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Re: habituation, are there animals smart enough to recognise the difference between "this human is safe" and "all humans are safe"? There's a pair of pigeons that repeatedly nest behind my aircon unit, I don't feed them or try to interact with them, but take photos from inside. When they first arrived, they'd fly off if I even walked into the room. Now I can go right up to the glass and they don't care. They still fly away if visitors/strangers try to approach the window though. Thoughts?

They are, but there has to be a reason to differentiate between the two. Pigeons that live in public have no reason to care about certain faces, unless they show up and feed them regularly. You’re living in much closer proximity to the two, so they’ve got a reason to remember you as ‘the person who is much nearer the nest than anyone else’ and pay close attention to your behavior. 


…no one NEEDS to see the rest, but I like these two panels for the interaction even though they don’t boost the core joke enough to include with that

Minor Commentary and Romantic Injoke Natter under the cut

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@people who draw Astro Boy fan art but don’t interact much with the fandom:

Please. There’s like 20 of us. I need more friends.

(But really though, you guys are great artists and clearly have some interest in Astro and most likely have seen one of the shows. We’re super friendly and wouldn’t mind some more awesome people to talk headcanons with. ;D )

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Okay, so I’m posting this today, even though I just wrote it and I never do that, because it’s pure gold and I adore it.

Keep in mind that I don’t have kids, so I 100% don’t know what they actually sound like.  That’s why I’ve kept the ages ambiguous.  They probably still sound too old, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For convenience, I’ve named them all.  Also, they probably have more kids, but these are the only ones here, because eight is still too many!

Please read this hilarity! Cut for length

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Sorry! I sent the second half and Tumblr must have eaten it... I actually just wanted to say that I personally think that your stance on "_____ don't interact" is kind of harsh and might waste mod resources. People have the right to try to set boundaries, and if it doesn't work.. well.. that's a risk they take! I don't understand why it would be punishable or warning-warranted. Even though I disagree with the "_____ don't interact" notice I've never known these messages to spur flame wars.

Oh! I see!

For me, it isn’t so much the guarantee of a flame war, but the sort of culture that it takes part in!

Say that you’re in a public park, and there’s a bunch of tents setup for some kind of event. Some of the tents have signs like “knitting” or “cat pictures”, and some are pretty rowdy from people carrying on inside. All of the tents have some kind of general theme! But then as you’re walking by one, you pause.

“Neurotypicals not welcome.”

Now, sure, you can keep walking! And most will, with a few possibly making some jokes about it. Some might get rowdy and start demanding that they be let in.

But how does the environment feel after that? What if there were dozens of tents like that? What if some of them said “Muslims not welcome” or “Latinos not welcome”? 

We already have an inbuilt feature where you can curate a private, invite-only group. And you could set it up where you only invite in people with mental conditions! You can even choose to block someone for no reason whatsoever, effectively stopping them from ever interacting with you. But a banner is a very public way of saying “I don’t want anything to do with everyone in this broad group”, and it sets a precedent for openly discriminating (and, by extension, for us to have to make a call on what crosses a line into blatant bigotry).

For example, if we said “Okay, “Cis people don’t interact” is fine”, would we then have to allow “Trans people don’t interact”? If we allowed “White people don’t interact”, would we also have to allow “Black people don’t interact”? 

Instead, we should discourage that sort of behavior, and encourage a more active and present role in self-moderation of a space! 

For a much shorter response:

The “___ don’t interact” posts have a sort of in-built discrimination part of them, and we don’t want to encourage that as a “solution” on the site!


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Here’s a couple of Snooj’s for the both of you I drew while I had nothing to do in the morning and also because I been meaning to draw them, also thank you for sticking around even though I don’t talk to you…

  • Well damn, I'm offline for about three hours and somehow shit hit the fan again. (For new members of the FNDM this happens almost every hiatus.)
  • I don't really know how to say this...
  • I scrolled through the tag for about 3-4 minutes and saw nothing but hate for the CRWBY and the show in general for "queer baiting".
  • Guys, this show has 3 maybe 4 canon romances. Taiyang x Raven, Taiyang x Summer, Jaune x Pyrrha, and possibly (I mean it's hard to say it's not canon at this point, but it's only been very heavily hinted at, not super romancey) Ren x Nora. And all these romances are either completely off screen or very minor plots in the overall story. Romance is clearly in the backseat of this show.
  • I'm sure several of you who have read my song analysis are wondering "But Nerdz aren't you mad too, they basically made BMBLB not about the bees."
  • No I'm not mad, think back to previous soundtracks, there have been several songs that were meant for something other than what the FNDM thought it was for (ex. All of Our Days, Cold). Also, why would they want a song confirming the bees in a volume where they had no interaction with one another?
  • We've been told there will be LGBT characters and to be patient, this song, even though as much as I want it to be about the bees, doesn't mean that it is.
  • Please keep in mind guys that the characters all have different goals, specifically Yang and Blake who are focusing more on their families than themselves.
  • And about the whole screening process for the album, the CRWBY is already busy working on volume 5, making sure it's as perfect as it can be for us. We don't know what the process for releasing the soundtrack is, or how much time the have during these hiatuses to do such things. We all know about the stories of CRWBY working 24/7 to get the show out to us, and that's just the show, not the merch like the soundtrack or shirts, or anything else.
  • Their job is to work on the show, not the soundtrack or anything else RWBY related.
  • And you know what, what if Jeff didn't know how the FNDM would react to BMBLB? Maybe he just thought, "oh this is a neat song the FNDM will love!" Maybe he should have given Miles and Kerry a heads up about it, but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Please keep that in mind guys, we all just see the what they want us to see, and nothing more.
  • You can be mad about this.
  • You can curse the CRWBY all you want.
  • But at the end of the day they're trying to give us a show we love.
  • I myself am a bumbleby shipper, but I'm not letting this ruin my love for the show. It will take time for Blake and Yang to reunite, and fix their relationship. This song which we all assumed was about bumbleby could be something entirely different.
  • But we won't know that until later.
  • So please please please guys, calm down. Chances are we'll hear more about it at RTX with how massive this got. But keep in mind we may or may not get answers.
  • RWBY has been planned out for multiple seasons, and we finished 'season 1' with volume 3. So it will take time for us to even get close to possible romances with the girls, something we've been told countless times.
  • I'm sorry if my rambling doesn't make much sense. So I'll end it here.

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I'm so shocked after reading TAW stuff. Honestly. I didn't even know who he is when i read that ask on your blog. When i searched about it. Honestly, if it's true, i feel bad that a person like that was involved in spn (i don't want to say spn family because he's not that at all). One of the things that i love about spn is how eceryone on set seems to be enjoying the show as well. They love what they do, and they show so much appreciation and love towards the fandom. I hate that he tainted it ☹.

Eh, there’s awful people everywhere, I’ve had enough interactions with horrible people in fandom that this has, even though I was 28 years old when I joined, totally surprised me at the vitriol and awfulness of some people, so I’m not surprised anymore.

The thing is there are assholes everywhere, you only have to look at Trump and Hitler to know it, the important thing is that we drown them out with positivity and love and don’t let them take control.

Stay strong and AKF for positivity!

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Solas confessional hour: That he always complained about the Dalish having a severe lack of what it means to be ~*Elvhen*~ even though... he was the very reason... the Dalish are the way they are. Like bro... ya broke their world and these guys are doing their best to make do with the little bits and pieces they do have??? (And I don't buy that ALL the clans he interacted with weren't open to his teachings. Dude probably went to like, two, and called it a day-- ego hurt too much I guess)

Preach. Especially during Inquisition he has no excuse. He has help and resources. He could have pulled one of the Dalish agents to relay his knowledge so the info comes from someone they trust. Or a befriended Lavellan couldve been a liason. He had options…. I dont understand his problem and all the blaming…

Its stuff like this that reminds me Solas truly wants to believe no ones worth salvaging rather than trying different approaches. What does he say to an Inquisitor he’s mad at? ‘You have no idea what a comfort that is’? Deep down hes so ready to throw in the towel and write the whole thing off lmao. 

Right, well, 2017 may have kicked my butt a few times but I consider it to be an okay year. I mean, I managed to discover BTS as well as various other kpop/rock groups and in the process, I managed to come across a bunch of individuals who made being on Tumblr fun and exciting.

So, thank you, for befriending me and following me, even though I am a shy person and don’t interact with you as much as I would like to :(. As a new ARMY, thank you for making it easier (and enjoyable) as I became more involved in this fandom. thank you for all the networks/chats i am a part of which has allowed me to connect with more people.

so under the cut is a list of people i enjoy following:

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Hi! You've said in a earlier post that Namjoon and Taehyung are probably closer than they show it to us, can you talk a little about that? (I find the relationship between them both fascinating to see, even though they don't interact that much ,if that makes any sense, lol). Thanks!

It took me ages to get back to you and I don’t even know why, anon. lmao I’m sorry, can we please just blame capitalism? Can we?? Anyway. Since there’s no birth times I’ll speculate a lot here (as per use). Just so you guys know.

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“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.” 

tagged by @anneapocalypse

1. Oh, The Places You’ll Go. (RvB/Tuckington)
I wasn’t sure whether or not to put this at number one, since it isn’t necessarily my favorite, but you know what? This is the one I learned on. This is the one who gave me the writing bug. Sure, I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, and it drove me to distraction most days, but the amazing reaction from the community sits with me to this day and more than made up for the stress and fear that I was doing it wrong. Thanks to everyone who read and encouraged me and gave me such fond memories of this story. Without y’all, I wouldn’t love writing the way I do now.

2. Best Laid Plans (Rvb/Suckington)
I pretty much love writing this pairing, which allows for lots of funny dialogue while also being allowed to write really emotional pieces as well. So really I feel like I kid in a candy store whenever I write suckington, which is why I have such a fondness for this story in particular. I like the dialogue, I like the dramatic parts, and I feel like I actually took care with the characters in a way I didn’t always with some of my earlier pieces. 

3. Low-Hanging Fruit. (RvB/Flownut)
I didn’t take care with this story. I just think it’s fucking funny. And honestly, I think that’s the best part of it. Not gonna lie, I’m never happier than when I’m writing comedy. It’s all I ever want to do. As much as I like the occasional dramatic bits, comedic writing comes easier and faster than that stuff does. Being silly and ridiculous? I can do that. Being emotional? Uh….that takes precision and shit. Give me Flowers and Donut making nonstop innuendoes any day.

4. It takes a lot of time to live in the moment. (WtNV, Cecilos)
I haven’t kept up with this fandom in a very long time, so this was written in the early days, before they even got together. But you know what? I still like it. It was a test to see if I could write fanfic at all, and though I wasn’t sure if I was ready to try my own style, I felt more secure with attempting to mimic the show’s. So I did. And I think I did a pretty decent job, which gave me the realization that I could use that skill to help keep characters’ in…well, in character, when attempting to write fanfic again. Also, I mean. I always wanted to write a groundhog’s day loop.

5. Anodyne. (RvB, Kimkaina)
Kai makes everything fun to write, and Kimball pretty much owns my heart. Put them together and you’d get…actually, you get something unexpected. I thought I’d just enjoy writing this in a joking sort of way, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy them interacting as much as I did. I immediately wanted to write something longer about them, and even though I have a lot on my plate right now, I might just have an in depth story about them to tell one day. Could be interesting…

This is completely optional, but if you want to do it, tagging: @littlefists, @goodluckdetective, @texelations, and @pilot479

Hello @therealjacksepticeye . I’m not to good at putting my thoughts into words but i’ll try anyway :) You are amazing person. Absolutely incredible. I truly mean it. I’m constantly blown away by the way you treat us. Even if you don’t know me i feel like playing game with a friend whenever i watch your videos. It’s not even like watching friend playing a game but actually playing with them. I felt like this the first time i watched your video and it didn’t change a bit, even though the community got two times bigger since then. It’s so touching when you truly listen to us, when you trying to interact with us as much as you can. You always manage to cheer me up when i’m having a shitty day. I also made so many friends in this community. There’s so many incredible people and they’re all so lovely. Thank you Jack. Sincerely. I love ya so, so much and i’m so happy i can be a part of this community.

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You have a lot of headcanons about autistic galra altean Keith, with lots of support from the other characters, but I was wondering if you had any specific headcanons about his interactions with Lance? ((bonus points if its shippy)). You don't have to if you don't want to, I just easily enjoyed your posts and was craving more 💜

Hell yeah, hell yeah, I’m so here for this. Even though I’m a multishipper I have to admit Klance has stolen my life. Also, I will pretty much always talk about Voltron, especially if it involves autistic Keith or autistic Pidge, so anyone who wants more is definitely welcome to shoot me an ask. :) You might get way more than you asked for

[Original autistic Keith and Pidge meta]
[Read the rest of my autistic Galra Keith posts]

[Also influenced by @klanced‘s ADHD Lance headcanon.]

Below the cut: the Cliffsnotes version (haaaa, who am I kidding, this is super long) of the slow-burn romance, featuring Lance being altogether Too Much, awkward heart-to-hearts, and a sudden barrage (literally) of romantic gestures.

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Not shipshame but eli and maki? How did you come up with that? I understand some pairings just look good together regardless of actual contact or history but... I don't even see that

I MEAN there’s several reasons when it comes down to it but i think the simplest answer is i just love the type of dynamics/clash in personalities the two would have If they got more canon interactions yknow

Though to be fair, there actually are some, they just get overlooked a lot! In the anime during the halloween thing eli calls maki cute (im gay), theres the scene in the tent @ maki’s mountain cabin where she says something to maki and she immediately blushes and starts scribbling in her notepad (YES im reading into it too much but im a desperate person), theres a bunch of bibi interactions esp in sif and some audio dramas too i believe?

OH OH AND not to Mention my fave ones: not exclusively elimaki it’s nozomi too but thats just a bonus for me anyway, but theres two entire episodes centerring mostly on the three of them, the first in makis beach house where nozomi and eli encourage maki to loosen up, and secondly in nozomis home when eli tells maki whats up w nozomis past and they comfort her and whatnot. Very underrated interactions imo

But as i said there’s other lesser things too, just..idk i started liking them years ago actually but i rarely participated in the community haha
I definitely don’t self project onto maki and i’m gay for eli or anything though, obviously

I DUNNO, a lot of other pairs i’ve liked over the years have kinda similar-ish dynamics i guess. I have weird taste though i know

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Can I just like say something? As an Aquarius with most of my friends being Aquarian too, we get fucking lonely real quick. Not having anyone to talk to I think is the worst thing for any air sign. I think that's why its so easy for us to seem 'fake' because we just soak up social interaction. Whether we be introvert or extravert. I'm on holiday with my family that I don't particularly like and I miss my friends so much even though its only been like 2 weeks. Like I just feel like crying D:

That’s why I have been talking a lot about Aquarius not being a born rebel. Cause it needs connections, it needs people and it cannot do that if it is going to refuse or rebel over everything and anything. Then you have the fact that Aquarius is fixed. It wants the constant comfort of people and relationships. It’s an air sign and that what it needs to have in order to feel alive. I feel you about the family thing and I hope you will meet your friends soon but until then you got me if you are willing to have me as a friend 💖.

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Hey, I just have a quick question. I'm a pansexual girl and my girlfriend is ace. Lately, I've been craving physical attention like hand holding and maybe kissing. We've been dating for a couple years and I'm head over heals for her. It's just that, even though she says she's okay with cuddling and the like she never is the one to start it. I don't want to feel like I'm pressuring her or anything. What do I do? I love her so much but I crave the physical interaction so much I dream about it.

The direct answer to your “what do I do” is: Talk to your girlfriend! Ask her about what you’re unsure of and tell her about how you’re feeling!

Tell her what you would like (more physical affection) and ask her how she feels about that, and reassure her that you don’t want her to feel pressured.

Have you talked to her about hand holding and kissing? Some aces are comfortable with these activities while others may not be. What are her feelings on them? 

Some example questions:
So, you say you’re okay with cuddling, but you never seem to initiate. Is it okay when I ask to cuddle? I don’t want to put pressure on you if you’re not comfortable.

What would you think about holding hands some time? I’d really like it if we could.

Are you okay with our physical affection? Would you mind if I showed you more physical affection?

~Mod Leaf

it’s 2:22am, my blog is dying, i’m bored, no one is awake, idk what to draw and I may be buying a new sketchbook tomorrow (or a journal it depends on if the store we’re going to has the sketchbook I’m looking for or good journals, I need both tbh) hi

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hey! :) you must really like mh's interactions with jh (and i don't blame you lol) but what do you think about mh's relationship with the other members? thanksss!

ahhh! yes i love minhyuk+jooheon and even though they’re my favorite i really love minhyuk’s interactions with everyone so much!! im not sure exactly how much you wanted me to say but im really about to take this as an opportunity to talk about minhyuk+everyone and why they have a special place in my heart but you can also look HERE because i really tried to make this series highlight the dynamics between everyone :^)

i’m putting this under a read more because it ended up insanely long (over 1600 words…) but! if anyone wants to talk to me about any of this or!! wants to discuss any pairing!! please please please send me more messages :’) i really love all of them so much and idk this is just my take on everything and i’d love to hear your opinions whether they’re different or the same!!! i love love and monsta x all loves each other :-) under the cut is my feelings about each individual minhyuk pairing!

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