even though i hate when it happens to me

Why do you still miss him?”
I thought for a moment before answering.
“I miss the comfort he brought me. I miss how he made me laugh, the way he looked at me. I miss the way he put his hands in my hair and how he always sent looks my way when something happened that he knew I would find funny. I miss how he was always up for any of my ideas and how he made plans so easily. I miss the stupid grins he would send me and how he would wink at me just to annoy me. I miss how he used to call me Babe even though I lied and said I hated it and how he would hug me every time he saw me. I miss how he knew me and how he would always listen to me about everything I talked about. I guess I miss him because he was special. He gave me feelings I’ve never experienced before but damn, would I give anything to experience them again.
—  Thoughts about you part 18

things that hurt from season 3 even more now:

how even said “the lead dies in every epic love story.” in 2:10

that look even has on his face of fear and uncertainty whilst he’s sat on the windowsill in 2:10.

the aluminium leg theory in 3:10.

“did you think i had died?” in 4:10.

“it’s you and your thoughts, you can’t escape your thoughts. the only way to do so is to die.” in 5:10.

“i don’t sleep because sleep is the cousin to death.” in 5:10.

even, despite his fear of parallel universes bc of how unobtainable happiness has been to him in this universe, sketching isak in them bc isak believes in them.

the entire changing room scene in 5:10.

even hopelessly watching isak cross the schoolyard in 6:10.

even’s look on his face when he bumps into isak in the canteen bc he hurt isak in 6:10.

even at isak’s doorstep, hoping and hoping and hoping, despite his fear, in 7:10.

“she can’t think what i think, or feel, for that matter.” […] “i’ve never felt anything quite like this, ever.” in 8:10.

“am i the man of your life? are you talking to me? …. say it again.” in 8:10.

“who’s mikael?” “the previous man of my life.” in 8:10.

“i’ll save you right back.” in 8:10.

even whispering (after asking how many isaks and evens are lying here in bed like this, and isak saying infinite) “in infinite time?” with so much hope but exasperation in his voice, as though if he said it any louder than a whisper, the universe wouldn’t allow for it to happen, in 8:10.

“the only way to have something for infinity is by losing it forever.” “don’t say that.” “i’m kidding.” in 8:10.

isak texting even to stop texting him, and even doing exactly that, in 9:10.

even not answering isak’s call when isak tried to ring him in 9:10.

o helga natt. just …. o helga natt, in 9:10.

“because its true. i’ll just hurt you, and then you’ll hate me.” in 10:10.

“i saw you the first day of school.” in 10:10.

“that was nice. you’re so nice.” in 10:10.

@ parents of lgbt+ kids

Having homophobic and/or transphobic parents can actually destroy someone on the inside. It is a soul destroying feeling when those closest to you, the people you grew up with or still are growing up with, won’t accept who you are, or even disown you for simply being who you are.

When I came out as a lesbian my mum didn’t even look at me for a month, let alone talk to me. She told me that lesbians disgust her and she didn’t want a gay daughter. My dad kept telling me repeatedly that I was confused, telling me it was a choice and calling me “dyke” in the process. My grandmother told me I was going to hell, I was damaged, unnatural, dirty, sinful, and still calls it an “unsettling phase”.

Every individual experience is different, but because of the clear message I got off my dad when I was 9 years old and he told me “never come home and tell me you’re gay” I buried my sexuality for years, dated boys, kissed boys, would have gone a lot further with them if I had ever been in a position to do so, sometimes even hoped to end up in that position because I was so desperate to be “normal” even though the thought of doing anything with a boy disgusted me, which in turn filled me with even more self hatred, didn’t tell anyone when I was harassed online by a man twice my age when I was only 13 because I thought it was the least I deserved after having such “unnatural” thoughts. I grew to have so much internalised homophobia due to the fear I had of being gay because my dad had said that to me when I was only 9 years of age. I faked crush after crush on boys, staring at their Facebook profiles willing myself to feel something, anything, yet looking at a random girl in the street and feeling a fire burn inside me, yet still not accepting it, burying it and blocking it out.

I blocked it out as best as possible, talking about boys and acting as straight as possible, especially around my friends, until I was almost 16, when I saw a lesbian couple kiss on BBC television on at 8pm programme, and in that moment, I knew that was what I wanted, I knew that I couldn’t spend my life being something I’m just not, pretending every day of my life. I knew in that moment that I was gay, I knew that I wanted a girlfriend, I knew that I wanted a wife, and for the first time the idea of marriage seemed appealing, and I felt at peace and like I truly knew myself.

So a couple of months later, I told my friends, which took more courage than I knew I had. After that went well, I felt confident enough to tell my parents, encouraged by the good experience of coming out to my friends.

I was a mess when I told my mum. Although I felt confident enough to do it, I was still terrified and shaking and it was the most nerve racking moment of my life. I didn’t mean for it to happen how it did, and I could have told her in a better way, but in that moment I felt I had to, it was the right time for me. After I told her, I went to my room where I sent her a text, which I’m not going to quote entirely because it’s too personal, but it explained everything, I told her the journey of discovering my sexuality, I told her I loved her, I explained my fears, my feelings, my experiences, everything. In response I received a text saying: “I can’t pretend I’m happy about this. I’m not at all, but I love you regardless.” Although I had wanted a proper conversation, I accepted that she was shocked and took the text as acceptance of me. However, later that day, I went downstairs and saw her for the first time since I told her. She was crying and wouldn’t look at me. When I went downstairs, she went upstairs. I tried not to be upset, understanding her shock and giving her time. After a week of not spending more than a minute in a room with her, and not having her look at me once, I decided to try again, so I said to her “we need to talk about this” but she walked away from me. I tried texting so she wouldn’t have to directly talk, but she ignored everything I sent her.

Throughout the month, nothing changed, I was constantly ignored by her, and when she told my dad without consulting me, he just told me I was confused, and shouted at me for upsetting everyone, telling me I was messing up my GCSEs because of my confusion and immature phase, when the only thing endangering my grades was their prejudice and discrimination against their own daughter. As the month progressed, with still no change in either of them, I felt more and more worthless, my internalised homophobia reared its head once more, more prominent than ever, and I considered all sorts of things that I don’t even want to go into, I even looked at conversion therapy at one point because I felt like such a failure and a disappointment to my family, and my grandmother was the worst, calling me damaged and an unnatural sinner constantly.

The day my mum spoke to me again I was so shocked I could barely reply. She acted as though the last month hadn’t even happened, and went on like that for a week, blocking out what had happened, never once mentioning it, evidently hoping that it had all gone away or that her ignoring me had made me bury it again so it couldn’t tarnish our family and I could just live an unhappy life. At the end of that week, I mentioned it. I said “it’s not a phase” and she still wouldn’t talk, which is when I started to show my anger. This is when she told me that lesbians disgust her, spewing the typical hate about hell and morality and sin. Not being able to take it anymore, I locked myself in the bathroom, sat in the bathtub and properly cried for the first time in months. All my emotions came flooding out, and I would say that day was the saddest and most hopeless I’d ever felt. I felt utterly rejected, outcast, like I could never belong, like a disappointment, and a failure as a daughter, as a person.

During an argument with my dad, he called me a dyke, declaring I was damaged and that something had obviously gone drastically wrong during my development to “turn me”.

Those few months I felt so sad, lonely, isolated, rejected, hopeless and crushed. The two most important people in my life practically disowned me, and it took all the fight and courage I had to keep going, to keep pushing on, and I’m glad I did, because I love myself and have never been prouder of who I am, and things are better now, not completely, but they’re better, even though I can’t talk openly, even though I still feel insecure, even though I still tense up every time I so much as approach the subject around my parents, things are better.

All this occurred before and during my GCSE exams, when I should have been studying. My results are due at the end of this month, and I’ve accepted that I’m not going to have done very well, and I tell myself that it’s through no fault of my own. Through everything that was happening, I still found time to study. I tried my hardest but when the people closest to you seem to hate you for being you, it’s kind of hard to concentrate and focus on anything other than the constant throbbing ache inside when you know your parents, the people who made you, the people who raised you, the people who always told you they loved you, don’t accept you.

So parents of LGBTQA+ children and teenagers, please please accept your child. If you weren’t prepared for the possibility of your child not being straight and/or cis, then you shouldn’t have had a child. Simple as that. Your child’s sexuality and gender are just as natural as they hair colour and eye colour. Please, please, please love your children, accept them, support them. Everything I went through could have been avoided had my parents done so. And the scary thing is I was lucky. Some people are thrown out, completely disowned, attacked, some people are even killed. I count myself lucky, and that’s sad. It’s sad that I count myself lucky for being unaccepted by my parents, because some people could tell stories that would make you sick about their coming out, that would make your skin crawl, but this is my story, and I’m sharing it in the hope that it will help young LGBTQA+ individuals, but also in the hope that it will help parents. Please love your children. Accept them. Support them. Tell them you love them. Make them feel accepted. Make them feel supported. Because you could lose them. Far too many young people take their own lives because their parents don’t accept them, simply because of who they want to love.

Love is love, and love is the most important thing.
ong seongwoo|enemies to lovers

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member: ong seongwoo
genre: fluffy w a lil bit of angst
warnings: sexual harassment 
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! you and seongwoo have always been secretly in love with each other but it’s always been hidden by endless pranks and teasing. one night, one closet and one confession will change everything.
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | | kim jaehwan

  • you were known to be one of the most popular girls in the grade
  • you were sweet, sassy, confident, witty, gorgeous and just outgoing and friendly
  • surprisingly you used to be super shy in middle school but with your amazing best friend kang daniel you became much more social 
  • but even though you were known as a super sweet girl everyone knew you hated one person
  • he was the cockiest, most annoying and ridiculously good looking person you’ve ever met
  • ong seongwoo
  • he was one the most popular guys, funny, confident, hot, made everyone laugh, party animal, jock and was basically liked by everyone except you
  • and don’t get me wrong he hated you too
  • but that didn’t stop everyone in the whole entire school to ship you
  • especially your and his best friend daniel
  • “seriously y/n, when are you and seongwoo going to get together??” he’d say literally on a daily basis
  • go daniel the cupid!! lol tf is wrong with me
  • everyone would always say
  • “you guys would be the golden couple!”
  • “actually 2nd golden couple, you could never beat daehwi and jinyoung”
  • “no but actually you would look so good together”
  • “and the sexual chemistry between you is ridiculous”
  • you’d dismiss the comments and just roll your eyes 
  • but you couldn’t lie to yourself
  • you liked him a lot but you’d never admit it in a 100 years
  • you couldn’t help but smile sweetly at the incident which started the feud between you two 
  • which of course was when you fell for him
  • seongwoo was dared to pour a whole entire bucket of water on you by jaehwan because all his friends knew seongwoo had the biggest crush on you you didn’t know he had a crush on you tho
  • seongwoo as much as he liked you would never step down from a dare
  • so he did it
  • just as you were entering the cafeteria he poured a whole entire huge bucket of water all over you 
  • he was expecting you to slap him, or get super pissed
  • to his amazement and surprise you didn’t 
  • you felt the rush of water and you could tell by the laugh it was seongwoo
  • and you smiled to yourself knowing if you got pissed that means he would get the satisfaction
  • so instead you turned back to face him just to give a smirk and a raise of your eyebrow and then you screamed out
  • “WATER FIGHT!!!!!”
  • and it was a hot summer’s day so literally the cafeteria went into absolute chaos
  • people got their water bottles, cups, someone even got a hose
  • and water was everywhere, with people running around and screaming 
  • it was one of the best lunches even afternoon classes got cancelled because literally everyone was soaked head to toe even the teachers
  • and the cafeteria was basically just looked like it was in a flood
  • just as the water fight started, you filled up the bucket he used on you 
  • and seongwoo was just in awe of you of turning this whole entire thing on him
  • you walked up to him still drenched and with the same exact bucket he poured water on you, you poured it on him
  • he couldn’t help but smile brightly as you did thinking
  • “shit this one hell of a girl”
  • and you were smiling the whole time 
  • you couldn’t help yourself but admire his smile, his joking casual attitude, and him wanting to make people smile
  • but you also thought he’s such a cocky jerk but you knew 
  • as you were pouring water all over him and he was grinning happily
  • you were gonna fall for him
  • and oh boy did you 
  • and then as the last droplet landed on him
  • you whispered in his ear “better luck next time”
  • you winked at him and walked off 
  • luckily he didn’t see your super red blush and couldn’t hear your racing heart
  • he also was trying to stop his ears from going bright red and to stop smiling the goofy adorable smile he knew he had on his face
  • he stared at you the whole time as you walked away from him
  • but for the grande finale you rang the fire alarm in the cafeteria making the sprinklers go off 
  • then you just strutted out there like the boss ass bitch you were
  • and seongwoo literally fell so in love with you right there and then 
  • he knew he could never meet someone like you ever in his whole entire lifetime
  • someone finally outsmarted the great ong seongwoo
  • and he finally fell for someone
  • but that was like 6 months ago
  • in those 6 months you turned into enemies who secretly loved each other
  • seongwoo would do ANYTHING to get your attention
  • which usually meant annoying the shit out of you 
  • and constantly be super competitive 
  • but you couldn’t help but love it, any interaction with him made your heart flutter 
  • but literally in every test, exam, sports competition
  • you both would always be 1st or 2nd
  • and the bragging rights were huge 
  • “yah! y/n i ranked 1st in maths and guess where you are 2ndddd” he’d tease as the score sheet was up
  • “oh shut up, i beat you in english”
  • “and remember last week, aren’t you supposed to be in the soccer team?? how come i beat your team when we were playing soccer in sport??” you retorted
  • both of you stayed silent for a few moments thinking of that lesson
  • basically what happened was seongwoo was getting jealous at one of the guys, xiumin being too close to you
  • and he literally “accidentally” bumped into him super hard making xiumin fall
  • but he didn’t apologise and left him there making you super pissed off
  • after you helped him up and he told you he was fine
  • you stormed up to seongwoo and demanded
  • “apologise! you literally made him fall!!”
  • “why the hell should I?” he cockily remarked back
  • you stepped closer to him making people not sure whether you were gonna slap him or kiss him
  • you getting more aggravated basically shouted 
  • he scoffed at your remark making you want to strangle him and stepping so close to you your noses were touching and said 
  • “sweetheart, make me”
  • everyone was just staring at you two, the sexual tension was so thick literally no one said a thing
  • you were glaring daggers at him while he was casually smirking
  • then you sickly sweetly smiled at him and stepped on his foot super hard
  • and said “whoopsie”
  • you walked off as he was groaning in pain clutching his foot
  • these sort of incidents happened between you two
  • and everyone could see the sexual chemistry between you two shipping you two all the time
  • but all the hatred, teasing, snide comments stopped one night
  • you were both at a party, you weren’t really enjoying it 
  • feeling super duper jealous as you saw seongwoo dancing with at least 3 girls
  • minhyun noticed and said to you “yah y/n stop staring at seongwoo, you’re making it so obvious that you like him”
  • “i don’t like him minhyun-ah” you said with a sigh
  • “mhmmm sureee keep telling yourself that” sungwoon butted in sassily
  • “just make him jealous y/n he’ll be all over you in seconds” drawled jaehwan
  • “dance with woojin then, sexily of course” daniel said with a teasing wink
  • “all of you just stoppppp” you groaned
  • “jisung help me out here??” you pleaded at jisung
  • “as much i hate to admit, i agree with the boys” he said raising his hands up in surrender
  • you huffed and puffed and then said fine
  • you went up to woojin who was dancing in the centre of the dance floor
  • and you told him that you were trying to make seongwoo jealous so is it okay if you danced with him
  • luckily you guys were good friends but 
  • he still blushed so hard at first then shyly agreed
  • but once you were both dancing it just became a lot of fun
  • and of course seongwoo couldn’t help but get jealous and stare at you two
  • then the guys moved to him
  • enjoying making you two squirm
  • “seongwoo stop making it so obvious you’re jealous” sungwoon teasingly said
  • “ME?! jealous of y/n and woojin?? no way in hell would that happen” he denied outright
  • “seongwoo even me, i can tell you’re basically in love with her” jisung said exasperatedly 
  • “seriously though when are you going to ask her out” minhyun asked
  • seongwoo just sighed and gave up lying to them and said
  • “gosh i like her so much, it’s crazy, i’d do anything to get her attention, i have literally gone on no dates for 6 months, she’s perfect but she’d never like me, she probably hates my guts” he ended dejectedly
  • literally everybody rolled their eyes at that
  • “HOW IS IT THAT YOU DON’T REALISE SHE’S ALSO MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU??!!” daniel exclaimed throwing his hands in the air and then dramatically falling back onto the floor
  • “she’s doesn’t like me at all she hates my guts?” seongwoo said confused 
  • “okay hyung, look at y/n dancing with woojin right now, that’s to make you jealous okay? and you can tell by the way she’s literally looking at you every 5 seconds to make sure you’re watching” jihoon said slowly trying to explain to seongwoo 
  • seongwoo scoffed at first but then he noticed what jihoon said was right, you kept looking at him to make sure he was looking at you dancing
  • he started to grin broader and broader
  • as he realised what the guys were saying were right
  • he literally felt like doing the biggest happy dance 
  • he felt he was on the top of the world as he realised you liked him as well
  • on the other hand
  • you couldn’t help but blush at his intense gaze on you and the way he was smiling was making your heart melt
  • you excused yourself to woojin saying you were going to get a drink so you could calm and collect yourself
  • you headed upstairs and as you were relaxing in front of a door 
  • someone grabbed your wrist super tight and wrapped a hand around your mouth 
  • harshly pulling you into a small closet
  • your eyes meet some random man trying to kiss you
  • you could smell the alcohol in his breath 
  • you tried to get out of the closet but realised it was locked
  • your instincts kicked in and you started kicking and hitting and screaming for help
  • he restrained you and held you down making you feel desperate and helpless
  • after so much effort of getting him off you
  • screaming that he was a pedo and creep and to stop
  • he still tried to kiss you 
  • just as you were about to give up and let him kiss you 
  • the closet door flung right open
  • it was seongwoo
  • he saw you walk up the stairs and thought to leave you to be for a while before confessing but after 10 minutes he got worried
  • he knew there were a lot of drunk guys around and hoped nothing bad happened to you 
  • he went upstairs and found guanlin on his phone and asked him super concerned 
  • “guanlin-ah did you see y/n??!”
  • “no sorry hyung, i came up just like 2 minutes ago” guanlin said 
  • seongwoo than frantically tried to find you, going from room to room 
  • then he heard the banging from a closet
  • he then heard you scream 
  • and all he saw was red after
  • you couldn’t help but relax as you saw seongwoo
  • the guy gruffly said “get the hell out”
  • seongwoo said in a voice which was dangerously low
  • “you have 3 seconds to get your fucking filthy hands off the girl i love before i beat the crap out of you, 1, 2, 3″
  • the guy still hadn’t moved
  • he was basically ripped off from you then seongwoo got one punch in
  • before the guy scrambled out and slammed the closet door shut
  • you both realised you guys couldn’t get out but didn’t really care anymore just glad that it was all over
  • you relaxed as the guy wasn’t in your sight anymore
  • then you tried to process everything especially
  • the girl i love bit
  • but before you could say anything
  • two muscular arms wrapped around you super tight
  • you felt so warm and safe in seongwoo’s arms
  • he whispered into your ears “i was so worried about you”
  • your heart flutters as you hear the sincerity and concern in his voice
  • “thank you for saving me” you said your voice slightly trembling
  • still traumatised from the incident
  • “of course, don’t worry now, i’m here okay?” he said sweetly
  • “okay” you say sighing in relief
  • for a few minutes you just stood there just hugging each other
  • you eventually break apart and you couldn’t help but say 
  • “the girl you love huh?”
  • “i never said that” seongwoo denied adamantly 
  • “say it againnn” you tease 
  • “say what again?” he asks pretending to be clueless 
  • “that you love me” you say with a smirk you say stepping super close to him
  • you both stared intently into each others eyes and seongwoo’s eyes kept on flittering to your lips back to your eyes
  • making your heart beat faster than it ever has
  • seongwoo not even registering what he was doing 
  • softly kissed you at first in a way like asking your permission
  • and allowing you to break apart
  • you didn’t want that at all and you deepened the kiss 
  • he reciprocated almost immediately 
  • as it continues it continuously became more passionate
  • all the sexual chemistry between you basically exploded
  • you ran your hands through his hair
  • and he couldn’t help himself but fall in love even more as you kept on smiling as you kissed him
  • but as the kisses became more passionate
  • he’d bite your lips softly making you moan softly
  • he’d trail kisses all the way down to your collarbone
  • making you arch your back slightly
  • then he’d recapture your lips and kiss you over and over again 
  • you both end up making out for a solid 10 minutes
  • as you parted, seongwoo wore the cheekiest smile
  • you scolded him but you couldn’t help but smile
  • “wipe that smirk off your face ong seongwoo”
  • “yes dear’ he’d teasingly coo
  • you rolled your eyes
  • you guys ended up getting out of the closet by you picking the lock with a bobby pin
  • without saying goodbye to anyone, you grabbed your stuff and headed to seongwoo’s house
  • both your parents were out of town 
  • so you just stayed at his place for the night 
  • stop thinking so dirty no they did not do it
  • just because you were still scared at the incident of tonight
  • and seongwoo wanted to make sure you were okay
  • seongwoo gave you one go his t-shirts to change into and it was a simple loose black t shirt 
  • you went to seongwoo and twirled around and asked
  • “do i look okay?” 
  • seongwoo just cheekily smiled and couldn’t help but rush up to you and kiss you sweetly because of how good you looked in his shirt
  • and whispered
  • “you look perfect, you’ve always been perfect to me and you are the perfect girl for me”
  • “y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
  • he ended with a sweet forehead kiss and you nod and sweetly reply 
  • “as cheesy as it sounds i’ve basically been in love with you for the past 6 months so of course i will”
  • he’d kiss you softly after you said yes both of you grinning like you won the lottery 
  • you both end up talking for hours, eating junk food, while cuddling and 
  • laughing about how you hated each other and constantly teased each other and all the small arguments you guys had
  • after talking about the most random little things to the deepest secrets you’ve never revealed 
  • laughing you head off or teasingly arguing with each other 
  • you both were super exhausted
  • and you then ended up falling asleep in your favourite place in the world
  • in seongwoo’s arms
  • once you went to sleep seongwoo smiled at you in a way someone could if they were in love and before he passed out himself 
  • he whispered sweetly in your ear
  • sweet dreams, y/n, i love you”

THIS WAS A BLESSING TO WRITE!!! i love seongwoo so much he’s my bw and just AGH FEELS!!! also this was super rushed so whoops sorry. i hope the sexual harassment wasn’t too much and the makeout sesh you enjoyed ;) I’M ALSO TAGGING @starrywinters SO I CAN RUIN HER BIAS LIST and we will fangirl over how much we love seongwoo and how we’re unloyal hoes. Y’ALL SHOULD FOLLOW HER she has amazing fics

anyways hope you enjoyed it!!! love you all, message me and send me anons!

Lover Girl

Summary // in which (Y/N) loves Peter Parker 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“Ned, do you think Peter will like this blouse and skirt together or should I pair this shirt with this ripped jeans?”

(Y/N) had liked Peter Parker for years, but the only downside to it was that she has always been Peter and Ned’s best friend. They’ve been the dynamic trio since the 3rd grade, but he has only seen her as a sister.

“(Y/N) you don’t have to try so hard for Peter; he’s been your best friend since elementary school. He’s seen it all, just continue to be yourself and he’ll come around.”

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I still care about you. Even after everything that happened. After what you did to me. I still care about you. And it hurts. It hurts so bad to be right next to you and still feel like you’re a million miles away. How did you forget so easily?! How did you do it? I still ache for you. I still care about you. My heart breaks every time you walk by as if nothing ever happened between us. And you know what? Maybe nothing ever happened. Maybe it was all in my head. No. I refuse to think that way. I’m not crazy. I can’t be. It was real. I know it was.

After all these days, I still feel like you’re going to walk up to me with that amazing smile of yours, but you’re not. I must’ve done something wrong. Even though all I did was like you a little too much and hate you little to nothing. I trembled when you spoke. My heart raced like it had never done before. I felt sick, love-sick. “It’s too good to be true”, I’d say to everyone. Yet it’s the only truth I can see right now. It was hard being around him. I forgot how to breathe, my palms would sweat, my lips would get dry. It was a disaster. A beautiful one.

I see the way you look at her now. The same way you used to look at me. It breaks me in pieces every single time. I’ll have to get used to it. But I don’t want to. I shouldn’t have to. Still, I should’ve seen it coming. The way he never replied as quickly as I texted him. The way he never asked to know more about me.
Now, I see you walk by and pieces of me , pieces I gave away, disappear as if they never were. As if I never was.

—  xoxoxo-xxx
Imagine going on a road trip with Bill on your first anniversary and him having a surprise for you.

“Hmh what time is it?” Bill asked sleepily from next to you and a smile played on your lips as you looked on the passenger’s side to see that lazy smile on his face.

“A little after eleven, you really needed the rest huh?” you whispered, extending a hand on his side and without taking your eys off the road running your fingers through his hair.

He leaned into your direction, nuzzling his face in your palm and closing his eyes for a second “Yeah, seems like 15 hours of straight driving and only small breaks without any sleep can really be tiring.”

“Oh who’d have thought!” you gasped in fake shock and he chuckled, leaning in to kiss your cheek before stretching.

“Come on say it, I know you want to.” he said with a smirk, eyes studying you with a glint in them but above all adoration and love.

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Okay but this scene makes me extra emotional because

  • Bobby clearly loves his family even though he knows they’re plagued with problems
  • Bobby probably straightened out/grew out of his fuckboy ways/joined the force because he had a family to look after
  • Remember when I hated Bobby in seasons one and two because he treated Shelly like shit??? But then season three episode eleven fucking happened and it made me realize that Bobby grew the fuck up and became a better man for her and their daughter bECAUSE HE FUCKIGN LOVES SHELLY THAT FUCKING MUCH WOW
  • Becky’s turbulent relationship with Steve reminds him of Shelly and her shitty marriage with Leo, and it breaks his heart to see the cycle of abuse repeating itself through his daughter
  • Just……..the way he looks at them when they embrace????? They’re his girls and they mean the world to him?????? My heart aches???? I’m so sAD??? HE JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS FAMILY BACK TOGETHER AND HAPPY
  • And even though they’re separated it’s clear Bobby still cares for Shelly like did you see how heartbroken he looked when she ran off with Red????? And the way he and Becky exchanged looks like his own kid knows that he still loves her
    • That being said I couldn’t tell if he knew that Red is a bad dude but if he does that makes me even sadder because that would mean Bobby grew up and improved himself for her, only for her to fall back into her old ways - and it probably hurts him so much to see that she’s still trapped in a cycle of abuse and he can’t do anything about it and ugh wow I didn’t think I’d end up loving Bobby so much BUT HERE WE ARE
  • Someone please protect Bobby Briggs he deserves to be happy

luckylittlebunny  asked:

It's kinda funny cause almost the exact situation is happening for me, 6 months ago when I was 17 I drew one of my ocs in a bunny suit(it was posed cute,non sexual at all, they even said it was non sexual) but they called me a pedophile for it and when I turned 18 I made that character also 18 due to the fact I loved them a lot and they became like a sona but they continue to accuse of doing it only for porn, so now they made a callout, telling people in my new fandom to hate me over junk :.>

It’s really disgusting how someone’s opinion on morals can turn into you being the worst possible thing.
Sorry that happened to you. A bunny suit though? Really? I remember reading sailor moon and seeing pictures of the girls in bunny suits as an eye catch page.

Did people start riots calling Naoko Takeuchi a pedophile? Jesus :///

be still

it’s finally here!!! i expanded (maybe a bit too much) on this blurb and this is the final product. the blurb is incorporated into this version with some edits and added scenes between so even if you’ve read the blurb i wouldn’t skip over the parts you think you know because most of it is slightly different. also!! i made a playlist for this so if you’re interested in listening to it while reading you can do that. i’m really proud of this one so i hope you guys like it! please let me know ur thoughts!!

warning: smut (;

questions, comments, concerns.


There were no words to describe just how much I hated Harry Styles. The way he dressed like an off duty model, the way he never cut his goddamn hair, the way he always got what he wanted. The way everyone practically worshipped the ground he walked on made me sick.

I had a more concrete reason for why I hated Harry, but that’s another story. Everyone thought I was just jealous of him, but I wasn’t. Why would I be? Sure, he was a great actor, but I was a great actress and we’d never really have to compete for parts. When he turned up at the theater a few years before, everyone quickly became enamored by him and the theater went from being mine to his.

But this isn’t about that. This isn’t the story of how I grew to hate Harry Styles. This is the story of how Harry Styles lit my soul on fire and made me feel something for the first time. This is the story of how Harry Styles gave me his heart even though he had absolutely no reason to.

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I Wanted It to be Real

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 4

‘Hey, Baz,’ I say, chewing the end of my pencil. ‘Can you come over here?’

There’s a long silence. ‘Why?’

Right. I almost forgot that we don’t talk to each other in our room.

‘I’m just working on my Politickal Science essay,’ I falter. ‘I was hoping…’

He sighs loudly, but then he’s standing behind me, peering over my shoulder. My breathing quickens.

‘What do you need?’ he says.

I open the textbook and show him the part that I don’t understand.

Baz scoffs. ‘The textbook is shit. If the Mage hadn’t banned…’ he trails off, and I feel the weight of his hand on the back of my chair. ‘Never mind. Look.’

He casts see what I mean and starts writing in the air with his wand. I know I should be paying attention so I don’t have to bug Penny later, but I can’t help watching him instead of the words. I watch his profile, how his lips move and his eyes narrow in concentration as he talks, the words floating in the air in front of his face.

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I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Requested by @thequietcomic


It was killing you inside. You couldn’t stop thinking about his smile. His bright blue eyes and midnight black hair. His laugh. His wit and sarcasm. Even the way that he stood his ground in the middle of battle.

You were in love with your best friend.

Living with him for years had been painful. Sleeping in the room next to him, pining for him to be beside you, closer. Working together was hard. In life and death situations, sometimes all you wanted to do was spill out your feelings. You’d been

Dick was oblivious to your situation. He had everything that you wanted– with Barbara. Which is why sometimes you hated him just a little bit.

So here you were, sitting on the couch at Christmas and sipping your eggnog while you took a break from decorating the tree with him. It was just the two of you for hours until everyone else got back from patrols; they traded patrolling tonight for decorating the tree (something that was tradition for you and Dick).

“Do you want to put the star on the top?” Dick turned around and asked you, decked in a Christmas sweater and sparkles from the tree.

“Absolutely.” You stood on tiptoe and couldn’t reach the top of the tree, so he placed his hands on your waist and gently lifted you up to place it.

“Dick…” You turned around and placed your hands on his chest. “I… I can’t.”

“Are you okay?”

“No. I haven’t been okay for years, Dick. I just…” You struggled to find the words and stepped away, running a hand through your hair.

“Y/N, it’ll be alright, whatever it is. You can tell me anything, remember?”

“I love you, Dick.” He looked astonished, and I kept going, because I might as well get it all out. “I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve loved you since the year I came here, and I’ve loved you and watched you date a dozen girls and get your heart broken in middle school, and I’ve loved you when we were on the same team, the first time, and I couldn’t say it until now.

“I just… I was too scared, Dick, that you would hate me. Because we’re best friends, and that would change everything, but it’s you and it’s me, and no matter what I can tell you anything, so I had to. I can’t lie to you anymore.” I looked into his eyes, waiting for him to say something, even though I knew what his answer would be when I saw him.

“Y/N, I can’t… I’m with Barbara.” His eyes searched yours. “I love her. I love you too, but just… not like that. Not like with her. Can’t we just pretend this never happened?”

Your heart broke with those words. Still, you smiled and blinked back tears. “Yeah, sure.”

“Good.” He smiled with relief. “You’re a great friend.”

I know.


“Goodbye.” Dick hung up the phone angrily and entered the cave and took off his jacket, flinging it on the back of the chair.

“Everything okay?” You asked, not looking up from your computer as you hacked into the GPD database.

“Barbara and I are fighting again.” He groaned. A moment later he turned around and punched a wall. “Shit!”

“That wasn’t very smart. Let me take a look.” He hesitantly let you take his hand. You gingerly moved his wrist and he grunted. You turned it over in your hands and ran checked the cuts on his knuckles. “Let me grab the first aid kit.”

“I’m fine.” He said in a very not-so-fine tone.

“I don’t care.” You came back with the kit bandaged his knuckles before taking another look at his wrist. “You definitely sprained it. That’s what you get for going around punching walls.”

You helped him slip his hand into one of the many spare braces you all had accumulated over the years. “You don’t have to do this, you know.” He whispered.

“Do what?”

“Help me.”

“I want to help you, idiot. All that I want is for you to be happy and safe. And if I can’t keep you safe all the time, what with you throwing yourself in front of bullets and fighting the baddies, I just want you to be taken care of.”

“I don’t deserve you.” He covered his face with his good hand. “You are too good of a friend. Why do you do this? You could be running a company, living in a penthouse at this point. You could have your pick of anything in this world, but you choose to help me.”

“It’s because you are a major idiot.” You groaned. “I can’t have you ruining my hacking for the Big Bat with all your emotions and hatred for walls.”

“Gotcha.” He smiled, and you couldn’t help but smile back. You had kept a restraint on yourself since Christmas. You couldn’t do that to him, to Barbara. It was better to see them happy than to be selfish and watch them hate each other.


This was it. After almost a year of tracking, you finally had him. Deathstroke had something big planned and the two of you– Dick and yourself, that is– had him. All that it took now was the fighting, the handcuffs, and getting him to the jail.

You were exhausted. You braced yourself against the wall momentarily before standing back up. Then you saw it– Deathstroke made his kill move.

The shearing sound went through the air and you gasped. Blood spattered against Dick and fell down your side after you intercepted the katana headed straight for his heart. Angrily, you attacked. Fending off blows and delivering them with (your weapon of choice), it was a while before you knocked him out cold.

“You okay?” You asked Dick, giving him a once over.

“I’m fine. Go rest, I’ve got it from here.” He said.

You were bleeding all over. Cuts on your face, your arms, your legs, and the most dangerous one deep in your rib cage– not puncturing anything vital, as far as you could tell. Dick tied him up and called for Bruce to send the Batmobile.

“What’re you staring at?” You asked Dick when you caught him looking in your general direction.

“You.” He said simply.


“That was so stupid back there, Y/N.” The Bat lectured you. “Do you have any idea what you could have done to yourself?”

“I could have died. I know that. But I didn’t, so let’s be thankful that we’re both alive after things went south back there.” You sighed. After hearing it all before, this wasn’t anything new. You already knew what was coming next.

“Stop talking about your death so nonchalantly! This isn’t something to joke about.”

“Dick was going to die. That would have pierced his heart. I didn’t think; it was instinctual. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he died and I could have stopped it.”

“You were 2 inches away from piercing your right lung, and you bruised your spleen, not to mention that you lost almost a liter of blood.”

“I’m alive.” You crossed your arms and winced, regretting the action immediately. “I’ll live, that’s what matters.” Bruce left the room and you sighed, knowing that you’d have to deal with him again later.

“Hey there stranger.” Dick poked his head through the door. “Can I come in?”


“Y/N, I… I…”

“Spit it out, Dick.” You yawned.

“I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you died today.”

“You’d go on living? Being happy with Barbara, fighting crime, antagonizing Bruce?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I’m not, actually.” He shook his head.

“You’re not antagonizing Bruce? Because I am, and it’s pretty fu–”

“I’m not happy with Barbara. I’m not with her, actually. We split up a couple months ago.”

“Oh.” You shifted in bed and leaned closer. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“No I’m not. Because… I’m not with you.”

“Excuse me?” I cocked my head. “Am I hearing right?”

“You would have died for me today.”

You started laughing. “Wait, so… you’re saying that because I would die for you, you want to be with me? Nuh uh. Not how it works. I’d die for you any day, you know that.”

“No, you’re not hearing me.” He grabbed  your hand and leaned closer. “I love you. I want to be with you. I’ve been blind for a long time. After Christmas, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. And now… you’re the only thing that I ever want to think about.”

“Are you sure?” You asked hesitantly. “Because–”

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about your laugh. And your smile. The way you kept on giving to me even when I had done nothing to deserve it. Your hair, your eyes. Your body, and the way that you kick asses and take names. Your smell, and now… the way you looked when you almost died. I can’t lose you, Y/N. 

“I watched you date boys in high school and break hearts, and I saw you take care of a team when I was too weak to take care of them. I saw you get your heart broken when it never needed to, and I am sorry, and I am saying now that I love you and I have loved you for a long time.”

“Dick…” You whispered, and you suddenly found yourself kissing the boy you had been wanting to do this with for years. He was gentle, as not to hurt you, and leaned his forehead against yours. 

“I love you, Y/N. Please don’t ever try getting killed again.” He said, half laughing and one hundred percent serious. 

“You have no idea how long I have been waiting to hear that.” You grinned and kissed him again. “But… you know that I do whatever I damn well please. So try not to get yourself killed and we’ll have a deal.”

“I promise.”

CEO!Daniel [2]

[photo creds! another photo that wrecks me wow]

pt 2 bc everyone wanted one! might be a little short wow i thought it would be short but i kept on adding on to it SORRY

also i feel like this is kind of poorly written so i might edit it later? but anyways ENJOYY


  • “i’m a what now?”
  • you stopped mid way playing with one of Daniel’s cats at your desk when he had just said something that seemed like bs out of the blue to you
  • he just kept on smiling brightly without saying a word 
  • “Kang Daniel i swear say it again I am practically deaf in the ear that you were talking to”
  • he got up from his desk 
  • actually 
  • he slid on his chair over to your desk because he was too lazy to get up from his chair 
  • “i’m saying that i want you to be the chief of operations, you have such great ideas i think you would be great for leading everyone else in that department we really need someone like you leading with your strong personality”
  • “hey just because i threatened you one time doesn’t mean i have a strong personality” 
  • “i mean you did kind of threaten me when i refused to let you pay at the last dinner we had together”
  • “DANIEL that wasn’t a korean bbq place that time though, it was a very expensive restaurant!” 

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Be My Eyes - Part III

Part I    Part II

This time around the wait was almost unbearable. Mostly because Shiro didn’t want to admit to himself that he was waiting at all. But their second conversation had given him even more hope and the things he’d gotten to know about Lance, that he was great with children, was dedicated and hard-working and compassionate, made Shiro’s useless crush even worse.
A few times he toyed with the idea to go out and find someone to hook up with just to get that pretty smile out of his head. But he’d never liked one-night-stands and besides, after the accident it had gotten much harder to pick someone up. Most people out for a quick fuck were deterred by the prosthetic.

Not that Shiro cared too much. It had taken him years to pull himself together and get back on his feet, switch professions, become at peace with himself again. There hadn’t been much place for a relationship during that time, as focused on himself as he was, as he had to be.
He’d always be grateful for the role Allura had played in his recovery and always regret that he hadn’t been able to offer her anything but his friendship in return. It was too late for them now, she’d found love with someone else and he was happy for them, no matter the bittersweet could-have-beens floating through his mind sometimes.
But now that he was recovered and had reclaimed his life, found a job he enjoyed and friends he liked spending time with, it felt like he was ready for love as well.  
If only his best shot at it wasn’t an elusive, beautiful man he had no chance of contacting on his own.

It was late evening when his phone rang and Shiro dried his hand on a kitchen towel before tapping the notification.
The last few calls had left him numb, the hope he’d only just found fading more and more every time it wasn’t Lance’s face smiling at him from his screen and even though Shiro felt his heartbeat pick up yet again he tried to shoo away the tiny flame of hope before it was snuffed out by reality.

Instead of a wide smile the screen turned black and for a moment Shiro wondered if his phone had died. But then he heard soft breathing before a familiar voice spoke up.
“Hey, I’m Lance. Thanks for…”
“Hey”, Shiro breathed back, having to lean against the counter to support his suddenly weakened legs. What were the chances? “Nice to talk to you again.”
There was a soft gasp and a rustling sound of fabric, maybe clothes or bedsheets and then Lance laughed, a sound that made Shiro’s heart clench with sweet longing.
“Shiro! Oh wow, I was wondering if I’d uh … meet you again.”

Shiro bit his lip against a happy noise. Lance had thought about him, about talking to him again. But there was something he was wondering about.
“Is your camera broken? I can’t see anything…”
“Oh, yeah!” Lance let out another laugh. “That’s why I called, I couldn’t remember if I turned off the light after my sister left and … I was too lazy to get back up and check the switch so … guess I know now, huh?”
So he was in bed already and just didn’t want to get up again. The thought made Shiro smile, even though his stomach clenched nervously when he realized they’d hang up again very soon. He wouldn’t be able to stand another month or two of waiting for the next call, he had to do something, say something but before he could even open his mouth Lance was speaking again.

“But honestly, how weird is it that I talked to you three times now? That never happened to me before! You might as well just give your number at this point!” The words were accompanied by another carefree laugh, Lance was obviously joking. But it was also the perfect pass and Shiro would hate himself if he didn’t at least try. It helped that he had literally nothing to lose.
“Would that be … very weird? If I … gave you my number?” As soon as Shiro had said it he crumbled, hiding his face behind his hand. He’d been so smooth once. Years ago. Obviously that was not like riding a bike.

“What?”, came Lance small, wondrous reply and he sounded so cute Shiro almost whimpered. Well, he’d started this, now he had to finish it.
“You, uhm … you just seem like a … really great and, and interesting person. To be honest I … I was hoping we could talk again and I’d uh, I’d love to get to know you better. If you want.”
There was a stretch of silence that seemed to last forever, broken only by Lance’s breathing and the occasional rustling sound of the sheets.

“Get to know me in like … a gay way?” Lance finally asked and there was a hint of humour in his voice that Shiro just couldn’t place. He knew there was a big chance Lance wasn’t even interested in men and that he might just have made a huge fool of himself. But it had still been worth a shot. Was still worth a shot.
“If that’s”, he began, licking his dry lips. “If that’s what you want…”

Another stretch of silence, this one so long and unbearable Shiro let himself sink down along the counter and onto the floor, pulling both knees to his chest. Not like riding a bike at all. He felt and acted like a fumbling teenager all over again. Maybe that’s what years of only partly voluntary abstinence did to a person.
Finally Lance talked again and when he did it was with a cheeky, flirty tone that made Shiro even more jittery.

“Shiro, can I tell you something?”
He didn’t have the energy for more than a weak “Hm?” but it was enough.
“I’ve been using this app five times as much as I usually do ever since I talked to you for the first time. Every time I was hoping they’d connect me to you again. So can you please just give me your number?”
Shiro didn’t compute for a long moment. He just sat there on his kitchen floor, face in his hand, breathing. Then a laugh bubbled up from his chest and he just let it spill over, laughing freely until Lance joined him, the melodious sound of his laughter music to Shiro’s ear.
He grinned all the way through giving Lance his number.

“Alright”, Lance smiled after he’d finished. “I’ll call you back in a minute, yeah? Then you can tell me all about how you’re not a 50-something year old pervert so my sister can sleep again at night.”
Did … did that mean Lance had talked to his sister about Shiro? That was … adorable.
“Sure, I’ll be waiting.”

And wait Shiro did after they hung up, seconds ticking into minutes until his anxiety flared up again and he scrambled to his feet, starting to pace through the kitchen. Had he given Lance the right number? Why hadn’t he asked for a number in turn? What if Lance was just trying to get rid of him and didn’t even intend to call? What if Shiro had creeped him out and he’d uninstall the app and they’d never speak again?

By the time his ringtone echoed through the kitchen Shiro had all but convinced himself Lance hated him. So he answered the call from an unknown number with shaking fingers.
“Hey, I’m Lance”, came the casual drawl that made Shiro melt from the inside out, knees getting weak again. “Thanks for picking up. I’ll only need you for … hm, the rest of the night?”
Shiro grinned, bit his lip, nodded slowly as that crushing weight of his doubts was lifted from his shoulders.
“Sounds perfect.”

The End

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Dating Daryl Dixon would include...

As I’m broadening my horizon beyond Marvel and DC stuffs, here’s some “The Walking Dead” things ! Daryl Dixon’s relationship headcanons, hope you’ll like it, and if you want more, don’t hesitate to ask yo : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


How you met, falling in love, and the first “I love you” : 

✶ You were in Atlanta with your family when the zombie outbreak truly started, and barely managed to leave the center of the city in one piece, loosing everyone you ever loved…But at the time, you were too shocked to realize it. 

✶ You ended up in a forrest nearby…and that’s when you met him.

✶ He was hunting with his brother, and at first, thought you were completely nuts. “Zombies ? This gal’s crazy or something”. 

✶ Quickly though, the reality of what’s happening reaches the three of you, and you end up tagging along with them. 

✶ It helps that you know how to fend for yourself, how to shoot a gun/crossbow/bow  with great accuracy (your father used to take you on hunting trips often). You’re pretty sure they would have left you behind if you were completely useless. 

✶ You’re wrong though, it’s not like Daryl to abandon people behind. Not like him at all. And though Merle is a rough man, it’s not actually his thing either, though he’d never admit it. 

✶ When they ask about who taught you to shoot, you talk about your father, and even though you try to hold your tears in…You break down. Finally realizing you lost all your family in Atlanta. 

✶ “What about friends ? / I don’t have friends”, you tell him. He understands. Besides his brother, he has no one. As your tears run freely, he comforts you the best he can. Not good with words. So he awkwardly pats you on your back, until you burry yourself in his arms. And he lets you do it. 

✶ He doesn’t speak much at first. But whenever Merle is away, he’s more open, and conversation always seem to flow easily between the two of you. 

✶ He feels weird. He never felt the way he feels when he’s around you before. It was easy to become your friend. It’s easy to talk to you. He doesn’t mind spending hours just sitting next to you, not saying anything. It’s just weird for him, to get attach so fast to someone he knows since only a few weeks. 

✶ He knows he’s screwed because the weird feelings he’s been having is love when you, him and his brother meet a group of survivors lead by a certain “Shane”, and he doesn’t like the way that guy looks at you.

✶ His brother teases him about you, not thinking he’s actually right. Until he realizes that yes, his little brother has a thing for you. More than a thing. And then he teases him even more.

✶ You’re too afraid to tell him you feel the same thing about him because…well, sometimes he’s just kind of an asshole to you, so he can’t possibly like you back ? You didn’t realized that he was an ass only when Merle was around. 

✶ The day his brother dies, you give him a shoulder to cry on, and comfort him just like he comforted you months ago when you realized your entire family was dead. Only, you’re good with words, and thanks to you, for the first time in his life, he feels completely free, relieved, of any pain and suffering. 

✶ That night, he tells you about the abuse he suffered from when he was a kid, from his parents, and the one from his brother though he loved the damn fucker…and you suddenly understand. You understand everything.  

✶ “I’m here for you Daryl, and I don’t intend on going anywhere and I”…You don’t even have time to finish your sentence that his lips are on yours. 

✶ Never did he do something that felt so right. Kissing you just seemed so natural, as if he was made to do it. 

✶ For a second, you don’t respond and his heart drops…until your tongue demands passage in his mouth and oh damn is he dead too, and is he in Heaven right now ? It surely feels like it. 

✶ You guys don’t say “I love you” just yet though. You’re already both freaked out that you got attached so fast…Besides, the World you’re living in now doesn’t really give much time for romantic shit. 

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Is it just me or like Jimin’s “Serendipity” has a hidden meaning to it. Like the lyrics are soooo moving. IDK. I was just thinking about KookMin for the whole time while watching the MV.

  • Like this part:

As much as my heart flutters
I’m just as afraid
Fate keeps being envious of us
I am just as afraid
as you are
When you see me
When yo
u touch me

It’s like someone convincing that the world may hate us and that he’s also afraid by what may happen but they just love each other.

  • And this part:

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
When the universe was first made
Everything has been decided
Just let me love you

That when man was created they were destined to be in love with a woman and not man like them. But he was like: “Even though it was destined to be like that, just let me love you.”



This is just like a crack HC

I just remembered the infamous scene from Now 3

Just tell me you love me // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn are drifting apart so Shawn decides to break it off, much to Y/n’s efforts not to

Authors note: I’m sobbing

“Shawn please- no can’t we try and fix this? Fix us?” I begged, endless tears streaming down my face.

He gave me a look of pity. Pity- I hated it, the fact that he felt sorrow for my suffering that he put upon me.

“I’m sorry Y/n, I just,” he sighs, taking a few steps away from me. “This just isn’t working out anymore. I know it, you know it. We’re just growing apart and it was going to happen sooner or later,”

“Why didn’t you say something about it earlier then? Is this what you wanted? An easy way to break up- hey lets become strangers even though we’re dating so when I finally break up with you there will be no harm,” sarcasm is laced in my voice.

“Y/n,” He sounds disappointed in me, as if I should know better.

“Is there someone else?” the question is out of my mouth before I can even think about it. “Are you in love with someone else?” my bottom lip trembles and the rush of emotions hit me like a bus.

“I just don’t feel the same way about you as before,” Shawn says calmly, his attitude fueling my anger.

“So there’s another girl,” 

“I didn’t say that-”

“You implied it,” I was being completely irrational and we both knew it but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

“As I said before, I don’t feel the same way-”

“Did you cheat on me?” I snap at him, fists clenching. 

“I don’t love you anymore? Okay?!” Shawn shouts, finally releasing some of his bent up frustration. I fall silent, not knowing what to say. 

All those times he told me he loved me, he didn’t feel like that now. I felt cold, despair wrapping its cruel arms around me. I couldn’t even remember the last time he said ‘I love you’ to me.

“How long did you know?” I ask, voice barely above a whisper.

“Y/n,” he trails off.

“How long?” I say harsher.

“Since January,” he mumbles, never meeting my eyes.

“You knew for 5 months?” my tone traced with venom. 

“I had tour and you seemed so happy that I though my feelings would come back. They didn’t” he shrugs his shoulders. I felt like I didn’t even know him anymore, the man in front of me…a stranger.

“Get out,” I say, closing my eyes.

Please don’t leave, the voice inside of me screams.

“What?” he sounds surprised. 

Tell me we can work this out. 

“I said get out. Now,” 

Just tell me you love me.

He stared at me for a moment, his brain ticking over the options, stay or go. He took a step back, then another.  I turn my back to him, not wanting to see him as more tears escaped. When I heard the door slam shut however that’s when I crumpled to the ground.

It was done, we were over. He had given up on me, leaving without a second thought and taking my broken heart right along with him. I wasn’t sure how long it had been but still I layed on the floor, the same place, same position as when he left, completely numb. 

I knew the stories, the fairy tales. Give it a day or two and Shawn would come running back. But I was fool for believing in childhood lies and more importantly a fool who was still in love with him. Life wasn’t a fairy tale and I wasn’t getting my happy ending. 

|| heartache ||

[[request prompt: ahhh i have a request! peter and reader have been dating for quite a bit, though reader doesn’t know that he’s spiderman. when she finds out though, she’s *mortified* bc once she was held hostage and he actually came to save her, though he abandoned her when the criminal was caught and the police came, so she’s held a dislike for Spiderman since then, since he didn’t save her. so, angst?]]

Yeah, this was another one of those Drabble requests that I couldn’t condense into 500 words lmao, and I apologize if this wasn’t angsty enough ;w;

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warnings: a bit of angst with some fluff at the end.

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I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch right now. I hope things start to look up soon! I’m sending you my positive energy! I hope a small request like this can help a little. Stay strong <3

- Bakugo isn’t exactly the kindest, most optimistic person there is

- He knows this, and because of it, your existence baffles him a little

- You’re always so cheerful! Even when he curses in your direction you shake it off, when he makes a snide remark you turn it around into something nice

- “You’re pissing me off today” he’d snark, and you’d reply with something dumb - “Aw, so you like hanging out with me all other days?”

- Bakugo had no idea how you managed to be so positive all the time, but something about your unending optimism attracted him to you, and he found himself falling for you

- You two were going to work on homework at your place (it was actually a dumb excuse to spend time with you - everyone knew Bakugo never did his homework with someone else!)

- When you didn’t answer the door, he let himself in, a little annoyed that you didn’t come down to greet him

- “Where the hell are you?” He steps inside, and then decides to head up to your room

- He freezes when he hears muffled sobbing coming from the other side of the door

- He barges in almost immediately, “[____]? What the fuck’s going on? Did something happen?”

- You’re crying too much to be embarrassed that Bakugo caught you in this state - “N-Nothing happened,” you stutter out between sobs, “I’m just so useless! Pathetic! I’m the problem. The world would be better off without me.”

- A flash of anger clouds Bakugo’s face, and he grabs your hands tightly in his, “Don’t say that. Don’t fucking say that.”

- “No one cares for me,” you wail

- “That’s not true - I do! But fuck that - who the hell cares about what others think? Be selfish, [___]! Live for yourself, for fuck’s sake.”

- As you cry, Bakugo pulls you close against his chest, albeit a little awkwardly. Aware of his outburst and of your state, his voice is softer when he speaks again, 

- “Everyone feels bad sometimes. No one is fucking happy all the time - not even you - and that’s normal. You’re only human. Don’t force yourself to be happy if you’re not. I… I like you the way you are - your happiness, your sadness, your anger. Don’t erase any part of yourself. Got it?”


- When Shinsou comes over to your place, lets himself in after you don’t answer the front door, he hears your quiet crying from your room

- He doesn’t know what to do at first - maybe he should come back later and let you cry in peace? would you be embarrassed if he came in? You were always so cheerful, after all!

- But he panics more, and decides it’s better to risk embarrassing you if it might help you, too

- “[___]?” He knocks on your bedroom door, and your crying abruptly stops, “…What’s wrong? I’m coming in, okay?”

- He comes in and sees your red, teary face, and worry crosses his own, “What happened? [___]?” He sits down next to you, but does not initiate an embrace, even though he wants to

- “I’m such a burden,” you sob, “And now, I’m burdening you, too… I just… I wish I were never born. I-I’m sorry.”

- Shinsou takes both your hands into his, firmly, but his touch is still gentle. “Look at me,” he says, voice as firm as his touch, “[___], look at me.”

- When you look at him, teary eyed, he speaks again, “You’re not a burden. You mean so much to me, and I hate seeing you in pain like this. You are loved.”

- Though his words are kind, they bring a sense of guilt to you, as though you’re cheating him, making him think that you’re a wonderful person when you’re really not.

- “I-I’m so scared of… of you one day seeing me the way I see myself.” You choke on your tears, “Then you’ll realise there’s nothing here to love.”

- Shinsou cups your cheek, forcing you to look at him again, a gentle touch, “And I yearn for the day when you see yourself the way I see you. A bright, wonderful person. But a person nonetheless, with sadnesses and fears as well.”

- “It’s alright. You can just be yourself. You are good enough. And I love you the way you are.” Shinsou whispers, even as you calm down.


- He knows something’s up when you don’t answer the door, and Kirishima carefully goes upstairs to your room

- When he hears your muffled crying he barges into the room without knocking, looking bewildered

- Embarrassed, too, but at this moment he’s far too concerned for you to be worried about embarrassment

- “[___]! What’s wrong? Did something happen?” He asks at once, and kneels down in front of you, grasping your hands tightly

- It worries him awfully when you attempt to pull your hands away - you never behave this way! “[____}?” He prods you again, this time a little gentler.

- “I-It’s nothing,” you breathe out shakily, still crying, “I’m fine, y-you can leave.”

- Kirishima frowns deeply, “It’s not nothing. What’s wrong? If you’re feeling a certain way, then you can’t help it, right? There’s a valid reason for you to feel it. Let me help you out. We’ll get you feeling better in no time, right?”

- Though he grins in an attempt to lighten the mood just a little, you can tell it’s even forced for him - he’s genuinely worried.

- “I… I just feel as though I… I’m out of place. No one cares for me, I don’t fit in, and if I died then nothing would change. So what am I still doing here?”

- All lightheartedness is gone from Kirishima’s expression now, replaced with seriousness. He sits down next to you instead, and pulls you into a deep embrace

- “That’s not true,” he says, and you realise how shaky his voice is - is he crying, too?

- “If you were to… to die,” the words stick in his throat, “my entire world would crumble. And your family’s. And all our friends’. And the schools’. Don’t say that nothing would change. Maybe we can’t change the entire world - but your existence is precious. To me. To so many others.”

- “And I’ll stay by your side until you no longer feel this way. Okay? If you can’t love yourself, then I’ll love you enough for the two of us.”

Hi! Here is my submission for Ace Valentines Day. Below is my ace love story and a message for any aces out there who need some love.

My name is Nina, I am asexual, and I have been in a committed relationship with an allosexual person for 6 wonderful years.

I’ve always known there was something different about my relationship with sex, but for most of my life, I had no idea what that difference was. I just kind of assumed I was weird and nerdy. About 2 years into my current relationship, I discovered asexuality. I now consider this time a revolution, and awakening of my true self, but at the time, it was devastating. It wasn’t easy to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t give my partner what they wanted, and for a long time, I felt ashamed of myself for not being like everyone else. I couldn’t even say the word asexual without crying with shame, because I just couldn’t come to terms with who I was. It took time for me to accept myself as ace, and to discover just what that meant for me, but with the help of an incredible friend, my partner, and my own damn strength, I got there. Now, I am proud of what I am. I understand that I AM weird and nerdy, but I’m also awesome, and my orientation is a special part of me.

My partner was a HUGE support to me while I was coming to terms with who I am. When I first told him I thought I was ace, I was terrified that he would leave me. I remember sobbing in the car with him…I loved him so much and I hated myself for not wanting sex like he did, like EVERYONE did. I was so scared that my lack of sex-drive meant that somehow, I didn’t love him, even though I thought that I really did. But you know what happened? I told him everything, all my questions and fears. And he listened. He heard me. And time and time again during the ups and downs of that process he was there when I needed to talk out how I was feeling, he validated by existence when I felt erased by the media, by my friends, by everything around me. We communicated about what we both needed, and about how we both felt about each other.

It wasn’t always simple, and sometimes, he accidentally said the wrong thing. Sometimes, when he asked for sex it would send me spiraling into self-loathing, because I just didn’t understand why I didn’t want what he wanted. But every time I said no, he always respected my boundaries and that was key. We talked and talked and struggled through the uncharted waters of our new situation, and eventually, we became comfortable with our new relationship. Now, there is an unspoken rule between us that any sexual contact will ALWAYS be initiated by me. If he asks and I say “no”, that is the end of it. And we are still intimate! Remember, there are a MILLION ways to be intimate with someone you love that DON’T INVOLVE SEX! We kiss each other all over, we hug, hold hands, cuddle and talk for hours, we touch each other’s bodies with loving hands, and tell each other that we are beautiful. We share blankets, play-wrestle, give massages and take baths together. We find our own ways to be close. I can honestly say I have the most intimate relationship with my partner that I’ve ever had with anyone…and we haven’t had sex in months (literally can’t remember the last time lol). 

The fact of the matter is this: sex is definitely important to a lot of allosexual people, and that’s okay, BUT if someone really loves you, sex will always come second to making sure you feel safe and comfortable. If someone cannot give you that respect, love, and understanding, my friend, keep walking. You deserve so much better, and you never EVER have to play second fiddle to someone’s sex-drive. 

To each and every one of you who doubts themselves, hates themselves, and thinks they will never find love, fight that fear, fight that loathing. You are not broken. You are so worthy! Worthy of love, of respect, of self-confidence. You are not a dork, you are so cool! You are not a prude, you are just not sexual. Being a virgin does not make you less than anyone else, and being an ace who has (or has had) sex does not make you any less ace! If you don’t like to kiss, then you don’t have to kiss anyone. If you don’t feel comfortable with physical contact, then you don’t have to have that! You do NOT have to put your needs second to please your partner. You do NOT deserve to be treated poorly because you are different than them. Don’t listen to the media, to your friends, to your parents or ANYONE who tells you otherwise. Hold you head high, even if you don’t feel strong yet, because you ARE strong, and you WILL feel strong one day. I promise you. 

If you want romantic love in your life, do not let yourself believe that you will never find it. There are so many amazing people out there of all orientations who can and will love you. YOU DESERVE LOVE, YOU DESERVE RESPECT, YOU KICK ASS. 

I love you all, Nina