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Why Dave and Jake should totally be friends
  • Dave would 100% love Jake’s fuckin vocabulary, and, knowing Dave he’d probably pick up some of it too, which would be hilarious. 
  • Dave puts on an ironic facade while Jake puts on an adventurer facade, they both use their facades to hide their insecurities and act cocky, they’d be able to relate to each other.  
  • Dave’s “I don’t want to be a hero, the idea of heroism is corrupt for me, but I guess I am one anyway” and Jake’s “I want to be a hero like the ones I see in movies, but I always fall short” contrast each other and they could probably help each other with that.
  • Both have had very simmular cases of physical abuse (Bro and Brobot) with clear visual parallels through the comic (See [S] Dave: Strife and [S] Prince of Heart: Rise up. And the couple pages and logs after that)
  • Not to mention issues with Dirk/Bro they could talk about and help each other out with. 
  • They could also make fun of Dirk, in a friendly/brotherly way of course. “Haha fuckin’ weeb”. 
  • Both were very isolated.
  • Both have hilarious and odd metaphors or terms that they say, even if no one else totally gets them.
  • Jake loves Alpha Dave’s SB&HJ movies, he’d probably love to read Dave’s comics, it’s something they could jam about. 
  • Jake’s shitty movie taste combined with the probably hundreds of shitty romcom movies Dave has watched with his boyfriend. 
  • Dave would still watch Jake’s shitty movies, even though Dave would enjoy them ironically, unlike Jake.
  • Jake is a huge crybaby while Dave tends to keep it all in (Though, not as much so for Dave after the RetJohn and dating Karkat), they could probably find a good balance. 
  • Both of them have some kind of PTSD or at least show signs of it.

Lardo gives Nursey her dibs. Dex gets Ransom and Holster’s. It’s… unexpected. The attic was for d-men pairs, it fit two people just fine. It was tradition. Just two weeks prior to them revealing their decisions, Shitty had been over, ranting about the legacy of the d-man attic.

“It’s been an established institution since Davey Smith and Jordan McIntyre of the class of ‘02!” Shitty had said. “It has fostered camaraderie in the Samwell Men’s Hockey team for over a decade!” Then he started crying, though that might have been because of the alcohol and the nearing end of his first year at law school.

Individually, Nursey and Dex both assumed that they’d get the attic and Lardo would give her dibs to someone else on the team, maybe even Ford after all the works she’s done this semester. Neither was particularly happy about it, because though they get along much better now, they’re still very different people and living in the same room would probably not go over too well. But they had accepted it as a thing.

They shared rooms on as many roadies as they could, for practice, and Nursey slept in Dex’s dorm whenever his roommate was occupying their dorm by screwing his girlfriend. Dex stopped leaving piles of books on his own desk, thinking that he’d have to share a desk with Nursey next year and knowing that Nursey needed space to write. Nursey stopped throwing clothes on the floor after he took them off, because he knew that Dex hated a messy floor and that, at one A.M. after a night compsci-ing his way into an early grave, Dex would be too tired to pay attention to where he was walking.

However subconsciously, they both thought that they’d be sharing the attic in their junior year. It was a given. Though they knew it wouldn’t be easy, they had expected it.

And now…

They won’t say that they’re disappointed, because they shouldn’t be; they’ll be living in the Haus, with Chowder and Bitty, and they won’t have to pay for off-campus housing or deal with wacky roommates. They’re included; they were given dibs. And living together would have incited daily fights, probably. So they’re not disappointed. They’re not. They can’t be.

But, well.

“Congrats, man,” Nursey says, smiling easily at Dex as he enters the Haus kitchen. Bitty stands at the stove, making something for dinner and chatting with Jack on Skype. “On your dibs,” Nursey clarifies when Dex seems confused.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Dex shrugs, smiling weakly. “I got the bigger room,” he says competitively. Nursey grins back.

“At least I don’t have to climb all of those stairs.”

“You could use the cardio,” Dex shoots back.

“Yeah, well, you don’t need all that space.” It’s too cutting, too pointed, too cruel for what they’ve built out of the animosity of last year. Nursey looks away, guilty, but he wouldn’t have recognized the expression on Dex’s face even if he hadn’t. Nursey has never seen what Dex’s face looks like when he agrees with something.

I Know Now

Zimbits || ~5′700 words || Gen. Rating || AU || AO3

The team members who take Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food start up a study group, but it’s less of a study group, and more of a trying-to-set-Jack-and-Bitty-up group.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says brightly as he enters the living room with his textbook balanced under one arm, and his other holding a tray of freshly made brownie.

“Hey, Bittle,” Jack replies, already sitting on a chair with his books open on the coffee table.

Bitty puts his stuff down next to Jack’s, taking care with the tray of food. He lifts his arm to let the textbook thunk down on the ground.

“Where is everyone?” He asks Jack, sitting beside his fallen textbook.

“Shitty’s stuck talking to his thesis advisor. Lardo’s got a project due tomorrow. Chowder says he can’t make this week. No idea about Holster or Nursey,” Jack rattles off.

“So, just us then?”

“Just us,” Jack confirms.

It’s the second week in a row that has happened.


Bitty sits on a cushion on the floor by the coffee table, sipping occasionally from a mug of tea, and refreshing his twitter frequently. The others should be here for the study group by now. He reluctantly opens his textbook, figuring he should use the time to study even if no-one’s here to help him figure out the biology side of this week’s class.

He’s two pages in when the front door opens. Bitty looks up, eager for company.

“Jack! Hey.” Bitty smiles and waves at him.

“Sorry I’m late. Class went overtime.”

Jack sits down on the green couch, rolling his eyes when Bitty gives him a look. “Stop worrying about this thing.”

“Jack, it’s infested,” Bitty insists immediately.

“You don’t know that,” Jack replies.

“And you don’t not know that.”

Jack just shakes his head and takes out his own textbook and exercise book. “Did you do the extra reading this week?” he asks Bitty.

Bitty senses the topic divergence, but goes along with Jack anyway. It’s not the first time they’ve argued over the couch, and it won’t be the last.

“I did not,” Bitty answers. “But I printed it out.”

“Not quite the same thing. I’ll summarise it for you.”

Bitty smiles at Jack gratefully. “Thank you.”


The fourth time it happens, Bitty makes Jack move into the kitchen.

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anonymous asked:

Academy era Mckirk, where Jim says he's staying at school for the holidays since he doesn't really have anywhere to go, so Bones takes him home to Georgia with him?

  • Jim spends too much time with Bones. It’s not like either of them really care, and they’re quire fond of having each other to rely on, but Jim spends a lot of time with Bones. He doesn’t really know anyone else on campus. Sure, he’s friendly to everyone, and he knows everyone by name. A couple people he joins regularly when they go out partying, but he doesn’t know them. Not like Bones. He doesn’t just lounge on their beds reading old paper books, or play games on his PADD while the other studies. With Bones, he can have challenging arguments one minute, and the next they get drunk together. He doesn’t have that with anyone else. Doesn’t need it, either. Like this, it’s good.
  • But then come the holidays, and Jim figured he’d spend that with his mom, but she calls him to let him know her research project on another planet takes longer than expected, and coming home will take at least another few months. That’s fine, he doesn’t talk much with her anyway, and now he can spend his holidays with Bones. Though, once he gets to Bones’ dorm, the other is packing. “Where are you going?” Jim asks. “Atlanta,” Bones replies, “well, technically Atlanta first, then Eatonton.” “I don’t know where that is,” Jim admits, and Bones huffs. “No one knows where that is,” he replies, continuing to pack his bags as Jim falls down on bed. “So you’re spending the holidays with Jocelyn?” “Hell no,” Bones says, “I get Joanna on boxing day and new year’s eve. We’re spending it with my parents.” “Sounds boring,” Jim replies, picking up his PADD, but he’s mostly staring at the ceiling. Very much ignoring Bones looking at him. “You want to join?” Bones asks, and Jim finally turns to look at him. “Hell yes.”
  • Even though traveling goes quite fast nowadays, both of them are still tired by the time they get to Atlanta. Bones has a shitty hotel room waiting for them, and then they meet up with a few of Bones’ college friends for drinks. They’re all southern drawls, somehow getting stronger with a bit of liquor in their systems. And Jim gets to listen to stories about Bones as a young adult. All bark and no bite, apparently. So some things don’t change. “Refused to fight, that one,” one of Leonard’s friends laughs, “but a mouth too big to stop himself from getting hit occasionally.” “That sounds like Bones,” Jim agrees, ignoring the subtle glare from the doctor. “Hmm, stupidly brave, though. I tell you, two of us wouldn’t’ve been ‘ere had it not been for your pal charging into our dorm building that had caught on fire.” “You never told me that,” Jim says, turning to Bones, “why’d you never tell me that?” “Not everyone of us boasts with the few good deeds we do,” Bones replies, “I became a doctor to save lives. That’s what I did.”
  • They don’t really celebrate Christmas on the day itself. Instead, they sleep in and spend the afternoon watching TV from their hotel bed. Then, a long stroll through the city streets, eerily quiet for such a big city. Guess everyone is spending it with family, Jim thinks, and then he’s happily reminded that he’s doing the same thing, when Bones buys them french fries and chicken wings from one of the few shops actually open today.
  • But Jim is actually nervous for boxing day. They pick up Joanna in the morning, and it’s the first time Jim meets her in person. And while they rent a car, Jim quickly finds out she’s not shy at all. Because Joanna talks through most of the car ride out of town. About school, friends, mom’s new boyfriend, and with a witty sense of humor he recognises from Bones. They listen to classic rock, play road games, and munch on the candy Joanna’s brought. By the time they reach their destination, Jim thinks their day is pretty much over, and it’s been a good one.
  • But then they meet Bones’ mother, who bought a small gift even for Jim, and though the Christmas sweater he gets is absolutely hideous, he wears it without shame, and finds it comfortable enough that he’ll probably end up wearing it even outside the holiday season. After dinner, Jim plays old fashioned videogames with Joanna while Bones catches up with his mom and does some tinkering around the house. By the time Jim’s back hits the mattress, and he feels Bones lie down next to him, he’s pretty sure he’s never felt as at-home as he does right now.
  • With their few days off, Bones shows him around town. It’s small, but considerably bigger than Riverside, and Bones knows all the good bars. When Jo’s with them, they go hiking in the woods nearby, and they come home cold and tired and grumpy, though after a hot shower and a cup of soup, Jim feels instantly better.
  • “You have the perfect family,” Jim tells Bones on New Year’s Eve. It’s their last night there, and Jim think he could do at least another two weeks here. “No family’s perfect,” Bones says, “but it’s… good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so relaxed, though.” Jim laughs at that, shrugging lightly. Joanna’s watching the fireworks from other countries with a couple friends. Bones’ mother, too, has a few neighbours over. But Jim and Bones are outside on the porch, huddled in warm jackets and with a bottle of whiskey in between them. “That’ll happen when there’s absolutely nothing to do but relax,” he says, and Bones smiles. “Yeah. Countryside’s a curse and a blessing,” he agrees, “I’m sorry you couldn’t spend the holidays with your own family, though.” Jim shrugs lightly, taking a sip from the strong whiskey. “I did spend it with family,” he says, and Bones turns to look at him. Jim finds himself staring, briefly, but  Bones is, too, and he’s definitely looking at Jim’s lips. And when the clock ticks midnight, judging by the cheering from inside, Jim opens his mouth to say: “Happy New Year, Bones.” but he’s interrupted mid-sentence because Bones leans in and kisses him. When Bones pulls away, he throws Jim a soft smile. “Happy New Year, Jim.”

bubblefairy03  asked:

I love ragging on shitty mage meme Donald, but I'm equally as fond of Mom-friend Donald. I like to think that when Sora gets homesick, or cries, that Donald goes mother hen on him. Do you see Donald and Goofy as parental at all?

I completely agree with you. I actually really love Sora’s friendship with Donald, even though they pick on each other so often in my doodles. I think their bickering is just a part of their friendship– they’re both stubborn and don’t like to admit when they’re wrong, and their different temperaments are bound to lead to clashes when they disagree on how to approach a problem.

But Sora and Donald care so much about each other!! Goofy too!! I love their friendship ahhhh! 

And it’s a bit difficult to explain, but I don’t think Donald and Goofy think of Sora like a son. They’re older and find themselves trying to guide him with the knowledge they’ve gained from their own experiences. But they’re on equal footing. Anyone with friends older than they are might understand what I mean!

(They do get very protective of him and can’t help mother-henning at times though. Sora don’t touch that. Sora don’t do that. SORA!!!)

the-fifth-key  asked:

My sister and I both live at home, and at the moment, both my parents are on a 4 month holiday so it's just us two. My sister got a cat last year (even though I'm very allergic to it and fleas) which has been alright cause it's mostly an outdoor cat. But last week, my sister decided on short notice to move in with her boyfriend and can't take the cat with her. She wants me to look after it even though I'm really allergic and generally don't like it anyway. What should I do?

I don’t think you should take it. It was shitty for her to get it in the first place while living with you, and it’s utterly unreasonable of her to decide to foist it off on you because her life decisions are making her unable to care for it. This cat’s welfare is not your obligation, and it’s not fair to you to put you in this position. 

Also, it’s worth noting that you’re likely not going to take great care of an animal you don’t want, don’t like, and have health issues related to. Even if you intend to and try really hard, resentment builds up and can affect the cat’s quality of life. That’s not fair to the cat. 

Help her rehome the cat if you’re worried about it’s future care - or if you’re worried she’ll just abandon it - but you definitely don’t have to take it yourself. 

listen i’ve been talking about albert and race growing up together for a couple of days so i figured i would make a full post about it

-they grow up one street over from one another but they both hate being home with a burning passion so a lot of time they just walk around the neighborhood and go exploring

-at least once a week they go and throw rocks at trains and just sit by the tracks for hours

-another favorite spot of theirs is a place just on the edge of a nearby woods with a small little pond where no one ever goes to. they set random shit on fire and then throw it into the pond and catch frogs to mess around with and sometimes just yell at the top of their lungs just because they can

-they’ve carved their initials into one of those trees in the woods

-if one of them gets detention (which happens a lot) the other will usually go do something to get one too just so they aren’t alone

-they both want to best for the other but they’re a tad hypocritical about it

-“race you should probably stop smoking”
“albert you’ve been smoking just as much as I have”

-“albert maybe you should quit drinking for tonight”
“race you’re the one who brought me the beer”

-race has a new get rich quick scheme for albert to listen to every day and they’re rarely possible

-when race came out to him albert nearly burst into tears, partly because then he knew he wasn’t alone and partly because he was so proud of race

-i think that they’ve definitely kissed at the very least but just decided a romantic relationship wasn’t for them

-but they still very much love each other, and even though it’s hard for them sometimes to verbally express their feelings they figure it out in one way or another

-they also lovingly roast each other 24/7

-they learn a fair amount of first aid/sewing/cooking over the years from just trial and error while trying to take of themselves

-they move in together after high school before either of them are in a serious relationship and it’s a shitty apartment but they get a cat and they’re glad to be where they are

-they both know where each other’s boundaries are and how to avoid reaching them

-albert especially gets a lot of nightmares/night terrors and race always stays up with him until he goes back to sleep and even though they each have their own rooms for a very long time they just share a bed anyways

-in conclusion: i’m crying over these kids

As a hotshot stan words cannot begin  to describe how proud I am of both Sungwoon and Taehyun. Knowing how talented both of them are and seeing them gain nothing but praise throughout this season. Seeing them through their highs and low, seeing both of them trending multiple times , seeing Hotshot as a group trending multiple times is a concept I’ve been waiting for since their debut. Taehyun getting recognized for his dancing , Sungwoon for vocals . Then on top of that Hotshot gaining more fans (even Junhyuk was shocked how much attention they gained through this.)  And don’t even get me started on how Sungwoon went from feeling less confident about himself and being skipped over multiple times for the center position to ranking #3 out of 20 . Even though produce 101 is a shitty popularity based show with mnet’s evil editing to top it all off. I’m still happy for what it did for both Sungwoon and Taehyun it gave them a chance to show what Hotshot stans knew along how truly talented they both are. And lastly I hope Taehyun knows how truly proud we are of him even though he didn’t make it , you put your all into everything you did and the very best you could do and nothing can ever take that away from you. 

dawnthecreator  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do headcanons where the boys are in shitty relationships with someone before Candy arrived at school, and when she gets there, the boys find themselves to be very attracted to her. She tries to help them with their shitty relationship, but it doesn't go right, and the boys end up cheating on their S/O with Candy.

wondER no longeR

Even though I forgot 99% of my previous ideas and i’m beyond annoyed - i’ll see what I can make out of this. I’m writing some more headcanons (both requests and things I think of). Anyways, enjoy.


Before cheating:

  • Honestly didn’t think he’d fall in love with Candy like ?? hello he’s in a relationship. 
  • Even though he’s in a shitty relationship, still is committed to it.
  • Pretty open to talking about his s/o, it’s not new.
  • Trusts Candy pretty easily in his conversations.
  • Doesn’t console in anyone else but Candy - doesn’t feel the need to.
  • Thinks he’s the issue in the relationship although that’s probably not true.
  • Doesn’t talk about how he feels, doesn’t think it matters.
  • So hesitant when Candy touches him, feels awkward about it.
  • Not ashamed to discuss the fights, arguments, or bad things he’s done with his s/o.
  • Never talks about how they met, doesn’t want to think about that.
  • After a few meetings, around seven or eleven, he realizes he likes Candy. A lot more than he already should.

After cheating:

  • Damn Nathaniel
  • “…Goodness. Sigh…what did I do.” Already knows what’s coming.
  • Not that it matters, but he was the dominant one during the event.
  • Couldn’t believe he actually just did that.
  • Distances himself from Candy for a while, maybe a few days. 
  • Overthinks about what he and Candy did, a lot.
  • Keeps trying to tell himself that it was bound to happen.
  • After a lot of overthinking, doesn’t feel bad about it.
  • Accepts the fact (a lot later on, maybe weeks) that he was going to leave his s/o anyways.
  • Tells his s/o everything. What’s the use of lying beyond that point. 
  • Already planned on breaking up with his s/o first. 
  • Talks with his s/o one more time, he makes the break-up official. 
  • Apologies to Candy for doing that while in a relationship…feels like an idiot.


Before cheating:

  • Very open about his relationship and how bad it is.
  • Not ashamed to speak about the crap he did. 
  • Never talks about how he feels towards his s/o, doesn’t think it matters.
  • Knows there’s no way in hell he thinks he’s the issue in the relationship. lmao he’s the one trying to FIX it
  • Likes to tease Candy if she has a crush, just small teases here and there…even if he’s the one with a crush on her.
  • Gets a little stiff when Candy touches him, especially when he has a crush.
  • Pretty much a shoulder pat or a side hug is how far he goes with Candy.
  • Lets his guard down talking about the good times in the relationship and just goes like “then it all went to hell” on the shitty parts. 
  • Had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.
  • After a lot of their meetings, possibly around ten or eleven, he finally realized that he really likes Candy.

After cheating:

  • Hadn’t thought twice before doing that with Candy. 
  • “Shit…I screwed up big time.” Not ready for the drama.
  • Starts thinking about how much he screwed up, at first.
  • Doesn’t avoid Candy actually, he’s still chill around her.
  • Pretty damn embarrassed he just did that with her - so quick.
  • Calms down later after he cheated like ?? Felt like it was going to happen.
  • Tells his s/o the same day since he isn’t waiting on anyone. 
  • The relationship (obviously,,) ends sour, again, like he expected. 
  • He and his ’s/o’ don’t have a deep conversation, just an argument. A big one.
  • Didn’t give a crap who ended the relationship - as long as it ended.
  • When his past relationship is ended, he’d ask weeks later (maybe a month, depending) if Candy would want to be in one.


Before cheating:

  • ‘Cheat’ is not a word that comes across his mind in his relationship…as shitty as it is.
  • Not very open about every single thing, just small details of events and what not.
  • Very awkward talking about his emotions, he doesn’t vent often. 
  • Felt like Candy was better to consult in, being a girl and all.
  • Not affected if Candy touches him but he barely does.  respeCTing her spACE.
  • Doesn’t talk shit about his s/o, he’s not a backbiter.
  • Thinks it’s his fault, not really sure how though (if it is).
  • Wants to fix everything and make it better like before. 
  • Doesn’t take that many meetings for him to fall for Candy, around seven or nine is suitable.
  • Worries about cheating on his s/o with Candy like ?? it NEVER crossed his mind?? 
  • Knows he’s screwed now that he likes her.

After cheating:

  • Feels very lost in his emotions, unsure how to feel about it beyond that point.
  • “Sigh…oh no.” in a pretty big daze about the recent events.
  • Shaken up a tad because he actually did that ?? never felt like he could
  • Tries to rationalize telling his s/o about it without full on blowing up. 
  • Feels really, really bad after the ordeal - not right after, it all builds up.
  • Tells his s/o about less than a week for sure. Doesn’t do anything with her until then. 
  • Gives a brief, but deep, apology to his s/o before leaving them. 
  • Feels really awkward being around Candy (now).
  • Actually contemplated about being in a relationship with Candy.
  • Would rather take it slow if he and Candy got together. Even after the bs they pulled
  • Forgives himself weeks after everything happened.


Before cheating:

  • Wouldn’t even stay in that toxic relationship anyways, let’s be real.
  • Actually likes a lot of questions, gives him more time to talk about it. 
  • Doesn’t care for the roles of who breaks up - he wants it to end.
  • Be prepared to hear a lot of complaining, he has stuff to say.
  • Honestly, he can give a ‘101 reasons’ he should break-up with his s/o with or without Candy.
  • Alright with patting her or touching her, not very hesitant about it.
  • Very open about talking (or just complaining) about the relationship.
  • Finding himself attracted to her, he starts to complains less (and less). 
  • Super hesitant about being touched when he notices he has a crush. 
  • Knows he’s gonna screw up (and around) but doesn’t know how.

After cheating:

  • You dun messed up A-aron. 
  • At first, he doesn’t give a care for what he had done.
  • “I…did I really just do that?” Second takes on what he did. 
  • Swears a lot to himself about how he really screwed up.
  • Probably starts to care after reality hits him in the face. 
  • Doesn’t avoid Candy, just talks less to her while in that relationship.
  • Wants to break up first before he starts seeing Candy.
  • Was lectured by Alexy for not telling him about the relationship. 
  • Ends the relationship in less than a half hour, that’s as quick as it gets.
  • Isn’t a good liar so he doesn’t lie about anything. 
  • Doesn’t immediately jump into a relationship ?? just put off about how quick it happened
  • Considering wanting to be single for a long while.
  • Just wants to relax while he’s single.


Before cheating:

  • Can remember every single event that’s happened with he and his s/o.
  • Tries not to rant while talking about her,, but eventually he does.
  • Doesn’t think he’s the issue in the relationship. Like Castiel, he’s trying to fix it.
  • Gets irritated being asked too many questions of what his s/o does, it’s annoying to talk about often.
  • Open to talking about how he feels towards the relationship.
  • Has some theories of why it’s so bad. He actually THOUGHT about them.
  • Isn’t very optimistic about the relationship being fixed…
  • Has a blueprint of how the relationship went wrong like - very prepared on it all.
  • Wants to be the one to make the break up official.
  • Starts to become soft when he develops a crush on Candy.
  • Blushes easily (obviously) around Candy when he realized he has a crush.
  • Tells himself not to do anything stupid.

After cheating:

  • Kentin with the drama, Kenout with the truth.
  • Very shook after he cheated - especially if Candy JUST became his s/o while he still has one,, 
  • “…I knew it, I knew this type of mess would happen.” He just knew it.
  • Overthinks about how to tell his s/o, even if she doesn’t give a shit.
  • It takes a while for him to forgive himself, even if his ’s/o’ wasn’t a good person.
  • Has a heated argument over the phone since there’s no way he’s talking face to face.
  • Has some shallow conversations after the break-up, still pretty shook by it.
  • Is pretty quiet after breaking up..a part of him is relieved but another part is upset he couldn’t fix it. 
  • Starts second guessing about Candy and he being in a relationship?
  • Is open to being in one, after a few dates or so.
  • Hopes for the best in their (possible) new relationship…after being single for a while more.
Long Distance with Taehyung

Before I start this, I wanna say a huge huge huge thank you for 4,300 followers, that feels so weird to type I literally had to pause and check the follower count bc I was like wait do I actually have 4k I thought it was 2 for a second bc I was like there’s not way it’s 4 so thank you all so so much, it means so much to me!!! And now it is time for the second member of the maknae line, the second half of the Daegu line, the other half of Vmon, the love of my life who looked so fucking good in the recent airport photos like the necklace !!!!! also that lil sun “tattoo” (idk if it’s real, a lot of people were saying it’s henna either one is fine with me) looked so nice, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae 

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve single father!Tae (for all of the father related posts, click here) which is basically about Tae having a kid (a son) prior to your relationship with him, his post involved idol couple!Tae (here)
  • We all know how much Tae loves his family and how much he’d love his own bby son, he is such father material as is so the moment he holds that bby in his arms, he’s gonna be wrapped around his lil itty bitty finger (plz just imagine Tae’s hands compared to a newborn’s for a second and cry with me)
  • Leaving his bby boy behind is not gonna happen for the first year or two bc for the first year of his life, he’s a single father and obviously, if he’s doing press the other boys are most likely doing it as well so his parents have to watch bby bub and he just doesn’t like leaving him
  • Tae’s a very hands on parent, he likes being there for the lil moments like bby boy’s babbling or bby boy discovering he has toes or fingers or that the baby in the mirror is h i m, Tae never ever wants to miss those moments so he takes time off from touring and come backs but still does a bit of press here and there and a shit ton of Vlives and logs and things like that
  • Everyone’s super understanding that his bby is his top priority bc lil goober can barely walk, let alone have his father leave for tour
  • But once he meets you and you two are living together and goober is older, he decides to go on tour again while you and his parents watch bby boy, it’s a shorter tour bc he doesn’t wanna spend months and months away from his lil man
  • It’s his first time leaving bby boy for longer than just a couple hours so saying goodbye is s o fucking hard, lil goober doesn’t fully get it bc he’s never experienced it but all he knows is that both you and Tae are sad
  • You all say goodbye in private bc even though your relationship is public, something like a goodbye is personal, especially this goodbye
  • Tae gives the both of you long hugs (I could literally ramble on forever about how amazing Tae’s hugs would be) and he keeps kissing bub’s head and your forehead and he doesn’t let go until the very moment he has to leave so it’s just one long hug with lots of kisses before he has to say goodbye 
  • He prefers Skype/Facetime over calling
  • He only ever calls when he’s not gonna have much time to talk like pre-show/interview or when he has really shitty wifi connection
  • But he Skypes you and bby boy every single day, normally twice a day, in the morning and night (on your schedule bc asking a bby to stay up late so it can be morning or night for Tae is not the best idea) 
  • Bby boy always eats breakfast with Tae and you and Tae always has to eat something with you so even if it’s just something small like a chocolate bar, he’ll do it just so it can be a family meal
  • He gets so so so happy seeing his lil mini me munching away at some cereal or an apple or anything really bc his cheeks get so full and they’re so kissable and Tae keeps making you lean over and kiss his cheeks for him
  • Sings to him e v e r y night, he hasn’t missed a night yet and he doesn’t plan to, he doesn’t care if he has to wake up just to sing to him, he’ll do it bc there are only two things that will get bby boy to fall asleep
  • One is Tae playing with his hair and giving him gentle lil kisses all over his face and the second is hearing Tae’s voice, whether it’s talking or singing
  • He sings lullabies, children’s songs, BTS songs, anything bby boy wants him to bc Tae spoils his lil man so so much bc he just loves him with all of his heart and he wants nothing more than to make him happy and give him everything he needs and would do anything to see that mini square smile light up his bby’s face
  • Tae is the king of selfies and videos, he’s always posting lil clips of himself looking all cute like I just wanna take a moment here to appreciate Tae’s genes bc just when I think I’m used to how handsome he is, he comes back and is just like nope, he’s so breathtakingly beautiful and I love him so much my bias is showing bye
  • He sends tons and tons of pictures every day, he keeps both of you updated about everything from what the other boys are doing to his outfits and he expects the same from you and bby boy
  • You send him this clip of bby boy saying “I love you daddy” and Tae literally almost cries bc he misses him so much and wants to pick him up and give him a huge hug
  • Ight but imagine this, Tae doing a V live in his hotel room and you and bby boy watch it and bby boy keeps giggling and he’s so focused on Tae bc tae’s a goofball and is way better than any kids show who needs Pingu when you have Tae lip syncing Celine Dion 
  • He keeps mentioning bby boy and he shows some clips you sent him of lil goober dancing around to Fire or Cypher Tae has this really proud look on his face bc that’s his munchkin
  • He buys the both of you something from every stop, sometimes it’s something small like a teddy bear or a shirt but also Tae has been known to get some more pricey presents (my new favorite nickname for him is Gucci boy he’s so pure) so there is some bigger gifts as well
  • He gets bby boy and you some brand clothing and he gets you an engagement ring that you don’t get to see just yet bc Tae’s obviously saving that for when he proposes and he gets the three of you matching watches
  • Also I have this head canon that once Tae has all of his bbys (he has four in total, bby boy, twin girls and then another boy) he gets the whole family personalized jersey style shirts so it has “Kim” and then a number between 1 and 6 (Tae is 1, you’re 2, bby boy is 3, girls are 4 and 5 and then maknae bby boy is 6) so that all of you can have matching shirts
  • When he gets off the plane, he’s literally running past people and running straight towards his lil man who’s already waiting for him and squealing once he sees him and all you hear is this really loud “daddy!!!” followed by their giggles and bby boy’s squeals/screams once Tae gets to hug him
  • He’s clinging onto Tae and he mumbles how he’s never letting go again and Tae’s not complaining at all and he brings you into the hug and everyone’s just holding onto each other really tightly
  • “Lil man, I gotta shower, you have to let go for a bit, I’ll be quick I promise”
  • “No”
  • “Plz, I smell like an airplane”
  • “No”
  • “I’ll let you watch Pingu on my phone and I’ll let you have two extra cookies tonight if you give me five minutes to shower”
  • “…fine” 

Hey can y'all help me out with the whole gaslighting concept? People have accused me of gaslighting and I didn’t know what that meant for a while, when I learned what it meant and that it was an abuse thing I felt awful cause I don’t wanna become my dad…but I’m not gaslighting. I don’t make memories up to abuse people, I legit remember it a certain way. But if they remember it differently…and we’re both hurt because we can’t believe each other and we’re both questioning our sanity…who’s wrong??? Like, should I just give in and say yeah that’s how it happened even though I remember it differently so they don’t get upset? Maybe cause I have a shitty memory I am just misremembering…idk it’s very stressful for me to think about.

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Do you believe that Dylan is faithful? Do you believe Cole is?

okay so first things first i want to reiterate the fact that these boys are NOT the same person. just because you’re twins/siblings doesn’t mean you are going to do the exact same things and make the exact same stupid mistakes.

and while i can never know for sure, because i’m not cold sprouts, i’m pretty damn confident that he’s faithful to his girl. he looks at her like he can’t even believe she exists and i don’t imagine he’d want to fuck that up. 

as for dylan, it seems as though he wasn’t. but does that mean we should start screaming CANCELLED!!!! #DYLANSPROUSEISOVERPARTY!!!! no, not at all. he made a stupid mistake, end of story. sure on the surface it seems like such a shitty thing to do to such an amazing woman and IT IS, but we also DO NOT know the full story; both sides. we only know what she very publicly chose to share. which i also do not agree with for various reasons that i will not go into. 

so to summarize… yes i do believe cole is faithful and, as it seems, no dylan was not faithful. does that mean he’ll NEVER be faithful again? no absolutely not. stop demonizing him. 

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Okay this is so important and i have no idea why but who do you think is an Apple person or an Android person and like what kind of phones do they use????

this is important to me too….. this went from apple vs samsung to just straight up phone hc’s, i hope you dont mind the extra stuff 💖

≫ shiro:

✦ apple, but only for the aesthetic

✦ has a new-ish iphone; not the latest model but definitely not one that is completely dead/old

✦ doesnt put protective cases on his phone. everyone gets really anxious just seeing him use it because SHIRO WHAT IF YOU DROP IT AND IT BREAKS WTF???

✦ tries to stop the Apple vs Samsung Discourse but fails

✦ doesnt really use his phone aside from making phone calls or playing sudoku/scrabble tbh

≫ lance:

✦ an Apple Whore™

✦ he has the latest iphone always, he is constantly trading it in every year for the newest one

✦ the person who makes a lot of jabs at how superior apple is compared to samsung (if only to spite keith)

✦ has 50 cases for his phone for every single occasion you could imagine

≫ keith:

✦ tbh he’s a samsung kind of guy

✦ probably has one of the old galaxy models with the dot code on the lockscreen

✦ all of the songs on his phone are illegally downloaded off of youtube

✦ sick of lance’s constant shitting on samsung. will fight him

✦ uses the shitty samsung earbuds even though they always fall out

≫ hunk:

✦ he probably has that windows/microsoft nokia phone ngl (it is yellow)

✦ he thinks it looks cool and is very glad he isnt involved in the Apple vs Samsung Discourse™

✦ mostly games on his phone, along with a couple social media apps

✦ legally bought all of his movies/music

✦ texts lance in just emoji and they can have a full-on deadass convo like that

≫ pidge:

✦ neither. she made her own phone honestly

✦ it is Better than both iphones and galaxies because pidge is amazing like that

✦ has a shit ton of anime phone charms honestly

✦ pokemon go is her life

✦ all pirated movies and music on her phone, she has a load of sketchy VPNs connected to it and a lot of torrenting sites at the ready

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I dont want to sound weird, but I really want to know the instances wherein the shippers found weird traces/evidences(?) that sam and cait are probably married. Pretty please? I'm pretty new in the fandom/sam-cait ship. Thank you!!!!

Weeeeell. I’m sure this isn’t everything but these are the things off the top of my head:

It starts with Luke’s IG picture of a poker table from Nov 29, 2015 in London, which I don’t have a pic of but it seems like it as probably a bachelor party because that same weekend we knew Cait was also in London with a bunch of her friends. And then a few days later, Dec 2nd, we get the late night celebratory macarons tweet from Sam, in which he only tagged Cait and it was tweeted around 9pm Scotland time I believe, which leads one to believe it was a personal celebration for the 2 of them and not related to the show. That same night, they posted matching Instagrams of a beautiful piece of land. Not sure what that was about but I personally believe they may have bought some land/a house together (especially since it later came out Sam had recently bought a house). AND one of Cait’s friends commented on her IG with a heart. 

That brings us to Dec 18th, which was the FB Livestream. Cait showed up wearing two matching gold bands on her ring fingers. The one on her right ring finger was waaay too big for her leading many to believe it was actually Sam’s ring that she was holding for him while he worked. 

This was also in the midst of the beginning of when they started to ramp up the hubby/wifey stuff on twitter. It was CONSTANT for about 3 months. We got banter like every day and it was all intensely flirty and possessive and life was good. That doesn’t prove marriage but just something I thought I’d throw in there because they have since not really called each other anything other than some variation of hubby/wifey. Including Cait calling Sam “my darling hubby.”

Anyway. Cut to May of this year and Cait posted this video from the air, presumably taken as she was flying back to the UK from Cannes. The poem is called, “On Marriage.”

And then in July, I believe, you have Cait at a SAG/AFTRA event, in reference to her and Sam, saying that not only do her and Sam have a similar view on life but sometimes you get lucky and sometimes the stars align. Definitely how I talk about my co-workers???? (also it just took me 800 years to find this gif, yikes)

and now I’m going to jump ahead to the BAFTA’s even though I’m sure I’m missing things because Cait calling Sam her partner every day and both of them trying not to cry in the midst of it is very important.

the internet at my parents is so shitty I can’t seem to add another gif or the pic of her grooming him but PRETEND THOSE ARE HERE TOO. 

Like I said, I’m sure I’m missing things so if people think of other things that are important, feel free to message me or add on to this post!

The Other Boy

Summary: Jughead is now homeless thanks to his rotten day (this episode made me feel the feels guys) but Betty is here to save the day.

Notes: This is a terrible attempt at Fluff guys sorrySTORY:

It is raining, a big storm. The first storm since Jason Blossom’s death. It puts the whole town on edge, there is a murderer on the loose and sheriff Keller just got robbed.

A loud knock rings out through my empty house. My parents are out at the office. I’m used to it. Slowly closing my laptop I get up and slouch down stairs. The storm outside has gotten worse. I pull the door open slowly and only a little bit to see a tall boy soaked through to the bone, his beanie clinging to the dark hair plastered to his face. He has a large backpack hanging off one shoulder.

“Jughead?” I ask, surprise evident in my tone.

“Who else?” He smirks, shifting his bag on his shoulder. “As much as I’d like to continue this conversation outside in the rain, it’s kinda cold.”

“Oh yeah, of course.” I move aside and let him in.

He enters my house, dumping his bag on the floor and immediately going to my kitchen. I follow him into my kitchen and chuckle to find the boy already beginning to make waffles.

We used to do this all the time as kids, he’d come to keep me company when my parents were at work. He’d make us waffles and we’d watch movies until I fell asleep. But he hasn’t been round in a while hence why I was surprised to see him at my door.

“What are you laughing at?” He asks balancing a crazy amount of ingredients and utensils in his arms.

“Just you Jughead.” I smile but it quickly drops to a frown.

“Hey, what’s up?” The tall boy asks as he places the ingredients down on the counter noticing my frown.

“Nothing.” I try but all I get is a skeptical raised eyebrow. “I mean… It’s just I’ve… We haven’t done this in a while and I missed it- this. You. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” He whispers pulling me into a hug.

“So,” I say after the hug ends. “I heard they closed the Drive In. I’m sorry Juggie I know you were staying there. Hey if you need a place to stay…” I trail off at his sad expression.

“It’s okay. Um, my dad didn’t offer me a place to stay and I’m not on good terms with Archie, I was just gonna camp out in the park…” His voice is quiet and soft and it’s on the verge of sounding broken and vulnerable.

“Hey no. No way Jughead Jones the Third is living in the park. If my mother saw you she’d probably find a way to kick you out of school. You’ll stay here. No ifs buts or maybes.” I grin at him hoping this will cheer him up.

“If you’re sure…” He seems unsure because of my stuck up mother so I grab his hand and pull him out of my kitchen.

I pull him into the hall and grab his bag then pull him up the stairs. Pushing Jughead into my bedroom and onto my bed I catch him muttering:

“Wow, I’ve never been forcefully pushed on a bed before though I imagined it would be under different circumstances.”

I struggle to hide my laugh and try to busy myself by sorting through his bag. I begin to tidy his clothes away while he snuggles into my bed.

“Hey, Jug you’re still soaked buddy.” I laugh as he groans.

“Come on.” I pull him up. “You’ll catch a cold.” I am about to turn to leave when be pulls his shirt off.

I’ve seen the tall boy shirtless before but only when we were younger.

Man this boy’s clothes hide a lot. He is er… Well he’s very attractive. I feel myself turning very red. I quickly turn away.

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me Jug.” I call as I leave the room awkwardly.

He mutters something in reply that I don’t catch as I leave the room.

I hop down the stairs two are a time and head into the kitchen to continue making the waffles. Jughead joins me about five minutes later (once my blush had gone down, luckily) no longer wearing his jeans and denim jacket but instead wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. His signature beanie is still on his head.

“Sup, Jugs?” I grin.

“Sup, Betts?” He grins back as he grabs a plate of waffles.

“Y'know, your hair will dry a lot quicker without the hat.”

“What? If I take my hat off I risk you finding my bald spot.” He fake gasps.

“Ha. Ha.” I reply dryly.

I reach up while he is distracted eating waffles and pull his beanie off his head.

“Hey!” He cries and I run away with his hat.

For one sweet moment it was as if we were children again. I always used to steal his hat when we were little. I run upstairs with his hat and he’s hot on my tail. I dive into my room, but I trip on the way falling on my floor, landing on my butt. Jughead follows me into my room, he also trips but luckily I’m there to break his fall. He gracefully (not) lands on my stomach.

“Oof.” He’s quite heavy what with all the those waffles.

“Ouch.” He chuckles, he’s still on my stomach.

“Oh yeah like you can say ouch, you haven’t got a 6ft boy sat on your stomach Juggie.” I complain.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He asks sarcastically, wriggling around as if to prove his point.

“Jug!” I cry. “Stop! Juggie!” I laugh because he has started tickling my very ticklish stomach.

“I can’t hear you!” He laughs, his beanie lies forgotten beside us. All the awkwardness I was feeling earlier dissolves into the air.

I manage to push him off of me and he rolls onto the floor next to me. We are both lying on our backs very close to eachother laughing our heads off. We laugh for a good few minutes until the raven haired boy’s laughter stops. I stop laughing and turn my head to see him already staring at me.

“Thanks.” He’s says seriously.

“For what?” I ask.

“For distracting me from my shitty day Betts. For letting me stay here even though your mother will kill you if she finds out. For making me laugh.” He mumbles.

“Oh Juggie I’m sorry your day has been shitty.” He laughs when I swear. “And as for my mum she’s always at work right now- she’s barely home.” He looks slightly relieved by this. “And I’m always here to make you laugh Jugs.” I grin at the boy next to me.

He smiles at me and for a second I get caught up in how beautiful he looks-not hot or handsome but beautiful. I can feel myself leaning closer to him and I’m sure he is leaning in too. I quickly pull away before things get awkward and I end up ruining this friendship. He pulls away too and coughs awkwardly.

“Err boy am I tired.” I laugh nervously. “Bed?” I ask as we both stand up.

“Err… Yeah sure. Where should I sleep?” he asks scratching the back of his neck adorably.

“Oh, er, I don’t have a spare bed. And I can’t let you take the sofa incase my parents come back. So would you be alright sharing my bed?” I ask feeling nervous for some reason.

“I can just sleep on the floor. I don’t want to be an inconvenience and I’m used to sleeping on the floor.” He says and the way he says it so nonchalantly breaks my heart.

“Nope.” I reply. “I care about you Jughead and I’m not letting you sleep on the floor you’ll sleep in my bed with me, if I’m not too repulsive.” I add as a joke at the end.

“You’re not repulsive Betts, you’re sweet and kind and apparently too stubborn to let your friend sleep on the floor.” He jokes back.

“I am all of those things, now come on let’s go to bed.” I smile at him and he smiles back. Luckily I am already in pyjamas which spares us the awkwardness of getting changed.

I climb into bed an wait for Jughead to follow. He looms awkwardly for a second before joining me. We both lie there awkwardly for a few minutes until I start to drift off. I roll over before I fall asleep and I feel the taller boy shift away but I’m too sleepy to properly notice.


We wake up to my alarm. It’s a Saturday but mother checks on me every morning at eight so I like to be awake half an hour earlier. This just happens to work in our favour today because it means I can hide Jughead before my mother finds him.

When we wake up I find myself pressed against Jughead’s chest with his arms wrapped around me. It’s a shame we have to get up because I could happily spend all morning cuddling with Jughead. The alarm doesn’t appear to wake the tall boy. I lean up and try to escape his arms. I shake him awake gently until he groans and brings his arm up to rub at his eyes.

“Betty?” He asks, his voice gorgeously laced with sleep. I pull myself away from his warm body and stretch.

“Sorry to wake you Juggie but my mom will be in to check on me soon before she goes to work.” I explain.

“Okay.” He grumbles slowly sitting up and yawning. He slowly stands up and stretches.

“Where should I hide?” He asks, his voice still deep with sleep.

“Err my closet should be a good hiding place. I’m sorry you have to hide.” “Its okay.” He says. We hear footsteps coming towards my door.

“Quick!” I say pushing him into my closet just as my mom, Alice Cooper enters.

“Oh, you’re awake.” She says dryly.

“Yes I am.” She begins her daily routine of nosing around my room. Once she’s done looking around and she heads back to the door and I think I’m in the clear. She turns around and looks at me. Her eyes drift around my room until she catches something.

“Betty, what is that?” She spits out pointing at none other than Jughead’s jacket on my chair.

“Mom, you know it was raining last night- with the storm. And you know Jughead is my friend. He leant me his jacket so I wouldn’t get wet on the walk home.” I explain.

“Betty, you knows I don’t approve of you being friends with this boy. He’s dark and mysterious and gloomy. He’s going to ruin your entire image.” She complains.

“Mom! Jughead is the sweetest, kindest boy in this whole town and it doesn’t matter what he looks like! I’m sick of you telling me who I’m not allowed to have as my friends. I like Jughead so you’re just going to have to deal with him being my friend.” I snap at her.

“Well don’t come crying to me when he breaks you. And I don’t think you should trust anyone with a name like Jughead.” She mumbles loud enough for me to hear. “Oh and your father and I will be at work all day again.” She snaps and with that she leaves, slamming the door behind her.

I wait a few minutes until I hear the front door slam and her car start. I go to the closet and let Jughead out.

“Sorry you had to hide.” I say with a sheepish smile.

“It’s okay.” He smiles back. “So what’s the plan?” He asks.

“Well I’m still quite tired, wanna go back to bed for a bit?” I ask nervously biting my lip. “

Yeah, I approve of this plan.” He chuckles and we climb back in to bed.

This time instead of the awkwardness of lying awkwardly, we go straight to cuddling eachother. Jughead pulls me in close and wraps his arms around me.

“This isn’t weird is it?” He whispers. “I feel like people might think it’s weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird so I won’t tell if you don’t.” I whisper back.

“Cool.” He replies. We quickly fall asleep in eachother’s arms.


We don’t wake up cuddling. We wake up a few hours later spooning, he’s the big spoon and he’s holding me protectively. I sit up slowly and accidentally wake up the taller boy up too.

“Morning.” He smiles.

“Morning!” I smile back.

He stretches and gets up before going to have a shower. I sit reading in my bed until he comes back. What I was not expecting was for him to come back in wearing nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips. I flush bright red and try to distract myself by reading but his treasure trail is too distracting.

“The bathroom’s all yours Betts.” He mutters. I stand up to go and use the bathroom but I make the mistake of trying to walk past him while looking down. I trip and just like a cliché I fall straight into his arms. Our faces are so close and without thinking I can feel myself leaning closer. He is leaning closer too.

“Betts.” He whispers staring into my eyes. “I think I’m going to kiss you.”

“Juggie.” I whisper back. “I think I want you to kiss me.”

He smiles and I lean in to kiss the smile off his lips. The kiss is slow and sweet. My hands tangle in Jughead’s black hair and his go to my waist. The kiss doesn’t last too long as we’re both a bit uncertain. We brake apart but remain in eachother’s arms.

“That was…” Jughead starts. “Betty.” He continues in a serious tone. “I thought you were still in love with Archie?”

“Well, to be honest Jugs, I think I just confused my feelings for Archie. You see I thought I was in love with him but another boy made me realise I love Archie but I’m not in love with him.” I explain.

“Oh.” He replies. “Wait, who’s the other boy?” He asks.

“Juggie, I’m stood in my pyjamas in your arms while you are wearing nothing but a towel. And we just kissed in my bedroom which I am letting you live in despite my crazy mother.” I explain to the clueless boy in front of me. “Who do you think the boy is?”

“It depends, is he devilishly handsome and the funniest guy you’ve ever met?” He asks jokingly.

“Yes and yes.” I seriously reply.

“Oh damn then he’s not me.” He chuckles sadly.

“Of course he’s you Juggie! Who else would I possibly fall for?”

“Tall, athletic boys.” He mumbles.

“I only have eyes for tall, dorky, sweet boys whose clothes actually hide a lot.” I chuckle.

“Oh.” He mutters.

“I like you Juggie. I think I’ve liked you for years it just took me a while to work out my feelings.”

“Oh.” He says again but then what I’m saying sinks in. “Oh, so uh, can I kiss you again?” He asks looking adorably nervous.

“Of course you can Jugs.” I smile and lean in to kiss him again.

As we kiss we forget about Jason Blossom’s murder. We forget that Jughead is technically homeless. We forget about Archie and Veronica and everyone else and all our worries and just think about what’s happening in the moment. We are happy together and right now that’s all that matters

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steve: *treats louis with great respect, talks about him fondly, appreciates his talent and his qualities, talks about louis’ voice and songwriting and about how amazing it is, genuinely cares about louis and pays attention to who he actually is, treats the fans with love and respect, jumps in to defend us, continues to praise us and doesn’t let anyone portray us in a bad light, is a good person*
james arhtur and the shit team: *treat louis with no respect, very obviously use him while saying they both grew up even though arthur was at fault before because he’s an asshole, cries about the fans being bullies, shows absolutely no respect to them even though they’re clearly trying to get us to support him, go on about how they’re friends with louis while they just push the lad image without mentioning louis’ song or any of louis’ qualities and further prove they’re not actually friends, is a genuinely bad fucking person who’s done many shitty things and the louis stuff is on top of all that*

… spot the difference :)

phoenix-melody-cosplay  asked:

4, 13, 19, or 31. Kayden/Tanner. I've read your other ones and I really enjoy them!

i don’t know what the fuck true love even is but i do want to hang out with you for basically the rest of my life. (let’s hang out - TO THE DEATH) 

Kayden isn’t sure he believes in love. Lust? Certainly. Affection? Sure. Companionship? Why not. Trust? Maybe. But love? True romantic love? Kayden’s never seen anything like that.

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this is a doujin that yun made in 2015. the scans that i have are from a chinese site, thus why they’re in chinese. as far as i can tell and what i have run through online translators, the basic story is this:

this is an alternate universe where no one has horrible home lives. soubi, kio, seimei, and ritsuka are all the same age and either in the later years of high school or the early years of college. on the relationship chart on the first page, soubi<–>ritsuka is unknown, as is soubi<–>seimei. ritsuka and seimei are described as ‘twins’ and seimei and kio are described as ‘tired of eachother’. kio has feelings for soubi, but soubi thinks of him as his best friend. kio and soubi are pretty inseparable. soubi seems slightly shy but opens to his regular self around kio. seimei is not evil in this universe, but instead is incredibly annoying and tends to pop up everywhere when no one expects it. everyone seems at least a little irritated by him in general. 

the story starts off with ritsuka descrbing that there’s someone he really, really likes. it becomes obvious that this person is soubi. soubi and ritsuka have never really talked. soubi is shy and talks with kio most of the time. ritsuka really likes him and listens in on a conversation and says that he feels that he can’t talk to soubi because all he talks about to kio is art, and he doesn’t understand art. he wishes they would talk about something he understood, like food. kio gives soubi a pair of earrings made out of meat and cabbage from some art thing that he went to and he and soubi discuss this. soubi is very excited.

seimei suddenly shows up and interrupts. kio becomes irritated. ritsuka gets annoyed. seimei drags ritsuka away and kio drags soubi away, but soubi and ritsuka both say ‘hey’ to each other as theyre being dragged away. the ending is more complex and the metaphors get lost in shitty online translation, so im not entirely sure how it ends. 

i personally very much like this doujin, mostly because soubi does comment at one point in the canon storyline that he wishes he were the same age as ritsuka, even though he doesn’t think they’d be friends. turns out ritsuka falls head over heals for him. 

psa: on distinguishing fan entitlement

fan entitlement is:

- sending abuse to creators;

- sending abuse to other fans;

- abusing anyone who disagrees with your interpretation of the story;

- actively seeking out people who disagree with your interpretation specifically to abuse them;

- demanding creators maintain a 100% perfect public persona (by your definition) and savaging them the second they slip up, regardless of context or history;

- behaving as though creators, actors and anyone else involved in the production of a narrative owe you, specifically, their time and attention, just because you’ve paid for it/read it/watched it.

fan entitlement is not:

- being critical of creative decisions;

- being critical of fandom;

- sharing your own interpretation of the story;

- debating with others about various theories and interpretations of the story;

- holding creators accountable for their content and public behaviour;

- advocating for fan theories, diverse narratives, headcanons and the discussion of toxic tropes, or engaging in any other form of criticism.


If it seems like a lot of these points are similar, it’s because they are, and by the same token, I’m not going to pretend that there’s never a YMMV element to determining which thing is actually happening. The key distinction, rather, is one of conduct: the difference between talking about and talking to

For instance: there are some ships I think of as not only gross, but representative in their popularity of wider social and cultural issues both within fandom and more generally. Discussing those problems and those ships in particular, in my own space, on my own initiative, or by joining an existing conversation? That is talking about, the backbone of meta and criticism. But leaving hate on every fic that features those ships or sending abusive messages to the people who write them? That is talking to, and if you’re addressing someone directly, on a personal level, the golden rule is this: Don’t Be A Dick.  

Note, please, that the golden rule also extends to addressing creators, and that there is an actual salient difference between criticism and abuse. Criticism is a response to something a person has done: a comment directly addressing their works or actions. Abuse is simply attacking them, and while I’m not going to pretend a creator’s actions are never directly responsible for eliciting fan pushback, I guarantee you that the issue itself, whatever it might be, is pretty much never served by responding with abuse. By all means, talk trash and vent online about the shitty things that happen, but talking about in the general sense (posting on your blog, in comment threads, in private chat) is still very, very different to talking to (@ing a creator’s Twitter, emailing them, sending then private messages). Even though both forms of discourse can be equally visible, I promise you that the distinction is an important and relevant one.

Here’s the thing about fandom trends: we’re all influenced by the cultures in which we live, just as fandom, in turn, is influenced by us. Having opinions about fandom doesn’t mean neglecting to be courteous to fans and creators; it means refraining from ad hominem attacks. The problem on tumblr is that the reblogging mechanism makes this something of a liminal space, discussion-wise, such that it’s difficult to make hard and fast rules for interaction in this medium. By virtue of posting a thing that can be, not just commented upon, but reblogged into a multi-essay thread, and where it’s essentially held that “successful” posts invite this sort of discussion, the personal and the general - which is to say, the contextual distinction between talking to and talking about - tend to blur.

This is why tag wars happen, why we end up in regular, cyclical arguments about the exact nature of the boundaries we’d each like to impose on what is still, ultimately, a public space. It’s a fundamental basic of discourse that engaging in criticism opens you up to having your position criticised in turn, and yet a lot of people are shocked and outraged when it happens to them, as though they imagined they were speaking from some unassailable, automatic high ground. And at the same time, you’ve got people who never learned the difference between abuse and criticism; whose culturally-trained biases are so ingrained, they honestly don’t recognise that attacking the person is not the same as attacking the person’s argument. 

I’ve been a dumbass online before. I doubtless will be again. But lately, I’m just exhausted by the number of people who cannot manage the simple fucking distinction between talking about and talking to, and who think it’s okay to engage in abuse in any case, so long as they really and truly believe they’re right. 

Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if you can imagine Jared Leto doing or saying it to prepare for his role as the Joker, it’s not actually edgy; it’s just a dick move. Don’t be Jared Leto. Don’t be a dick.

(Which is, by the way, an example of talking about instead of talking to. See how easy it is?)