even though i don't know her at all

Camp has a sort of “Secret Santa” tradition among spring/fall staff. We’re each assigned someone to buy or make cheap little gifts for throughout the season to help us get to know each other better. I’m not very sociable so I haven’t actually gotten to know my recipient well at all, but I enjoy giving her little gifts I know she’ll like. 

She is a big fan of dinosaurs, so for my last gift, I’m buying her this necklace and some chocolate before we close the season.

your leg pressed against mine

a thlaise au ; essentially a messy train of thought because i’m struggling with maths so word dump it is.

this is dedicated to everyone who has blessed me with their thlaise, you know who u are 💓 , you’re all the bestest ily.

  • the first domino that falls is the bash of a cheek against drunken lips in the dark of the corridor 
  • the next morning, they write it off as an anomaly, both pretending to have forgotten the feverish way blaise had then pressed theodore against the wall, the warmth of theodore’s breath against the shell of blaise’s ear 
  • and the soft slow slide of lips as theodore curled up and up into blaise as if he was trying to ingrain himself in blaise’s soul. he was already there but he didn’t know that.
  • and so the second domino teetered and toppled.
  • a mistake, a mistake, a mistake 
  • the thought throbbed deep and heavy in theodore’s head when he woke up hungover with the unmistakeable indent of blaise in his sheets, on his skin
  • he meets blaise’s eye when he enters the kitchen and he knows that he can’t let “whatever this is” happen if he wants to keep blaise.
  • he wants to keep the blaise who runs his hand soothingly through theo’s hair when he’s ill and asleep (or at least, whilst he thinks theodore is asleep) 
  • the blaise who returns theodore’s books to the library when he forgets
  • the blaise who slumps down next to him on the sofa and passes him a mug of lemon and honey tea with his slight crooked smile. 
  • but what he doesn’t know is that keeping that blaise is not a choice he gets to make. 
  • they can’t go back, not now that blaise knows what his lips taste like, not when blaise has realised he’s been in love with his best friend for longer than he’s been aware.
  • and so the rest of the dominoes begin to fall. 

You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.


  •          Kacchan swears a lot (canon). He can’t go five minutes without saying something nasty which gets him in trouble more often than he’s willing to admit
  •          For Todoroki’s birthday Deku wanted to be nice and do something special so he tried making a half ice cream and half normal cake which resulted in him accidentally asking Todoroki to help him freeze one half of the cake after it had melted
  •          Todoroki totally thought it was the sweetest thing ever and spent 10 minutes telling Deku to calm down
  •          Mineta might be the smallest one from the batch but nobody dares to fight him because that little shit knows everyone’s secrets
  •          I said it already but I will say it again: Kacchan. Has. Dimples.
  •          Tsuyu really likes cooking but she always makes everything too salty
  •          Kirishima sleeps on his stomach and needs to hug something all the time when he’s asleep. Kacchan once ended trapped in Kirishima’s arms for the entire ride on the bus and his classmates will never let him forget about it
  •          Yaoyorozu is a secret shoujo enthusiast, she’s read like every manga there is
  •          Iida tried wearing contacts once to look cool but his classmates didn’t recognize him which made him very upset so he sulked about it for two weeks and never put the contacts in again
  •          Todoroki is so good at doing makeup while Uraraka sucks at it, so he helps her out when she asks
  •          In return she makes him all kinds of pastries (his favorite are anything with strawberries, he absolutely adores them)
  •          Iida’s grandma is amazing. You know those Russian grandmas that finished second at Eurovision?  Iida’s grandma is that awesome.
  •          Everyone loves her, even Kacchan, and she loves them all back
  •          Yaoyorozu and Uraraka actually both like to bake and they made all the boys in the class chocolate presents for Valentine’s day
  •          That was the day they nearly lost Deku
  •          They will never give Valentine’s chocolate to Kacchan again, though.

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Okay listen, Maisie in my opinion is not at fault here aT ALL. you gave one explanation to why she's not looking good, so I'm not buying it. the anon asked why maisie was at fault, and you could only list one thing. you don't know it, but even you don't think Maisie is at fault! lol i thought this was funny

I’ll just remind you that Maisie is not a very nice person

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hello why do u think lena luthor has bpd (i don't disagree)

bpd is most often (not sure if it can be caused by genetic influences though i remember reading something about it?) caused by environmental influences in childhood such as neglect, abuse, loss, bullying - all of those can lead to someone developing bpd. for lena, from what we know about her past and from her relationship with her adopted mother and brother, she experienced neglect (both emotional and… physical? because she was adopted, regardless of the reason as a 4yo she was raised for a while in the foster system, even if she doesn’t remember much of it now, because she was too young, it could still leave long lasting effects). everything we know about her family life is that she never felt Good Enough to be a luthor, never felt loved by lillian, only ever felt cared about by lex who later turned his back on her (loss, possible emotional abuse by lillian)

so what we know about her past in canon (i’m not even talking headcanons just taking from what was on the show) is already enough to cause her to develop bpd. now what else makes me headcanon her with bpd?

one of the symptoms of bpd is impulsive and self destructive behaviour and despite not having much screentime so far we’ve seen lena putting her own life in danger multiple times

another symptom? fear of abandonment and intense and highly changeable moods, that’s what i saw watching the “be your own hero” scene from medusa. first she’s smiling and so happy to see kara and then she lashes out at her thinking kara will betray/abandon her, it can also be seen as splitting and black and white thinking (which are also symptoms of bpd)

it’s very likely that she has unstable sense of self (another bpd symptom) especially considering her complicated relationship with her adopted family and being a luthor

lastly, people with bpd often idealise others (that’s basically a direct result of black and white thinking) and from the way lena was talking about lex it seems to me that she was idealising him for a good portion of her life. people with bpd also usually have a “favourite person” which i think lex used to be and now it’s kara. favourite person is someone who is usually being idealised and/or imprinted on. it’s someone the emotions of a person with bpd most rely on, who they care about the most.

AU Idea (I think I'm gonna write it but I don't know)

- ok but Marinette is the MOST popular Instagram model
- it started off as a joke/fun on behalf of Alya

- so like Marinette has all these hella good outfits that she has made but never wore it
- even though they all fit her(as a fashion/design student, SAME. make it for myself but never see it on myself)
- so she decides she needs to get some use into these.
- Alya being the amazing boo she is, decides to make an Instagram of Marinette wearing these outfits and takes secret pictures of her.
- NOT ONE of them show her FACE its covered by a hand or leaf or something
- the account BLOWS UP(so many outfit genres and ideas like from cute to bodycon to street/90’s inspired to grudge to hipster)
- Marinette is oblivious
- until Alya comes barreling into her bedroom in their apartment, screaming THE IT MODEL ADRIEN AGRESTE is FOLLOWING THEM.
- Marinette ends up unconscious on the floor.
- she recovers and cries but eventually soften up to the account and newfound fame because, she looks SO HOT(even though her face is not showing) and she can switch stuff up and use all her items she had made and also cause Adrien is following her.
- companies want her to promote them but she only picks what she likes and ended up promoting Nino’s new album turning him into a DJ sensation(Kinda like flume,chain smokers etc)
- she then gets an intern letter from The Agreste’s and is now working on a photo shoot WHILE going to Univeristy and handling her account with Alya, who is now making a blog. Oh my Gosh.

- Her heels, erratically click as she steps onto the photo shoot platform. Fingers curl tightly around a box of pins. Knuckles white, breathing hard, heart thumping, she lifts a lithe, bandaid covered finger and adjusts the emerald tie of the emerald eyed, blonde Angel in front of her.
“Hey Marinette, do you know the model Ladybug?”
Her face pales considerably.


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Lena always asks Kara for advice everytime she has to make certain decisions, she thinks that Kara's opinions about things are so important that she always asks her so she can help her decide, just like when Lena found out that Rhea had been tricking her but Rhea was still hellbent on continuing her proposition with her, Lena called Kara for advice but Kara wasn't available at the moment because of Alex so she couldn't help Lena but Lena understands?!1 She doesn't push Kara into it or guilt trip Kara into not helping her, and because Kara can't help her, she just goes on with her own decision even if she herself isn't comfortable with it. Just like when Lena called Kara so Kara can talk her out of going to Jack's dinner date invite but Kara wasn't home, so she went with Jack anyway even though she doesn't feel like doing it at all. Kara's opinions on things are so important to Lena that she always asks Kara first about it and when Kara isn't available, she just goes on with her own decision even though she knows it'd be better if Kara had her own say about it.

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I don't know if anyone has asked this (I'm sure people have) but with your transition happening, will there be a change in your preferred pronouns?

Good question! No, not at all though. My pronouns have and will remain they/them/he/him/she/her.

HRT has always been a goal of mine, even after I felt assured in my gender fluidity I had to address my gender expression and what I really wanted for that aspect of who I am. In other words, I think many people think of my HRT transition in a binary way, which means they ultimately still perceive gender identity in a way that needs to correlate with a persons body, but I don’t see it that way, I don’t live my life that way. I was Elliott Alexzander at the beginning of my HRT journey, and I will be Elliott Alexzander after my physical transition has really set in. Sure HRT will change me but so does everything else, everyday should change a person in some way.


“Try not to die, Huntress,” she says as the Harvesters roar in over the dunes. 

Imperious, Eris thinks - if ever there were a woman born to be a Queen, this is she. No wonder she is the source of so many legends - one glimpse of her bright armor, gleaming in the ruddy light of Martian noon, and Eris believes them all.

Beside glorious Wei Ning, the wall of shield-sisters holds firm, unconcerned with the ineffective Harvester-fire, hardly blinking as the troops drop.

There are more than Eris expected. More than any of them expected - far more. None seem concerned. Behind the line of Titans, countless Ghosts work through the wreckage of the Collapse to recover…something. Something they feel is important - important enough to make a stand.

She pulls the rifle from her back. It has been her crutch for the last month, the tool she uses to navigate the endless sight-lines of the wide open sands, and the legion that has hosted her these past few months has not stopped needling her over it. 

A greenhorn’s weapon, they used to tell her. A coward’s weapon. The whispers faded when they heard her name, when they saw the overlapping tally marks etched the full length of the long, worn barrel - when they heard what she had done at the Gap. Now she recognizes the gentle ribbing for what it is; some sort of Titan bonding behavior. 

And they call the Hunters strange.

“Shields!” Wei Ning yells, as barrages from the distant Colossi rain down upon the Wards that blossom at her call. Dull explosions, visible through purple voidlight, shatter atop their heads, but their leader stares through it all, toward the lines of Phalanxes that march over blood-red dunes. 

“Hold, Sisters,” she says, arms clasped behind her back, “Until you can smell them.” 

Two Titans to a Ward. One carrying the Blessing, one the Fist. It is a mark of respect that Eris shares the Ward of Wei Ning and her shield-sister; the Ward of the commander of the Martian Shield-Lines - not just in name, but in the heart of every Titan on the planet. 

Either that, or it means Wei Ning thinks she cannot take care of herself.

Not a Queen, Eris thinks, an Empress.

Psions open fire from a distance, and Eris wonders again why they cannot understand that their bullets will never penetrate the Ward. Something very much like fear drives the legions here, some sick desperation that Eris can sense in every ambush, every assault. Not for the first time she wonders what forced the Cabal to Mars.

The Phalanxes grow larger, Ghosts still buzzing frantically through half-alive computing systems.

“Hold,” Wei Ning says again, this time a whisper that only Eris can hear, and she is certain the Titan is talking to herself. “Huntress, I’m afraid your long rifle may be useless when the fighting grows close. There’s still time to trade it out for a real weapon.”

Eris hears the laughter on her voice, as the huge woman pulls the sleek shotgun from the holster on her back, leans it back against her shoulder. The words on her right gauntlet glint purple-red; words that any Guardian stationed on Mars for more than a week can recite by heart.

“I’ll try to leave some for you,” Eris says, checking her magazine, and beside her Wei Ning’s shield-sister chuckles. 

She has seen Wei Ning’s Lines fight before, has watched them fall upon unsuspecting legions like the eagles from the old books, and she has learned enough about their kind that she knows it must kill their leader to stand and wait and defend, rather than take the fight to the Cabal. And yet that is what they do, and the muffled explosions beyond the Wards do not shake the grim calm of the Titans.

It is Wei Ning who leads the charge at last, as she always does, tearing from the Ward like a bolt of lightning, her fist shattering the skull of a legionnaire, two quick coughs from her shotgun felling the closest of the Phalanxes.

Eris has danced this dance before, and by the time the Titan whose Ward she shares has reached the battle line, Eris has neatly sidestepped from the bubble, lifted her rifle, and removed the head of a Centurion.

One, she thinks, and then the fight is on.

Wei Ning, to Eris’ dismay, is right. Landing shots grows more and more difficult as the lines blur, as Titans and Phalanxes crash together and the lone Huntress is buffeted by the changing tides of battle. Still, she is quick and sharp enough to find a line, here and there, and when she does she does not miss.

The Cabal do not stop. At first, they fall like the cannon fodder they are, but slowly - so slowly Eris is not certain that the Titans see it, close as they are - the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm the lines of gleaming plate. They are being pushed back; herded, almost. But wherever the Cabal begin to gain the upper hand, Wei Ning crashes through them, dragging her Shield-Sisters behind her, leaving corpses in her wake.

Eris knows that it will not be enough. 

She has abandoned her rifle, and now it is her cannon that does her bloody work. Before long her arms ache from its tireless kick, but still the Cabal come in an unending wave, their fear of death outweighed by their fear of whatever waits behind them. And die they do, in droves; they fall to Wei Ning’s fist, they fall to Eris’ cannon, they fall to callous lines of barking shotguns. 

Then a Titan falls. A Defender, caught off guard when her Ward finally shatters. And then another. The purple blisters on the dust begin to drop, and no new Wards blossom to take their place. The Lines shift, to shield the fallen, to allow for Ghost revival. And still the Ghosts ask for time. 

Across the dunes, Wei Ning, indomitable, drives her knee into the face of a Colossus, takes its head with her, but around her the Lines have begun to falter. Eris pulls her rifle from its sling again, yells into the screaming wind and sand, yells to call for a retreat; but this is not her Line, this is not her planet, and these are not Hunters.

It is not until Wei Ning, standing strong atop a dune, makes a motion with her hand that the Lines begin to fall back toward lonely Eris Morn, auto rifles keeping the ever-advancing wall of Cabal shields at bay as best they can, Eris’ own scope preying on those stupid enough to show their ugly faces.

The Ghosts are slow, so slow, but whatever they want from this dead place will have to be taken soon or be lost to the relentless march of the Cabal. Eris hopes that it is worth the ammunition, because their re-grouping has become a full-blown retreat, has become the desperate, crouching, backwards shuffle that Eris remembers from the Gap, and Traveler take her if she will watch another Guardian die.

The Light finds her knives, and the Trance consumes her. She runs through lines of retreating Titans, skips through rows of bulky armor now dulled by sand and munitions-fire, and she carves a hungry path through the advancing Cabal towards Wei Ning, towards the woman who will - who must - pull them from this disaster. 

She reaches the vanguard at last, crackling Light dripping from her armor, and with a final spinning lunge she breaks through to Wei Ning and her shield-sister, her commander’s shotgun still couched in tireless arms, hands still clenched into unbreakable fists.

“Wei Ning! We must leave!” she yells, but Wei Ning does not turn to acknowledge her. 

“Now!” she continues, “Before the Ghosts are taken!”

“Go!” Wei Ning screams, fury in her voice, and she thrusts her shield-sister towards the last defensible position in front of the Ghosts, to where they will make their final stand. And then she turns the full weight of her gaze upon Eris.

“Get behind me,” she growls, and Eris learns what it is like to fight back-to-back with her Empress of Fist and Thunder.

Together they hold the line, buying time for the scattered lines of Titans to retreat. Eris’ rifle may be slow but she is faster than any Titan, and with Wei Ning beside her there is nothing she cannot kill. They kill and kill and kill, with fist and knife and rifle, until Wei Ning grabs Eris and forces her to run, the massive Titan shielding her with nothing but her own bulk.

Eris sprints after the commander, breathing hard, diving in and out of the limited cover, and she is certain that the last sound she hears will be the hiss of Cabal artillery.

Wei Ning does not see the motion, far to their right, that pulls Eris to a stop. She skates ahead, and before long Eris is alone, sheltering behind the ruins of an ancient something. Eris has always seen more than most, and what she sees now makes her blood run cold. In the hollow of a dune, a Titan - her own Titan, the same Defender whose ward she shares - is pinned between two advancing lines of Phalanxes. As she watches, one of them raises a shield to block a shotgun’s shell, and with the same motion it smashes the Titan to the ground. 

Eris runs. She runs over the sand that does its best to trip her, runs through the hail of bullets and rocket-fire, runs toward the tiny purple shape in the distance, not noticing when her shields begin to chatter static.

She is not fast enough. The Phalanx lifts its shield again, slamming the edge into the chest-plate of the fallen Titan; once, twice, three times, and as Eris leaps from the edge of the dune she reaches forward through that endless distance and she pulls - and then she is there, and her long rifle does a shotgun’s work, hitting the Phalanx center-mass before her knife finds the beast’s throat, purple ichor blooming in the sky, and then she is in the dirt, leaning her full weight against the immovable mass of full Titan-plate, struggling even to shift it, as her shields fail and a bullet strikes her arm.

She screams, drops her rifle. Another hits her leg, and she falls to the ground. Around her, the ring of Phalanxes closes. She stares down the barrels of a dozen slug throwers, stares at them and snarls, but before she can lift her cannon something howls out of the sky and the ground shatters in blue arc-light, hurling Cabal soldiers away as though they are children’s toys. Then Wei Ning is beside her, auto rifle laughing at the Darkness, and before long there are no enemies left. With one hand she lifts her fallen squad-mate and hefts her over the shoulders of another Titan who skates away.

She pulls Eris to her feet as well, and her Ghost finally recalibrates and catches up with the damage she’s taken. The pain lingers, and Wei Ning lets Eris lean on a shoulder as they retreat.

“Ghosts have what they came for!” she yells, and Eris nods, trying to catch her breath. 

“What do they want here?” She yells back, as distant Harvesters disgorge yet more troops onto sand burned to glass. She reaches for her long rifle out of habit.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. They can have the place, and may they choke on the dust. Let’s go.”

“Wait. My gun.”

“My shield-sisters have already retreated. We’re not staying. You can get a new one.”

“I’m not leaving my gun!” Eris says, pulling away from Wei Ning.

“Hunters,” the Titan mutters, but she accompanies Eris back to the crater she made herself, and stands guard as Eris retrieves her worn rifle.

The Titans are waiting for them when they return at last, over dunes and away from the ruins the Cabal seem to want so badly, inside a claustrophobic bunker open to the Martian air. Wei Ning passes her helm to a Titan, then kneels in front of her battered comrade. Eris slumps to the ground, pulls her own helmet from her head, and leans against the comfortable weight of her rifle.

“Good eyes, Huntress,” Wei Ning says, not looking as she lightly slaps the Titan’s cheeks. “I should have noticed.”

“How is she?”

“She’ll live. Thanks to you. I suppose that’s what they call - ” her mouth curls into a grin - “‘Fine shootin’.”

Eris smiles a tired half-smile. Her whole body aches. She does not understand how this human wrecking ball appears none the worse for wear, but Wei Ning stands and offers her a hand. Eris takes it, and lets the woman pull her to her feet for the second time.

“You’re no Titan,” says Wei Ning, “But I name you shield-sister nonetheless. You can fight at my back any day, Eris Morn.”

Aside from a handful of appreciative grunts, no one seems to notice. The Titans are already intent on their next objective, but it is enough for Eris that a few nod in her direction. She cannot help the grin that spreads across her face then, as she returns her long rifle to its holster and trails her Empress back out into the alien light.

Once, she had thought that Twilight Gap would break them. Perhaps not. Perhaps it has made them stronger.

Perhaps this is what Pack feels like.

I just love how they highlight the fact that Daryl knows how powerful Carol is, and states himself that she is one hundred percent capable of taking out the Saviors and leading them all to war…

But then they also highlight the fact that when Daryl sees a potential threat looming over Carol and when someone intends to hurt her or put her in harm’s way, he’s extremely, desperately protective of her. Will do anything to keep her safe and out of danger and healthy. 

And I feel like you can’t deny his love for her, because 7x10 showed us that it is love that is unlike anything he feels for anyone else. Daryl knows that Carol is a warrior and is more than capable of protecting herself and everyone else - but yet he is still so protective of her and will annihilate any and all threats because even though he knows how powerful she is, he still worries and it’s still his instinct to always try to defend and protect her because he loves her. 

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Had some pretentious lady come up to our coffee counter asking for a "pain au chocolat." I do not know french and she rolls her eyes as if this is the biggest inconvenience in the world and says "chocolate croissant" like I'm some kind of idiot. Whatever lady, don't act all high and mighty trying to flaunt your basic french you learned on some lavish France trip to people earning a minimum wage in America.

Good lord now customers have to learn a second language just to be an even bigger Douleur dans le cul.* -Abby

* I googled this so it might be the wrong context. I tried though. -Abby

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I agree with you on the Clara references. However the River reference made by Missy bother me. Missy never met River and this River reference by Missy feel not natural at all. If Missy make a reference it's more logical if it's a Clara one (and i understand why it's maybe better she don't do that). What is your opinion on the relevance of this River reference ?

Honestly, I don’t know. It seems way too early to speculate, since we don’t even know the context of the Missy scene. It is odd to have River brought up like that though - Missy (sadly) doesn’t have any connection to her and there seems no immediate need that we are aware of to remind people of what happened on Darillium. Because that’s what is seems like to me. A disguised “and here’s what happened for those who haven’t followed every Christmas Special till now”. Considering the glimpse of River’s diary we saw in the trailer, this might not be the end of it…

Which TWICE member should you fight?

Nayeon is old therefore her bones are weak. Actually she gets tired easily too. But she is feisty and may have the tendency to fight dirty. Yeah you could probably beat her, but even though you win the battle, she’ll insist she’ll win the war. Expect a lot of counter-attacks. Should you fight her? Sure, why not if you don’t mind being sucked into an endless back and forth.

Years of cleaning the dorm has instilled strength and discipline in Jeongyeon. The girl knows how to run too so escaping won’t be an option. Gets scary when mad. Are you sure you want to fight her? If you like losing, be my guest.

Pretty sure she works out, I mean look at her abs. Has strong muscle control from all the dancing. But you could probably lure and pacify her with food. Not really much of a fighter, very passive, will most likely not hurt you. Don’t fight her, what would you accomplish by doing so? Nothing, that’s what.

Very clumsy. Doesn’t seem like she can throw a punch either. But really scary when mad. Don’t think she’s kidding. Should you fight her? I mean, I guess if you really hate her. She takes make love not war to a whole new level though, so you might want to take that into consideration.

Why would you want to fight Jihyo? She has been nothing but an angel. Plus she’s God. You’ll never win. Don’t fight Jihyo.

Mina is one of those people you’d think is pretty weak but could probably take you out, albeit in a more ninja like way. She’s probably really light on her feet and can launch a surprise attack on you from behind at any given time. Don’t fight the penguin.

She’s squirmy and flexible so she’d probably escape your grasp over and over. Won’t really fight you but has a lot of energy and will probably wear you out before you can end her. Is really close to the Big Man upstairs. Do you really want to take the risk?

A smol bean but is not a cub for nothing. Will fight you even if she can’t beat you. Everyone in the group loves her though and will probably give you hell if you hurt her. If you don’t want eight girls ganging up on you, don’t fight Chaeyoung.

Has probably observed and judged you for some time, knows all your weaknesses. Might blackmail you into submission. Is also really rich and can sue you, your family and your cow. Not to mention a possible underground mafia at her disposal. Value your life. Value your cow. Don’t fight Tzuyu.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Opal, the very first fusion that we meet in the show, excluding Garnet, in episode 12; Giant Woman, is the gem we know the least about. Opal has made 3 seperate appearences: Giant Woman, The Return, and Log Date 7 15 2. However, over the entire course of her being on screen, she has only said a total of 15 words. We know absolutely NOTHING about Opal, even though everyone loves her, and we met her so early on. We can easily see more of Sugilite, Sardonyx, Alexandrite, Stevonnie, or Smoky Quartz's character than we can of Opal. Why? Why has Opal not had ANY character development yet, despite being the gem that introduced fusion into the show. Everyone loves Opal, everyone wants to see Opal more. Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz, and Alexandrite have had almost 2 whole episodes dedicated to seeing them in action, so can we please just get some Opal development? It's not that I don't love and appreciate all the other fusions, because trust me, I do; but we know NOTHING about Opal, and I want to learn more about her.
Okay real quick - Melissa Chase is an inattentive-type ADD kid and here’s why

 - the high stakes in the math book episode are literally nothing but “THE PRINCIPAL IS GONNA THINK I’M IRRESPONSIBLE” and Melissa is losing her shit over it

- apparently CONSTANTLY forgets her stuff at school

 - frames the repetitive frantic lost-thing search as a quest to make it less awful; insists that Zack also call it a quest

 - thing in science class makes a weird noise. immediately picks up and inspects, no second thought

 - “a tremendous portion of my self esteem is based on my grade point average”

- “hang on let me get my notepad” - proceeds to hustle every single kid in her homeroom

- knows every president’s blood type but forgets february doesn’t have a 30th

 - “melissa said she had to study” - shot of melissa spacing out in a kiddie pool

 - well meaning friend tells her to make a list of things she has to remember - “i tried that. lists don’t work.”

 - “wait where did i put down that key literally one second ago”

 - wanted to be a journalist/queen of the universe when she was little; continues saying that’s what she’s going to be because fuck you i can be whatever i want

 - that science project on the first day of summer. either it was assembled FAST (hyperfocused) or she had been working on it for days already (overdue school project). both are evidence

 - analyzed the FUCK out of Dr. Zone in under a day

 - VISIBLY ENRAGED when changes to her favorite event are sprung on her with no time to prepare (tenses up, limbs go stiff, death glare, clenched teeth) - she cannot stand the idea of being made to look stupid at something she’s really good at

 - witty as fuck bc hyperdrive snark brain

 - haha wow this wasn’t quick at all was it

 - i just feel very strongly about this

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Your Shawn Mendes song (Harry Potter Preferences)
  • This gave me an excuse to listen to Shawn Mendes, so I'm pretty happy.I haven't edited this yet, so forgive me for any mistakes.
  • Draco:
  • Treat You Better;You were already in a relationship when Draco had entered your life. He was instantly smitten with you,but you resisted. Your boyfriend was abusive and got jealous very easily. You didn't want to even think about what would happen if he found about Draco. Not that there was anything to find out. Draco was relentless in trying to convince you to be with him. "I know that I could treat you better than he can" he said. You knew that you definitely had feelings for the Slytherin, but you just didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Harry:
  • Stitches;Your's and Harry's relationship was toxic. He was too caught up in being a hero and you were clinging on to something that you new was hopeless. It took months before you two finally broke things off. It was disastrous and horrible, every pent up feeling that been kept secret, was suddenly let out. You were foolish to think that it could've been better.He was foolish to think that you actually loved each other. The heartbreak was a pain that you would both carry your entire lives.
  • Hermione:
  • Imagination;You had admired Hermione from afar, watching as her ginormous hair was lifted by the breeze that flown though that day. The way her eyes brightened with such light, that it could never be extinguished whenever she read a book. Her intelligence ensnared you, reeling you in as your mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of her. You had wanted to tell her you dreamt of the two of you being together, that you loved her, but what if she rejected. Maybe,maybe this was all better left in your imagination.
  • Ron:
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer;You don't know how it started. One minute, you were madly in love.The next, you were letting someone else's hands run along your body.You slept with them, repeatedly, always thinking of Ron but never doing anything about it. Ron has suspicions, you know that, but you could never tell him. It was killing you, eating away at your soul bit by bit,patiently waiting for you to break. You and Ron struggled to keep the relationship together, in spite of all that happened, you two had been through everything together. You just didn't know how much longer you could last.
  • Luna:
  • Life of the Party;You and Luna had always strived to be happy no matter what the world threw at you. You both knew that life was short, especially for people like you. There wasn't time for apologies, nor was there time for not making mistakes. You only had one life, and you weren't going to waste it. When you're with Luna, it's like the entire world fades from existence, leaving only you two. It had never mattered what was happening or who you were with, as long as you had Luna, everything was going to be okay.
  • Neville:
  • Never Be Alone;You were a muggle, which meant that Neville was away often. He would visit you as often as he could, if he had only a minute, he would choose to spend it with you. The night before he left was always the hardest, you clung to each other, holding on so tight, you might snap in half. You never got much sleep, you spent as much time with Neville as you could.The moment that he left he would tell you the same thing.He would tell you that no matter what happened, if you ever felt alone, all you had to do was look up at the night sky and find a star. Every time, you looked at that star, you'd be reminded that Neville saw the very same stars.
  • Fred:
  • Something Big;Your lives were a series of twists and turns. Events that were so unpredictable, you could never fully plan them. Fred had this feeling in his gut that something was going to happen,something big.That feeling was confirmed as soon as he met you. You were very shy and conservative,having a plan for your life since you were young. When you met Fred, it's like you burst out of your shell.He showed you how much fun it could be if you lived life with uncertainty.He showed you how it was okay to let go once and awhile. He never stopped having that attitude,and it inspired you.He changed your life,and so many others, who were all grateful for what he (and George) had taught them.
  • George:
  • Aftertaste;You were happy once.You were in a wonderful relationship with the boy you loved.Which is why he'll never understand why you left him that particular Friday morning. You had just spent your first night together,not regretting a single moment,or so he thought. He woke up around nine am,his arm searching the spot where you were supposed to be.When he had found nothing,he had shot up from the bed, frantically looking around the room but finding nothing. He collapsed on the floor once he realized what had happened, you had left.He thought that you loved him, but apparently he was wrong. He hoped that you felt guilty about your actions, that he was all you would think about for the rest of your life. You deserved to know his pain,you deserved to be left,with the aftertaste.
  • James:
  • Mercy;You were stuck, floating in an abyss that you weren't sure could ever be filled.James had entranced you from the moment you met, making your knees violently tremble whenever you were around him.You loved him, and he loved you, but he kept things from you.He didn't tell you the reason he was gone for the entire night once a month.He didn't explain the deer and other various animal hair you had found. As soon as it looked like he might open up to you, he completely shut you out.You knew that he didn't mean to hurt you, but he kept tearing you apart. You silently begged him to release you from his hold.He was the love of your life,but he needed to either open up,or let you go.
  • Sirius:
  • Show You;Everyone thought that You and Sirius would never last.A day at most,some said.A week,said others.You two were determined to show them that they were wrong.You were determined to show them that you would last, because you loved each other, and that should be all that matters.If you had to walk a hundred miles only on your hands to prove it, you would. Deep down, you felt that it shouldn't have to be proven, they should trust in your relationship. You and Sirius soon abandoned the foolish crusade,and spent the rest of your lives focusing on making only each other happy.
  • Remus:
  • A Little Too Much;Sometimes,life can be a bitch. Sometimes, you get knocked down and you don't want to get back up again. Whenever, things like that happen to either You or Remus, you have to tell yourselves that it'll get better,somehow it always does.Your always there to help the other out and to be there for them. You've helped Remus with his self hate towards being a werewolf,and he's helped you with your breakdowns over school.Without each other,you confident that you'll either die,or have a severely broken heart.
  • Lily:
  • Kid in Love;You and Lily had met during your first year.From the moment your eyes locked, you knew,even though you were kids,it was love.You asked her out during fourth year, and her saying yes had you even more convinced.You two ended up dating for the duration of your Hogwarts years and long after that.You were growing up,and you hated it.The older you got, the less time you got with Lily.Even after all these years,she still made you feel like a kid in love.So as long as the two of you were kids in love, you never really grew up.
  • Regulus:
  • I don't even know Your Name;He was lost,searching the crowd for an exit somewhere.He had no reason to stay,so he wasn't going to.Then,there you were.Your vibrant red dress was form fitting on your body,showing off every curve and edge.The strobe lights bounced off your irises, making them appear brighter and full of color. Regulus started to make his way to you, only for you to disappear in the crowd.He had searched all night for you,but with no luck.It still kills him to this very day,because he tends to dwell on what might've been, if he had found you.How could he,he didn't even know your name.
  • Severus:
  • The Weight;He was cheating on you with Lily,simple as that.He's tried to tell you that he's happier with her,yet he still wants you to stay.He's told you that he's needed time, yet he pushes you away.He's even tried to take you back dozens of times.It's like a game that goes back and forth messing with your mind,and you hate it.You can't take the pain that it's causing you, so you decided to leave Hogwarts, forever.He wasn't worth sticking around for in a place you never wanted to be in.
  • NEXT GENERATION (maybe for now)
  • James Sirius:
  • Running Low;Your relationship was doomed from the start.He had thought that he was brave enough to handle it,but he wasn't.His energy was slowly draining away,he couldn't do the things someone else could do for you.You only wanted him,but it was like he didn't care about you at all.He thought that it wasn't worth it if you could easily find love with someone else.He never meant to hurt you, but he did.He realized too late that you were the only one for him.You could never go back to him.
  • Albus:
  • Bring it Back;You broke his heart,told him that you never loved him and left, taking the pieces of his shattered heart with you.You two tried to get back together despite everything, but it would've been much worse.One day, at a party, he saw you.You were sulking in the corner staring at him intensely.You walked towards him, but he only went to find Scorpius,leaving you to look at him in bewilderment.You thought you had another shot with him, and that he would immediately take you back.He knew that it would be dangerous if it was brought back.
  • Scorpius:
  • One of Those Nights;You were young and you were in love.That was all either of you ever really needed.You ventured out in the middle of the night to swim in the black lake or to just wander the halls.Time is slipping away from us, so what can we do but live during that time as fully as we can.You didn't know what the future held for you and Scorpius, you only had hope that it would be something good.You two would take random road trips and go wherever the wind happened to blow that day. You would dance under the light of the stars,letting them watch as you glided along the ground, creating your mark on the earth.
  • Rose:
  • Air;It wasn't supposed to end like this. You were supposed to live life together, not strain to even ask how the day went.You loved each other, there was no doubt about that, but you were trying too hard.A relationship takes a lot work, but not that much.It isn't even worth a second if neither one of you is willing to put in any effort. You're stringing each other along,and it has to stop. You were supposed to just take things slow, but things sped up way too quickly. It was getting too much for both of you.You just didn't want to Admit it to Rose.She was putting more effort into it than you were,she just had more hope.

puethar-petblr  asked:

Someone is saying there's vegan vitamin d3 for humans and dogs and that therefore a dog can be vegan with no problem. I don't have the scientific sources to reply but I'm pretty sure dog's shouldn't be vegan and I don't know what to tell her.

Tell her this:

Dogs are opportunistic carnivores. Dogs are not omnivores like humans.They have descended from carnivorous ancestors and are equipped to deal with a mostly meat based diet.  Humans will mostly do ok on a vegan diet because, even though we are omnivores, our evolutionary ancestors ate mostly plant matter. Thus, our bodies can digest plants and nutrients from plants are more biologically available to us. With the advent of synthetic vitamin B12, humans can now be fully vegan if they chose to be. 

Such is not the case with the dog.

Even though you can “technically” meet all the vitamin and nutrient levels with synthetic forms, that doesn’t make it a good diet. The dog’s body is not equipped for so much plant matter. As stated before, they are descendant from carnivores and are still opportunistic carnivores.

Though the protein in plants is the same protein as in meat, it is not as biologically available to dogs. Dogs have a harder time absorbing protein from, say, a bean than a piece of steak. They simply don’t have the right biological equipment. Synthetic taurine is not as bio-available as natural taurine and thus the dogs can suffer blindness and heart problems in some cases. The vitamin D found in plants is also much harder for a dog to absorb than vitamin D from animal products. Combined with the fact that it is pretty much impossible to mimic the proper calcium/phosphorus ratio in a vegan diet compared to a meat diet, the dog will have impacted calcium metabolism and other mineral dependent processes. Bone strength may be affected. Again, the lack of bio-availability is due to the dog not being designed to absorb these nutrients from plants. 

So, a vegan diet even with all the right supplements, is still a vastly inferior diet to a meat containing one and will negatively impact a dog’s quality of life.

The absolute, only situation a dog should even be considered being given a vegan diet is if the dog suffers from severe food allergies or IBD and all other options have failed. Even then these dogs are closely monitored by vets. And these dog’s quality of life have already been impacted and their lives shortened, so a vegan diet is more of a ban-daid to a bullet hole, making the poor dog’s life a little easier.