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Re: habituation, are there animals smart enough to recognise the difference between "this human is safe" and "all humans are safe"? There's a pair of pigeons that repeatedly nest behind my aircon unit, I don't feed them or try to interact with them, but take photos from inside. When they first arrived, they'd fly off if I even walked into the room. Now I can go right up to the glass and they don't care. They still fly away if visitors/strangers try to approach the window though. Thoughts?

They are, but there has to be a reason to differentiate between the two. Pigeons that live in public have no reason to care about certain faces, unless they show up and feed them regularly. You’re living in much closer proximity to the two, so they’ve got a reason to remember you as ‘the person who is much nearer the nest than anyone else’ and pay close attention to your behavior. 

  • Well damn, I'm offline for about three hours and somehow shit hit the fan again. (For new members of the FNDM this happens almost every hiatus.)
  • I don't really know how to say this...
  • I scrolled through the tag for about 3-4 minutes and saw nothing but hate for the CRWBY and the show in general for "queer baiting".
  • Guys, this show has 3 maybe 4 canon romances. Taiyang x Raven, Taiyang x Summer, Jaune x Pyrrha, and possibly (I mean it's hard to say it's not canon at this point, but it's only been very heavily hinted at, not super romancey) Ren x Nora. And all these romances are either completely off screen or very minor plots in the overall story. Romance is clearly in the backseat of this show.
  • I'm sure several of you who have read my song analysis are wondering "But Nerdz aren't you mad too, they basically made BMBLB not about the bees."
  • No I'm not mad, think back to previous soundtracks, there have been several songs that were meant for something other than what the FNDM thought it was for (ex. All of Our Days, Cold). Also, why would they want a song confirming the bees in a volume where they had no interaction with one another?
  • We've been told there will be LGBT characters and to be patient, this song, even though as much as I want it to be about the bees, doesn't mean that it is.
  • Please keep in mind guys that the characters all have different goals, specifically Yang and Blake who are focusing more on their families than themselves.
  • And about the whole screening process for the album, the CRWBY is already busy working on volume 5, making sure it's as perfect as it can be for us. We don't know what the process for releasing the soundtrack is, or how much time the have during these hiatuses to do such things. We all know about the stories of CRWBY working 24/7 to get the show out to us, and that's just the show, not the merch like the soundtrack or shirts, or anything else.
  • Their job is to work on the show, not the soundtrack or anything else RWBY related.
  • And you know what, what if Jeff didn't know how the FNDM would react to BMBLB? Maybe he just thought, "oh this is a neat song the FNDM will love!" Maybe he should have given Miles and Kerry a heads up about it, but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Please keep that in mind guys, we all just see the what they want us to see, and nothing more.
  • You can be mad about this.
  • You can curse the CRWBY all you want.
  • But at the end of the day they're trying to give us a show we love.
  • I myself am a bumbleby shipper, but I'm not letting this ruin my love for the show. It will take time for Blake and Yang to reunite, and fix their relationship. This song which we all assumed was about bumbleby could be something entirely different.
  • But we won't know that until later.
  • So please please please guys, calm down. Chances are we'll hear more about it at RTX with how massive this got. But keep in mind we may or may not get answers.
  • RWBY has been planned out for multiple seasons, and we finished 'season 1' with volume 3. So it will take time for us to even get close to possible romances with the girls, something we've been told countless times.
  • I'm sorry if my rambling doesn't make much sense. So I'll end it here.

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Here’s a couple of Snooj’s for the both of you I drew while I had nothing to do in the morning and also because I been meaning to draw them, also thank you for sticking around even though I don’t talk to you…

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.” 

tagged by @anneapocalypse

1. Oh, The Places You’ll Go. (RvB/Tuckington)
I wasn’t sure whether or not to put this at number one, since it isn’t necessarily my favorite, but you know what? This is the one I learned on. This is the one who gave me the writing bug. Sure, I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, and it drove me to distraction most days, but the amazing reaction from the community sits with me to this day and more than made up for the stress and fear that I was doing it wrong. Thanks to everyone who read and encouraged me and gave me such fond memories of this story. Without y’all, I wouldn’t love writing the way I do now.

2. Best Laid Plans (Rvb/Suckington)
I pretty much love writing this pairing, which allows for lots of funny dialogue while also being allowed to write really emotional pieces as well. So really I feel like I kid in a candy store whenever I write suckington, which is why I have such a fondness for this story in particular. I like the dialogue, I like the dramatic parts, and I feel like I actually took care with the characters in a way I didn’t always with some of my earlier pieces. 

3. Low-Hanging Fruit. (RvB/Flownut)
I didn’t take care with this story. I just think it’s fucking funny. And honestly, I think that’s the best part of it. Not gonna lie, I’m never happier than when I’m writing comedy. It’s all I ever want to do. As much as I like the occasional dramatic bits, comedic writing comes easier and faster than that stuff does. Being silly and ridiculous? I can do that. Being emotional? Uh….that takes precision and shit. Give me Flowers and Donut making nonstop innuendoes any day.

4. It takes a lot of time to live in the moment. (WtNV, Cecilos)
I haven’t kept up with this fandom in a very long time, so this was written in the early days, before they even got together. But you know what? I still like it. It was a test to see if I could write fanfic at all, and though I wasn’t sure if I was ready to try my own style, I felt more secure with attempting to mimic the show’s. So I did. And I think I did a pretty decent job, which gave me the realization that I could use that skill to help keep characters’ in…well, in character, when attempting to write fanfic again. Also, I mean. I always wanted to write a groundhog’s day loop.

5. Anodyne. (RvB, Kimkaina)
Kai makes everything fun to write, and Kimball pretty much owns my heart. Put them together and you’d get…actually, you get something unexpected. I thought I’d just enjoy writing this in a joking sort of way, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy them interacting as much as I did. I immediately wanted to write something longer about them, and even though I have a lot on my plate right now, I might just have an in depth story about them to tell one day. Could be interesting…

This is completely optional, but if you want to do it, tagging: @littlefists, @goodluckdetective, @texelations, and @pilot479

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Not shipshame but eli and maki? How did you come up with that? I understand some pairings just look good together regardless of actual contact or history but... I don't even see that

I MEAN there’s several reasons when it comes down to it but i think the simplest answer is i just love the type of dynamics/clash in personalities the two would have If they got more canon interactions yknow

Though to be fair, there actually are some, they just get overlooked a lot! In the anime during the halloween thing eli calls maki cute (im gay), theres the scene in the tent @ maki’s mountain cabin where she says something to maki and she immediately blushes and starts scribbling in her notepad (YES im reading into it too much but im a desperate person), theres a bunch of bibi interactions esp in sif and some audio dramas too i believe?

OH OH AND not to Mention my fave ones: not exclusively elimaki it’s nozomi too but thats just a bonus for me anyway, but theres two entire episodes centerring mostly on the three of them, the first in makis beach house where nozomi and eli encourage maki to loosen up, and secondly in nozomis home when eli tells maki whats up w nozomis past and they comfort her and whatnot. Very underrated interactions imo

But as i said there’s other lesser things too, just..idk i started liking them years ago actually but i rarely participated in the community haha
I definitely don’t self project onto maki and i’m gay for eli or anything though, obviously

I DUNNO, a lot of other pairs i’ve liked over the years have kinda similar-ish dynamics i guess. I have weird taste though i know

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hey! :) you must really like mh's interactions with jh (and i don't blame you lol) but what do you think about mh's relationship with the other members? thanksss!

ahhh! yes i love minhyuk+jooheon and even though they’re my favorite i really love minhyuk’s interactions with everyone so much!! im not sure exactly how much you wanted me to say but im really about to take this as an opportunity to talk about minhyuk+everyone and why they have a special place in my heart but you can also look HERE because i really tried to make this series highlight the dynamics between everyone :^)

i’m putting this under a read more because it ended up insanely long (over 1600 words…) but! if anyone wants to talk to me about any of this or!! wants to discuss any pairing!! please please please send me more messages :’) i really love all of them so much and idk this is just my take on everything and i’d love to hear your opinions whether they’re different or the same!!! i love love and monsta x all loves each other :-) under the cut is my feelings about each individual minhyuk pairing!

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ugh, i feel like a piece of shit

liking something when it hurts someone you really care about and you literally had no idea how much pain they went through while you enjoyed what made them so upset..

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You have a lot of headcanons about autistic galra altean Keith, with lots of support from the other characters, but I was wondering if you had any specific headcanons about his interactions with Lance? ((bonus points if its shippy)). You don't have to if you don't want to, I just easily enjoyed your posts and was craving more 💜

Hell yeah, hell yeah, I’m so here for this. Even though I’m a multishipper I have to admit Klance has stolen my life. Also, I will pretty much always talk about Voltron, especially if it involves autistic Keith or autistic Pidge, so anyone who wants more is definitely welcome to shoot me an ask. :) You might get way more than you asked for

[Original autistic Keith and Pidge meta]
[Read the rest of my autistic Galra Keith posts]

[Also influenced by @klanced‘s ADHD Lance headcanon.]

Below the cut: the Cliffsnotes version (haaaa, who am I kidding, this is super long) of the slow-burn romance, featuring Lance being altogether Too Much, awkward heart-to-hearts, and a sudden barrage (literally) of romantic gestures.

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I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

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I just wanted slide in here and say how much I appreciate how much you interact with your followers and readers. It just fills my heart with joy to be know that my favorite author seems to always make time for her people even though i know there is so much going on in your life. The other day you commented on something of mine I wasn't expecting you to see, but when you did I felt so excited to see that you took the time to say something. I'm almost star struck with excitement. 1/2

When you can, please keep up the amazing work! I’m so lucky to be apart of your community. Thank you so much for all you do for us, hungry babies. 2/2   


*waves happily*

I think it’s worth noting that I get a lot of out this too. Like, I mean, I enjoy the sense of community and I enjoy getting to know people (even if it’s just like, the different ‘styles’ of anons or whatever) and I like ‘chatting’ online given I have like, ‘real life social anxiety’ that’s a total pain in the ass and stuff, so…

So yeah, like, maybe some people think it’s weird or don’t like it, but for those of you who enjoy it like I do, I think it’s cool, and it’s not a burden or a chore. Sometimes I don’t have the energy, but then I just wait a few days for when I do, so it’s enjoyable.

I’m just really fortunate?

And I do go into some of the tags sometimes, like I tag track things like TGATNW and some of the characters. Sometimes I don’t say anything (I am like, ‘the silent liker’ sometimes, lol), but idk that little reply box is awesome. :D

Anyway so long story short but I get a lot out of it too, and the reality is I’m a total dork and the next time you feel star struck about something take a breath and go: ‘somewhere in Perth, Pia just tripped into a wall.’ *thumbs up*

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All these cute ships you're doing make me want to toss one at you too. I don't suppose you could do some NiGHTSxReala? <:D Whether you do or don't, you have a lovely art style and wanted to say so while I'm here! x>

Why would I not draw my two favourite nightmarens? <3 Even though I personally don’t ship them together because I think they refer to each other as siblings,I love their interactions (especially in the Worlds Unite arc in the Archie Comics,even if brief XD)

And thank you very much dear!!! ;u;

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Okay can we talk about this FoeTP that is Captain Crocodile or whatever anyone likes to call it? Because even though a lot of people say they like their interactions, I don't think we really talk a lot about how gloriously much they hate each other can we talk about it?

Of course we can talk about it!

*ahem*..okay, here it goes.


One of the great things about Once Upon a Time is that they take two characters that in previous forms of media have nothing to do with each other and put them together in ways that work so well.

I believe that this rivalry was the perfect introduction to the infamous, iconic, legendary Captain Hook. I give all the credit in the world to the amazing writers for giving Killian Jones one of the many reasons for him to be a villain…because of his affiliation with Rumplestiltskin the Dark One.

It’s a classic rivalry. I compared it at one stage to an almost Shakespearean rivalry. Adultery, mockery, murder and vengeance. The perfect ingredients for a really engaging, incredibly complex relationship built on mutual loathing.

But what I think really makes Captain Crocodile all the more interesting is that they seem to have some level of respect for each other. Yes, there are the back and forths - that’s how Rumple got the nickname “The Crocodile” - but I do believe there is some respect. I highly doubt that either of these men would spend three hundred years (i think it’s 300…och, this fucking timeline bullshit is doing my head in) lusting for revenge if their enemy was not worthy.

Killian said it himself “I like a fair fight”. And Rumple said to Killian “you’re my oldest friend”. I’m well aware that Rumple said that in a very mocking way but in a lot of ways this is the relationship on this show that has lasted the longest.

I want to finish this off with one final thought. I’ve had numerous conversations with the lovely @missielynne that while we both love the FOETP that is Captain Crocodile.. we would love to see them have a Angel/Spike type relationship in the future. You know, constant sarcasm epicness, just look on my “ouat humor” tag and you’ll see what I mean.

I cannot finish this post without giving the highest level of praise to Mr Carlyle and Mr O’Donoghue. Absolutely incredible talents, both of them. I enjoy every single scene they have together.

Nawww….as if that’ll ever happen.

So here’s my challenge/question for my darling followers/fellow… what the hell are we? Golden Hookers? …coz that just sounds weird…Eh, whatever, here’s the question:

How would Rumplestiltskin and Killian Jones be able to completely put aside their hatred and rivalry and be able to work together?


Hope this answers your question, my darling @lillpon XD

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Whenever the Sonic gang runs in with the Mario cast, Sonic and Bowser generally get along really well, while Mario is more fond of Eggman. Sonic and Bowser’s similar egos and penchants for havoc somehow manage to get along splendidly, and they often end up spending lots of time eating and complaining about their respective nemesis. Meanwhile, Mario and Eggman often find themselves bonding over a fondness for their exquisite facial hair and their desires to keep things in order.

Despite being on the same side of the moral compass, Sonic doesn’t like Mario much, and the same holds true for Eggman and Bowser. They generally regard their heroic/villainous counterpart as “doing it wrong”, causing no small amount of frustration when interacting with them.

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.. Right. one half of the band DON'T get to interact together much in public because of immature fans who have to ship this "Larry Stylinson" even though Louis was clearly annoyed by that... It's funny how "fans" wreck their own ship by what they do and still don't understand that lmao

1. Louis never confirmed that Larry Stylinson bothered him, with proof that it was him. No interview, no video, no fucking sign on stage in his handwriting saying “I hate Larry Stylinson”. It was tweets that A) didn’t even sound like Louis and B) could have easily (and 99.9% likely) been done by M!M

2. Harry never gave proof he’s bothered by it.

3. They never once denied it.

4. Modest HATES homosexual images. The band Westlife had a gay member who they kept in the closet AND Shane wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend, as it wasn’t part of the boyband image. Modest controls relationships.

5. With that, it is likely that Modest has done it many times after that.

6. “Just because someone believes in Larry doesn’t mean it’s true” … well maybe not. Whatever you believe in, cool. But ships don’t bother anyone else, why is it only Larry that’s bothersome? If there’s nothing to hide, why can’t they go out to eat together? Why can’t they interact on stage or twitter? Why can’t they sit together? There is no reason for Modest to be so careful if it’s not real.

7. The boys constantly point out rainbow flags. Harry often recognises Larry things that fans have. NO STATEMENTS ARE MADE.

8. Paps are called to be photographed with girls. How sad is that?

9. Louis and Harry’s tattoos.

10. They sing love songs to each other.

Anyone add to this with links or anything you’d like to show this anon they are being immature and rude, and that they are wrong.

Don’t let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine.

Also here you go.

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Do you think it's possible Bryke really don't understand that they didn't write Korrasami well? All of the other romantic relationships in Avatar are badly written, so maybe they just truly think they're awesome at it even though they're not? Mai/Zuko happened off screen, Katara/Aang was forgotten when it was convenient, Sokka/Suki went from you're a sexist to implied sex with little interaction, Sokka/Yue involved a lot of drama for him seeing her, what, 3 times? Ect, ect, ect...

I think they realize that it’s less than ideal; Bryan just decided to blame the network instead of taking responsibility for not putting in much effort until the last scene.

Ok but about the new 76/McCree interaction; it goes like this:
McCree: ‘I bet you’re a big fan of those old fashioned cowboy movies, aren’t ya?’
Soldier76: ‘I thought I was, until I met you.’
Pls consider: 76 saying that, meaning that meeting jesse (who literally lives his life after these movies) made him realize that mccree’s the much bigger fan than himself so he cannot call himself a 'big fan’ anymore when MCfeakingEastwood is right there.

i loved hearing Belle repeatedly call Hook “Killian”. 

 (even though it was Rumple) it was still nice to see her interaction with him.  and crazy?/amazing? that their friendship is such at this point that she would hand over the dagger to him.

(I’m just enjoying seeing both of them get more scenes with real dialog and character/relationship development outside of their interactions with their significant others)

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Hiya Shaya :) I've recently started publishing a multi-chap I've been working on for ages, and wondered how you managed to get such a following for your fics? Was it just your genius speaking for itself (immense genius that it is, you are incredible), or did you have to do a fandom equivalent of marketing? Any tips for getting my story out there to more people (or even getting a higher view/review rate—seriously, I'd heard it was bad but wow, just wow... People really don't do it, do they?) x

Honestly? I lucked out early on.

I have noticed a few things though that might be able to help.

  • Tumblr. Let your readers know that you can be found on tumblr, and encourage them to Ask you questions. When you interact openly about your fics, people reblog your answers and it gets their followers aware of your stories.
  • Write rare, addictive pairs. Dramione is a flip of the coin whether or not you’ll get attention from readers because there is so much of it. However, on the opposite side of things, Romione, while rare, is also not liked by many. I have a Romione story and it has less reviews in 30 chapters, than a 5 chapter fic I wrote about Hermione and Peter fucking Pettigrew!
  • Write Remione or Sirimione and your readers will follow you to the ends of the earth, praising your name, forever and ever amen. Dramione readers have such a variety of things to read, that some tend to be really picky and … persnickety (this is be being nice here) about fics. Remione and Sirimione pairings, however, have a decent following but are rare enough that when a new story pops up, we devour it excitedly! We also complain a lot less so long as you keep our boys non-villainous and in character.
  • Have several chapters ready to publish. When readers begin to leave reviews, talking about how much they can’t wait for the next one, publish the next one. We always joke that fanfic is an addiction, so treat it like you’re a drug dealer. You give a sample out, and then when they like it, you give them more until they’re hooked. If you can, write out every chapter before you publish, because eventually you’ll hit a writer’s block, and then you get reviewers leaving comments like “OMG please don’t abandon this” and “Ugh, it’s been forever since you updated.”
  • Review and recommend other writers works until your heart is bursting with all the love. Not only does this help build up the community as a whole, but it often has a karmic gift in that a lot of writers like to reciprocate and check out your works as well. Do not do this for the goal of getting hits though. Do it because it’s a good thing to do.

To get readers HOOKED and leaving reviews, I follow a guideline to writing:

Every chapter must end with either a cliffhanger (which will keep readers on the line, waiting for the next chapter), a joke (which readers will usually leave a review letting you know that they laughed), a tragedy (screaming and crying readers are loyal and wonderful), a good line of dialogue (readers will usually react to this last line, and let you know how they feel about it), or really good closure on a big plot point.