even though i am sometimes not

Well now diddly doo, am I late with this one. A late day two of gaysimonblackquill week, the theme being “Soba”. I love these two together but they never get much love so I decided to give them a chance 

 Even Blackquill laughs at Uendo’s bad puns sometimes :’) though he won’t admit it

It hurts so bad. Sometimes I can’t breathe. I am depressed and I wish that I could take the memory of you away. I’m praying for you even though it’s taking all my strength just to do that….


  • I might have some faults, but I’m still a good person.
  • I care about myself and other people.
  • I accept who I am.
  • I love myself.
  • I’m a good person, not a mistake.
  • I’m good and nobody is perfect.
  • I embrace both my good and bad qualities.
  • Today I take responsibility for everything I do and say.
  • I’m becoming a better person every day.
  • I’m a sensitive person who experiences the world differently.
  • Each day I do the best I can.
  • Even though I forget sometimes, I’m still a god person.
  • Even though bad things happened to me in the past, I’m still a good person.
  • Even though I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m still a good person.
  • I’m here for a reason.
  • There’s purpose to my life, even though I might not always see it.
  • I radically accept myself.

it has been like at least eight years and sometimes I still think to myself, when I am tired, “but I am le tired… well then take a nap! AND THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES” even though in retrospect that is like one of the most embarrassingly unfunny videos to ever come out of the internet 


Based on a part in the official novel~

Just Sorey being upset not being able to show off his beautiful partner (ʘ‿ʘ )

Honestly I really wish Mikleo can be seen sometimes. idk i just feel a tinge of loneliness, especially if someone so close to me is basically invisible to the world. Even though we see each other at the same level but yet so different.

Now that TOZ anime is back i am begging to be fed MORE. HELLO GUYS!! 

I know sometimes all you do is survive and that may not seem enough but I am thankful for that ,

sometimes all you tell yourself is to keep it together a little longer ,

The bags under your eyes tell me about the lonely nights you survived ,

How many times did you convince yourself that there’s a point to all this ,to all this living even though you can’t seem to find one now ?

Everyday you get ready and pick up your broken warrior heart and teach it to breathe even when it wants to give out

Every single moment you are pushing yourself and you may not see it but I want to tell you, you are doing a great job and remember the universe answers the stubborn.

You will find everything that you dream of if you keep pushing so teach your warrior broken heart to breathe again because
the universe answers the stubborn

—  Kriti.G
  • Person: you have such a quirky personality, and I think your mannerisms are cute :)
  • Me: thanks, I borrowed them from my coworker, best friend, and the main character of the tv show I've been watching recently.

I’ve been on studyblr for a couple months now, and I thought it was about time to make an introduction

My name is Erinn, I’m 16 and currently a high school sophomore. I am asexual, aromantic, and currently exploring my gender identity. I am currently in the closet to my family and most of my friends but if anyone ever wants to talk i’m here.

I want to be an engineer or a computer programmer (or both). I also am working towards being fluent in french which i’m hoping would lead to me becoming multi-lingual.

In my free time I like to read watch Netflix and sleep. My favorite show is Doctor Who but I cannot for the life of me chose my favorite book. I love the Harry Potter series, Slaughter House 5, The Giver, and the Legend series.

I joined the studyblr community because it helps keep me focused and keep me excited about learning even though school can sometimes bring me down. I found that it really keeps me motivated to put my best effort into my school work and other aspects of my life.

Some studyblrs that inspire and motivate me are… @coffeesforstudiers @studyblr @elkstudies @sushi-studies @hermionegoals @teaandstudying @engineeringstudyblr @french-studies

Being INFP

I love being INFP

I admit it, I love being INFP! There is something about us. There is a way, an air. I love the fact that there seems to be nothing in our minds that can stop us. We can be determined and unstoppable. We have that fire in our soul and so long as we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything and move mountains. We are dreamers and lovers. I love the fact that we can think progressively. Even though it hurts us, I love the fact that we can feel so deeply the plights of others that our hearts can literally hurt for them, it is just so beautiful and poetic to me.  As much as sometimes it feels as a burden and it can weigh me down a bit, I am happy that people come to be and unload their problems on me. To me, that means you have to have large shoulders and are a reliable and kind person to merit the trust of those that do so.
I’m proud of my ability to have empathy for those around me. I am proud that when I need to, I can speak up.

I love that we feel love so deeply. Never have I seen a type that can love so deeply that it goes without a word or expression, but we all know what this feeling is. Wordlessly we love because there are no words to describe how deep into every fiber of our being it goes.
I love how when I look at a person, I may make a speculation and check their body language and overall vibes and I can get their number pretty quickly. The INFP magic~

I love that we are for peace. There is nothing worse than today with the divisions of everything against everyone. I for one as an INFP believe that there is no difference. It hurts me to see people struggling with hatred and though I know it is a very prominent thing these days, I for one will not be part of it. Because, when I look at a person, unless I know their true person, I only see a heart and a soul. Nothing more or less, a fellow human being. It has never been upon my mind to treat any one person better or less due to age, size, walk of life, race or sexuality. Because why does any of this matter in the first place?

I love being INFP because I feel connected to the world around me. Sometimes this is true and it plays to my detriment when the world has a dark outlook, but would I trade this special power? No, I cannot say I would.
Though it gets us into more trouble and can cause frustration sometimes, I love the fact that we are walking contradictions. Sure again sometimes it can be detrimental, but it is something that we are and because of this, it makes each and every one of us unique. We are different. We are a type that doesn’t follow the crowd.  I, myself like to think that because we are different we can be kind hearted and see the world in different light.

I love being INFP because yet again though it can be frustrating, we can see both sides of the coin. I know other types can do this as well, especially fellow diplomats, but it is that thinking that spurs a lot of my decisions and take me from acting in a way that would be hurtful to one of a peaceable manner.

I LOVE being INFP because it means that, sure we’re introverted, but we can speak when we need to. Our moral compass guides us as we make choices, and if things go against us, we are not afraid to go with our heart and our gut and stand firm in what we believe in, even if it is not the popular thing.
Sure there are times that we have our emotions take over, and it seems as though we are too sensitive, but if it came to being this way or being another type, would you trade it?

I love that we are creative, even if it is not in a physical way, even in our thinking or how we take in a piece of art and appreciate it. Writing, art, music. It’s all so beautiful to me, and our connection with music, is so very deep, and so very moving.

There is so much to be grateful for with any type that you are. I for one will always be a proud INFP

The lessons I learned from Larry

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The thing that pisses me off most, is when people ask me why I stand by Louis and Harry with so much passion, and never give up on them. Why do I stick with them even though sometimes it’s questionable that they are together? Why do I care so much about them and their relationship? Why am I so obsessed with them? Why do I care if they’re dating? Why am I so damn emotional about it?
I have a simple answer for that: they proved to me that love is real when I lost all faith in it, they taught me to fight for what you love, and to fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.
I never saw much love between two important figures in my life. I live in a wealthy town where a lot people marry solely for money. My grandparents are divorced, my other grandma got a divorce before my grandpa passed away. My aunts and uncles are all divorced, widowed, live in another state than me, and even when I see them, I barely see a true love connection between them, and my one aunt and uncle I can partially see love still in their relationship, fight like cats and dogs. My 10 year old cousin sat next to me at Thanksgiving, and was happy as could be, because for the first time in a long time, just half of the family sat together in a room and only fought once, it broke my heart that she has such a low standard for our family at such a young age. My sister has been cheated on, dumped, and the one boyfriend she had that I loved like a brother, ended up threatening her. My parents were fighting one day, and my grandpa looks at me and says, “Make sure you marry someone you get along with.” I have no memory of my parents hugging, kissing, or saying they love each other. I sincerely believe the only reason my parents were married in the first place was for my sister and I. I blame the divorce on myself. This is my first Christmas where my parents are divorced, and they don’t seem to understand why I’m not in the mood to do Christmas this year. Love to me, is something I’m terrified of, I’ve gone through life only seeing the pain that comes along with love, rarely do I ever see the joys it can bring.
Harry and Louis are so important to me for this reason. I was able to watch these boys fall in love, even though their hands were tied behind their backs. The way they look at each other, they get lost, and for a split second it’s like no one else in this world exists. The constant support that they give to each other even though they have to be so subtle about it, the smiles they bring to each other, the warmness that gathers in my heart when I think of all the shit they’ve been put through, but they still keep pushing. That to me is love. For once, I realized that love is real.
Most people say that their role model is someone who is living a dream that they have, or they made a million dollars. But, when I look at my role models, I call them my role models because they taught me to fight for love, they taught me that love is real, and it is ok, and not something to be ashamed of; they taught me things no one else could. I feel more at home when I see them lock eyes during an interview, or say some cheesy little thing and the other’s face lights up, than I do sitting at dinner with my own parents.
I love Louis and Harry with all of my heart. They patched my broken heart together, and restored my faith in love. If there was one thing that I could ever tell them, it’d be that they have changed and fixed my life and broken heart.  I love them with all of my heart, for this reason. I’d tell them thank you for being my main source of happiness. I love you boys, and keep pushing!🏳️‍🌈❤

Otayuri headcanon/prompt things

• Otabek will sometimes casually insult Victor and Yuuri (by calling them old etc) to Yuri even though he doesn’t mean it just because he likes how happy it makes him.

• Yuri pretty much instantly starts comparing himself and Otabek to Victor and Yuuri even before they start dating because he’s a competitive little shit and those assholes cannot win. Otabek just goes along with it.

• Yuri is only used to talking on the phone to his grandpa so when he and Otabek start talking he goes to hang up and accidentally says “love you.” There is a full minute of Yuri panicking silently and Otabek just being confused before they hang up. Otabek wonders all night if he was supposed to say it back.

• Yuri makes Otabek challenge Victor and Yuuri to a dance off with him at the banquet. He becomes aware Otabek can easily lift him and is too flustered to continue.

• Yuri is sick of hearing everyone talk about Yuuri and Victor’s stupid pair skate so he makes Otabek do one with him because whatever, anyone can do that.

• Otabek comes over and meets Yuri’s cats once then whenever Yuri is too embarrassed to tell him he misses him he just texts “my cats miss you.”

• Yuri goes to meet Otabek’s family and his little sister is being a jealous brat but Yuri is trying his best to be polite in front of their parents. When they’re the only ones in the room they start arguing and she says “well I’M his sister, what are YOU” and Yuri yells “HIS BEST FRIEND” then starts to worry that’s presumptuous and says “well his friend.” Otabek walks in and says “best friend” and that shuts up the arguing.

• Yuri asks Yuuri how he tricked Victor into liking him and Yuuri somewhat offendedly tells him he didn’t trick him. So Yuri says “fine, how did you get him to?” Yuuri realizes what’s going on and asks “wait, are you asking me for advice?” to which Yuri responds by yelling about why the hell he would ever want advice from him and running out of the room. (He did though.)

• Otabek holds Yuri back when he tries to start a fight with JJ but JJ will not shut up and he knows he’ll never be forgiven for not allowing Yuri to kill him. So he punches him himself. (Yuri thinks it’s the hottest thing he has ever seen but Otabek thinks he would probably react like this no matter who punched JJ.)

  • Yes, I am straight.
  • Yes, I share and like a lot of lgbt things.
  • No, Sherlock, that does not mean I am a member of lgbt family. (Even though I would be a proud one if i was)
  • You don't see a reason for me to support this community if i am not a part of it?
  • I do.
  • I support love cause we live in a world full of hate. We need love, regardless of genders.
  • We don't need to label everyone.
  • You dress like a girl sometimes? That's fine. You like boys? That's fine too. Everything is fine. You don't have to fit in anything, we don't have to label you like you're some kind of a laboratory experiment.
  • I support and love humanity. I don't pick and choose the ones i will.
the season of coming home

Author’s Note:  @campaignofmisinformation graciously shared some of the prompts she’d been sent, and I jumped on the chance for some outside inspiration.  To the original prompter: I am so sorry you got me instead of @campaignofmisinformation!

The Prompt was: mango, the color blue, jump.  setting: unremarkable house, sometime in season 10.  

This is set post-Home Again, because I love to pick at wounds until they bleed. 

* * * * * * * * * * * 

You had not planned to go to the house.  But at the grocery store, you absentmindedly put all of his usual grocery items in your cart; even though you had left (had to leave, chose to leave) him two years ago, grocery shopping is muscle memory after you’ve lived with someone for so long.  Coffee—bold beans—but also whole milk, sugar to sweeten the bitterness.  Cereal:  he is the only person you know who likes raisin bran.  You distractedly wonder if he still likes teriyaki salmon.  One summer, he had put it on the grill almost every night.  Surely, he must be sick of it by now, but you put it into your cart anyway, just in case.  You grab a mango from the produce section.  It is not quite summer yet, the mangoes are not quite in season, but they will be soon.

You do not cry in the middle of the grocery store. 

Your mother is dead.  It is, strangely, a sentence you never believed you would say.  A long time ago someone had told you that you were immortal, but it was your mother who had always remained standing while everyone else around you had fallen.

Even Mulder had left you many times:  left you to pursue hunches, left you in random police stations, had died, been buried, had come back to life, had gone into hiding.  Had returned, only to leave you again when he retreated into his own mind, the one place you could not find him, no matter how hard you tried.  (You never blame him, though.  It has never been that black and white, that polka-dotted life of yours.)  

Your mother had never left, but now, somehow, she is gone.

You suppose that may be why you end up driving to the outer border of Virginia.

* * * * * * * * * * 

The house on the outer border of Virginia had once been your home, too.  It was nothing to look at and it was nothing like anywhere Mulder had ever lived; his family was wealthy and had always lived in beautiful homes.  But he was the one who found it in the real estate section.  He had excitedly suggested that the two of you go to see it.  

The shingles were broken, it seemed like every door frame was low and crooked, the wood floors were uneven and full of splinters and would definitely, definitely have to be pulled up. When you went to see it, the house was painted bright blue.

Mulder, you had told him, the color blue of the house borders on offensive.

He had laughed; you bought it together, in cash, to minimize the paper trail; it was home right away.  

People always assumed that you had gone into hiding somewhere far away, across the country maybe, that you had changed your names and died your hair blonde and that he had lost ten pounds to disguise himself.  But you were still Dana Katherine Scully, he was still Fox William Mulder, you were still a doctor, your hair was still red.  You let your hair grow long and he grew a beard but it was only because you were both finally free, or so you thought.  

And for years you lived together in that ordinary house.  You went to Home Depot together, spent hours laughing, trying to find a paint color even uglier than the blue.  You’d finally settled on white: classic, unassuming.  You’d let the wood panels on the side of the house go untreated.  

Mulder painted the house during the day while you were at work at the hospital.  At night you would come home and put food on the grill together and eat ice cream on the floor and read in bed.  

He still loved those terrible sci-fi movies.  Secretly, they had always creeped you out a little bit, but it turned out that when you watched them together in bed they weren’t so bad.

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Je te promets.

I will love you when you’re sad. When your clothes pile up on the floor because you have no energy to fold them, I will fold them for you. I will bring you breakfast in bed, kiss you even though your lips are sticky with jam. I will listen to you cry, and I will wipe your tears away when you’ve purged yourself of the darkness inside you.

I will love you when I am afraid to. I will trust you even though sometimes it scares me, because you’re too damn good to be true. I will hold your hand proudly even though nasty people in this world will think we’re disgusting for doing so. I will look God in the face and tell Him that I love you even if I’m condemned for doing so. I will burn in hell for eternity for you.

I will love you when you’re angry and I’m angry too. I want you to yell at me. I want you to tell me what’s wrong, what I did, even if it means you have to scream every word. I will get mad, I may yell back, but this does not mean that I don’t love you. Eventually, we will sit down with two mugs of hot chocolate and stay up until the sun peeks over the horizon, and we will apologize, but we will talk through the problem. I will love you through these arguments.

I will love you when you can’t get out of bed. I will slip under the sheets beside you and hold you close. We’ll research outlandish conspiracy theories until we’re convinced that every celebrity is a clone, and then we’ll laugh about it because how weird are we to believe that?

I will love you when we’re old. You’ll have crow’s feet around your eyes and sag in strange places, but I’ll still think you’re so beautiful and I won’t regret one second of my life. We’ll reminisce about our pasts and plan our futures. We’ll sit by the fire and warm our stiff bones, cats purring in our laps, coffee in my hand, hot chocolate in yours. I won’t be able to take my eyes off you.

Je te promets que je t'aimerai toujours.

—  A Promise | s.p.r.

Hi, Taylor my name is Will and I am 16 from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been through some rough times over the past 2 years, from agruments to break-ups and disgusting people calling me idoitic names for loving you including people constantly pushing me down and calling me “gay” for loving you and your music just because I am a guy Swiftie. I swear I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing music.
Just thinking about you or looking at the picture of you on my lockscreen instantly makes me feel better, you’ve helped me climb above and beyond everything. Even though sometimes I get kicked hard onto the ground I still rise and succed just like you have. I love you so so much and i am so grateful for you.
These are some pictures of me and my friend Ella at the 1989 tour Sydney. I strained my voice from screaming and singing everysingle word to your truely amazing voice and also I cried during one of the most emotional Clean Speeches I have ever witnessed. Thank you for helping me because if it wasnt for you I would not be here today writing this or walking on this planet.

Thank you thank you thank you!

So Taylor thank you so very much for being there when no-one else has, you’ve done so much for me without even knowing it. Thank you for writing such incredible lyrics that connect so deeply with not just myself but so many people around the world. I wish more than anything else that my ultimate dream to be able to tell you all of my story in person to you in person will come true, but until then this will have to do.
I love you so much with all my heart.

Love Will @fightdragonsfortay ❤😚💕


I have such a serious and debilitating guilt complex, I am literally paralyzed to this day by mistakes that I made 5-10 years ago.


soft shin soukoku Part: (1) -2

(note: click on the photos to read the text in the descriptions in case you can’t understand my crappy handwriting)  

 So! I said I was going to start a series with the theme of soft shin soukoku’s, and here’s part one :3 I’ll be linking them all here, even though they won’t follow a specific timeline (at least not all of them). Expect some comics and doddles from this :’)  


Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or good normal day if you don’t celebrate anything-

If you’re reading this me and my new army bomb keychain (thx dad) are sending you love, luck, and all the good vibes (✿◠‿◠)

I know the holidays can be awkward, weird, and hard, even though being surrounded by family and loved ones is supposed to make you feel warm and happy, sometimes that isn’t always the case.

This holiday season I am grateful for the overwhelming and sometimes undeserving amount of love i receive from the people in my life and consider myself very lucky.

I know that not everyone has that luxury though, so to everyone who’s having a difficult time right now I am here for you if you need me- please be patient with yourself and love yourself in the best way you can.

Sending you allllll my love from the bottom of my heart-


Kentarou, the grandson

I always talk on the phone with my grandma
And send her letters
And even though she’s always on my mind, 
In reality, Akita and Tokyo are pretty far away.  
If she gets sick, I can’t go to give her some rice porridge or anything.
Sometimes when I’m troubled, I ask myself more and more often,
Am I being a good grandson to her?  or
If my grandma is healthy, then that’s my one saving grace.

Translated by @nimbus-cloud