even though he farts all the time

Being Best Friends With Luke Would Include:

Anonymous said:  Hey so I was wondeing if you could do one of those “being best friends with luke would include…” thing because I think you would be really spot on since you’ve hung out with him and that… :)

  • Liz shipping you harder than anyone else
  • The boys trying to set you up all the time
  • Him taking you home after a party to make sure you’ll be safe
  • Piggyrides
  • Forcing him to wear pink on a Wednesday for a picture on instagram
  • “Y/N, can I borrow some hairspray? I’ve used all mine…”
  • Him getting so drunk that he throws up on the toilet while you rub his back soothing
  • “Please don’t tell Y/N, she’ll bully me for the rest of my life”
  • Constantly calling you on FaceTime and forgetting the timezones
  • “Luke why the fuck are you calling me at 4am?” 
  • “Sorry I forget about the timezones all the time. Just wanted to hear your voice. It reminds me of home.”
  • Giving you his jacket when you walk outside and it’s raining
  • Making pancakes at 2am even though he has a gig the morning after
  • Sneaking a bottle of vodka backstage and take smaller shots before one of the SLFL concerts
  • Quitting going clubbing and instead watching movies in his bunk 
  • Him resting his head on top of yours when you’re standing in some sort of line for coffee or at a concert
  • “I wrote you a song”
  • “Wait what?”
  • “It’s called Y/N smells worse than my farts”
  • Teasing the shit out of eachother
  • Picking out the best selfie on his phone for him to post as his twitter icon
  • Allowing him to try doing your makeup but regretting it instantly 
  • Distancing yourself from the rest of the boys at a party to talk alone
  • Wrestling when he’s getting too cocky about him being bigger than you
  • Resulting in you somehow hurting him
  • “I’m not sticking that tampon up in my nose, Y/N!” 
  • “Come on, it’ll stop your bloody nose!” 
  • Trying to be serious in bad situations but ending up laughing when you look at each other
  • “Y/N, Luke, this isn’t time for jokes, stop laughing!”
  • Resting quielty on the bed while you listen to him strum his guitar and mumble small lyrics 
  • Him blushing when you compliment him for his talents
  • “You know.. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had in my life”

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I've recently stumbled upon your EXO diner Au and its the most refreshing art and storyline ive seen in a while and i wanted to ask (if you have time) if you could give is more information about the boys individually or how they met eachother like besides the diner i really want to see how you interpret them in your own way i hope you have a good jongdae\jongnight keep up the awesome work - [‘ᴥ’]

Ahh thank you I’m so glad you like it! Sure, I’ll give you a lil fun fact about each of them!

Junmyeon: Used to play football in high school. He was known as the nicest player on the team.

Chanyeol: After meeting Baekhyun, he has become a lot less of an indie music elitist. His iTunes profile is now filled with Nicki Minaj, though he’d never tell Baekhyun.

Kyungsoo: Tried to name all of his dishes on the diner menu after his mom; Junmyeon made him limit it to three.

Baekhyun: Once called Kyungsoo cute. Was then held in headlock by Kyungsoo, told to “Take it back” repeatedly until acquiescence and eventual release.

Sehun: Written up for calling Yifan “bith.”

Jongin: Grew up tight on money, but always insists on paying for other people’s food.

Yifan: Became friends with Junmyeon by working in the campus library. Yifan constantly had to get books for Junmyeon on the top shelves that he couldn’t reach.

Minseok: Due to his uncanny ability to hold his alcohol, he usually ends up being Jongdae’s designated driver.

Jongdae: Met Minseok in high school. They were wearing the same Star Wars t-shirt the day they met. Jongdae sat next to Minseok in class, started talking to him, thought he was cool, and then wouldn’t leave him alone until friendship was inevitable.

Zitao: Sick and tired of Sehun sending him memes he doesn’t understand

Yixing: Says “excuse me” every time he farts, even if he’s all alone. 

Luhan: Spent the Sunday before his first day of class trying to find the classrooms. He ended up mistaking the architecture building for the international building. A very nice, cute boy with hearing aids saw he was lost and helped him find his classes. They ended up chatting easily, though Luhan’s Korean wasn’t very good at the time. The boy was very patient. Luhan felt a bit smitten by the end of the day when they parted ways.

A Kyle Broflovski Appreciation Post

I said I would make one - in reference to my last post, where I said that people give Kyle a hard time when he screws up in comparison to the other characters.

So here is why Kyle is pretty great:

  • He saved the internet - everyone else just freaks out and moves to Californee-way but he just sat there calmly and figured it out and went and unplugged it and plugged it back in again like a little badass.
  • Saved the economy by literally paying off everyone’s debts, like the poor little kid is fucking 9 and he is already in a shit ton of debt but he did it out of kindness so that everyone else could stop worrying about the economy and to feel financially secure. And after all that everyone just credited Obama for it.
  • Has saved Ike from trouble on multiple occasions whilst his parents just sat at home moping. In fact it can be argued that he has been a better parent to Ike than his parents ever were.
  • When Clyde lost his mother he and Stan did everything they could to make him feel better and were at the forefront of the campaign for justice, while Cartman just sat there and made fun of the situation.
  • SAVED Cartman in Jewpacabra, even though Cartman spent the entire episode spreading lies about his religion (and he knew they were lies too - because he became genuinely scared when other people convinced him that Jewpacabra may be real)

  • Also saved Cartman from Snookie even though Cartman wanted him killed for being from Jersey.
  • Never once got angry with his mother for starting a fucking world war over censorship and defended her when Cartman was singing about her being a bitch and got all the other kids to sing along too - even though his mother was in fact being kind of a bitch.
  • Continues to give Cartman the benefit of the doubt, such as in Casa Bonita, Lowering the Bar, Ginger Cow and even the Black Friday trilogy.
  • Has gone to a lot of trouble just to keep his parents together (Spontaneous Combustion and Insecurity)
  • Was the only one to see through Cartman’s bullshit when he pretended to have Tourette’s. And didn’t back down when everyone else gave him shit for it.
  • And since everyone loves Kenny so much - why is everyone forgetting about how fucking AMAZING he was in Kenny Dies? Never left his side, remained strong throughout for Kenny’s sake, tried to stop Stan from leaving because it wasn’t about him, HUGGED Cartman because he believed he was genuinely upset even though he only cared about building a Shakey’s pizza.

  • Also when Kenny was cheesing he kept a cat in his drawer to stop him from doing it even though that meant his parents then thought he was doing it.
  • Led the campaign against Kenny having his life support machine turned off - because he and Stan actually care about Kenny. Cartman just pretended to be his BFF so he could get his PSP.
  • He and Stan immediately tried to help Britney after realising what the media was doing to her, risking his life in the process.
  • Literally could not sleep after watching the passion of the Christ because it destroyed him to know how horribly people could treat another human being - even though he had nothing to do with it.
  • In Bass to Mouth he was the only person to speak out against the website that was publishing private shit about everyone.
  • Also in Butterballs he was the only person to see through Stan’s bullshit and warned him a couple of times whilst Stan just ignored him. If Stan had only listened, he wouldn’t have gone jacking it in San Diego.
  • He defended Jimmy in Fishsticks when everybody else thought Cartman had made up the joke.
  • Stopped family guy from being pulled off the air because of censorship, again risking his life in the process.
  • Continues to stand up to Cartman, even after all the humiliating shit he has put him through.
  • Speaking of which, he did endure his farts for the sole reason of keeping world peace even though it wasn’t his responsibility to, and although he acted a little bit stuck up later on, nobody can deny that his original intentions were good.
  • Without Kyle’s speeches - it would not be South Park and you all know it.

And most importantly

His character is based on Matt Stone.

One of the shows’ FUCKING CREATORS.

And the two have many similarities.

“I can totally sympathise with Kyle. I mean, I’m pretty much him. We’re both reactionary, short tempered and impatient." 

- Actual quote from real life Kyle aka Matt Stone.

Other similarities are:

They both have the same birthday (26/05)

Their parents both have the same names


Jewish heritage

Sure he has a lot of flaws, and no good character doesn’t. And perhaps I’ll go into those later. But this is a Kyle appreciation post. So give the kid a break once in a while and appreciate the greatness that is Matt Stone Kyle Broflovski

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Niall literally worships the ground louis walks on. Confirmed.

Like, literally. This child is sick and it’s freezing and Louis changed into a tank top of his own choice and complains of being cold and even though Niall is sick, he hands his jacket right on over.

But, look. Niall likes making sure Louis is taken care of. Here’s him bribing Louis with food to come over to his house.

But, I mean, I don’t blame him for wanting Louis around all the time because Niall honest to God thinks Louis is the funniest goddamned person on the entire planet. Like, I swear, Louis could say “fart,” and after Niall recovers from laughing for at least 15 minutes, he’d start raving that Louis needs to become a stand up comic. I mean, look at how hard Louis makes Niall laugh with like little to no effort.

He literally died here for a minute from laughing so hard.

Niall just loves Louis so much. Like, he blindly follows and listens to him no matter what.

Oh, Louis wants me to go this way? Okay, I’ll do that.

Louis wants me to get down on my hands and knees on dirty concrete to hit a ball with my head? Yeah, sure!

And Louis makes Niall do RIDICULOUS things on stage. Like, cartwheels and all of sorts of shit, and Niall KNOWS it’s ridiculous.

He complains and yet HE DOES IT ANYWAY.

And don’t even get me started on this kid’s Twitter.

Hero and inspiration.

WHAT THIS HAPPENED YEARS AGO AND I STILL DON’T???? And how much you wanna bet Niall started singing Jungle Book with him? And then was like, “Alright, Lou. C’mon in, then.” 


Of course you gave into him. 

Missing Louis’ calls is apparently very troubling for the Irishman. 

Yeah, okay, Louis might have Tweeted it but you were probably thinking it as he stole your phone. 

Yeah, he probably breathed and you died laughing for 20 minutes. 

He wanted to trend it worldwide. He wanted everyone to tell Louis Happy Birthday. 

#pinkyandthebrain Take over the world. 

Of course you give into him. This is a common theme. 


And then out of everyone, he nominated Niall for the ice bucket challenge. Because Niall’s world revolves around Louis. But, that’s okay, because Louis loves him very much a lot right back.

Come Alive - Part 9 (Final)

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long to post, I know I mentioned Friday and that quickly came and went. It’s just, I wasn’t ecstatic about the ending. Honestly I’m still not ecstatic about it, but I thought I would just put it out there anyway. I’ll be coming out with a new fic probably towards the end of the week. Thanks you guys so much for reading, you all are absolutely amazing!!

Part 9: 

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Okay but do you think Stiles complained about how much the tattoo hurt for days, not knowing that Scott was taking most of his pain the entire time?

in relation to this post

if there is one thing we can be certain of, it is that Stiles complained about the tattoo hurting before he even got the tattoo.

Scott sat with Stiles all the time as he was getting his tattoo, holding his hand and taking most of the pain, black veins hidden under a too-long sleeves of his shirt.

“JESUS CHRIST, THIS HURTS SO MUCH”, Stiles almost yells

the artist stares blankly. First at Stiles, then at his machine, then at Scott:

“I didn’t even turn it on…”

“Stop lying, I know what I felt.”

Scott smiles and closes his eyes, reminding himself that Stiles is doing this because he loves Scott and Scott loves him, and they’re married, and they had a beautiful summer wedding on a beach, and Scott loves his husband, Scott loves him very much, loves him so, so very much.

He wishes he took some ear plugs though.

Stiles is insufferable when his tattoo heals. Scott wonders how it is possible that he doesn’t even say a word when he’s injured after a fight with some big bad but he’s like this after getting a tattoo…

(Scott knows. After the fights they’re too grateful to be alive. Pain means you’re still alive.)

Stiles takes three days off from work, telling his co-workers he’s going on a very dangerous mission he might not survive.

His co-workers assume that’s a code for some extremely kinky sex-marathon with Scott. Whatever. Nobody really tries to apply logic to ScottandStiles.

He also finds all kinds of obscure horror stories about tattoo-healing gone wrong with people developing gangrene and having to have their limbs cut off (”cut off, Scott!!! they wanted a tattoo and now what?! they have no tattoo and NO LEG!!”)

Scott opts for finding out normal information on tattoo healing so that he can actually help Stiles.

It says that tattoo healing feels similar to a sunburn healing. Scott doesn’t really remember how a sunburn feels (for a human) but he follows artist’s recommendations and takes Stiles’ pain away every time he touches him. Even though all Stiles does is complain and grumble and dramatise. And complain a little bit more of how it feels like he “put his forearm in Satan’s asshole and he’s now being burnt with the fire of satanic farts.” Scott still takes his pain away because Scott loves his husband, Scott loves him very much, loves him so, so very much.

And he doesn’t have to repeat that to himself when he changes Stiles’ bandage and puts on the lotion, gently touching two black rings marking which stand out against Stiles’ fair skin. And when Stiles reverently watches Scott’s hands on his skin Scott knows he will always take away Stiles’ pain. And it doesn’t matter that Stiles can be an over-dramatic (proverbial) pain in the ass because Stiles is his and he is Stiles’ and they still have each other.

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  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa
  • remus!!!!!! he’s so clumsy and lost in thought and a dork 24/7
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them
  • both of them??? adorable dorks smh
  • Who starts the tickle fights
  • remus!!! bc he knows sirius is super ticklish bless
  • Who starts the pillow fights
  • sirius tbh
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile
  • shit uh. ok both of them do it i think but on most nights remus just watches sirius and wonders how he ever got this lucky. on the nights before and after the full moon, remus passes out early and sirius watches him and thinks abt how remus doesn’t deserve this and how much he loves him anyway
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar
  • ok sirius?? he’s used to his fancy ass shakers and when they get an apartment together after hogwarts they just have half-full bottles/packets of salt and sugar and he gets so confused tbh… he’s not used to the clutter that comes with remus bless
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning
  • fuck ok sirius does it to be obnoxious and remus just throws a sock at him tbh. but sometimes they’re listening to music or cuddling or watching tv together and they’ll forget they’ve put smth in to microwave and they’re too lazy to get up so it just beeps for like two hours before they take pity on it and put it out of its mercy 
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines
  • both of them?? they’re cheesy pick up line masters ok 
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order
  • sirius definitely. remus is such a slob he leaves books everywhere (”remus get ur books onto a shelf at least… i cant use the toilet with oliver twist staring at me”) and one day he gets so sick of it sirius gathers up all the books and just. sorts them out. within a week the house is back to its original state and sirius just gives up. 
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies
  • they both do, they’re both kitchen disasters so it’s all they have left that’s edible anyway. but remus especially lbr
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion
  • sirius bc he’s a soppy romantic dork
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen
  • jfc uh sirius!! yeah tbh sirius he draws elevndork and lots of hearts and dogs and ok once he draws a unicorn farting rainbows on remus’ ass merauders im sorry i had to ((ignore this im sorry im laughing)) 
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation
  • remus is totally a souvenir hoe, he gets those really expensive but low quality ones from the airport souvenir shop and puts photos of them looking completely ridiculous in them and sirius proudly has them plastered all over their fridge ok 
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines
  • jfc sirius suggests it one day and after that it’s like their thing to do every one they find and mock the heternormativity it’s gr8

send me a ship!!!!!!!

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Between sasusaku, who's the freakiest in bed and even suggests bondage? Who hogs all the covers? Who accidentally farts for the first time in the presence of the other? Who initiates sex? Who apologizes first after a fight? Who makes a grocerie list and who ends up pushing the cart at a grocery store?

  • Freakiest: I feel like Sakura is definitely the kinkier one, but Sasuke’s got quite a few secret fantasies up his sleeves, which is a bit of a surprise because he’s quite traditional. He develops a kinkier side with her though… let’s just say she inspires him ;)
  • Hogs all the covers: SAKURA
  • Accidentally farts in front of other: I FEEL LIKE THAT WOULD BE SAKURA TOO
  • Initiates sex: Sasuke… he absolutely has no control over his desire for her. Needs to have her every time he remotely wants her. BUT she is quite the initiator too! Especially in public places. She’s the one who initiates most of their kinky little semi-public and public escapades. 
  • Who apologizes first: surprisingly, I think Sasuke. Just because Sakura forgives him first but he’s one to hold grudges and fume a little more which is why she gives him the time he needs to calm down… so he comes see her when he’s no longer pissed. There have been a lot of times she won’t wait for it and she apologizes first. Like for really big fights where she knows he’ll hold a grudge for months unless they talk.
  • Makes the grocery list: definitely Sakura. SASUKE is the one who pushes the cart around though. She drags him through every alley. 

Saitama discovering that he’s in love with Genos. The denial that takes place at first though. Saitama questioning his own sexuality while at the same time, “Is it that I’m only gay for Genos? Can that even be possible?” He’d probably test it out too, watching gay porn just to see if he’d get turned on or not.

After testing himself out, questioning himself, and TRYING to convince himself he’s mistaking the emotion “love” for “loneliness,” Saitama came to terms that he is not at all gay for Genos. Plus, Genos doesn’t at all seem interested. Who would be interested in a bald, old fart, like him? Though he aint that old? Saitama will just go about his normal days, acting normal while ignoring these feelings for Genos. HE doesn’t like him. Saitama is just bored.

…That is, until Genos gets hurt. Like seriously hurt. Incredibly hurt. So hurt, Saitama had to be the one to carry him to Dr. Stench.

Imagine the inner turmoil Saitama went through while waiting for Genos to be repaired. Him sitting in a waiting room type area. Leg shacking in anticipation, hands clasped together in a tight grip, and chest clenching in the most unbearable way.

Saitama’s eyes continuously stare at the clock on the wall every so often. Time seeming to slow down. He’d take deep breaths, but even that wouldn’t calm his nerves.

He should have intruded, jumped in before the villain struck Genos at all. Had he wasted any more time, Genos would probably be…

“I should have told him…” Saitama would mutter to himself, vision blurring with welling up tears. He tries to blink them away, but that only made them run down his face. “Great, now I look ridiculous,” he’d laugh half halfheartedly, sniffling and trembling in his seat.

He looks down on his hands, remembering the way he held Genos’ lifeless body. Saitama violently shacking him, waiting for the cyborgs closed eyes to light up the way they use to.

“I should have told him that I…”

Andd scenneeee :^) A bit OOC