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Do the whole alphabet for Driver Kim 👌👌👌👌👌

Well, I do pride myself in being his #1 fan <3

Also, I completely forgot that he’s a legendary racer???? More reasons to love this man he should get a route!!!

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

Physics. Why? I don’t know, he just looks like someone who would be good at Physics.

B: Do they have any allergies?

He’s actually a little allergic to cat fur, so when Jumin gets into the car with some of Elizabeth’s fur on his suit, he will sniffle a little, and on rare occasions even let out a sneeze. He’ll never tell Jumin though. It’s not a big deal to him anyways (plus he wants to keep his job).

C: Can they swim well?

Yes. Driver Kim is good on land and sea. He’s perfect.

D: How they react to being flirted with?

Awkward laugh. Then he’ll adjust the picture on his dashboard to remind you that HE HAS A CHILD YOU SICK F–

E: How are they with children?

He has children, so he’s very good with them. Probably a lenient dad who spoils their child as much as they can.

F: What’s one thing they’re really bad at?

What are you talking about Driver Kim is perfect <3

G: How do they flirt?

He doesn’t have to. Every passenger he has falls in love with him the moment he makes that first U-turn.

H: What is their deadly sin?

He’s never sinned. He has no sin. He’s perfect.

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?

Probably like a 7 but it should really be a 10 because he’s perfect.

at this point I’m completely shitposting I’m so sorry

J: What’s their sense of humour like?

He tends to slip into the dad jokes territory at times but he mostly makes observational jokes. He’s actually pretty funny. Of course, because he’s Driver Kim y'all!

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

He won’t be as smiley. He normally smiles a lot. Once you’ve upset him the car will be in complete silence.

L: What is their favourite board game?

He doesn’t play board games. He’s a busy man. Just kidding, Monopoly.

M: What is their favourite dessert?

He likes hot desserts, like red bean pancakes.

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

I bet he makes great french toast. With a side of eggs.

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

If you insult his car. How dare you. It’s a beautiful car.

P: How do they handle money?

I feel like he has a lot of savings in his bank account. Like enough such that he can retire now and live comfortably for the rest of his life. I’m sure Jumin pays him really well.

Q: Are they patient?

Remember when MC visited Zen during his route and she was about to stay the night but he sent her home? And that was pretty late at night too. Guess who was still waiting for her outside Zen’s house? Freaking Driver Kim.

There was a possibility that she wouldn’t even have gone home that night but Driver Kim waited. He’s the most patient man in the world. What a beautiful soul.

R: What are their hands like?

I headcanon that he has aloe vera hand cream on him at all times. He has very soft and smooth hands.

S: How stealthy are they?

He’s not stealthy but he’s not clumsy either, you know?

T: Where are they ticklish?

A little bit on his sides I guess? But he’s not very ticklish. WARNING: DO NOT TICKLE YOUR CHAUFFEUR WHEN HE IS DRIVING. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, HAN JUMIN. 

U: What’s their voice like?

Like a chorus of angels from the heavens up above. We are truly blessed to have such a specimen of a human being roam this earth and drive Jumin Han around.

V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

Dirty his car. Oh man. If you spill something but you’re really apologetic about it, he’ll close one eye to it, but if you try to just, you know, subtly toss a piece of tissue paper onto the floor, he’ll see it. He’ll slam the brakes harder at every red light just so you’ll get a mild whiplash. You little asshole.

W: Can they dance?

Yes. He can dance waltz.

X: What’s their most petty little secret?

He likes Jumin, but the other people he drives around can get really annoying sometimes. You know those type of people who like to strike up a conversation in the car and keep it going even if it’s clearly dying? He hates that. He contemplated crashing the car. He almost did, but he’s Driver Kim and he has amazing self-control.

Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to?

Does Jumin Han is g–

Z: How do they sleep?

Like a log. It’s actually impressive.

Happy B-day, Zen!

So, this lovely anon came up with that idea last week and I decided to make this  for Zen’s birthday!!! I didn’t have a title for it, so it’s just Zen birthday fic :p


Zen’s birthday

“Do you think he’ll like it?” you ask Jaehee, very hesitating.

“I… I don’t know, MC. It’s a very… unique gift…”

“Yeah, I know, but… what else could I get him?”

You asked Zen a million times what did he want as a gift, all you got as an answer was:

“You already give me the best gift everyday, babe, your heart burning in desire for me…” very romantic, but not really helpful.

“I mean, he would probably be happy about anything you give him, MC. But… that…” Yoosung is as hesitating as you.

“I don’t know why you feel so unsure, MC. I think it’s a marvelous gift!” Jumin told you with something you assume is a smile, but you’re not sure.

“Yeah, girl. It’s a pretty cool gift!” Seven agreed.

Both of them stare at you, wondering if they made you feel even a little more confident.

“Shit! Jumin and Seven love it, I’m so screwed!” both of them are puzzled, what’s that supposed to mean?

Zen told you he would be back home a little earlier than usual so you two could celebrate his birthday, you decided to organize this little surprise party and invited the RFA members. You wanted something simple and very intimate, because you’re still getting used to all the grandness that evolves him and sometimes it’s just nice being surrounded only by his closest friends… and Jumin.

Speaking of Jumin, you’ve got the idea of giving your boyfriend a sphinx cat when you were watching another one of his bickers with Mr. Director. “You’re just jealous you can never feel the pleasure of caressing Elizabeth the 3rd’s soft fur without sneezing for every 2 seconds, Zen.” Yes… Zen can’t deal with cat fur, but what if the cat doesn’t have any fur? He always tells you he doesn’t really hate cats, so maybe… he will like it?

Oh no! What if he only told you that trying to impress you? What if it was only for him not to come across as one of those bitter people who hate animals? Shit… maybe this was a bad idea… maybe you should have follow Seven’s first idea of just wrapping yourself with a decorative bow and wait for Zen in bed… shit! Is it too late for that? Yoosung’s gift has a cute bow on it, maybe you can steal it and sneak out to the bedroom?

“SURPRISE!!!” time out! Your boyfriend come in very distracted and is took by surprise s you all coe out of your hidden spots, jumping and yelling, you see his beautiful scarlet eyes widening and a huge smile appearing on his face. Oh… it’s so beautiful it hurts you…

“Babe, is this your doing?”

“Yes, Zenny. I hope you don’t mind, I told you it was going to be just the two of us, but I wanted something a little more special…”

“Anything you come up with is special, babe. I loved it!” oh… that’s a good sign. “And you even did some charity and invited Jumin Han so he wouldn’t feel excluded, you’re such an angel.”

“Yes, hello to you too, Zen. I’m so glad you made through another year of narcissism and cheesy drama outbursts, congratulations.” Jumin being sarcastic? Where did that come from?


“Okay! Time to open presents!” Seven interferes, and you low key want to kill him for it, you do not want presents being open right now. You wish he did when you two are alone and you can explain yourself. But now it’s all pointless, so you just go to stay next to the carrier where the kitty is, and hope he doesn’t make any noise for now.

Jaehee’s gifts so thoughtful you are legitimate jealous for not thinking about it first. Yoosung did his best with his low budget. Seven gave him… a pair of cat ears? What the fuck?

“Well, if MC uses it, maybe you’ll appreciate these amazingly cute animals, Zenny boy! Oh… and I think is also a foreshadow to something. Wait for it…”  Seven wiggle his eyebrows looking at you. Yep, you definitely want to kill him.

“Yeah, thanks… but no. I don’t want anything related to cats!” SHIT! Yoosung and Jaehee look at you with pity… and then they look apprehensive when they hear a low “meow”. “You brought the fur ball to MY birthday party, you jerk!?”

“Look down, Zen.” Jumin says without taking his eyes off his glass of wine.

And then Zen sees it, a small animal rubbing his leg playfully and purring loudly. Everybody is in complete silence, like if they’re watching a very thrilling movie.

“What’s that?” he asks, confused.

“It’s a cat.” Jumin answers in his usual monotone voice.

“I know it’s a cat. I’m asking why is there a cat at my apartment? Hey, jerk! Are you trying to be funny and failing miserably as usual?”

“Zen… I…” you know you should say something, but your voice come out almost as a whisper.

“No, babe. I know how you hate fights, but this time Jumin went completely out of line! Dragging my worst enemy to inside my own house? Are you insane? Or are you just being… cruel? What’s wrong with you? Seriously…”

You feel like shit and can’t control the tears rolling down your shocked face.You were expecting a very bad reaction, but not this bad… Cruel? Were you really being cruel to him? On his birthday?  Zen doesn’t deserve this! Maybe he deserves a better girlfriend, who really knows him, his fans were right about you… it’s just too much to handle! So you storm out of his apartment.

“B-Babe? What’s going on?”

“Zen… you should read the card…” Yoosung says, really apprehensive.

Then Zen sees the card stuck on the cat’s collar. “No fur, no allergies, lots of love. Happy birthday, Zenny! MC <3” that’s your handwriting… OH SHIT!

“Oh… my… fucking… god!” he’s shocked, he never felt so mad, disgusted and horrified about himself like he feels now “What did I just do?”

“You lashed at your girlfriend who was just trying to be considerate and give you a really thoughtful gift.” Jumin stated.

“IT WAS A RETHORICAL QUESTION,YOU JERK! Oh my god… What do I do now? What do I do now? She’s probably terrified of me! What if she ran away? Yoosung, text her! Jaehee, call her! Seven, track her down! Jumin… just shut the fuck up! And you…!” he looks at the cat snuzzling next to his leg “You… are… kind of cute… I guess.” He smiles even though he knows now it’s not really appropriate.

“And haven’t you noticed you didn’t sneeze not even once since you came here?” Zen glares at Jumin “Okay, I’ll just keep quiet…”

Zen looks at the cat, and then to the cute card you wrote… you are so adorable. How did he manage to meet someone so sweet and caring? And how could he be stupid enough to mix up a very meaningful gesture of you with a bad prank coming from the robotic mind of Jumin Han? What if he loses you because of something so silly of him?

This kitty is as adorable as you, he feels so… comfortable looking at the cat knowing it came from you…  but the cat isn’t a replacement for you! He needs to find you and tell you how much he loved it your gift and… how much he loves you.

“I need to find her!”

“No need to play the knight in shining armor, she’s just downstairs, I tracked her.” Seven says, even him sound a little more serious after this mess.

“Yes, one of my bodyguards found her and told her to stay and calm down.” Jumin explains.

“AND YOU JUST TELL ME THIS NOW!?  JESUS CHRIST, YOU’RE UNBELIEVEBLE, DUDE!” Zen storms out of his apartment too.

“You’re welcome.” He’s still staring at his glass of wine.

“So… can we eat the cake?” Seven asks Yoosung.

Zen finds you sobbing and keeping your head down, sitting on a chair, Jumin’s bodyguard looks flustered. The guy is probably trained to easily defuse an armed man, but doesn’t know how to deal with a woman crying…

“Babe…?” Zen asks carefully, he brought the cat in his arms.

“Oh, Zen… I’m so so so sorry! I thought you would like it, because you keep saying you don’t hate cats, but you do! I should know that by now, I should know you better! But I’m so useless and I keep relying on the things you say about loving me unconditionally. I’m the worst, Zen! I’m just the worst!”

Zen doesn’t say anything, he just comes close and puts the purring kitty on your lap, then he knees in front of you, cups your face with his both hands and kiss you. His kisses are always sweet and passionate, but there’s something about this one that takes you back to that night you first kissed…


“You don’t really have to, as this is the happiest one, but… you never told me ‘Happy Birthday’” he smiles softly

“But… but…”

“You’re right, I don’t hate cats. I really like this little fella over here, I had no idea I could like a cat at first sight like this. Maybe you know me better than I know myself…” you feel the tears coming again, tears of pure joy this time.

You two (three if you’re counting the kitty) eventually got back to the apartment and went on with the celebration. You got mad because there was only half of the cake now, but Zen just laughed.

When you two are left alone after the party, Zen hugs you and apologizes all over again. You are cuddling in the couch with the kitty, whose name is still in discussion.


“Yes, my princess?”

“What did Jumin give you as a gift, after all?”

“Well, about that… the jerk couldn’t even think about something I would like, so he gave me a gift card a couple of days ago” you laugh, and Zen grins. “And I decided to use it on something for you.”

“Zen, you shouldn’t have done that! It’s your birthday, you dork!”

“Well, you can consider as something for us, then…” oh, this smirk… you know where this is going. “Would you mind looking at your lingerie drawer? I… let something there for you…” he’s blushing, it’s so adorable, but his voice sounds so… sexy… “Oh, and… feel free to wear the cat ears Seven gave me. It turns out he was right too, I can really appreciate it if you use it.”

You giggle and kiss him quickly before heading to the bedroom. “Hey, Zenny! Happy birthday!”

He smiles and takes the kitty out of his lap. As much as he adores his new friend, he hopes the cat doesn’t mind staying alone for a few hours… the day is not over and Zen has still one last gift to open…

He sneezes and you tell him shut up out of frustration (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -it was that time of the month and he was well aware of it due to the fact you were always easily irritated. So when he sneezed for once you practically yelled at him to shut the hell up- “babe I get it’s that time but I’m the good guy remember. I get you chocolate and necessaries, so don’t bite my head off ok?” 

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Jeonghan: -you usually loved when he sneezed cause it was cute like him, but that stopped 6 sneezes ago. So when you told him to shut up he glared at you- “do you think I like 9 times in a row? I don’t so don’t yell at me Y/N”

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Joshua: -you were trying to read and he had been loud since he was there, when he sneezed it was the last straw and you threw a pillow at him telling him to shut up so you could read. So he got playful- “do you want to fight me about it? Come on I’ll give you first hit”

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Jun: -you both had been in a grumpy mood today he decided to spend the night last night and neither of you slept well. You nearly slapped him in the chest when he sneezed so you told him to shut up instead- “What are you going to do bite me?”

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Hoshi: -the two of you were actually making out when he pulled back and sneezed, he covered his face but still managed to spit on you. You quickly pushed him away and he went to apologize but you told him to shut up before you left to wash your face off- “k”

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Wonwoo: -it wasn’t a good day everything seemed to piss you off. So he sneezed you practically groaned at him to shut up and rolled your eyes. He got snappy right back- “you’re getting mad at me for sneezing? Then I guess I should get mad at you for being in such a horrible mood then”

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Woozi: -when you were grumpy he was grumpy and you had tackled him when he sneezed telling him to be quiet so that you could go back to sleep. He was going to tackle you back onto your bed but decided to hold back-  “you little be lucky you’re cute”

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DK: -he told you to be quiet when you sneezed earlier because it was a sneezing fit and your sneezed 12 times in a row. But as soon as he sneezed you told him to shut up- “well then”

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Mingyu: -he sneezed in your ear more than once today when he was being cuddly. So when he did it again you told him to shut up and pushed him away saying if he’s going to keep sneezing on you he shouldn’t be cuddling you- “you know baby you’re really cute when you’re mad”

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The8: -he got you sick so both of you were sick and laying around in your room. So when he sneezed it was disgusting and snotty even in his sneezed into a tissue. So you told him to shut up before you threw up- “ok babe remember who was the one who wanted to kiss me even though I told her that I was sick? I believe it was you”

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Seungkwan: -he had allergies and the pollen had made him sneeze all day. As time went on it kept getting more and more annoying until you threw your water bottle at him and told him to shut up before you made him- “deal with it”

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Vernon: -when he sneezed he sneezed loud and it often was embarrassing for both of you. When he was out on date with you to the movies he sneezed extremely loud and everyone there glared at him. You told him to shut up and to not sneeze again because he almost spilled his drink on you and if he did you’d pour yours all over him- “sorry jagi won’t happen again”

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Dino: -he scared you when he sneezed you were half asleep when he accidentally let out a loud sneeze. Startled you pushed him off the couch and began to blush when he started laughing. Telling him to shut up before you hid your face he went aegyo mode to cheer you up- “aw baby I’m very sorry I didn’t mean to laugh”

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Just let it happen (Markson)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

It was finally the weekend and Got7 had finished their schedule for the week and now had the whole weekend to look forward too. They all hurried home and threw their things in their rooms and then slumped on the couch to relax. The whole room was filled with silence and the only sound was everyone’s faint breathing. It wasn’t long until the silence was broken by Jinyoung. “Why don’t we all go out for some food to celebrate having the weekend off for the first time in ages?” Everyone’s heads snapped up to look at him all from the mention of food. “We can all go to the barbecue place on the other side of town, I’ve heard it’s really nice there.” He looked around to see the nodding heads of his fellow members. “Well it’s settled then, let’s go.” He got up and ran to his room to get his coat and gestured the others to do the same. Everyone but Mark and Jackson had gotten up and they continued to stay slumped on the couch. “Guys, what are you doing let’s go.” Jinyoung raised his voice to try and wake them up. “We’re not going we’re gonna have an early night.” Jackson mumbled as he lazily shooed off Jinyoung. “Well okay then, be sure to lock the door before you go to sleep then, I’ll take my key with me.” Jackson just replied with a thumbs up before letting his arm fall back to his side. Jaebum and Jinyoung led everyone else out of the dorm and they all said their farewells to Mark and Jackson who still sat unresponsive on the couch. 

Their eyes snapped open when they heard the click of the door closing and they were all of a sudden awake. “Thank god for that I thought we’d never get time together.” Jackson said with a sigh as he sat up. Mark gave a light “mmm” in agreement and rested his head on Jackson’s chest. They had been going out for a month but kept it a secret from the media and the rest of the group, they didn’t want to know how they would react so they thought it was best for them to keep it quiet for now. “I wish we could be like this more often.” Mark said as he lifted Jackson’s hand and started to play with his fingers. Jackson looked down at Mark and couldn’t help but smile at him, everything Mark did Jackson found adorable, from how he acted when he wakes up, to his hyper moods and even to the times when he had a cold and was sneezing all over the place. He loved his sneezes, the way he curled up into a ball and tried to muffle the sneeze even though they come out as little squeaks as it is. Everything about Mark was just down right adorable to him. Using his free hand he started to run his fingers through Mark’s soft hair. “We will one day, don’t you worry.” He replied as he lightly pecked the top of Mark’s head. Still shy from their whole relationship Mark lightly squeeze Jackson’s hand and pulled it up to his face to cover his blushing cheeks. Smiling at his boyfriend’s cute actions Jackson nudged Mark’s temple with his nose to get his attention. Mark looked up at him with a rosy red colour still in his cheeks. “You don’t need to be embarrassed, there’s more where this came from trust me.” Jackson gave another kiss to Mark’s head before looking at him sweetly.

Finding new courage Mark leaned up and planted a kiss on Jackson’s lips for a few seconds then pulled away blushing even more. “u…umm.” Mark stuttered as he tried to find words for his actions, but before he could do that Jackson lifted his chin and met him with another kiss this time with a little more passion to show Mark it was okay and he felt exactly the same. Jackson’s arm wrapped itself around Mark’s waist and pulled him closer. This was very new for the both of them, they had kissed before but not like this this kiss was more intimate and it sort of made Mark feel a little nervous but he didn’t pull away he just savoured the taste of Jackson’s lips for as long as he could knowing he didn’t get to do this everyday. Jackson started to try and get the kiss more heated and it soon turned into a make out session which he never expected Mark to fall into so easily. Before he knew it he had Mark lying on the couch underneath him with his breathing getting heavier and the kiss getting more and more heated. Jackson felt the need to try and move things on in the direction he was hoping it would go. He slowly started to slide his hand up Mark’s shirt and the feel of Mark’s skin was like electricity through his fingertips. His hand was now half way up Mark’s torso and that’s when Mark pulled away from the kiss. “What are you doing?” He asked nervously still panting from the kiss. Jackson leaned down to Mark’s ear with a small smirk on his face “I’ll stop if you want.” Jackson whispered as he nipped Mark’s ear lightly. Mark gave out a little squeak and shook his head. Jackson instantly jumped off his boyfriend and picked him up in one swift movement and carried him into their room.

He gently sat Mark on the bed and stood in front of him as he started to take of his shirt. Jackson’s shirt was only half way up his body and Mark’s eyes were already glued to his boyfriend’s toned torso, the way the light hit his abs made Mark want him closer to him in a way he’d never felt before. Jackson threw his shirt into the corner for the room and bent down to Mark’s level his hands pressed on the bed on both sides of the top of Mark’s thighs supporting his weight, not even an inch was between both of their faces and Jackson ghosted his lips over Mark’s and watched as he tried to close the gap between them but Jackson continued to tease and found great entertainment in it. Mark started to whimper, he wanted to taste Jackson’s lips again. He tried one last time and again Jackson kept the same distance between them this made Mark jolt forward slightly to finally close the gap between them and continue their heated kiss from before. Jackson slowly crawled onto the bed keeping Mark underneath him and empowered by his kiss. He once again started to slowly make his way up Mark’s shirt and stopped at the same place as he did last time. He lightly kissed Mark’s neck before whispering to him again. “You sure you want to do this?” The was an element of teasing in his voice but that made Mark want it even more, he dug his fingers into Jackson’s hips as a signal for him to carry on. He went with his wish and continued to make his way up his torso. Mark bit his lip lightly as he felt Jackson latch his lips onto the sensitive skin of his neck. Jackson started to suck lightly at Mark’s neck and would give it a little bite every so often. Mark was now squirming under Jackson and doing everything he could to feel a little friction between them. After leaving a nice purple bruise on Mark’s neck it was now time for Jackson to start removing Mark’s clothes. In no time the both of them were in front of each other in all their glory. Mark started to feel more and more nervous knowing exactly what was about to come next, Jackson on the other hand was looking pretty confident and happy that the night turned out how he hoped it would. 

Jackson leaned down and gave Mark one last reassuring kiss before holding on his hips. “All fours.” Jackson lowly growled. Mark instantly obeyed and now had his back to Jackson as he started to line himself up with Mark’s entrance. He lent down to Mark’s ear and whispered “You ready?” Mark lightly nodded and with that Jackson plunged himself into his boyfriend. Tears rolled down Mark’s face, it hurt so bad but it felt so good at the same time. “You okay?” Jackson asked with concern. “Keep going.” Mark growled in return Jackson pressed his body against Mark’s back as he thrusted into him slowly at first. His hand wandered towards Mark’s member and took it in hand and started pumping. Mark groaned loudly and took a tight grip on the sheets. Jackson was starting to pick up his pace and tried to match the timing of his pumps on Mark’s member with his thrusts causing them to both let out moans and grunts. Mark arched his back from the sensation he was feeling, he felt he was close and didn’t know how long he could keep up. “J…Jackson.” He breathed. “Me too.” Jackson groaned back knowing just what Mark was going to say. A few more thrusts and pumps later Mark was now a groaning mess under Jackson as he came, Jackson was now coming to his own climax and let out a loud moan before pulling out of Mark and falling to the side of Mark taking him with him. 

Their breathing was heavy and the whole room was filled with their pants as they slowly caught their breath. “Are you okay?” Jackson asked as he ran his thumb over Mark’s tear stained cheeks. Mark nodded and gave him a sweet smile. “Jackson?” Mark said quietly as he shuffled closer to his boyfriend. “I love you.” Mark wrapped his arms around Jackson and pulled him closer to him and nuzzled his face into Jackson’s chest. Jackson was surprised at first, this was the first time Mark had ever said that. He pulled Mark even closer and kissed his forehead and comfortably laid with him. “I love you too.”


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Could you do Yoongi with 18 or 43 I can't decide so you can choose. Love your blog by the way!

☆ Min Suga. [ “YOU DID WHAT?” ]

Ten minutes into the movie, and you have no idea what the hell is going on because all you can focus on is your boyfriend’s constant sneezing and sniffling. You wriggle in his arms before sitting up straight and peering at him worriedly.

“Are you okay? You sound like you’re catching a cold…”

He nods, rubbing his reddening eyes.

“Wait, are you crying?”

He raises an eyebrow at you. “I don’t cry.”

As much as you would have loved to remind him of that time he cried with you while watching a sad movie when he thought you wouldn’t notice, you decide against it. You watch curiously as he subtly tries to rub his eyes again, and even though you settle comfortably in his arms again, you keep on glancing at him every few minutes. It’s impossible not to, because he really can’t keep still – and something is obviously causing him discomfort.

“I think I might be allergic…” he mumbles after another ten minutes of fidgeting uncomfortably in his seat.

You furrow your eyebrows as you tilt your head to look at him. “To what?”


“The last time I checked, there were no cats living with us.”

He sneezes. “You obviously didn’t check the bedroom.”

You offer him a quizzical look, “What?”

He sighs as you sit up to stare at his disheveled state, with tousled silver locks falling over his puffy eyes and a frown of discomfort adorning his face. “You told me you’ve always wanted a cat. I found a stray this morning and it wouldn’t leave me alone so I figured it was fate… or something.”


Your excitement is obvious to him in the way your lips curl up into the most beautiful grin and your eyes light up as you jump up from the couch. It brings a subtle smirk to his own as he follows you to the bedroom, where you find a kitten with silver fur napping atop your mattress.

Disappointment tugs at your chest when you’re suddenly reminded that your poor boyfriend is allergic to the little ball of fluff resting on your bed, and that you’re not going to be able to keep her. Maybe Taehyung would want to adopt her instead–

And as if on cue, Yoongi coughs, bringing a hand to his forehead. You press your own palm against his pale skin to find him burning up with fever, and you suddenly beam, making him raise an eyebrow at you.

“You’re sick, not allergic!” He smirks at your sudden declaration. “Allergies wouldn’t give you a fever…”

He sneezes again, shaking his head at you with a chuckle. “I’m glad my sickness makes you so happy.”

“That’s not what I–”

He suddenly pulls you to him, his face inches apart from yours as he mutters, “I know. But you better not pay more attention to her than to me.”

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jimin scenario | warm and fuzzy

Day 10 of ‘12 Days of Bangtan’

- Your boyfriend takes it upon himself to look after you when you fall ill, resulting in some warm and fuzzy feelings on your end -

genre: fluff
insp: ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ by Billy Gilman
word count: 1.5k


You sniffle, and, stirring from your couch den of blankets and hot water-bottles, reach for another tissue, but the box is too far away – if you could just stretch a bit further, almost, almost – then, suddenly, bang! You fall off the couch when a knock at the door startles you.

Rubbing your bruised rear end, you shuffle to answer the door. You check at the peephole, and are then convinced that the door should remain firmly shut – not because you dislike the person outside, but for the opposite reason. Because it’s Jimin, your boyfriend of two weeks and three day (not that you’re counting), and he’s come to check up on you on Christmas Eve, and - ohmigosh - he looks so good, and you look atrocious. Suited up in crinkled pyjamas, and sporting a blanket like a cape, this isn’t exactly the look you wanted for your next date. Of course, there comes a time when you can show your boyfriend your bad side, when you’re comfortable letting him see the ugly as well as the good, but this is too soon! This is too… intimate. You’ve only been out with him twice.

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"I need a hug." for the muse's reaction meme please? BTW I really really like your Purge that Urge series, just so you know. It's lovely. :)

Oh sweetie sweetie sweets thank yooooou!!!

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Jack sneezed from under the mound of blankets he’d cocooned himself in. “I’m literally about to die.”

Rhys grinned from where he was heating up soup in Jack’s kitchen. The older man was sick. And not even badly sick, he just had a cold. To Jack though, it might as well be the end of the world.

“You’re not about to die,” Rhys told him, trying to keep the amusement from his voice.

Jack shot him a dirty look from the couch. Apparently he hadn’t completely hidden his tone. And Jack was in a petulant mood to boot.

“I’m about to die and you don’t even care.”

Rhys snorted at the pitiful tone, unable to stop himself as he poured the soup from the pan into a bowl. Jack was making grumbling noises from the couch as Rhys brought the tray and tried to give him an authoritative smile.

“You need to eat, handsome.”


Rhys ignored him. “Some chicken soup is one of the only things that actually fights colds. Dig in.”

Jack pulled the blankets tighter around himself, sniffling. “I don’t want it.”

“I thought you didn’t want to die,” Rhys told him with a smirk as he set the tray of food on the coffee table before the older man.

Jack managed to muster the deepest glare he could, but most of the venom was lost as he sneezed again and moaned in discomfort. Rhys handed him the box of tissues next to him. His eyes were watery and his nose was red from all the wiping. He was miserable.

Rhys picked up most of the tissues Jack had strewn about below the couch, fully missing the bin he’d set up. Jack really was miserable though, and he wasn’t used to getting sick, so Rhys decided to cut him some slack on that.

“Do you want some OJ or anything to drink?” Jack just grumbled and repositioned his blanket mound on the couch. Rhys smirked and went to empty the tissue bin.

“I need you to put me out of my misery,” Jack groaned, blowing his nose into more tissues.

Rhys huffed with a smile. “Mercy killings aren’t part of my contract. Sorry, handsome.”

Jack whined sobs into his blankets, sounding extra miserable. “I need a hug.”

A warm smile spread over Rhys’ face as he emptied and replaced the bin, and joined Jack on the couch. The older man leaned into him with an uncomfortable sound and Rhys wrapped his arms around the miserable CEO.

“A cold isn’t gonna take out the great Handsome Jack. You’re gonna kick this thing’s ass and then go on to kick more bandit ass, mark my words.”

Jack just grumbled as he was half-in Rhys’ lap. The younger man just hugged him close until the CEO thankfully fell asleep.

He gave the soup cooling on the table a dirty look.

Well, he’d just heat it up again and make Jack eat it then.

When He’s Sick {Avengers Preference}

Tony: Tony would have two stages to being sick. The first stage would him not believing that he was sick; ‘I’m fine, (y/n)-ACHOO- just allergies.’ He’d continue working in his workshop, even JARVIS would say to him to go to bed but Tony would be like ‘I’m fine, now concentrate’. He’d refuse any help you wanted to offer. However, the second stage, would be Tony confirming and accepted that he is sick. He’d spend all day in bed, sniffing and sneezing. He’d be so grateful for your help but we all know that he’d totally keep over exaggerating his symptoms and even though you knew what he was doing, you’d roll with it.

Steve: Because of the serem, Steve didn’t think he could get sick but then he did get sick and he’d be so confused at first. Steve was always really sick before the super soldier serem so I think he’d be used to being ill. He’d always tell you that he didn’t need you to help him and that he didn’t want you to worry about him. When you did take care of him, he’d always thank you and be so lovely because it reminds him of when Bucky used to have to look after him so he’d be so grateful towards you for helping him.

Clint: Clint wouldn’t mind being sick. He’d quite enjoy the calm, peaceful time to himself. Sure, it would be nice to not be puking up his guts but you can’t have everything. He’d always say that he’d get you sick but would urge you to stay in bed with him all day. He’d probably try and get you sick on purpose so that he can take care of you. He’d really love you taking care of him and feeling sorry for him but let’s face it, Nat would come in and be like ‘shut up, Barton, get up we’ve got a job to do’.

Bruce: Bruce wouldn’t like being sick at all. He’d hate how groggy he felt and how not controlled he felt. He’d be scared of sneezing too hard and the other guy would appear (though obviously that wouldn’t happen). He’d tell you that he was okay and that you didn’t have to look after him but you’d do it anyway because you know that he secretly likes it. He’d always be so sweet and thank you for everything and would try his hardest to not infect you but if he did infect you, he’d take care of you.

Pietro: Pietro would hate being sick. He always wants to do something but because he’s sick, all he can do is sit in bed. He can’t run, can’t eat, can’t do anything except feel sorry for himself. He’d always try and get you to kiss him but you’d be like ‘ew no i dont want to get sick’ but he’d pout and you’d do it and totally end up sick too. He might hate being sick but he’d love the attention you gave him. He’d always let on that his illness was worse than it was and would do this for like four days after he got better.

Thor: Thor just wouldn’t understand human illnesses. He’d get so confused. ‘This disease has bedridden me. It is worthier than me.’ He’d try to pretend that it wasn’t affecting him at first I think. He’d brush off his persistent cough and ignore the nausea but then you’d suggest going to bed and he’d stay there for days. He’d feel sorry for himself I think and would often pretend his symptoms were worse just so you’d pay more attention to him. Thor - the Norse God - is a drama queen.

MM Characters Rate Each Other (1-10)
  • Jumin: "What, I-I have to rate Assistant Kang? This is way out of my limits, here. I'm giving her at least a 7. That is all she gets from me. Kang! Did you hear that? No vacations this week either!"
  • Jaehee: "Yoosung...mhh, I would say he's closer to an 8, but his style needs improvement. And he should behave more like Zen."
  • Zen: "Jumin...seriously? He gets a -10 in my book. Why couldn't I just rate myself!"
  • Yoosung: "Of course I'm giving Seven a 10! He's my best friend. O-oh, this is based of off looks? U-uh, I guess keep the ten, even though he looks like death the majority of the time I see him. I hear death is in these days..."
  • 707: "Zen is the fricking best. Except he's allergic to cats. He gets a deduction of three points because of this. Inputting total score...6 points. That's odd, did I hear someone just sneeze?"
Animal/Pet Related OTP Prompts
  • You’re the new keeper that I need to train and I’m trying to tell you stuff… Um I forgot what I was saying… was I talking about tigers or the bears…
  • You come by the animal shelter at least once a week to keep the animals company even though they make you sneeze and teary. It’s actually really adorable.
  • Your cat likes to sit on my balcony and stare into my apartment. You caught me the only time I gave into it’s kitten eyes…
  • Whenever you visit, my dog seems to like you more that me… what’s all that about?
  • my goldfish is sick, please save him!
  • I talk to my parrot a lot and when you came over it told you that I love you. Stop spilling my secrets!
  • I’m looking for a dog for my brother but he’s allergic, can you help me which breeds I should look for… oh wait, which ones, I got distracted by you…
  • We keep telling ourselves that we’re letting our dogs date… not us… definitely not us.
  • You run the cat café  that I like to go to. You make the best hot cho'cat'late ;)
  • We’re taking puppy training classes together, omg I’m sorry that my dog peed on your favourite shoes… lemme make it up to you
Preference #62: He’s Sick and Wakes You Up

****AUTHORS NOTE: this was requested a little while back! enjoy!

Harry: Harry picked something up while he was on tour. Probably from singing through the rain showers or hugging fans that were sick too. But now he was home and for the last few nights he’s been completely miserable. Every night he’s been staying up coughing and sneezing. He could barely get out two words without erupting in coughs. But this particular night, you were in more need of sleep then he was. As you heard him cough for the hundredth time that night, you lifted the covers quickly walked into the bathroom. You opened the front cabinet and turned labels of the medicine bottles until you found what you were looking for. You poured 3 milliliters of cough medicine and walked back into the room. “Here.” You said pushing the liquid medicine in Harry’s face. He frowned and propped up on one elbow, “What is it?” he said, his voice raspy. “Cough medicine. Drink up!” you say trying to make the medicine sound appealing. He brought the cup to his nose and smelled it, cringing in the process. “What’s the flavor?” he said his accent thick. You sighed, “Medicine flavored. If you hold your nose, you won’t taste it as much.” You said crossing your arms across your chest. He shook his head, “Okay,” he said still moping. He gulped down the medicine and immediately gagging. “Oh my god, that is awful.” He said drinking down the water on the bed side table. You giggled, “Well it will help you.” You said getting back into the bed and cuddling closer to you. “Oh look at you taking care of me.” He said wrapping an arm around you and kissing the top of your head. “Well you can’t seem to take care of yourself.” You laughed and snuggled closer to him, thankful you will get a good night sleep.

Louis: “Babe… Babe,” Louis groaned, shaking you awake. You blinked a few times and groggily woke up. You turn slightly to face Louis. “What’s wrong babe?” you questioned, sitting up in bed and rubbing your eyes. “I can’t sleep.” He states, wrapping his arms around his knees and running a hand through his hair. “Why not babe?” you ask, placing a soft hand on his back while rubbing circles. “I just feel so sick.” He groaned. You sighed and tried to think of something to do. “Alright love, get up.” You said slowly. He did not question you and rose from the bed. You walked over to his side of the bed and draped a blanket across his shoulders. You put an arm around him and leaded him down the stairs. You guided him into the kitchen and sat him down on one of the stools near the stove. You placed the kettle on the pot and shuffled tiredly to the cabinet. You opened the two cabinet doors, “Sleepy time chamomile or Drowsy Chai Tea?” you questioned lifting two tea bags up. “Sleepy time chamomile,” he said nasally. You heard the shrieking of the kettle and put in three tea bags. Slowly you brought out two tea cups and poured the hot contents inside them. “Here,” you said pushing the cup towards him. “Thanks,” He said softly. “But I still don’t understand how this will help.” You laughed, “Trust me it helps, just take a sip.” You said raising your eyebrows. He inhaled and took in the aroma of the tea. He took one sip and instantly sighed with comfort, “You are so good to me.” He said softly pulling you closer. He wrapped an arm around your waist, “I have to be, you’re my boyfriend.” You replied giggling. The tea lasted only about twenty minutes before the two of you were finished. “Here,” you took the cup from him and walked over to the sink. “Are you ready to go back to bed now?” you say turning around. You laughed at the sight in front of you. Louis was fast asleep on the kitchen counter. You laughed again and prepared yourself to carry him up to bed.

Liam: Another cough or another sneeze almost every other minute. “Liam please take something for you cold, I can’t fall asleep if you keep coughing.” You say exasperated. You felt bad that he was sick but damn it a girl needs sleep. “No I’m trying to strengthen my immune system.” He replied stubbornly. You rolled your eyes even though you knew he couldn’t see in the dark. “Well could you at least try to stop?” You groaned. “I am trying!” he yelled softly. You sighed and fluffed your pillow before rolling onto the other side of the bed. You started to drift into a deep sleep when all of a sudden he coughed, again. “Sorry?” Was all he said. You groaned and dramatically threw the covers off of yourself. “Where are you going?” he asked, sitting up in bed. “I think I’ll sleep better on the couch.” You said grabbing pillows and blankets. “No wait,” he said. He stood up and swallowed the two cold pills the doctor had prescribed. “There I took the medicine, now come back to bed.” He said yawning. You smirked and dropped everything in your hands before climbing back into bed. You turned so you were both facing each other. You put your hands under you head. “What changed your mind?” you asked. He smiled and placed a soft kiss on your lips, “The fact that you wouldn’t be next to me tonight.” He said. You rolled your eyes and let out a breathy laugh, “You are always the hopeless romantic.” You giggled. “Only when I’m around you.” He replied. You laughed lightly, “Go to sleep sleepyhead. You will feel better tomorrow.” You said. You turned so your back was facing him. He moved closer until he was spooning you. Both of you fell asleep that way.

Zayn: You groaned, “Zayn?” you questioned tiredly. You scan around the room still lying down and notice Zayn was sitting upright in bed. “I’m sorry I did not mean to wake you.” He said throwing a coughing fit. “A-are you alright?” you say yawning. “Yeah I’m just cant sleep. This cold is giving me a migraine.” He replied rubbing his temples. “Aw sweetie,” you say resting on your forearm. “Here, lay back down.” You said softly. He did as told and moved back under the blankets. You moved your hands softly across his forehead. You massaged his forehead and temples for a few minutes before you noticed him starting to drift into sleep. “Thanks so much love.” He said softly as you settled back into bed. “No problem babe,” you say reaching over and kissing his lips. “Agh babe! I’m sick.” He exclaimed. You giggled at his reaction, “I don’t care.” You replied simply. “But what if you get sick?” he questions. You laugh and place a soft hand on his cheek, “Then we will be sick together.” You replied. He softly chuckled and kissed you back. “I love you so much.” He said when he released from the kiss. “I love you too.” You said before going back to sleep.

Niall: “It’s funny how I can’t taste anything yet this taste so good.” Niall said inhaling another spoonful of sleep. It was now 3:00 in the morning and Niall and you were in the kitchen where you made him chicken noodle soup. Well more like you warmed in the microwave from a can but what’s really the difference? You giggled at him and walked over to the chairs where Niall was sitting. “Do you like it?’ you asked sitting on his lap. “Yeah I love it. Progresso has really out down themselves.” He laughed. You smiled down at him, “And all this time I thought you thought I cooked this.” He rolled his eyes, “Please it takes you hours to make a sandwich little miss perfectionist.” He said smirking. “Well with you being so sloppy, you need a perfectionist like me.” You replied sarcastically. “You’re right I do need you.” Niall responded. Suddenly the air in the room became serious. “I know you feel unwanted sometimes but I need you so much (Y/N). I need you on days like this where I am too sick to stand. I need on the days I’m too sad to move on. I need on the days where all I want to do is share my happiness. I need you so, so, so much.” He concluded. You sighed softly and placed a hand on his cheek, “I need you too Niall. I love you so much.” You replied. He laughed and leaned in for a tender kiss, “I love you too.”

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 21. In the Shower
In which this is a prompt from ages ago, and not at all what I thought it would be. Oh well. I’m sick, this happened, I tried. Beware of poorly written smut, brief though it is. Xo.

Regina is an incredibly stubborn woman. She would rather suffer through girl talk with Snow White than admit to being sick. Even with her forehead slick with sweat, hair clinging to pale skin. Even though she’d barely made it down the stairs, her hand dragging along the wall to keep her steady. She sneezed and coughed and spluttered – she could barely speak, and even when she did, it sounded painful. Henry was with Emma for the week, so at least she didn’t have to worry about him catching whatever it was she had – not that she had anything, of course. All she needed was a few advils and a shot of caffeine. Something to stop the pounding in her head, and something to wake her up.

When Robin let’s himself in an hour later, he finds her curled up in the corner of her sofa, her feet tucked up and her head lolled to the side. Her mug is held firmly in her hands, even though she’s asleep, and it’s a miracle it hadn’t spilled. Her coffee is cold and untouched, and he smiles fondly as he carefully uncurls her fingers, placing it on the table before he kneels in front of her.

Concern furrows his brow as he reached up and rest the back of his hand against her forehead, lips thinning at the heat he felt warming his skin. A fever, no doubt. She should be in bed, not half dressed for work and asleep on the couch. “Regina?” He coos at her softly, not wanting to startle her as she wakes, and he has to suppress amused laughter when she crinkled her nose and turned her head, attempting to bury her face in her shoulder. “Regina…”

Slowly, her eyes open, and he shakes his head at the look in her eyes. She looks like hell. Beautiful, of course. She’ll never not be beautiful to him. But her eyes are dark and there are circles underneath them, her face is pale and her nose is red. She mumbled softly, a painful hum vibrating in her throat as she tilted her head forward a little, seeking the coldness of his palm on her forehead and he makes an attempt at brushing her hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. “Hmm… what time is it?” 

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