even though hes just a regular joe

See? that’s the problem with fanboys. Gail is a female writer of Deadpool and not even the fanboys aknowledge this. She didn’t get mad, but it was something odd either way. Personally I would laugh if I were a writer and people started to explain stuff about my own story to me. I mean, this is an isolanted case, maybe he was just a regular fan, but I assure you that Deadpool fanboys totally know exactly how the male writers look like. The same doesn’t happen with Gail though and wanna know why that’s even worse? Gail was the writer who helped to reboot Deadpool. Joe Kelly introduced us to the funny Deadpool and Gail was the one who introduced the yellow boxes , when she took over issue #65. After her, Gerry also made an amazing work and brought our favorite merc, the one with pop culture references, the pansexual one and the one we love the most ♡ so the message is, let’s aknowledge and appreciate female writers too