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The new chapter of melancholic temperament is so good. From the beginning Len is on full defense mode,scrambling to put his walls back up and separate himself from the emotional attachments of his younger self by referring to himself in 3rd person-I loved all of it. I thought that even though he tried for distance,his interactions with Joe sort of sneaked up on him and softened him without his permission (I also saw how you sneaked in a Joe/Cisco reference there) Thank you so much for this fic

Honestly I’m such trash for Joe/Cisco but I’ve never written it, so sliding in a reference/mention there as like…. :3

Len is #struggling but yesss, his interaction with Joe was fun. It’s neat because they’re so close in age and now they realize it and have those bits to bond over? Joe made sure to treat Lenny a bit more like an adult than he did with his own kids at that age and didn’t have any totally embarrassing or cringeworthy moments with him (in Len’s estimation), so he’s finding it easier to fall into a sort of rhythm with Joe. 

They’re very: “We don’t like each other but shit we respect each other and have enough shared experiences to understand one another and even accidentally enjoy the other’s company when we’re not talking about any touchy subjects like work.”

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

i loved hearing Belle repeatedly call Hook “Killian”. 

 (even though it was Rumple) it was still nice to see her interaction with him.  and crazy?/amazing? that their friendship is such at this point that she would hand over the dagger to him.

(I’m just enjoying seeing both of them get more scenes with real dialog and character/relationship development outside of their interactions with their significant others)