even though i could probably ship this if i tried

deh: why do people ship this?? explanations.

convan/tree bros/connor x evan: many people seem to ship this because of Evan’s portrayal of Connor. I admit, For Forever is very gay and it doesn’t even compare to Sincerely, Me. If they don’t ship it because of how lovey Connor & Evan’s fake friendship was, they ship it because of the fact that Connor tried to be Evan’s friend in the show. Connor showed interest in him and probably thought that they could become friends because of their similar experiences and social states.

zevan/zoe x evan: people ship this because, of course, they dated for a while. though it’s definitely not the most reasonable ship, as it was built off of a lie, people just want ev to be happy for once.

kleinsen/jared x evan: wooo boy, the most realistic ship in this!! (I don’t even like this ship v much what am I doing,,) Jared and Evan are just ‘family friends’ but they seem to show a bond as actual close buddies, and people think it could sprout into a relationship. Maybe the way Jared helps Evan, or the theory that when you’re rude to someone it shows that you like them, or the gayness in Sincerely, Me. Jared is very jealous when evan has new friends,, so,, yeah!

zolana/zoe x alana: people most likely ship this because of the fact that the two are the only teen girls in this show. Alana doesn’t seem to show interest in anyone, especially the boys that are around her, so she’s portrayed as a nything but straight. Zoe also seems like she’d be something such as bi or pan!! I think if they knew each other better a relationship could definitely surface!! Their personalities could definitely clash together.

evlana/evan x alana: not a very realistic ship at all, but I guess their emotions and states would go good together.

cynthia x larry: I guess people just like UNHEALTHY AND SAD RELATIONSHIPS!!

cynthia x heidi: two moms going through the same thing! A great emotional combination!

hope this helped!