even though he will have a billion

poll: which part of Jason’s Bar Mitzvah is the most emotionally ruinous?

  1. how happily the song starts, so you are deluded into thinking that you will be fine as you listen to it
  2. Cordelia happily singing “I’ll unwrap the billion hors d’oeuvres” one song after Whizzer says that “When [death] comes, screw the nerves, I’ll be eating hors d’oeuvres” 
  3. Trina sort of bittersweetly singing “Probably it’s doubly useful at a time like this” because something that was supposed to be a celebration has death looming over it
  4. Trina softly singing “I feel more helpless than I have in years” alone
  5. Whizzer interrupting by saying “Please excuse me if I interfere” even though he isn’t interfering whatsoever and he just wants to toast Jason and this is the last fatherly thing he’ll ever be able to do for Jason and he knows it
  6. Cordelia saying “Actually…, we’re seven,” because they’ve become a little family despite all of their hardships and differences
  7. Charlotte, Cordelia, and Trina all singing as the boys get Jason dressed and all three of them coming together to sing “I feel more helpless than I have in years”
  8. Mendel sounding like he’s torn between laughing and crying as he sings “Fix his tie / Trina, try to make him smile more”
  9. “Don’t know why, but he looks like Marvin…”
  10. Marvin’s entire part of the song where he’s probably on the verge of crying to Jason, “You hold my dreams, kid / I burst at the seams ‘cause of you”
  11. “Son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob / Son of Marvin, son of Trina, son of Whizzer, son of Mendel / And godchild to the lesbians from next door!”
  12. Jason singing in Hebrew and his whole reading ending with the word “father” 
  13. the music slowly fading into What Would I Do at the end, as if you weren’t crying enough

So I have watched the balcony scene like a billion times now and something that struck me as sad was Magnus putting back his glamour. Even though he’s still angry with Alec he takes the time to not only cover himself with the hoodie but also put back the glamour on his eyes before actually facing Alec. 

He still has so many walls up and I can’t wait to see how they get torn down through the course of this season. Cause you know when Alec grabbed his arm and slid it down to his hand? Yeah that was the sound of a wall tumbling down.

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for a flashfic: Gordon and Alan and losing comms

“Virgil? Are you there? Thunderbird Two, respond!”


Brown eyes meet blue. The youngest of the five now alone, their big brother cut off, the signal somewhere in the wilds of the unknown.

A little like them. Alan clenches his jaw tight against the bitter cold, even though he’s in his space-rated suit, with his helmet firmly on. He doesn’t get cold in the dark maw of space. But he’s cold now—and it has nothing to do with the blizzard.

Gordon’s face goes through ten expressions in a second. He starts with blind panic, but ends with molten determination. You see, the two youngest—the tinies, the small ones, the terrible twosome—have never been cut off before. Virgil’s baritone has always been there, or Scott’s hummingbird call. And John, a million billion miles away, yet always a chirp in their ears.

But not now. They’re in the middle of the mother of all snowstorms, with two trapped climbers to get to, and no Big Brother Patrol on standby. Snow catches in the recess between their helmets and their visors, building like mini mountain ranges, sloughing away like tiny avalanches.

“Thunderbird Two and Thunderbird Five, respond!”

A last ditch attempt, but to no avail. The only sound is that of the wind outside, and hammering hearts inside.

Gordon licks his lips, passing his tongue over the fleshy pink. He holds his breath, then releases it, slow, slow, slow.

Brown finds blue.

“We got this,” he says.

He squeezes Alan’s suit as hard as he can, willing the sensation through the stark hardness of Alan’s suit.

Alan nods, swallows, and blinks. His blue eyes grow steely.

“Yeah. We got this.”

The difference between SF&CS is Neal always took responsibly for his actions, he could of easily said “August talked me into it”, while Hook always blames it on something else, either another person or the darkness. That’s why Neal was and always will be the better man then Hook. 

Wait “could of” (sic)??? Bagel literally did say that. His actual words were “I’m sorry I let August talk me into sending you to prison. But I had no choice”. (even though August’s words were, literally, “I’m gonna tell you a story and at the end, you’ll have to make a choice”. And Bagel chose to frame, betray and abandon Emma and never, EVER look for her.

Conversely, Killian always takes responsibility for his actions, honestly, in the UW he is filled with self loathing and refuses to excuse ANY of it on the darkness. Which is one of ninety billion reasons why Killian will always be the better man than FailFire.

And I seriously have no idea what show they watch, but apparently fanwank is just as good (if not superior, since they’re the REAL fans and know everything that A&E planned and intended) as actual canon, so I guess the version in their head is the one they watch

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I'm even seeing some folks on twitter confirming he's telling the truth about whose going and whose staying. Why are they believing him if he's not telling truth. They just need to cancel with all those that would be leaving. I know you're not a fan of jen but i'm crying over her and gosh going. Why bother with what they have been doing with Emma I know you don't like CS storywise with that just to have her go and colin stay. they could've just broken them up and done the her go him stay deal.

This is a kind of … hysteria.  I’m sorry but the amount of people who are blindly accepting this guy’s opinion is just beyond bizarre.  There are a billion and one rumors floating around that studio.  Many of them conflict.  Yet a guy the fandom barely knows that people are saying “had information before…” (what sort of information?) says he thinks fifty percent of the cast are leaving and you believe him?  Even though he himself has said that his list is just his opinion?

I beg you to consider that just because someone gets a certain kind of spoiler information doesn’t mean they’d have other kinds of spoiler information.  They haven’t to any credible source’s knowledge filmed anyone’s funeral or anyone’s goodbye scene.  Copies of the script aren’t floating around.  Certainly no one in Vancouver was negotiating with actors agents over details of their salary.  And actors aren’t chatting about the details of their compensation packages with grips that are making a fifth of what they make per episode in the entire year.

99% of spoiler information that leaks out into the fandom comes from callsheets.  Here is one appropriately enough from Lost.  It sets out the day’s work, who will be needed, when things are scheduled and anything a crew member might need to know to get their job done.  Very low level production people get call sheets.

The important parts to call out for understanding how Once Upon a Time spoilers leak are these parts…

There is a brief description of the scene and location.  Notice how matter of fact but relatively context free the descriptions are?

Canadagraphs posted bit from this kind of section of a callsheet from 6.12

If you have the call sheet you have a certain amount of information about the content of the scene… though not how it fits into the larger episode.

The next important section for understanding set spoilers is the cast section.  It tells you who is there, what character they’re playing, and their call times.  Thus you can figure out who is in what scenes.

But the last bit is perhaps what is really most important.  The call sheet includes projected filming for the three days following.  The details are more vague but you still get some sense of the scene and who is in it.  Those numbers in the “cast” section are specific people on the cast list.  So for example on Once Ginnifer Goodwin is 1 and Lana Parrilla is 4.  You keep the number throughout production so the fans who get a hold of the callsheets know which number means who.  

So all they need is one callsheet and they can tell you who will be filming for the next three days.  And also the general location where they will be filming in that three day period.

This accounts for almost all the information “in the know” people in Vancouver have ever given out.  And this is not the kind of source that would tell you who is leaving the show at this point in the production two days into starting ep 21.

So what we’re left with is crew gossip.  And I can promise you the kind of crew member who will share their gossip with fans or even paps is not the kind who is privy to this kind of information.

Everyone is guessing.  Some people including people who are listening to crew gossip are making educated guesses.  But you shouldn’t take educated guesses as fact.  There is too much noise out there now.


Still not over now dumb the Time Lords are
  • Time Lords: hey, the Doctor went out of his way to get all of his incarnations together to save our asses.
  • Time Lords: even though we've proven time and time again that we're actively bad for the universe
  • Time Lords: so to repay him, we'll trap him in his own personal hell, looping for billions of years to drive him mad.
  • Time Lords: no way this can backfire
  • Doctor: *arrives on Gallifrey, pissed as shit*
  • Time Lords: whaaaaat no how could this have happened why does he hate us so much we didn't see this coming

Alright your full name is Dana Katherine Scully. Your badge number is..hell I don’t know your badge number. Your mother’s name is Margaret. Your brother’s name is Bill Jr. He’s in the navy and he hates me. Lately for lunch you’ve been having like this little 6 oz cup of yogurt, plain yogurt into which you stir some bee pollen because you’re on some kinda bee pollen kick even though I tell you you’re a scientist and you should know better.

Coming back to my River/Doctor Meta

Has Spoilers ! So ignore if you haven’t seen the episode yet or if you’re not ready to deal with the feels yet.

When I think about the Doctor creating a backup of River on the screwdriver, I think this. The Doctor hates ‘goodbyes’. He doesn’t want a journey to end. When he came to Darillium with River he knew he’d have to say goodbye someday.

In his Eleventh form he let River stay around him as an echo, he couldn’t say goodbye. Just so he could always see her. Even to the echo he said “Till the next time Professor River Song” because he couldn’t say goodbye. She matters to him way too much. 

As Twelve also even though he saw River after billion years. Even though he thought he never would. As soon as he saw that River noticed Darillium, he tried to avoid going there because that would mean it would be time to say goodbye. He wasn’t ready for it. The Doctor wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the woman he already had to let go twice !

Even when he finally took her to see the singing towers, he felt a way to hold on. Took 24 years to say goodbye. He stayed back. A time traveler decided not to travel and stay back to give 24 years of his life completely to his wife. 

A part of me used to think how selfish it is of the Doctor to have her become a part of Data core. To have her live for eternity as a story never to finish. 

It is true maybe, but think this. For a Doctor who usually lost every companion he’s been with at some point or the other, he spent 24 years being the Husband of River Song. Loving her. Just being with her. To add to that he had spent 100s of years travelling with her. Meeting her whenever he could even if they were running in opposite directions. He lost in Gallifreyan wife. He was in love. He knows that loss. He just wasn’t ready to go through that again. Yes it might sound selfish but he just couldn’t say goodbye. The Doctor ended up being more human than any human being when it came to his wife. 

24 years plus a Hundred more, how could he have said goodbye ? He doesn’t like goodbyes. He couldn’t say goodbye even after having prepared himself to do so when he originally brought River to Darillium. 24 years with her in this body and he realised he just couldn’t. For a man who has lost so much, he tried to held on to the one thing that was a constant in his life even after not being so. It might be selfish but it’s love. The Doctor loved River. He always will. 

Just imagine how sad yet beautiful is their relationship. I love story spread over less than 20 episodes yet one of the most beautiful ones ever written ! 

River & The Doctor : A Love Story that goes Beyond Time and Space.

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Some after care with the GOM?

AKASHI: Whenever Akashi is particularly rough, he also does particular aftercare to make sure that you aren’t hurt. He would soak a hand towel in warm water and gently dab it on your most sensitive areas, making you relax. He tenderly pressed a kiss against your pussy lips and smiled.

AOMINE: Although he isn’t the smoothest person on earth, Aomine knew how to ensure that you felt loved. Aomine could have sex in a billion different ways and, even though he doesn’t do it often, when’s being particularly rough, he would cuddle with you afterwards, telling you how much he loved you.

KISE: He grinned, rubbing his face against yours. “___-chi always feels so warm after sex.” His hands would curl around your waist, holding you close to him as he began to trail kisses down your forehead, your cheek, your lips. He thought that kisses were the best kind of after care.

KUROKO: Similar to Akashi, he’d gently clean your most sensitive areas and perhaps even tease you some more by touching you so intimately. However, seeing how tired you were, he instantly pulled you close to him and stroked your hair lovingly with a smile. “Goodnight, ___-chan.”

MIDORIMA: Being the awkward tsundere that he is, Midorima wouldn’t really know how to show his affections. However, he would just go with his gut and prayed for the best. So he slipped in under the covers next to you after giving you a cup of warm tea to relax you and, using his skilled fingers, might even offer a massage.

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara wasn’t very touchy but he loved cuddling so he would cuddle with you any chance he got, whether it was after rough sex or slow sex. He’d bury you in his huge frame, probably suffocating you with his big chest, and doze off together with you.

Scrooge McDuck is known as “the richest duck in the world,” which … doesn’t sound that impressive, actually, since most ducks’ personal wealth is limited to some bread and cholera. Still, it’s pretty clear that Donald’s most miserable uncle is rich even by human standards, considering he’s got enough gold coins to fill a giant vault and swim in it. 

 Have you ever wondered exactly how rich Scrooge is, though? If so, don’t worry: Science is officially on the case. After Billfold writer Matt Powers wrote a parody article calculating Scrooge’s wealth and arrived at the impressive number of more than $210 billion (that’s about five Charles Kochs), science news website LiveScience decided to check the math. What they found is that Powers had vastly, vastly undershot it. Using story details from the Scrooge McDuck comics and the official blueprints for Scrooge’s money bin, LiveScience determined that the vault must contain approximately 171,450 cubic feet of gold, which translates to 3,302,088,419 ounces. Since gold is selling at $1,127.34 per ounce as of this writing, according to our calculations (read: Google’s) that means Scrooge has $3.7 trillion dollars. Or: enough to buy some fucking pants. Come on, man.

6 Pop Culture Statistics You Don’t Realize You Want To Know

He spent 4 billion years in his own hell, fights his own people and runs to the end of the Universe to save her. Even with a total memory wipe, he can’t completely forget the memory of her and the impact she had on him.

She cheats death, ends up wiping his memory, and travels by herself to help keep him safe. Even though she is a heartbeat away from death, she chooses to run, just like he’s always done.

As much it would have been beautiful to see it, this is the kind of OTP that didn’t need a kiss to keep it sailing, it was what they did for each other that makes it so canon.

LSD. Self loathing. Self harming. Drinking. Smoking. Misery. Insomnia.
Then how can we say that love is a good thing? Love, by far, has taken the world by a storm for the longest and in the greatest force.
It’s not only addictive, it is obsessive. It makes you feel terrible and amazing at the same time, it makes a perfectly humane specimen seem like the ultimate possession; something you need, even though there are seven billion capable people in this world you can end up with; he or she is the one, it seems. It makes you shallow and magnetic at the same time. Your body is physically affected when they do something good or bad; and the worse part? It’s all in your damn mind.
Their smile, their smell, their habits, their words: it’s reversed narcissism.
Or maybe, love is as innocent as every other emotion we have exploited over time.
It was one of many, and it founds the base for humanity and faith.
Maybe, all of us, including you and I, mistake it as a need, and put too much pressure on ‘love’.
The romance, the person, or the people; who doesn’t want to be loved?
Hell, screw humans, every organism in this world is obsessed with love and it ends up corroding the best of us.
There’s something wrong in all of us, and we terribly believe one emotion of all can fix us even.
And it can’t. -Oshee.

It really pisses me off that Shepard constantly only expresses concern for Earth. “Omg poor earth plz help” at everyone even though he/she is standing on or looking at the burning home world of another species.
“See this? Double that for Earth.” I mean, how fucking dare someone say that to someone else who is losing soldiers and friends while looking at their own burning planet. What about the other planets who are having billions slaughtered?
Why couldn’t have Shep expressed concern about the galaxy as a whole rather than mention earth 99% of the time.? Incredibly insensitive.