even though he would have been shitting himself on the inside

Bill’s Next Possession

I’ve seen a lot of discussion going around on who Bill’s “outside pawn” will be. Gideon’s the big one, but I’ve seen Soos, Stan, and Bud suggested a lot too.

Smart money is DEFINITELY on Gideon though. He’s stuck in jail, needs a deal, potentially still owes a deal, and has even already contacted Bill. Maybe it’s obvious already, but in case you have any doubts, consider this:

Bill casually revealed the future before introducing himself to Ford.

Maybe he’s flaunting his near-omniscient knowledge, or something. Who knows. Point is, what if he’s done it before? What if it’s something of a habit?

If any theory fanatic had to describe that line in one word it would be… frustrating. Nobody has really had any idea what in the hell it meant, and it’s generally just been written off as a simple quirky line. But it’s actually an amazing line. It was an inside joke for Bill and foreshadowing for us. 

Bill literally told Gideon, to his face, that he was going to be used as a meat puppet.