded at Tyler. She was sure it was just a dream that Tyler was there but when she realized that she could actually touch him and hold him, she knew it wasn’t. A smile grew on her face and she surged forward, kissing Tyler repeatedly. “I hate you for leaving me,” she said before kissing him again. “I hate you for not being there.” She kissed him again. “I love you so much.”

Tyler laughed quietly and kissed her one more time before sitting up. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, turning and grabbing the tray. He showed it to her and gave her an apologetic smile with his best puppy dog eyes. She rolled her eyes and took the tray. “You know I could never stay mad at you,” she said, immediately grabbing a piece of bacon and munching on it. “I was just upset. The one person I needed there most wasn’t. It was a bad day yesterday.”

Tyler nodded in understanding. “I know, I’m sorry,” he said. He pushed her hair back and looked at the spot where the ball hit. He frowned and leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to it before sitting back up.

“I’m never playing baseball again,” she whined childishly, slightly pouting. “I’m not any good. Everyone was awful. I got slammed, Ty. And I’m still a little upset you broke your promise.”

“I know,” Tyler sheepishly replied. “I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m always going to be here for you”

The expression on her face softened and she couldn’t help but let out a quiet huff of air. “I really love you so much,” she told Tyler.

“I love you too,” Tyler replied back, gently rubbing her upper thigh reassuringly. “Now finish your breakfast. We’ve got a long day of cuddles ahead of us.”

She grinned happily and nodded, taking a bite of her eggs. She chewed the food and swallowed and looked back up to her boyfriend. “Hey, Tyler?” she asked.


Y/N smiled and pointed to where Tyler’s heart was and said, “I’ll always be there too.”


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 (you are here), part 9, based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

The first time Yuuri meets Lev’s friends, he’s inexplicably charmed.

There’s the small one, who Yuuri correctly assumes is Yaku, and he looks awkward. He would probably prefer to be anywhere but here at the moment, and honestly? Yuuri can’t bring himself to be offended. Meeting a (from the way they look at each other when they think the other isn’t looking… potential boy?)friend’s parents is always awkward.

Then there’s the captain, who reminds Yuuri a bit of Mila in all the best ways. He takes Alisa’s defensiveness like a champ and comes back from her obligatory shovel talk looking more protective than defensive.

And finally, Kenma, whose last name is actually Kozume but who seems to have no patience for honorifics. Yuuri heard all about him when Lev first started volleyball. Kenma is everything Lev isn’t: calm, quiet, strategic. But one thing he and Lev (and Yuuri) have in common is the one thing Yuuri would never wish upon anyone.

He’d hoped originally that Lev was exaggerating Kenma’s anxiety, that perhaps it wasn’t as bad as it appeared or that maybe Lev was seeing symptoms where there are none to be seen. But when he sets eyes on Kenma (and, consequently, Kuroo; it doesn’t take long to figure out that they’re a set), he sees. He sees the quiet boy stick close to Kuroo, clutching his sleeve without even realizing. His free hand stays in his jacket pocket unless he’s using it for something and Yuuri would bet his medals that he’s using the cubes Yuuri gave him.

Later in the night, when the dishes are done and there’s a lull in conversation– or as much of a lull as there ever is; Victor and Lev are still chatting quietly –Kenma tugs on Kuroo’s sleeve, looking up at him with wide eyes that make Yuuri want to squish his cheeks.

He doesn’t, of course; that would be wildly inappropriate.

It’s not the last time any of them are over; now that the season is over and Yurio isn’t around all the time to scare off Lev’s friends, it’s as if their house becomes one of the bases of operations. Lev claims that it’s because of their massive living room and TV, so it’s easier for strategy meetings, but Yuuri can’t help but think that it’s because he’s finally found his niche.

Generally, it’s the same three boys that come over, because they tend to stay the longest at practice. Occasionally it’s only one or two, or other members of the team, but all three of them come home with Lev more often than not. With a little patient prodding, Yuuri discovers that Kenma is a mochi monster, and can eat more ice cream in ten minutes than Yuuri could probably handle in a week. Kuroo is witty and unerringly sharp, despite the way he tries to portray himself; he reminds Yuuri of Victor. He learns that Yaku’s favorite dish is stir fried vegetables (which he uses as an excuse to cook them, since he’s partial to them as well).

After a month of this routine, or lack thereof, Yuuri is surprised to be pulled aside by Kenma. The boy’s hair hangs in front of his eyes, as it usually does when he talks to Yuuri alone. Yuuri doesn’t take it personally.

He squirms for a second before taking a deep breath. Yuuri waits, giving him time to gather his thoughts, and he’s rewarded with a quiet “Thank you. For the cubes. They help a lot in class.”

“Oh.” Yuuri is surprised, but he smiles. Kenma is nearly his height, and he’s glad he doesn’t have to look up or down at him. “Of course. They were Lev’s idea, though.”

Kenma nods a little. “I know. I’ve… I’ve thanked him already. But you were the one who bought them, so. Thanks. And… thank you for letting me and Kuro impose so often.”

“You’re welcome here anytime, for any reason,” Yuuri says automatically, sensing Kenma’s discomfort. “We love having you all here, it makes the place even livelier.”

When Kenma nods, but still doesn’t meet his eyes, Yuuri takes a small risk. He puts a gentle hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I mean it, Kenma-kun. You’re a pleasure to have you over. Even if you just need somewhere to get away from the world, all you have to do is knock.”

He can tell he’s hit the nail on the head when Kenma’s shoulders tense. “Kuro… Kuro said you might be able to help me? With anxiety. If that’s alright. I don’t want to put you out–”

“Put that thought out of your head right now,” Yuuri says firmly. “Of course I’ll do whatever I can to help you, Kenma.” You have no idea how much you’ve helped my family.

It takes more reassurance on Yuuri’s end, and some mental preparation on Kenma’s, but he slowly opens up. He tells Yuuri about his color system with Kuroo (which is ingenious, in Yuuri’s opinion; if he’d thought of that he may have had an easier time all those years ago) and about how, despite how much Kuroo tries to help, he doesn’t really know how.

Yuuri has Kuroo talk to Victor about that, discreetly.

After all that, they start spending even more time at the Kastuki-Nikiforov-Haiba home, sometimes without even using volleyball as an excuse. Lev is ecstatic to have his friends over so often, and Yuuri makes sure to keep extra mochi in the house.

Kuroo asks him to stop enabling his boyfriend’s mochi addiction.

Lev says Kenma has never agreed to toss to him this often before.

Yuuri keeps buying mochi.

When he’s feeling especially brave or it’s a particularly green day, Kenma will be the one to approach Yuuri, asking shyly for advice about something.

Once it’s about whether Yuuri agrees with his parents about his “unhealthy” gaming habits (“Not at all! I played a lot of games and I think I turned out just fine, don’t you?”). He brings up being a burden on their household several times, claiming that he spends more time here or at Kuroo’s than he does at home (“As long as your relationship with your parents isn’t suffering, that isn’t a problem”). One particularly memorable time, he asks in a very small voice if Yuuri thinks he’s too dependent on Kuroo, because a teacher mentioned it today in school after separating them in a group project.

“Of course not!”

It’s not Yuuri that answers him that time, but Lev. He seems to have wandered into the kitchen for a snack, but stops when he hears Kenma’s question.

Kenma looks at Lev with wide, shocked eyes, but Lev hurries on. “Clinging on to something that makes you feel better isn’t a bad thing, Kenma-san! All it means is that you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Kuroo-san is to you what… what skating is to Papa, right? Or what volleyball is to me! And if Kuroo-san or skating or volleyball are our reasons, so be it.”

And with that vaguely heartbreaking (to Yuuri at least) statement, Lev grabs a soda from the fridge and walks back out to play Mario Party with Kuroo, Yaku, and Kuroo’s friend Bokuto (who’s been showing up more frequently lately) without another word. Kenma looks floored. Yuuri can relate.

“What he said,” Yuuri says lamely, opening the freezer and pulling out a mochi ball for Kenma.

But surprises and anxieties aside, they’re a good group of kids, and Yuuri couldn’t have asked for better upperclassmen or better friends for his son.

So when Lev approaches him in the summer, waving around a permission slip for a volleyball field trip to training camp, Yuuri and Victor sign off without hesitation for the first time in their lives. The whoop that he releases is loud enough to wake the dead (read: his Uncle Yuri) and he rushes to pack his bags, much to Yuuri’s amusement.

“Lev, the camp doesn’t start for another week!”

  • Priest: So who have you got on the outside? A boyfriend, from what I hear?
  • Aaron: Is this the bit where the kind priest makes friends with the nasty inmate?
  • Priest: Kind? I've not even offered you a biscuit yet. But, yeah, sometimes this is where friendships form, within accepted parameters. Other times, someone acts how you're being now, then it gets tedious.
  • Aaron: Well, come on. Let's get on with it. Pat me on the head and give me some rosary beads and tell me it's all gonna be all right.
  • Priest: I never tell anyone it's gonna be all right. I hope it will, but I can't see the future.
  • Aaron: My mim and my little sister... on the outside. A few mates.
  • Priest: What's your boyfriend's name?
  • Aaron: Robert.
  • Priest: And how's he doing with all this?
  • Aaron: Fine, I guess.
  • Priest: He doesn't have Jason to contend with, I suppose.
  • Aaron: I can handle him.
  • Priest: You're doing a good impression of someone who can't, if you don't mind me saying.
  • Aaron: Well, actually I do mind you saying, yeah, because you know nothing. You flounce round here with your 'Bless you, child.' You met me an hour ago and you've only just scraped the first millimetre of the tip of an iceberg you can't even imagine the size of.
  • Priest: Oh! Poor baby's had it hard, has he? Did your mum used to hit you? Did she start before you can even rememberand hit you every day and tell you you're useless and you'd made your dad run off and you'd ruined her lif? And did you dread going home from school because you knew there'd be something new you'd done that gave her another excuse? And did she put you in the hospital when you were ten and tell the nurses you'd been in a fight because were an evil little git? And did you push it all down because it's wrong to hit girls? But then, one time, after years, when she came at you with a 6"stiletto, did you put her on her backside with a broken nose and end up in a young offenders' instiitute? Or was that me? We've all lived a life that's brought us to this point... and we all think our stories make us special. They don't.
  • Aaron: And did she rape you, your mum?
  • Priest: No, she didn't your dad did. So what? I could go out on the balcony and spit on half a dozen people who've been through the same. Be a bit harsh, though.
  • Aaron: I'm just sick of being this person.
  • Priest: Hard luck. You're all you've got.
  • Aaron: You know he actually said something that makes sense. Jason. He said that I, erm... He said I could change my name, but it doesn't change who I am.
  • Priest: He's right. You're always gonna be Gordon's son, but it doesn't have to define you. Be proud of it.
  • Aaron: Proud?
  • Priest: You're the son of a man who repeatedly abused you, but you've still made something of your life. I mean, obviously right now, you're in prison for assault. You're a thug, no offence. I'm talking about the future, if that's the one you decide for yourself.
  • Aaron: Yeah, cos it's that eaysy.
  • Priest: Well, it's easy to try. You remind me of Jason, you know. Not the waste of life you know. No, the Jason of five or six years ago, on his first time around. Broody little thing, had his issues, but had a bit of spark as well. Some decency. He was havong a rough time with the prison hards and he was missing home. Him and his girlfriend had just had a baby. Trying to front it all out. I said 'You can't. You need to talk to her, to someone.' He wasn't having that. Too proud. Said he'd sort it himself. Proved me wrong, I suppose.
  • Aaron: Good for him.
  • Priest: Oh, yeah. Girlfriend moved to new Zealand. He'll never see the kid. Probably spend moft of his life on here, or somewhere like it.
  • Aaron: And I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?
  • Priest: I want you to look at him and then at yourself and see if you see a difference. There is one, but it'll get smaller. And if you bottle all your problems up and deal with them how he did, when you leave here, you'll be going back to your boyfriend, your sister and your mum, another loser who the system spat out. Is that who you wanna be?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Priest: Then tell the people who matter to you what you're going through. It'll help.

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I don't know if louis is choosing to be closeted now or if it is still coerced. I have no doubt he wants out of babygate however. I wonder if he and harry have decided to stay closeted for career purposes and so having el back allows him more freedom to write about deep love & relationships for his album. Maybe he'll be honest in lyrics /we'll see/ but establishing el as his partner was a precondition. I hope babygate ends soon but think the El push has another purpose that may help him in a way

Hey anon, thats quite a complex ask :)

I actually have close to zero doubt that Louis is being coerced. I don’t think its actually very hard to reason that out. Unless you believe he really is Fred’s father (in which case…good luck in life) or you think he is the evil mastermind behind one of the most shambolic and unbelievable PR closets any of us has seen - we may as well accept that theres a very fair bet whoever shoved him into it, is still in charge 2 years on.  In fact these people aren’t even hiding- they’re still out there pushing it relentlessly through his supposed solo promo.  The same people who acted as his jailers and abusers in 1D and afterwards, are still  ‘his team’ now he has *all* this freedom. And you know what?  Even leaving aside the fact that these people bullied and media trained his personality out of existence, that they were relentless enough to bring both his stunts to his mothers deathbed, then openly worked to slander him as unstable and violent in the aftermath - even leaving all that repugnant history aside, do you believe Louis Tomlinson, launching a solo career would *choose* a team like that– if he weren’t still cornered and under coercion?

 I can’t understand how often that obvious fact is skipped over as fans agonize over (and are constantly astroturfed over- anyone noticed that over the past couple of days?) how much ‘Louis might be to blame’.  You’d have to believe that he pays, with his own money, a team which is unbelievably unprofessional and incompetent at best (though mysteriously able to do their jobs for other people) and actively works against his success at worst. We, as fans, have never caught a real whiff of the band’s contracts, but we’re being told by people who actually don’t know, that the guys have to be free. Well- I am pretty much 99.9% sure Louis isn’t. My 0.1% of doubt about that would have to be that he’s actually managed to fool us over the years into believing that he’s very bright, when in reality he’s very, very stupid. But I think I’ll go with the 99.9%.

Im not debating about ‘wanting a closet’ for their careers. A closet isn’t a shameful thing for the person who has to choose it- its survival in a lot of situations and a lot of professions. For example if Harry wants to become a Hollywood leading man, I sincerely doubt  any agent or manager is going to advise him to come out.  If L and H have been persuaded that a closet is necessary then that is entirely their prerogative.

Its how the closet is run thats in question. Its how damaging Louis’ closet is in every way. Does anyone seriously believe Louis wouldn’t have a closet like Harrys if he had any choice at all? A closet that doesn’t invade his family? Invade his life and his home and his professional image? A closet that’s front and centre of everything he does, just in case anyone forgets he’s in there?

Louis closet is a fiasco of closely-watched stunts which his team prioritise over his work and which are used to entwine with, subtly diminish and tarnish his image.  Stunts which bring him obvious stress, and in BGs case, constant potential disaster. His closet involves handing himself over to Dan Wooten to put any words Dan chooses into his mouth, with no ability to demur. Dan can turn him into anyone he feels like. Does anyone seriously believes Louis *chooses* that over something effortless and convincing? And the ‘explanation’ that the difference between reputation-ruining cruelty and the odd Victorias Secret model is because Louis ‘reads as gay’ and Harry doesn’t? Sorry. No.

 Bringing Eleanor back as a cover for his album, because he would need that if he wrote any love songs? Well,its ironic but I tend to think the fandom insistence that Louis and  Harry must have lived each song they wrote, may be a legacy of the history of Larry ‘protest songs’. The songs that obviously did reflect their struggle. But its also good box office (as Taylor Swift knows) and I think its an idea the people who run the show use, not just for press but to manipulate the fandom, as they try to use tattoos.

But the suggestion that Louis team would care enough to bring back Eleanor so Louis could write what he wants, isn’t believable to me for all kinds of reasons.  Rationally, if he is only allowed to write songs about someone the fans can identify as Not Harry, he could have kept Danielle. Or he could say they weren’t personal songs, like they u-turned on BTY once they realised that fans didnt think it was romantic. He could say anything. His team know Larries won’t believe love songs are about Eleanor for a second, just as they know antis (and everyone else) will believe absolutely anything they’re told up to an including that the album is about Angela Merkel.  So, no I don’t think they brought her back to ‘allow’ him to write the songs he wants. And I don’t believe he would have chosen Eleanor’s return if he had any say.

Remember how thrilled he was to get free of Eleanor even for a while?  He was trapped with her, in the exact same insulting, diminishing, erasing closet as they’re now rebuilding around him, for *years*. And here we are back again: he’s too chaotic and immature to function without her; he’s an unremarkable guy who’s best staying at home out of the limelight with her instead of going out and being visible or networking  in the industry, because he’s not a star in any way – he’s Eleanor Calder boyfriend. *Why* would he want or agree to that if he had a say? 

 Eleanor isn’t just an ordinary beard. She’s in with the Sony /1DHQ bricks. She’s one of them. She represents something, and they know it. 

Far from bringing El back to cover the album. I’d suggest its the other way round. Promo for this single and the album, is being used as excuse to push Louis stunts, even if it sabotages the single and album and loses him active fans. I think his team have made it clear what their priorities are.  

Very clearly Louis has no option but to push the stunt messages and fight an pray his fans see whats happening as he tries to get his music out there over the stunt noise, then again, whats his option? Harry is also trying to have a career and making compromises.

Since you touch on it anon, one of the biggest questions I have is where Eleanor fits into BG, because I actually had a tiny paranoid suspicion from the time BG began, that they were planning to bring her back. The press narrative at the time of ‘clubbing’ and the baby announcement, had too many mentions linking him to her as his one true love he couldnt get over;  Love You Goodbye during MITAM promo, which was not a single but was pushed that hard, and heavily linked to Eleanor. Louis family, Jay especially, still liking her pics through the ‘estrangement’. But I cant come up with a single theory of why they would free him of E to go through the very obvious plan to land him with a baby, if the endgame was going back to Elounor jail, only even more burdened? Or why he and Harry looked so hopeful or excited through OTRA and MITAM, if they had a clue what was coming? I cant even come up with a faint theory, so Im probably wrong about the contract being in place all along. I would say maybe she’s part of the end to BG, but lets face it, they dont need a costar/saviour to do that. They just need the will to let him go. You never know though. Nothing around Louis is ever allowed to be simple.

I worry though that ending BG or Elounor while Larries are still strong  and confident => rebound impact on Harry.  Which isn’t really a hopeful equation. I very much hope Im wrong though and someone somewhere has a heart. 

Sorry anon… I really need to stop writing essays.

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So in 12x23 (or was it 12x22?) Crowley says something about that he'll close the gates of hell if Sam and Dean help him (I can't remember fully, it's been a few days) - my question is, do you think that they (mainly Sam and Dean and also Cas) would close the gates of hell? Like, is this set out to be a storyline or was I just something that was mentioned and to be glossed over?

Hey Nonny Nonny! 

It is indeed in 12x23 that Crowley says that and no, I do not believe it was mentioned in order for it to be glossed over. In fact, I kind of expect the closing of the gates of Heaven and Hell to either be endgame for the narrative, or at least serve some greater PUSH into endgame.

If they mean to use Jack’s powers as actual endgame (completely depending on whether my hunch is right and they really are winding down the narrative) then closing the gates up top and below means restoring the balance to the world.

Now, I believe the only being in the universe (apart from Chuck, possibly, but I just had an interesting chat with @super-sootica about the role of Chuck and she pointed out that perhaps he’s not as omnipotent as he once was, which makes sense, and raises the stakes, because then Jack truly is the Grandson who has inherited it all from Granddad and oh, wouldn’t that be awesome??) if Jack’s the only being in the universe powerful enough to perform the feat of closing all the gates, throwing in a few miracles to boot, and taking dick-angels and meat-suited demons out of the equation, leaving hunters and supernatural earth-bound critters to their own devices, well then that would be the perfect bookend for the show. Yes? Yes!

Because the boys (the boys are TFW here), whose actions have let Lucifer out of the cage twice and whose choices have always upset the balance of the universe one way or another, will get CLOSURE and a reward for all they’ve done to try and bring that balance back to order. Which they deserve! No? YES!

So Sam, Dean and Cas would absolutely be integral to closing the gates of Hell and of Heaven, too, but I see them working through Jack here. (If I’m right) (this is ALL SPECULATION) If they parent Jack - which we know they will!!!!! (calm down) (sorry) (not sorry) - teaching him, leading him down the righteous path, keeping him away from evil influences (Lucifer) (though I, as @tinkdw proclaims, hope too that he’s redeemed in the end or dies for Jack) then, when TFW get to be Hunter Daddies (omfg I cannot believe they’re going to parent him together) (FUCKING HELL DREAM COME TRUE) (ok calming down) they will bring the influence of humanity to Jack, the sense of love and compassion, the legacy of Kelly which has been left within Jack, and by bringing that side to him out GOOD THINGS WILL COME TO PASS!

I don’t know exactly how or when, but I do believe Jack is key. Whether this plot line is closing this season, or S14, or whether the BMoL might make a resurgence for the end of the series, most likely after the Jack story line has already been dealt with as that is the story line they’re dealing with this season and it makes no real sense to drag this Big Bad Threat out for years and years (that’s not how they do anyway), then there may be a war between Hunters and the BMoL as the BMoL is effectively trying to destroy their world. Which way they’ll do it, I’ve no clue! Could there be other ways of doing it? Fuck yes with the Alternate Realities on the table. But the writers have set themselves up with elements to actually TIE EVERYTHING BACK TO THE BEGINNING in a very neat, precise and yet deeply emotionally complex way and I’m just happy to be along for the ride! :)

Hope that answered your question and I do apologise for the long wait! I thank you for your patience! I give you S4!Cas as a GIF-t. ;)

Originally posted by subcas

Speak for yourself, S4!Castiel. I perch regularly, thank you very much. And did Dean ask you to perch? Or did you just ASSUME he expected you to? Because it is rather presumptuous of you ohhhhh… I see. I see I see I see. YOU’RE a percher, too. You WANT to perch on Dean’s shoulder, but you fear rejection. This is your Thelma and Louise moment, isn’t it, Cas? Where you say one thing, but mean the other? This is where it begins! OMG the LIES! Do you even realise that you are LYING to YOURSELF? You in-complete-denial PERCHER! COME OUT AND PERCH, CAS! WE LOVE PERCHING! WE THRIVE ON IT!

The Snape Dialogues: Our New Celebrity
  • Time: Harry's first year, after that first Potions class before dinner
  • Place: Gryffindor common room
  • Students: Harry, Ron and Hermione sit around a square, low table where they are doing their homework - Hermione is studious but Harry is brooding, and Ron is doodling
  • Hermione: You've been studying the flames in the fire forever, Harry. What are you thinking of?
  • Harry: Potions.
  • Ron: *looks up* Snape hates you mate.
  • Hermione: *indignant* He does not, Ron!
  • Ron: Yes he does, Hermione. He was picking on Harry all through class and if looks could... *Harry is standing, stares a bit more in decision* Harry?
  • Harry: I have to go talk to Professor Snape. I'll meet you later at dinner. *before Ron can stop him or Hermione can protest he has gone through the portrait door, and vanished*
  • Place: Down in the dungeons, Professor Snape's Office.
  • Snape: *glances up from his paperwork as there is a knock on his door* Come. *as the door opens he is surprised to see that annoying first year Gryffindor that has plagued his thoughts since the boy's impending arrival* Potter...
  • Harry: I'm sorry to bother you, Professor Snape, but I think we need to talk.
  • Snape: *points to one of two ladder-back wooden chairs in front of his desk - Harry sits then squirms to find a comfortable place* Stop fidgeting, Potter. That chair offers no comfort to my visitors. Now, why have you interrupted me?
  • Harry: *hesitates as he clasps his fingers tautly in his lap* I'm not a bad student, Professor Snape. *the older wizard does not answer other than a raised eyebrow which tells Harry his teacher does not believe him* I know I couldn't answer anything in class but... *lifts his book bag to his lap and starts rummaging around in it then takes out his Potions notebook - he pushes it across the desk* First page, Sir. It's new.... uhm... please look?
  • Snape: *picks up the notebook and flips the cover to reveal the first page - Harry has written upon it with somewhat blotchy letters but a steady hand* That is my speech word for word. Did someone write this down for you, Potter?
  • Harry: *sighs and shakes his head* No, Sir, that's my writing. Your speech was brilliant and I wanted to remember it.
  • Snape: Indeed. *closes the notebook and puts it down upon the surface of his desk* Then perhaps you will enlighten me as to why you had not read the first chapter of today's lesson.
  • Harry: *hesitates and shifts even though nothing can make him feel comfortable - the Potions Master simply waits - finally he speaks in a soft voice* My... wouldn't... read...
  • Snape: *scowls* Potter, speak up or I will send you away for wasting my time.
  • Harry: *nods nervously, then blurts* My Uncle wouldn't let me read any of my textbooks. He locked them in the basement after I came home from Diagon Alley.
  • Snape: That sounds a bit extreme. Were you being punished for some infraction, Potter.
  • Harry: *knows that his teacher is thinking the worst of him* Always, Professor Snape. My relatives don't like me and they like magic even less. Headmaster Dumbledore sent my aunt and uncle a note with my letter telling them I had to go but they still tried to stop that from happening.
  • Snape: *leans forward and puts his elbows upon the surface of his desk - he is intrigued, now* Tell me, Mr. Potter, of the day Hagrid was sent to fetch you to take you to Diagon Alley.
  • Harry: *shifts again, coughs once nervously, and is surprised to find a glass of water hovering in front of him - he takes it and drinks* Thank you, Sir. *a wave of his teacher's hand and the water is Vanished* Well, when the first letter for me showed up by owl my Uncle burned it. It just kind of exploded at that point. By the end of the day there were lots of owls outside the house and letters were exploding through the windows and down the chimney. My uncle grabbed me and my cousin and we got in the car where Uncle Vernon drove us all the way to the ocean and rented us a tiny cabin practically out in the ocean. Aunt Petunia was sure no one would find us and my cousin and I were sent to bed. *he drew in a deep breath and then related how he woke at midnight to celebrate his birthday and then Hagrid arrived, yelled at his aunt and uncle, gave Dudley a pigtail, and took him away to London* Diagon Alley was just brilliant, Sir! *he smiles*
  • Snape: For any first year, be they Muggle-born or wizard-born it is a truly magical sight, Mr. Potter. Now, relate to me what happened when you returned home.
  • Harry: *sighs knowing he would have to reveal things he didn't even want to think about* Uncle Vernon locked me in my cupboard and locked my new trunk and all of my stuff in the basement. Hedwig, my owl, got away and I think she flew to Hogwarts. So, you see I would have read all of my textbooks just like Hermione did but... I couldn't.
  • Snape: You had a few hours before classes began today, Mr. Potter. Why did you not read anything in that time?
  • Harry: *fidgeting once more* I don't want to get my new friend in trouble.
  • Snape: *sits back and unclasps his hands* Then, there is no more to say, Potter...
  • Harry: *grimaces* Fine! All right... I was going to read some of my textbooks and Hermione even suggested I could read with her but Ron took my books and hid them and told me we didn't have to do anything until we got homework. Please don't punish Ron, Sir, he'll stop being my friend.
  • Snape: *peers at the boy* And, that is important to you, is it not? Having your friends. *Harry nods miserably - sure that Ron will never be friends with him again* Technically, your friend is correct in that you really need not do anything before the formal start of term. *leans slightly forward* However, we teachers suggest that you prepare for classes before term starts which is one of the reasons we send your letters a month in advance of the term's start. *Harry is about to interrupt but his teacher holds up his hand* Yes, Mr. Potter, I do understand that your guardians were averse to you even having your Hogwarts things near. And, I should like to understand more about this 'cupboard' of yours.
  • Harry: *looks down at clasped hands* Uhm... you heard me say that out loud, huh?
  • Snape: *smirks* My hearing is quite good, Mr. Potter. The 'cupboard' issue aside for now, allow me to ask you this... if you liked my speech before class, what did you hope Potions would be like before you attended.
  • Harry: *brightens* Well, that's real magic, isn't it? Hermione told me that Potions isn't just stirring a bunch of ingredients together. It's using your own magic to make the potion what it is. I told her it was like the Chemistry I saw on television. It's science. It's discovering how to make neat things to help others. *deflates visibly* It... uhm... sorta doesn't seem that way now.
  • Snape: *rises from his desk* Follow me, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *obediently and curiously follows his teacher through an inner door to the Potions classroom - the Potions Master indicates to the Boy-Who-Lived to sit at his work table while he Summons a book from his desk* This is Daimon Grayling's Book of Potions. It contains recipes for a variety of potions I use beyond the textbooks in all of my classes. I should like you to turn to page 94, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *takes the book, notes that it is stained and well-worn, and then he turns to the requested page* Hush-A-Bye Elixir. It sounds pretty. What does it do?
  • Snape: It was created by a young Hogwarts student for her NEWTs in 1977 and it is intended to be a gentle sleep aid for colicky babies. I would like for you to brew it, perfectly, without my input. All the ingredients are in the cabinet and the recipe details precisely what you need to do as you are brewing. I have lesson plans to go over so I will be at my desk. Only call upon me if you are in serious need of help. Begin, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *watches as the professor leaves his side so he reads the recipe, picks up the book, and gathers the ingredients he will need - soon he is brewing*
  • Time: An Hour later
  • Harry: *a smile fills his face as his potion fades from a muddy blue to a soft - pillowy - blue*
  • Snape: Very good, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *his head jerks up - he was not expecting his teacher behind him* I did it, Professor Snape.
  • Snape: *actually smiles - sort of* Indeed, Mr. Potter. You did acceptably well.
  • Harry: *beams and looks at his potion* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... Professor? I know I've never heard of her but who was it that created this potion?
  • Snape: *sighs wistfully* A very talented potions student, Mr. Potter. Her name was Lily Evans. *Harry's jaw drops, and his teacher stretches out a finger to tap the boy's mouth closed* Your mother, Mr. Potter. *he hands the happily shocked student a note and Harry takes it slowly* You have missed dinner. This gives you permission to receive your meal in your common room. Clean up and then you are dismissed, Mr. Potter. *returns to his desk*
  • Harry: *quickly cleans his work table and then bottles the potion then takes it to his teacher* Can anyone use this potion, Professor Snape?
  • Snape: *takes the large bottle* I will put the Hush-A-Bye into single dose ampoules which I will send to Slug & Jiggers in your name. That should provide you with a tidy allowance for whatever you wish to use the gold for.
  • Harry: *beyond over-joyed* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... yeah... really... thank you! *turns and trots to the door of the classroom but then he stops, turns, and turns a serious expression upon his face* You aren't going to change towards me in class and stuff, aren't you, Professor?
  • Snape: *shakes his head slowly* I cannot change, Mr. Potter. However, you are invited to bring questions and concerns to me before dinner. Use a Disillusionment Charm, though, and no one shall ever know.
  • Harry: *nods - and then leaves*
  • Snape: *studies the potion then looks towards the closed door* I will know about your 'cupboard' next time, Mr. Potter.

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oh, oh, what about something merlin where the reader is having a depressing af convo with harry--who hasn't turned off his glasses, and it's like: "it--look, it doesn't matter, harry. it never did. i know who i am, and i know who he is. he'll never know, and even if i told him, it's not like he'd reciprocate. i'll let it go. i have to. and things will suck for a little bit, but they'll be okay in the end."

Pairing: Merlin x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman
Warnings: pure angst ; language

A/N: first of all, I hope, with everything that I have, that you write fanfictions yourself because that was some goooood shit there. I mean, I basically only added the context lol. No seriously though. This is really angsty and I’m sorry, but oh well, I suppose this is what you wanted haha. hope you like it <3 


“Resignation?” Harry looked up from the papers in front of him with disbelief, “Why?”

“Personal reasons? Health issues? Financial problems? Take your pick, I don’t really care,” you buried your hands in your coat, obviously being ready to leave this place.

Harry, however, was suspicious.

He was a spy, for god’s sake. And he hadn’t realized something was wrong with you till now. Which only proved to him how good you were at hiding personal feelings. Or any feelings, for that matter from him. You’ve always been the professional one, compared to the other Kingsman applicants. Summed up, you were the best out of them all.

And he’d be damned if he let you leave without trying to convince you to stay.

He tilted his head to the side and pointed towards the chair next to him.


You wanted to roll your eyes, but kept it professional and did what he asked you to do… like you had always done. But you kept your coat on, wanting to make this conversation as brief as possible.

“It..- look,” you sighed and averted your eyes, “It doesn’t matter, Harry. It never did.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean,” he studied you intensely, trying to figure out what was wrong, but the only plausible reason he could come up with was:, “Is this about Merlin?”

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Prompt-When she was a kid Lisa randomly decided she wanted to go to summer camp. But because the decision came super last minute, Len doesn't have enough time to raise the funds (those camps can cost $$$, especially if its a sleep away). Instead he makes a deal, Lisa gets to attend and the camp gets 2 (you know he'll drag mick along) counselors who will work for free. (Bonus points if due to the last minute registration, the only camp with any openings is the Lizard Camp that Joe sent Barry to!)

Every time I send out these ‘I’m high on ambien, hit me up!’ posts, I feel I should reiterate that I have a prescription and take my meds responsibly, it’s just that even though I regularly take ambien for my chronic insomnia, I have to be really careful about dosage because my body adapts easily, so I take a small amount, meaning usually I don’t suffer from side effects because my body is used to it by now. But since I never get TOO used to it or take TOO much, I can still get loopy once in a while. Honestly, I’m amazed I can write legibly when that happens.

So anyhoo, this prompt got me thinking this morning. Since my brain wants to go a ColdFlash route, I’m thinking Lisa and Barry are the same age, about 16, and Len and Mick are around 20.

I know the whole reptile camp thing happened when Barry was 12, but let’s assume he goes back every year now because he loved it, and there are different programs depending on age, so it’s different every year, which is why Barry enjoys it so much.

This is the last year he can go, so he insisted on paying himself this time since Joe gave a bit of a suffering sigh like “again?” especially since Iris really wanted to go to this photography camp that is MUCH more expensive, and Barry wanted the family money to help her. He was happy to use his allowance to go to reptile camp another year.

Not that he really has friends there, but some of the people are cool, even if he still feels like the odd man out at lunch, sitting alone and getting weird looks when he gets too into a topic like he always does.

There’s always new people around, but this year there is this really pretty, really tough, really kind of scary brunette his age who asks just as many questions as he does, and wants to be involved in everything and learn as much as possible, and in no way cares if people stare at her - which Barry probably does too much because he’s not used to someone acting like…well him.

They end up being partners most of the time for nature walks and examining various reptiles. Barry finds out that Lisa didn’t care where she went for summer camp, she just wanted to do something different to get out of Central and learn something unexpected.

She eventually confesses that the real reason was because her dad was finally thrown in prison for being a crooked cop and she wanted to be anywhere but home. Barry confesses his dad’s in prison too, but for something he didn’t do. Unlike most people, she at least acts like she believes him when he says his father wasn’t the one who killed his mother. They become fast friends, inseparable, all in the first day. 

Then Barry sees the new counselors smoking behind one of the cabins, and he’s been trained by Joe to report deviant behavior, but damn it…the smaller of the two, slender and beautiful and wow, those eyes, transfixes Barry. He sort of freezes watching them.

“You smoke?” Lisa comes up to him.

“Huh? What? No.”

“Oh god, you’re not making moon eyes over my brother, are you?”

“He’s your brother?”

Lisa doesn’t really want to share her new friend with Len, or share her brother with Barry, but she knows a goner when she sees one.

Meanwhile, Len was able to convince Mick to go along with this whole counselor thing, because there is a nearby camp for rich kids where they can jack a few cars during the night and probably make a good haul for the week.

When they try to sneak off, Barry and Lisa follow them. Hijinks ensue.

Lisa is miffed because Len promised he’d be good. She doesn’t want them kicked out of the camp. Barry is quietly smitten with Len as he watches him and melts at the sound of his voice, which is even better than just how he looks. Plus he’s smart and so patient with Lisa, and oh god, he’s looking at Barry.

Len does not even consider hitting on this ‘kid’ he assumes his sister must have a thing for, puts it out of his mind entirely, but when jacking rich kids’ cars turns into almost getting caught - all four of them - Barry convinces Len and Mick that they could make more money doing a paid internship back home through the police department. He wanted to do it, but you have to be at least 18.

Len and Mick initially laugh at the idea, especially since Lewis just went to prison, there’s no way they’d want the son of a crooked cop for the internship, but by the end of the week at reptile camp, he’s convinced, maybe because this kid has such kind eyes that shake loose the hardness in his heart, and he does want to do right by Lisa. He’s able to convince Mick to join him when they get home.

Basically, reptile camp means that Barry and Lisa become best friends. Lisa goes into biology and eventually gets a job at the Central City zoo, and Len and Mick go into the police academy after their internship and become partners on the force, where Barry is still a CSI.

Only as adults, after being friends and in some ways like an older brother to Barry, does Len start to realize he might want more from this kid who kept him, his sister, and his best friend on the straight and narrow.

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Honestly I'm loving the Jack and Clark friendship. I want the show to build on it so badly but knowing them we either won't see Clark again or if he does become jack's friend but he'll probably end up dying. Side note: CLARK'S EYES FUCKING KILLING ME THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL

Yeah, I’m pretty worried about him :P I think I heard in passing that he’s coming back but I can’t remember where or if it was a reliable source… I would be pretty worried about him if he had a part to play in a whole nother episode. I would be curious if he DID come back because that means Jack has got attached to him and is worried about him and would like to see him again (and maybe heal him if he discovers he can), and they COULD play it that Jack comes back and heals him, and that’s pretty much the extent of Clark’s return, though hopefully with exchanging phone numbers and stuff. I love the idea of Clark as Jack’s guide to humanity like Dean is to Cas (except as you say, the vivid eyes are on the other side :P) and that Jack at the very least sort of has him as a friend out there somewhere, even if he doesn’t have much time to see him. Just the idea that he creates and maintains friendships where he goes. Because A: he’s precious and deserves lots of friends so that he knows the world isn’t all bad when it turns on him, and B: as a sign that he is good and his heart is in the right place and can form all these connections. The idea that the world is out there for him and it’s something for him to fight for as more than just immediate family, but there’s a whole ton of reasons to save this world… I mean Clark is a good thing for Jack to have had even if he never sees him again because he had a connection with him but it would be nice if it didn’t end at Jack getting him hurt and that’s that :<

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Finally some positivity for the season 12 finale! I loved it, I just hope that they don't fck up! ( even though it's pretty unlikely) Btw, what are you're thoughts on //major spoiler// crowleys death? Do you think that he'll be rescued or will he stay dead?

2. What’s your opinion on Crowley’s death? I think that it was kind of a beautiful way to die, his character arc closed really well. I don’t think he’s coming back. What about you?

3. What are your thoughts of crowley this finale? (per say, how they sent him out)

4. @thayerkerbasy: Okay, I can see why you’re positive about season 13 and Destiel. It’s like we’re in the last 20 minutes of the romance movie, everything’s gone horrible, and now Dean has to work to make things right. It’s a wonderful thing, and it’s going to show the Bronlies why just Sam and Dean isn’t enough anymore. That said, is there anything you can say to reassure Crowley fans like me? It feels like my dash is a parade of Destiel while I’m sitting here with a well-dressed corpse.

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Hi all my Crowley loving friends :D

I loved everything about Crowley’s death.

The way he told them before hand that he was DONE, the way Rowena was gone, but it wasn’t him who killed her (lets be honest, he wouldn’t have), the way he did it for the greater good in the end after having chosen to close the gates of Hell and go AGAINST the demons’ interests in the end… his rejection of his creator (hello Dean-John and overall chosen v blood family SPN theme!).

The thing is, for me if they bring Crowley back it kind of spoils the meaning of his death. Plus the fact that he did some EVIL SHIT Y’ALL!

I see Crowley as the dark Cas mirror, the other part of the Crowley-Dean-Cas love chevron, the metaphor for Dean’s dark side

So the fact that he essentially loses the will to live and lets go, mere MINUTES after Dean lost the will to keep his facade up and lets go of his ‘dark side’ in 12x22… that was so beautifully written and SO META as Dabb said it would be.

I’m in AWE of the showrunning and the overall writing this season :D

It was so well tied up to his own arc as well, I would be really sad if they gratuitously brought him back, plus it just doesn’t work as the dark Dean mirror that he is now that Dean has chosen to let that side go…

Unfortunately Sam and Dean ARE our main protagonists and Cas is third, if they want to kill Cas off, they know we aren’t going to think it’s permanent, to the point that it isn’t even a secret at the con the next day! Now whether they decide to use Crowley’s death as this metaphor for the ‘dark side’ of Dean and continue it along or disregard it now that it’s been used and allow Crowley to come back (perhaps making it a ‘reconciliation arc’ instead of a ‘rejection arc’ in the metaphor), or whether they do kill him off permanently is a production decision I guess that the writers have to work into the story.

Personally I think the story works better in the grand scheme of things if he stays dead, it is more meaningful. But I and fandom love Mark so… we’ll see!

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I don't know if you've answered this before (I'll probably need to spend a day scrolling through your blog) but how do you think Severus felt when Dumbledore revealed Harry's fate, that he'll have to die! Do you think he would've been torn out of his love for Lily? or the whole 'for the greater good' thing since practically alot of people had to die until they've reached that point, and they were so close to the end...


I think that was his overriding emotion.  It’s such an interesting conversation, because Dumbledore clearly didn’t intend to have it - he is forced to meet with Severus because Severus is pushed to the verge of mutiny.

“You refuse to tell me everything, yet you expect that small service of me!” snarled Snape, and real anger flared in the thin face now. “You take a great deal for granted, Dumbledore! Perhaps I have changed my mind!”

Snape looked angry, mutinous. Dumbledore sighed.
“Come to my office tonight, Severus, at eleven, and you shall not complain that I have no confidence in you…”

I tend to read the Always scene slightly different to many other readers.  I elaborated on that here - but the quick rehash is that I read the scene as:

- Severus cares about Harry’s survival solely because he is Lily’s boy.
- Dumbledore realises that Severus cares for the cause, and risks telling Severus the “entire” plan.
- Severus flicks his patronus in the air, proving he only cared because of Lily.
- Dumbledore is left with the horrible realisation that he’s misjudged the situation.

The tragedy is that Dumbledore recognises that Severus is fighting for a bigger reason (the greater good), but at this point Severus hasn’t acknowledged it.

It’s a really interesting place to leave the scene.  We know what happens next; Severus acquiesces and follows Dumbledore’s plan to the end.  At some point, Severus realises that there are no other options - no better options - and that the important part of the puzzle is that Lord Voldemort must be vanquished, no matter the cost.

Fascinatingly, Dumbledore manages to steer Severus onto the path of the greater good in one or two key scenes, and Severus doesn’t really notice it happening.  He is aware that he does good things - “Lately, only those whom I could not save.” - but he doesn’t really acknowledge it as being separate to his Save-Lily’s-Son quest.

The other major point is that when Severus goes fishing for the facts, he doesn’t anticipate Dumbledore telling him something so devastating.  I am certain beyond measure that Severus was desperate to find out how Harry was supposed to thwart Voldemort, because Severus had no confidence in Harry and his abilities, and he wanted to pick up the pieces if Harry were to fail.

By the end, I think Severus was resigned to the fact that Lord Voldemort was evil and needed to be thwarted by absolutely any means.  But right up until that moment in Half Blood Prince when he realised that Harry was a ‘pig for slaughter’, I don’t think he’d really thought about the quest of Defeat Voldemort as being inextricably entwined with Keep Harry Safe; it’s almost as if they were two distinct concepts, and although he was going along with Dumbledore with the Defeat Voldemort quest, he was only really doing so because it matched with his Keep Harry Safe quest.

Importantly, even though Severus had defected, he hadn’t actually explicitly signed up to the Defeat Voldemort cause.  I think that’s what Cursed Child really brings to the fore.  The AU!Severus in Cursed Child is far further back at the end of HBP - he doesn’t rise up the ranks of the Death Eaters, he doesn’t even rise up the ranks at the school.  …but once confronted with Harry’s death, he doesn’t give up - he draws a line in the sand and says, “Lily died.  I couldn’t save Harry for Lily, but I am going to fight against him.”

In the original canon, Severus comes to the same realisation once he accepts the news of Harry’s death.  We don’t hear him say it, because there’s no space in the text - but he shows the reader with his actions instead.

I think, for many many years, Severus was fighting to bring down Voldemort.  He just didn’t permit himself to realise it.  It would’ve been far easier for him to acknowledge that Dumbledore had given him a quest and he had gone along with it, as opposed to him reconciling that the ideology he’d believed in since he was a young boy was completely and utterly wrong, and he was rejecting it and aligning with the likes of the Marauders instead of his genuine Slytherin friends.