even though he was probably farting

Saitama discovering that he’s in love with Genos. The denial that takes place at first though. Saitama questioning his own sexuality while at the same time, “Is it that I’m only gay for Genos? Can that even be possible?” He’d probably test it out too, watching gay porn just to see if he’d get turned on or not.

After testing himself out, questioning himself, and TRYING to convince himself he’s mistaking the emotion “love” for “loneliness,” Saitama came to terms that he is not at all gay for Genos. Plus, Genos doesn’t at all seem interested. Who would be interested in a bald, old fart, like him? Though he aint that old? Saitama will just go about his normal days, acting normal while ignoring these feelings for Genos. HE doesn’t like him. Saitama is just bored.

…That is, until Genos gets hurt. Like seriously hurt. Incredibly hurt. So hurt, Saitama had to be the one to carry him to Dr. Stench.

Imagine the inner turmoil Saitama went through while waiting for Genos to be repaired. Him sitting in a waiting room type area. Leg shacking in anticipation, hands clasped together in a tight grip, and chest clenching in the most unbearable way.

Saitama’s eyes continuously stare at the clock on the wall every so often. Time seeming to slow down. He’d take deep breaths, but even that wouldn’t calm his nerves.

He should have intruded, jumped in before the villain struck Genos at all. Had he wasted any more time, Genos would probably be…

“I should have told him…” Saitama would mutter to himself, vision blurring with welling up tears. He tries to blink them away, but that only made them run down his face. “Great, now I look ridiculous,” he’d laugh half halfheartedly, sniffling and trembling in his seat.

He looks down on his hands, remembering the way he held Genos’ lifeless body. Saitama violently shacking him, waiting for the cyborgs closed eyes to light up the way they use to.

“I should have told him that I…”

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