even though he can be obnoxious

Victuuri Headcanons
  • Since Yuri tends to put on weight easily, as he gets older he gets chubby. Viktor loves how soft he is.
  • Yuri actually loves the height difference between them. All he has to do is look up at Viktor and pout and he gets ALL the forehead kisses.
  • Yuri will never quite get used to the fact Viktor likes to sleep bare-chested.
  • They both learn each other’s language, but always speak English together.
  • After their relationship became public, Viktor had to deal with the fallout of it being seen as “gay propaganda” in his homeland. He finds it hard to reconcile his love for his country as an athlete and the adoration he feels for Yuri.
  • Yuri is the jealous one, even though he knows Viktor has eyes only for him. Old habits die hard, and sometimes he can barely believe it.
  • They spend six months together in Russia, and six months together in Japan. It works perfectly for them.
  • Send Yurio obnoxious couples’ postcards whenever they go literally anywhere. It drives Yurio insane.
  • Phichit keeps taking candit shots of them making eyes at each other. He tags them #RelationshipGoals.
  • Like doing all the touristy, couple-oriented things whenever they visit anywhere new.

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Bar fight?

crud, this was the last one in my inbox and it nearly got buried under all the other asks



It’s the kind of sleazy, dingy bar where people start fights for fun–the kind of place McCree liked when he was younger, though not so much anymore–so he’s not surprised when the man who’s been shouting abuse at him and Hanzo for a solid minute gets angry and shoves him. 

“What kinda asshole are you, blowin’ into town dressed like some dumbass cowboy?” the man spits, while McCree situates himself back on his stool and checks to see if he spilled any whiskey on the bar. “Shit, both of you are some kinda weird fuckers–”

Hanzo quietly sets his beer down, gets to his feet, and walks behind McCree to the obnoxious man; before McCree can even say anything, Hanzo hooks his foot behind the man’s ankle, trips him forward, and slams his head against the bar, letting him crumple to the floor afterward. 

“He doesn’t just get to stand there and insult you,” Hanzo says mildly as he sits back down, and McCree’s heart swells with warm, if perhaps extremely misplaced, affection.

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Do you have any angst headcanons? -atypical anon

Let’s talk about their fights…

  • They don’t fight all that often; when it does happen, though, everyone knows. The team knows. Their classmates know. Heck, even the teachers know.
  • They don’t talk. You can physically feel the anger radiating from Yams, who is much more irritable than usual. Tsukki, on the other hand, remains calm and seemingly normal.
  • …but he’s the one who cries when he gets home, all snotty-nosed and obnoxious sobbing. He doesn’t sleep and he hardly eats because the thought of what he could’ve wrong is nearly unbearable.
  • Yams, on the other hand, takes all the pent-up anger out at practice. He improves his serves and his playing but the sight of Tsukki makes him throw up right after because all he wants to do is talk to him but he’s supposed to be angry.
  • The team tries to get them together to make up, but it ends in one of them storming out of the club room, the door being slammed, while the other sits speechless.
  • The fight—whatever it’s about, it usually has more to do with bottled-up stress triggered by some stupid passing comment one of them make—could last for a day or even a week, and it hurts both of them although they never let it show.

- mod ri

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What do Grimmjow, Szayel, Aizen, and Gin look for in their significant other?

Grimmjow wants a tough s/o, one who isn’t sensitive and could handle his brash personality. He’s likely to be a douche, even to his s/o at times, so they can’t whine and complain about it. It’s okay if they’re a little feisty though, he likes that. But at the same time, they can’t be obnoxious about it. He’d also like someone fearless and strong. Grimmjow has no problem sticking up for them if it comes down to it, but he lovesss a s/o with a headstrong personality who’s not afraid to give someone a piece of their mind

Szayel really needs a submissive s/o, maybe an introvert who honestly doesn’t speak much. They don’t have to be clever or intelligent, he might even enjoy it if they’re a bit curious and ignorant on certain subjects. That way he can educate them whenever possible

Aizen would probably need someone who could adhere to his cruel and antagonistic nature. If he had a s/o who reprimanded him for it, or found that side of him unpleasant, it would just be annoying. So he would like someone who wasn’t so morally uplifted that they could settle with his sometimes malicious endeavors. Someone intelligent would also be an advantage. He really couldn’t handle a ditz

Gin, despite his sly personality, would want an honest and loyal s/o. He’s all fun and games for the most part, but when it comes to his s/o, he wants to be able to drop his facade and just enjoy their genuine company. However, a charismatic s/o with a sense of humor is more than welcome

((AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS IS LATE. My standswap. Also this is my first time participating in a tumblr event. How exciting!!!))

Hierophant Green with Stand Kakyoin

Stand User: Nyoriaki, Haruto

Self proclaimed hero. Extroverted and a bit obnoxious.

Calls himself: Shiny Emerald Man.

Wants to be every ones friend, but is often shunned at school because he talks to the air (his stand). Claims his sidekick is invisible.

Overall nice boy, but can be a bit of a showoff. 

Gets mad when people call him by his real name while wearing his (homemade) costume.

Stand: Life is Showtime 

A sentient stand (like Spice Girl and Echos) that almost seems more like a babysitter to Haruto than anything else. Very polite and often apologizes for Haruto, even though LiS knows that normal people cannot see him. Normally has cape wrapped around self and appears only to be a head with a flowing body. (No, the clock doesn’t work). LiS can shift it’s form and harden into a crystal. It’s best not to use him as a weapon though, as he could potentially crack, or even break, which would harm Haruto. He can also be worn. Haruto’s form of choice is a cape.

General Hux Headcanons

Hello! I hope you enjoy these Hux headcanons, Feel free to request! :D  

-Hux really enjoys watching you be passionate about something, especially if it is about your relationship with him.

-He is really protective of you, almost to the point of obsession. It is a constant struggle for him seeing you around others, but he does keep these feelings of protection somewhat hidden to himself.

-Hux loves holding you, he especially likes holding you around the waist.

-Hux tends to get irritated easily, which is usually the reason for most of your fights.

-Does not think PDA is necessary, and can get quite annoyed when others obnoxiously do those types of things in public. Behind closed doors though, he is infatuated with you, and makes sure you know you are loved.

-When working he shows you mercy and grace, which confuses others since he is known for being harsh and cruel.

-Hux is enthusiastic when you want to learn more from him. He could give you the most intricate interesting answers to even the simplest of questions.(probably because he wants to impress you)  

-He is incredibly flawed from the way he was raised, but with the right amount of care you can help him.

So by the end of freshman year, Dex and Nursey have kind of got their acts together right? Like, they don’t actually fight. They bicker. Like an old married couple.

ANYWAYS - Nursey puts most of this towards the fact that he’s reached the acceptance stage of having a crush on the most annoying, obnoxious person he’s ever met. It’s cool. He’s dealing with it in ways other than starting unnecessary fights. For the most part.

So then summer comes, and they text a lot more than Nursey expected, even though Dex is basically working all the time, but at some point Dex invites Nursey to come up and hang out on the fishing boat for a week. Obviously, Nursey agrees, because he has zero self control and hasn’t actually seen Dex’s dumb face in like two months. 

He can handle this.


He cannot handle the boat, or the waves that splash over the side or the way his stomach churns with every swell. He cannot handle the way the life jacket feels like it’s choking him (Jesus Christ Nurse you do not need to wear a life jacket right now, what is your problem), or the way Dex’s uncle looks just like Dex, only older. And handsome. Very handsome. And he definitely cannot handle the fact that Dex spends the majority of his time in tight tank tops, with the freckles on his arms so thick it almost looks like a tan, and the bridge of his nose peeling with a sunburn. It shouldn’t be attractive but god, Nursey’s knees went weak when Dex first met him at the docks (now they’re weak because of this fucking boat but whatever).

After day 1, when the sea sickness subsides, Nursey almost wishes it was  back, because now he’s got to actually pay attention to Dex hauling lobster pots over the side of the boat and laughing when he gets splashed in the face with a wave and goading Nursey when he won’t jump off the side and go for a swim (I’ve seen Shark Week Poindexter, I know there’s great whites up here sometimes, you couldn’t pay me to get in this water). 

It’s the worst week of his life, but he’ll never forget the way Dex hugged him when he left, and he relishes in the way the smell of salt water clings to his skin for days. And then he spends the rest of the summer writing poems about hair the color of sunsets and trying to figure out how to make William Poindexter his boyfriend. 

(meanwhile, back on the lobster boat, Dex is pretending he doesn’t look at the picture he took of Nursey in his dumb ass life jacket every night before he goes to sleep. it’s whatever.)

I’ve had some asks about streak lately so here he is commandering the fridge to show off his art. I’d respond in an ask but it’s really hard to pull off on my phone.

As to his personality he is a huge show off. Going to great lengths to have everyone see his art and skater tricks all over the place. He often tags in the most visible and obnoxious place he can find.

He is self conscious about his art as well. Using his showoffy-ness to hide his anxiety over whether anyone likes his art in the first place. Blaming others for any dislike of his art. like they just don’t get my methods or meaning ect. (even though people usaly just want him to do the art somewhere else.)

Please forgive my lack of skill drawing graffiti. X’D

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As someone who isn't all that keen on Sonic himself, I'm curious for your thoughts. Is there anything about Sonic as a character that you could understand others being annoyed by or uninterested in, even if you don't necessarily agree? (I'm talking about his actual traits and whatnot, NOT moments that would count as flanderization or being out-of-character.)

His tendency to be a tease I guess.

Even I’ll admit as a friggin’ Sonic ADORER that with Sonic, there’s an extremely thin line between portraying his jesty, teasy mannerisms in a way that is funny and charming as opposed to unlikeably obnoxious and jerkish.

Archie Sonic pre-reboot often found himself squarely in the latter camp. Whilst Storybook Sonic (To me at least) found himself entirely in the former.

And though it’s not especially relevant today in on-point portrayals, the way he epitomized 90′s radicalisms in such a try-hard way can be understandably grating. Hell, even I’ve been rubbed the wrong way by precisely that.

I want more mertalia, but with nations having things other than fish tails.

Like, I want graceful nations like Austria and Norway to have beautiful jellyfish bodies. I want strong nations like Germany and Russia to have powerful shark bodies. I want slender nations like China to have long eel bodies. I want cute nations like Italy and Finland to have chubby little octopus bodies.

Then I want fics where two nations are two different species but they end up being together anyways.

Like Norway not wanting to get close to a particular Danish shark merman because he’s secretly scared that he’ll accidentally sting him but they work around it and become a couple anyways.

Or little octopus merman Romano’s grandfather wanting him to marry another one of their species and not the obnoxious Spanish outsider merman, but when he sees how happy they are even though they’re not the same he can’t not allow it.

Idk it was just some thoughts.

  • now I can't stop thinking about it, this is all @leahazel's fault I mean, I can just picture Adelaide's *confused face*
  • Obnoxious Coworker: Don't you know he's /married/?
  • Adelaide: what
  • Obnoxious Coworker: Of course you didn't know, can you believe that? You should be more careful.
  • Adelaide: What?
  • Obnoxious Coworker: He's /married/.
  • Adelaide: Who?
  • Obnoxious Coworker: Sebastian, the new contractor!
  • Adelaide: Of course he's married?
  • Obnoxious Coworker: You mean you knew! But what about his wife?
  • Adelaide: What about ... me?
  • Obnoxious Coworker: *horrified*stalks off*
  • Adelaide: *still confused*
  • Adelaide: *light dawns*
  • Adelaide: *goes to find Sebastian*presumably in the middle of a conference room or something with like five witnesses*is clearly barely managing not to laugh*
  • Adelaide: DID YOU KNOW YOU'RE CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE WITH ME? And she's such a nice woman, how dare you.
  • Sebastian: ?
  • Sebastian: She is apparently feeling a little out of sorts today though?
  • Adelaide: You should buy her flowers to make up for it!
  • Sebastian: Certainly, what would you like?
  • Adelaide: Gerbera daisies. Thank you.
  • Sebastian: You're welcome.
  • Sebastian: Does that mean you're going to get your husband flowers tomorrow for cheating on ... me ... with me?
  • Adelaide: How about some whisky?
  • Sebastian: That seems more like a present for you than me.
  • Adelaide: Varric's blue whisky?*
  • Sebastian: Oh I see. Thank you.
  • Adelaide: You're welcome. *leaves and goes back to work*

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What would happen if seed!Derek and seed!Stiles met? I find that it would be freaking cute!

Oh! OH OH OH! Nonnie, you asked at JUST the right time, because I was sketching their meeting as Seed Creatures while I was interstate for fun! (and I also coloured it because I plan to make it into merchandise!)

I can imagine that Seed Stiles doesn’t really have much of personal boundaries, because… that’s just the way it is. He’s kind of an obnoxious little Seed Fox, haha! I see their first meeting gets off to a rocky start, because Stiles immediately hones in on Derek’s ULTRA FLUFFY TAIL.

Of course, Derek is not impressed. (also kind of embarrassed haha!)

But then Stiles feels bad because he made such a bad first impression (even though that’s just how he is) and maybe raids the couch cushions trying to find something impressive to give to Derek as a ‘sorry I burst your personal bubble’ gift. (he didn’t think the chewing-gum wrapper or the bent paperclip would do, but he found a mostly-intact toffee!)

And then (of course) Derek is a total softie-failwolf and (of course) this starts off a weird sort of courting ritual where Derek brings Stiles all sorts of weird stuff to try and show he’s a good provider and an awesome mate. Things get serious when Derek presents Stiles with a shiny penny he hunted between the skirting board and the kitchen cabinet.

(Stiles thinks that he’s awesome and super-cute without all the presents, but he goes along with it anyway)

(they sometimes groom each other’s tails and it’s adorable as frick)

i want to like critical role, but one of my roommates is obsessed with it in the most obnoxious way.  i can’t go into my living room without it being on the tv if he’s home.  he watches every episode at least twice, once by himself and once when he makes his fiance sit through it even though she clearly would rather be doing other things.  when we all tried to play d&d, my roommate completely abandoned his own DMing style in an attempt to mimic matt mercer, but just ended up coming off kind of like a dick when our characters didn’t perfectly follow his narrative.  he would use techniques of mercer’s without the right context.  in the end, we all got so tired of it that the game fell apart.  no one wanted to play anymore, because my roommate couldn’t stop trying to be matt mercer and failing.

i really feel like critical role is probably a good thing, but my god has it been tainted for me.

Neloth needs access to information that is only available in like 3 single-edition copies in the Imperial City, and he tries to borrow them, but the University won’t let him, because they know if they do, they’ll never get them back. Plus, they know he’s probably planning on using them to help make golems out of horker fat and silt strider legs or something.

And he can’t send an apprentice to get the information he needs, because OF COURSE he considers all of his apprentices to be giant idiots, who will probably get the wrong information or accidentally set the library on fire or something. So he has no choice but to go to the Imperial City himself.

And he does, to great fanfare, because even though he’s dangerously goofy, he’s also probably the best wizard in all of Tamriel. They treat him with respect and let him study the books, but he is of course rude and self-important and obnoxious to everybody the entire time. But some apprentice mages eventually figure out that if they bet him he can’t do difficult, incredibly dangerous spells, he’ll do them EVERY TIME, because he always has to prove how great he is.

So one of the apprentices from Morrowind inadvertently tells the others about how the Telvanni use a unique magical elevator system in their mushroom towers. A few of them get the genius idea to bet Neloth he can’t rig one up to transport someone the entire 600-odd feet up through the hollow inside of the White-Gold Tower.

He of course claims that he can, so they arrange to magically sneak in to the Imperial Palace at midnight and quietly set one up in the Great Council chamber.

But Neloth gets distracted with his research and temporarily forgets about it, so he doesn’t get there until like 3 am. And then it takes him an hour and a half to set things up. But eventually, it’s ready to go. So the mages activate the sophisticated chain and pulley system that causes the plates covering the top of the Tower to open radially (developed at some point so sunlight could be dramatically let into the Council Chamber for royal events). Then Neloth gives them all Scrolls of Levitation, so they can suspend themselves at the open top, while he reverses the lift and brings them back down.

The sun has been up for a half-hour, but they’re all so excited by this point, no one is paying attention.

But then two of the apprentices start arguing about who gets to try the lift first. It goes on for like ten minutes, than another one gets impatient and says, “Fine! Then both of you try it at the same time!,” and he shoves them toward it.

But he was angry so he pushed them harder than he intended, and they both trip over their robes and fall into the elevator.

…Which, FOOOOOMP!, immediately ROCKETS THEM OUT up through the Tower, and like 400 ft further into the sky.

And Neloth rubs his chin and narrows his eyes at the magical elevator stream. Then he turns around and looks over his notes. “Ah. Ah yes. I should have increased the lift magnitude by a factor of 10, NOT 100. Misread my own handwriting. Huh. I didn’t think that felt right.”

Meanwhile, the apprentice mages are dumbfounded. “Are…are they DEAD?” one of them asks breathlessly.

Neloth waves her silent, still looking at his notes. “Oh please. They just have to cast an emergency Feather Weight spell before they fall more than 40 feet. They’ll be fine.”

“A…a what?” one of them asks.

He jerks around. “An emergency Feather Weight spell! You know! ‘Lighter than air, float like a feather, land like a butterfly soft in the heather!’”

They just stare at him blankly.

“Oh no. Don’t tell me you fools don’t know the emergency Feather Weight spell! That’s like the FIRST SPELL Telvanni mages learn! What in the world do they TEACH you here at this so-called University?! ‘Cooking with Magic’?!”

Suddenly there is a great pounding at the door. But it isn’t locked, so the Imperial Watch captain and eight guards rush in, weapons drawn.

They stop when they see the mages.

Who in Oblivion,” the Captain shouts, “is launching mages out the top of the White-Gold Tower?!”

All the apprentices look at the floor and step away from Neloth.

Neloth notices them, then rolls his eyes. “Well! That was not my INTENT!”

I like to imagine that the first time Cullen’s siblings come to visit him at Skyhold that the Inquisitor is away, but will be back in a few days. He gives them the tour of the keeps, telling them how the Inquisitor personally invested her time to make sure they had all the necessary things to rebuild, tells them about all the good she’s done that they may not have heard about, and basically just talking her up and telling them how fucking great she is because he wants them to like her SO BADLY, and he’s SO NERVOUS about his love meeting his loud, sometimes obnoxious siblings and knowing that even though she is the Inquisitor that there will be nothing from stopping Mia giving the Inquisitor “you break his heart, I break you” speech.

And then there’s commotion at the gate. The Inquisitor has returned! Cullen’s nerves reach their peak and he’s just about ready to pull his hair out from anxiety because THIS IS IT and he’s running through all the possible things that can go wrong from Mia immediately disliking her, to Branson immediately trying to flirt with her….

that the absolute last thing he expects is to see the Inquisitor swaggering in, hooting and hollering with Bull, carting the latest dragon skull behind them, still half-drunk and covered in blood and viscera.

What a wonderful first impression
[JJBA] DioJona + CaeJose + JotaKak : Triple Date

Giveaway gift for joestar-chan

“And here is yet another proof of how this guy is a total loser and I am still wondering why you, oh my dear beloved brother, are dating this fashion disaster. Did he threaten you or are you still too much of a gentleman to properly reject him?” Joseph said as he pointed at Dio with his half-eaten french fries, totally ignoring Caesar’s mumbles about how he shouldn’t agree with the whole triple date thing if he knew Joseph was only doing this because he wanted to… whatever he did right now (well at first Joseph was showing off and trying to be more lovely dovey but then Dio just casually flirted with Jonathan and Joseph just lost his shit after seeing his big brother blushed and here they were).

“I pity you, Caesar, but you must be either a saint or losing a bet to date… him. You have to deal with this loud obnoxious classless buffoon like him even though clearly you can be with someone better. Maybe love is truly blind after all.” Dio said as he totally ignored Joseph (and Caesar agreed really) and then turned to Jonathan and softly caressed Jonathan’s cheek, “At least you only have to deal with him until we get married, Jojo.”

Joseph’s mouth hung open as he looked at Caesar with this scandalized look before screaming that Dio had to walk over his dead body (Dio unhelpfully said that it would be easy to kill Joseph and that made them argued about who could kill who first, Jonathan still tried to separate them and stop their arguing while Caesar was just done with all of this and would not do anything unless fists were involved) and all four of them totally forget the 3rd couple in this triple date who still fed each other cherry cake (who also ended up being the only couple to have a real date despite the chaos, even though Kakyoin and Jotaro agreed that they should just date alone next time and to not ever trust Joseph again no matter how many times the younger Joestar swore the triple date would be fun).

Love Is (Him)

Relationship: Derek Nurse/William Poindexter

Rating: Teen & Up

Words: 3.8k

Summary:  Nursey falls quiet again, nothing but the sound of asphalt beneath the tires and soft music filling the cab of his truck. When Dex glances over he’s just barely smiling, looking stupidly good with one of Dex’s hats pulled on backwards and aviator sunglasses shading his eyes. Dex abruptly realizes he wants to kiss him, wants to curl his hand around the back of his neck and tug him across the center console. Instead, he scowls and takes another sip of the ice coffee Nursey had insisted on stopping for, hoping the bitterness will quell these obnoxious feelings.
The traffic gets lighter and the buildings get smaller the farther south they get, until the highway is lined with trees and Dex is flying along at a good clip. He can almost taste the ocean, even though they’ve got a few miles yet. There’s excitement thrumming in his bones, and he wants it to stop. This feels like a Big Deal, like something could happen tonight. Something momentous.
This is the worst.

{also on AO3}

(a/n: I started writing this before I realized that Dex might be from Maine?? I’m still not super clear on it, but as a live long Rhode Islander, I wanted to write this ode to my little state. And Derek Nurse’s face. But you know. Also there’s a poem in here. It is not good. Poetry is not my thing, so please accept my apologies beforehand.)

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Listen to your favorite song over and over and over again. Hold your friends hands. Tell people you just met that you love them. Dance around your apartment while you clean. Stay up too late reading a book you love. Always have a sweet when you’re craving one. Take a bath with an obnoxious amount of bubbles. Post ugly snaps onto your story even though you’re scared he’ll see them. Talk to your plants. Walk around your neighborhood. Spend the extra money on good coffee. Plan a weekend where all you do is watch movies with someone you adore. Park further away from your apartment building so you can get a little walk in before you begin your day at work. Buy more blankets than you think you need. Yes, you need those miniature pumpkins outside of Trader Joe’s to decorate your apartment. Light candles every night while you’re getting ready for bed. Never go to sleep with a sink full of dishes or a bathroom floor covered in clothes. 

badboy! Calum going to the same school and living next door to u which is just ur luck as he has always been the most obnoxious ass ever and u often see him with a different girl every night through the window or shoving freshmen against their lockers but sometimes when its 3am and the world outside is quiet u can hear the faint strumming of his guitar or his gentle voice singing Ed Sheeran even though u’ve heard him say that anything apart from rap is shit

and at those times u wouldn’t be scared of him and u would sit at ur window and just listen and he’d know u were there, he’d always know and it made him angry but secretly glad that even if the rest of the world thought he was only made of smirks, bloody knuckles and a fucked up attitude u knew deep down inside he was the boy who sang the stars to sleep every night