even though i hate when it happens to me

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I'm in my second year of high school and I may want to be a storyboard animator (may since that might change). If I ever would want to become one, what skills should I know? Is drawing on a tablet digitally a must? sorry if this has been asked!


Drawing on a tablet is something you will need to know how to do, but that doesn’t really matter because it takes like an hour to figure out.

Just draw all the time. I would draw all the time when I was in high school. Then, once summer came, I would often not draw as much because I was doing other things. My dad saw that this was happening, then incentivized me to draw 2 drawings from life every day so that I wouldn’t lose my skills over the summer. We did that for a couple years. This was good, though I hated it at the time. It kept my skills constantly improving all the time, even when it felt like I didn’t have to or need to draw.

I would also recommend watching scenes from movies you like over and over to see how and why they made the shot choices they made. I remember in college I once watched the entirety of Nightmare Before Christmas frame by frame (it took like 3 hours) so I could figure out why it looked so much different than stop motion student films. It helped a lot. I recommend trying stuff like that out and learning from it.

I’m trying to get over you & the things you did should make me hate you so why don’t I? Why do I find myself awake for days wondering if you’ll change. Why do I want to tell you when something good happens and wish you were a more compassionate person when something bad does. It’s like even though you tore me apart on the inside and made me feel like I was always the problem I can’t get over how protected I felt in your arms, or how you smelt. your accent gave me butterflies and even though you were so much older then me I didn’t care what anyone thought. Can’t we go back to the first 3 months and hold onto that feeling of forever? Can’t you let me show you I try without constantly bringing up the past?
I beg you to ignore me because I’m not strong enough to follow through with never wanting to see you again. So please for the love of god ignore me.
75 Hours | 1 | Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid x Person of Color

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Do you know what happens at 3 am in Spencer’s house? Can you guess? Or do you want me to just tell you, because three in the morning is when Spencer decides to read two books with a fresh hot coffee by his side with the blinds drawn back so that he can look at the dark surroundings of the neighborhood even though he’s afraid of the dark.

I hate the dark while he’s afraid of what is lurking in the absence of light. I hate that there is a possibility that something is lurking, that means that I have to draw my gun and just aim and fire. Bullets are nothing new to me, even when they pierce through someone’s chest. To save a life sometimes you must take another.

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I am not sorry for not having everyone’s approval. I am not sorry I am too much for some people. I am not sorry that not everyone likes me. What I am sorry for though, is for spending all of my energy and time on hating myself. I’m sorry for wasting 23 years of my life in disapproval and disgust with myself. I am sorry for needing constant reassurance in myself and not knowing where to find it when it’s been in me the whole time. And mostly, I am so so damn sorry that I am still not completely there yet. But I promise you, I’m working on it, even on the days where I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Never discount yourself.

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I'm so jealous of you and most studyblrs. You just seem so perfect it kills me.

this is the message that made me laugh out loud for like 5 minutes

i get it, you see that my blog is nice and that my follower count is high and automatically my life is perfect, it has happened to me too when i first started a blog here

but my life is nowhere near perfect, 

socially my life is a mess, i have a two friends from school and from uni let’s say one because i haven’t been able to really befriend anyone because idk why the other 118 ignore me (and i think that half of them hate me for no reason), the relationship with my best friend is so fucked up and i think that it’s beyond repair and i feel guilty about it (even though it’s not 100% my fault)

my love life is non existent, no one has ever shown any interest in me and i feel lonely af

academically my life is maybe a bit better but i worked so hard to be where i am, and yet failed after working hard for a whole year in france but idk where i got the strength and i passed the exams that i needed in spain in order to get in med school. and this year i’ve done nothing more than studying

plus i just think that i am a big scam because do you remember that post about my cute bullet journal that has like 5k notes??? well i haven’t used my bullet journal since like february, i don’t use any of the printables that i reblog, i don’t use half of the methods that i reblog either, i’m too lazy for that

idk i’m kind of flattered that you think that my life is perfect but as you can see it’s not and sorry for not being the perfect A+ student you thought i was :( 

@dlanadhz - Thanks. I just hate it when people think they can tell me what I can and can’t ship, especially when it’s the fandom’s main ship and not one of which I happen to be a fan. I’d be okay with it if they asked me why or said that it’s okay not to, but the fact that they were telling me that I ship it, even though I clearly said that I shipped something else is just plain irritating.

(In case you’re interested, which I doubt, but still) This was my comment:

And these were the replies I got:

Like, excuse me, but please don’t tell me what I do and don’t ship and that I ‘dont have a choise’, for fuck’s sake.

Unraveling Khea

Hello, hello. New blog series perhaps? Anyways, in this newest blog post, I will be posting 8 facts about me and i’ll be probably doing it once in a while since I am still learning about m'self. Any who, let’s start.

I collect colorful gel pens. I love collecting pens as much as possible, I never leave National Bookstore without pens clutching in my hands and I look like a kid whenver I have the chance to buy new ones. I just love writing with new pens. Its kinda fetish tho.

I am organized person. I believe that I hate cramming and conflicting schedules. It stress me out even though there is a slight conflict or there is something that has to be organized and what so. I hate clutters so much and most of the time I avoid that happening.

I consider myself novice when it comes to commuting around Manila. I mean, I know what jeep to ride going to one destination to another but the thing is, you have to tell me the exact jeep or fx for me to ride or I’ll end up going home instead.

I am a devoted Roman Catholic. I attend sunday mass regularly, it is a way for me to Thank Him for giving me blessings and guidance throughout the week. It has always been a comfort of mine, hearing sermons and being in the church. It makes my mind be on ease and o stress at all.

I am an introvert. Well, that is not new at all. I tend to love working alone, it makes me think straight and clearly. I tend to be pressured and once a lot of people are expecting from me regarding group works and such.

I am a coffee addict. Morning, Afternoon and Evening I always drink coffee. But sometimes I tend to lessen it since I feel being dehydrated and  it makes me feel anxious if I drink a lot.

I am animal lover. I love cats and dogs and all animals, except arachnids and insects. I own a dog which is a shih tzu and a cat whom I just adopted a long time ago.

I was once a bisexual person. Well, this is a big revelation. Anyways, that was before and right now I am a straight person and I have no bad feelings with the LGBT Community, I believe that we should just respect each others opinions.

Oh this is from the inspired posts of @chasingroanne , who is the  maker of the blog series, where as I also have seen it from @elatriestoblog

Wow. It has been a long day, so good night!

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For the ship ask: 👎💤 Doesn't necessarily have to be AssClass! ^^

Hello there ! Unfortunately, I seems to be in AssClass hell for the moment, so let’s answer for that, shall we ?

👎 : Ship that you can never see happening

Sugino/Kanzaki. I’m actually quite relieved Matsui said in the Illustration Book that Kanzaki had no particular feeling when giving the Valentine chocolates, because I did think for some time that it would happen, even though, to me it’s… well, it’s a ship that I can’t really see happening ?

They’re good friends and I appreciate that, but Sugino’s insistence in claiming his love for Kanzaki was disheartening. It’s the famous trope of “as long as a man insist long enough, he will have the girl”, and I hate this kind of ending so much, guuh… Besides, there was always something about Kanzaki, this smiling face that felt a bit forced in Sugino’s presence that made me felt that, nope, she certainly didn’t want this relationship.

💤 : Ship that is canon but you don’t ship

Hm… Korosensei/Aguri isn’t quite canon, so I will say Karasuma/Irina.

I like the both of them I mean have you seen me it’s too hard for me to hate a character but I thought… the moments they had together were the least interesting, and their personality just doesn’t seem to fit each other, it’s… Yeah, maybe they can find some sort of compromise, but ultimately I can’t see them getting fully happy living together. As acquaintances, maybe.

That being said, I would be interested to see the relationship both of them have to their daughter.


I get it… last night and what happened to Randy Orton was incredibly hard to watch and went way too far, even if it was planned to an extent. And believe me when I say that I am NOT a Brock Lesnar fan. But can we stop with the out right hate? This whole “Brock Lesnar is Scum, pass it on” thing is a bit much. Just like the hate towards Finn is excessive. We all are entitled to our own voice and opinions but this is getting ridiculous.

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I hate how Spencer talks to Hanna in the promo when they see that Noel isn't tied up anymore. She acts like Hanna's stupid enough to forget to tie up Noel

she’s always treated hanna that way, it’s one of the many reasons why i could never fully get behind sp*leb happening. it’s not just her though, they’ve all acted and treated hanna like she’s nothing more then some stupid blonde and it makes me very sad because she’s so much more then her looks and her friends and even the fandom at times can’t see it.

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What's the chance that I'm going to find a group of people who hate the thing along with me *and* want to talk nitty-gritty about it (like knowing it well enough to analyze it? even though they hate it?) *and* are minors (when the thing is specifically NOT for minors)???? It's not going to happen tbh. If I'm still spinning in one and a half years I can contact the adults I've seen shit-talking it but that's like forever and for now I'm just screwed lmao

yeah for real. 
you could blog about it and just schedule the posts for a year and a half from now? :) for me half of the satisfaction is writing about stuff so i can analyze it more, but then, half of it is also learning from others and having other people enjoy learning from me. but at least you could get something from it, if writing about your special interests is something you enjoy!