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tbh i think some fans have an unhealthy obsession/admiration of dan .. and i'm not saying this to be shitty or cause drama, it's just something i've noticed

Oh, definitely. And sometimes it just super fucking weird, but other times it’s legitimately scary. 

I don’t even know why though. Well…I kinda have an idea, but?? it still perplexes me. Like?? he’s a person?? A human being, just like you and me. It’s not like he’s some kind of god or royalty. 

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

okay so much has happened today and it’s only 9 am 


am i honestly supposed to believe that Diggle’s more worried about Dinah’s living arrangements than Felicity’s darkness? Like? is the show done with Delicity or??? after season 3 (and a little bit of season 4) have they completely forgotten that they a great relationship with one another???

what happened to the Diggle who reassured her when she was threatened by Sara? the Diggle who supported her when they thought they lost Oliver? does no one remember that scene in season 3 where they thought they were spending their last moments with another?

i get that he had a lot of stuff going on so that’s why i thought that was okay but dig didn’t even thank felicity for saving him????? 

and don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying Dinah’s character but  

where’s big brother diggle? 


i get she’s private BUT WHAT THE HELL?

I leave for a month or two and come back to the apartments burned down? Guys you’re gonna have to live without me around without catching things on fire. No really, I hope everyone is okay please only start fires with me around. We’ll start them in a safe environment, I’ll bring the marshmallows. I’m probably making jokes too soon and for that I’m sorry for my sarcasm. Anyways, on a new subject I’m very much contemplating getting a dog - even though I’m so broke I think even the things on sale at Walmart are too expensive. 

i loved hearing Belle repeatedly call Hook “Killian”. 

 (even though it was Rumple) it was still nice to see her interaction with him.  and crazy?/amazing? that their friendship is such at this point that she would hand over the dagger to him.

(I’m just enjoying seeing both of them get more scenes with real dialog and character/relationship development outside of their interactions with their significant others)