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Color study, livestreamed yesterday over at my Twitch channel! Did a vague walkthrough of one of my coloring techniques. I’ll try and do a more comprehensive tutorial over stream sometime.

i’m sorry i’ve been lacking in replying to messages, tagging people in things, etc. i’ve been going through some weird depressive episode and, while these usually only last a couple of days for me, every so often the go on for about several of weeks, like now. and even though i usually don’t like posting personal things like this, i thought it was only fair you guys knew, since i don’t want anyone thinking i’m ignoring them or anything

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may 29th, 4am, 2016, picarto: frogopera makes a mistake that she will never be forgiven for…..a mistake that will haunt her dreams and torment her nightmares…. a mistake that echos down every dark alley she walks through, and clutters her inbox with asks she can never forget…. the first domino in a line of comics and fanfiction that flow towards her at breakneck speed…. sexy kermit.

Sometimes you’re having a rough day and you’re working hard but it never seems enough, like things keep happening completely out of your control. Often these days are also completely emotionally draining. Then you start thinking about your life and wondering if you actually have one. And then maybe wondering if anyone out there remembers you or liked you. And basically you have a big pity party in your head cause that’s just what stress does sometimes.

But then sometimes on those days you get to have a brief convo with someone awesome like @numberts and you feel better and mentally slap yourself cause no, you’ve got this and there are lots of lovely people in your life and fortunately love and affection is more often a two-way street and you need to remind yourself of that.

PS I love you

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so someone asked me to do blogrates, and since I just recently hit 4k followers (how did that even happen?????) and haven’t yet done something to thank you guys, I thought why not rate some of your beautiful blogs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m also going to be on vacation for a few days next week, so I won’t be very active then am I ever though so here we go!


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Hi there! Do you have any idea when you might be uploading the text tones and voice clips from Mystic Messenger to your soundcloud? Have a nice day!

omgg sorry I haven’t updated that in like 4 months LOL.

I still haven’t recorded the tones from the Christmas, Valentines & April Fools DLC.. but I could probably post the regular ones?? (though I don’t have all the bonus tones hahah)

I just forget about my SoundCloud uploads because I’m struggling to even keep this blog afloat so xD


it’ll probably be sometime before the end of this month?? maybe?? you’ll have to remind me lmao but yea, I’ll try my best!

thank you for the message and the reminder loooool

i feel like being best friends with justin would be the best thing ever like he would always come to you when he’s feeling upset and you would sit there and listen to him while his head is on your lap and you’re stroking his hair or other times once he’s finished from the studio he wouldn’t go home he would just come to you since his day was stressful and he would come into bed with you and wrap his arms around your body while you were sleeping and snuggle his face into your neck and you would be like “justin?” and he would just whisper to you like “it’s been such a long day, babe” like he would give you those cute little nicknames that would make everyone think you two were dating. you two would always been seen together either hugging or you jumping all over his back and literally you felt like your instagram and snapchat was dedicated to him and vice versa like you two were known for your playful and sarcastic ways and everyone would always get the wrong impression and think it was some romantic thing and the media would always be up both of your asses trying to find something that would confirm the two of you being together like even if you two were on different sides of the world and you two were wearing the same color shirt the headline for that day would be like “justin bieber and y/n y/l/n trying to tell us something? are they finally coming out?” and it would be the biggest load of bullshit and za and khalil ya know the squad would always be like “why don’t you two just date” or “jb quit being a pussy and just ask her out man.” and he would always roll his eyes and justin was super protective of you like he wouldn’t let you wear super short shorts sometimes he acted like your dad and he would always want to know what you’re doing and who you’re hanging out with and if any boys were involved like he would be so annoying and you guys would argue about it but he would always end up saying “i just don’t want to lose you to anybody else” and that would make your heart melt because your best friend was the sweetest thing in the world and even though he’s the most famous guy on the planet he was still that humble little boy you grew up with and aww give me this 

22.11.16 / 3 days till end of A’s 

Studying for chem p1 with my new friend! (planning to get a succulent so it won’t be lonely hehe) I’ve gotten so distracted over the past few days bc it feels as if I'm already on a holiday even though i still have one!! more!! paper!!!!  *sighs* (⊙﹏⊙✿) 

Do feel free to tag me at #imstudyingmeow, I’d love to check out all your lovely posts! (๑°ᗨૢ°๑)

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I was in class and I noticed a giant swastika carved on my desk and I got so freaked out and I told my teachers and they told me to just ignore it and like to this day (this was a year and a half ago) they haven't done anything about it and it just really irritates me like it's simple to remove but my school is so overly Christian (not in a bad way it's just very very Christian even though it's public) that I guess it's not a problem to them idk

Christian normativity at work. A symbol that represents a mortal threat to a Jewish student is treated as the student’s problem for noticing. That’s honestly pretty contemptuous.

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I swear I almost cried when you posted that you were able to run for a full five minutes. I can't.. though I haven't been trying either.. but it just made me feel not only extremely happy for you, but also excited for myself. Just so happy that I managed to find someone to follow who not only seems like an awesome person, but also isn't perfect... someone who can't yet run for 10 miles a day. It made me love your blog even more.

I’ll tell you a bit about that workout:

I was actually nearly done with my session. Sitting on the bicep curl machine, i looked over to see a guy in his 40s, had a bit of a belly on him, jogging on the treadmill. Now the longest i had jogged straight was 2 minutes. But seeing this guy jogging, the determination in him had some effect on me. So instead of wrapping up my workout, i jumped on the treadmill and out of sheer determination i slogged out that 5 minute jog. When i finished my legs were burning, i was puffing and pouring with sweat. But i was overwhelmed with sheer pride in me forcing myself to do that.

The point of me telling all that is don’t worry that you can’t do it yet. Really no one is perfect in this world, we are all equal and awesome.

I’m glad you love my blog, this makes me smile mega lots =D 

Have a lovely weekend, you kind soul.

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And how Adina said she was done being the punching bag for the night when everything was civil.. like us LGBT folk haven't been punching bags all our lives..? Idk kinda rubbed me the wrong way :/

i really don’t understand why she continuously said she was an open forum for LGBT discussion, and then the second she said something we disagreed with, she acted like we were attacking her even though we were being extremely civil. I can understand if she was having a bad day but all it did was divide the fandom even more. Really disheartening, I wish celebrities with 50K+ followers would think a bit more before they post certain things, especially if it’s harmful.