even though he's just acting like he's sleeping

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Hmm... HC request when RFA notices that MC is crushing on them? lololol. But they convince themselves that its just their imagination/projecting their own feelings~ But In the end, they decide to believe it and make their move. Please make it cute. (#^.^#)

Hope these are cute enough for you!


  • You’d always  been friendly to him in the chatroom
  • But lately, you’ve been texting him personally a lot more
  • And at the last party, you’d been more affectionate with him
  • He’s been in relationships before and girls flirt with him often
  • But he didn’t know why he was second guessing with you
  • Maybe because he had feelings for you and didn’t want to mess up
  • He hated to assume, so he always stayed mum
  • Then, you called him one night after a rough day and confided and vented to him
  • Before you hang up, you thank him and said he was the first person you thought to call
  • You also mentioned how much you trusted in him
  • At that point, he decided to finally act on his feelings
  • He starts asking to meet you in person more, even just for coffee
  • After a few of these meet ups, he asks you out on an official date


  • You and he were good friends
  • But lately, you’ve been saying things that made him a little uncomfortable
  • But not in a bad way
  • You’ve been complimenting him a lot recently
  • Even though he wore the same hoodie twice when he saw you
  • You’ve been calling him a lot more instead of the other way around
  • He’s up late thinking about it, and finally he has the revelation
  • You like him
  • He barely sleeps as he tries to sort out his own feelings
  • He knows he likes you, but he’s scared he may be wrong about how you feel
  • After all, he doesn’t have experience in this area
  • You two are talking as usual one day and you ask for his advice about something personal
  • He’s a little taken aback, but you say that he’s the person you rely on the most
  • He gets you a small teddy bear and gives it to you
  • “You can use this teddy bear to cuddle with or tell all your secrets…but if you ever want a bigger teddy bear, one’s right here,” he says as he points to himself.
  • He’s blushing the whole time, but you can’t refuse that face


  • You seem closer to other members in the RFA
  • You often stop by Jumin’s office to see him, so it’s no surprise when you show up one day
  • But instead, you ask if she wants to grab lunch
  • She’s surprised, but takes the offer
  • You guys have a pleasant conversation and she finds out you’re as big of a fan of Zen as she is
  • Instant Best Friends
  • You start texting her a lot more, even about insignificant stuff
  • She doesn’t like texting you first, since she’s scared she’s bothering you a lot
  • One day, you ask her straight out if you’ve done anything to offend her
  • She feels so bad that she made you feel that way
  • She explains that she thinks you thought of her as boring or bothersome
  • But you say that you appreciate having another girl in the RFA
  • Besides that, you really enjoy spending time with her
  • You and her hang out a lot more often
  • Buddies forever


  • Women flirt with him all the time
  • But you don’t
  • However, you do listen whenever he needs to talk and you always defend him in the chatroom if the others get out of hand
  • He feels really comfortable around you
  • Then, he tells you casually you how he’s listening to music at work a lot more and using an iPod
  • He says his headphones keep getting tangled
  • You gift him with a DIY cat pouch modeled after Elizabeth the 3rd for his headphones
  • He’s really touched that you put so much effort into it
  • He also starts wondering if you have feelings for him
  • He doesn’t like jumping to conclusions, so he doesn’t do anything
  • Some weeks later, he loses contact with you
  • No texts, calls…nothing. You seem to disappear from the apartment too
  • He gets really worried and feels an emptiness inside
  • When you return and say you had a family emergency and forgot your phone, he’s relieved
  • He acts on his feelings right away, knowing that life is short and he doesn’t want you out of it
  • He tells you that he wants to be your support from now on, if you’d let him
  • You know he’s not just talking about the next personal emergency


  • He had meant to call V about some personal issues
  • He accidentally called you and didn’t know it and rambled on about how he felt
  • He was mortified, but turned out you were a good listener and good support
  • After that, you called him more often and asked how he was, even when he acted cheery in the chats
  • You always called to see if he was eating well and taking breaks
  • He’s talking to Yoosung one day and mentions how often you call and text
  • He thinks you’re generally sweet to all the members until Yoosung says he doesn’t get that treatment
  • Suddenly, Seven starts wondering if you feel something different towards him
  • Talks to Zen about it
  • The older man starts to ask about how he feels about you
  • That night, he thinks through things and starts realizing he likes you too
  • Oh no
  • But he comes to terms with it and slowly starts opening up to you
  • He invites you over a lot, and you guys go out and do fun things together
  • One day he finally confesses, but you’re just like “I thought we were already dating?”
  • what??? He stares blankly into space
  • Then he wakes up and realizes he actually has to confess
  • So he calls you
  • “So…I had a weird dream last night that we were dating…do you want to make my dream come true?” 

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Mami’s Guide to Monsta X

Hello~ I have a rather odd request. You know Monsta X super well and I was wondering if you could give me a small guide on each member? Like their names/stage names and a little on what they’re like. Im so bad at telling them apart and remembering their names ㅠㅠ It’s really a really odd ask so you don’t have to ^^;; Thank you though.

This is not a weird request at all, in fact, I’m rather honored you asked me of all people to do this tbh so I am going to go all in ayy and tell you about this wonderful group of memes.

So, I was going to put a link on here to wthmille’s stan monsta x video (it sums them up perfectly) but it seems to have been taken down so unfortunately you can’t watch it unless you watch this where some British lad reacts to it. It’s not the same effect but it’s that or nothing unfortunately. I’m salty that video has gone down tbh it was amazing. Mille is also amazing- okay focus, Monsta X. Right.

Originally posted by the-xclan

I’m going to start at the beginning of Monsta X and give you a lil’ bit of history of these memes. So, they all started off on this music show called no mercy with a bunch of other guys. The idea of no mercy is basically you have to perform each week and someone gets knocked out each week. The winners of the show, obviously, are our wonderful seven.

Originally posted by wonhontology

We’re going to start with leader Shownu (Son Hyunwoo) he’s a rather shy character and the others like to make fun of him. He’s, from what I gather, a really fluffy and sweet guy. He was at JYP as a trainee, but shit went down and now he’s with starship. He’s friends with GOT7.

He’s super talented. He has an incredible singer, and his dancing is literally out of this world. He helps create the choreographies and claims he can pick up and move things around with his toes. I told you they are literal memes. He is very much a gym person and likes to work out a lot (it certainly shows)

When I write for Shownu I try my hardest to capture his soft soul and his kindness. He seems like the kind of person that is quiet, but has the biggest impact of all. The rest of Monsta X are literal animals so I question how he stays so sane sometimes. He is known as the “Dad” of the group, and he does come across of acting rather fatherly towards them since he looks after them all.

Originally posted by aceyng

So now we’ve discussed Dad, I should probably introduce you to the Mum of Monsta X, otherwise known as Yoo Kihyun. Kihyun, according to the other members, nags them a lot and doesn’t like mess. He is that much like a Mother, and he also checks Changkyun before he sleeps (how fucking cute I can’t even-). Fun fact about Mum and Dad though, in no mercy, Kihyun and Shownu had to work together to do a duet and they were so awkward. Like you could just feel the awkwardness watching them, they were so uncomfortable around each other. Obviously, they are comfortable now and yeah, but I just think it’s amazing how much they’ve developed. A lot of people ship these too but I can’t really bring myself to. I’m changki trash I’m sorry.

Anyway, Kihyun is basically lead vocals (he kills it, he’s amazing) and if that’s not enough, he can also play the guitar and the piano. He’s also talented at cooking, he likes making ramen, and according to him, all of the other members are awful cooks (I can believe that tbh). He’s really salty about his height since he’s one of the shortest members. He hates his aegyo but let’s be honest he’s the only one.

Originally posted by kihyuon

Now I have told you about Kihyun, I can tell you about his other half, Lim Changkyun (Stage name: I.M.) He used to live in America at some point so he can speak English rather well. He’s another one that is rather quiet though, he’s not your stereotypical childish maknae, he’s rather reserved and comes off as quite mature. Except for when he’s biting Shownu’s arms I can’t justify that I’m sorry, I don’t get it either.

Apparently he is closest to his fellow rapper Jooheon, but he is close with other members too, and likes to play games with Kihyun. He seems sweet, but don’t be fooled, because he can and will wreck you.

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

Let’s talk about Lee Jooheon shall we? Well, Jooheon is literally a ball of fluff and a ball of fire all at the same time. When he raps, he’s like a beast, honestly, he’s so powerful and strong on the stage but in real life he is a literal cinnamon roll and his aegyo will make any heart melt (except for the one time he did aegyo and a baby cried). He’s kind of innocent to be honest, especially by comparison to the others, he doesn’t seem like he really understand innuendos, but he’s still hilarious all the same.

Fun fact for you, he really disliked Changkyun on no mercy because long story short, Changkyun replaced someone else and Jooheon (and the others as well tbh) were really salty about it. But they’re literally best pals now so it’s chill. He is also friends with GOT7 (at least Jackson, anyway). He plays the cute boy image really well. He’s scared really easily.

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Next up we have Shin Hoseok (stage name: Wonho). This is where the penny drops and people who are now just finding out about this group realise where the inspiration for my username came from. Wonho is everyone’s bias wrecker. I don’t care what you say. If he’s not your bias, he’s your wrecker.

Wonho is literally the cutest member. He openly states he doesn’t care for gender roles and he has admitted before now that he doesn’t mind what gender he dates, all that matters is that they can cook good ramen. A lot of people ship him with Hyungwon, I am also guilty as charged.

Before he debuted, he lived in a poor family. He cried on no mercy telling the story of how his Mother sold all the furniture and that he had to debut for her and omg (I don’t cry, ever, and this nearly brought me to tears NEARLY) He is rather sensitive from what I gather, but that’s just what makes him all the more charming. He’s another one that takes his gym and fitness very seriously (again, it certainly shows).

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Next we have Lee Minhyuk! The sunshine of the group. Minhyuk is the energetic one, and according to the other members he’s quite talkative even though he was quite quiet when he first started at the company. (ofc now he never shuts up, but that’s the beauty of him, really)

He’s said many times that he’d like to become an MC. He often MC’s for Monsta X on variety shows. He is a great MC. he’s very loud, confident and bubbly. He’s definitely the mood setter in the group. One of the members that he is closest with is Shownu because he said their personalities are so different it just works. There are a fair few Showhyuk shippers out there.

Originally posted by wonhontology

I was trying to avoid this one until the end because last but not least, we have my bias. Chae Hyungwon. Now, Hyungwon wasn’t always my bias, he was my wrecker, and unfortunately, he wrecked me completely and now he’s my bias.

How do I begin to explain Hyungwon? He’s a meme, the biggest one in the group, but he is also so sexy. He doesn’t get a lot of lines in songs I’m salty af but when he does he kills it. And his dance moves? It’s literal dancing sex jfc (I feel like I’m slightly biased ayy about him but idc)

Hyungwon is known to sleep a lot, apparently he can sleep for like 30 hours in a row or something like that. He’s rather calm and reserved in interviews and on national appearances but according to the other members he’s the loudest in the dorm so, who knows???

He dances really well, is widely known for his mantis dance (don’t ask). He does a lot of modeling in his spare time, and a lot of people compliment him for his good looks (the judge on no mercy was really flustered by him because of his good looks.) He is both a visual and a meme.

Originally posted by hyungjooki

So this is my guide to Monsta X. I hope it was somewhat educational.

Please stan Monsta X, they are well worth it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

BTS reaction: having to share a bed with their crush

The plot: the staff reserves one room with only one bed instead of two so you (their crush) have to share a bed with one of the members.


Originally posted by fawnave

Jin would be kind of uncomfortable about the whole situation and probably ask you if you want him to sleep on the ground, but after you assure him that it’s okay he would start feeling a little less uncomfortable and relax a little. He would sleep in his clothes, not wanting to change in front of you. When you finally get ready to sleep and lay down he would lay at the very edge of the bed trying to take up as little space as possible and constantly asking you if you’re comfortable. 


Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Yoongi would pretend he wouldn’t care even though on the inside he would be jumping with happiness for getting a chance to spend some time alone with you. Trying to act as if he doesn’t care he would go to bed in nothing but his underwear. When you go to bed he would turn around and lay facing you, looking at you and he would do something cute like poke your nose softly, or give you a quick kiss on the cheek when you least expect it before turning around and falling asleep.


Originally posted by bangtan

Jhope wouldn’t even try to hide his happiness when he finds out you’re going to share a bed. Just like Yoongi he would want to sleep in his underwear but he would ask you if you’re okay with it first. As you’re getting ready to go to bed he would be following you around asking you random questions, trying to learn more about you. When you finally go to bed he would start telling you jokes and stories, trying to make you laugh. When you fall asleep he would stay awake for a few more minutes, quietly smiling at himself while admiring how beautiful you are when you are sleeping.


Originally posted by sugaa

Namjoon would also be kind of awkward at first, but after he gets more comfortable around you he would start talking A LOT. He would want to impress you by appearing smart, talking for hours about politics, philosophy, space and other things that might sound very boring but they way he was talking about them made you feel as if they were the most interesting subjects in the world. He would keep talking for the rest of the night slowly getting closer to you and getting more and more engaged in whatever he was talking about until you fall asleep on his shoulder a cheeky grin lit up his face before he moved you from his shoulder so you were laying down. 


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He would be very flirty the entire night. Walking around shirtless on purpose and biting his lip every time you were talking to him he would try to attract you attention to him. He would also be very touchy, constantly brushing strands of hair away from your face. When you go to bed he would take your hand in his and start playing with your fingers until both of you fall asleep, your hand still in his. 


Originally posted by jiminarmy

This boy has a plan. As soon as he learned that you two would have to share a bed he immediately came up with a plan with which he would make you cuddle with him. While you were getting ready for bed he would try to make the hotel room as cold as he can, opening the window and hiding away all the extra blankets that were laying around the room. So when you came back to bed and lied down in bed you started shivering because the room was freezing cold. 

“Jeez, Tae, do you know why it is so cold in here?”

“No” he answered in the most innocent way possible. 

“But I know how to make you warm.” Tae smiled getting closer to you in the bed. “Let me cuddle you Jagi.” 

You would give up, letting him cuddle you until you both fall asleep, a smirk across Tae’s face.


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jungkook would try to act as natural as he can even though on the inside he is filled with all kinds of emotions. Everything that you do would make him blush, no matter if it is walking around in your pajamas or accidentally touching his hand. When you go to bed, just like Jin, he would be seeping at the very edge of the bed, mumbling a quick goodnight and turning around. But while both of you are sleeping he would wrap an arm around you in his sleep without even realizing it.

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Could you write a story based on Cold by Maroon 5?

Hii, thank you very much for your request and your patience. I know it’s been forever since I posted something and I know I still have so many requests to write. I don’t know when I’ll get to them though, I’m struggling with a few things right now and feel like I have to focus on myself. I’m sorry if this is sloppy and confusing but I tried my best.xxx

Sometimes Harry thinks it’s his fault. That maybe he did something wrong that pushed her away from him but when he goes through every situation in his head he comes up with nothing.

They’re engaged. For eight months.
She said yes when he asked her to marry him. She had tears in her eyes when he told her how wonderful she is. How much he loves her. Always. Forever.
She had the biggest smile he’s ever seen on her face when he pushed the ring onto her ring finger.
She showed emotion. She doesn’t do that anymore.
It’s like she’s not even herself anymore. When Harry met her for the first time he was speechless. He never met someone who had such an aura. He knew from the second his eyes landed on her that she was an absolute sunshine. She was glowing. She was happy.
She lost that three months ago.
When he got to know her, he knew she was the one. The one he would love with all his heart, forever. The one he would marry someday.
Now he isn’t sure anymore.
He couldn’t understand it. They had that kind of love you see in movies. That kind of love people write poems and songs about. It was perfect. But somehow it felt like she forgot that on their way.
Nowadays there were no tender touches. Whenever they kissed it felt different. They didn’t kiss because they wanted to show their love and affection for each other. It felt forced.
There were no loving words either. There was only silence. It was killing him.

The only mistake Harry made was to let it get this far. He didn’t realize what was happening at first, he assumed the honeymoon phase was over and all that lovey-dovey stuff would die down. He hated the thought of that but he thought it was normal in a long term relationship.
When he realized there were no loving gestures whatsoever he knew something different was going on. It was too late though. Y/N shut him out completely and he felt like he couldn’t get to her anymore. He didn’t feel her anymore.
Not even when they were sleeping in the same bed, under the same covers. He always used to hold her in any way, sometimes just her hand but often her whole body. He couldn’t reach her anymore.

Sometimes Harry thought it would be better if she just ended it. It was obvious she didn’t want this anymore, she didn’t act like they were together even though they used to be so in love. He always wondered why she was still here. Why she didn’t just pack her things and leave. Why was she still holding on?
But whenever these thoughts crossed his mind he felt a pang in his chest, a pain in his heart. He didn’t want her to leave. He loved her. Always. Forever.
That’s why he gave her time. Time for whatever she was going through. He gave her space. Even though he feared it would only push her away more.
But then came the point where Harry felt like he couldn’t do it anymore. You can only sacrifice your love for so long until the pain spreads from your heart through your whole body. He needed her. Needed her love. Her warmth. Her touch. Her kisses. Just her.

So during one evening he decided he had enough. He couldn’t hold it all back anymore. He knew that if he was without her touch for another second he would die inside.
When he slipped under the covers beside her he didn’t keep as much distance as he used to lately. He was close to her. For the first time in what seemed like forever. He wasn’t touching her though. But he could feel her warmth.
He saw her reaction. He saw how she flinched. How her fingers started to shake as she turned the page of her book. She was reading a romantic story. Ironic, Harry thought.
When her hand fell onto her stomach again Harry took a deep breath and reached out to take it. His fingers wrapped around hers, his thumb stroking over her knuckles once. Somehow it felt familiar. But also like it was the first time he’s ever held her hand.
Her head snapped in his direction, her eyes wide. They flickered from their joined hands to his face a few times until her lips parted.
“What are you doing?” she whispered, but the irritation was clear.
“I’m holding your hand.” Harry replied.
Her eyes flickered to their hands again.
“C-Can you please let go?” she asked after a moment.
Harry was sure his heart broke. He was sure she could hear it shattering. He diverted his eyes to the sheets underneath him, clearing his throat awkwardly. He didn’t let go though. He wouldn’t let her continue like this. She had to understand what she did to him.
“Why won’t you let me hold your hand?” he questioned.
He watched how she closed her eyes for a second before she opened them again, unshed tears making them look glassy now.
“Please, Harry.”
There’s been times she rarely called him Harry. Baby. Darling. Sweetheart. Love. Those were his names.
He looked straight into her eyes, his fingers squeezing hers. No. He wouldn’t let go.
He saw how she flinched again. How her eyes closed again and more tears rimmed her eyes.
His thumb stroked over her fingers again. Again and again. Just how he used to. Until he stopped. Until he felt his heart break again. His eyes snapped to her fingers. To one finger in particular. It was bare.
“Y-You took your ring off?”
He felt like someone punched him. Like someone was slowly cutting through his heart.
That’s when the first tear hit the sheets.
“Why would you take off your ring?”
Y/N took her hand away from his, the disconnection sending chills through Harry’s body.
Her eyes were dancing all over the room but never landing on his. She did that on purpose.
“You don’t want to marry me anymore?”
That’s when she started full on crying.
“No! You don’t get to cry now. Just tell me what the fuck is going on lately!”
“N-Nothing.” she stuttered and turned her back to him.
“Nothing?! Are you fucking kidding me?! You pulled away from me completely. I can’t reach you anymore, not emotionally and god forbid physically. You act like we are not together. Like we don’t love each other.”
When he didn’t get a response other than her whimpers and sniffles he felt like he was being suffocated.
“We do love each other, right?” he asked in almost a whisper.
He felt his own tears sliding down his cheeks when again she didn’t say anything. He stood up then, running a hand through his hair and looking at her back, how her shoulders shook with silent sobs. He shook his head and made his way to the ensuite-bathroom.
“I do love you!” she cried out just before he reached the bathroom door.
Harry stopped dead in his tracks but didn’t turn around.
“I love you.” she whimpered again.
He turned around slowly and looked at her.
“You don’t act like you do.”
“I know I don’t. But I do.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“You don’t have to, I guess.”
Harry’s eyes caught hers immediately.
“So that’s it? You won’t fight? What made you give up?”
“No, I want to know. I want to know what the fuck happened that made you pull away from me. I want to know since when you feel like you can’t talk to me. I want to know when you lost the will to fight.”
He saw the hesitation in her eyes, the nervous fiddling with her fingers. But his intense stare made her open up.
“I never understood how you could love me.”
Y/N took a deep breath before she went on.
“You’re this incredible man who’s always nice and well mannered and knows exactly what he wants. Whatever you do, it’s perfect. You’ve achieved everything in you life that you wanted. No matter what others say, you always keep going. You’re confident and strong. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with you, you knocked me off my feet within the first week of knowing you. When someone asked me what I love about you I could tell them billions of things. You always said you felt the same about me. I always thought you were insane. I was sure it was only the honeymoon phase which made you think you feel the same about me. When the sappiness and cheese died down a bit I got terrified. I thought that you would realize that you only imagined all those feelings. That you would realize I’m not as special as you originally thought. I’m a normal girl, I’m boring. I love to lay on the couch all day and watch movies and eat ice cream. I go out with my girlfriends and talk about boys. I can’t cook. I can’t dance. I can’t sing. I hate how I look in photos. I’m incredibly sarcastic. I’m shy. I get tired when I’m drunk. I-”
“Stop putting yourself down.” he interrupted her.
“It’s true, Harry. You’re everything I’m not. I never understood what you saw in me. I never understood what you could love about me. And when the honeymoon phase stopped I was so goddamn scared. I was sure that it was only a matter of time until you left. And because I was sure you would break my heart I tried to protect myself and pulled away a bit. And you did too, you didn’t try to reach out at first. And when you tried to, I thought it would be better to shake it off. And then you stopped trying, ever since then I was only waiting for you to call me out on my behavior. I know you’re going to leave now. And that’s okay, kind of expected it anyway.”
When she stopped talking Harry couldn’t do anything but stare at her. He didn’t understand it. Nothing of what she just said made any sense.
“You are absolutely insane.” he finally breathed out.
He sat down beside her and grabbed her hand again, this time she didn’t fight it.
“I don’t have any idea what the hell is going on in your head right now. I don’t know what the hell I did to make you feel that way.”
He shook his head and sighed.
“When I met you for the first time it felt like I breathed for the first time in my whole life. You looked at me and I knew my whole life just changed. When I got to know you I couldn’t believe how incredibly amazing you were. I still remember what my mum said after she met you: She’s a sunshine. And I said no. She’s the sun. My sun. You were the light in my life. You made me realize what the word ‘love’ means. I fell in love with you so goddamn fast and hard. I knew I wanted to marry you after a few months because I knew you were the one for me. I knew I would love you forever. And when you said yes when I asked you to marry me I was sure I was the happiest man to ever walk the earth. When you started to distance yourself from me I didn’t know what to do. I was scared what would happen so I gave you space but you pulled away from me more and more. And all that just because you thought I don’t love you?”
His eyes searched hers and they both saw the hurt in each others eyes.
“I love you. I love you with my whole heart. With everything I have. I love you with every fiber of my being. I proved it with the ring… but you took it off.” he finished with a whisper.
His thumb ran over her bare finger where the symbol of his love should be. Y/N lowered her head to look down at their hands and intertwined her fingers with his for the first time in three months.
“I had to get it resized.” she whispered.
“I know we already got it resized but it was still a bit big so I decided to bring it to the store again. It’s ready tomorrow.”
“You didn’t take it off?”
“No. I would never take it off.”
Harry smiled softly at her and squeezed her hand.
“I’m quite stupid, aren’t I?” she said after a moment of silence.
Harry chuckled and shook his head a bit.
“Would you be mad if I said yes?”
She laughed softly and shook her head as well. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Harry leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers.
“I’m so goddamn sorry.” she whispered after a bit.
“No. What I did was so unfair to you.”
She pulled back from him and looked at the ground.
“I hurt you for months. Three goddamn months in which I broke my own heart but more importantly yours. And all that just because I’m so incredibly insecure.”
“It’s not all your fault, love. I must have given you a reason to doubt my love for you.”
She looked at him again and sighed.
“But that’s exactly it, you didn’t. You never gave me a reason to doubt you.”
Harry lifted the hand that wasn’t holding hers to her cheek and stroked over her skin.
“It’s okay, my love. C'mere now.”
He opened his arms and signaled for her to sit down on his lap. She did, after a bit of awkward shuffling she positioned her knees on either side of his hips and sat down on his thighs. They haven’t been this close in so long. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and pulled her as close as possible. Y/N slung her arms around his neck and breathed in his smell. The smell she missed so much.

They both didn’t know how long they’ve been in this position before Y/N pulled back. Her hands were on his cheeks, cupping his face. She searched his eyes for a moment before she leaned in and pressed her lips to his in a soft and lingering kiss.
“I think… I have to get help.” she told him in a whisper when she pulled back.
Harry searched her eyes but didn’t say anything, he wanted her to go on before he said anything.
“I-I don’t know what’s happening with me and I don’t think I can do this alone.”
“You’re not alone, my love. I’m here.”
“I know you are, but… I think I have to get professional help. I don’t think that what I did was normal. I pushed you away. I distanced myself from the one person I love with my whole heart. I’m constantly sad. I can’t sleep properly. I don’t think that’s normal.” she shrugged softly.
“Okay. We’ll get you help. And I’ll be here through all of this, okay? I won’t leave. I’ll be right by your side and help you wherever I can.”
She leaned down to kiss him again, her lips pressing to his softly but with so much love.
“Thank you.”
“No problem, love. Made a promise to love you, didn’t I? Always and forever.”

Snowbaz AU - Baz First Time Staying the Night


It’s been a month since me and Penny moved into the flat, and even though Baz is pretty much here all the time, he always leaves at night to hunt and never comes back.

We’ve snuggled on the couch and had naps on my bed. I like the soft noises he makes when he’s sleeping and having his arms around me.

I really want him to just stay here. It’s weird not sleeping near him, we’ve shared a bedroom for years. Should I just ask him? What if he doesn’t want to?


I should leave, it’s getting late, but Simon is acting weird. We’re laying down on the couch holding hands and he’s just frowning at the window.

“Simon… whatever is bothering you, can you tell me before I need to leave?”

“Can you uh…go hunt and then come back?” He says, without looking at me.

What the hell? Maybe I should stay. “Did something happen?”

He sits on the couch before speaking, “Everything is fine… Just come back here later okay?”

I really don’t want to leave but I need to hunt.


I arrive at his apartment and it’s already 1am, he’s probably asleep by now.

Penny gave me a key a week after they moved in, she claimed that she was tired of hearing the doorbell all the time. Most days, I still do it just to mess with her.

Simon is not on the couch so I go into his bedroom to find him.

I sit in the bed and gently push his curls away from his face. Should I wake him? I miss seeing him sleep.


I feel his hand playing with my hair, so I slowly open my eyes.

“Sorry didn’t mean to awake you” he says, with a small smile that quickly vanishes, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

He’s looking at me worried, probably thinking that something is wrong, when all I want is to fall asleep with him by my side.

I grab his arm and pull him into the bed “Can you just …stay?” I say softly.


Is this all that Simon wanted? For me to stay? Crowley how could he be so oblivious? Did he forgot that I have skipped morning classes to come here and cuddle with him? I’m in love with a moron.

I roll my eyes, then I give him a soft smile, “Took you long enough to ask.” I take some of my clothes just to be comfortable and I enter the bed.

He’s smiling stupidly at me now “Yeah?”


I’m putting my head in the space between his shoulder and neck. He smells so good, smells like home to me, always has.

“You know that I’m not good with words.” I mumble.

I like this, it feels right falling asleep in his arms. I give him a soft kiss on his neck “G’night Baz”.

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Best Friend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- you’ve been best friends with hoshi since you guys were kids
- you were nine years old and your dad asked you to go buy some yakult (those korean yogurt drinks in tiny little cups) because you ran out
- you go to the nearest convenience store and buy two packs and after that you’re on your way back home
- so like you’re skipping down the sidewalk and while passing by the park you suddenly hear someone yell “KOKO” before something smashes into you and makes you fall to the ground
- you’re like whO THE FR ICK but when you look up you see a cute little boy with chubby cheeks rubbing his red forehead
- you’re like “are you okay??” and the boy just nods before frantically getting up on his feet and shouting “KOKO” over and over and you’re like ??? who is koko
- apparently you said that out loud because the boy answers “KOKO IS MY PET CHICK I LOST HER”
- you’re like “pet chick??? why would you take your pet chick to the park???”
- he’s like “i wanted to show koko around because she never left the chicken pen i wanted her to have a taste of adventure BUT I LOST HER” and you’re like…… who is this kid
- you watch as he looks everywhere for the chick and he’s like tearing up as he shouts for his baby chick so you ask “……do you want me to help you find her?”
- the boy stops and looks at you with sparkling eyes and he screams “REALLY?? YOU’LL HELP ME??” and you nod and he’s super happy and you’re like what a cute smile
- you and the boy spend the rest of the afternoon looking for the baby chick and after what felt like an hour you find the baby chick chilling in a bush and you’re like… how the heck did you end up here…
- you lift up the chick and it chirps and the boy turns his head so fast you’re like how did you not break your neck
- he runs over to you and takes the chick in his hands and spins around with it while screaming and crying “KOKO I THOUGHT I LOST YOU”
- you’re like what a weird kid but you’re happy he found his pet
- the boy stops turning and runs up to you grinning “thank you so much for helping me find her!!” and you’re like “no problem!!”
- you see that the boy is all sweaty and tired and dirty after running around the park all day looking for his little chick so you rip open your pack of yakult and you give him one
- “this is for your hard work” you say and the boy just takes it with the most amazed look on his face you’re like it’s just a yakult you can calm down LOL
- he then asks “what’s your name??”
- you’re like woah this is out of nowhere but it’s (name) what about you??
- and this fricking KID strikes a pose and goes like NAEGA HOSH
- it’s silent
- until you burst out laughing
- he says “actually my name’s soonyoung but everyone calls me hoshi!!” and you’re like what a cute
- he then asks “can you meet me here again tomorrow?? i want to give you something as thanks for helping me find koko” and you’re like “uhhh okay sure”
- you get home and your dad’s like wtf took you so long the convenience store is only like ten mins away but you explain to him what happened and he doesn’t believe you and you’re like BUT IT’S TRUE
- the next day you go back to the park at the same time as the day before to find hoshi there with a bag in his hands
- when you approach him he hands you the bag and it’s filled with FRESH CHICKEN EGGS and you’re like what’s this for??
- he says “it’s for helping me find koko, thank you for your hard work!! these are the best eggs because her mom hatched them”
- and this my friend is a memory that you and hoshi still laugh about to this day
- to keep your childhood memories alive, every time you guys worked hard for a project or studied hard or did anything that required hard work basically, you guys find some cool spot around town and drink yakult while talking isn’t that cute
- hoshi’s the type who’s down for anything (nothing illegal though ofc)
- you could be like hoshi let’s get handcuffed to each other for a week and he’d be like YES and probably make up a speech about how it will strengthen your friendship
- reaaally good at dancing and always tries to teach you the dances he knows
- when he joins dance competitions you’re always there to cheer him on
- loves singing too so he’s always down to go karaoke!!
- he used to be self-conscious about his 10:10 eyes but after you told him you loved them, he grew to love his eyes
- but now he always has to mention when it’s 10:10am or 10:10pm and you’re like okay i know i heard it the past thousands of times hoshi I KNOW
- he lends you his pyjamas when you sleep over at his house
- puns and lame jokes together all the time but when his jokes are really bad you either slap your forehead or cringe
- when your jokes are really bad he laughs really hard and you both just end up rolling on the floor crying for the next ten mins
- always drags you into going into haunted houses with him even though he’s absolutely terrified lmao
- “psh i wasn’t scared it’s called acting
- always gets in trouble because he always accidentally screams excitedly over the smallest things
- sometimes you meet him at his family’s farm and you see him just laughing and playing with koko who’s thankfully still alive
- accidentally calls you koko sometimes and you’re like wtf
- and he’s like well it makes sense because you’re a…… chick FINGERS GUNS and you just slap the back of his head
- it’s too hard to stay mad at him. because of this he gets away with anything and it’s all your fault because you’re WEAK
- ALWAYS taking pictures of you guys
- you found it annoying at first but you get to see how you guys grew up together and you love it!!
- hoshi likes taking pictures with the exact same pose as a picture you guys took from years ago so you two can compare then and now
- but not much has changed because you’re both still as close as EVER
- when he goes to the convenience store or any little shop, he always gets two of everything he needs to buy one for him and one for you
- for your birthday, he always throws this huge birthday party for you but he always effs up like last year he set the tablecloth on fire
- there’s just never a boring day with hoshi
- no matter how bad your day is, no matter how heartbroken or sad or angry you are
- he always finds a way to make you feel better
- “hoshi”
- “hm?”
- “you’re the best”
- “you are too, (name)”

I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader 

Length: 2k

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3


heh I wanted to put this out first. it seemed like a good place to stop. hope you guys enjoy

You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for.

“Jeongguk.. You look great. You’re really handsome you know,” you couldn’t bring yourself to say the things you wanted to say. It was your senior year, this was the time to let it all out. You wanted to tell him everything you felt in the span of four years. All the unrequited emotions that ran through you. You loved him with every fiber of your being. You were the one always by his side, even when he had acted like you didn’t exist when he had a new girl.

“I know I’m handsome come on Y/N. Thank you so much I don’t know what I would do without you honestly. I would have probably worn a t shirt and she would have probably left me on the site,” He continued to stare into your eyes. His gaze seemed to intensify at each second that passed.

Jealousy torn at your chest. He had another chance at falling in love with another girl that wasn’t you. He was going to shower the girl with gifts and all his love. All the love you couldn’t get. This was the last chance to tell him what you really felt. Jennie was going to take him away. You had to reach him before she did. You knew that Jeongguk loved you. Telling him won’t hurt. It was about time.

“Hey Jeongguk, come home early, okay? I want to talk about something,” You mustered up the courage to admit to him your feelings even though he was going to go out with another girl.

“Oh I don’t think I’m going to come home tonight,” Jeongguk backed up and quietly fiddled with his hair. He started to turn a little red. Those words said everything. He might have just met Jennie but he was about to sleep with her.

It felt like you couldn’t breath for a minute. This was the beginning of him being consumed with Jennie and you being knocked down to number two on his list. Those times where the most painful for you, watching him and his girlfriend act all in love and you were left there, watching. You wanted to be that girl. The one who would always hold Jeongguk’s hand because he liked to feeling of your proximity and just you.

The thing about Jeongguk was that he was fast. He loves the closeness and idea of sex. He liked to cuddling and the talks after. Of course he liked the physical pleasure of it, but he thrived off the emotional connection. He was going to sleep with Jennie today, after their little date.

“Jeongguk, please come home after. I really do need to talk to you,” You insisted. No longer you were going to wait. This was going to be the semester where you get Jeongguk to become yours. You waited for 4 years, 4 very long, arduous, painful years of pining from afar.

His eyes softened and smiled, “Alright, I’ll come home. After I do, we can talk. But now I gotta go. Jennie’s waiting.” Jeongguk squated down to your level and looked you into the eyes. He had a thing for eye contact, he said it was a connection you couldn’t touch. He started to brush your hair out of ur face. He poked your nose, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. He really was the cutest.

“Okay. Be safe, don’t get too sucked into Jennie. You still have me to come back to,” you laced your fingers through his and led him to the front door. You wanted him to remember that you were here. Jennie was going to be a fading blemish in record time. You got to the front door, and opened the door. Jeongguk was dressed in his leather jacket, you couldn’t help but admire him. You fell in love even more.

“Ah, you’re always looking over me. I promise I’ll come back. Don’t worry, Jennie isn’t going to kidnap me for more than two hours,” Jeongguk was about to leave.


You swiftly threw your arms around Jeongguk’s arm and pulled him close. You buried your nose into his neck and smiled, “Have a good time.”

Jeongguk stood there and stammered for a good thirty seconds ,” Y/N. I’m coming back you know. You’re first,” he didn’t pull away. You drew back first and looked up at him.

“I know. I just wanted to hug you. You’re too cute,” You returned back into the apartment and waved him good-bye. Your heart was pounding, you never have outright been this forward with him.

It was nine o’clock. Jeongguk had left at 6. You told yourself not to worry, there was just traffic right? He didn’t like Jennie that much, she was a girl he just met, you were his best friend. You texted him, asking when he was coming home.

It was eleven o’clock. Jeongguk still wasn’t back. You twirled the spoon in your green tea. You watched as the tea leaves floated around and then settled back down. Anxiety was eating at your stomach. Your phone was still dark, there were no notifications. You drew down the blinds, darkness settled around the room. Why wasn’t he back? It’s been 6 hours since he told you he would be back in two hours. You twiddled with your phone, scrolling through random things. You reached the last conversation you had with Hoseok, you haven’t met up in a while. You decide to call him, feeling lonely.


“Hey Hoseok.”

“Oh hey y/n, how have you been? Have you finally confessed to Jeongguk your undying love yet?”

“Ahah, you’re really funny. He’s actually on a date with Jennie. Tonight was the night that I was going to tell him how I felt. It was suppose to be a magical night. I was going to tell him that I liked him since I met him, and he would accept my affections. Then we would end up making up on the couch.I guess apparently not.”

“I missed your sense of humor. It’ll be alright. He’d be dumb not to like you back. Jennie ain’t nothing compared to you. You’re the best dancer on the team, after me of course. Don’t you remember that you were voted most dateable by the guys on our campus? And you’re working hard on your degree, majoring in finance and minoring in biology. You’re amazing the way you are.”  

“Aw thanks Hobi. That reminds me I have to choreograph the ending dance for the showcase. Jeongguk wanted to do something big, he wanted a solo. Always ambitious” You couldn’t help but feel your heart clench at the mention of the showcase. It was Jeongguk and your thing. In your freshmen year’s showcase, you watched him dance. It was when you knew you were in love with him. As you had watched him dance to Manolo, you promised yourself by senior year’s showcase he was going to be yours. Every year, you watched him dance his heart out, counting down the time until you were going to make your move. Your time was ticking.

“Are you finally going to fulfill your own personal promise to yourself that you will tell him?”

“Hm. I hope I do. I don’t know how he is going to react though. Does he like me back? Would he like me back?”

“I’ve had suspected he likes you. I mean there is no such thing as being so close to a girl and not have feelings for her. Do you remember that time Taehyung asked you on a date and Jeongguk immediately answered for you, rejecting him before you had a chance to reply? And I can tell you that wasn’t him being a good friend. Also don’t you remember the time when Taehyung had asked you to formal and you said yes, Jeongguk didn’t talk to Taehyung for three weeks? He obviously feels something for you, but he doesn’t know how to show it.”

“But don’t you remember, whatever Jeongguk wants he gets? If he wanted me, I would be his. You wanna come over since obviously Jeongguk isn’t going to come home tonight?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” the phone went dead. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself. Hoseok was always there when you needed him, without fail.

A knock ran through the house, you ran to get the door. Hoseok stood there with a bottle of your favorite white wine and a smile. He looked like a teddy bear, your source of comfort. You quickly ushered him inside, it was cold outside.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been here without Jeongguk in the house,” Hoseok tore off his jacket. You led him to the living room and sat down on the plush carpet where he popped open the wine and offered it to you. You took a long swig, it’s been so long since you’ve had a proper drink.

“Man, I love that you know this is my favorite wine. I missed it. I especially need it since apparently Jeongguk is screwing some girl he met at a party. You know he called her a ‘work of art’. I haven’t heard him call anything art since he had ordered that huge ass burger from the place across the street. He’s never called me a work of art,” You frowned as you passed the bottle to Hoseok.

“I’ve meet her. She honestly nothing compared to you. She may have Jeongguk’s attention now but just wait. He’ll get bored of her, like he does with every other girl that isn’t you,” he took a long drink out of the wine. Hoseok ran his hand through his hair, and laid his head back onto the couch. You moved next to him and did the same. The wine was really starting to take effect. You felt more lightweight and your worries seemed to wash off.

“You’re a flatterer Hobi. I don’t know why you’re still single. We all know why I’m single. Is it because I’m a business major Jeongguk hasn’t shown any signs he wants me? He had once said that girls who study business always are spoiled and act like they have a stick up their ass.”

Hoseok couldn’t help but snicker at your comment, “Y/N I don’t think he hasn’t made a move because you’re a business major. I think he hasn’t made one because he doesn’t want to mess up your friendship. You guys have been friends for so long, what if your relationship doesn’t go the way you want it? You’ll end up breaking up and mostly never recover as friends.”

Conversation flowed freely as the both of you continued to drink away your problems. You looked at the clock, it was three o’clock. You and Hoseok have been talking 4 hours, hashing out your thoughts and his.

“It’s getting quite late. You can crash in my bedroom, still have the extra mattress from the last time you came,” you got up and threw out the empty wine bottle. Hoseok stumbled to your room and promptly fell asleep. You felt happily tipsy and drunk. You didn’t feel sad from Jeongguk anymore. Right now, he didn’t matter.

Big brother- Sunghwa

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Artist: Gray

Word count: 1.4K

You were standing in front of the AOMG building debating whether to go in or not, you came to see your brother Sunghwa and ask him for a favor which you weren’t sure if he was down to help you with. You haven’t seen him for the longest time now and you were wondering how he will react to you being there, if he would welcome you or not.

Your relationship with your brother Sunghwa wasn’t the best, you never really understood why it was like that. You do remember how you guys always used to fight all that time but that’s just how siblings are usually like, and you remember Sunghwa leaving to live in the city for college and you stayed with your parents, so you automatically grew to be distant from each other. 

Growing up you sensed that Sunghwa never really liked you and that he always had something against you but you never understood why. You moved to the city after by couple of years to finish your education and pursue your dream job. However you suddenly had an issue and you needed help, and you thought maybe going to your brother wouldn’t be so bad until you got there. 

 You went to the girl sitting on the desk and asked if you could see Sunghwa since you’ve never been there and for sure you won’t be getting an easy pass. “And who are you” she asked 

 “I’m his sister” you said and she didn’t believe you thinking your a crazy fan 

“I’m sorry I believe I can’t help you” she said 

“Really I am, can’t you believe just call him down here” you asked again nicely. 

“He is not here right now” she said and you sighed, this was going to be a long day. You decided to leave because no one would believe your his sister if he never mentioned you. You were walking out of the building when someone called your name 

“Y/N?” Sunghwa asked questionly not really believing you were right here “Umm, hi Sunghwa” you said happy to see him 

“What are you doing” he asked coldly, you shouldn’t have been surprised that he was acting cold towards you right now when he’s usually like that all the time. 

 “I just came to see you” you said 

 “What do you want” he asked again 

“Umm, I was wondering if I could ask for a favor from you” you said 


 “But I really need help” 

 “Do you want money” 

“What no, I just need a place to stay at for couple weeks until I save up for a new lease” 

“No way” 

“Please, I have no where else to go” you begged him 


 “Come on, I’ll only sleep there, you won’t even see me, I won’t use any of your stuff, I’ll just sleep there and leave early too” you told him

“I said no” he said sternly 

“Okay, thanks anyway” you said on the verge of tears and turned around to leave, Sunghwa felt a little bad seeing you about to cry 

“Okay, fine” he said finally you turned around excited 

“Really” you said not believing it 

“Yeah, but you better stick to what you said” he said 

“I will, thank you so much” you said and were about to hug him but pulled back. 

First week went by just like how you told him it would be, you would wake up super early, get ready and then leave before Sunghwa woke up then head to work and spend all day out even though you didn’t have anything to do. Then when it gets later you would head back to sleep and the cycle kept going on. 

Even when Sunghwa saw you around his place he still wouldn’t acknowledge you and act as if your invisible and not there, it always hurt you because you always wished you had the big brother relationship with him but he didn’t seem to care.

After the second week Sunghwa was changing, 

One day he was passing by the bedroom you were staying in when you he heard you talking to your guys mom. 

‘Sunghwa is doing great’ 

‘Yeah its really nice here’ 

‘Of course his place is super nice’ 

‘Yeah he treats me really good, we hang out together and sometimes we have meals together when he’s not busy’

‘Okay mom ill talk to you later’

Sunghwa was really surprised and confused when he heard you talking so nice about him when he didn’t even do any of the things you mentioned nor did he treat you right. He felt really shitty and bad for the way he has been treating you because you didn’t deserve to be treated that way. 

And another reason why he wanted to treated you because he saw how you were trying to help around at his place You would always do the dishes even though you didn’t use any of them, you also cleaned around his place without messing his stuff. You would always put a blanket over him when he fell asleep watching tv or while working. You just kept proving to him how much you cared for him even though he treated you so badly.

You were adopted and he held a grudge over that all these years. He was an only child and his parents were dying for a girl so they adopted you. He was mad because all the attention that was on him was suddenly given to someone else and he had to share it with you, so for all these years he hated you and held a grudge against you. You were always wondering why he never really cared for you and a part of you knew that it was because you were adopted. And years later he still didn’t like you no matter how much you tried, after he movedd to Seoul he became more distant with you to the point he never even called you or asked about you once. 

You were coming back home after a long day of a double shift that you’ve been doing to try and save up as much as you can. 

“Hey” you heard Sunghwa say and even smile at you.

”Hi” you said surprised that he was actually talking to you. 

“I brought food” he said and nodded his head towards the takeout bags.

 “Oh thank you but I just ate” you said 

“Rayman is not a proper meal its not healthy for you so go eat” he said in a big brother tone which brought a big smile to your face. You nodded and went to eat what he got, it felt nice to eat a proper meal in a while. Sunghwa knew how much you were starving because you were saving up money for a new place and he even noticed how much weight you lost. 

You were once looking around Sunghwa’s home studio and you were dying to get your hands on the piano once you saw it, you had taken many lessons before when you were younger and you wanted to play sometimes you wrote before. You were so into playing the piano that you didn’t notice when Sunghwa came back home. He was kind of pissed that you were touching his equipment but you were playing it so nicely that he didn’t want to stop you. He fell in love with it and it felt like it was a missing puzzle to his beat. 

You stopped playing when you felt a presence behind you, you looked back and there was Sunghwa just standing there. 

“I’m sorry I touched the piano” you told him apologetically and ready to step out of the studio. 

“Wait, can you play that again” he asked you which surprised you.

“Sure, but its not that good” you said not confident in your work. 

“No, its really beautiful” he told you which made you so happy

“Thank you” you said.

 After that night everything changed, Sunghwa was treating you super nice, he was taking you out to eat to places you’ve never been too, taking you out to watch movies and he even took you shopping so you could renew your closet from places you've never even dreamed going to. He also took you to the studio for the first time and everyone loved you and asked him why he never brought you before. 

Sunghwa was becoming the brother that you always dreamed of having all your life and it was making you feel so happy to just have him by your side.

EXO reaction to their S/O having a miscarriage

We know that this is a very very sad thing to experience which neither of us have been through so we will try to write this to the best of our abilities and we hope that we’re not seen as insensitive in anyway. 

We hope you like it <3


He’d be so silent while mourning the loss of his child.

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He would show a new side of himself. He would cry for so long, blaming himself for not looking after his s/o properly even though there was nothing he could do to stop it.

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He’d be so devastated, he wouldn’t eat or sleep just cry over the loss of his baby.

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He wouldn’t be himself for a while but once he realises how devastated his s/o was he would try and act as if he wasn’t too saddened by it to make sure his s/o doesn’t feel like it was their fault.

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Yixing would be so heartbroken by it and he would be so shattered and not himself for a long while.

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He would cry a whole lot and wouldn’t be his usual puppy-like self for a long while until he knew that his s/o was recovering from such a traumatic experience. 

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Even though he’d be sad beyond belief he would try and lighten the mood for his s/o so they can get better faster. 

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He would be so shocked and devastated, he’d try not to show it but after a while it’d get too much and would eventually break down causing him and his s/o to start the healing process.

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He would try to look fine on the outside but on the inside he would be hurting so much.

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He would be very open about his feelings and would cry a lot with his s/o.

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He’d be silent for quite a while, not knowing what to say or how to feel about everything. 

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He would be a completely different person, he would be so lost and sad, it would be a really depressing time of his life for him and his s/o.

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We hope you liked it <3 

We’re really sorry if this is bad but we’re really bad at sad reactions :( 




Eva & Chris- Used

AU: Chris has used girls and boys alike to cheat before, no one else had dared used him before her- Eva Kviig Mohn


The several times Christoffer used people, and the one time Eva used Christoffer

highly recommend you listen to ‘bubblegum bitch- by marina ;)’


He always did this. Slept with a girl for another girls heart that he wanted, whether the girl he slept with be related with the person he actually wanted. He truly did it to get a rise out of people, for attention, to be viewed as the macho man in his group. The one that will never, ever settle down. That’s just how he was and he liked it that way.

The first time he ever used a girl, was in his first year, being a new Penetrator. He didn’t know what being a Penetrator was, that was until one of the third year guys had told him in the most blunt way.

“You fuck girls and leave them. You act badass and untouchable to other guys. That is who we are, why do you think we don’t get fucked with?” He said, harshly to Chris. One of the guys laughed and patted each-other on the back, as if they had just told him to give up his virginity, even though he wasn’t a virgin. In his eyes at the time, sleeping with random girls, getting their hopes up, then dumping them like trash sounded horrible and undignified. Then again, he cared more about being cool and known then he did caring about other girls.

One morning he woke up, a blaring headache already occupying his mind as the light hit his eyes, some random girl sprawled naked on the other side of the bed. He groaned. He got up from the bed, not caring if he was too loud or if he caused too much commotion.

“Leaving already? I figured you would be down for round two?” The random girl said as the blanket covered her upper body and sat up with a smirk on her lips.

“Yeah listen, I don’t know your name, nor do I care, but you’ll be lucky to even see me again. Thanks for the quick fuck though.” Chris spat venomously at the girl, her smirk falling and her eyes softening. Looks like that hurt her ego and only made Christoffers bigger..


The first party as a third year Penetrator only made him more cocky then he already was. Girls of the first and second years would be throwing themselves at him and he loved every second of it. He never had anyone catch his eye, he always caught theirs. That was until his eyes landed on a strawberry blonde girl with a white complexion. 

He didn’t know exactly why she caught his eye, maybe it was her looks, or body, or maybe the way she smiled and looked at other people. Although most of the lovey dovey thoughts he was having at that moment were interrupted by some girl rubbing up on him. His gaze moved from the strawberry blonde to the brunette in front of him, a small smirk on his lips. That was until he moved away from the brunette to get to that girl. He moved through the crowd, and finally got to her, him holding two beers, one for her if she would let him give one to her. Her eyes averted to him, now seeing his presence in front of her and she raised an eyebrow, skeptical of if he wanted a conversation or to get in her pants. He simply handed her the beer, and for some odd reason she took it. She took a swig, his eyes looking her up and down, then she met his eyes, practically eye-fucking each other.

“I’m Christoffer.” He said, his voice smooth and rough. Definitely something all the girls fell for. She had heard about him, and she didn’t have a good opinion on him either. Although Christoffer had never come up to a girl before, maybe she could use this to her advantage.

“Eva, pleased to meet you.” She said, her voice filled with a hint of flirting, her lips pursed and she took another swig. 

Oh she definitely could work with this.


First two parts of this little series I’ll be making, and this time, I am going to continue it and keep daily updates. I promise you babes! 

Much love,


Do your worst Joker x Reader

Y/N went to the bar at J’s club, hoping it wouldn’t be packed since she really didn’t have anywhere to go. Normally she stuck with J, she wasn’t used to this life so she kept to herself, too shy to dance or play J’s little game of making him jealous. The only reason she wasn’t nervous about going to his clubs anymore was because she thought she’d be by his side. Apparently not tonight.

“Y/N, honey, why don’t you go dance? Let daddy have a little privacy.” Y/N froze, her mouth opening to tell him that was a bad idea but he kept his eyes on his business associate.

“O-ok.” She got off of his lap, hesitantly walking away. Taking a seat at the bar, she silently fumed at how J disregarded her anxiety. He knew, the asshole, he knew how bad it could get. Since she didn’t drink, she ordered what J usually drinks. After taking a sip, her face scrunches up and she resisted the urge to spit it out. Sometimes she wondered why she was with him, this life of crime wasn’t for her and she wondered why J hasn’t realized that yet. Y/N glanced over to where J was, doing a double take when she saw his business partner’s girlfriend sitting on his lap and whispering things in his ear. Her heart constricted and her breathing stopped. She kept staring and hoped to see him push the girl off of him, only to see his arm wrap around the girl’s waist. His eyes found hers and he gave her a little smirk before her head whipped around. She grabbed her glass and tried to down half of it before she started coughing and sputtering. The crowd quieted a bit as J laughed, causing her face to burn bright red. She heard him whistle for her but instead of going to him, she stormed out of the club. She didn’t care that she was leaning on his car and possibly scratching it. Frost came out of the club and walked toward her.

“Miss, the boss wants to see you.” Y/N’s glare made it’s way to his face. She saw him blink, the only indication showing he was shocked. Normally she wouldn’t look the henchmen in the eye, settling her gaze on their shoulders or feet instead. She was a bit intimidated and she didn’t even reach his shoulders, but tonight she was pissed.

“I want to go home.”

“But Miss-”

“Tell him I want to go home.” Frost sighed, it would do no good to get her worked up more than she already is. He’s seen her cry out of frustration. Soon J comes strutting out of the club, looking at her like she’s bothering him.

“Doll, I called for you.” He spreads his arms as if to say “Well?

“Take me home.” He raises his brow.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty?”

“Now. Or I’ll file kidnapping charges.” She opened the passenger’s seat and got in. He growls and goes to the driver side. As soon as he’s in, his hand finds her thigh. His thumb goes in an up and down motion, trying to soothe her. He starts thinking he went too far, even if he did mean to get a rise out of her. She doesn’t attempt to move his hand, she’s more focused on staring out the window and trying to keep the tears from overflowing. He tries to make conversation a couple times but she ignores him, causing his hand to tighten on her thigh. She still didn’t say anything, even if his grip was starting to hurt. When they pulled into their garage, he placed his hand over hers when she went to take her seatbelt off. She sighed in annoyance, still not looking at him and tried to continue to get the belt off anyway.

“Doll, I don’t want to play this game anymore. C’mon talk to da-” She slammed her door shut before he could finish his sentence. His growl could be heard even outside of the car, but she pushed down the anxious feeling and went upstairs. She grabbed a pillow and blanket, heading towards the couch when J blocked her path.


“Where are you going?”

“I’m sleeping on the couch. Move.” He grabbed the items in her hands and put them to the side. Then he grabbed her face and made her look at him.

“No, you’re not. Tell daddy what’s wrong.” His gaze softened when he saw the tears in her eyes. She bit her lip and continued to glare, even though her eyesight was becoming blurry.

“Really? Don’t act like you don’t know. You did that on purpose. What did you think was gonna happen? That I would just run into your arms?”  He put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Did you see her-” He was cut off by a punch in the face. His nose cracked, causing his eyes to tear up from the pressure.

“Now, doll” He sighed and snapped it back into place. When he looked up, he saw her eyes change from anger to worry. “If you would have just let me finish my sentence, I would have said ‘Did you see her get on my lap?’. No one told her to.” Y/N’s eyes instantly changed back to anger, the hint of fear gone.

“You didn’t do anything to stop it-

“But no! You want to go around throwing punches. Don’t be such a hypocrite,you certainly didn’t do anything to stop it either.”

“Screw you, I’m leaving.” She prayed he would just let her go, but before she could walk away he grabbed her arm and yanked her to him.

“Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you. You want to hit me? Hit your daddy? Aw, no no no, we can’t have that.” His grip on her arm didn’t loosen as he started walking her backwards.

“Wait, J” Her voice broke, and she swore she saw something in his eyes flicker before turning back to the angry and playful look he had now.

“So, what to do to a naughty girl, huh? How about a game?” She couldn’t form words, her face turned pale and she looked terrified.

“Go hide, If I find you, I get to punish you” He circled her and pressed his front to her back. His face pressed against her ear.”however I please. If you win, I do nothing.” He shoved her away from him, a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he started counting. Her heart was pounding, anxiety and adrenaline causing her to run as fast as she could. His house was so big she didn’t know where to start. She ran as quietly to the front door. Of course, it was locked. Deciding it would be her best bet to hide upstairs, she walked back into the living room, but didn’t hear him counting. When she went back, he wasn’t there. Her stomach did somersaults as she went as fast as she could up the stairs.  She sees Frost about to leave and runs over to the railing

“Frost!” She whispers and catches his attention. He looks at the door and back to her, probably thinking if he can act like he didn’t hear her and keep walking.

“Frost!” He sighs and looks up.

“I don’t know-”

“Shhhh!” Y/N shushes him as he talks in an audible voice.

“Where’s J?”

“I don’t know-” She shushes him again as he continues to speak normally.

“I need your help.” Frost doesn’t move. She beckons him with frantic waves of her hand.  He refused to help her so she decided to hurry up and find a spot. J would occasionally growl, helping her know where he was. It also succeeded in giving her a heart attack when he was close. Sometimes she thought he knew exactly where she was and he was just playing with her.


J stopped growling, so now she had no idea where he was. Her hiding spots changed constantly depending on what room J had gone in. Now she was running down a hallway and right when she turned a corner she ran right into J. She instinctively screamed and tried to run the other way.

“Darling!” He grabbed her and shoved her to the ground, preventing her escape. She landed on her tailbone and groaned.

“You did better than I thought you would, be thankful you didn’t end up with a broken nose.” She gritted her teeth, forcing the tears back as she glared up at him.

“Aw, baby, you don’t get to cry. You hit daddy first-” Y/N growled as she grabbed his legs and tried to yank them out from under him. It didn’t work, so she tried again. He still didn’t budge.  His expression darkened.

“Anything else?” She looks up at him with a confused look on her face.

“Are you going to do anything else? Are you going to keep trying to upset daddy?”

She got up and stomped to her room. J teasing her the whole way.

“Aw, we’re pouting now!” She slammed the door to her room.

That night he only came in the room to get his pillow. He peaked open the door and only saw the silhouette of the person in the bed. She stirred when he sat on the edge.

“How’s your back?”

“Go away.” Anger was rising in him until he noticed her tear stained cheeks. That, and her voice was hoarse.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving with a pillow.

He took his place on the couch and draped an arm over his face, realizing how his dumbass went too far. He dreaded the long sleepless hours that would lead him to realizing he could lose her.

About three hours later he heard quiet footsteps approaching him. Y/N came and moved his arm-the one not covering his eyes- and stuffed herself into his side, placing his arm around her. He couldn’t hide his smile and gently massaged her lower back.

“You need anything?” He didn’t let his concern drip into his voice.

“You.” His heart did something then, and he was certain he was having a heart attack. He never felt his heart clench at something so- so endearing. His growling caused her to glance up nervously at him and he instinctively tightened his grip.

“You do realize that wasn’t all of your punishment, right?” He flipped her off the couch and made sure she landed on top of him before gently flipping her over. Y/N giggled at the sight of him, his hair all in his face and his eyes glinting dangerously in the moonlight coming from the window. She gave him a teasing smile before kissing his nose.

“Do your worst.”

The Player


Summary: After many night of being woken up by your neighbor’s poor music skills, you finally decide to take matters into your own hands and teach the man how to play the piano.

Warnings: You should know by now, I swear like a sailor

Word count: 1656

A/N: This is one-shot is a birthday gift for my dear friend @the-silver-iris who is a great writer and an amazing human being. I LOVE YOU IRIS! I hope you had an amazing day today (and many more to come), and I’m lucky to have met someone as special and beautiful as you are. I hope you like this <3

Technically, it’s still the 8th (and, yes I made sure I had your time zone right so you would get this on your actual birthday). So enjoy!

Originally posted by pastel-rainclouds

You don’t know what time it is when you hear yet another thing slam against the walls of the apartment next door.

For over two weeks now, you’ve been living in your new apartment just outside of Brooklyn, and in that short period of time, you’ve had to deal with your annoying, loud neighbor. You’ve seen the guy only one time, as you were moving all your stuff into your apartment, but aside from the permanent scowl on his face, you haven’t seen much of him.

Hearing, however, is another thing. Almost every single day, without fail, there’s the sound of horrible piano music, followed by an eventual thud against the wall. This is something you probably wouldn’t have a problem with, if the guy were doing it at a decent hour, except that is still dark, and you’ve probably had only a couple of hours of sleep, but your nightstand clock shows that it’s barely one in the morning.

Pulling your very tired self from your bed and putting on a pair of slippers, you drag yourself through your apartment and to your neighbor’s front door, where the faint sound of a piano can be heard.

Knock! Knock!

Your hand bangs loudly against the wooden surface, effectively interrupting whoever is playing the piano. Patiently, you wait for the door to be opened, mentally going over your angry rant, but all coherent thoughts flee from your mind the second your neighbor opens his apartment door, the lights from inside his living room spilling out into the hall.

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anonymous asked:

Any headcannons for the 104 kids on how they act when they're sick?

Armin: He whines and complains for a while, and then if no one pays any attention he just settles down grumpily and reads or sips tea
Eren: “I’m not sick, shut up” he says as he leans over a bucket, with sweat rolling down his brow and dark circles under his eyes. He keeps trying to assure everyone he’s fine and get up and do things, but everyone shoves him back into bed
Mikasa: Becomes very quiet and soft, and will talk even less than usual. She’ll also beg Armin for some sort of quick remedy because she wants to get back to training, and she keeps trying to push herself to get better, just like Eren
Marco: Tries to act as though he’s fine, and then one morning he just curls up in bed and goes “nooooooooo”
Jean: “FUCK I AM LITERALLY DYING DO NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND” He complains and moans and makes sure EVERYONE knows he’s ill
Sasha: Just tries to eat her problems away, spends most of her time in bed, either sleeping or eating. She can almost act her normal self when ill
Connie: Sneezes everywhere and complains and tries everything to try and get well as fast as possible
Ymir: Very clingy and whiny (particularly to Krista) and she grovels to anyone who will listen, but she mostly just tries to work through it
Reiner: Literally just keeps going, he’s like a tank, nothing takes him down, and GOD FORBID something does, because then everyone is fucked
Bertholdt: He keeps trying to assure everyone he’s fine or that his illness is very minor “it’s just a little cold, I’m fine”, and he tries to carry on as normal, but eventually he just knocks it on the head and goes back to sleep
Annie: Just tries to internalise it all until she collapses
Krista: God forbid when Krista gets ill because she usually nurses everyone else back to life. She’d keep trying to ignore it and assure everyone that it’s nothing, but when she does give in she’d be a very quiet and undemanding patient

Fight - Suga (BTS)

You were over at Yoongi’s apartment with the rest of the boys as they all decided to have a party at his place. You were very close with all of the boys. You were Jungkook’s best friend from young and he introduced you to everyone and ever since then you were inseparable with the boys. You even developed a crush on Yoongi and it was obvious he had feelings for you too but none of you had confessed as yet.

Right now the party well if you could call it a party with just the eight of you was fun. You guys were dancing in the living room, goofily of course as you drank beers and listened to the music. Taehyung and Jimin were at the center leading the little dance session. Hoseok and Jungkook were to one side trying to follow the silly moves while Namjoon and Jin were just laughing having given up on trying.

You were to the corner resting because you were so out of breath from dancing so long. Suddenly you felt arms wrapped around you and you smiled when a soft kiss was placed to the back of your neck, “Yoongi.” you said knowing his arms and lips anywhere. 

He chuckled behind you pressing another kiss to your neck. “Yes princess.” he whispered, the hot air from his mouth hitting the back of your neck sending goosebumps through your body. 

“Go and dance.” you said throwing your head back onto his shoulder so that you could look at his face.

He smirked “I’d rather be here cuddling you.” he said and you smiled. This was how it always was. Yoongi flirting with you and you flirting back. You both acted like you were together even though you weren’t. You both knew each other had feelings but just didn’t have the courage to confess. You spun around and wrapped your arms around his neck as his went to your waist. “So are you sleeping over?” he asked still smirking.

“Aren’t we all sleeping over, and having a little pajama party in the living room? Wasn’t that the plan?” you asked and he chuckled.

“The other six can sleep here but you and I can sleep in my bed it’d be more comfy that way.” he said and you bit your lip as you ran your hands down his chest feeling his toned body.

“I mean if that’s what you want.” you said seductively. He smiled and his hands trailed down from your waist to your bum giving it a squeeze making you moan without wanting to. His eyes darkened when the sound left your lips, he was obviously pleased with himself. He pulled you closer to him and was about to say something when Jungkook called your name. You turned around and looked at Jungkook as he called you over. 

“I’ll be right back.” you told Yoongi and ran over to your best friend. Jungkook got you caught up with some random conversation and the time just passed by. The other boys went into the kitchen because they decided they wanted to bake a cake. Jungkook and you were just to one side of the room laughing and chatting.

All of a sudden Yoongi came by and said “Y/N I thought you were coming right back.”

Your eyes widened instantly having forgotten about that. You turned to him immediately and pouted “I’m sorry Yoongi, time just…” you began but you were cut off by Jungkook.

“Excuse me Yoongi but Y/N and I were talking.” he said sassily making you frown and Yoongi glare at him.

“Jungkook…” you began but Yoongi interrupted you this time.

“Exactly you were talking and now Y/N and I are talking.” Yoongi said back glaring daggers at Jungkook. 

Jungkook glared back at him with his fists clenched. He opened his mouth to say something but it was your turn to interrupt. “Boys stop it please, you guys are friends stop acting like this.” you said but neither of them looked at you. Their gazes were on each other. Suddenly Hoseok called you from the kitchen obviously to help them with the cake. “Coming” you shouted back to him.

“Ok boys I’ll be right back please try to make up ok?” you asked and they ignored you. You just rolled your eyes but went into the kitchen anyways. You helped Hoseok and the other boys with mixing the cake and putting it into the oven. “So twenty minutes and then it will be done.” you said smiling at the five boys.

Suddenly you all heard a crash from the living room. “What was that?” Jimin asked and you shrugged as you all made your way to see for yourselves. What you saw made your jaw drop. Jungkook and Yoongi were fighting. They were throwing punches at each other which really scared you. Namjoon and Jin ran in trying to separate them but Yoongi broke free and was about to punch Jungkook again. You however would not allow it. 

You stormed in between them facing Yoongi whose fist was in the air about to lay another punch. When he saw you he softened. “Stop this Yoongi.” you said and he glared at you.

“Fine take his side!” he yelled and stomped to his bedroom making your heart melt at how hurt he looked.

You turned to Jungkook angrily. “What was that about?” you asked sternly and he frowned and shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him. “Seriously Jungkook.” you said turning to go to Yoongi’s room. You heard the other boys scolding Jungkook as you left. 

You pushed his door open softly, entering and closing it back behind you, making sure to lock it so that you could do what you wanted to do. Yoongi was sat on his bed looking at his hands sadly, he didn’t even look up at you when you entered. “Yoongi.” you whispered softly.

“What?” he asked not looking at you.

“What happened out there?” you asked standing right in front of him now.

“Jungkook was being an asshole, saying you’re his best friend and that I need to back off and shit and since you want to take his side I’ll back the fuck off.” He said angrily looking up at you now. You could see the anger and hurt in his eyes. 

“I know he’s clingy but I’ll talk to him about it but I didn’t take his side I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt.” you said looking down at him.

He scoffed and looked down at his lap again. Now you were going to put your plan into action. You straddled his lap making him look at you. Your faces were so close you could feel his breath on yours. With one hand you tugged his beany off of his head and threw it aside as you began to run your fingers through his green dyed hair.  He looked at you, his lips slightly apart as his eyes were clouded. The mood had changed and you could both feel it.

“Yoongi.” you whispered softly and he hummed in response. You let your hands trail down from his hair to his face as you felt his soft skin. You passed your thumb over his plump lips in awe at how beautiful he was. You pulled him in hugging him tightly as he hugged you back. You inhaled his scent as you hugged, he smelled amazing. Instead of pulling away you whispered his name on his neck before placing a soft kiss on it making goosebumps appear on his pale skin. He gasped when you placed another kiss and another on his neck before licking it. 

You pulled away and smiled at him. He bit his lip just looking at you. “I don’t ever want you to back off Yoongi. I don’t want less of you I want more of you, I want all of you.” you said and he instantly pulled you in and attached his soft, plump lips to yours. As soon as his lips touched yours you felt butterflies in your stomach. You kissed him back immediately moving your lips against his in perfect synchronization. He held your back as your hands wrapped around his neck making your first kiss with Yoongi magical. It was the best kiss you ever had and it made you feel so good.

Suddenly he licked on your bottom lip asking for entrance into your mouth. You moaned making him smirk but you gave him what he asked for. He entered his tongue into your mouth and began to soothingly massage your tongue with his. You whimpered into the kiss. He slipped both his hands under your jersey and began rubbing your naked back up and down. His hands on your bare skin made your body heat up. You moaned into the kiss and he pulled away making you whine with the loss of his lips on yours.

He chuckled darkly as he attached his lips to your neck now. His soft lips on your neck began sucking and you moaned yet again attaching your hands to his hair and tugging softly. His hands were still on your back making you feel good. His lips felt heated against your sensitive skin and just from him sucking alone you were feeling so good. You knew your panties were already soaked but you didn’t care at the moment.

Yoongi softly bit down on your neck making you whimper but he quickly soothed his bite with a soft lick which earned a moan from you. He continued abusing your neck like that and you had to admit you loved it, every bite, lick and suck only fueled your obvious desire for him. You let your hands crawl beneath his jersey and you began fondling his very toned abs. You felt him whimper into your neck before biting you yet again. 

You felt him poke you from beneath and you smirked gently grinding down on it. He pulled away from your neck throwing his head back and moaning softly, god he looked so sexy. You grinded on him again this time you moaned because his hard length brushed against your clit. The friction sent a wave of pleasure throughout your body. 

Yoongi looked at you and licked his lips in lust as you grinded on him twice more. At that point he quickly flipped you over so that you were laying on the bed and he was hovering over you. He rolled his hips against yours, this new angle created even more friction against you clit making you whimper. “You like that baby girl?” he asked his voice husky with lust. You moaned and nodded bucking your hips upwards to meet his making him chuckle. “Patience love.” he whispered leaning down and nipping on your bottom lip softly only making you squirm under him.

He straddled your waist and slowly took off your top. He eyed your bra covered boob in lust. He leaned down and gently bit some of the flesh just above your bra as he snaked his hands below your body to undo the hook. Within a minute your bra was off and on the floor. “Fuck” he whispered as he looked at your exposed breasts now. 

“Yoongi.” you moaned breaking him from his trance. You took one of his hands and placed it on your boob where he squeezed immediately making you gasp. He pecked your lips gently before he began kissing down your body, kissing down your neck, licking over the piece of skin that he had bruised earlier. He kissed down your shoulders and collarbones stopping to gently suck on one, leaving a little hickey.  

You squirmed just needing his touch. Any place his lips ghosted felt heated. He finally reached your boobs. He began sucking on the fleshy area on one leaving anther hickey there making you gasp. Suddenly he sucked on the nipple and you moaned tugging on his hair gently. He sucked it a few more times before he began circling the nipple with his tongue his other hand was squeezing your other boob.

You couldn’t help it, you moaned his name loudly. He pulled his mouth away from your boob and looked up at you darkly. “Do that again.” he said but you blushed embarrassed. His eyes got more serious “I said do it again.” he ordered as he gently leaned down and bit your nipple. You basically screamed his name now and he chuckled licking the nipple to sooth the slight pain.

He switched boobs and gave the other one the same amount of attention before he pulled away from you. He unstraddled you and slowly undid your shorts slipping them off of your body. You rubbed your thighs together wanting some friction because you were so horny now. Yoongi smirked looking down at you in only your soaking white panties now. He put one hand by your core cupping your heat. “You’re so fucking wet baby, why is that?” he asked smirking at you cockily. 

You looked up at him through hooded eyes and said “Because I want your cock inside my pussy.”

He chuckled darkly “Babe didn’t I tell you to have some patience, I need to have a taste first.” he said and you moaned involuntarily bucking your hips upward. He chuckled again, ripping your panties of making you whine and look at your ruined underwear. He smirked and got in between your legs softly kissing your thighs and lower stomach, not even touching your aching core.

“Yoongi please touch me.” you moaned impatiently. In response he bit your inner thigh hard making you gasp. He sucked on it a little and you knew he left a hickey. After that however he passed a finger up your core opening you up fully. 

“So pretty.” he whispered to himself before he buried his face in your core licking you ruthlessly. You weren’t prepared for this sudden intense pleasure. You arched your back and screamed instantly wrapping your legs around his head and tangling your hands in his hair, tugging hard. 

He looked up at you, his eyes so dark with lust now. You moaned looking down at him as he licked you so good, making sure and leaving no part of your core untouched. He was so good with his tongue it was unbelievable and he seemed to enjoying eating you just as much as you enjoyed his mouth on you. 

“Just like that daddy.” you moaned and with your words he nibbled softly on your clit making you scream with intense pleasure. He licked your clit after before he began rhythmically sucking on it sending wave after wave of sweet pleasure through your body. You couldn’t help the moans and screams that left your lips, you couldn’t stay quiet even if your tried.

Suddenly however you felt two of Yoongi’s thick, rough fingers jam into your hole and you arched you back and began to rock against his face. You were now rubbing your pussy against him as he sucking and licked your clit and fingered you so well. 

You leaned up on your elbows wanting to see him better and reached up with his free hand and began pinching your nipple softly. You gasped “Daddy.” making him pinch it again and again. He obviously loved it when you called him that. 

Without a warning he arched his fingers up and hit hard against your g spot spiraling you into even more pleasure. You could feel your orgasm approaching rapidly. You closed your eyes arched your back and tugged on his hair hard as you came screaming his name. You were sure the other boys heard but you didn’t care. He licked you dry before sitting up and staring down at your panting naked figure.

“Fuck Y/N” he groaned getting off of the bed and stripping totally. You stared in awe at his abs and toned body as well as his thick cock that was fully erected for you. You got on your hands and knees and crawled to him so that your face was right by it. The head was so red and it was dripping pre cum. He needed you so bad. 

You opened your mouth and leaned in to suck it but he pulled it away from you making you pout up at him. “Daddy can’t wait to be in that pussy baby.” he said but you kept pouting up at him. He took one hand and tangled it in your hair pulling back softly making you look up at him even more. You leaned into his touch making him bite his lip at how submissive you were being. “Just a taste then baby.” he said and your eyes instantly lit up. 

You leaned in and licked his salty pre cum off of him making him throw his head back. You then took his head into your mouth sucking on it greedily loving the feeling of him in your mouth. “Fuck” he grunted as you took more and more of him in until he hit the back of your throat making you gag all around him. He grunted again as you began bobbing your head up and down on him but before you knew it he pulled out of you. “I said just a taste babe.” he said and you nodded. 

“Lay back for daddy like a good girl.” he whispered passing his fingers through your hair. You did as he asked spreading your legs wide eager to have him inside of you. “Good girl.” he praised as he positioned himself in between your legs. “Ready baby?” he asked pecking your lips softly.

“Yes daddy.” you said. You could feel his dick at your entrance before he gently entered you slowly. You moaned feeling every inch of him enter your needy core. 

“Fuck you’re tight.” he mumbled when he was fully inside of you. He gave you a few seconds to adjust before he started moving in you, slowly at first. You gasped at the feeling of him moving in you. His dick was the largest you had ever had and it stretched you perfectly. He filled you up making it even more pleasurable. His eyes studied your face as he fucked you slowly. He was watching how your lips moved when you moaned, how your tongue swept over your chapped lips and how your brows furrowed in pleasure. He wanted to remember your facial expressions as he fucked you.

“Yoongi” you moaned softly biting your lips as you wrapped your legs around him pulling him in even closer, making him go into you even deeper and increasing both of your pleasure. He leaned down and attached his lips to yours as you kissed softly and slowly just savoring everything.

His tongue slipped into your mouth as he frenched you with so much passion. You moaned into the kiss as you dug your nails into his back making him quicken the pace of his hips a bit, he was now fucking you faster. You clenched around him and he moaned into the kiss loving the feeling of you around his dick. He bit your bottom lip making you moan. 

He pulled away from the kiss only to give you a sweet kiss on your forehead. He looked you deep in the eyes with his brown ones pecking your lips again before whispering “I love you.” 

Without even thinking you said “I love you to.” and you meant it. He kissed you again briefly before he quickened his pace yet again. He was hitting all the right places inside of you making you feel better than ever. You began moving your hips under him at his pace, thrusting up when he thrusted into you letting him go into you even deeper.

He was hitting places now that you didn’t know were even possible to hit and just like that he hit your g spot and you closed your eyes and arched your back in pleasure. He kept fucking you at that angle making sure to hit your spot every-time. After a few more thrusts you whispered “I’m so close daddy.” He began fucking you as fast as he could. It was obvious he was close to as he now grunted with each thrust. 

He leaned down capturing your lips with his as you both came. The kiss swallowing up your moans. He rode out your orgasms before collapsing beside you pulling you into his strong arms making you feel safe. “I love you.” he said again.

You smiled “I love you to.” you whispered as he pecked your forehead and you both drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning you awoke to voices in the living room and an empty bed. You got up stretched and grabbed Yoongi’s jersey from the floor and throwing it to cover your body. You went into the living room to see Jungkook and Yoongi laughing with each other. “I take it that you two made up.” you said and they both looked at you and smiled.

“Yup.” Jungkook said coming over and hugging you. Yoongi followed him and placed a soft kiss to your lips. They filled you in on everything. Apparently Jungkook always felt that  Yoongi was playing with your feelings by flirting with you for no reason. Jungkook failed to realize that Yoongi actually loved you but was to shy to confess. Yoongi told him while you were sleeping that he truly loved you and that was that they were friends again. Jungkook was just trying to protect you.

You were so happy they were friends again and also that Yoongi was yours. 

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My Girl

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Requested by anonymous:

“Could you do a newt imagine where after all the gladers get out of the maze, and the reader is separated from them with Teresa, and newt goes out of his mind until he finally gets her back? (You can choose how/when he gets her back)”

Warnings: Angst, fluff, film spoilers?? (idk)

It was like a blur. One minute you were crying over Chuck’s death, the next you were being pushed by uniform clad men into the blinding light. 

The scorching sun beat down on you as you squinted to try and get accustomed to the light. In the panic of things you lost your grip on Newt as you stumbled on the sand. A split second of sheer panic swept through you as you looked for him but couldn’t see him. Newt was the one person who had helped you get through the maze and come out the other side with your sanity intact. He’d saved you from yourself and the threats the maze brought more times than you could count. He was your rock and you’d be lost without him.

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Yandere 1p & 2p Axis head canons (sfw)

1p Italy/ Feliciano Vargas:

  • -Sickly Sweet 
  • -Light stalking
  • -Will become your best friend and advance from there, forcefully if he feels there is no other way
  • -Literally the cuddliest thing ever 
  • -Treats you like a princess
  • -Don’t make him jealous or mad though, he gets REALLY scary
  • -Weapon of choice is just a regular hand gun

2p Italy/ Luciano Vargas:

  • -Very flirty 
  • -Excessive amounts of stalking, especially when you’re sleeping 
  •  -You will probably find yourself kidnapped
  • -He won’t keep his eyes (or hands) off you
  •  -To him you both have been together since whenever he decided he liked you
  •  -You won’t get that many chances to make him jealous. But I swear to god DON’T, not only is it very easy it’s very terrifying
  •  -Weapon of choice is of course, knives

 1p Germany/ Ludwig Beilschmidt: 

  • -He acts even more frigid and uptight when he’s around you 
  • -He doesn’t “stalk” really, but he uses his position to keep a bit of an eye on you (ex: grades, friend circle, random things about you) 
  • -He won’t try to kidnap you, as he knows that will get him in a lot of trouble and ruin everything. But he might (remorsefully) make you feel trapped in a way, so it will be easier for him to get to you
  • -He’s kind of awkward with physical interaction, but hugs every once in a while are expected 
  •  -He would be very strict about borders in the relationship and things each of them have to do to keep the other happy (which could mean more touching if you’re one of those people) 
  • - Depends on who it is on how jealous he could get (ex: not too worried about Italy or Japan but gets protective around his brother and his friends) 
  • - His weapons are guns, ALL the guns 

 2p Germany/ Lutz Beilschmidt

  • -Overly sexual flirting, like, all the time
  • -A bit lighter stalking than what Luciano does, but will still add, “ follow _ around” to his hobbies- 
  • If he’s absolutely convinced that there’s no other way, only then will he try to take you
  • - Super sexual touching, but if you express that you don’t like it he may tone it down
  • - Doesn’t get jealous until you start flirting back
  • - gets very violent when jealous
  • -Weapon of choice is just his fists and occasionally, like, a broken bottle

1p Japan/ Kiku Honda:

  • -A bit bolder around his crush, surprisingly
  • -No real stalking, but low-key eavesdropping so he can see what the two of you have in common so he can try to make a bond
  • -He would be willing to go through with any kidnapping if there was a rival, but if he did he would very apologetic about it
  • -Very unlike his normal self, he is very affectionate and touchy, but would never go anywhere near any of your more private areas unless he had permission
  • -Doesn’t easily get jealous, but will get proective if the other person(s) are getting pushy or too advancing
  • -Actually not a bad person
  • -Weapon of choice is a Katana  

2p Japan/ Kuro Honda:

  • -Normal behavior doesn’t change much when he has someone to obsess over
  • -Stalking about the same as Luciano, minus when you’re sleeping, because he needs it too
  • -Will kidnap if things start not going the way he planned
  • -Also pretty touchy and affectionate
  • -He probably won’t get jealous ever, I mean it’s not easy but it’s not hard, you just won’t be around people with him, because he doesn’t like people in general
  • -Anyone in the way will not be there for long
  • -Weapon of choice is again a Katana

Summary: Chris was the best best friend you could wish for. The problem was that you were in love with him and unfortunately he didn’t make it any easier for you. Every time he showed interest in a girl, he came to you asking for advice. How long would it take until you break and what would happen afterwards?

Words: 1973

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

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Warnings: None that I could think of

A/N: So this is my first Chris Evans One Shot and I’m really insecure about this, so sorry if I didn’t get his character on point. Also this One Shot is kind of oriented on the movie What’s your number. 
Feedback would be great!

@withoutaplease @thebescht

Loud knocking on your front door woke you up. At first you thought you had only imagined it, but then the knocking was back and you groaned. Forcing your eyes open, you glanced at the clock. It was 3AM who the hell would knock at your door at 3AM?

Slowly you dragged yourself out of your bed and more or less dragged your body to the door. As you opened the door, you didn’t even have a moment to realize what was happening before Chris pushed into your apartment.

“Why the hell are you knocking at my door at 3 in the morning?” you asked him after you closed the door.

“Listen Y/N, I kind of need your advice,” Chris told as he rubbed his neck.

“An advice? You come here in the middle of the night for advice? And that couldn’t have waited until tom.. later today?” you furrowed your eyebrows as you glanced at him.

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iKON As Husbands

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Anonymous: can you do how ikon would be as husbands? (just a short lil blurbs for each) thank you!!!

My fluffy feels. x.x I almost couldn’t handle this. This is probably longer than you meant, but this was fun and I couldn’t stop myself. >.<


  • The husband that treats you as his equal.
  • You fairly divide up housework. Like one night you’ll cook and he’ll clean up and the next night you switch.
  • He’ll always text you to tell you when he’ll come home.
  • Buys you small and cheap but cute and unique trinkets whenever he goes abroad.
  • WILL tell you to your face that the dress actually does make you look fat.
  • Not that he really cares because you look gorgeous but I mean, you did ask. He’s not about to sugar coat that shit.
  • Always asks if you guys can get a dog. Even though you already have 3.
  • Eventually decides he’d rather have a kid than a puppy so he whines and asks you for that instead.
  • Knows everything you like and dislike. He can always order for you at restaurants and never fails to get your coffee order perfect.
  • Seems to read your mind because he always knows what you want.
  • Likes day long cuddle sessions on the weekends.
  • Doesn’t say he loves you very often but when he does say it it’ll make your heart flutter even though you’ve been together for a decade.

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  • The husband that likes to pamper you like the princess you are.
  • Tries to always come home for dinner, but sometimes he’s late so he’ll pick up your favorite flowers on the way home.
  • Buys you tons of girly dresses because he thinks they’d look so pretty on you. Half of the time they aren’t your size, but he tries his best.
  • Helps you out around the house whenever he can, especially when it comes to cooking.
  • Loves when you make him box lunches. Brags about them to the boys.
  • Showers you in compliments because you are the love of his life and the most beautiful person in the world.
  • He giggles whenever you do something mildly cute.
  • Keeps you updated on his day with selfies. Overuses heart emojis.
  • Calls you ‘Yeobo’ to an excessive degree because he’s just so happy he’s allowed to say it. It makes him so happy that he’s married.
  • He refuses to leave the house without a goodbye kiss. Refuses to come inside past the entryway until he gets a welcome home kiss.
  • Sings Disney songs at random moments throughout the day.
  • Never lets you forget how madly in love with you he is. Always reminds you he wants to be with you forever.

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  • The husband that is also your best friend.
  • More inside jokes than you can count. You both generally confuse anyone you’re around because of them.
  • So much sex oh my god. Like you better get some endurance.
  • Pervy comments and eyebrow wiggles. Also butt slapping. All of this coming from both him and you.
  • Him serenading you while horribly off pitch and grinning like the big bunny he is and it makes you laugh uncontrollably.
  • He’s so amazed whenever you cook for him because he can barely make toast without setting the kitchen on fire.
  • Teasing each other relentlessly.
  • Taking horrible candid pictures of each other and posting them online.
  • Laying his head in your lap so you can pat his hair as he rants or vents or just talks about complete nonsense.
  • Acts overly dramatic 95% of the time. 
  • Loves shopping for groceries with you. Usually fills the cart with junk food when you aren’t looking.
  • Random days where you’re both sugary sweet with each other and it’s just twenty four hours of kisses, cuddles, and compliments.

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  • The slightly awkward husband that doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • Tries to act like a cool and mature husband but in reality he’s always unsure of himself because how does one marriage?
  • Is almost always later than he says he’s going to be but splutters out apologies even though you aren’t that mad.
  • Still spends nights at the studio on a regular basis. He always appreciates it when you visit him with food and kisses.
  • The guy that kisses to you “replenish his energy”
  • Likes holding your hand when you sleep together.
  • Secretly can’t wait for the two of you to have kids but he doesn’t know how to bring it up. Eventually he accidentally blurts it out.
  • Random nights of reassurance where he’ll pull you into his arms and just remind you that everything will be alright and you’ll have a happy ending.
  • Never gets over the fact that you wear his t-shirts to bed.
  • Wants to have baths with you on a regular basis. Innocent ones, with special bath bombs and light conversation.
  • He’d love you so damn much but wouldn’t always know how to show it. He’d still try his best to be a husband you could be proud of.

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  • The greasy, flirty husband who loves you way too much.
  • Enjoys watching dramas with you and reciting the cheesiest lines.
  • Always tries to fall asleep after you so he can admire you for at least a few minutes before he passes out.
  • Constantly pulls you onto his lap with his arms around your waist.
  • Stares at your ring finger in admiration because he still can’t believe that you said yes. The memory never fails to make him smile.
  • Takes way too many pictures of everything because he wants to immortalize every moment in film.
  • Takes you on vacations whenever he can.
  • Will talk about you for hours if given an opportunity. Even on tv shows or during interviews. He just loves bragging about you.
  • Texts you throughout the day. They range from ‘I love you sweetie!’ to ‘I want you to be naked and blindfolded when I get home.’
  • Loves buying you presents. You never ask for them or need anything he gives you, but he always buys you things anyways.
  • An abundance of PDA. Everyone in the world will know how in love he is.
  • So many compliments and tons of affection because he never wants you to forget for a second that you are his entire world.

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  • The husband that lowkey loves you.
  • Always throwing shade. Gets turned on when you return the favor.
  • Stares at you a lot. When you notice he says it’s because you had something on your face when in reality he was just admiring your beauty.
  • Teases you about being shorter than him. He likes resting his chin or arms on top of your head. Finds it hilarious.
  • Can’t sleep well without you in his arms, not that he’ll ever admit it.
  • Randomly reminds you that he loves you in indirect and indiscreet ways, never actually saying it because he feels embarrassed.
  • Goes to you whenever he’s stressed or unsure of something because without your support he would be a complete mess.
  • But he’s always willing to return the favor, always being there for you when you really need him.
  • Loves buying you lingerie. Expects you to wear it and send him pictures whenever he’s away for work.
  • Secretly thinks you are the most beautiful and wonderful person to ever exist and is always amazed that you willingly stay with him.
  • But he’ll usually act cocky like you’re the lucky one.
  • Even though he’s bad at expressing his feelings, you’d know how much he cared about you. He’d truly, genuinely love you with all his heart.

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  • The fun and cute husband you can be yourself with.
  • The two of you being pro at co-op video games because you’ve been practicing them together for the entirety of your relationship.
  • Both of you having each other’s back, always defending each other and always protecting each other.
  • Loves when you don’t wear make up and dress in his clothes and just act like a total dork as you share a pizza.
  • He makes everything into a game or contest. Even cleaning is fun.
  • Date nights once a week. If he has to miss one you have an extra the next week. He takes date night very seriously.
  • Likes when you dress up for dates because while he loves your dorky self, he also loves seeing you all pretty and feminine.
  • Really wants kids even though he usually acts like a kid himself.
  • Can never get over how cute you are when you just wake up.
  • Lots of playful teasing and witty comebacks but also lots of kind and caring gestures and sweet words of affection and encouragement.
  • Nose kisses, nose kisses, nose kisses! He’d love nose kisses.
  • While he might not take lots of things seriously, he would take your marriage seriously, putting your happiness above all else.

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