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Congratulations for hitting another milestone!


You did it!!

We did it!!

I can’t express how proud i actually feel right now. I am so happy for you. Thank you Jack! Thank you for being there for all of us every.single.day. I am sure that each and every one of us here feel so grateful that at one point of our lives, we decided to click on that “SUBSCRIBE” button on your channel.

Keep up the great job you’re doing all these time Sean! 



I tried to make a video actually but i ended up sounding super weird and awkward HAHA. So i made that banner instead and pasted it on my wall. I hope that’s okay. Oh! And gif is from justchasingghosts ‘s post.

anonymous asked:

Ash. Ashley. ASHLEY. I've got to work tomorrow but this episode has killedt me dead. Shoutout to my colleagues, who will be working with a ghost tomorrow. Richonne, like water, is life. Thank you for impeccably speedy gif work, also. You a real one.

Listen. I’m supposed to be both writing and in bed right now, but I am instead still staring at my television screen in awe/disbelief that this ship just keeps on giving us so much. They weren’t even on screen that long and they gave us everything. Hand-holding, a hug, a forehead kiss, some teamwork-makes-the-dream-work type action. Literally, on their anniversary, as Rick’s hand is pouring out blood, he managed to find a sentimental gift for his boo, and I screamed even though I knew it was gonna happen. Because that’s how much they kill me. Here I thought 6x10 was going to be my end, but turns out, that was just the beginning of this slow, glorious death. 


Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or good normal day if you don’t celebrate anything-

If you’re reading this me and my new army bomb keychain (thx dad) are sending you love, luck, and all the good vibes (✿◠‿◠)

I know the holidays can be awkward, weird, and hard, even though being surrounded by family and loved ones is supposed to make you feel warm and happy, sometimes that isn’t always the case.

This holiday season I am grateful for the overwhelming and sometimes undeserving amount of love i receive from the people in my life and consider myself very lucky.

I know that not everyone has that luxury though, so to everyone who’s having a difficult time right now I am here for you if you need me- please be patient with yourself and love yourself in the best way you can.

Sending you allllll my love from the bottom of my heart-



“Even though things are tough, let’s cheer up. We all have dreams! Although you may not have one right now, it’s somewhere in your heart.”

hi guys! i wanted to thank all of you for following me and being my friend throughout this horrid year… this past month has been rough for me personally (my grandpa heard he was very ill and he died today). but you guys on here made it all a little more bearable. i’m sorry for not being online more, i truly am. i’m losing followers like crazy bc of this even though i’m super close to my goal (which i want to reach before 2017!) this is why i decided to do this tumblr award thingy! i don’t have time for a follow forever right now… but this seems great! ily <3 pls check out the categories, bc dinosaurs are awesome, thank you.

R U L E Z :

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Huevember Day 21: Primarina

I actually really like Primarina’s design, even more so than Decidueye’s (who I chose as my starter)!

When the starters were first revealed I was immediately on Team Litten and I thought Popplio was pretty bleh, but Game Freak kind of ruined Litten’s entire evolutionary line for me once the final forms were officially out. I turned right around and joined Team Rowlet and Team Popplio

Game Freak, please stop turning all the fire type starters into bipedal human-like fighting/pseudo-fighting types :(

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lgbt+ isn’t better than straight, poc isn’t better than white, jewish/muslim/anything else isn’t better than christian, trans isn’t better than cis, female isn’t better than male.

crazy concept to consider: no one demographic or group is inherently better than anyone else. we are all people and constantly seeing people saying boys are stupid or straight people are disgusting makes me kind of want to throw up.

can’t we please all drop it and just accept that no superiority complex is gonna fix things? and yeah, i might sound like some entitled brat right now (even though I am not straight, not christian, and not male), and i’m not saying you shouldn’t be proud of your race or gender or sexuality or what have you.

just don’t make it out to be better. better is what got us here in the first place. no one is better than anyone else. we’re all people. it’s that easy.

I have nowhere to say this so I am saying this here right now. I was watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. And I started crying because everyone thinks Belle’s dad is crazy and looney because he is an inventor and he thinks differently. And when they call him crazy in front of her, she yells at them and stands up for her dad and says HE’S NOT CRAZY!! MY FATHER’S A GENIUS!!!!

and I just thought it was so beautiful and I don’t know why I’m emotional over it. But even though her dad’s different - she believes in her dad and loves him so much and sees him as something so incredible.

And it’s fucking beautiful. I don’t care what anyone fucking says.

i just wanna take a moment and apologize to anyone who’s noticed the sad and angsty turn my blog has taken for a while now. i’ve been going through a ton of shit that’s keeping me lowkey sad even though i’m still having break through happy moments with my coworkers and friends and siblings. blogging is how i cope, and i am definitely coping. i’ll come around.. eventually. just wanted to throw out a little i’m sorry to anyone who admires my blog for being something it’s not right now. my badass lil positive self is still here. just swimming towards the shore and i still got a long way to go on this journey.

something so funny that is happening right now:
this lib arts looking ass dude is sitting at a table across from me and he keeps glancing at me because I’m Not Like Other Girls Around Here. and so he just pulled this grand leg crossing maneuver to catch my attention and then pulled out a book and he is obviously flaunting the cover in my direction as though I am going to walk over to him and be like AH! Oswalt, my favorite author. little does he know I can’t even read

let's take a bow to bangtan

today is the first day of wings tour in seoul and like, i’ve watched the streams at home and i’ve seen how HUGE a production of their concert is. the avenue itself is already huge but damm, the production isn’t any smaller. i am just SO proud how far they’ve come even though i can honestly say that i wasn’t even there when it all started. i wasn’t even there when bts were making it. and even though i wasn’t there with them in the beginning, they’d better know i’ll always stand here to the last bit, will always fly along all of these 7 people who said themselves will be our wings. i’m just so emotional right now i need to speak it all out. the concert was just so so so good, y'all i didn’t even get times to breathe properly.

I’d Do Anything For You (Demetri Volturi Imagine)

Request:  Imagine Demetri having a wife in his human life and finding her with gold eyes, allied with the Cullens. Perhaps with a happy ending? Where he switched diets? 

2nd Request From rosa-berberifolia: Could I pretty please have a Demetri imagine? He needs more recognition for being total eye candy!! 

(Y/N) P.O.V 

I am a friend of the Cullens so when they asked me witness as Renesmee not being an immortal child I took their side right away. So now here we are standing in front of the Volturi. Even though my loyalty lies with the Cullens I feel a pull towards a member of the Volturi. No I can’t be with one of them I always told myself never to get a mate after the death of my husband Demetri, well I think he’s dead now I haven’t seen him in like what 1,000 years. 

As I look at the Volturi and their witnesses I see Demetri with red eyes looking into my eyes. No he drinks from HUMANS. Humans have never done anything to us, I mean all vampires were once human. Ever since I woke up from my transformation I’ve always and I mean always drank  from animal’s. 

Demetri P.O.V 

(Y/N). She’s here and a vampire, but she’s standing with the Cullens, and she has gold eyes. She drinks from ANIMALS. I mean her eyes are beautiful and all but does she have to drink from animals. But I still feel a pull towards her my mate. After a century of not being with my wife it feels so good to se her gorgeous face again. 

At the end of the confrontation with the Cullens I stayed and so did (Y/N).

“Your still stunning” I told her.

“And you drink from humans. What have humans ever done to you. You know you were once a human too” She started yelling at me. 

“I’ll change my diet if I have too, to be with you again” I told her.

“And what about your coven” She asked. 

“I’ll leave. I’d do anything for you” I told her. She then ran up and hugged my oh how I love her scent. “I love you” I said.

“I love you too” She said.

WOW. I like had a Demetri feels attack(if that’s a real thing) writing this. Hope you liked it Anon and  rosa-berberifolia

~Admin Madz


I don’t really talk much about my personal life here, but I just HAVE to share this news with you all! For those of you who don’t know, I am currently a third year university student in the US and I just found out I got accepted to study abroad at Korea University (고려대학교) for the Fall 2017 semester! EEEEEEEEEK

Even though I’m Korean, I’ve never visited the country! If everything works out ($$) then I will be off to Korea for the very first time this August and I will be documenting the WHOLE experience! Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll make a sideblog with pictures and posts of my experience there or just post them here but either way!!! YAYAYAYAYAY I’m so happy and I just wanted to share my happiness with my favorite tumblr friends! xoxoxo

How did we get so lucky to be the people in this fandom right now with people like Jared Padalecki? How were we so fortunate to land in a fandom where the actors use their fame to expose themselves and their struggles to fans and others in order to draw people closer, to encourage them to love themselves first in order to live well and love others? 

Some celebrities use their considerable wealth or their faces or their time to uplift charities and bring attention to important issues, and that’s amazing… but there’s something so strong and encouraging and heart-breaking and beautiful about this huge, formidable man showing that it’s okay to start from a place where you have trouble loving yourself and it’s okay to be fighting and flawed and fearful. Everyone in the world deals with those things, and it’s not weakness to reveal our ongoing battles to others–it’s immeasurable strength, and there are people fighting the same battles the world over.

I’m so freaking thankful for Jared Padalecki. That is all.

NSFW Fic Commissions

Very simple: pay me to write smut. I need money right now REAL BAD because of some garbage with my university. All kinks welcome, but no pedophilia. Anything else goes. 

I mostly write Kylux, but I am comfortable with anything Star Wars, Dragon Age, Hannibal, Marvel, or (even though I don’t watch it much anymore) Sherlock related. Other fandoms may request, too, but I am not as up on ~the lore.~

Here is my smut resume:

Good Times at Motel 6 (the twink orgy fic, kylux)

Caress and Control (dubcon, petplay, kylux)

As much as I am sad to be leaving Bali right now, I am so ready to get back to California. It’s been lovely, and i’ve enjoyed my time here, but I am so ready to sleep in my own bed. And I don’t even want to know what my homework is going to look like once I get back though. My social life is going to be so non-existent for the next few days.