even though i don't like his beard


the cottonball flies out of his ear

I love how viscerally this fandom has reacted to the jack!stache. I used to think beards were such a turn-off, but getting into hockey ruined me. i’m seeing hockey players now sans playoff beards and i’m like “honey no.” One of my all-time favorite pics of Jack is with his playoff beard in first panel of Frozen Four. I even like Shitty’s stache! My early-twenties self questions my late-twenties taste so much. 

But I also dislike the jack!stache so very much and so does bitty and so does everyone else apparently (at least on my dash) so thank u, i feel like not all hope is lost for me yet.

anonymous asked:

So I like this guy. He's just my type but I don't know how to ask him. Hes got this wild hair and scruffy beard. He's so handsome, his voice is pretty hot too. One of the only issues I have is if we'd be accepted by everyone I know. When we have dinner he gets it everywhere and his hygiene isn't great. I really love him though even if he does ram me with his horn in my ass too hard. He's my world even if he is just a common goat. I can't hide my love for my goat anymore.

Why settle for a goat, when you could have…

A goat gorilla.