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Hi uhmm... could you make a scenario or imagine or hc (whatever you like) where Oikawa, Tsukishima and Kuroo have a tall s/o but not super tall, maybe like 5'7 to 5'9. I specifically asked for them because I always read about them teasing their short s/o. Dont get me wrong I love it but I'm like "What about the tall girls? They need love too!". Just sayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. hope you could write this <3

Oh, Anon, you are preaching to the choir! Tall girls are always looked over and I think when I write (even though I am nearly 6 feet tall myself) society has imprinted this idea of what is desirable in another person - for both men and women. So, even though I myself am tall, I’m writing for the rest of society who, unfortunately, is not always accepting of those that are outside of what is ‘pretty’. I even dated a dude who didn’t like it when I wore heels because being so tall made me look ‘masculine’?

Everyone! Ditch the one who makes you feel like you’re not beautiful the exact way that you are! They are not worth your time, because there is someone out there who will love every single flaw you own!

(Sorry, that’s just rambling, but if you wanna know a great insight on this but with the example of race and ethnicity, you should check out the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She give a wonderful example of how these sorts of things have impacted her writing since she was a small girl.)

Anyway! Back to these lovely boys!

Her legs were his favorite thing about her, especially when they stretched out over the expanse of his bed on full display. Oikawa’s eyes always started their journey at her feet which tapped and bounced with whatever melody was going through her mind at the moment, before beginning to trail up over her ankles and to her calves. When his gaze got to her knees, he purposefully slowed them, allowing them to slowly tip over the edge before dancing along the fleshy thighs. He stopped only when he reached her hips at which point he returning, traveling over the length of them again.

He took his time, taking in the smooth skin, fingers twitching at his sides but remaining where they were, touching was for later. Admiring of those long legs came first and only when she turned to catch him staring did he move. Standing from his desk seat, Oikawa crossed the short distance that separated them, his knee pressing into his bed as he leaned over her. Buzzing fingertips finally met with the flesh he had been admiring, drawing them carefully over the expanse of skin as he brought his mouth to hers. As they drew closer and her thighs parted to bring them around his waist, Oikawa knew he would never tire of those legs.

When she had originally asked him if he would be okay with her hearing heels, Tsukishima wouldn’t deny he wasn’t very fond of the idea, but he wasn’t going to tell her no. She was already tall compared to other girls and she would be close to being taller than him depending on how high the heels were. He didn’t want her taller than him.

Of course, he would never tell her that. And he would definitely never say those words when he saw her in those shoes for the first time, meeting eye level with her. And, holy shit, how wrong he was.

She smiled brightly at him upon seeing his surprised expression, his eyes wasting no time with trailing her over from head to toe. His hand rose to rest upon her hip, which was now adjacent to his own, as he brought their bodies closer together. A smile tugged at his own lips when he leaned forward in slightest to ghost his mouth over her exposed neck.

He could definitely get used to this.

She looked so good next to him. It was something Kuroo was very proud to say every chance he could. Events, pictures, whatever it was he always enjoyed how easily his hand slid across the small of her back to rest upon her hip that was just barely below his own. It was the way her head could rest against his shoulder and his on top of her head without having to adjust.

Everything with her was easy. Not only the cuddles and the kisses, but also the laughter, the teasing, the love. And she always looked great from head to toe, long limbs that stretched on forever; Kenma has heard far too much about how much his childhood friend loves those limbs wrapped around him, encompassing home entirely.

She leaned then to kiss him chastely and he couldn’t help but smile widely at her, because, yeah, this girl was everything.

here’s the thing: my subconscious knew i was queer long before i did. it would whisper in my ear “that cute girl over there? you can’t look away because she’s prettier than you. you’re not gay, just jealous”. my subconscious did not want me to realize my queerness because it thought, maybe if i knew why i felt different, maybe if i knew why i always felt like i didn’t quite belong, maybe if i accepted that part of myself, i’d stop hating myself. my subconscious never wanted me to stop hating myself.

i figured it out though. it took an eternity and i spent months google searching shit like “girl kiss girl” “girl like girl not gay” “what is. bi?” “pansexual???” “am i gay quiz” without seeing truly what should have been obvious.

without seeing that the reason why i checked girls out wasn’t because everyone does it, but because i am queer.

and i am. i am queer. i will not take the labels that society wishes to shove them down my throat and choke me with; i will not choose your comfort over my own. i’m sorry that i refuse to fit your happy little box of “those gays”. i refuse to be neat and nice, because i am neither neat nor nice, i’m a motherfucking disaster.

i was raised as a girl and even though that is not who i am, that doesn’t negate the shame society shoves into every crack they can find. girls are taught that they are never good enough, that they will never be as good as guys. and though i am not a girl, society still shoved that shame into the cracks between my psyche, the cracks in my spine. it still made me feel like i could never hope to be enough.

i have the shame of a girl. a fat girl, a queer girl, a smart girl, a mean girl.

i am not a girl, that is not me.

—  the shame of a girl, by one who is not a girl

I have a weird disconnect with the word lesbian (even though hi!!! I am one!!!) because of all the negative connotations society has attached to it and how it feels like it’s inherently sexual when it is not…and it’s really frustrating!!! I know it’ll just take time for me to reclaim it & stuff….but when it makes me question and doubt myself and feel weird about who I am, well, it sucks!

Idk why this is on my mind, I’ve just been seeing posts about lesbian visibility day I guess and it made me think about this. Anyway. Sharing time over. I’ll try to remember to post a selfie for it tomorrow ahah

10321) I've noticed there are two common tropes for trans women.

There are the ones who have been feminine since the start, and the ones who acted like alpha males to overcompensate their internalized feelings. I was neither. I was a pretty standard guy. I never tried too hard to be masculine but I was never naturally feminine either. I blend into a crowd of guys no problem. I’m still struggling to admit that I’m NOT an average guy, even though that’s what others think I am and what society wants.

Honestly I am so disgusted with this. I saw these sentences on a website and I am just so furious that there are people who encourage this kind of thinking. First of all, weight gain can be a symptom of depression at times but depression is not a symptom of weight gain. Depression is a symptom of people gaining weight and being taught to despise themselves because of it. Second of all “I’m fat and ugly” does NOT mean “I’m ugly because I’m fat”. I can’t even write more on this because this pisses me off so much. 


my entry for nboc tuesday! my name is sofia and im an agender khakassian (a small turkic/mongol ethnicity from siberia).

i currently live in houston texas and have no connection to my culture or my people. i have strong ties to the asian community even though northern asians aren’t strongly represented.

ive never really felt a strong connection to gender even though i was conditioned to. even though i am femme and have a connection to womanhood i am not female or male. i am just me.

i am very proud of who i am even though society doesn’t want me to be. i am proud of POC who are constantly loving themselves despite what we were raised to believe

What if Ichigo were a fullbringer the entire time?

As requested by the-universes-fool. :)

In this list, we are going to imagine what would have happened if Ichigo were never a soul reaper or a visored or anything like that. Instead, he was a fullbringer and a member of Xcution from the get-go. How would Bleach be different with a fullbringer hero?

1. Aizen would be so disappointed.

I just picture him slumped over in his observation room, with Gin and Tosen.

Tosen: Aizen-sama, I do not understand why you are so upset. Your escaped hollow experiment attacked Kurosaki Ichigo’s mother.

Tosen: And children whose parents were attacked by hollows become fullbringers. That is how the world works.

Tosen: Surely this is what you expected?



2. Ginjo would be Urahara.

You know, the guy who creepily approaches Ichigo in the beginning. who seems to have all the answers (for some reason) and who trains him. So basically the Ginjo we know and love, but introduced much, much earlier. 

Misato: And this is our new transfer student!

Misato: He assures me that he is in fact 15, not 35 as he appears to be!

Misato: Please make Ginjo feel welcome!


3. Ichigo’s fullbring would be…different.

In canon Bleach, Ichigo’s, um, fullbring token thing is his soul reaper badge. But if Ichigo became a fullbringer *before* he ever got involved with Soul Society, then his fullbring would not rely on any shinigami artifact.

Ginjo: The focus of your powers will be some object with which you have a strong, emotional affinity.

Ginjo: Do you have anything like that? A token? An artifact?

Ichigo: Hmmmmmm….

Ichigo: Oooh! How about my hair? I feel great pride in my hair!

Ginjo: Um

Ichigo: My orange hair will MEAN something!

4. But it would still be sword-based.

Because Tite Kubo loves nothing more than swords.

Yukio: Did Kurosaki Ichigo just grow long hair and an arm sword?

Ginjo: Yup.

Yukio: And he got all that through the love of his hair?

Ginjo: Yup.

Yukio:  He’s a strange cookie.

Ginjo: Yup.

5. Ichigo would (hopefuly) already have fullbringer powers when he meets Rukia.

Hopefully Ichigo’s admission into Xcution would happen before Rukia comes on the scene, or else Bleach would end much, much earlier.

Rukia [injured from jumping in front of that hollow]: Do you want…to save….your family?

Ichigo: Damn straight I do.

Rukia: Then come here…let me….stab you….

Ichigo: Or I could use my fullbring.






6. Rukia would make Ichigo use his fullbring to kill hollows for her.

Instead of Rukia training Ichigo to be a soul reaper to do her job, she’d have to goad him into doing her job using his fullbringer powers. Because…um….Rukia still lost her powers somehow. By being really injured and then getting put into Urahara’s gigai, maybe. Otherwise Bleach wouldn’t happen at all. 

Rukia: Look, you’re the only person I know who has hollow-slaying powers.

Rukia: You have to do this.

Ichigo: Actually there’s a whole club of people who -


Ichigo: I mean yeah. Just me. 


Rukia: So that’s a yes?

7. Ginjo would send Ichigo to Soul Society for his own reasons.

So Rukia and Ichigo would slay hollows together. Main difference being that Ichigo would use his hair to summon his fullbring and then slay them with his sword-but-not-a-zanpakuto. Then, of course, Rukia would be arrested, and Ichigo would learn that his fullbring was not powerful enough to stop a lieutenant and a captain. At which point it would be Ginjo, not Urahara, who cleaned Ichigo up and sent him to Soul Society. For personal reasons.

Ginjo: I will train you. Then you can go to Soul Society and rescue Rukia.

Ichigo: Um but why would you want to help me help her? I always got the impression that you weren’t the biggest fan of Soul Society.

Ginjo: It’s true, I’m not.

Ginjo: But if you don’t get stronger, then it’s gonna be pointless for me to steal your powers.

Ichigo: Um what?


Ginjo: Um Tsukishima a little help here?

8. Ichigo would go to Soul Society with Chad, Orihime, Riruka, and Ginjo.

Ishida, having zero interest in challenging non-soul reapers to battle, would finish out his school year peacefully.

Ginjo: I’ll be your guide to Soul Society.

Ginjo: Even though I am not a cat.

Ichigo: How do you know about Soul Society? You’ve had dealings with them before?


Ginjo: Maybe I’m just a very good guesser.

9. Ichigo would discover the true potential of his fullbring while in Soul Society.

While trying to rescue Rukia, Ichigo’s fullbring would be put to the test. After all, he’d have to fight all those soul reapers, including lieutenants and captains, using a power that, um, never really beat anything in canon Bleach. Ever. 

Oh my god Ichigo would die.



Ikkaku: Well that was disappointing.

10. Aizen would win.

Also I guess Rukia would die. Man, this kind of sucks.

Aizen: Never mind I like how that Ichigo-as-a-fullbringer thing worked out.

Aizen: I’ll just have to get a puppy to combat my loneliness. 

Aizen: I think I’ll name the puppy Ichigo.