even though i hate when it happens to me

things that hurt from season 3 even more now:

how even said “the lead dies in every epic love story.” in 2:10

that look even has on his face of fear and uncertainty whilst he’s sat on the windowsill in 2:10.

the aluminium leg theory in 3:10.

“did you think i had died?” in 4:10.

“it’s you and your thoughts, you can’t escape your thoughts. the only way to do so is to die.” in 5:10.

“i don’t sleep because sleep is the cousin to death.” in 5:10.

even, despite his fear of parallel universes bc of how unobtainable happiness has been to him in this universe, sketching isak in them bc isak believes in them.

the entire changing room scene in 5:10.

even hopelessly watching isak cross the schoolyard in 6:10.

even’s look on his face when he bumps into isak in the canteen bc he hurt isak in 6:10.

even at isak’s doorstep, hoping and hoping and hoping, despite his fear, in 7:10.

“she can’t think what i think, or feel, for that matter.” […] “i’ve never felt anything quite like this, ever.” in 8:10.

“am i the man of your life? are you talking to me? …. say it again.” in 8:10.

“who’s mikael?” “the previous man of my life.” in 8:10.

“i’ll save you right back.” in 8:10.

even whispering (after asking how many isaks and evens are lying here in bed like this, and isak saying infinite) “in infinite time?” with so much hope but exasperation in his voice, as though if he said it any louder than a whisper, the universe wouldn’t allow for it to happen, in 8:10.

“the only way to have something for infinity is by losing it forever.” “don’t say that.” “i’m kidding.” in 8:10.

isak texting even to stop texting him, and even doing exactly that, in 9:10.

even not answering isak’s call when isak tried to ring him in 9:10.

o helga natt. just …. o helga natt, in 9:10.

“because its true. i’ll just hurt you, and then you’ll hate me.” in 10:10.

“i saw you the first day of school.” in 10:10.

“that was nice. you’re so nice.” in 10:10.

Why do you still miss him?”
I thought for a moment before answering.
“I miss the comfort he brought me. I miss how he made me laugh, the way he looked at me. I miss the way he put his hands in my hair and how he always sent looks my way when something happened that he knew I would find funny. I miss how he was always up for any of my ideas and how he made plans so easily. I miss the stupid grins he would send me and how he would wink at me just to annoy me. I miss how he used to call me Babe even though I lied and said I hated it and how he would hug me every time he saw me. I miss how he knew me and how he would always listen to me about everything I talked about. I guess I miss him because he was special. He gave me feelings I’ve never experienced before but damn, would I give anything to experience them again.
—  Thoughts about you part 18
be still

it’s finally here!!! i expanded (maybe a bit too much) on this blurb and this is the final product. the blurb is incorporated into this version with some edits and added scenes between so even if you’ve read the blurb i wouldn’t skip over the parts you think you know because most of it is slightly different. also!! i made a playlist for this so if you’re interested in listening to it while reading you can do that. i’m really proud of this one so i hope you guys like it! please let me know ur thoughts!!

warning: smut (;

questions, comments, concerns.


There were no words to describe just how much I hated Harry Styles. The way he dressed like an off duty model, the way he never cut his goddamn hair, the way he always got what he wanted. The way everyone practically worshipped the ground he walked on made me sick.

I had a more concrete reason for why I hated Harry, but that’s another story. Everyone thought I was just jealous of him, but I wasn’t. Why would I be? Sure, he was a great actor, but I was a great actress and we’d never really have to compete for parts. When he turned up at the theater a few years before, everyone quickly became enamored by him and the theater went from being mine to his.

But this isn’t about that. This isn’t the story of how I grew to hate Harry Styles. This is the story of how Harry Styles lit my soul on fire and made me feel something for the first time. This is the story of how Harry Styles gave me his heart even though he had absolutely no reason to.

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Just tell me you love me // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn are drifting apart so Shawn decides to break it off, much to Y/n’s efforts not to

Authors note: I’m sobbing

“Shawn please- no can’t we try and fix this? Fix us?” I begged, endless tears streaming down my face.

He gave me a look of pity. Pity- I hated it, the fact that he felt sorrow for my suffering that he put upon me.

“I’m sorry Y/n, I just,” he sighs, taking a few steps away from me. “This just isn’t working out anymore. I know it, you know it. We’re just growing apart and it was going to happen sooner or later,”

“Why didn’t you say something about it earlier then? Is this what you wanted? An easy way to break up- hey lets become strangers even though we’re dating so when I finally break up with you there will be no harm,” sarcasm is laced in my voice.

“Y/n,” He sounds disappointed in me, as if I should know better.

“Is there someone else?” the question is out of my mouth before I can even think about it. “Are you in love with someone else?” my bottom lip trembles and the rush of emotions hit me like a bus.

“I just don’t feel the same way about you as before,” Shawn says calmly, his attitude fueling my anger.

“So there’s another girl,” 

“I didn’t say that-”

“You implied it,” I was being completely irrational and we both knew it but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

“As I said before, I don’t feel the same way-”

“Did you cheat on me?” I snap at him, fists clenching. 

“I don’t love you anymore? Okay?!” Shawn shouts, finally releasing some of his bent up frustration. I fall silent, not knowing what to say. 

All those times he told me he loved me, he didn’t feel like that now. I felt cold, despair wrapping its cruel arms around me. I couldn’t even remember the last time he said ‘I love you’ to me.

“How long did you know?” I ask, voice barely above a whisper.

“Y/n,” he trails off.

“How long?” I say harsher.

“Since January,” he mumbles, never meeting my eyes.

“You knew for 5 months?” my tone traced with venom. 

“I had tour and you seemed so happy that I though my feelings would come back. They didn’t” he shrugs his shoulders. I felt like I didn’t even know him anymore, the man in front of me…a stranger.

“Get out,” I say, closing my eyes.

Please don’t leave, the voice inside of me screams.

“What?” he sounds surprised. 

Tell me we can work this out. 

“I said get out. Now,” 

Just tell me you love me.

He stared at me for a moment, his brain ticking over the options, stay or go. He took a step back, then another.  I turn my back to him, not wanting to see him as more tears escaped. When I heard the door slam shut however that’s when I crumpled to the ground.

It was done, we were over. He had given up on me, leaving without a second thought and taking my broken heart right along with him. I wasn’t sure how long it had been but still I layed on the floor, the same place, same position as when he left, completely numb. 

I knew the stories, the fairy tales. Give it a day or two and Shawn would come running back. But I was fool for believing in childhood lies and more importantly a fool who was still in love with him. Life wasn’t a fairy tale and I wasn’t getting my happy ending. 


*requested —> kpop-killed me: can i have a sexy officer jaehyun au ? knock yourself out on this one ;)

Anon said: police officer au for jung jaehyun if possible fluff+a lil pinch of nastiness will do ;))))

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author’s note: 1,661 words. Probably could’ve done better but lsfdls;fksf I tried T_T 

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Hi! Here is my submission for Ace Valentines Day. Below is my ace love story and a message for any aces out there who need some love.

My name is Nina, I am asexual, and I have been in a committed relationship with an allosexual person for 6 wonderful years.

I’ve always known there was something different about my relationship with sex, but for most of my life, I had no idea what that difference was. I just kind of assumed I was weird and nerdy. About 2 years into my current relationship, I discovered asexuality. I now consider this time a revolution, and awakening of my true self, but at the time, it was devastating. It wasn’t easy to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t give my partner what they wanted, and for a long time, I felt ashamed of myself for not being like everyone else. I couldn’t even say the word asexual without crying with shame, because I just couldn’t come to terms with who I was. It took time for me to accept myself as ace, and to discover just what that meant for me, but with the help of an incredible friend, my partner, and my own damn strength, I got there. Now, I am proud of what I am. I understand that I AM weird and nerdy, but I’m also awesome, and my orientation is a special part of me.

My partner was a HUGE support to me while I was coming to terms with who I am. When I first told him I thought I was ace, I was terrified that he would leave me. I remember sobbing in the car with him…I loved him so much and I hated myself for not wanting sex like he did, like EVERYONE did. I was so scared that my lack of sex-drive meant that somehow, I didn’t love him, even though I thought that I really did. But you know what happened? I told him everything, all my questions and fears. And he listened. He heard me. And time and time again during the ups and downs of that process he was there when I needed to talk out how I was feeling, he validated by existence when I felt erased by the media, by my friends, by everything around me. We communicated about what we both needed, and about how we both felt about each other.

It wasn’t always simple, and sometimes, he accidentally said the wrong thing. Sometimes, when he asked for sex it would send me spiraling into self-loathing, because I just didn’t understand why I didn’t want what he wanted. But every time I said no, he always respected my boundaries and that was key. We talked and talked and struggled through the uncharted waters of our new situation, and eventually, we became comfortable with our new relationship. Now, there is an unspoken rule between us that any sexual contact will ALWAYS be initiated by me. If he asks and I say “no”, that is the end of it. And we are still intimate! Remember, there are a MILLION ways to be intimate with someone you love that DON’T INVOLVE SEX! We kiss each other all over, we hug, hold hands, cuddle and talk for hours, we touch each other’s bodies with loving hands, and tell each other that we are beautiful. We share blankets, play-wrestle, give massages and take baths together. We find our own ways to be close. I can honestly say I have the most intimate relationship with my partner that I’ve ever had with anyone…and we haven’t had sex in months (literally can’t remember the last time lol). 

The fact of the matter is this: sex is definitely important to a lot of allosexual people, and that’s okay, BUT if someone really loves you, sex will always come second to making sure you feel safe and comfortable. If someone cannot give you that respect, love, and understanding, my friend, keep walking. You deserve so much better, and you never EVER have to play second fiddle to someone’s sex-drive. 

To each and every one of you who doubts themselves, hates themselves, and thinks they will never find love, fight that fear, fight that loathing. You are not broken. You are so worthy! Worthy of love, of respect, of self-confidence. You are not a dork, you are so cool! You are not a prude, you are just not sexual. Being a virgin does not make you less than anyone else, and being an ace who has (or has had) sex does not make you any less ace! If you don’t like to kiss, then you don’t have to kiss anyone. If you don’t feel comfortable with physical contact, then you don’t have to have that! You do NOT have to put your needs second to please your partner. You do NOT deserve to be treated poorly because you are different than them. Don’t listen to the media, to your friends, to your parents or ANYONE who tells you otherwise. Hold you head high, even if you don’t feel strong yet, because you ARE strong, and you WILL feel strong one day. I promise you. 

If you want romantic love in your life, do not let yourself believe that you will never find it. There are so many amazing people out there of all orientations who can and will love you. YOU DESERVE LOVE, YOU DESERVE RESPECT, YOU KICK ASS. 

I love you all, Nina

Hate to Love You (Part Two)

Story Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

A/N: Sorry I forgot to say this last time but there’s not going to be a separate tag list for this since it’s only three parts!! <3

Part Three will be up tomorrow!!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: language, again- the reader and Cas are a little rough with each other, some sexy stuff, some dirty talk

Word Count: 1.4k


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You began prying at his hand with your free one the second you recognized him, ignoring the need to pull the bottom of your dress down. Cas had you in a back hallway with no one else around before he let you go, only to change the positioning of his hands, now grabbing both of your wrists and throwing you against the wall. The hallway was equally as dark as the dance floor and the music was still loud, so your chances of getting help went out the window.

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anonymous asked:

laughing is a very known thing people do to cope, I myself even do it. when a terrible situation is happening, or someone dies, my instinct reaction is to smile/laugh despite me not finding it funny. so m not sure, but it seems like chara uses the same thing, the laughing mechanism. though in this situation I wouldn't be surprised if they actually found it funny or didn't care, considering, they hate humanity with a passion

But… Chara didn’t laugh! They didn’t even smile!

Reigns vs Strowman

Okay, just watched the end of Payback, and caught the damage done to Roman Reigns by Strowman. I understand that many of the “smart” fans don’t like Roman, and that feeling has only intensified since the win over Undertaker, but tonight, those “fans” really disgusted me.

Roman Reigns has done NOTHING to earn the ire of the fans AT ALL other than one major fault: He’s not Daniel Bryan. This started two years ago when he won the Rumble and Bryan didn’t. Now, I love DB, I cried when he retired, and I hope to hell he stays out of the ring even after his contract is up. But that was Roman’s moment. He is the next big star for WWE, hell he IS the big star for WWE. He is THE top money drawer in the company right now across the board. And thus the “smart” fans boo him just like they booed Cena for ten years.

Look, I get it. You like the Indy guys. I love them too, but I love Roman. I think he’s got everything WWE looks for in a talent. He’s big, he’s a great athlete, one HELL of a worker, and has INCREDIBLE stage presence. Yeah, he’s not the kind of talker Rock or Cena or Punk were. He’s more like Taker or Triple H, and that’s straight, to the point, and real. They tried to make him like Cena or Rock and it didn’t work. It sucked, flat out, and is a reason many fans started booing him in the first place.

And hey, I’m all for fans expressing themselves. I do it all the time. And if you don’t like the fact that Roman is where he is instead of Sami, Kevin, Finn, or even Punk (though he’s no longer wrestling), I get that too. I was a CM Punk fan to the fucking bone guys, and I HATED it when ADR beat him on a cash in. I hated the fact that Punk didn’t get a HIAC with Triple H after the Night of Champions match like I thought it would happen, but it is what it is. Things like this happen, and we can’t control it. I just try to enjoy the ride.

But tonight… tonight pissed me off. This guy is coming out there bandaged up against a monster like Strowman, showing a level of toughness that not one of you assholes could even HOPE to achieve, and you boo him. Yeah, the injuries are storyline, but the fact remains that you are cheering for a wounded man to get destroyed by an unfeeling lunatic. What world do you fucking live in when THAT is the right thing? Seriously, you’re the people that hate Superman or think Batman should kill criminals. You don’t get what heroes really are, do you?

More than that, Roman is bleeding from the goddamn mouth, obviously hurt, and you start chanting, “Thank you Strowman”? Followed quickly by, “You deserve it”? Go to hell, all of you. No one deserves what Strowman did, not Roman, not anyone. Give me a fucking break. You are the reason why I DON’T Want to go to Live Events, because I know that I will be seated next to some dumbass smart mark trying to tell me how the business works. I don’t care how the business works! I’m trying to watch a show and enjoy myself! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

If you don’t like Roman being in the spot he’s in, stop going to the shows. Stop buying tickets to shows he’s on. That’s the only way Vince will EVER take him out of that spot. But chanting “You deserve it” when a guy’s bleeding from the mouth? Go to hell. Seriously, just go to hell and stay there and let real wrestling fans that actually WANT to enjoy the show take your seats.

This is why humanity pisses me off. You guys cheer for a psychotic monster that revels in hurting people and boo the guy trying to stop his rampage. You realize that you are cheering for Doomsday to kill Superman right? You are cheering for Bane to break Batman’s back. That is what you are doing. You are cheering for evil to win, and it’s this kind of shit that’s why the world is so fucked up. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves for chanting those things, and I hope that you NEVER sit next to me at a show, because I won’t tolerate that shit.

In other words smart marks, GO AWAY!

About #MakeJaalBi, the unpopular opinion

Now what I’m going to say is my own opinion. And I know I might get a lot of hate from this. Maybe even lose subs, but one cannot let that stop them from speaking their mind.

The #makejaalbi tag has been exploding since it was announced that he was going to be available to only Female Ryder. Many felt cheated about this decision by bioware and EA, understandably. But you must remember, that they promised nothing about making Jaal a Bi option.

Yes there were sound files, but this is a technique they use for VA’s, recording all content, and then seeing how it fits in. If it doesn’t then it is scrapped or not used. The sound files on Jaal are not an indication he was meant to be a Bi option. One should also notice that while M!Ryder had sound files, there were none found from Jaal’s VA referring to M!Ryder as a romance, which could mean that none were ever recorded by him. Which will making patching in a Bi romance impossible unless they re-record. It’s not me being a bitch. It’s me stating a fact.

And before people attack me for hating homosexuals or bi people, I myself am Bisexual, not one of your hated “straights”. My own best friend is a long time lover of this series, and just so happens to be gay himself. I asked him how he felt about this when the tag was blowing up with hate and all he had to say was:

“It’s disappointing that Bioware did not accurately represent all of their fans within the game that above all else, provides a choice for gamers to play themselves in the game. But even though I do not agree with the fact there were so few M/M options, that does not cover over the fact that they did do something wonderful.”

What he was referring to was the Gil Brodie romance. A character that was open about his sexuality, and felt no shame for it. And even gave the option to want to start a family together with M!Ryder. A FAMILY.

A homosexual couple raising a child together, referred to in the game. In the world today there are still many people who see this as a monstrosity. But Bioware said ‘fuck you’ to anyone who thought the idea was too “out there”.

If that is not a leap forward to many in the LGBTQ society, then what the hell is?

I had never thought about it that way myself before my friend explained it to me, and it just amazed me. There were people arguing about representation in the game, but look at what they are missing! A gay couple wanting to start a family, no shame, nothing stopping them, Gil’s own best friend agreeing to be the surrogate for their child.

And also, how many people would be outraged by a #MakeSeraBi, or a #MakeDorianBi campaign? But that’s not the same right? It’s wanting to change their orientation, a big part of their character.

Being gay was a big part of who they were. Dorian’s own story arc was about his sexuality and his struggles with his family because of it.

But for some reason, being straight can’t be part of someone’s character. To many it seems to be homophobic to even suggest it. Why? Surely ones sexual orientation, whether they are Bi, Gay, Straight, other, should be respected? Why is there such a stigma against straight characters, and for that matter, straight people.

Why is it acceptable to attack straight characters. Just for being straight?

I would have thought, of all the people in world who would support respecting ones sexual orientation, not pressuring anyone to be anything else but themselves, it would be my fellow LGBTQ’s.

But what do I know? It’s not like I was holding out for a character. I wasn’t hoping for a certain character to be romancable by F!Ryder. Well, you’re wrong. I had been hoping to romance Cora Harper, but she ended up only available for M!Ryder. But I’m not starting a campaign to change who she is. Because I love who Cora is, and I would never want her to change.

So take this rant for what you will. If you don’t agree with me, I’d love to have your side to the debate, or if you are angry with what I have said then I’m sorry but this is my opinion on the matter, and no amount of hatred or “reporting” or blocking my channel is going to change that.

Thanks for reading. -Rose

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Writing a Person-Centered Therapy Session

Writing a therapy session can often be daunting.  There are so many different approaches to therapy that it’s downright impossible to say “this is how all therapy looks.”

So I’m going to be writing brief guides to help y’all figure out what kind of therapist you should write depending on what purpose the therapy session serves within your story.

We’re gonna start with person-centered therapy, because it’s by far the easiest to write.

The whole idea behind person-centered therapy is that all that you need for a client to change is to really be nonjudgmental, understanding, and 100% there for the client. There’s no fancy techniques. The therapist just builds up a relationship with the client, and does their best to understand them.

What person-centered therapy is best for narratively:

The client character gets to express all the emotions they really feel inside, in a safe environment with no consequences to outside relationships. It’s a great way to show, not tell, your readers what your character is going through.

Advantages of using person-centered therapy:

You don’t have to worry about characterizing the therapist very deeply or learning fancy therapeutic techniques. Just make your therapist a good listener who never gives outright advice, and it’s hard to go wrong.

The client character is the driving force behind the session. You get to explore the client’s emotions in depth, without worrying about the therapist interfering or changing things.

It is especially effective in cases where your client character feels like no one listens to them, or that they can’t express their emotions to others in the outside world.

Disadvantages of using person-centered therapy:

Your character is carrying the weight of the scene. You have to already know exactly where your character is going before you start writing it.

Person-centered therapy is often inadequate for treating certain disorders on its own. 

If you need to have an outsider tell your character what they need to be doing, you can’t use person-centered therapy.

How to portray a person-centered therapist:

  • Kind, compassionate, caring, an amazing listener.  
  • Tends to nod & say “mmhmm” or “oh?” a lot.
  • Leans towards the client character; pays full attention to them at all times.
  • Speaks less frequently than the client character.
  • Tends to mirror what the client character is expressing to build their understanding of the client’s experience
    • “It seems like you’re saying…”
    • “You sound like…”
  • Really looks at how the client character is reacting emotionally during the session

Important: a person-centered therapist will NEVER tell the client character what to do or how to solve their problems. The client is completely capable of figuring it out themself if the therapist can provide a safe environment for them to explore the issue in.

So what does a person-centered therapy session actually look like? Let’s find out!

The following are some excerpts of this video, which is a filmed session between a woman, Gloria, and Carl Rogers, who founded person-centered therapy. Highly recommend watching this; there’s other videos with Gloria seeing other famous therapists that I will be discussing in future parts.

Gloria: I don’t know if [my 9 year old daughter] can accept me the way I am. I think I paint a picture that I’m all sweet and motherly. And – I’m a little ashamed of my shady side too. 

Rogers: Mhm, mhm. I see. It really cuts a little deeper. If she really knew you, would she, could she accept you?  

Gloria: This is what I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t want her to turn away from me. 

Rogers: That relationship-

Gloria: And I don’t even know how I feel about it because there are times when I feel so guilty like when I have a man over, I even try to make a special set‑up so that if I were ever alone with him, the children would never catch me in that sort of thing. Because I’m real leery about it.

Rogers: Mhm.

Gloria: And yet I also know that I have these desires.

Rogers: And so it’s quite clear it isn’t only her problem or the relationship with her, it’s in you as well.  

Gloria: And my guilt. Yeah. Yeah. I feel guilty so often. `

And later on, Rogers is super aware of how Gloria is expressing her emotions, and looking at what that means:

Gloria: …I hate myself if I’m bad, but I also hate myself if I lie.

Rogers: I guess, judging from your tone of voice, you sound as though you hate yourself more when you lie than you do in terms of things you disapprove of in behavior.

Even later on, Rogers reflects what Gloria was saying, in a way that made Gloria feel understood:

Gloria: …This has really bothered me. This happened with Pammy about a month ago and it keeps coming to my mind. I don’t know whether to go back and talk to her about it or wait. She may have even forgotten what she asked me, but uh – it just-

Rogers: The point is, you haven’t forgotten.  

Gloria:  I haven… No, I haven’t.

So that’s kind of an overview of what person-centered therapy looks like! It’s not too bad, right? 

Stay tuned next month for something a LOT more complicated!

Hanahaki Disease Au VLD

Wow, this never meant to be a long post but here we are:

In this lovely au of mine, Lance would falls for someone from the VLD main casts or all of them. (It could be anyone, whomever you want whether it hetero, homo, poly or so on) Lance is really insecure and its why, he falls easily as well as stop just as easily because he want to love someone as well as believes he’s someone who is unlovable. So Lance, being our lovely flirt, would flirt with that person or persons, thinking that it would go away soon or later but it doesn’t. He would spend the days watch them and learning their stupid habit and what not.

Lance would learn how deep he has fallen and know that it would be game over for him when he first spit out lovely flower petals.

(This paragraph here is the MAIN part or my au) So, I couldn’t help think about what happens to plants in winter or in cold temperature, turn out they become dormant and stop growing. Since Blue uses ice power, Blue offer to use their ice power to freeze Lance’s disease and of course Lance would accept. BUT if she goes offline or shut down then the disease would thaw and start to grow again, it depends on how fast Lance warms up. Also, when Lance accepted the usages of ice power, he would always be cold from the inside and freezing to the touch.

No matter who you choose, Lance would never ever tell them and maybe he would tell Hunk because they are best of friend, unless Hunk is your chosen. His reasons :

- If a paladin or paladins or a poly, Lance would never tell a soul or have it surgically remove because it could affect the connection to form Voltron.
- If an Altean or both or a poly, Lance would probably tell Hunks and only his feeling for the Altean(s). So if it a poly w/ paladin(s), no telling about paladin(s). He would never say anything to them because they have enough on their plates with maintenance or distress signal or whatever they do.

Of course, Hunk or Pidge or Coran would find out first (mostly Hunk) because they are observant and closer to Lance than the rest. For Hunk, he could never lied to him, so he would tell him and reassure he is fine thanks to Blue. For Pidge, he would try to dodge the questions because he doesn’t want to hurt them (they can be whatever gender they want) but would eventually tell them. For Coran, he tell him just in case they need a new blue paladin. When Hunk and Pidge find out about Blue being his support system, they would try to upgrade Blue so Lance would never be in a situation where Blue is out. All of Voltron would find out, but Lance never tell who he loves b/c he does want it to be made from pity or forced.

(Another MAIN part of my au) In the end, Lance would be happy whether it comes to him or for them. Lance learn to love himself but he know he is always a selfless, loving person that he could never burden anyone with his love. There would be a scene where Lance sitting with Blue, saying:

           “Hey, Blue, you know what? I hate this stupid disease because it won’t go away even when I am happy for them. I mean, just looking at them everyday and seeing them so…alive and knowing that after everything that happen, they can still smile and laugh. It just make me happy knowing that. And this disease is so selfish to even exist because there is more to an unrequited love than dying especially if you rather live to make them happy than not knowing what happen to them after you die…Though I don’t hate it as much, maybe a bit happy because I know I would do everything for them and this disease is my one selfish wish.”

|| heartache ||

[[request prompt: ahhh i have a request! peter and reader have been dating for quite a bit, though reader doesn’t know that he’s spiderman. when she finds out though, she’s *mortified* bc once she was held hostage and he actually came to save her, though he abandoned her when the criminal was caught and the police came, so she’s held a dislike for Spiderman since then, since he didn’t save her. so, angst?]]

Yeah, this was another one of those Drabble requests that I couldn’t condense into 500 words lmao, and I apologize if this wasn’t angsty enough ;w;

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warnings: a bit of angst with some fluff at the end.

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I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch right now. I hope things start to look up soon! I’m sending you my positive energy! I hope a small request like this can help a little. Stay strong <3

- Bakugo isn’t exactly the kindest, most optimistic person there is

- He knows this, and because of it, your existence baffles him a little

- You’re always so cheerful! Even when he curses in your direction you shake it off, when he makes a snide remark you turn it around into something nice

- “You’re pissing me off today” he’d snark, and you’d reply with something dumb - “Aw, so you like hanging out with me all other days?”

- Bakugo had no idea how you managed to be so positive all the time, but something about your unending optimism attracted him to you, and he found himself falling for you

- You two were going to work on homework at your place (it was actually a dumb excuse to spend time with you - everyone knew Bakugo never did his homework with someone else!)

- When you didn’t answer the door, he let himself in, a little annoyed that you didn’t come down to greet him

- “Where the hell are you?” He steps inside, and then decides to head up to your room

- He freezes when he hears muffled sobbing coming from the other side of the door

- He barges in almost immediately, “[____]? What the fuck’s going on? Did something happen?”

- You’re crying too much to be embarrassed that Bakugo caught you in this state - “N-Nothing happened,” you stutter out between sobs, “I’m just so useless! Pathetic! I’m the problem. The world would be better off without me.”

- A flash of anger clouds Bakugo’s face, and he grabs your hands tightly in his, “Don’t say that. Don’t fucking say that.”

- “No one cares for me,” you wail

- “That’s not true - I do! But fuck that - who the hell cares about what others think? Be selfish, [___]! Live for yourself, for fuck’s sake.”

- As you cry, Bakugo pulls you close against his chest, albeit a little awkwardly. Aware of his outburst and of your state, his voice is softer when he speaks again, 

- “Everyone feels bad sometimes. No one is fucking happy all the time - not even you - and that’s normal. You’re only human. Don’t force yourself to be happy if you’re not. I… I like you the way you are - your happiness, your sadness, your anger. Don’t erase any part of yourself. Got it?”


- When Shinsou comes over to your place, lets himself in after you don’t answer the front door, he hears your quiet crying from your room

- He doesn’t know what to do at first - maybe he should come back later and let you cry in peace? would you be embarrassed if he came in? You were always so cheerful, after all!

- But he panics more, and decides it’s better to risk embarrassing you if it might help you, too

- “[___]?” He knocks on your bedroom door, and your crying abruptly stops, “…What’s wrong? I’m coming in, okay?”

- He comes in and sees your red, teary face, and worry crosses his own, “What happened? [___]?” He sits down next to you, but does not initiate an embrace, even though he wants to

- “I’m such a burden,” you sob, “And now, I’m burdening you, too… I just… I wish I were never born. I-I’m sorry.”

- Shinsou takes both your hands into his, firmly, but his touch is still gentle. “Look at me,” he says, voice as firm as his touch, “[___], look at me.”

- When you look at him, teary eyed, he speaks again, “You’re not a burden. You mean so much to me, and I hate seeing you in pain like this. You are loved.”

- Though his words are kind, they bring a sense of guilt to you, as though you’re cheating him, making him think that you’re a wonderful person when you’re really not.

- “I-I’m so scared of… of you one day seeing me the way I see myself.” You choke on your tears, “Then you’ll realise there’s nothing here to love.”

- Shinsou cups your cheek, forcing you to look at him again, a gentle touch, “And I yearn for the day when you see yourself the way I see you. A bright, wonderful person. But a person nonetheless, with sadnesses and fears as well.”

- “It’s alright. You can just be yourself. You are good enough. And I love you the way you are.” Shinsou whispers, even as you calm down.


- He knows something’s up when you don’t answer the door, and Kirishima carefully goes upstairs to your room

- When he hears your muffled crying he barges into the room without knocking, looking bewildered

- Embarrassed, too, but at this moment he’s far too concerned for you to be worried about embarrassment

- “[___]! What’s wrong? Did something happen?” He asks at once, and kneels down in front of you, grasping your hands tightly

- It worries him awfully when you attempt to pull your hands away - you never behave this way! “[____}?” He prods you again, this time a little gentler.

- “I-It’s nothing,” you breathe out shakily, still crying, “I’m fine, y-you can leave.”

- Kirishima frowns deeply, “It’s not nothing. What’s wrong? If you’re feeling a certain way, then you can’t help it, right? There’s a valid reason for you to feel it. Let me help you out. We’ll get you feeling better in no time, right?”

- Though he grins in an attempt to lighten the mood just a little, you can tell it’s even forced for him - he’s genuinely worried.

- “I… I just feel as though I… I’m out of place. No one cares for me, I don’t fit in, and if I died then nothing would change. So what am I still doing here?”

- All lightheartedness is gone from Kirishima’s expression now, replaced with seriousness. He sits down next to you instead, and pulls you into a deep embrace

- “That’s not true,” he says, and you realise how shaky his voice is - is he crying, too?

- “If you were to… to die,” the words stick in his throat, “my entire world would crumble. And your family’s. And all our friends’. And the schools’. Don’t say that nothing would change. Maybe we can’t change the entire world - but your existence is precious. To me. To so many others.”

- “And I’ll stay by your side until you no longer feel this way. Okay? If you can’t love yourself, then I’ll love you enough for the two of us.”

(Translation) Seiyuu JUNON Vol. 4, 10.15.2016 - Aoi Shouta


I’ll be trying to upload more interviews soon. Next translation that I’ll be doing will be Hanae Natsuki and Eguchi Takuya’s interviews from the said issue

Aoi Shouta:  “ I’ll Break it Out”

The kind of “A girl or a boy should be like this, right?” stereotype is being reversed by a person. A person who never fails to captivate the audience. A miracle called Aoi Shouta.

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Omg … I can’t believe my heart will hurt this much for Ijuuin sensei (look at how sad he looks in that first page ;-; ), like I always knew it was an unrequited love on his end but it doesn’t change the fact that he truly and genuinely love Misaki on his end; he’s also different to Haitani in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi; because his love is not shallow/petty… and he’s genuinely a nice character who just doesn’t want to hurt the one he loves, that is why he is stepping out of this relationship on his end when he said that if Misaki gets hurt he’ll steal him away, which is just a figure of speech since we all know it’s not going to happen. This scene made me teary even though Usagi x Misaki is my otp. I really really do love Ijuuin and I hope he will be able find someone who will love him the same way Misaki loves Usagi (the same way Kirishima loves Yokozawa when he(Yokozawa) let go of his feelings for Takano.

You know speaking from my otp (Romantica) pov, I never hated the interaction between Ijuuin and Misaki. I always loved it. I really hope that Ijuuin can be happy on his end and ofcourse Misaki being able to work for him where even when Misaki doesn’t love Ijuuin the same way as he does him; but I still want Misaki to be his no.1 fan; poor Ijuuin, but this is for the best. Don’t worry I’m sure you will find someone one day that can ease the loneliness you feel and make you happy.

I love both Ijuuin and Usagi as characters on my end.

“I’d like it to happen, because I miss him and I miss the band and I miss the fans and I miss singing them songs. But it’s in the lap of the gods, not Noel Gallagher, as much as he’d like to think he’s a bit of a god, but he ain’t… Cos I’ve seen him coming for years. He thought that I was going to be down and out, and then he’d turn round and say: “Sorry about this, lads, but I’m going to have to put my wicked solo career on hold because I need to help my brother out.” But I ain’t fucking poor. I’m still standing. No. It ain’t happening, mate. When I think about it, being in a band with him bores the death out of me. He’s changed, as a person. He’s not someone I want to be in a band with. He’s part of the establishment.” - Liam Gallagher about a possible Oasis reunion (x)

Tell you what, I love this man even more! No hate on Noel, but even though I’m biased I can’t disagree with Liam

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Hugh said Will realized he was in love with Hannibal while he had that chat with bedilia, and it keeps making me think about when Will went to see Hannibal at the prison after that, and he knew he was in love with Hannibal while they talked (even though he said it wasn't good to see hannibal) i just..everything is mutual in that moment even though Will still hated the fact that he was in love with him

You didn’t ask for this, but sometimes when I want to make myself extra sad I think about what would have happened had Dolarhyde actually killed himself, making that goodbye actually, well, goodbye… for a time at least. And then I started writing a thing, and it got a bit out of hand, so I put it on AO3 and there will be a second chapter coming either tonight or tomorrow, whenever I have the time to finish it up…

hello goodbye | chapter 1

Ding dong, the Dragon’s dead. Well and truly gone. Will sits in his car outside BSHCI long enough to draw concern from within. Alana taps on his window.

“Everything okay?”

Will sighs and flips off the radio. “Just thinking. I’ll be in soon.”

Alana frowns, sadness in her eyes. “Go home, Will. He doesn’t deserve your goodbyes.”

Maybe he doesn’t, Will knows. But maybe this isn’t about what he deserves at all.

Will propels his body into movement. Out of the car and into the building, buzzing through one door to the next. The final set of doors dissolve before his eyes, the foyer of their shared memory taking form.

Hannibal Lecter is a monster, but Will now only sees the man. Antlers do not spring forth from his crown. His hands not talons but pale flesh too long hidden from the sun, cut through with veins pumping hot, red, human blood. His words are quiet, edging on desperate.

“You can go home again. If there’s any point. Is there any point?”

“I like my life there.”

“It won’t be the same. You’ll see it’s not the same.”

The words cut deep, an ache for which there is no balm. A hand to the glass between them. A goodbye. One final, quiet rejection.

Will manages to to turn and walk from the room, but once the doors have shut behind him he all but runs to his car. In the bar a short distance from his motel Will blinds himself, drink after drink. Beer, whisky, whatever the hell the guy winking at him from across the bar just sent over. He loses the contents of his stomach all over his shoes halfway back to his room.

The world goes black around him. He wakes the next morning miraculously in his bed, nightmare sweat drying on his brow. He cleans himself up and goes home.

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