even though he has already been taken advantage of by a lot of people

Voltron/Avatar AU

Okay, okay, okay, so I know this has been done a million times by now, but I wanted to tackle the idea from my own personal narrative perspective. So, here we go –


 Shiro – Gifted earthbender that was raised inside Ba Sing Se and was being trained as a member of the Dai Li before he was abducted by firebenders and taken prisoner. His abduction was a result of a plan by the Fire Nation to secretly infiltrate the Earth Kingdom and take down its most gifted benders. Before he was realized as being talented and brought in to train for the Dai Li, he lived in the lower ring of the city with Keith, who’d he’d long since adopted as a younger brother. They found out during their youth, however, that Keith was a firebender, which Shiro told Keith had to be kept secret. He encouraged Keith to learn his talents nonetheless, if only for self-defense. After he’s kidnapped, he loses his arm and his tortured, etc, and eventually develops metalbending out of sheer desperation to escape. Metalbending is what allowed him to create and use a metal arm as replacement for the one he lost. He eventually gets away—after learning that the Dai Li has been corrupted and secretly overtaken by firebenders—and goes back to the city to find Keith. But when he returns to Ba Sing Se, he comes home to find that Keith is gone and clearly has been for some time.

 Keith – Firebender. A very good firebender, in fact, but too ashamed of his talents to really do much with them. He grew up with Shiro in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se—basically poor—and grows so distressed when Shiro disappears that he lashes out at the Ba Sing Se law enforcers. His status as a firebender is revealed and he has no choice but to flee the city. He’d planned on leaving anyway to go looking for Shiro, and so it becomes his mission to find his older brother—even if he has to search the entire world. Unbeknownst to Keith, however, he was tossed out of the Fire Nation palace as a baby because he was an unwanted bastard son to the Fire Lord. Also, spoilers, he’s the Avatar as well, but is unaware of the fact due to how subdued he’s been forced to keep his talents his whole life. Lots of drama for Keith, haha. Poor child just wants his brother back. Oh well.  

 Lance – Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. Prince, though he’s nowhere near being in line to become chief. Still, there are plenty of responsibilities he has, but he decides to run away in search of adventure instead, wanting—more than anything—to be a hero and stand out, basically. He’s had this plan since he was a child—was his dream to see the world—and so he spent a lot of time not only mastering waterbending, but the spiritual connection and teachings of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as healing despite the fact that, as a male, he wouldn’t normally know how to heal. Though he wasn’t the most gifted waterbender, he spent most of his youth studying and practicing in preparation for his big leap out into the world. As a result of being a healer and having studied the spirits extensively, he’s very knowledgeable, but generally keeps these things to himself (wants to be a lady’s man, not a nerd, basically). He is a bit spoiled nonetheless, and doesn’t have a real realistic idea of what’s going on in the world. He and Keith are both opposites and foils as a result of their upbringing and positions.

 Pidge – Waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Her father was an inventor from the Earth Kingdom, however, who found himself studying the energy levels of the swamp area before meeting her mother and promptly falling in love. Her brother and father are earthbenders, while she and her mother are waterbenders. And while she is trained in the techniques of swamp people waterbending, Pidge is far more interested in technology and the things her father studies. Her father and brother make regular trips into the earth kingdom—for research supplies, etc—and eventually end up abducted by the Fire Nation for being meddlers or something. Which inspires Pidge to leave her home in search of them, determined to rescue them much like Keith is aiming to rescue Shiro. She isn’t one to be trifled with, however. While she doesn’t have much interest in bending, she is trained and is more than capable of defending herself, as well as using the plants around her to her advantage. She and Lance practice very different types of waterbending as a result, but this doesn’t come between them or anything. They probably bond over it, actually.  

 Hunk – Earthbender. He’s from a small village to the north that is occupied by the Fire Nation and generally has no interest in getting involved with business outside of it. However, when Lance shows up and causes a ruckus (no doubt by accident), he gets caught up in it and ends up wanted by the fire nation and unable to return home because, if he did, he’d be putting his family in danger (they’re already in danger from the Fire Nation, but Hunk is kind of sheltered and naïve). So he ends up tagging along with Lance, deciding that he’d simply go to the Fire Nation higher ups and explain the misunderstanding, thus clearing his name and allowing him to go home. Obviously, he learns that this isn’t really going to work and that the conflict is much larger than he and Lance really realized. Upon seeing how people are suffering because of the Fire Nation, Hunk vows to do all he can to stop it.

 Allura and Coran – The last two airbenders in the world. They were originally part of a secret society that—after the airbenders were basically destroyed—vowed to find the new avatar (who was murdered during the airbender raids) and return balance to the world. However, the society has basically died out and so Allura and Coran are all that’s left. They’re still going around the world, searching, but to say the mission has kind of become hopeless is a bit of an understatement. Still, they’re determined, convinced that if they can find the Avatar, they can stop the Fire Nation.


 And so we have our misfit team of heroes whose paths eventually cross. Lance and Hunk come together first, and then probably end up with Pidge as a result of trying to help her (likely when she doesn’t need help), before those three maybe meet Keith in a prison where he’s searching for Shiro (they’re there because Pidge is looking for her family in the same place). Meanwhile, Shiro is hunting for Keith, knowing more about him than he realizes (Shiro knows Keith is the avatar, which is half the reason he was so protective over him. He probably saw him accidentally bend earth or something, but then lied and said he’d done it instead). He meets up with Allura and Coran, and as they have a shared interest in finding the avatar, they team up. Likely the two teams meet up as the finale of season 1 or something, where it’s revealed during a dramatic battle or something that Keith is the avatar before they all make a break for it.

 Hunk and Shiro end up as Keith’s earthbending teachers, Allura is his airbending teacher, and Lance is his waterbending teacher (though neither are happy about it. Pidge doesn’t really have the knowledge to teach waterbending, or so she claims, though she does end up teaching Keith a thing or two as well). Water ends up being the element Keith has the most trouble with, which of course spurs antagonism between him and Lance. And when it’s revealed that Keith is actually a bastard prince from the fire nation, this makes things between him and Allura rather tense as well. While all this is happening, Lotor is around causing trouble like Azula did and we’re getting a more in-depth look at what Fire Lord Zarkon is really aiming to do. Basically he not only wants to take over the world, but the spirit world as well (which Haggar, his right hand lady and spiritual expert, thinks is silly—he should be content with the normal world, obv). Zarkon is looking for the avatar not to kill them, but to somehow remove the spirit of Raava and merge with it himself. This is becoming increasingly more difficult for him to do, however—especially with Keith getting stronger—and so he learns instead (maybe from the owl library that he forced his way into) about Vaatu being imprisoned and decides to instead merge with that spirit. Which is kind of what brings us to the season 2 finale. Probably the main group has split up because they’re fighting and they all get reunited in the end, where Keith tries to fight Zarkon and fails. And it’s Lance, who maybe shows up last, that uses his knowledge of spirits (which has basically been lost to Allura and Coran, despite them being airbenders) to separate Vaatu from Zarkon before a dark avatar can really be created. But as a result, he, Lance, ends up attached to Vaatu. Why? Because he and Keith were painted as foils for a reason, that’s why.

 So basically Lance is all sorts of fucked up now, and is dealing with some pretty dark shit that Keith has to help him with, which kind of allows a friendship to form between them where there previously hadn’t been one. Through a lot of interaction and development between all the characters, they eventually come to understand that Vaatu being attached to a human is similar to having him imprisoned and that, so long as Lance remains uncorrupted, he should be able to function as a second avatar. After all, it’s about balance in the end, dark and light, yin and yang, and so while Keith and Lance seemingly oppose each other, they also complement each other. Thus Lance is the first Dark Avatar, a new avatar that will be reborn along with the original and will need to be trained in how to master the evil inside them or something like that. He gets to learn all the elements too, but probably isn’t a master by the time we reach the end of season 3, unlike Keith. Meanwhile, Zarkon is pissed and is like, fine, I don’t get an avatar spirit, I’ll create my own and he basically uses secrets taught to him by Haggar to harness raw spirit power for his own gain. Now he’s really dangerous and threatens all the worlds with potential destruction. And yeah, all of team avatar(s) have to work together to stop him!

I can’t decide if I should do a more in-depth outline for this or not. Like, one that reflects the importance of all the other characters, not just Lance and Keith, haha! Because, obv, they’re all crucial. I mean, clearly Shiro needs to have a personal connection to Zarkon, maybe even some kind of connection to the spirit world. And, like, I was thinking of trying to incorporate the lions as spirits of some kind too. I dunno–we’ll see XD

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Alright, so, I’ll start this off by saying I am honestly not an expert on Kakyoin, contrary to popular belief (I’d actually consider myself more of an expert on Jotaro’s character, if anything), but I’m going to do my best to give my views on Kakyoin’s character, as well as some canon evidence to support it, and hopefully it will help a bit.

If you want a great reference of how to write Kakyoin in fic, go read Sand, sand and more sand on AO3, because it’s honestly one of the best depictions of Kak I’ve ever read, and he’s quite close to canon.


Kakyoin is pretty snarky. He’s subtle about it, but he’s also kind of a shithead. He’s polite most of the time, but it seems to be more of a setting he defaults to when he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable around the people he’s with. We have quite a few quips from him as examples of this, such as him laughing at andd mocking Anne during the dark blue moon arc, and saying she couldn’t possibly be the stand user on board, and in the Geb and N'Doul fight where he orders Polnareff to attack the canteen because he “doesn’t want to”. He also at one point responds to Polnareff saying “this looks bad!” with, “well it most certainly isn’t good.”

He’s blunt, but this also means that he’s honest. He dislikes liars, and prefers that everything is set out before him clearly and plainly as opposed to someone that is clearly dancing around the subject.

He also seems like quite the know-it-all, and likes being right; and he’s probably the type to argue with someone even if he knows he’s wrong. He seems to genuinely enjoy teaching the crusaders about the culture of all the places they visit on their journey, and he has the ability to retain all of that information to recant to them, as well. It seems to be somewhat of an interest of his.

And then there’s this, of course…

The cherry thing is something that kind of bothers me in fandom and fic. Yes; Kakyoin says that cherries are his favourite fruit. Child Kakyoin has cherries on his shirt (keep in mind that the scene with child kakyoin is added in my DavidPro and is not technically canon). BUT, it doesn’t mean that he has to have everything cherry-related. It’s a seriously overused trait in fandom to the point that it just becomes annoying. Kak can have a coffee without it having to be cherry flavoured. Just remember that he canonically enjoys lots of different foods, and that he doesn’t need to exclusively eat cherries and cherry flavoured things. He probably likes to eat foods from all different cultures.

Video games: There is evidence to suggest that Kakyoin spends a LOT of time playing F-Mega, however, this doesn’t mean that his extreme knowledge of the tracks and mechanics applies to every video game in existence. He’s a teenager, with no friends in the 80’s, of course he’s going to spend time playing video games. But back in the 80s, people often only had one or two games, so it’s likely that he has simply replayed F-Mega a LOT, to the point of knowing it by heart. I know the levels of Mario 3 extremely well, simply because I played them over and over again as a kid. If you are fixated on a single game for extended periods of time (especially if it’s the only game you own), you are of course going to know the game well. Knowing a lot about a single game does not mean that he’s obsessed with video games, and does not necessarily mean that he’s a shut-in, and never goes outside.

Also keep in mind that he says that he’s “pretty good at video games”. He doesn’t claim to be great at them, and since we’ve already established that Kakyoin is quite blunt, it would be out of character to assume that he’s being humble here. He literally means that he’s just “pretty good” at them. No more, no less.

His real-world experience is vast, and it’s also mentioned that his parents take him many places on vacation. He’s been to a lot of places, and retains cultural knowledge. It’s not as if he’s read it in books: he’s actually been to these places before, and he mentions it frequently. This suggests that he gets out quite a bit, and also kind of suggests that maybe he isn’t quite the model student type in school.

Kakyoin doesn’t appear to be the honours student & straight A’s type. He doesn’t think twice about skipping out on his new school to travel to Egypt, and as I said before, his knowledge appears to come more from first-hand experience rather than school studies (and I bet he missed more than a few of his classes due to the trips that he and his parents took). He’s a know-it-all, but it doesn’t mean that he does well in school.

On the other hand, Jotaro IS a model student, despite his delinquent status. It’s more likely that Jotaro would be the one helping Kakyoin with his homework.
(He might disrespect his teachers, but he still gets good grades, and let’s not forget that he becomes a marine biologist later in life.)

Kakyoin’s profile also mentions that he “appears very effeminite”. This is another thing that is often misinterpreted. His appearence may be somewhat feminine, and he takes pride in how he looks, but his personality and mannerisms are not inherently feminine.

He hates being forced into submission, and this is the reason why he despises Dio so much. Dio took advantage of his vulnerability and the fact that Kak didn’t have any friends to use him as his pawn. He drew Kak in, made him feel wanted, needed, and then took control of his mind and body.

“He appears to be very effeminate. In reality, he despises submitting to people or sucking up to them.” - Taken directly from his canon personality description.

Another thing that people seem to miss is the fact that he’s extremely sadistic. He says himself that Heirophant “loves nothing more than to rip things to shreds” and that it might “drive him mad with joy”. He likes being in control of the situation, remember. He probably hates losing fights, as well (especially since he could be considered a weakling for losing).

Kakyoin also seems to like Baseball, judging by his profile naming a favourite team, and sumo, as we all know from his exchange with Jotaro.

One of the things that fandom does definitely get right, is Kakyoin being the mother hen of the group. He’s taken on the role of the responsible one, because Joseph is… far from being an adult. He’s strategic and thinks everything out logically, and so is the mature one of the group, especially after Avdol’s “death”. He appears to be content to follow Joseph, but when it’s needed, he steps up and becomes the leader in his place. This is seen when Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff start physically fighting random men that they suspect are the one in the Wheel of Fortune car, to which he says that, “this is not a good idea,” and that it’s, “getting out of hand”. It’s also seen in the tower of grey fight where he mentions that it’s better that he fights on the plane, because he’s the least destructive of the bunch (even though he’s capable of blasting holes into clock towers, apparently his emerald splash isn’t destructive; okay Kak…).

He’s also fiercely protective of his friends, and extremely loyal as well. Kakyoin isn’t the type to abandon his friends in any circumstance.

He’s a CASANOVA. While Jotaro draws more unwanted attention from girls due to his bad boy façade, Kakyoin is slick and smooth with them, so much so that they notice him more over Jotaro. He’s quick to diffuse the situation when Jotaro pushes the girls aside (again, in the tower of grey arc), and it’s just… yes.

Just look at this. You can bet your ass he’s not the type to blush and stutter as he’s confessing. Straight up grabbing the girl and apologizing for Jotaro. Smooth as butter.

Here are some other scenes that might be able to explain his character a bit better as well:

Mouthing off to Joseph- Jotaro approves.

This line is wonderful. (Again, to Joseph? It’s almost like they have this kind of rivalry going on, haha)

Some really good insight to his character and motivations (And one of my favourite Jotakak moments).

The anime kind of makes this out to be a sort of “Kakyoin mocking Polnareff” scene, but in the manga he seems like he’s just stating what he heard. Pretty matter-of-fact about the whole situation.


I believe that this is the first moment that Kakyoin really realizes that he and any of his companions can die at any moment. Avdol has been shot, and he’s in complete shock. This is a normal teenager that’s now painfully aware of the danger he’s putting himself in to help out Jotaro and Joseph. Sure, he realized that he would be involved in fights, and a little blood would be shed for the greater good, but I don’t think he had realized up to this point that he might actually die.

And here’s Kakyoin’s character bio.

It’s also notable that he didn’t tell his parents where he was going prior to leaving. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in bad standing with his parents (especially since his dying thoughts were of them), and could possibly be because he didn’t want to worry them, or something of the sort, but the fact remains that he didn’t tell them beforehand. Take from this what you will.

So yeah, this is what I get from Kakyoin. He’s kind, loyal to a fault, and deeply in love with Jotaro– and he’s a pretty complex character to write. Don’t feel like you need to take all of this into account, because it’s hard to keep his entire character intact with fanfiction. A lot of his personality comes across in facial expressions, so it’s sometimes difficult to translate that into non-visual media. Just refer back to canon if you aren’t sure of something, and you should be fine. Good luck!

mr-starkasm  asked:

1- About Tony being the Villians' Favorite: CW happened and they get access to footage of the Siberia fight and they realize that cap could have killed Tony and they're like "how dare you???? Who do you think you are???" and at this point it's not even about who is going to kill Iron Man anymore, it's because Tony is the only one able the keep up with them, he gives them a good challenge, he has the best sarcastic answers for all the villian monologue, they don't even want to harm people anymore

2- they want to fight Tony to see who has the best weapons, who is smarter (it’s always Tony) so the rogues come back and they realize something: the bad guys barely attack Tony, they go out of their way to avoid attacking Tony and antagonize team cap and when confronted with this they say “well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how

3- how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind” (and they keep getting her name wrong, they call her wilma, wendy, marta omg i love this headcanon where no one gets her name right)

Why thank you for this brilliant headcanon, darling! (I love that mixing up Wanda’s name post too, wasn’t there one where Thor always got it wrong and played stupid? It’s brilliant)

I just really like that the villains enjoy fighting Iron Man because he’s as much of a drama queen as they are–he knows how to put on, and more importantly how to appreciate, a good show, you know? Fighting Iron Man is like playing a really challenging game of chess, where they take each other’s weapons and minions out without hesitation, but even when the king loses, he’s never actually taken off the board (yup that metaphor sucks, I apologise to every chess player out there). 

And well, of course it’s also about pride. Everything is about pride. The villains who most frequently engage with Iron Man in combat obviously keep a score. They keep an eye on who gets the most hits in, who deals the most damage, who does a strategical retreat and so on. They also keep track on which Avenger is the most likely to interrupt their fun, so they know whom to take out in the beginning of a fight.

Only then one of them gets their hands on footage of a certain Siberian bunker and this shit suddenly gets serious. Iron Man could’ve been taken out (worth 150 points) by someone who isn’t even recognises as an official player and THAT CAN NOT STAND. 

(It’s got nothing to do with the fact that maybe Tony Stark isn’t all that bad, you know, for a superhero. Nope. It’s all about the game and wanting those 150 points to themselves. Their professional pride is on the line here, okay. It’s not because of feelings. Feelings aren’t a part of the villain manual.)

So, they adapt. They’re villains, they’re used to it. Admittedly usually because the hero pulls some impossible stunt at the last second because they stubbornly refuse to die, but that’s neither here nor there.

First, they assign someone to keep track on Stark. It’s not a protective duty. It’s just…an insurance. To make sure no outside influence becomes a serious threat to their fun. Besides after all this time they’ve invested into fighting Iron Man, should he ever actually lose, they all agree they have earned this honour. Not some lucky upstart or fucking turncoat.

Second, certain forces need to be taken out. Officially it’s destroying the competition–a perfectly acceptable, villainous goal–, unofficially some people take their hatred for Iron Man a little too far. And when you already have to watch out for the supposed heroes, you can’t afford some crazy nutcase to pop up every time you turn your back on Stark.

Then the Rogue Avengers come back. The villains have dragged it out for as long as possible, an obscene amount of bribes have gone into ensuring the Congress isn’t too forgiving too quickly, but Stark is determined to get the Rogues pardoned for whatever reason, and that’s not a battle they can win in the long run.

And that’s a problem. The Rogues have access to Stark in ways they have not. Thankfully at least Stark doesn’t stay at the Avengers’ compound anymore. That gives them a small reprieve.

(They don’t worry. Villains do not worry. It’s not in their genetic code, nor their moral codex for that matter.)

There’s a very serious discussion about grazing the stupid compound into the ground, but in the end they decide not to do it. For one, the risk of the Rogues being granted access to the Stark Tower is just too great. For another, it’s convenient to have a return address they could graze into the ground, should the Rogues ever cross a certain line.

Next, the villains create a time table. Whereas the media used to joke about the ‘weekly villain attacks’ back in the day, there are now carefully scheduled weekly attacks for real. It helps them to vent some of their frustration, at the right target no less. It also has the added benefit of keeping the Rogues busy.

Of course Iron Man joins in on the fun more often than not, but he isn’t the main target like he used to be, isn’t singled out. If anything it’s the Rogues that are being singled out, and they always bear the brunt of the fight.

(They do not go easy on Iron Man. They do not. They have simply shifted the focus of their game. Damage dealt to the Rogues is now worth way more points than before, and since every villain wants to take the lead, it’s only rational they concentrate on the most worth-while targets. That’s all there is to it.)

The first time one of them makes Wanda Maximoff scream in rage is an accident. To their great shame it’s not even a real villain who accomplishes it, it’s a fairly new minion who interrupts the shouting match between his boss and the witch with an annoyed, “Oh, shut up, Wen–Vick–Wally, whoever the fuck you are, I’m trying to concentrate here!”

It becomes a running gag then, to never call the witch by her name, and the longer they keep the joke alive, the more frustrated the witch becomes.

(The minion gets a well-earned raise.)

Eventually the Rogues catch on. Eventually they begin to ask questions. Giving them more ridiculous answers every time becomes another running gag. Inevitably though Rogers eventually runs into Cross Bones who has a tendency of taking his fights with Captain America too personal.

“Well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind!” he snaps. Then uses the frozen state of the stunned Captain to his advantage to break the man’s nose with a very satisfying crack. Because, hello, villain.

(He then promptly dives to the side to push a crying kid out of the way a crumbling building. Not because he cares about who gets hurt of course. Villains don’t care about this stuff. But everyone knows Tony Stark cares about it.)

He gets twenty-five points for breaking Roger’s nose. He also gets a “I don’t know why, but if a guy like Cross Bones decides to save a kids’ life I’m not gonna sit around complaining about it.” and a thumbs up from Tony Stark in that night’s talk show. 

(He does not care more about the thumbs up than about the points. His fellow villains are not jealous.)

There are a lot of villains-saving-civilians-and-innocent-bystanders incidents after that.

(Not that anyone cares what Tony Stark thinks. The saving people thing simply earns them bonus points. Bonus points are important.)

Wanna-One Kang Daniel Prince!AU (Part 1)

For anon; I don’t really know much about royalty things so bear with me lmao. You can find part 2 here and part 3 here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

A/N: Edit above is not mine, all credit to the fan who survived long enough to finish making this! (sorry I don’t know who made it, if anyone does let me know and I’ll give credit)

  • Okay so let’s make up a fictional country
  • And in this fictional country, there is a royalty system; and the prince is guess who Kang Daniel
  • Doesn’t have many actual responsibilities as of now because mostly the King and his assistants take care of everything
  • Daniel’s job is basically to not fuck up in public and to uMMM u know carry on the dynasty 👀
  • He’s still in college but doesn’t really talk to anyone other than his close friends that he’s known since middle school
  • (like a F4 thing from Boys Over Flowers LOL)
  • His parents (the King and Queen in case that wasn’t clear rip) actually told him to not really talk to other people because they were afraid Daniel would be taken advantage of
  • But never fear Daniel has his good ol comrades: Ong and Jaehwan
  • Those two also had some kind of connections to people in positions of high power, whether that be through business, music, etc.
  • Despite how powerful they are, they surprisingly aren’t all that bad of people; all of them are pretty nice even if they slack off sometimes on their schoolwork lol
  • But people generally think of them as unapproachable (which they kind of are, because they’ve known each other since forever and trust one another wholeheartedly)
  • Anyway Daniel bodyguards and people who escort him to school, but that got awkward so he insisted on being by himself at least while on the school campus
  • Girls (and guys) flocked around them 
  • How convenient, a bunch of handsome people all hanging out together. Makes for some good pictures
  • You kind of… distantly knew Daniel, but obviously not well
  • One of Daniel’s older friends who wasn’t in college, Jisung, was your cousin
  • Daniel and Jisung’s parents were friends, but the two connected very well lol
  • Jisung and Daniel were practically like family despite their age difference, so you used to hang out with Jisung at the Kang’s palace when you were young b/c Jisung was in charge of babysitting you a lot lol
  • You three would do Cute Things™️ like play board games and play tag and draw pictures and giggle 
  • The King and Queen always liked treating you all to foods and buying you games; they even installed a swimming pool in the palace so that you three could learn to swim together there
  • But ever since Jisung started going to middle school, the time was greatly reduced for the three of you to hang out
  • (I’m thinking ages around… Jisung being 12, Daniel 6, you 5 or something. up to you lmao it doesnt matter)
  • So you pretty much had no contact with Daniel for many years
  • But now, you were both in the same school
  • Of course this probably wouldn’t change much because obviously you hadn’t known or talked to him for many years
  • You were shocked at how… well he grew up
  • He was really tall now, and really handsome,,, and also really off limits lol
  • You saw him again for the first time in your math class, you were a couple classes ahead so the both of you were in the same class even though you were younger
  • You had seen him on tv and in photoshoots but you had no idea how much better he looked in real life, which was really something considering he looked perfect in pictures as well
  • He didn’t seem to recognize you though, which made perfect sense since you guys hadn’t met in years
  • Maybe he’d remember my name?
  • But when the teacher called for attendance in the math class that day, Daniel showed no reaction when you got called
  • You had to admit you were disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal
  • You thought you wouldn’t be like all the other girls, fawning over Daniel, because you knew what a n00b he used to be, but here you getting all embarrassed over how attractive he was lol
  • For the rest of the semester, you just kinda stared at Daniel from afar, never approaching him or giving him gifts or anything because you thought it would be weird for you to do that
  • He was always just giggling and fooling around in class
  • He was one of those students who wasn’t that amazing at school but was charming and happy, making the teachers and other students love them anyway
  • Would always participate in class with wrong answers, and bicker with the teacher jokingly
  • Only a certain type of person could do that LOL and it wasn’t just because he was the Prince, he was genuinely a fun guy
  • When the winter holidays rolled around, though, things changed
  • You read on the news that the palace was looking for a potential spouse for Daniel, so they could ensure the continuation of their dynasty
  • And just a day later, you got a call from Jisung, asking if you could come over to his place
  • He told you that the royal family was having a New Year’s ball, and asked if you wanted to go instead of him because he already had plans
  • You had nothing better to do, so you said it was fine lets not kid yourself you wanted to see someone
  • Jisung, being the lovely cousin he was, had already ordered a dress for you :’)))
  • Jisung the OG Fairy Godmother
  • For the next couple of days, you were just a ball of nerves; you had never been to one of these parties before
  • Jisung went every year, but you never went because typically people under 13 couldn’t go (unless you were royalty)
  • You pretty much hid in bed and googled how to act at parties until December 31st rolled around
  • You did your own makeup and hair, which was… difficult but you ended up satisfied
  • You didn’t look extravagant, but you were pretty
  • You arrived at the palace, and pretty much just stood there awkwardly because you had no friends and no escort at the party
  • But food is always a reliable friend so you headed over to that area
  • And you found… a whole tray of different kinds of cheese. You instinctively squealed at all the cute little cubes
  • You stacked up enough food to fill you with happiness and sat at a table by yourself, in the corner, slightly in a blind spot from the rest of the party
  • A perfect hiding spot !
  • As you looked around, you started feeling kinda weird
  • Everyone at the party was so FANXY (dean if ur reading this i love u)
  • You were also wearing a quite expensive dress but everyone there oozed this aura of class and sophistication
  • ANd here you were building a jenga tower out of carrot sticks
  • Oh well. You didn’t know what you had to gain out of being at the party; you came out of curiosity to see the palace again and Daniel, but you hadn’t even seen the latter yet
  • All that happened so far was the pain of your feet in the high heels you were wearing
  • You leaned down in your chair, taking your heels off and massaging your feet, the tablecloth sort of covering your head
  • You were just rubbing away the pain when you heard two familiar voices
  • “All of the women here are just… not what I was hoping for,” a woman said
  • “Yes, it would be nice if we got to see if they were actually good people instead of just them trying to say what will impress us,” a man replied
  • “Daniel doesn’t deserve someone who just wants to take advantage of the throne. The princess should be someone with a good heart, not someone with good makeup artists” 
  • Without thinking, you exclaimed “Oh yeah, that’s such a good perspective, I totally agree with that,” head still under the table
  • You heard gasps behind you, the people were shocked
  • Hmm, maybe I can talk to these people so I won’t be alone anymore
  • You tried to get up, banging your head in the process, and said “Oh, I’m sorry about that, nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N)”
  • And thEN you looked up… to find staring at you the King and Queen
  • sdklfjksldjfKLJSDKEILFDKSJKlsd WTF NO
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for interrupting you, uhhh thank you for serving us so well hah” you mumbled out, starting to run away
  • And then you realized you hadn’t put your shoes on yet, stopping in your place
  • The King and Queen were still standing there, staring at you
  • You walked back to your shoes, and started to put them on
  • “Leaving my shoes behind? I guess I think I’m like Cinderella or something”, you tried to joke, making an awkward smile
  • You started to cringe, about to run again, but then you heard laughs
  • The King and Queen were totally cracking the fuck up at your bad joke
  • Was it really that funny? uh okay i guess whatever works???
  • “What’s your name again?” the Queen asked through her laughter
  • “Uh it’s (Y/N), are you guys hiring for a royal jester position or something”
  • They started their laughing fit all over again, before the King suddenly stopped
  • “(Y/N)? Isn’t that the name of the little girl who always used to come over and play with Jisung?”
  • “Uh yep that’s me all right, Jisung gave me his invitation this year to come on behalf of him, he was busy”
  • The King and Queen gasped and then both hugged you, just like they had in old times
  • “You have grown up so well! Do you still enjoy cheese? I remember the chefs always had to restock every time you and Jisung came over,” the Queen said
  • “Uh. Yeah I still like cheese I guess, haha..”
  • “Oh my goodness! Have you met Daniel yet? I’m sure he’d be so excited to see his old childhood friend! Let’s go meet him now, (Y/N)”
  • oh god no nog no no nson on o no no no . n on no awkward nono no no
  • “Oh gosh no that is totally all right I’m doing just fi–”
  • “What do you mean, you’re sitting by yourself like a loser, you probably know nobody here” the king laughed out
  • … bruh
  • The royal parents escorted you to see Daniel, earning looks from the rest of the people at the party, as you internally freaked the fuck out
  • oh my gosh he has been in my math class the entire year he would think it is so weird that i’m approaching him now oh god and his parents are here too they’re making such a big deal about this–
  • “Okay (Y/N) just wait here, we’ll find Dan and bring him in, just wait”, the Queen said, plopping you down on a fancy couch in one of the other rooms of the palace
  • The Queen and King walked out, giggling to themselves as they searched for Daniel
  • “I think she’d be a really good choice for Daniel, she was such a fresh breath of air!”
  • “Yes, and they’re both friends! How adorable,”
  • Time passed by in slow motion as you sat in the room by yourself
  • You got up and started pacing around to attempt to calm your nerves
  • You hadn’t even seen Daniel the whole time you were here, and now you were going to be alone together? He would find out that you were in his math class the whole time and then that would be super weird
  • You picked up random objects in the room and looked at them, as the butterflies in your stomach stirred up some tsunamis
  • You were in the middle of looking at all the books on the shelf, when you heard footsteps walk into the room
  • You whirled around, and found yourself making direct eye contact with Daniel, in a black and white checked suit (the same one as in the picture hehe)
  • “Uh, hello?” Daniel’s deep voice called out to you
  • “…Hi,” you meekly responded, tucking some hair behind your ear
  • Jeez (Y/N) why are you so nervous…
  • “Do you want to sit?” Daniel motioned to the couch, walking over to it himself
  • This was the most serious you have ever seen him, and you were shocked by it
  • “Uh yeah, so I guess your parents told you but apparently we used to be childhood friends, I’m (Y/N), Jisung’s little cousin, we used to play togeth–” you started to explain, before Daniel interrupted you
  • “I know who you are.”
  • You finally met his eyes, taken aback by his strong gaze
  • Is he mad? Wha–
  • “Why didn’t you say hello earlier? In math class?” he continued
  • Well this managed to turn more awkward.
  • “Oh…” you started, fiddling your fingers, “I thought you didn’t remember me, so I thought it’d be weird to talk to you again,”
  • You glanced up at him, only to find his eyes curved into cute little crescents, his deep laugh finally escaping his mouth
  • “Jesus, I can’t believe we both thought the same thing. I thought you didn’t remember me. I was hurt, (Y/N)!” He exclaimed, playfully shoving you
  • You sat there in shock, as Daniel started rattling off stories of what you two used to do, ruffling your hair (messing up your hard work, although he barely noticed that)
  • “You remember me?” You quietly asked, letting your thoughts loose
  • “(Y/N), Jisung talks about you all the time, even if I wanted to forget I wouldn’t be able to, you crazy cat”
  • You looked up at him and couldn’t help but blush
  • He was so pure and happy, and it made you feel wonderful
  • The two of you just sat there in the room for another 30 minutes, chatting about old times and how you’d been for the past… many years
  • You hadn’t talked in years, but for some reason the both of you just connected well, genuinely interested in what the other had been up to
  • Too soon, it was time for Daniel to go back to the party and do some wishes for the New Year
  • “I’m so glad we met again, I was honestly so lonely at the party because I don’t know anyone, even your dad called me a loser”
  • “I’m actually pretty lonely at these parties too; Seongwoo and Jaehwan usually have their own commitments to be at today, I’m glad you’re here, (Y/N)”
  • You smiled at him, the both of you kind of inching towards another for a maybe hug, but you guys just did some awkward movements and ended up in a weird handshake
  • Daniel scratched his face, embarrassed, and said he would see you later, running off back to the party
  • You sat back on the couch, laying down sprawled everywhere, letting what had happened in the past couple of hours sink in
  • Did that really just happen?
  • You excitedly thought of all the things the both of you had to talk about, feeling fulfilled that the mystery between you two had been sorted out
  • You were so happy that your childhood friend that you cherished so much was not lost forever!
  • If you didn’t have a crush on Daniel before, you definitely did now.

Part 2, Part 3

A/N: So I was planning for this to be done in one shot, but it turned out more intense than I had anticipated LOL

Hopefully this will be wrapped up in the next part; I really enjoyed this concept! 

Love Unintentional

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was thinking maybe you could write about Harry and Y/N being celebrities and having to do a PR stunt. They both hate PR stunts because they are in love with their current girlfriend/boyfriend (which r okay with the PR stunt). Harry and Y/N end up falling for each other.

Word Count: 2973

A/M:  This idea was amazing anon! I might have tweaked it a little bit, but thank you so much for sending it to me! I’m sorry it took forever for me to get this up. There will be a part two. Hope you enjoy! Tell me if you do! :) Xxx

*Other Parts: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

You insisted on putting the last touches of your makeup yourself, now finishing your look with the right shade of red. 

“What do you think?” You asked turning to your boyfriend as you did a little spin to show off your dress. 

“You look great. Always do.” He said barely looking up. 

You crossed your arms and gave him an annoyed look. 

“What?” He asked half annoyed, “You ask the same thing every time, and ever since you started "going out” with him it’s become routine.“

"Not going to wish me luck?" 

"Luck on what? It’s another date with him isn’t it?”

“It’s a premier. I’m kind of nervous actually. It’s my first one”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ve gone through this kind of thing before." 

You rolled your eyes, "Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said waving him off 


It had been the routine for the last 6 months. You had become a rising star within the last two year; a star that came to the level of popularity that your agent had decided that it’d be good for you if you were to have a “fake boyfriend.” But never in your wildest dreams did you think that this fake boyfriend would be Harry Styles.


—7 months ago—

“What on earth would he get out of "dating” me?“ 

"Well,” your agent started, “He’s obviously very famous and popular around the world, and you need the publicity. You're this close,” he said giving a hand gesture that showed the small distance he was referring to, “This close to being the next huge thing. If you do this with Harry, it will prolong your career." 

You sighed, "Again, that wasn’t my question. What does Harry get out of it? I’m not that famous. What benefit does he get?”

Your agent frowned, “I thought you liked him. I thought you’d be thrilled to "go out” with him.“

"I am! He’s great, he’s cute. But more importantly he’s a genuine guy. I have met him before. I just want to know why. I don’t want to completely take advantage of him." 

He heaved a deep sigh, "You attract a certain audience and style and it’s something that his agent seems to like as well to broaden his own audience like he will for you.”

You were able to breathe a little easier, now knowing more about this seemingly odd situation. Even if it was something that’s been done since the very beginning of Hollywood and the fame industry. 


“Alright. I’ll agree to it if he agrees to it. But you know, we have to talk to [Y/BF/N] about this. I don’t know how he’ll react to something like this.” And you started to feel anxious at the thought. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him about it.” Your agent said, “Also we’ll have to meet with Harry and his agent to discuss the ground rules. You said you’ve met him before right?”

You nodded, “At a party about 2 months ago." 

"Good. I’ll call you when we’ll be meeting with him. It’s also when we’ll discuss how we’ll bring you two into the public eye.”

“Whoa. Hold on, shouldn’t we wait until he agrees to being my "boyfriend”?“

He gave a look, "Wait I didn’t mention it? He already has." 

"What? Oh. Well alright.”

Everything had be sorted out beforehand, and you and Harry had met to see what you would both agree upon. The terms for the relationship were both simple and basic.

No sex.

No spontaneous PDA 

And no spontaneous trips away. 

Everything had to have been planned and known beforehand. 


You didn’t have a doubt in your mind. The rules were too easy. You both were already taken. This was simply work. 


The first few times a month after the idea and rules were laid out, you had both made it look easy. But it wasn’t quite the “young love” that people thought it would be.

But your agents and the managing teams had an idea to make the relationship seem more believable. 

So this time the scene was set- a table near a window of a very public restaurant. The lighting was very dim just enough to enhance the candlelight that was at every table, but the focus on you and Harry was very clear. 

The place wasn’t busy… yet; but with the whispers of people nearby, including the staff, you knew that the plan was working and that by the time you were to both walk out,  the paparazzi would be everywhere. 


Just as planned. You thought. 

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Don't Let Me Go

Request; Can you write an imagine where Spencer and the reader get in a fight before a case and the whole time Spencer is being passive aggressive with her until she ends up seriously hurt and he thinks she’s going to die before they got to make up? I LOOOOVE YOUR WRITING BTW ❤❤❤❤❤

Warnings; angst, gore, violence


This is kind of saaaaaad. Thank you for the request!


“You never hang out with me anymore!” You yell as Spencer tries pushing past you to leave the house.

 "Y/N, I hang out with you all the time,“ he says calmly as you stare up at him accusingly.

"No, you don’t,” you frown. “We come home and you either read or sleep.”

“Oh my god, Y/N, move!” Spencer tries getting past again but you push him forward. 

“Are you cheating?” You accuse angrily. “Tell me the truth, right now." 

"I’m not cheating!” He replies incredulously. “Why would you even think that?" 

"Because you’ve been leaving every day and not coming home until late,” You reply, saddened. “I mean, it’s not like you have friends or anything.” The words left your mouth accidentally, and you regretted letting them free. Spencer’s calm demeanor had changed from calm to hurt and angry.

“I don’t have friends?” He asks with an eyebrow raised.

“Spence, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” You tried to fix your mistake, but the damage was already done. Spencer was staring at you like you had just killed someone, and that someone being him.

“Then what did you mean, Y/N?” He questions with disappointment. “You know, out of all the people who could have said that to me, I never thought it would be you. I’ve heard it before, trust me. I guess bullies never mature.”

Bullies?” You scoff, taken aback. “Spencer, it was an honest mistake. It’s just that you never go out and the people who are your friends don’t go out like this.”

“Just save it,” Spencer cuts you off and shakes his head. “I have to go.”

You watch as Spencer leaves the house once again like he did every day. His satchel and coat in hand as he left without saying a goodbye. No kiss, no hug, no ‘I love you’, just silence. You didn’t want to believe he was cheating, but it was the only logical explanation. This was so unusual for him, and at first, you suspected he had fallen back into taking dilaudid, but you would recognize the signs and he wasn’t showing them.

You let out an exasperated sigh as you plopped down onto the couch and looked out the window to see Spencer driving down the street and then disappearing when he turned the corner. Your phone sitting on the end table beside you began to vibrate, you figured it was Spencer, but when JJ’s name flashed on the screen, you knew it would be too good to be true.

“Hello?” You answer as you press the phone to your ear.

“Hey Y/N, sorry to be bothering you and Spencer on a Saturday, but we really need your guys’ help on this case.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” you brushed off the little sting in your heart at the mention of Spencer’s name. “I’ll be right there.” And with that, you hung up.

When you arrived at the BAU a little later than everyone, you hastily apologized for being late and quickly slipped into one of the chairs on the round table. Your gaze lands on Spencer, he’s facing towards the screen where Penelope is showing the murders and paying no attention to you.

“Damn, Y/L/N, did you miss the bus or something?” Morgan teases and you roll your eyes.

“Actually yeah,” you purse your lips and glance over at Spencer, “second vehicle that took off without me.”

Everyone diverted their attention Penelope as she explained the case, and you did too. You wanted to focus on every detail and let your mind focus on that instead of on Spencer. If he could ignore you so easily, you hoped you could do the same.

“You know, the unsub’s victimology looks a lot like Y/N,” Emily points out and everyone turns to look at you.

“You’re right, long/short h/c hair, e/c eyes, light/tan/dark skin,” Rossi observes all your features and nods. “You’re a match.”

“Well, we could use that to our advantage,” Hotch adds. “Only in extreme circumstances, though. I don’t want one of my agents getting hurt while getting used as bait.”

“I could do that,” you agreed, peering up at Spencer to see if he would interject, but he never did. His eyes were fixated on the files in front of him, scanning every word on the page.

“Alright, wheels up in 30,” Hotch announces and everyone gathers their stuff to leave the room.

You waited until everyone left and you hurried towards Spencer.

“Hey,” you greet, but his eyes didn’t meet yours. “Spence, I’m sorry. Can we stop fighting?”

“I have to finish reading the case,” Spencer says nonchalantly as he walks out of the office with his face still buried in the file. You frown and head outside to meet everyone in the jet, completely frustrated with Spencer.

Once you landed in the unsub’s territory and reported to the local P.D., you couldn’t help but look back at the plane ride to here. Spencer ignored you like he had in the meeting room, and he talked to everyone but you. Usually, he would sit by you and the two of you would either talk or read something, but he avoided you like the black plague. You tried meeting up with him when he was getting coffee, but he poured it at the speed of light just so he could avoid speaking to you.

“Y/L/N, are you feeling okay?” Hotch asks you silently after he assigned everyone to different locations. “You seem out of it.”

“Yeah, just the case has me feeling uneasy,” you lie, but he takes it.

“Alright then, you and Morgan better get to the coroner’s then,” he nods towards the car and you agree. You slip into the passenger’s seat and wait impatiently for Derek to get into the car.

“Come on, Derek,” you call for him outside the window. “I’m not getting any younger here.”

“Alright, alright, princess,” he puts his hands out in defense as he steps out of the sheriff’s department. “No rush.”

“Yes rush,” you scoff. “People are dying.”

“What’s got you so mad anyway?” Morgan asks as he starts the car. “Trouble in paradise?”

“What makes you think that?” You question curiously as you look out the window.

“Your usual bubbly self is quiet and irritated, you got here late and without Reid. Plus, the kid’s not giving you the time of day.”

“That obvious?”

“You guys aren’t slick,” Morgan chuckles.

While the two of you are at a stoplight, a car pulls up beside you. A large, rusted white pickup truck. You feel an uneasy feeling in your stomach and you gulp as the man driving the car looks at you with such wonder and lust in his eyes.

“Morgan, the vehicle beside me matches the unsub’s,” you explain quietly.

“What?” Morgan looks to your side, but the car was gone. “Y/N, you sure you’re alright?”

Seconds after the question rolls off his lips, a car slams into the rear end of the car, sending both you and Morgan flying forward toward the dashboard with the seatbelts still holding you back. Morgan regains his composure quickly and tries driving off, but in the seconds that the two of you were off guard, the unsub had driven to face your side.

“Morgan, go!” You yell. Morgan had tried speeding away, but the unsub was quicker. The unsub smashed into your side, causing the whole car to turn over. Pieces of glass were digging into your skin and you could feel the blood trickling down your head as the car lied on its side.

“Y/N!” Morgan calls as the two of you absorb the third hit, flipping the car completely upside down. You began to cough violently, the world was spinning and you could barely focus. The street intersection was a ghost town except for the rusty truck parked beside the totaled squad car. A pair of boots hit the pavement beside you, causing all your blood to run cold. You attempted to unbuckle your seatbelt, but you noticed a huge piece of glass sticking out of your side. You peer over at Derek to find him unconscious with little to no scratches.

As you were reaching over to the control center to call for help, you hear the door beside you open and you’re met with the same black boots from earlier.


There is going to be a part 2 to this!! It would have been way too long to be one imagine so I am going to split it! Sorry for any mistakes ;’)))

These are just some of the misconceptions Tony had. He has a hell of a lot more.

After Tony’s heat Sarah sits him down to find out what all he’s been misinformed about. Don’t worry Sarah waited until after she’d corrected Tony and left him to think about it before she threw herself on her bed and sobbed her heart out.

1) Tony believes that the scent of his heat is an invitation and he should hide himself from everyone. If he is smelled and someone forces themselves on him, it is his fault for not being more careful.

(“No, sweetheart, being taken advantage of is not your fault. You’re not inviting someone to hurt you. Not only will your scent not drive everyone to come find you, but alphas are held responsible for their own actions. If one of them assaults you, it’s their fault. But most people are not going to hurt you. I understand you feel unsafe, of course you do after what you’ve been told, but those—those were lies.”

Tony looks up at her, so hopeful, but the fear is still there, the fear that she’s the one lying to him. Sarah is only sorry they could not behead Stane.)

2) Sex is going to hurt. Always. No questions. It will hurt because omegas were meant to handle pain; that’s why they give birth. It’s also meant to keep omegas submissive. If an alpha is being gentle to keep from hurting you, it means you’re not pleasuring him properly.

(Sarah literally chokes on her spit and then she has to walk over and lean her head against a wall and just… process for a few minutes. Tony watches her worriedly, frowning, but she does eventually come and sit back down.


Tony rears back, terrified.

“Sex is not supposed to hurt and if it does the alphas are doing it wrong.

“But—but the knot,” Tony begins helplessly.

“That’s why you get wet oh Lord in heaven give me strength. Anthony. Oh, my dear. Steven and James are not going to hurt you. An alpha being gentle is proof of how much they care for you and your well-being, not proof that you’re not pleasuring them. And literally anything feels good on an alpha’s dick, honey, that’s why all those masturbation jokes exist.”

“…Those are based in fact?”

“Oh, honey.”)

3) Wanting sex outside of a heat makes you a slut. Omegas were meant to be bred for heirs. If an alpha wants sex out of heat, that’s his/her right, because they are virile and often feel the need to stake a claim. An omega wanting sex out of heat is disgusting and indicative that they’ll bend over for anyone.

(“Some people think that,” Sarah allows. “But it’s not actually true. Steven’s father and I had sex out of heat because I wanted to regularly. It promoted intimacy. Also it felt fantastic.”

Tony’s cheeks go rosy red at the admission. “So I’m not—I’m not—”

“Dear, Steven and James are very handsome,” Sarah tells him gently. “It’s not wrong to find them attractive and want to be intimate with them out of heat. Your libido still exists even when you’re not ready to make a baby.”

“…What’s a libido?” Tony asks.

Sarah wants to find Stane’s corpse and stab it until there’s nothing left but mush.)

4) Omegas don’t orgasm because they’re only for breeding.

(Sarah literally screams in horror before he can continue and has to walk out of the room but she comes back quickly and grabs Tony’s hands and just whispers, “No.”)

5) Omegas that masturbate are not good omegas. Their bodies belong to their alphas.

(Sarah screams again but Tony’s ready for it this time. Then she grabs his hands and leans in and whispers, “No. Honey, I’m going to give you a book. It’s a private book, just for omegas. I hope it will put your mind at ease. I can answer any questions you have about it afterward. Please don’t be afraid to ask me.”

“Okay,” he says shyly, because he’s never been encouraged to ask questions before.)

6) Omegas are property.

(“Not in my country,” Sarah, an omega Queen, informs him imperiously. “Some countries yes. But not mine. And certainly not yours when your parents were alive.”

“Really?” Tony asks quietly, because he can’t—he can barely remember his parents. He was sure that Howard loved Maria like an equal, though. …Pretty sure, anyway.

Sarah leans in like she’s telling him a secret. “Maria wouldn’t have allowed your father to treat her like property. I didn’t know her well, but—I knew her enough. I’ll tell you stories about her.”

Tony smiles and it’s wide and bright.)

7) Omegas are meant to bend over for the alphas at all times.

(“I mean, if you’re in the mood, you can certainly feel free to do that,” Sarah says after some thought. “But you are allowed to say no if you don’t feel like having sex.”

“Won’t—won’t they get mad?” Tony asks nervously.

Sarah scowls. “Not my sons.” And then her expression softens. “You’re allowed to not be in the mood, and they must respect that. Or else they will have me to deal with.”

Tony can’t help a reluctant giggle. Steve and Bucky have already shown they are afraid of Sarah.)

8) Omegas are trophies. Having hobbies and interests that aren’t reading or needlepoint is frowned upon.

(“…You… you do needlepoint,” Sarah says, less of a question than expressing disbelief.

“I did the detailed embroidery on my ball gowns,” Tony says, shrugging, embarrassed.

“You… you have ball gowns?

Tony frowns, concerned. “Am I not—not supposed to? My mother had them made for when I came of age—”

“Male omegas wear dresses in your country,” Sarah wheezes, then hurries to add, “Of course you can wear them here as well, dear, I’m just—surprised, is all. Would you mind if I came by to see them one day?”

Tony continues to frown at her, skeptical. “…No…”

“Okay. Oh! Do you have your mother’s wedding gown, too?” she asks, remembering how opulent the dress had been and how radiant Maria had looked in it.

Tony frowns. “Yes? I can still get married in it can’t I? It’s the only thing I have left of my mother’s, please—”

“Oh, honey, of course you can,” Sarah coos. “Just—try not to tell Steven and James about it. Dresses are a secret, you know.” When Tony nods, still looking vaguely confused, she smiles at him. “Good. Now that that’s out of the way—how would you like to learn fencing?”

Tony brightens with hope. “M-me? Really?

Sarah leans in, smiling. “And ride a horse. Not side-saddle.”

Tony bounces in his seat. It’s the most excited she’s ever seen him.)

((Sarah gives him the book and reminds him it’s a private book, and then winks and leaves him to read it. Tony is bright red by the time he’s finished and keeps the book tucked under his pillow for rereading. Natasha finds it one day and raises an eyebrow at him and Tony’s so frightened, so nervous, that he’ll be in trouble with Sarah, but Natasha simply tucks it under his mattress and tells him that’s a better hiding place.

And Natasha is so kind about it, Tony shyly asks if she might know where he can find more books like it? Natasha gives him an unreadable look and says nothing, but she does come in the next morning and hand him a stack of books without names on the covers. Tony reads an incredibly risqué one and can’t look her in the eyes for days. She thinks it’s adorable.))

Deepest Darkest Secret


This is an eighth year AU, and it’s going to have around 20 chapters. It’s based on this little thing I wrote for FEDA and promised to continue. Also posted on AO3 here

Soulmate AU where you’re born knowing your soulmate’s biggest secret.

Chapter 1. Baz.

My soulmate is the Insidious Humdrum.

I’ve known this since before I was old enough to know what the Insidious Humdrum was. At first I thought I was actually going to fall in love with the Insidious Humdrum, which confused the hell out of me. Is it even human? (Then again, I’m not human, either.) How could I fall in love with a supervillain?

I don’t think anyone in the World of Mages actually understands what the Humdrum is. In the break before eighth year, I sat in on a series of Old Family meetings, each more useless than the last. Some of them are about strategy and the Mage. Fiona keeps insisting that I have to know things about Snow that we can use to our advantage.

‘We avoid each other as much as we can,’ I keep telling her. ‘He fell asleep on his Latin homework at least six times last year. That’s all I’ve got.’

It’s a lie. Fiona’s right; I do know things about Snow. Everyone knows their soulmate’s deepest secret, even if their soulmate doesn’t know it themselves. His future biggest secret is the darkest, most important one, and the one that the least number of people will ever know.

It makes sense that it’s him. I’ve been hopelessly in love with him since fifth year and it already feels like a lifetime. He’s got his fingerprints all over my soul. It has to be him.

Not that I’ll ever admit it to my family. My love, my downfall, my biggest secret. (Bigger than the fact that I’m a vampire, because there are at least three adults who know about that, and I’m never telling anyone about Simon.)

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Promptis headcanons

ok first can we talk about how much the boys must love water (Prompto always photographing Noct in front of the water ingame and ofc Noct x fishing)

  • imagine both of them going camping while in highschool and Prompto’s delighted because it’s the first time he really goes out of the city apart from school excursions and this is a huge deal for Noctis too because his father actually agreed to let him go?? On his own?! (PEACEFUL TIMES)
  • So they choose to go camping near a river, so that Noctis can fish and Prompto will take so many pics of the scenery, Noct will get mad at him bc the fishes are going away because of him but really he’s just so happy he’s out there with his bestfriend
  • Prompto splashing water at a napping Noct. Yes this ends up in a terrible waterfight
  • Prompto staying still in the water and suddenly he feels ?? Small things pecking at his skin ?? And in 30 secs this turns into 20 small fishes eating his dead skin
  • “Noctis do you think they’re gonna eat my freckles too ??”
  • Noctis suddenly being very aware of all the freckles that cover his friend’s body
  • Noctis blushing 
  • “O-of course not”
  • MIDNIGHT BATH and there are fireflies all around them
  • Regretting sleeping under the sky next to the river the following day bc they didnt plan to get THAT MANY bites from mosquitoes (you can bet your ass next time they’ll bring some anti mosquitoes products)
  • For the time being they’ll sleep in the tent
  • hiking up the mountain by following the river stream and Prompto litterally c r y i n g when he sees the view from the top and Noctis just hugging him from behind without saying a word
  • Watching the shooting stars from atop of the mountain while chatting about very personnal stuff
  • Prompto loving being massaged (unlike Noctis -throwback to Galdin Quay-) so at night in the tent Noctis will give Prompto massages after their long day’s walk and if you dont think Prompto moans and Noctis is hella flustered and stops everything then you’re very wrong
  • both boys trying to be subtle when they try to close the gap between their sleeping bags at night
  • ends up with both of them being milimeters apart but not doing the last move
  • You can bet in the morning they’re snuggled together
  • Prompto waking up first but being prisoner of the royal arm around his chest and yes he tries to break free (#nohomo) but he’s just ?? HELD EVEN CLOSER ?
  • And obviously he can’t win bc it turns out all those trainings with Gladio really did good for Noct’s muscles
  • So you have a sleepy Noctis and an overthinking (and hungry, maybe also wanting to pee) Prompto also very bothered by how cute Noctis is with his bed hair
  • the astrals shipping the fuck outta those two rn
  • Eventually Noct wakes up and is face to face to a Prompto who may or may not have been trying to get a taste of Noct’s lips bc anyways Noct was asleep ?? But he woke up just before it happened
  • They can feel each other’s morning breath on their own lips (which, let’s be honest, smell bad) and woooooo INTENSE STARING
  • Noct just kinda presses the hand he already had on Prompto’s back and Prompto can feel his heart beating even faster than it already did bc now Noct’s closing his eyes and oh my oH MY IS HE GONNA ???
  • fall back asleep
  • That Royal asshole
  • can you hear this sound yes it’s Prompto’s heart breaking in two
  • (that’s what you get for trying to take advantage of a sleeping prince, blondie)
  • Prompto finally goes outside the tent and is met by rain and yeah his day couldn’t have started in a worse way
  • But the weather’s still very warm so he takes off his clothes except for his briefs and wristband and stands outside
  • How long he stands there he doesn’t know
  • He suddenly has a lot on his mind and he’s angry at himself because this week end was supposed to be a special time with his bestfriend why did he have to let his feelings in the way
  • But next thing he knows Noct’s there too ??
  • “Couldn’t sleep with the rain. Let’s go”
  • Prompto doesn’t ask questions and just follows him a bit farther into the woods
  • That’s when he notices Noctis is also only in his t-shirt and briefs so he offers a silent prayer to Shiva to thank her for his view on the royal ass
  • And they finally reach a small waterfall with a large pond. It’s very humid and you cant see clearly the other end but Prompto has a feeling there might be more to it. He can hear frogs croaking 
  • Noct just offers him his hand, and although Prompto is intrigued and still a bit sulking, he lets him lead him into the water
  • When they’re midwaist and Prompto still doesn’t know where this is all leading to, Noctis tells him, a slightly bit anxious “ok, on three we go underwater. Keep your eyes open. Three…”
  • “but Noct you know that with my eyes-
  • Doesn’t matter here. Two… ONE !”
  • Noctis drags him underwater by force with his hand. Prompto, taken aback, forces himself to open his eyes, trusting his bestfriend. And then he sees.
  • Everything is light. The fishes are luminescent, shiny frogs are passing by him, and he feels safe in this water, almost at… Home. Noctis points him to rarestones that are emetting their own light. He’s never been more amazed. And flowers are growing from the bottom. Actually, they’re growing everywhere they can. Soon missing air, the boys quickly come back to the surface. Back to the dull and misty pond, assaulted by rain.
  • “Dude what was that ?!!
  • -Ok, you know the legend of that florist who died at the hand of the bringer of destruction?
  • -Yes it’s a classic
  • -So you know her true love left her dead body in a pond. Well now the legend has it that, when it rains, it means people are still mourning her death, and if you come to a pond pure enough with the person you love  then under those circonstances you can enter the realm of wonders her spirit built. Iris showed me the pond”
  • The last part had been said way more quickly than everything else. Prompto slowly processed the information
  • “Oh. I hope you and her will be happy…”
  • Prompto thought he had seen what was underwater only because he was with Noctis. Not because his feelings were reciprocated.
  • Noctis, eyes wide and suddenly very unsure, added “but Iris didn’t see what was underwater ! Only I did. Because I was the one she loved. It works only one way. I didn’t tell her I saw it, though. … But you saw the flowers, right ?”
  • “Yeah… I did !”
  • Noctis looked at him and couldn’t hide his smile any longer. “So did I.”
  • Before he let his tears slip out, Prompto jumped at Noctis’ neck and brought him underwater. There, they exchanged a look that meant more than any word could say about their mutual affection, and it was as if the water brought them closer for a kiss only the flowers witnessed.

…. So yeah, Promptis and water are important to me.


my friend told me the E version photoshoot makes them look like pokemon gym leaders and now i can’t get it out of my head so i wrote a bulletpoint list as to what type of leader i think each person would be!!!


NAMJOON - electric type specialist

  • namjoon is the first gym leader you have to face when you set out on your journey. you’re hesitant at first when you were starting out because your parents were well-known trainers back in the day, so you were scared that you wouldn’t match up to their reputations. however, meeting namjoon was a breath of fresh air because he held no expectations of you whatsoever. coming from an elite family of pokemon trainers himself, he was able to relate to your self-doubt and encouraged you instead to go on your own path to self-discovery
  • (that “encouragement” just so happened to be an hour long sermon, so you weren’t really sure exactly what he said after the 20 minute mark, but you assumed it was something along those lines)
  • you come back the next day hoping to battle him immediately, but like all gyms, his was designed as a puzzle.
  • “All trainers think that all it takes is power and experience to become the greatest out there. What they tend to forget is that intelligence and strategy are just as important!”
  • H O L Y SHIT was this dude a fucking sadist or something because his gym was a fucking MAZE
  • you were essentially stuck in the dark, maneuvering your way blindly while stumbling across trainers to boot. the place was filled with doors and hallways, each room only accessible after solving a riddle or trivia about pokemon
  • after much stumbling and a lot of bullshitting your way through the answers, you eventually find your way to namjoon
  • “Ah, so you made it! You were definitely much faster than (rival’s name). I’m excited to see how well you do!”
  • despite being generally nice and supportive, he definitely did not go easy on you during your battle
  • “What? Do you expect me to be the easiest gym leader just because I’m your first official battle? Not a chance, darling!”
  • suffice to say, you almost got smote out of the sky by his powerful raichu, whom you thought you could have easily defeated with your ground type pokemon
  • electric types have very little weaknesses (read: only two) so Namjoon is pretty much an expert when it comes to dealing with those weaknesses. 
  • you got a ground type? bitch, he has pikachu that knows how to use SURF
  • “Holy shit? I thought surfing pikachu was a myth!”
  • “The only thing mythical about my pikachu is that it’s about to pound you to dust!”
  • In the end, however, you were able to defeat him (although, you might have had to rechallenge him a few times. But you got there eventually)
  • “Wow. It feels just like yesterday that we just met. I’m sure that I will be hearing more great things about you in the future. I’m already excited to see how much you will grow! ‘til our next battle!”
  • ((he ends up climbing the ranks and joins the elite four. so that next battle comes sooner than you could have imagined!))

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anonymous asked:

So if you wanted some prompts I have some for AvAc Winteriron: 1) Bucky is crushing hard on Tony and is irrationally jealous of Misty, whose arm Tony made her. He also wants an arm spesifically made for him by Tony! Even if the one he has is working perfectly fine already!

2) After arriving at the Academy, Bucky is shown around by Tony, and is really drawn to him. He’s so impressed by everything Tony has done for the academy (not that Tony likes to mention it, he only does so in passing as if it isn’t important), and after staying there for a while he is slightly horrified by how some people treat him/take advantage of him all the time.

3) Every new song Bucky writes has subtle hints about how he is in love with Tony, not that Tony ever notices. Janet, however, does, and confronts Bucky about it to be sure he won’t break Tony’s heart, because she knows how Tony feels about Bucky as well.

These were so cute, I combined all three. This is nearly 6k, so ‘ware the readmore! (I’ll put it up on Ao3 as soon as I get a chance, for easier reading/bookmarking…)

“Hi, welcome to Avengers Academy!”

Bucky turned toward the voice, wary. When someone said “welcome” at Hydra, it usually meant they were planning to humiliate you or get the drop on you with an ambush.

Well, they could try. The Winter Soldier had carved out a niche of respect at Hydra, and he would make one here, if he had to.

“Usually it’s Jan or Pepper doing the welcome tour, but Pep’s off interviewing some potential recruits and Jan’s right in the middle of planning next month’s parties, so I said I’d do it. So hi, welcome – I said that already, didn’t I? – um, I’m Tony Stark, nice to meet you!”

Bucky looked him over. Tony Stark had armored boots and a gauntlet on his extended hand, and was wearing a garish red and yellow jacket over skin-tight jeans. Those jeans did not look practical for combat, but they did an excellent job of showing off Tony’s legs. Tony had artfully fluffy hair that made Bucky want to mess it up, and a scraggly attempt at facial hair that was kind of cute in its utter failure. He’d started off with a bright smile, but it was beginning to fade, a crease forming between his eyebrows.

“Uh, okay,” Tony said, dropping the extended hand and rubbing it on his other arm uncertainly. “So you’re the Winter Soldier, huh? Is that… what you want us to call you? I mean, most everyone’s got a codename and, you know, a real name, but we’re pretty divided on what we want people to call us. I’m Tony and Jan is Jan and Pepper is Pepper unless she’s really mad at you in which case she’s Ms. Potts. But you should see how mad Enchantress gets if you try to call her Amora, and man, do not call Hulk Bruce, he smashes extra hard if you do that. And ‘Spider-Man’ thinks he’s maintaining a secret identity, so we pretty much humor him and call him that if he’s got his mask on, you know?”

Bucky considered this. “Names are nothing but words / it is the soul within that hurts,” he tried. Not the best meter or rhyme, but there was a theme there worth exploring.

Tony stared at him blankly for a moment. “Um. So you’re… cool with whatever, I guess. Okay. Well, I’m supposed to show you around the campus, so come on, I’ll make sure you know where everything important is!”

Tony led Bucky around the campus in a wide arc. Bucky already knew the campus layout, of course, having studied it in preparation for attack. But it was very different, seeing things with his own eyes, and Tony’s constant stream of chatter was often amusing.

“Two nightclubs, in fact,” Tony was saying proudly. “There’s the Galaxy club there–” He pointed toward a garish neon building. “–and the Guardians put on a mean death metal show, I gotta say. But a lot of us prefer something a little more homey, and that’s Club A. Pool table, jukebox, great dance floor.” He looked sidelong at Bucky, then shrugged. “Cap spends a lot of time in there, so…”

Bucky didn’t let himself wince, but he wanted to. His feelings about Cap – Steve – were… complicated. But Tony was looking at him hopefully, waiting for some sort of reaction, and Bucky was oddly disinclined to disappoint him. “The bartender is a robot,” he observed.

“What? Oh, yeah, I made him.”

“By yourself?” It took – had taken – a team of three Hydra scientists to merely perform maintenance on Bucky’s arm.

“Oh, sure, robots are easy. The challenging bit was upgrading him so it didn’t cause any long-term damage when his head comes off.”

Bucky stared at Tony.

Tony shrugged. “Crossbones keeps ripping his head off, and I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to tell him they don’t like that, but he won’t listen, so it seemed easier to just make it so it wouldn’t hurt them too much, you know?” Bucky had no trouble believing that. Crossbones was… unpleasant. It wasn’t enough for him to accomplish his missions. He made it personal.

Tony was still talking about the robot. “… already had some easy-repair joints for the robots at the blasting range, so I just had to find a way to–”

Now that sounded like something Bucky would enjoy. “Blasting range?” He swung his favorite rifle off his shoulder. “Show me.”

Tony’s smile was all teeth. “This way.”

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Let Me Be Your Good Night

Originally posted by middlepartzayn


You weren’t impressed. You had been trying for the last fifteen minutes to get the lads to concentrate at the task at hand—rehearsing one of their new songs before recording it. It had taken you long enough to gather all four of them around the piano that you’d thought they’d have settled down by now, but alas they were still horsing around, slapping each other, and laughing at the pain they inflicted on one another. You would never understand why the boys always had studio time scheduled after long stretches of not seeing each other.

“Whenever you lot are ready, we can get started,” you scolded.

“Yes, teacher,” Niall laughed. You rolled your eyes. You were the same age as the boys, but they always managed to bring out your authoritarian side. It was mandatory for anything to get done.

“I’ve got other clients, you know. I could go do vocal exercises with people who actually want to sing.” You were only half-joking. Of course, as a vocal coach you did have other clients, and even though the boys were getting on your nerves, they were you favorite to work with. Calming them down took patience, but they were a pleasure to work with once they started singing.

“Please don’t leave us, [Y/N],” Harry said as he gripped your arm, keeping you from going anywhere.

“Then start singing!” you exclaimed in exasperation. Harry’s touch was buzzing through your body. The two of you had always exchanged sly glances and a few flirty texts, but nothing had ever come of it. He was away too much, and you liked the stability of your life.

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Silver Theory

Okay so last night I was way too tired to really post about all this, but now I’m wide awake. So let me start by saying that the things I post on here are just my theories, so don’t freak out or anything because nothing is confirmed. I know I probably confuse a lot of you because I always have different theories, but I honestly can’t help it. Silver was the very first character that I truly believed was Harley. Then I started to see Lee showing lots of characteristics of Harley, and it made me kind of doubt that Silver was. I didn’t doubt Silver because of Lee, I doubted her because she wasn’t posting about Gotham and she was no longer on the show and there were no hints of her coming back on the show or anything. I’m honestly conflicted because I truly believe either Silver or Lee is Harley. It’s a really tough choice because I absolutely love Lee (Morena), but I absolutely love Silver (Natalie) too! Honestly, I will be happy if either of the two is Harley. A lot of people wanted reasons that she could possibly be Harley, and now I’m awake enough to answer. Just be warned, this post might be a bit long.

Reason number one: She can change her personality on a whim.

When she was with Bruce she made herself appear to be kind and timid, etc. But when she was alone, or with Theo and Tabitha she was cold and self-confident. But she’s not completely heartless. She can be nice when she wants to be. Like for example, when she thought Bruce was being tortured she was screaming for them to stop. She also tried to stop Theo from killing him. So she can be manipulative but she also still has a heart. Harley is kind of the same way. She’s a bad guy but she still has a heart. If I remember correctly Harley and Ivy saved a little girl that I think was getting abused. I honestly don’t remember it that well. So both Silver and Harley can be mean, but also still have a heart.

Silver’s personality when manipulating Bruce.

Silver’s true personality.

Reason number two: Her character in the show doesn’t match the one in the comics AT ALL.

Silver in the comics isn’t related to the Galvan’s in any way. She is also supposed to be one of the first people to figure out Bruce is Batman. Silver is known to be a seductress in both the comics and the show.. well Silver in the comics seduces Bruce for sexual reasons. Silver in the show seduces Bruce to manipulate him for her Uncle. Two totally different reasons. I know in the comics she is supposed to have this off and on relationship with Bruce, but Bruce strictly told her “Silver, I don’t love you. I pity you.” And I think he even said, “I have no feelings for you what so ever.” Or something along those lines. So I don’t see them getting back together (Not that they were even really together in the first place.) Go look Silver St Cloud up, you’ll see her comic version and TV version doesn’t match at all.

Reason number three: ‘You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.’

Silver hasn’t shown a crazy side yet, as far as I know, but from what I remember Harley doesn’t start acting crazy until after she meets the Joker (Jerome). Even though she wasn’t on there but seven episodes (same amount as Jerome) we still knew her character for a while. I think they could have meant this in a variety of different ways. Like maybe the character that is going to play Harley has been on the show a long time (Like Barbara and Lee), we just didn’t recognize her as Harley. Or maybe the character was shown a few times (definitely more than an extra, but maybe less than a regular) and we didn’t recognize them as Harley (Like Silver).

Reason number four: ‘The person is somehow connected to the Joker Cult World.’

Her and Jerome haven’t met yet, but I actually see this as an advantage. Both Jerome and Silver were working for Theo, but it never showed them meeting because Theo killed Jerome before they had a chance to. Silver was connected to Theo and Tabitha, as was Jerome when he was working for them, therefore she is connected to Jerome. Which would mean she’s connected to the ‘Joker Cult World’. So she is indeed connected.

Reason number five: She is still alive.

The last time we saw her was when Tabitha pushed her out the window to escape Theo. Ironic, huh? Considering Joker pushes Harley out the window in the animated series. Anyway, we don’t know where she went or what happened to her after that. All we know is she is still alive. We don’t see her anymore after that episode.. although we do see Tabitha again. She more than likely went to School somewhere, and slept her way through it like Harley did. She could be an intern right now for criminology. The point is she’s still alive. The writers could have killed her off, so why didn’t they? Most likely so they could bring her back.

Reason number six: Little Minx

Let’s not forget that Alfred called her a little minx.. and what does the Joker call Harley a lot? “You clever little minx.”

Reason number seven: Harley’s appearance in the finale.

The writers said Harley is appearing in this season’s finale and is gonna be the launching point for Season four. Once again this could be taken in different ways, but the way I took it though is Harley is gonna appear, like she’s gonna show up in Gotham. The only person we’ve seen on the show that could be Harley, that could just show up is Silver. I think it was Ken Woodruff who said Harley’s appearance in the in the finale ‘is gonna be crazy’. I’m not positive if it was Ken that said this, but I do know it was definitely one of the producers that said it. Silver coming back could be crazy.. Honestly who knows what the writers have up their sleeves.

Reason number eight:Daddy’s Little Monster.
On Harley’s shirt in Suicide Squad, it says ‘Daddy’s Little Monster.” Well it just so happens that Silver’s in an episode of Gotham called ‘Mommy’s Little Monster.’ This episode is the one that Silver’s true colors are revealed for the first time. It kind of reminds you of Jerome in a way. In his very first episode, he was acting fragile and innocent. Then he shows his dark side, his true self, in the interrogation room. Silver was acting like the sweet girl next door type, then as soon as she and Selina were alone she showed her dark side, her true self.

Harley’s Shirt in Suicide Squad.

The list of episodes Silver is in.

Jerome acting innocent.

Jerome showing his true colors.

Silver acting innocent.

Silver showing her true colors.

Reason number nine: She fits

If the show was to stick with Harley’s real appearance and the age thing and all that, Silver would match the most. She has blonde hair.. she doesn’t have blue eyes but I really don’t think that matters anyway. Also she is younger than Jerome, just like Harley is younger than Joker. I know a lot of people are dead set on Harley being younger. I think she was maybe sixteen or seventeen in Season two and Jerome was eighteen. She may be younger than that honestly. Season takes place a year after Jerome’s death. This would make her character either seventeen or eighteen, and Jerome nineteen (or twenty) give or take.

Reason number ten: Just imagine it

Seriously, just imagine it <3 I can picture her and Jerome being partners in crime like Joker and Harley, and Jerome making her distract/manipulate people with her seductiveness, while he steals or something. Silver is an excellent manipulator.. if she manipulated Bruce for her uncle due to fear, imagine what all she would do for Jerome due to love.. because we all know Harley is crazy about Joker. As I already stated above, she’s younger than him, and though I don’t think that has anything to do with it, she’s very manipulable. She proved that in season two, following her uncle’s every command. A lot of people think Harley needs to be someone who can be manipulated easily. Well Silver definitely could.

Reason number eleven: Foreshadowing or coincidence?

Like I said in a recent post, I believe that the show gives us hints and clues. Like the fact that Silver was introduced the very next episode after Jerome’s death. That once again makes me think of Joker and Harley. For me, when I think of Harley I automatically think of the Joker. And when I think of Joker, I automatically think of Harley. They’re a package deal in my eyes. But of course, I think of Joker first because he’s the leader. The more dominant one in their relationship. So for them to introduce Jerome first, and then introduce Silver the very next episode after Jerome’s death, really seems like a clue. Also in Silver’s last episode, she said: “That’s show business.” Both the Joker and Harley are famed in the Batman universe for their showbiz-style roots (Stole that, but it’s true). Also the fact that the writers decided for her true self to be revealed in the episode ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ makes me think it’s another clue.

This picture reminds me of Jerome.

Jerome (Joker) putting on a show for his cult (followers).

A clue in my opinion.

Reason number twelve: Natalie and Cameron giving clues.

Okay, so last night Natalie posted a gif of her and Cameron at the Vanity Fair. Her caption was ‘Jerome & Silver take over? Thank you @vanityfair​ for a beautiful night xxo @cameronmonaghan @gothamonfox’. Several things caught my attention on this post. First, as far as I know Cameron and Natalie have never met before. Like I said, as far as I know.. I’m honestly not sure. Maybe they have met before and we just didn’t know it. They never posted about the other, took pictures together, or anything. It’s like they didn’t know the other existed (figure of speech). I remember stalking both their accounts a while back and if I remember correctly neither of the two were following each other on their social media accounts. Then one day out of nowhere, they’re at the same event together, and they’re taking goofy pictures with one another and mentioning the other in tweets. Natalie is now following Cam on both Instagram and Twitter. I’m not sure if Cameron is following her or not, but still. Another thing that caught my attention was she used ‘Jerome and Silver’ instead of ‘Cameron and Natalie’. So I take this as a clue. On twitter Natalie posted a gif of her and Cam at 3:52 am, where they’re both acting like she’s punching him. Her caption says the same thing as her Instagram post. Then Cameron tweeted her back at 1:21 pm,  which was another gif of them, and his caption was 'Was fun! Grats on your good news!’ This caught my attention as well. They’re all of a sudden having contact with each other, she used their character’s names instead of their real names, and now Cameron congratulated her on her 'good news’. So I decided to do some digging, which wasn’t really digging considering it was her next post. On February 18, she posted 'big news to come!!!! xxo’ Honestly I think that news is her coming back to Gotham and becoming Harley. And the fact that she told Cameron about it, someone she’s never met before and isn’t close to, makes me really think it’s Gotham related :) Also Nat is following Maggie Geha (Ivy) and we all know Harley and Ivy have an off and on romantic relationship. She’s also the right age to date Jerome, date Ivy, and be part of the sirens. I know Selina and Silver hate each other right now, but maybe over time Selina will get over what happened and them become friends. Silver only threatened her and manipulated Bruce because Theo made her, I think I remember him saying 'I need you to ensure that no one else is whispering in his ear until I make my offer.’ This was before she went to Bruce’s and threatened Selina. She was only doing what her uncle asked her because she is afraid of him, and also because her family is all she has.

Reason number thirteen: Natalie has what it takes.

From my knowledge, Natalie is very flexible. She did a back bend on the red carpet, and she also does Arial Yoga. Harley is obviously an expert gymnast, and I believe Natalie can pull that part off. A lot of people don’t want her to be Harley, because they don’t like her character, Silver, but that’s what makes her such a great actress. It’s easy for people to like characters, but it takes someone really talented to make the audience hate their character. I believe Natalie could be the perfect choice for Harley. She has the looks, she’s younger than Jerome, she’s practiced gymnastics (from what I can tell), she matches up with all the things the writers have said, and.. let’s face it, she and Jerome would look so hot together! I still love Lee with all my heart, and I will be thrilled if it is her, but honestly I think I want Silver to be Harley just a tad bit more. I swear I’m not hating, because honestly I love Lee and I also love Jerome and Lee’s chemistry <3 But Silver was the very first person I wanted to be Harley, and now that I’m seeing clues again, I’m really hoping she is.

She was wearing five inch heels while doing this.

Aerial Yoga.  

I know this post probably doesn’t make sense , but these are just a few reasons why I think she’s Harley :)  If you don’t like the idea, that’s fine, but please be respectful is all I ask. I think it’s either Silver or Lee.. I would honestly be happy with either. Oh, and please don’t stop watching the show if it doesn’t turn out who you want it to be. I understand how it could be upsetting, but this is a show, and if you liked it before, don’t let something so little make you stop watching the show. We are Gothamites, we don’t love the show because of ships.. even though they are a big bonus. If everyone was to stop watching shows because something didn’t turn out the way they wanted, then there would honestly be no shows due to low ratings. Like if Barbara was to become Harley, it would take a lot for me to get used to the fact, or at least warm up to it, but I wouldn’t stop watching the show over it. Just be reasonable guys :) <3

anonymous asked:

How would Oda Forces + Uesugi-Takeda Forces + Kennyo react to MC's modern clothing?

Oooh, I love this! You’re my first IkéSen imagine request, lovely, so thank you very much! Sorry for the delay!

In this, imagine the MC (you) is wearing her modern-day clothes from the day she arrived in the Sengoku era again, just to be nostalgic, because she misses her old stuff a bit, or wants to for… alternative reasons ;)

So, that means she’s wearing these clothes, meaning a white shirt and jumper, and then a beige jacket and skirt. It’s mentioned that they got a bit ruined with the near-death experience and all, but considering her skills in fashion, she’s been able to fix them up and clean them up so they’re basically like new.

I hope this is what you meant, sweetie! Let me know if it isn’t and I’ll redo it for you ;)

It’s sort of a bit… heavy in places, but this is the way I took it, so hey ho. Just tell me if you want a less sexy set of responses!

Oh my God I forgot Ieyasu someone execute me ;-; he’s done now… *cries for my baby*

Also I’m really sorry if you meant different clothing like jeans or something; when I read “the MC’s modern clothing” I thought you meant just the ones from the prologue ;-; I’m so, so so sorry oh my God I suuuuuck >.<

Oda Forces (In which you maintain a permanent residence with these warlords!)


  • Confusion is the only way to describe his reaction
  • When he sees you in the hallway in the morning, he immediately starts blushing just because he can see your legs and he’s not used to it
  • But it’s not a bad thing, not at all
  • But wait
  • Other people can see them too
  • You’re waiting for a respond from him while he processes these thoughts, but eventually see that he’s frazzling himself by the second and laugh out, “Morning, Hideyoshi. I thought I’d wear my modern clothes for the day. Remember them?”
  • He doesn’t speak a word, and you actually really start to doubt yourself and become self-conscious
  • This only worsens when he grabs your hand, tugging you back toward your room at break-neck pace
  • But he’s so warm and you start to click on to what’s happening
  • Once you’re both in your room, he clears his throat, eyes dancing back and forth between you and the wall. “Uh- sorry about that. I remember them.”
  • This does not give you any sort of confidence, at all
  • “Oh-”
  • He’s kissing you before you can speak, so deep you stumble back and have to grip onto him for balance
  • “I’m sorry, because the thought of anyone else seeing you like this eats away at me I really don’t like the thought of them seeing you, but that’s selfish of me-”
  • You kiss him this time, and he almost dies with relief that you’re not angry
  • “Then, I’ll only wear them for you. Make sure you can come see me tonight; I’ll be waiting for you in them.”
  • He almost collapses, bless his poor soul
  • But he also takes a bit more time to… appreciate the new attire while he’s in your room ;)
  • Basically, he’s late for his report meeting with Nobunaga, but he honestly could not care less~
  • Who am I kidding he nearly cries and begs for forgiveness while low-key trying to neaten up his dishevelled hair and askew collar
  • You have to stifle a laugh on your way past Nobunaga’s room, listening to him pour out like 50 different apologies
  • Nobunaga smirks at you since the door’s open tho
  • You avoid him for the rest of the week month year day


  • You go to do some work with him in the afternoon and he’s so absorbed in his writing that he doesn’t even notice you
  • But then he sees your leg when you sit next to him
  • Instant blush, instant wtf, instant oh my God-
  • “Are those the clothes you were wearing on your first night here?”
  • You internally gush because he remembers
  • “Yes! I wanted to wear them again for the day, so I decided to put them on, since I managed to fix them.”
  • He’s silent
  • And he just stays silent
  • For like three minutes straight
  • On the inside, he’s dying
  • Your leg is right there. Your chest is so easy to see. Your skin is so smooth and he just wants to touch it-
  • Bad Ieyasu! That would show your emotions!
  • He has to clear his throat before he can speak because he’s low-key dying
  • “What’s the point in wearing them?”
  • Ouch
  • Well done, numpty
  • You see through his words and blush though and know he’s actually not annoyed or anything, so you just shuffle a bit closer, chirping, “Because it’s nice to have some time remembering my old life, even though I love my new one. It’s what made me who I am, so it’s important to keep it close to me.”
  • “… right.”
  • He’S lOsInG hIs ShIt HeLp YoU’rE sO SwEeT aNd PuRe AnD iT RuInS hIm
  • You’re both quiet for a moment, until you finally sigh, guessing he’s not that bothered by it
  • “So, what can I help with?”
  • Ieyasu used surprise kiss!
  • It was very effective
  • … and it was also followed by Ieyasu feeling you up and making out with you for the next hour
  • And he only stopped because Nobunaga dropped by, too


  • He sidles up to your door in the morning, wanting to see you before he gets to work, and nudges the door open to pop his head in. “Good morning, kitte-”
  • He can’t finish his sentence
  • The first - and only - thing he sees are your bare legs, and the skirt fitting wondrously over your rear, as you fix your clothes up
  • You turn around, blinking in surprise, but then you’re beaming at him, greeting, “Morning, Masamune! I decided to wear my old clothes today. What do you think?”
  • There are very few things in this world that can leave Masamune Date speechless
  • This is one of them
  • His throat works so hard while he tries to speak, but it just doesn’t work because he’s genuinely that taken aback
  • But then all of a sudden the One-Eyed Tiger swings back into action, and he all but bounds over to you
  • Expect to be kissed very hard, very deep, and with lots of teeth and tongue ;)
  • He takes advantage of the different clothes, running his hands over your thighs, then your waist and behind just a little
  • You end up panting by the time he pulls back, growling huskily, “You’re a cruel kitten.”
  • You can barely think, let alone respond. “W-What?”
  • He just grins ferally, breathing heatedly into your ear, “You’re going to drive every man in this castle insane, working and looking like that. I’ll have to keep you with me for the day, so none of them see anything they shouldn’t.”
  • Cue your already fierce blush exploding even brighter
  • He doesn’t let you out of his sight all day
  • But you don’t mind at all tho


  • He ends up running into you in the corridor of the castle in the middle of the day, and as soon as he sees your clothes, he actually pauses with surprise
  • Wow
  • Like, wow
  • He would never admit it, but he thought you were beautiful the first time he saw you in your clothes, and now he’s seeing them again, fixed and you being his, it’s sort of nearly winds him
  • “Mitsuhide? Are you okay?”
  • He comes back so suddenly, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is, “My, my. I wasn’t expecting you to change your name, ___.”
  • You don’t get it
  • But then he leans down and hooks an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against him and whispering in your ear, “I believe I should now call you Lady Temptation, seeing as you’re flaunting your beauty even more than normal.”
  • You nearly die, half from his words, and half from the fact that his fingers are trailing up the back of your thigh, ascending higher and higher by the second
  • Ohhh, lord…
  • Good luck keeping a straight face, chatelaine
  • “I wasn’t… ah…”
  • He’s smirking so wide, watching you crumble under his touch
  • I swear to God he is a full-on sadist and no one can convince me otherwise
  • “Hm? You weren’t what, Princess of Azuchi? You weren’t trying to tempt me? Perhaps the others, then?”
  • That earns him a very sudden, but also not very powerful, punch in the chest
  • He ends up chuckling very darkly under his breath
  • “Of course not! I just wanted to wear them again because I felt like it, excuse you!” Cue the indignant huff. “And I… wondered if you’d like seeing them as well…”
  • Mission accomplished, in Mitsuhide’s mind~
  • He gives your thigh a very brief squeeze, teeth nipping at your ear, and you squeak in surprise even though you enjoy the sensations
  • “Well then, it appears that there is no issue. You were correct; you’re beautiful. Congratulations on reading me so accurately.”
  • And then he lets you go, kisses your hand just like he did the first time he met you, before sauntering off down the hallway and leaving you stunned
  • You just can’t win with Mitsuhide


  • He just gushes and blushes so much it’s unreal
  • There aren’t enough words to describe the ball of absolute delight Mitsunari morphs into when he sees you in the corridor
  • “___! You look wonderful - are those your clothes from your old life?”
  • He’d approach you, beaming and gazing at you with such love and adoration it should be illegal
  • It melts your heart instantly
  • “Yes! I thought I’d wear them again today, for a change.”
  • He supposes you might have days of missing your old life more than others, and that this might lessen the effects of that a bit, so he doesn’t object
  • Instead, he just cups your face very tenderly, popping a kiss against your forehead
  • “Well, you’re lovely as always. They suit you very well, and it seems you’ve fixed them. You’re so self-sufficient and dependable, ___.”
  • He’s actually sort of worried on the inside despite his words though
  • So he ends up hugging you really gently, murmuring, “But please, do be careful while you’re wearing them. People of this people are… not accustomed to seeing such dress, and I fear that they may treat you wrongly for it.”
  • You literally throw your arms around his neck and hug him back so hard he nearly chokes
  • “Thank you, Mitsunari. I’ll be careful, I promise.”
  • You kiss his cheek and head off to finish the job that needs to be done, and he stares after you for a moment, entranced by every single part of you
  • He could just stare at you forever and it wouldn’t be enough
  • He ends up holding his cheek for pretty much the rest of the day and doesn’t lose his smile once


  • Brace yourself because this one does not have the self-control necessary to respond to this in an appropriate way
  • He’d gotten up and gone to work earlier than you, and has been busy all day, so he hasn’t seen you around at all through the day
  • Now he’s called a council to discuss something briefly
  • And then you walk in, legs bare for all the world to see, in your modern day clothes, with Masamune and Mitsuhide very, very close to you
  • Nobunaga almost breaks his own arm from gripping it that hard
  • He’s seen you in these clothes before, but now that they’re fixed, they look even more amazing, and more appetising even than the European dress he saw in Portugal
  • Mineminemineminemineminemineminemi-
  • He can barely think when you sit down with the two warlords, and loses it when Mitsuhide rests his hand on your knee, snapping, “Mitsuhide, Masamune, what do you think you’re doing?”
  • The snake just smiles pleasantly, answering, “My Lord, what do you mean? I was simply complimenting the Lady Chatelaine on her unusual appearance. It seems her ‘boyfriend’ has yet to comment on it, so I took it upon myself to do so, to raise her spirits until he can do so.”
  • Cue Masamune’s snort
  • “Besides, I’m sure at least half of her reasoning for dressing like this is to impress you. Am I right, kitten?”
  • Nobunaga.Warlord has stopped responding
  • You bury your face in your knees, blushing profusely
  • But then Nobunaga almost launches himself up, bounding across the room with such speed everyone genuinely tenses up
  • “Ahh! Nobunaga, what are you doing? Put me down!”
  • You’re over his shoulder in a second flat, his arm locked around your thighs to shield it from the others’ eyes and keep you still
  • “This meeting is cancelled. Hideyoshi, punish Masamune and Mitsuhide sufficiently.”
  • Mitsuhide just hisses out another rattled laugh, and Masamune howls with his own laughter, calling, “Are you going to punish her too, Nobunaga?”
  • Masamune spends the night in a cell
  • You spend it under Nobunaga, your clothes very much forgotten, while he reminds you exactly who conquered you and who you belong to ;)

Uesugi-Takeda Forces (In which you maintain a permanent residence with these warlords!)


  • So you’re low-key terrified of doing this but end up thinking, “Fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.”
  • Kenshin’s been really, really, really stressed out lately with battles and strategising so much, so you thought you could wear your old clothes for a day, since you feel like it and guessed it might be nice for Kenshin as well
  • But not during the day, because that’s asking for trouble from Kenshin:
    • Other people would be looking at you even more, and they’d end up with Kenshin’s sword through their necks, and;
    • You’d probably get felt up at some point by Shingen, “accidentally” or not
  • So you throw them on before you go to see him in the evening
  • He’s writing something when you go inside, so you wait patiently and kneel in front where he sits to do his work
  • Eventually he finishes and looks up, expecting the same as usual
  • He literally turns to stone for a few seconds straight
  • You’re red already
  • “What are you wearing?”
  • He can’t process anything else and can’t form anything more complex
  • “These are some of the clothes I wore in the future, and I thought it might be interesting for you to see them, since I didn’t meet you when I was wearing them on my first day here.”
  • Oh, boy. Even with his heterochromia, his eyes practically turn black with lust
  • Prepare yourself, chatelaine!
  • “Come here.”
  • You.Life has stopped responding
  • That voice. He may be human but everything about him is godly and just makes you weak
  • You go over to him and stand in front of him, and he immediately reaches out, arm curling around your thighs
  • His lips are on your leg before you know it, and he breathes out against it, “I’ve never seen such fashion, but I’m not opposed to it. It’s extremely convenient, after all.”
  • One second you’re standing, the next you’re straddling him, and he smiles as innocently as a curious child, even though you know he’s got plans that are much more mature waiting for you
  • “Now I can see almost everything that belongs to me. However…”
  • His teeth sink into your neck, and you know it’s going to be a wonderfully rough night
  • “I’d like to inspect my territory, thoroughly, and reclaim it as my own, until the sun rises.”


  • He’s from the future too, so he’s used to seeing modern clothes, but it’s been four years since he’s been around it for an extensive period of time
  • So naturally, it takes him aback when he sneaks into your room in the evening and you’re in your old clothes
  • You think nothing of it, and beam when he slips inside, chirping, “Hi, Sasuke! I didn’t know you’d be stopping by tonight.”
  • It takes him a couple of heartbeats to come out of his daze
  • It’s something he’s seen so often, but it just stuns him, seeing you in such familiar clothing and a way he’s only seen you dressed like twice
  • He ends up blushing, and his heart actually beats faster at the sight of you
  • “Oh- yes, I… I thought we could spend the evening together, doing whatever you would like to do.”
  • You don’t fail to notice his blush
  • You end up grinning away, clicking on to why he’s so red
  • “Sasuke, are you alright? Is there something wrong?”
  • God, you’re going to be the death of him
  • He just sighs in exasperation, knowing you’ve sussed it out and there’s no point in hiding
  • But then he’s tucking his arms around your waist, and you do the same with his neck, his fingers grazing up and down your much less protected back. “There’s nothing wrong at all. You just… you look wonderful, in your old clothes. I’ve only seen you in them a few times, but you’re stunning.”
  • Now it’s your turn to impersonate a tomato
  • You end up giggling with joy, leaning up to press your forehead to his and nudge your nose against his
  • It’s the most adorable eskimo kiss ever and it makes his heart go yay
  • “Thank you, Sasuke. Maybe we can spend the night in, so you can see me in them a bit more.”
  • He’s lifted you off the ground in a second, wrapping your legs around his waist. Your lips find his instantly, and he kisses you hard, then murmurs in a rare, teasing tone,
  • “As you wish. However, I have a feeling they won’t be staying on for very long, at this rate.”
  • Is Sasuke ever wrong? ;)


  • Okay, so you could tie a piece of fabric to your face and Shingen would still say you look beautiful
  • But just
  • Oh my God
  • When you walk into his room to say good morning, he just loses his shit
  • He can see your legs at all times and the skirt accentuates your figure and your shirt very much doesn’t hide your chest and it makes you look so beautiful and just
  • Omgomgomgomgomg wow my sweet angel is so beautiful and gorgeous and breath-taking and at the same time I want to tear the clothes off her but I approve fiercely of this fashion
  • He’s dead, pretty much
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t move or anything; shock is not something Shingen’s capable of
  • He practically runs over to you and scoops you up, twirling you around and watching you giggle
  • He’s just a huge fluffball when it comes to you
  • He can’t help it
  • Meanwhile, you’re ecstatic about his reaction, to say the least
  • “Good morning. I take it you like the modern world’s clothes, then?”
  • He kisses you like you’re the only thing in the world, palming your sides and back, and also your thighs just a bit
  • Then he’s kissing your jaw and neck, uttering in such a sweet voice honestly it’s baffling considering that he’s a warlord, “I love them. They’re absolutely beautiful, and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. People wear things like this often in your time, then?”
  • “Well, a lot of people, men and women, wear trousers as well, but a good amount still wear skirts. Although, it’s usually girls who wear skirts and dresses, but that’s been changing lately.”
  • He’s so fascinated and also in awe despite being vv confused about men in skirts because he’s never seen that before…?
  • Also he’s healthily turned on I mean come on, this is Shingen we’re talking about
  • “Do you have something to do right now?”
  • Uh oh-
  • “No, I don-”
  • Hello, floor~
  • You’re going to be late for your jobs, that’s for sure ;)


  • [Ayyo to those who know “Colors”] EVERYTHING IS RED, HIS SKIN, HIS FACE, HIS CHEEKS~
  • He doesn’t expect to come and get you for a meeting with Kenshin, only to be met with you in your old clothes
  • And his face just erupts with blood
  • Something else does as well but I don’t do NSFW so I’ll just leave it at that ;)))))
  • One does not simply stand in front of Yukimura goddamn Sanada with their legs bare
  • What does he do
  • He can’t think
  • You look so good
  • And also he can’t move now because if he does he may just tackle ravage take devour touch goddammit
  • You get the idea
  • So, naturally, as always when he’s flustered, his less cool side comes out
  • “What are you wearing? What is that?”
  • You know he’s flustered, or suddenly has a life-threatening fever, so you’re not bothered
  • “They’re my clothes from my old life, from the modern world. I wanted to wear them today for a change since I fixed them up.”
  • You’re so fecking smug as you walk over to him, all calm and innocent
  • “Let’s go. Kenshin won’t appreciate being kept waiti-”
  • With Shingen, it was “Hello, floor~”
  • With Yukimura, it’s, “Greetings, wall~”
  • He nearly throws you against it and kisses you completely weak
  • He’s also feeling you up just a bit because oh my lord the way the way he can touch your legs and sides and feel your chest against his so much easier wOW
  • By the time you get to the meeting, you’re very late
  • Kenshin is pissed
  • But you’re both bright red so he just ends up clicking on and rolling his eyes
  • “Do me a favour and leave your personal affairs until the evenings. It’s sickening.”
  • Shingen collapses from laughing so hard


Kennyo (So is it just me or does anyone else see him as like really lewd, like his actual personality is just the complete opposite of someone supposedly holy and devout? Please tell me I’m not the only one ;-;)

  • You go to see him in the evening when he comes back from meeting with his make-do gang of nutjobs vassals, who were able to get info on Nobunaga
  • So he’s all smug and pleased with himself already
  • And you walking in with those clothes just seals the damn deal
  • Prepare yoself
  • If you thought he was a demon before, you’re going to think he’s Satan now
  • You close the door behind you and he just stops dead, stood in the middle of the room thinking
  • Holy hell
  • His eyes basically turn jet black and if you thought he was going to react all “You’re beautiful” then you’re dead wrong
  • This man is so permanently stressed out that whenever he has a spare moment he’s almost always just ready to have you
  • “I remember those clothes. They’re the ones you were wearing on your first night here, were they not?”
  • His voice is so deep you could drown in it
  • Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm-
  • “Yes. I felt like wearing them again today since I fixed them up.”
  • He’s crossing the room before you’ve finished, trapping you back against the door and gazing down at you with shameless lust
  • “So, you’ve been wandering around here all day like this?”
  • He’s already touching your thighs and his teeth are on your neck and ohhh yes-
  • “Y-Yes, I have… ah…”
  • “You should be more careful. It seems you have a habit of enticing demons.”
  • Say goodbye to the clothes~
  • “Consider me well and truly enraptured, my lovely little temptress.”
Every Me And Every You - Forty One

You were apprehensive, worried but slightly excited about what the night would entail. 
April linked her arm through yours and you walked arm in arm to the door. The building was huge, a private mansion. You wondered who owned it.

She knocked and a few moments later the door was opened by a tall woman wearing a long red dress.

“April, darling. Fantastic to see you again. And who is this delicious creature?” She embraced April, kissing her on both cheeks before turning to you.

She looked to be in her late thirties, early forties perhaps. She was attractive, and had a pleasant smile, grinning kindly at you.

“Vanessa this is Y/N. She’s my guest this evening. Are Chris and Nate already here?”

“They are indeed. I haven’t seen you around before my beautiful girl. Are you new to the area or new to…. ” She waved her hand in the air, trailing off.

“New to this, I’ve only been experimenting for a past few months. This is my first party,” you told her.

“Ahhh, a newbie. Well my darling, my house is a safe haven. I have a guest list so only people I know are allowed to come to these parties, people have to be recommended to be allowed in. Do tell me if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable. We’re here to have fun, but fun that everyone is happy with.”

You nodded at her and she moved aside to let you in. You could hear soft music coming from down a corridor.

“If you’d like to leave your bags in the cloak room, please feel free to do so. I know everyone here with the exception of yourself so your belongings will be safe. There’s also a changing area but I see you’re both dressed for the evening already. Go through to the main room when you’re ready ladies.”

Vanessa closed the door and sauntered back down the dimly lit hallway and you turned to April.

“Changing room?”

“Some people come here in cabs and prefer to change here if they’re planning on wearing something particularly risqué. Regardless of what room you end up in tonight, you’ll definitely see a fair about of boobs and ass on display.”

“Boobs and ass. Ah, the joys.”

April chuckled and took your bag, hanging yours and hers on a coat hook in the closet Vanessa had pointed to and slipping her coat off placing it over them.

She looked even more stunning without the coat, curves in all the right places, pale flesh showing through the cut out panels on the dress. It would appear that Reid had a thing for girls with ivory skin, skin that would mark easily.

“Like what you see?” she joked, catching you looking her up and down.

Your cheeks reddened, heat rushing to your face. “Erm… You’re very pretty April.”

“So are you, Y/N. I meant what I said the first time I met you. You’re just my type. But don’t worry, I’m not going to try to take advantage of you tonight! Unless you tell me you want me to of course.”

“I’ll let you know.” Tempting… You’d already tried your fair share of new things these last few months, why not add a full blown same sex experience to the list.

But… No. That would be a bit too weird right now. Considering she was Spencer’s ex…. Ex sub? Was that even the right word?


“I need a drink,” you told your new friend.

“What the lady wants, she gets.”

You’d been at the party for around two hours. Initially you’d been uncomfortable, especially after meeting Nate and Chris. Both guys were drop dead gorgeous and you wondered why the hell April had bought you here to meet Nate. He was Calvin Klein model hot and you felt out of place standing next to him.

When he’d started talking to you though, you started to relax. Both him and Chris had been easy to get on with, flirtatious but not inappropriately so. They were each dressed as if they were on a casual night out, pants and a button down shirt. Nate had a fitted blazer where as Chris wasn’t wearing a jacket and had his shirt sleeves rolled up.

You’d had two glasses of wine to relax and had now switched to lemonade. All of the drinks had been laid out on the label in the form of miniature bottles like you’d get in hotels, their seals intact. You supposed this was for extra precaution so that no one could say that their drink had been spiked, although you got the feeling the Vanessa wouldn’t allow any shady characters in.

April had been right about the outfits people were wearing. Some were dressed as though they were on a night out, others in outfits similar to yours. Schoolgirls, sexy nurses and the like. A fair few walked around wearing very little, just nipple pasties and tiny underwear to cover themselves.

A sweet looking older man had come over to you after around thirty minutes, introducing himself as Alan and telling you that he’d like to play with you if you were interested and to just find him and let him know. He’d turned around immediately and walked away and you could see that his pants had a cut out panel and his whole ass was on display. For a man who looked to be in his fifties, it was a pretty decent butt… but just…no. April and her friends had watched for your reaction and you’d just taken a big sip of your drink to hide your amusement.

“Why did he walk away though rather than waiting for an answer?” you asked them.

“So you didn’t feel pressurised to say yes or no and so he doesn’t feel rejected if you do say no,” Nate told you. “You’ll find that a lot.”

You watched as your three companions had the same thing done to them, by people of various ages and sexes, seeing them smile politely and thank them.

“I want that one,” April told Chris after a curvy redhead approached her and displayed her interest.

“I thought you wanted the one you’d bought with you?”

“I don’t think I’m going to get the one I bought with me. Which is a shame, but no matter. Y/N, unless you’d like to join us upstairs, do you object if we leave you in the good hands of Nate here?”

“Not at all,” you replied. You felt comfortable enough with him.

“Excellent, our door will be open if you feel like watching.”

She linked arms with Chris and they went and tapped the redhead on the shoulder, talking to her for a few moments before they disappeared out of the door.

“Do you want to sit down and talk? There’s two chairs over there.” Nate pointed over to the corner by the bookcase and you nodded, taking a tiny miniature bottle of peach schnapps and adding it to your lemonade before joining him.

You chatted for a while watching various couples slowly making their ways out of the room.

“So erm….April said you’re new to these sorts of things? How long have you been on the scene.”

“About five months or so.” Wow. When you looked back, had it really been that long since you and Spencer had started experimenting. You guessed it had.

“And you enjoy it?”

“I’m here aren’t I? It interests me and fascinates me. What about you?”

“About three years now. My relationship with my Dom ended two months ago.”

“Your Dom? I thought…. ”

“I’m a switch,” he explained. “I’ll do either. Having the power makes me feel good but giving someone power over me, has the same effect. So it just depends on the person I’m with.”

“Oh. Alright then. I’ve only had one partner and he was the Dominant one.” You winced, trying not to think about Reid.

“Yeah, April mentioned you were with Spencer Reid before. He has good taste.”

“Thanks…. I think.”

Another couple approached you and Nate, the woman’s nipples peaking through a lace dress.

“Hi. You’re both very attractive, we’d love to play together as a foursome if you’re interested at all.” Rather than leaving like the others had, they stayed and you stiffened not quite knowing how to answer.

You didn’t have to in the end.

“I’m sorry, we appreciate the offer but I think we’ll have to decline. We’ll let you know if we change our minds. Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” They turned and walked away, the guy shooting a longing look at your skirt and licking his lips as he went. 
When they were out of ear shot, you both let out quiet laughs before Nate leant in close to you.

“I do feel like I should throw my offer on the table here too. I’d very much like to play with you if you’d be interested. You’re very beautiful, and that outfit is incredibly sexy. But please don’t feel any pressure. I’m just as happy to keep talking to you.”


Nate was sweet. And hot. And you had coming here knowing what could happen if you wanted it too.

But you were nervous.

“I erm… I don’t know. I think I’d like to, but…. Can I get back to you on that? Please don’t feel like you have to stay with me though if you want to go with someone else. I’ll just…. ” You studied the bookcase you were sat next to. “I’ll read or something until April and Chris get back.”

“I’m not going to leave you here, Y/N. It would be like throwing a lamb to the slaughter. Not that Vanessa would actually let them slaughter you but if I left you alone, you’d have most of this room queuing up to ask. Although I do feel like I need to stretch my legs out. How’s your inner voyeur?”

“My inner voyeur?”

Oh… The open door thing.

Wouldn’t that be weird like watching live action porn?

“Yes, your inner voyeur. Or we could take a walk around the garden instead?”

You know what? Fuck it.

“My inner voyeur says she’s curious to see what goes on upstairs.”

“Then let’s aim to sate that curiosity shall we?”

Nate stood and held out his hand to you.

You tossed your drink back and took it.

Time for a story - Worlds colliding

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“I still don’t think taking the kids with us was a good idea.” Oliver shot a short look into the rearview mirror, probably to check on the sleeping kids instead of the traffic behind them. “We don’t know what to expect here. I mean apart from S.T.A.R. Labs not exactly being adjusted for kids-“

“-which our lair wasn’t either when we brought the kids there the first time-“

“-I just don’t think letting an alien anywhere near them is a good idea,” Oliver continued without replying to her objection. His hands tightened around the steering wheel of the SUV they had rented for as long as they were in Central City. “What if she hurts them?”

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My warm and soft gay recommendations

Sooo, since Victoria fucked us all over, queerbating the shit out of us and spitting in our faces, i decided to sit down and recommend you beautiful people some great TV shows and movies that have a well represented lgbtq+ couple that is alive, well and happy and also warn you about some bad represented, unhappy, sad ones that you should avoid.

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anonymous asked:

I really enjoyed the headcanons about Yana and Bronislava in your last comic! I wouldn't mind hearing more of your ideas! The side characters need more love!

Papa Heavy (*1899, † 1941)

  • He was a huge, strong man who was often called “The Bear” by others
  • He was even taller and more intimidating than his son. However, if Heavy were to grow a full beard they would have looked like two peas in a pod.
  • He was a man from a simple family, but managed to pull through with a lot of hard work.
  • His son was his pride and joy: Not only did Mikhail become a strong and brave man, he also was very intelligent and ambitious and wanted to go to university, something he himself never had the opportunity to.
  • He always tried to keep his family hidden from his enemies, being forced to leave them alone for several months at times.
  • But one day one of his own men betrayed him and told his enemies the whereabouts of his family.
  • He killed the renegade and hurried back home in order to protect his family.
  • It took 15 men to overwhelm him. He let his guard down when one of the soldiers knocked down Mikhail, who had fought alongside him.
  • The soldiers took advantage of this, forced him on his knees and immediately executed him right in front of his son.

Mama Heavy (*1902):

  • She came from a poor family and was the only child that reached adulthood. Her parents died very young.
  • She fell in love with her future husband the minute she saw him and left her old, sad hometown with him.
  • They married very early and had their first child when she was just 18 years old.
  • Whenever she looks at her son she is both proud and sad about how much he resembles her dead husband.
  • She is very family-orientated. Even though friendly and peaceful by nature she would tear someone’s limbs out if they dared to harm her babies.
  • She is incredibly thankful to her son and that he had protected and supported them for all these years.
  • But she feels also very sorry and guilty that he had to sacrifice and give up so much of his own life and future for the family.
  • She wishes nothing more than that all of her babies find happiness, love and their own families some day.

Mikhail (*1921):

  • He was just about so start university when the tragedy with his father happened.
  • Sometimes he still has nightmares about his father’s execution, but he never said anything about it to anyone.
  • Still injured and weakened from trying to save his father, he couldn’t stop the soldiers from taking him and the rest of his family to the gulag.
  • He was on the brink of death several times, but he took all the beatings and torture in order to protect his sisters.
  • It was pure willpower, the wish to protect his family and the thought of revenge that kept him alive that time.
  • After three months he had recovered enough to start a revolt in the gulag and escape with all the prisoners - after taking horrible revenge on all of the guards.
  • He taught his sisters how to fight and survive, but is still constantly worried about them and sees them as the little girls they used to be.
  • He had to enter university and receive his degree under a fake name because he was still targeted by his father’s enemies.
  • A lot of the money he earned as a mercenary went into the education of his sisters. That’s the reason they speak English much better than he did when he first came to America.

Zhanna (*1935):

  • She is the only one of the sisters who was old enough to remember what happened in the gulag.
  • She is willing to sacrifice everything for those she cares about, just like her brother is.
  • Whenever she sees the scars on his back she’s mad and feels guilty for not being able to help him back then.
  • She is a vengeful and merciless fighter towards those who wronged her and her loved ones.
  • She is simple-minded but incredibly loyal and passionate, just like Soldier.
  • She did not hesitate a second to just grab the first man she saw, fall in love and decided to marry him.
  • She is he only person who can last more than 20 seconds in unarmed combat against her brother.

Yana (*1937):

  • She is the only one of the children who really takes after the mother, both in terms of looks and in terms of personality.
  • She loved listening to the stories Mikhail read them as kids and she secretly wishes he’d still do it sometimes.
  • She has no problem talking to other people, but as soon as she develops a crush on a guy she can’t get her mouth open in his presence and behaves like a total klutz.
  • She’s a hopeless romantic, swooning over her crush from a distance and imagining a whole future with him. But usually she is too nervous to actually make the first step.
  • She was devastated when she found out Spy was already taken, even though she probably wouldn’t have been able to work up the nerve to talk to him anyway.
  • She spent the most time of the sisters with educating herself.
  • She doesn’t enjoy fighting as much as the others, but is still as strong and wild as a bear in battle.

Bronislava (*1939):

  • She extremely extroverted and suffered from the isolation the most of the whole family.
  • She’s a hot-headed and outspoken tomboy.
  • She doesn’t like nicknames (If her family wants to tease her they call her Slavka).
  • She fights less like a bear, more like a panther.
  • She is adventurous, has high ambitions and wants to explore the whole world, now that she has finally left Siberia.
  • She was very disappointed when she met Sniper in person because he was nothing like what she had expected. The photographs her brother sent them showed him in a very different light than he actually was.
  • She is extremely flirty and has no problem approaching men. However, she wants to keep her freedom and does not intend to commit herself to anyone.
  • Despite their completely opposite personalities she and Yana are best friends.
Strongest Wolf

Steve Rogers x Mute! Reader

Originally posted by tirynsed

Request:  Your writing is amazing! Can you pretty please write a one shot of the reader as a mute but she’s really talented assassin… One of the best. On a mission with the team the building collapses and she’s stuck under the rubble but can’t call out to the avengers. Steve is frantic but he eventually finds her. Angst you in the middle buy super super fluffy at the end please!! (Y/N) for the reader.

A/n: I’ve done a mute reader before and these are so much fun! Thanks for the request and sorry it got filled out so much later!!

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Action

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Angst, Fluff, Swearing, Mute reader

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Being an Avenger is tough. Being an assassin on the Avengers team is a bit tougher. But what’s really, really tough? Being mute. You had been mute ever since you were born, never making a noise though your mouth moved to at least try. It had been hard growing up. Seeing everyone you knew speak, being able to hear the words yet you could never say anything. You could make noises like growling, whimpering, and when you did try to talk; you could only make this wispy like sound. It was hard. But you got through it, becoming an assassin for the Germans just like Natasha Romanoff became an assassin for the Russians. You liked your job. Being silent was your expertise and you used it to advantage. When Nick Fury heard of you and that your level of skill was equivalent to that of Black Widows, he wanted you on the team. You were glad that he had forewarned everyone that you were mute and you had honestly been surprised when Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, started to speak to you using sign language.

‘Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Clint…if you want me to help you with anything, please…ask me.’

You had teared up and smiled, signing back.

‘Thank you…You’re the first person to ever really sign to me…this means a lot. Thank you.’

Clint smiled at you. At first, you thought he would have been stoic and very detached but you were so wrong. The second person to greet you was Natasha and she said hello to you using sign language and you smiled widely, getting excited.

‘Hello (y/n), I’m honored to meet (SUPERHERO NAME). Your work is very impressive.’

‘Well, being silent really does help.’

She laughed and you smiled. Then, came the famous Tony Stark. You knew he would be a bit harder to take serious and you were right. He started to speak, not sign to you and you could only bite your lip a bit.

“So, the Voiceless has finally come. Nice to meet you. As you probably already know, I’m Tony Stark. Excuse me; I’ve got work to do.”

You signed, giving a dead panned look as he walked away.

Oh Really? I thought your name was ‘pompous ass’.’

Clint and Natasha snickered and up came Thor, who knelt and kissed your hand, much to your surprise.

“Lady (y/n), it is an honor to meet you. Words will never be the way to express how beautiful you are. I hope your stay here is pleasant.”

You had blushed a bit and smiled widely. What a cheeky little bastard he was, but a handsome one too. After that, you met Bruce. He was able to sign to, which made you happy but then you met the infamous Captain America. Saying Steve Rogers was tall was an understatement. To you? He was a fucking giant. It was a little intimidating to you but you shook his hand, nonetheless.

“Ms. (L/n), pleasure to meet you. Steve Rogers, at your service…I must apologize but I don’t understand sign language so I’ve asked Clint to help me…that’s why he’s sticking around.”

You nodded, smiling and let his hand go, signing as Clint translated.

‘Don’t worry, most people don’t really know sign language but I’m sure Clint and I could possibly teach you once I and you become better acquainted. It’s an honor to be able to work with you, sir.’

Steve smiled and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Then, red lights went off and Nick called.

“Alright, Avengers. We’ve got an active HYDRA base that needs taken out. Suit up and move it!”

We all parted ways and you sighed a bit. Getting on the helicarrier was a bit of a rush and when you dived off to parachute in your black wing suit, flying into the window up top. Breaking in, you kicked the man in the chair that sat at the controls in the face and then kicked it in again when he hit the floor. Turning on the lights in the place, you concentrated on the cameras and traps, turning off the booby traps and then clicked a message through the walki talki to Clint.

‘All traps are disarmed. Going out to arm the dynamite on the place to blow it to the ground. Ten minutes!’

You heard Clint say into the thing.

“Guys, Voiceless got everything done. Ten minutes to head out before the place blows.”

“Got it, Hey Star Spangled, think after this we can really see who the best is?”

You rolled your eyes at Tony.

“Not now, Mr. Stark. Focus on your job!”

You jumped out of the suit and into your gear, taking the dynamite and climbing down the side of the base, starting to lace the dynamite all along the bottom and you huffed a bit, hearing Natasha chuckle.

“You alright, V?”

You clicked back you were ok and then clicked your message to Clint.

‘All lines are secure and ready for detonation. Captain?’

Almost immediately, Steve said.

“Blow it! Now!”

Clicking the button, you had underestimated a thing and then panicked when it didn’t blow. Going back inside where the first line was, you saw it was cut and there was a HYDRA agent there. He kicked you in the side, making you gasp and you grabbed a chair, swinging it into his knees and he dropped. Grabbing his face, you slammed it into the ground repeatedly, not stopping until blood was all over the floor.

“Voiceless, what’s the hold up?! Blow it!”

You went to the line and bit your lip. Sparking the line, everything blew and you went flying into the middle of the room. Cracks and windows shattered and everything was falling. You gasped when a piece of the ceiling came down on you and when the lower floors blew; you went down along with the ceiling, which cracked. Your eyes widened and you let out a soundless scream as you went down and the ceiling came with you.

* * *


I frowned when I saw everyone but the new recruit.

“Where’s the newbie?”

Clint’s eyes widened and he said.

“She must have gone back inside to redo the bomb when it blew!”

My eyes widened and I went back, running as fast as my superhuman abilities would let me and I called her name, even though I knew she wouldn’t be able to reply. That scared me even more. Running around, I started to take pieces of rock and ceiling off different places and fifteen minutes later, I saw a hand and I gasped. Quickly working to get the rock off of her, I picked her up and my eyes widened when I felt the whole thing vibrate and heard it groan. Looking around, I started to jump and run, the place starting to fall off the side of the mountain and I widened my eyes when we got onto land, panting a bit and I looked down at the girl in my arms. She ran rubble and dirt on her face, red marks where the ceiling’s edges had been on her skin and I sighed a bit. She looked bad and Bruce immediately started to wrap her wounds, accessing that her wrist was sprained and her ankle had been twisted when the thing came down on her.

“First job and she gets beaten up. Maybe we should have held her back for this one?”

Clint suggested and we could all only silently agree.

* * *


I groaned as I opened my eyes, though the groan was silent. My body was sore and there was a tight pressure on my wrist and ankle. I looked to see both had been wrapped and realized that I was in a room. I heard someone shift beside me and saw Steve there, in a chair, chin propped in his hand. I poked him and he awoke a bit, immediately looking to me and he asked me.

“Hey, are you ok?”

I made a ‘so-so’ gesture and he sighed.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/n)! If I had known you were in there still, I would have come and got you…I’m sorry.”

You only smiled and nodded, patting his hand and you mouthed to him.

‘Only the strongest wolf will survive the cuts from the hunters spear.’

Steve smiled and he kissed your forehead.

“I’ll let you sleep, alright? Clint will be in here in a bit to help you out and all of that. He’s going to bring you some food and drinks so you can rejuvenate. Are you in pain?”

You shook your head ‘no’ and Steve nodded, smiling a bit. Turning around as he got up, he walked to the door and he looked back, his blue eyes a bit soft but mostly wishing for wellness.

“Get well soon. I apologize once again, (y/n). “

You smiled and waved him off, shaking your head and Steven smiled at you. He walked out and a couple minutes later, Clint walked in with food and you smiled widely. Maybe being an Avenger wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

After all, only the strongest wolf will survive the cuts from the hunter’s spears, right?