even though he's just acting like he's sleeping

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Hc on if the greaser boys were girls, and how they would act on their periods?? Thx!!

Ha this is a great prompt 😂

💡Darry would be the kind to just rough it out

💡 Bad ass bitch going to work. Doing all the stuff like normal

💡 Even though the cramps hurt like a bitch

💡We all know Two would get drunk and eat cake to relieve the pain

💡Dallas would sleep it off because he has nothing better to do

💡Pony is SO complain-y

💡Cried a lot more because the puppy on TV looked sad

💡Soda would be way more cuddly

💡Like at work he’d be all over Steve

💡Steve would cuss and yell at Pony more often

💡 Which makes Pony cry

💡 Johnny would just be that kid who’s chill and is super sweet while on their period

Exo’s reaction to their girlfriend pulling them close in the middle of the night and waking them up

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*slowly opens eyes and makes assorted groaning sounds* 

“Nhhhggggg what do you want.”

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*lazily sits up and pulls you closer into his arms*

“Hey is everything alright?”

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*is too tired to notice your cuddles*


*shifts to face you and nuzzles into your hair*


*arm immediately pulls you into close tight hug and falls back alseep*


*head drifts over to rest on your shoulder*


*gets cranky when woken up but realizes it’s just you and falls back asleep*


*gets super freaked out before he notices it was you who touched him*

“Oh my god get it off!!!”


*starts intently playing with you’re hair and just watches you sleep for a while*

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*tries to act like he isn’t enjoying it, even though he really is*

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: even after two years of fail ships and the non-dying obsession of stendan BK is still forcing ships with no chemistry whatsoever down our throats. In spite of all the negative feedback that these ships receive the writers still like to imply that they are a powerful couple that are loved by all. First we had to deal with the reunion of stug and witness the Oprah Winfrey show guest reject kissing Ste AGAIN. Then we had to deal with Mcshit which was even worse because having Ste kiss that human reptile is like having broccoli on pizza. As if those two shitfest ships weren't enough we now have to deal with St***y even though Ste would never sleep with a teenager. Especially one who looks like he's just taking a strong dose of night-nurse. And the only reason anybody likes him is because they're too busy looking at his nipples to notice that he can't act. Stendan were a power couple and nobody can ever replace them. Seeing Ste with anyone who isn't Brendan is like driving past McDonald's. I just miss Emmett and his sexy face.
Watching a Horror movie with BTS

J-Hope: Would use you as a human shield to protect himself, wrapping his arms around you. You probably had to bribe him or force him to watch it. The movie itself wouldn’t scare him but the jump scares would be what get to him. He’d hold onto you and repeat, “It’s not scary, it’s just a movie” over and over. He’d want lots of blankets to protect himself and probably wouldn’t sleep alone or with the lights off later. You probably would jump more at his screams then you would at the movie. He’d be just a scared as you if not more, which wouldn’t really help either of you.

Jimin: Would try and comfort you when you get scared though he’s as scared as you, he’d tease you when you’d hide your face with his body or even a pillow, acting like the movie wasn’t scary. He would definitely regret the decision of watching the movie. Jimin would be really touchy-feely with you in an innocent way just because though he looks fine inside he’s screaming and you make him feel safer.

Jungkook: Wouldn’t be too scared of the movie, probably jump and be surprised a couple of times. He’d giggle and grin, when you screamed or buried your face in his chest, gripping onto him. This would probably be his favourite part of the movie. He’d be wrapping his arms around you tightly and be really good comfort, telling you how it’s fake and nothing to be scared.

Suga: Wouldn’t be phased at all. He’d give you looks if you jumped or screamed like, “Really? You thought that was scary?” he would laugh at how cute you were and he’d be happy to comfort you if he saw that you were really scared. He would give more attention to you than to the movie. I’d say he would lose interest quite quickly and suggest you go to bed and cuddle instead.

V: Would laugh each time either one of you gets jumps or screams (that’s what I do). Giggling to himself he’d find your reactions to being scared cute. Taehyung is definitely the type to suggest and enjoy watching horror films. If he thought you were getting to fearful he’d point out things and make fun of the movie to make you laugh and distract you a little so you don’t find it as scary.

Jin: Would be a little bit more jumpy than some of the other boys but still not as phased. Would find you really cute when you’re scared. He’d pull you really close to him and whisper things in your ear throughout the film. Keeping a watchful eye on you, making sure you weren’t freaking out too much. Being the caring, motherly guy he’d constantly ask you if you were okay and could handle it.

Rapmonster: Be that cheesy guy, like “Don’t worry I’ll protect you””Okay you can look now, the scary part is over” he’d smile like crazy when you held onto him as tight as you could. Probably kiss the side of your head, to which you’d find great comfort in having him with you. He probably suggested to watch the horror so he could have this exact scenario play out, with you needing him and holding onto him, so he could just touch you. He’d think he’s so cool too.

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