even though i hate when it happens to me

[10/24/2016 5:31:37 PM] bright: basically izayaorihamha was this tumblr user from like 2014 who treated his followers like a cult and spent his time harassing people. at one point like 7 people all came forward at once with accounts of being abused by him and he was promptly run off of tumblr, but now he’s back and trying to act like it never happened. he continues to harass a really close friend of mine and forces him to remake every time he finds his new blog, claiming he’s his abuser when in reality, izaya was the one who abused him.

Yikes actually there were not any real abuse claims just some kid who said they were abused by me even though I had 0 close friends back then besides Amar, they hated me and had my mutuals block me. If I abused someone show proof, show me proof this happened instead of ganging up on the retarded kid with shit you made up.

glad to know you still friends with Coine after he been called out for trying to get me raped and you even admitted in our chat that you know I didn’t abuse anyone and you were just mad that I got in drama with your friend. You been friends with Coine / Ryoje for a long time and I find it interesting that you still talking shit after it was proved I didn’t abuse anyone, fake my race, or do any of the shit you claim. But I have tons of proof that my abuser that you’re defending is an ableist, racist sexual predator and you are STILL defending him. Why can’t you stop talking about me? @ireallylovehalloween 

  • me:*wants to get proper help and treatment*
  • also me:*literally tries to make myself sound Normal™ when asked about symptoms, doesnt talk about the Extreme symptoms i face, forgets about some of my symptoms or experiences to even include them, uses all my energy to give the doctor my Utmost Attention even though on a regular basis i cant focus for shit, tries to remember or lie about time period when asked when it happened, Basically makes myself sound as if what im dealing with Isn't Anything Serious, etc*

Odds are, in the wake of Brexit, we’ll see an upsurge in harassment and violence against people who look, sound or otherwise appear to be foreign and/or Muslim.

Let’s agree to try and be vigilant, to watch for people being bothered, being split off from a group, harassed, or worse. Let’s agree not to stand by when we see it happening.

If you want Britain to be Great again, even though (regardless of why you voted the way you did) the referendum has lent more credence to people wielding racist, xenophobic rhetoric, you’ll have to do it yourselves.

So do it.

Don’t leave it to Facebook statuses about the hate and fear overtaking the country. Extend it to your neighbours, your friends, and strangers in the street. I’ll help. I remember when I first came here in 2003, I remember the British people and the foreigners living in the UK who helped me.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Watch for situations where you need to intervene.

You don’t have to be Batman every time. See a man being harassed on your night out? Shout, “Oi, we wondered where you’d got to,” and swoop in around him. See a woman being bothered in the street? Say, “Sorry I’m late, shall we?” and usher her into the nearest shop.

I don’t care why you voted Leave, if you did. Unfortunately, the outcome handed a false legitimacy to people who want Britain to be white instead of great, but let’s be real - they were already getting louder and prouder. Jo Cox proved that.

I don’t care why you voted Remain, either, if you did it to try and keep us safer or to try and save the economy.

Pull together and handle the fallout. Remember those who are most vulnerable and watch their backs.

We’re not all in this together - that much is clear. But if you feel we should be, if you remember that Britain was made great, and continues to be great, at the expense of and, more recently, also with the aid of, foreigners… Then be in it with us.

Let there be a kernel of humanity inside whatever storms are about to swoop down on this country.

If you can’t be Great Britain, be great and IN Britain.

The one who loves him next

To the one who loves him next:
I don’t hate you for its not your fault. I do want to tell you something though

Remember that you’re a lucky girl. You have the one thing I hold closest in my heart. Remember you’re lucky even when he’s so mad he can’t talk cause that will happen. Remember you’re lucky because when you’re mad he will hold you and kiss you till all is forgiven.

Promise me you’ll hold his hand in the car he loves that. He really likes surprises so take him a snickers bar at work on a random day those are his favorites and he will smile at the sight of you.

Love him fiercely please he needs that. He will want to fight and battle but he always wants love and happiness find your balance with him and you will be forever loved.

Hold onto him, he’s worth it.
-the one who loves him most


I don’t really make posts or spend much time in tumblr, but I felt like I had to share my feelings about OUaT from the start to now, as I’m starting to low key ship swanqueen despite having felt repulsion at the idea for a long time (sorry), and because I need a space to vent. 

See, I was rooting for Gremma in season 1, but we know that didn’t happen (I hated Regina for this and was why I couldn’t for the life of me see how people wanted her with Emma), then came August and even though he messed up, I couldn’t really account him for leaving Emma behind in the orphanage, because he was only a child when he was given the task to look after a newborn, like? That was so messed up. And I didn’t like Neal in the beginning because he hurt Emma by leaving her in jail, pregnant (im sure he would not have done it if he knew she was expecting his baby), but he had to let her follow her destiny and he had his reasons to not want to be back in a world with magic, because magic ruined his childhood, so I started to understand Swanfire needed a chance to make amends and maybe be together with their son. It looked like it was possible. I still preferred August, but he was a child again and that was really creepy. I hated the Blue Fairy for that. Then there was captain Hook and I found him so cunning, he had a dastardly charm to him, plus those piercing blue eyes, damn, I thought “okay, maybe he can change for the better and win Emma,” but BOY was I wrong. The way he “changed” for Emma was plain creepy. He kept making sexual innuendos and harassing her and insisting she was only in denial because she was hot for him (playing hard to get)- he looked like a stalker to be honest. He was always gross. His looks didn’t cut it for me (what had made me ship it for like 1 minute), the way he treats women is horrible, like sexual objects at his disposal, or just useless things, like he has called Belle and Aurora. And it didn’t help that Emma continued to reject him, so when they got together it was a WTF moment, what did I miss? But the nightmare continued! And as their relationship moved forward, all I saw was Emma change into this unrecognizable person who did not stand up for herself or for others when it was his boyfriend causing damage? Where did my heroine go? Where did Emma’s light go? Literally. Emma kissing Hook made her LOSE HER LIGHT. What kind of message is that? So when August was back because they needed adult Pinocchio to help them with the author thing, I was so hopeful that maybe she would finally realize how wrong Hook is for her and she and August would find happiness together, because he was always so supportive and respectful and he was such a much better guy, plus Neal was dead, but nothing happened. I had come to tumblr in hope Wooden Swan was a thing again, but found myself leaving just as I came. And now we’ve seen Hook die many times but he’s always brought back and it feels like the biggest injustice in the world because anyone else deserved more mercy than what they got, but they decide Hook of all people is worthy of Emma and of breaking the rules of life and death just because he decided not to kill Emma’s family in the end? I don’t understand this thought process. And then there’s Regina who has slowly tried to become a better person, but she also misses and slips and goes back to be Evil Queen but keeps on fighting her own darkness and now she even supports Emma and is a better parent for Henry, but she’s also given this horrible love story with Robin Hood and her crazy sister and their problematic baby and I feel like OUaT just hates women because they continue to force Emma and Regina to swallow so much crap from their relationships in the hope for True Love, it just is enough. Too much! I began to believe maybe Regina is the lesser evil for Emma, because I’m not delusional and I know they don’t plan to let Emma and August rekindle their relationship, and also they’ve had this super gay moments together it makes me think they are in the closet. But to have Emma choose Hook? 

Hook the murderous pirate.
Hook the woman beater.
Hook the lecherous pig.
Hook the stalker.
Hook the betrayer.
Hook the collector of trophies from his killings.
Hook the womanizer.
Hook the narcissist. 
Hook the selfish jerk.
Hook who told Emma he didn’t love her (not unless she’s perfect good doll).
Hook who attempted suicide to get Emma’s attention.
Hook who gave into darkness and focused on destroying Emma’s family.
Hook who demands be called a hero because he didn’t massacre them.
Hook who chose to trust his brother instead of Emma.


I don’t need to ship swanqueen to see Emma deserves better than Hook! And I would much rather see Emma with Regina than continue to suffer the pain of seeing Emma forget herself and her family for this despicable man.

You abandoned me when I needed you the most. When all I wanted was for you to hold me in your arms and stop the pain. I hate you for that. I hate you and i will never forgive you. Something bad happened to me and you didn’t even came to see if I’m okay. I wasn’t. I’m not okay, even though i act like everything is fine. But you don’t care, you never did. And that hurts me more than you could ever imagine. I just need to see you and feel your warm arms around me, and i will be whole again. But you are far away, not thinking about me. I hate you so much, and i love you much more.
How I know I have an amazing boyfriend.

-Whenever he got up to get something to drink/eat or go into a gas station, he would always ask if I needed anything.

-He always insists on holding doors open for me.

-He always fights with me when I try to pay

-He doesn’t judge me for my dorkiness, most of the time he just joins in on the fun

-He never makes me feel insecure about my body even though I can hardly fit into my jeans

-He will do anything to make me feel better

-He kisses every inch of me like my skin is his oxygen

-He spends so much to just come here and see me for a few days

-He gives me all his love and affection

-He pretends to be a hardass-badass mother fucker but in reality, he’s pretty goofy and a complete sweetheart (even though he may hate me for this post now)

-He lets me do things to him that most guys may call “fruity” but hey, thats what happens when you’ve been with a girl for over three years.

-He wears a ring while traveling to symbolize a wedding ring, and whenever anyone asks how long we’ve been married, he says however long we have been dating at that time. (3.5 years as of now, and when we really do get married, he will start the count over)

-He looks at me like I am his entire universe, and I couldn’t be happier with the man I am with. never-let–it-die you are the best boyfriend in the world and I don’t think anything can change my mind!


nate and serena appreciation week | day one - the moment you started to ship them

1x14, Bad News Blair.

I have to rant about why I started to ship Nate and Serena in this episode, in such a random scene. It was the first episode after the writers’ strike. I started watching Gossip Girl in 1x07 and I shipped (trust me) Dan and Serena. Not fiercely, but I did. I only watched the first seven episodes during the writers’ strike and I fell in love with their backstory. I hate abandoning ships so, even though I knew I liked Nate and Serena better, I held on to my DS shipping for a while.

HOWEVER, when 1x14 aired (after ages) I had already rewatched all the Nate and Serena scenes and when this happened it was BAM. OTP. One True Pair. They finally can talk to each other as friends again. They finally can be around each other but they still know each other SO WELL and she knows all his weak spots (aka her cute faces) and it just flows so naturally. You can sense they have known and loved each other their whole LIVES.

She’s also so glad that one of her UES friends finally aknowledges that Dan is good for her. You can see it means the world to her. And also Nate’s face. And also those Christmas lights and everything about this scene. I can’t. My OTP is flawless and this started everything.

8150) when i was 5 i prayed to god to have a vagina so that people would believe me when i told them i was a girl.. obviously when this didnt happen i just felt really sad & betrayed so i cursed christianity and convinced myself id have to try to live as a guy even though i knew i was truely a girl inside. I fucking hated myself.. I went through 2 decades of living a lie all because i had no idea transgender people existed & had no (positive) representation in the media whatsoever.

“My absolute favorite thing when it snows is watching people act like it’s the first time it’s ever happened. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate snow but the second a few snowflakes start falling it’s like people suddenly forget how to drive or even walk normally. It does make for some good people watching, though. My new hobby is counting how many people slip while trying to walk from place to place.”

I could give two shits about what Lana said on twitter. What pissed me off is that when shit doesn’t happen the way SHE  said it will JMo will get the hate. Hate that she doesn’t deserve because she wasn’t the one baiting to certain shippers.

Then she didn’t say ANYTHING about Outlaw Queen ?? WTF is that about ? She rather cater to a fanon ship over her CANON one. I love Robin and i hope that we get plenty of him even though Lana didn’t say a thing.

The Priest’s Friend | MacAvoy & Belle


He was already speaking when she opened the door of the church, wincing and hoping she wouldn’t make any noise. Belle hated to be late, even though arriving on time to things wasn’t something that happened often. She just couldn’t manage it. That morning she’d found herself lost in thought as she dressed, thinking on what had happened when she saw Father MacAvoy last. And in doing so, made herself quite late. 

A few heads turned her way as she stepped in and veered to the left to find a place to sit. Some eyes judging, some merely curious about the unfamiliar face. She found a place in the very last pew and slipped in, taking care as she sat. And then the awkwardness settled upon her. She didn’t really know what to do with herself, and sheepishly looked up to where Joseph was. 

I am getting really tired of people constantly hating on the supernatural writers for season 10 when it hasn’t even happened yet. so many people are treating the writers like they’re homophobic even though they’re really not. I agree that there is obvious chemistry between Dean and Cas, and I know a lot of fans want it to become canon, but just because the writers choose Dean to have mostly female love interests does not make them homophobic. I don’t understand the constant need from fans for Dean to be bi or gay. I am all for it, believe me, I want it more than anything, but again, making a character in a show straight is not homophobic. Sorry for my rant, but I feel like there are too many people getting personally offended by all of this. 

Break up. Make up.

Scott McCall Imagine

People come and go, it’s how it works. You know this; you’ve seen this happen all your life. But, it still hurts you when it happens… doesn’t it?

You still cry for someone who’s no longer there. You still feel your heart break every time you hear their name. You still feel this need to be close to them. You still feel that connection, even though it’s gone. You still love someone, even when you hate them.

Because, loving and letting go it’s part of life and you know it.

That’s exactly what’s going on inside of me every time I look at Scott McCall.

Every time I look at him my heart races. Every time I hear his voice I get chills. Every time he looks at me I can feel all those butterflies on my stomach. Every time he touches me I can feel my body falling to my commands. Every time he’s near of me I remember how much I miss our relationship.

But, it’s okay.

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He’s happy now whit Kira. She takes really good care of him. She always makes him laugh when he’s sad. She always makes sure he’s not hurt in his fights, and she even protects him when necessary. She always makes him relax when he’s stressed, or eat when he’s sick. She always helps him study when he can’t do it by himself, and she always puts up with his favorite movies even though she doesn’t like them. She’s there for him every day.

And, yeah… it hurts me.

It hurts me to see that he looks at her the same way I look at him. That he does for her everything I would do for him. That he laughs and cries with her just like he did with me. That he kisses her the same way he kissed me. That he touches her the same way he touched me. That he feels for her the same way I feel for him. That he finds in her the same hope I find on him. It hurts me that he loves her in the same way I love him.

It may hurt me a bit, but then I question myself… why would I be sad for seeing the boy I love happy?

I wouldn’t. I am not.

And, here I am now. I’m standing in the middle of this school hall looking at them. He’s arms are wrapped up around her and our friends surround them. They all talk and laugh together, but they still look into each other’s eyes and smile even more. Her head it’s placed on this chest, listening to every heartbeat from him and she feels good about it. I may not hear it, but I know that he tells her how much he loves her every time he places his lips next to her ear.

I may not be her, but I can still love his happiness as much as her.

Lydia comes from behind me and stops right by my side. I look at her, and her arm wrapped around mine, she smiles at me and I do the same thing to her.

-He’s so happy, Lyds. –I tell her.

-But, are you happy? –She asks.

-If he’s happy than I’m happy. –I smile.

We start walking up to them and I can still feel every single fiber of my body lighting up on fire at every step we get closer to him. But, then I look at Stiles and I see it so clearly.

The way he’s looking at Lydia even though Malia is right next to him. The way he stops listening to the conversation he was having, just because of her. The way that his eyes shine brighter at every step of hers. The way that he can barely breathe until she’s next to him.

He’s still madly in love with her, the same way I’m still madly in love with Scott.

And I smile at my observation. My eyes get back to Scott that smiles to me like he knew what’s going on inside my head, and I smile back at him. We had this bet about Stiles and Lydia that we made when we were still together, and so far I was the most likely to win.

-Good morning, dudes. –I said to everyone.

-Good morning, (Y/N). –They smiled to me.

I could be in a middle of a crowded place with really loud people, but I would still find a way to only hear Scott’s voice. There’s no other voice as sweet as his. There’s no other voice I’d love to hear every morning for the rest of my days, only his.

Their conversation continues, but I’m not listening. I focus on my feet while I wait for the bell to ring just so I can go to class and still behind Scott. In that seat I can feel his perfume, which I can say that’s my favorite, and it makes me feel a little bit better.

-(Y/N). (Y/N). –I hear Stiles saying trying to get my attention.


-Are you coming to our movie night? Tonight, at my place.

-No. I have to study and I still have things to do. Sorry. –I lied.

They all smiled sadly at my answered and said “Maybe next time”, but that ‘next time’ was not happening. I knew I would always find excuses just so I could bail out of it. None of them seemed to know that, but Scott was an exception. He stayed looking at me seriously for a little longer than the others. His eyes were staring deep into mine making me feel chills going up and down my spine.

He knew I was lying, and he knew it was because of him.

Because the truth is, every day I face the pain of watching them with a smile, but at night that smile goes away and I take the tears that come with the memories. So, if facing them during the day it’s hard, how could I face them during a day and a night? I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. Because at night, I want to be alone in a place where I can’t see them.

-Sorry, guys, but I better get going to class now. See you there. –I smiled.

They didn’t even have time to say anything about it, I didn’t give them time to. But I needed to get out of there as soon as possible; I couldn’t take the way Scott was staring at me. With his sad eyes glaring my soul and my sadness like he knew I what I was battling. He was looking at me with pity and mercy, and I don’t need that.

I was, now, sitting on the stairs from the hall. Professors and students were passing by me while I was just sitting there looking at them. In my mind there was so many things taking my full attention that I didn’t even heard the bell ring, to be honest the last thing I saw when I woke up from my thoughts was just an empty hall.

I ran to the classroom and I knocked on the door, I could hear their voices from the outside so I knew I was in the right class. The door was opened by this girl who smiled to me, making me smile back to her and whisper ‘thank you’.

I could feel some people looking at me, which it didn’t bother me as much as the stares from the pack. They were looking at me confused, because they knew I had came here earlier that them.

-(Y/N), you’re late. –Coach said.

-I know, Coach. I’m sorry, I was in the bathroom and I had to go get my book from my locker. But, it won’t happen again.

-Good. –He said.

I took my seat behind Scott, as always, and just smiled to Lydia who was looking at me but seemed to be more calm thanks to my excuse. After this mess the day went by, nothing different happened expect for Scott, he didn’t say a word to me all day and he looked distant from all of us.

After this long day, of not paying attention to things around me and feeling ignored by Scott, I just went home. Home was the only place I wanted to be now; in there I could be alone and rethink my life right now.

I knew what would happen as soon as I got home, I would start feeling stressed and angry at things, than I would break something but in the end my anger would always turn into tears; because that happens every day for a long time. Home is where I get to my breakpoint; where my thoughts became harsh and sad, where I’m alone and I feel even lonelier than I should.

All this, because I don’t have him.

I felt guilty because I feel like I hurt him, and that’s why he was so cold and distant to me. I felt sad because I let him go. I felt disappointed, because I had promised myself things would change. I felt so many things, and none of them were good.

But I was so used to them, that it just kind of natural to me.

My phone starts ringing and I looked over to see who was trying to talk to me, it was Lydia. I knew that right now they were all in Stiles’ house doing their movie night. I didn’t know if I should answer or not, but I was scared that something had happened and they needed me. Tears stream down my face and I know that right now I’m too weak to just talk to them, but I still have to do it. I just wipe my tears way and try to make this normal voice, so no one knows I’m crying.

-Yes? –I said.

-Hi. –She said. - I just called to check on you, sweetie?

-I’m good, Lydia. Thank you.

-We wanted you here with us, but its okay if you’re at home. Maybe next, right?

-Yeah, Lydia. I have to go, bye.


She believed me. She really though I was okay and she didn’t even noticed I was lying again. I think a part of me wants her to notice that I’m in pain, because that part knows I’m into deep. That part knows that I’m not good at all and that I need help, but the bigger part doesn’t; the bigger part doesn’t even want help.

Would it be that bad if I just told her the truth about how much hurt I am? Would it?

I hear a knock on my door and I go there to open it. It could be the pizza I ordered a few minutes ago, and right now I needed something good to fill the void I had inside me. I got there and opened the door as fast as I could, so when I saw Scott instead of the pizza guy my heart dropped with regret.

-I know you’re not okay, and you need to stop lying to them about it? –He said entering my house.

-Yeah, sure come in. –I said sarcastically while closing the door.

-Why don’t you just tell us that you’re hurt? We can help you, (Y/N). You don’t have to lie about it. I’ve seen it all, since your fake smiles to your excuses to just be alone. I know you, I already read through your pages, so I know when you’re not okay. Tell me what’s going on, (Y/N). Just like we used to do.

-You know what hurts in there? –I said calmly. - The simple fact that you used the expression ‘like we used to do’. Because it’s true, we don’t do that anymore, we used to but not anymore.

-What is the matter, (Y/N). – He tried to smile but failed.

-You. You it’s the matter. I can’t stop loving you, and that hurts.


-You moved on so fast, you know? It was just like I wasn’t that important to you, when you were clearly the most important person on earth to me. After you broke up with me out of nowhere, I wondered if I wasn’t good enough or if you had ever loved me.

-Don’t say that to me, please. –He whispered.

-Every time I see you with her I feel like there’s a whole being punched through my heart. I see you kiss her like you kissed me, touching her like you touched me, loving her like you said you loved me, making her happy like you made me. But she makes you so much happier than I ever did, it’s just so obvious every time you smile or whisper in her ear the three words I crave to hear from you again, the ‘I love you’. –I cried. - And, it hurts so badly. I dislike lies, but if I have to tell them to save myself a little bit then I’ll use them.  

-(Y/N). –He said.

-I’m sorry, Scott, but this was enough for me.

-Listen to me. –He screamed.

I had never heard him scream like this to me before, ever. So, I was scared to death because of it. He didn’t seem to care about how scared I was; in fact he just started talking again making me see how angry he was.

-First, you’re more than enough. And you can never question the love I felt for you. Never. I loved you more than I loved myself, do you understand that? I broke up with you because I had cheated on you when I was drunk and I couldn’t bare the guilt. Kira helped me and that’s how we started dating. I never said to her those three words; because I would be lying to her if I told her that.


-No! Listen to me. I’m sorry you feel like this, I never wanted this to happen. I don’t lover her like I loved you, because I still love you. I hate to see you like this; I hate to know that I just broke your heart. I love you, (Y/N). You and only you.

He came closer to me and before I could do something, his lips were already attached to mine. Our tongues kept fighting for space in our mouths and the air from our lungs was starting to disappear, but none of us seemed to want to let this kiss get to the end. It was too much time of being far away from each other and without feeling these kinds of love and joy. We needed this.

-You cheated on me? –I said breathless.

-I just did this emotional speech and that’s the only part you seem to be interested in? Seriously?

-I love you, Scott.

-I love you too, (Y/N).

Feeling better links masterpost

Feeling better links Masterpost

Over the past few days I’ve spoken to a number of people who are sad, lonely, or upset about something that has happened. I hate seeing people sad so I thought I would make a small masterpost about links that have helped me/ that I’ve send to others that have helped:

if it’s like this: mobile then it means that it probably doesn’t work on mobile, you can try but I doubt it.


When you’re so stressed about something or anxious about something like moving school or moving to a different city next week that you can’t sleep, even though you’re exhausted you can’t seem to stop thinking about the situation:

The thoughts room mobile (helps me a lot): X

The quiet place mobile (very relaxing, it helps): X

Calming gif (always makes me feel better): X

Player 2 (sometimes when I’m mad/upset at someone like at my friends I use this and it really helps me all time) mobile X

A masterpost of relaxing sounds of nature etc..: X


When you feel so sad, but you’re sick of feeling sad and try to be happy; these links might help be less sad and maybe just happy.

Hug mobile: X

Cute yahoo answers: X

Gives me hope: X

Cute videos not sure if it works or not on mobile: X

Watch most movies mobile: X

MOVIES THAT CHEER ME UP {none are for mobile}

These are my go-to movies when I’m sad, some of these include Disney movies bc they always make me feel good. 

PItch Perfect: X

Mean Girls: X

Grease: X

Avengers: X

The Hangover {whole series}: X

DISNEY MOVIES {don’t work on mobile}:

The Little Mermaid: X

Despicable Me {both}: X

Peter Pan: X

Tangled: X

Ratatouille: X

Surf’s Up: X

Happy Feet: X

I will be updating this post as often as possible. If any of you have any links you would want added, please send them to me, I will also be making another blog just for helpful links, happy thoughts etc… 

Again, if you have any helpful links like this, please send them, you can even link me to a post with links if you would like. Thank you so much

Please reblog this, just one quick reblog can help somebody.

As much as I appreciate people on here talking about OCD, there are things about it that I feel like folks are intentionally not addressing for fear of looking bad and that makes me feel uneasy because they are things that happen to people.

I want to see people talking about:

-Worrying about whether or not you’re thinking about your obsessions on purpose, and when you actually do think them on purpose (I call that “thought vaccination”) as an attempt to desensitize yourself even though it never works and makes you hate yourself

-What to do when you actually do act on an obsession or your worst fear actually does come true — a lot of people seem to think that Never Ever Happens and that did me absolutely no favors when, for example, I actually did get diagnosed with cancer after obsessing and crying about it for weeks beforehand.

-The intersection of obsessive thoughts with axes of oppression like racism and homophobia — people seem to act like obsessive thoughts always occur in a vacuum and that thoughts can either be obsessive or oppressive, never both, when that’s clearly not the case.

Feel free to add more things you feel are being ignored in discussions about OCD on here if you think of any.