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mileven + 29 or 9 (or both) :)

9: “Quit it or I’ll bite.”
29: “Come over here and make me.”
WC: 724

(this sounded so flirty ~ but how about instead we make it NOT) (time for a mileven fight!) 

They’re arguing, though El can’t quite remember why. All she knows is that her blood is boiling, her fists are clenched, and Mike is being the absolute worst.

Or maybe she’s being the worst. She’s still not quite sure who started the fight to begin with. They were walking back to his house from a night at the arcade (Mike had lost almost every game he’d played, miserably), when a couple terse comments were exchanged. The terse comments grew into brash declarations, and brash declarations turned into a full-on argument, right on the middle of the sidewalk.

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  • Ok so I don’t think there’s an actual description of Katlyn in the books???
  • Other than the fact she’s a cheerleader and has long hair and is taller than Aaron??
  • So I give you
  • Redhead Katlyn
  • Think about it
  • Pale, maybe slightly tanned skin
  • Really big teal eyes
  • Slightly rosy lips
  • And like
  • Really red hair
  • That nice copper red??
  • And Aaron
  • Oh god Aaron is so smitten for her
  • No one thinks about it at first
  • Just “oh yeah she’s pretty they’re good together”
  • Cause Aaron doesn’t bring her around much
  • But I think once Andrew is more concrete with Neil
  • And they’re like
  • And established couple
  • Even though they’ll never admit it
  • They’ve been engaged for a month guys ok
  • They’re stable
  • And stubborn af
  • Anyway
  • I think once Andrew is more secure in Niel being there with him always being safe and not about to go walk himself down a plank
  • I think Andrew will tolerate Katlyn
  • And Aaron will notice this difference
  • Also I think Bee might talk them into spending more time together with her and the team
  • So then ta-dah suddenly Katlyn is around more often
  • And that’s when things get… noticed
  • How Aaron is like 2 or 3 inches shorter than her barefoot / in flats
  • And how he is blonde
  • And she’s a redhead
  • With blue teal eyes
  • Like… a certain other couple….
  • It’s Matt who notices it first
  • But doesn’t say anything cause he doesn’t want to die and he also doesn’t want to risk ruining this thing the twins suddenly seem to have??
  • But then Allison and Nicky notice
  • And Allison smirks, brow arched and goes right ahead with
  • “You two have really similar tastes”
  • At first everyone is like ?????
  • But then they look at the two blonde twins,
  • Who both have a redhead SO at their side
  • And it just
  • Clicks
  • “You two got a thing for redheads?” Allison continues, gesturing between them
  • Aaron looks at Katlyn at the same time Andrew glances at Niel
  • And Niel and Katlyn lock eyes cause shit just got real
  • Aaron looks at Niel
  • And he just
  • It clicks ok
  • And he regrets every decision he ever made
  • But like….
  • He just looks at Andrew
  • And Andrew gazes back
  • And they don’t kill each other
  • And Andrew doesn’t kill Katlyn
  • And the team are just lost
  • Thus begins Nicky’s “I wonder if other things run in the family…”
  • Aaron: “like what”
  • Nicky: “like liking guys”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “oh come on”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “not even a little-”
  • Aaron: “Andrew how the fuck do you say no for it to actually work”
  • Andrew: “either it works or it doesn’t - the person just has to learn”
  • Nicky: “….”
  • Team: “….”
  • Niel: *screaming internally*
  • Katlyn: *!!!!!*
  • Cause Aaron just genuinely asked Andrew for help
  • And Andrew answered honestly and openly
  • And everyone is kinda shocked they’re not killing each other ok
  • Well
  • Everyone but Niel
  • Cause Niel knows Andrew will always help Aaron
  • Whether Aaron realises it or not
  • Gahhh off topic
  • Ok
  • And like at games, Nicky always comments on how the two “redhead partners” should spend more time together
  • “Cause red hair must be really hard to look after and maintain so swap tips and ideas”
  • They laugh him off
  • But actually do end up spending more time together
  • And even though they’ll never be best friends
  • They get a bit of a…
  • “Gay emo cousin, floral bouncy cousin, who hate each other but get on ok”
  • Type thing going on
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyn advice for his hair
  • And after a while Katlyn suggests to Allison Niel would look great with like the sides of his head buzz cut while the middle bit is left to curl cause he has awesome natural texture
  • So Allison takes him for that haircut
  • And Andrew is
  • He is just so gone for Neil’s hair ok
  • That boy is gooonnnneeeee
  • And when Katlyn sees it she’s like
  • “Told ya”
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyns advice for his hair
  • He even buys the actual “redhead shampoo” she recommends
  • Andrew is a fan of the smell and how it just brings out all the highlights of Neil’s colours and how glossy it all suddenly is

The reason why I want Raven to have a redemption arc with Yang despite everything Raven has done is that Raven really doesn’t deserve it. Raven left her own daughter to live with a tribe of bandits who kill huntsmen and even though she could have visited her any time she didn’t. When Yang shows up Raven treats it like it’s Yang’s fault they have never seen each other and Yang is rightfully angry at her. Raven never made a step towards Yang. 

But this is the most interesting part about this. Raven doesn’t deserve Yang’s love at all, so she will have to earn it. If she wants this relationship she will have to work so hard and change so much. Raven will have to make the first step, she will have to open herself up to her and explain why she has left. She will have to work on her flaws and earn the relationship with her daughter she obviously wants to have. And this is an interesting arc I would really love to watch. 

Quick note about Monetizing!

If I have given you permission to use my artwork, please read this.

I have given out permission to many people to use my artwork in youtube videos or to reshare on other social media sites. First off, I am totally okay with my artwork being shared, so long as you ask me first. I obviously won’t tolerate outright thieves or not being credited, but in general I’m pretty cool with people sharing my artwork. 

Something has come to my attention though and there are some people who think it is okay to try to make profit off of my artwork. Now, let me explain.

My art and comics take hours and sometimes even days to complete. These are things I worked very hard on not to mention that it has taken over 4 years of dedication to get where I am at today skill-wise with my artwork. Writing a comic alone takes a huge amount of effort, and drafting 30 (you heard me, THIRTY) panels for one comic alone has taken a lot out of me. For those who have been following my comic know that I’ve been working on this project for months.

I don’t get paid. I don’t make any money aside from the small donations I receive on occasion (which I greatly appreciate btw). I am not trying to be conceited or anything, but I take precious time out of my day to make these because it makes other people happy and therefor makes me happy. I enjoy making these, but even so, it’s exhausting and sometimes demanding and it’s not easy in the slightest. 

I’m human too, and deal with every day human problems like everyone else. I don’t make a lot of money. I live in a small house with 3 roommates because I can’t afford anything else. I eat a lot of frozen food because it’s cheap.  So, to hear that other people are making money off of my artwork that I spent many hours and days on is heartbreaking. 

Do you have any idea what that’s like? I don’t care about the money. I do this regardless, and maybe one day I’ll be enough of an accomplished artist to make money off of my artwork. I do this because I find other reasons to make it worth it, but to find out that others are using my art, which I worked hard for, to make money for themselves is devastating when I give them rights to use it for free. 

It’s not about the money. It’s about feeling used and betrayed and left in the dirt.

Sorry about the long rant. I’m not angry and those who have monetized my artwork I greatly appreciate that being undone and I hope that you will take my feelings into consideration. Thank you.

PSA. kk real talk for a second. like…. 99.99999999999999999999% of the time if i ever misgender you or your muse it is like;y because of my french. I give inanimate objects masculine and feminine pronouns even when speaking english because it’s what I’m used to???? I refer to my bed as “he” all the time. My cars, my socks, my dishes, the god damn trees in my back yard!!!! they all have masculine and feminine pronouns because its just…. the way my family speaks english because of our french????

I mean it’s no excuse for misgendering your muse either in threads or OOC and please please please correct me if I do it because it really does help me learn and understand but…

I just want you guys to know that it’s not exactly ignorance it’s just how I’m used to speaking english? French is a language that is heavily based in masculine & feminine binaries and it’s just how my mind translates it sometimes. It’s NEVER purposeful.

Episode 14 reminded me again of the beloved poem “Visitor” that was explored in previous episodes. What does it mean to have someone come, carrying his past, present and even future? There was so much baggage that Sehee was carrying from his past that made it hard for him to draw closer to Ji-ho. Now, though, I’m looking at the poem from the other side. What does it mean for Ji-ho to receive Sehee who brings his entire life with him? The knowledge of his past with Jung-min is a lot for Ji-ho to bear at this moment, and it’s so heartbreaking because at the same time Sehee has finally moved on. Human relationships are so complex, and it hurts because my heart goes out to both Sehee and Ji-ho. I don’t want this drama to end! :(

Path of Radiance Chapter Analysis 8: Despair and Hope

It’s time for another defense chapter, but this time get ready for, uh…its really not any harder than the last one, really.  I think this one locks you into a specific playstyle more than the other one did, for a few reasons.  First, the enemies at the front have canto, so even though you can be in a one tile choke point you can get attacked by multiple enemies per enemy phase, so (especially on hard) Titania needs to block the front, then Ike needs to recruit Ilyana who is on the left side which leaves Boyd or Oscar guarding the right and Soren and Rhys running back and forth healing and attacking as needed.  Repeat x 8.  Defense chapters are pretty divisive in the FE fanbase because they pretty much all are sort of interesting by nature of being a completely different playstyle than other objectives but also sort of boring because they are easy to trivialize.  This one very much leans towards being trivial.  Ilyana doesnt even attack you so theres no difficulty in recruiting her.  The only other thing to do is kill a couple of priests to get a pure water and a red gem, which isnt too hard to do after you clear out the first wave but before reinforcements show up.  Pure Water isnt particularly valuable since you can just buy it in the vendor.  The red gem is nicer, but you get so much money in PoR its not like you really need it.  The only other exciting thing about this chapter is that you finally, blessedly, have a convoy.  By now the inventory management and item dropping has no doubt gotten infuriating, especially if you triggered the 4 swords glitch (which if you are reading this, you probably did) so its nice to finally have that weight off your shoulders.

Titania Scale

Titania can do everything by herself

Titania can clear the chapter by herself

Titania can’t clear the chapter by herself

since you can finally bench people, its very possible to just clear the chapter with just her.

Step 1: bench everyone but Ike and her and make sure shes got a few vulneraries.

Step 2: rescue Ike, unequip her, and sit on the defend point.

Step 3: drink a vulnerary as needed.

Step 4: laugh

You will miss out on Ilyana and the droppable items, so its not an “everything” but its still an easy clear.

One more thing, since im never going to have another reason to talk about this, the Path of Radiance official strategy guide from Nintendo Power has an amusing error:

its either an error or they think on hard mode you should move your forces from somewhere that they dont start to a place of no strategic value on a path that leads through multiple impassable walls. 

thetransgenderdragonrider  asked:

Hi, My names Keith and Im a 15 year old trans boi, my mother said she accepts it, (she actually never said that, she just didn't get mad) but she refuses to have anything to do with it. she only allowed therapy and put it down as "finding identity" as if I hadn't just told her I have. she gets mad whenever I bring it up. I wanted to have my teachers call me by my preferred name but she threatened me saying Id get in trouble, if she finds out they are. even though she'd be unaffected. (pt 1)

Hey bby.

When dealing with family matters, I have three golden rules that MUST BE USED if you wish for any change to occur, or anything to heal.

The first, is compassion. This is a hard one, because parents can be nasty and can make you upset extremely easy. BUT you can’t fight fire with fire. Take the higher road, be as calm and natural around her as you can be. Understanding her helps her understand you. I promise, only good can come out of it.

Second, Honesty. This one ONLY WORKS IF ITS SAFE. Keeping things in isn’t healthy, for either of you. Clear the air and tell her how you really feel, and she might return the favor.

Finally, TIME. It’s arguable that all the answers to any ask is time. Trust me. Things seem really bad and relationships seem unrepairable, but time heals all wounds.

As for the hidden binder, if it’s safe, you may want to explain to her that you have it and this is what you want. Convince her of that. Be yourself. I say this alot but here it goes again. I don’t know a lot of things, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, is that if you can live without an audience, you should do it.

Always keep fighting. Talk to me whenever you need it @imdrizzleandsheisahurricane.

-Bo 💙

Tools for Mentally Ill Students #1

Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I use to control my mental health and keep me on track to recovery. Little things that make life easier for when everything seems hard. They’re not going to work miracles, but they can at least help, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here’s part one.

The DBT Wellness Planner

This planner uses dialetical behaviour therapy to help you bring order to your life and keep track of your emotions. I received it as a gift a few months ago and it has helped SO much. I really recommend this.

Anxiety and Worry Workbook

A lot of students cannot access therapy, whether because of money or your family or whatever. Workbooks can help you start developing skills by yourself. It’s hard, but if you put just a small amount of time into it consistently, you could really help yourself overcome symptoms. Add it to your schedule like homework. I have chosen this workbook because anxiety is something so many students struggle with.

Fidget Pen

We all know by now that fidget toys can be more distracting than anything. However, a lot of people with anxiety and similar symptoms can find fidget toys grounding. This pen is perfect for study, as it’s less likely to be taken away from you by an ignorant teacher. Just make sure you’re the kind of person who is helped by these things!

Sleep Supplement

Sleep is something most students struggle with, and the side effects can be seriously damaging to your mental health. You may be able to get a sleep aid from your doctor, but many don’t prescribe them to young people for fear of them forming a habit. A natural sleep supplement might be a good alternative. Though they don’t work for everyone, and are not as strong as prescription meds, supplements with things like melatonin, magnesium, and valerian root can give you a little extra push towards sleep. I find them especially useful when I can’t sleep because of anxiety. (Always keep in mind your specific body and needs before taking supplements).

Pill Reminder Clock / Reminder Bottle / Portable Bag

Remembering to take meds can be hard. Even apps can be easy to miss and ignore. That’s why I’ve added three different options to help you remember your meds. The first is an amazing alarm clock that says stuff like “Good morning, please remember to take your morning pills”. The second is pill bottles with caps that automatically count down from when you last took your meds. The third is a set of containers that fit into a small, discreet portable bag. 

Fitness Tracker

Regular exercise can be vital to help you regulate emotions and sleep. A fitness tracker can help you keep this up. You don’t have to fork out for a Fitbit, especially since you’re a student. There are plenty of cheaper options out there. One like this, with a heart rate monitor, can also be good for tracking anxiety. 

Intake-Tracking Water Bottle

We’ve all heard it a million times- we should drink more water. It’s not gonna cure us, but it does help our overall health. However, it can be hard to remember to drink enough, which is where bottles like this come in. It’s clearly marked showing you how much you should have drunk by different times of the day.

A Constantly-Growing List of Reasons I Love EXID
  • How Why
  • Junghwa’s loud ass laugh
  • How LE tries to act like a badass when in reality she is the softest and the shyest member of the whole band
  • Back before Up & Down took off, they were so broke that Hyerin got a job at a restaurant and didn’t tell the other girls, and would bring food home for them (years later, when Solji found this out, she cried)
  • How they all make heart-eyes at Hyerin when she sings
  • Todak Todak, Without U, 1M, I Know
  • Drunk acoustic performances
  • How they’re somehow ALWAYS eating?? They ate like 14 meals in the first episode of Showtime??
  • How LE writes every damn song that they sing
  • That Hani cut her hair into an iconic bisexual bob after burning half her hair off with a straightener she bought online
  • How LE’s Instagram comments are almost always in English for some reason?? Like…thank you but why??
  • How they all relentlessly make fun of each other
  • Solji competing on and WINNING the first ever episode of Masked Singer
  • Their karaoke contest in Showtime that resulted in a three-way tie for first and LE as the inexplicable loser
  • That time Hani woke up, noticed there were snacks in her bed from the night before, ate one, then went back to sleep
  • How Why
  • Hyerin plays violin and Junghwa plays piano WOW what talent
  • How they split their earnings with Solji even  when she was unable to record or promote with them
  • “Butterflies in my mi-i-iii-nd.”
  • Up & Down’s original choreography being banned from KBS for being too racy (WAIT TIL YOU HEAR ABOUT CREAM AND VELVET, KBS)
  • That time they unanimously voted Hyerin as the prettiest member and she cried
  • How Hani is a brilliant multilingual genius with an IQ of like 145
  • How LE can mess with Junghwa but if anyone else messes with Junghwa, she’ll rip ‘em in half
  • “Voldemort sunbaenim.”
  • Hani’s gay goggles every time she sees a hot girl
  • Solji’s aegyo (I actually don’t love this but I do love how much the other girls hate it)
  • How Why
  • How hard LE worked composing STREET and how hard she cried when L.I.E got its first win
  • Are You Hungry
  • How close the maknae line is, how close the Ahn Sisters are, how close LE and Solji are, how close LE and Hyerin are, HOW CLOSE LE AND JUNGHWA ARE, HOW CLOSE HYERIN AND SOLJI ARE, HOW CLOSE THIS WHOLE BAND IS!! They genuinely love each other and go on friendship vacations together and they’d even be friends if EXID wasn’t a thing, they invented friendship 
  • How Solji used her time away from the band to take online classes and learn ballet, bettering herself while she couldn’t work 
  • Cream????
  • Velvet???¿¿??
  • Whoz That Girl
  • How EXID literally started from the bottom, almost disbanded twice, dealt with lineup changes and promotional issues but still stuck together and continued to work hard and love each other and love the music and love LEGGOs and how they’re still so humble and still cry when they win and still remain so grateful and so genuine and it doesn’t fucking matter if they’re not one of the “big bands” that gets lots of wins or gets MAMA nominations because this fandom is small but it’s devoted and we fucking love these girls and want them to be healthy and happy and fulfilled creatively and I CAN’T BELIEVE THE RETURN OF OT5 IS UPON US, I LOVE EXID SO MUCH
  • …did I mention How Why?

your love could start a war

billy hargrove x reader

words: 1303 (this one got long idk i love dacre’s face)

warnings: language, fighting

request:  Could you do an Imagine where Billy flirts with the reader and he’s like a dick to everyone else but her and he even kicks someone’s ass because the person tried to flirt with the reader. Like not as aggressively as his fight with Steve at the end. Thanks if you do it :)

Billy Hargrove had a reputation. It wasn’t a good one, as most saw him as kind of a dick. His ‘fuck you’ attitude and disregard for what people thought of him, most of Hawkins wasn’t quite sure how to feel about him. Most were intimidated, trying to fly under his radar. But you never really understood why.

You’d only ever seen him as caring and kind since the first day you met him. He was always more concerned of you than himself. He gave you a sea of compliments, no matter how many times you told him to stop, and was the first person you called when you just needed something. From the first day you met him, he was nothing but the most amazing guy in the world, it was hard to think of him as otherwise. He always sat with you at lunch on the same bench every day, even though it wasn’t his lunch period. You sat on the bench now, basking in the sunlight and waiting for him.

“How’s my favorite girl?”

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Epoch (m) a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.

Words: 11.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, language and angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: When Namjoon breaks up with you, you’re left wondering what to do. Realizing you’ve been unhappy with your life, you go off to Hawaii. In Hawaii, you meet a cute desk clerk named Jungkook who saves your ass. (Based off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

You were waiting for your boyfriend, Namjoon, to come over. He had just gotten back from New York, where he had a few concerts. You worked with him, you were a lyric writer and producer. He had called you last night, saying, that he would be getting in early and wanted to see you.

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: You are tearing yourself apart. This is fine actually. Reassembly is a good way to start over.

Taurus: Frantic bongo will signal the time to run like fuck this week.

Gemini: If times get tough, the stars say to retreat to your secret fortress on the moon.

Cancer: Start the worlds first broken robot baseball league.

Leo: You are the prince of skate. Mount your board and inherit your kingdom.

Virgo: This week you will hit your shin on a tree so hard you will shake approximately 8 dollars out of it.

Libra: Thunder Munch.

Scorpio: Summon your courage in attack position. You can do this.

Ophiuchus: One thing nobody ever tells you about law school is they give you a grappling hook. 

Sagittarius: Even though you have a low GPA you can offset it by killing Simon Bolivar.

Capricorn: Your hoodie is not big enough. Share.

Aquarius: Keep your head above water friend. Unless you’re trying to get past something all sneaky like.

Pisces: Full Contact Wood Nymph Smackdown 2017.


One Last Night

Er… I am not even sure why I drew this, I am embarrassed now *….*

Um, well, I hope you guys like this…er.. if you think I should do a part two let me know… but idk if I will lol being a student is hard, it took me a month to finish this. I am still trying to get used to the characters… I know in some panels they look different but,er, I tried to keep them consistent though I guess in some poses I failed… Sorry about that.  

Also it might help to read the comment bubbles if you open the image in a different tab, separately.

you remember when we met? Dean texted Cas one night. Cas flopped down on his bed, smiling up at his phone.

Yes. At the dance, he texted back. Immediately, the dot dot dots of a return message being written popped up.

first high school dance!! i was freaking out so much before. just randomly thought of it today, Dean’s text read.

It was definitely an experience, Cas replied. It had been a couple of years since that dance, and he and Dean had become firm friends. Best friends, even. Cas bit his lip, watching those dot dot dots reappear as Dean began to write back. It still made his stomach flip when Dean texted him. It still made his heart thud when Dean paid him attention. It always had, right from the moment they’d first met.

Sometimes, he could have sworn Dean felt the same way -

But he couldn’t be sure, and he couldn’t risk losing their friendship by confessing how he felt. It was just too much to lose.

i had no one to dance with. it was so embarrassing. i was so not popular back then, god, Dean said. Cas smiled at his phone. It was hard to imagine handsome, gorgeous, charming Dean as anything less than king of the school these days - but Cas remembered dorky little freckled freshman Dean with a good kind of pinch in his chest. At that first high school dance, he’d looked so lost and crushed when everyone had paired up and he’d had no one; Cas had seen him from across the hall, and gone to talk to him.

He’d been too shy to ask Dean to dance, though, obviously.

why’d you even come talk to me? we were there for like 2 hours and you could’ve probably danced with anyone in that room, Dean said, double-texting without shame, as he tended to do.

I felt for you, Cas typed out. Or at least, that’s what he intended to type out - and it was only after he hit send that he realised what he’d actually said.

I fell for you, read the message, in stark black letters. Oh, no. Cas felt a wave of panic rush over him as Dean’s dot dot dots appeared. He swallowed hard and began to type, too, thumbs slipping in his haste. Sorry, typo, he wrote. I meant -

wait what. you did? said Dean. Cas deleted what he’d written, his heart in his throat. His thumbs hovered over the keyboard, with no idea what to type. Yes, said his honesty. No, just joking, said the easy way out. I’m moving to Peru, said the only possible permanent solution to the entire mess.

Dean’s dot dot dots appeared before he could settle on a reply, and Cas felt his usual stomach flip - only a thousand times worse. His hands were actually shaking a little bit.

because… you wouldn’t have been the only one, said Dean’s message.

Cas’ phone slipped out of his hands and hit him in the face.

The next day, Dean kissed the little bruise it left on his nose. And then he kissed Cas’ cheek. And then he kissed his lips.

[M] Innocence

Originally posted by herthealbum

A/N: Hi guys~ It’s Admin Sunshine here, as you may know I’ve been changing my fictions and today I’ve changed this fiction; I hope you guys will enjoy <3

Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader

Genre:  One Shot, Roommate AU!, Slightly fluff, Smut

Words Count : 3.5k

Warnings : [M] for Mature Content, this fiction is pure smut.

“It’s been six fucking months already” You said out loud as you scrolled down on your phone to keep yourself busy. But it was the truth; it’s been already six months since you had sex, you were horny and your roommate’s existence didn’t help you at all. When you took a deep breath, you started to think about your roommate; he was already sleeping and you were excessively horny. In fact you were getting even hornier than before and you couldn’t hold yourself any longer—you just wanted to cum.

But there was only one problem on your way to masturbate; the walls were thin and you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold back your moans. As you started to play with your clit you let out a soft moan, when you were wet enough; you’ve decided to slide a finger inside of your pussy. But when your moans started to get loud you tried to bite your lip—you tried to push second finger but your pussy was tight and you decided not to add another finger. As you kept fingered yourself, you started to cry out loud and at this point you didn’t care if Jimin aka your roommate heard you or not. You couldn’t help but think about him as you fingered yourself—he would fuck you real good if you asked him to do, but he didn’t know this side of you; you never showed how kinky you were in front of him. When you paced up the speed, you let out a big whiny-moan without noticing it. As soon as you came all over your finger, you started to catch your breath.

When you took a deep breath, you started to think about Jimin and the all those sex that you could have with him; you wanted him more than anything.

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Pearl Physically Cannot Talk About the Diamond’s: Theory Masterpost

Now at first glance, I figured that Pearl was just having a hard time with the issue at hand, but then realized. When if she means that she literally cannot physically tell Steven? As in she means it when she says she wants to but it’s impossible. She literally isn’t physically capable because something is stopping her from doing so.

Now even though this only lasted for a moment, and then we went on to Steven telling Pearl the truth about what he was upset about, there is a lot to analyze in those few seconds. Now the biggest thing to me that stuck out was that Pearl looks like she was trying to pry one hand away from her mouth so that she could continue speaking.


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Kookies And Cream

Word Count: 11.6k (oh man holy shit)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff. The whole package. 

Author’s Note: You know the definition of a switch? Just look at the two characters in this story lol switch heaven

2k Requests, Masterlist

When Jungkook first came to room with you, you were less than ecstatic about it. You had only ever roomed with one other person before at the start of your freshman year of college, but you quickly got fed up with it. Not that your roommate was bad or anything. In fact, if you were being fair, you’d admit that she was a sweetheart. But you are an only child, and you were never used to sharing anything with anyone, and despite what everyone said about the joys of having siblings, you simply weren’t interested. You have none and that’s the way you liked it.

Tell that to your parents though. They were convinced that you needed the company after years of keeping mostly to yourself unless you had to, with the exception of a couple of close friends. They thought that if you keep at it, you’re going to turn insane from being in your head too much. Where they got that shit piece of pseudo-psychology you don’t know but it had enough hold on their minds to make them force you to get a room in the college dorms -yuck- and live with a stranger for an entire month.

Or it would’ve been a month anyway if you hadn’t made that poor girl’s life a living hell so much so that by the end of the third week, she was running away from your shared dorm room like the devil himself was behind her.

The series of students who came and went through your dorm didn’t last long enough to qualify as roommates. Your record was six hours, that’s how long it took to send one dude,-Hoseok, you’ll never forget the name- running for his life. It’s a shame too, he was cute, and you had to forever ruin your chances with him. But, oh well, there are much more important things in life, like having a bathroom all to yourself.

Soon enough, your college caught on to your reign of terror and they, not so kindly, asked you to vacate the premises and restore the harmony to the student body. Your parents were forced to rent an apartment for you, seeing as you weren’t allowed in the dorms anymore and they lived too far away for you to stay with them. Yeah, they could’ve withheld their money from you and taught you an important lesson about the consequences of being such a spoiled child but they loved you too much to do that. They’ve never been able to deal any real punishment to their baby girl, and that’s probably how you turned out to be so headstrong.

Little did you know, however, that your comeuppance was coming for you. It took three years, three long years where you enjoyed your solitude to the max, but as your fourth and final year came around, instead of the peaceful climax you were counting on it to be, it turned into a shitshow of the highest degree with the arrival of a certain bunny-toothed brat.

Jungkook is the son of your family’s next door neighbours. But other than the daily ‘Good mornings’ and the occasional dinner invitation, your families weren’t really close, and the only contact you had with their shy son was that one year you tutored him in math. To be sure, you were shit at math but that didn’t stop you from attempting to make some money off the kid.

You see, Jungkook had a painfully obvious puppy crush on you, and even though you didn’t teach him shit, and what you did teach him was mindbogglingly wrong, he still never spoke a word of it to his parents, studying on his own and getting good marks just so he’d keep seeing you.

To say that you were a bitch to him would be an understatement. You’d frequently invite your boyfriends over, taking advantage of the fact that his parents were never around because of their jobs, and using his place to hook up with them, knowing Jungkook would never tell on you. You did not care or even notice much that you were breaking the boy’s heart.

Eventually, though, he got sick of your shit and asked you to stop coming over. But he still didn’t tell either of your parents, ever the sweet kid. You didn’t hear or see much of him after that, and you suspect that was intentionally his doing, until now.

As if the universe was punishing you for all your sins against the boy, it made him appear again in your life, but this time you were the one who was going to suffer.

On the last day of your summer break, your mum dropped the bomb on you, informing you that your old pupil was to shack up with you this year, and no amount of whining or begging or scheming was going to get you out of it. She gave you an ultimatum: either you let him room with you and look after him, or she stops giving you money and leaves your spoiled ass out in the cold to fend for yourself. Any funny business from you and you’re done.

You were in denial at first, convincing yourself that it couldn’t possibly be that bad. From what you remembered of Jungkook, he was a shy kid who did anything humanly possible to please you. You were sure that his crush must be long gone by now but he would still be the timid boy you remembered. Right?

Wrong. Jungkook was the devil incarnate.

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Show Me a Dwarf Thief, & I’ll Show You a Dead Dwarf Part 2: Absolute Assholes

(The previous story can be found here: https://yourplayersaidwhat.tumblr.com/post/160539584926/show-me-a-dwarf-thief-ill-show-you-a-dead)

DM: So, you’re all about to enter an ancient underground passageways carved out by dwarves ages ago–

Summoner: So, it’s the Deep Roads, then?

DM: …Basically, yeah. And you know for a fact that dwarves have laid plenty of traps here before the place was evacuated.

Human Rogue: Oh boy… [Dwarf Skald], are you ready for sadistic dwarf traps part 2?

Skald: *sigh* Yup, let’s do this.

DM: Alright, you see steps leading up to this small alcove, it’s pretty dark to see without any source of light.

Rogue: …I’d like to check that.

Skald: I would rather we stay on the path.

Rogue: It’s not even a separate path, it’s a little hole in the wall, it should be okay. BUT, I WILL examine the steps as closely as possible, before walking up them.

DM: You don’t see anything out of the ordinary about these intricately carved steps. When you make it up to the landing, there appear to be fresco mural paintings up on the walls. Still hard to make out without a light source, though.

Skald: I cast Dancing Lights in the alcove, while keeping away from the steps.

DM: Alright, from left to right, the first painting is a picture of a thief.

Rogue: Oh, no.

DM: The second painting shows the thief trapped in a cage, and as soon as you register what that means, you see metal bars start to shoot out of the ground right behind you, about to separate you from the party.

Rogue: I jump back over the bars before they trap me in! (Successful reflex save)

DM: Okay, now that you’re on the outside, you now realize that there were no holes for these bars to shoot out of, meaning the entire platform was an arcane trigger, drawing metal from the earth below to create bars.

Rogue: Clever dicks.

DM: And now you see the subsequent paintings, showing the thief dancing with lightning, then burned with fire, then pelted by giant rocks, and then finally tarred and feathered.

Rogue: …[Skald], I’ve said it before I’ll say it again–

Skald: No, no, I know, my people are the worst, they’re absolute assholes.

Touka’s look in this panel

Touka’s look of despair in this panel makes me come up with several possibilities.

The first one is that Dragon had killed everyone surrounding her but Touka, leaving her in despair because she thought she was about to be swallowed up by this monster just like others too. Given that at this moment she just met Dragon for the first time and could not immediately recognize this is Kaneki, but just another threat for all ghouls, she could be thinking this was her last moment before she died.

The second one, though unlikely, is that she knew this was Kaneki, and was forced to watch him slaughter people in a rage without being able to stop him. I consider this unlikely because Kaneki’s Dragon form right now can hardly make anyone even know it was him except Furuta, but still a possibility nevertheless. If that is the case, this might hit Touka hard because she knew her father had also gone crazy from trying to gain power for revenge, resulting in him being captured and losing his mind just like Kaneki is right now.

The third one is sort of similar to the first one, but instead Kaneki had only killed the CCG squad facing Touka and the remaining ghouls in chapter 143, and the other ghouls were actually in front of Touka instead of behind her back, while she turned her back to temporarily shield them from Dragon, again because she had yet to recognize him. I doubt Kaneki would hurt Touka, the only one he had been looking for while going through this rampage, since his position right now looks more like he is surrounding her to protect her from danger, but the other people’s safety is not guaranteed at all.

Extra note, Kaneki’s human form might actually make an appearance in this chapter too, in the round bubble beside Touka.

This panel looks like an egg to me, and since Kaneki’s story also follows the “Black Goat’s Egg”, in the next chapter we might actually see him emerging from this “egg” he was in to go to Touka. As for how his attitude would be towards everything he had done, I have no concrete assumption to make at all. People speculate him to be absolutely wrecked, devastated by what he had done, but that is Kaneki from part 1 when he accidentally stabbed Banjou and tormented himself over it. But chapter 144 showcased a very clear change in his personality and outlook towards life, when his thoughts were all about eradicating everything in his way including himself and Ishida’s illustration of him wearing the eyepatch on his human eye might represent a disconnection from his humanity.

Nothing is for certain until the next chapter is out or when Kaneki returns to his sense, but oh boy whatever the outcome is would not be pretty at all. And if he had not attacked Touka even when he went berserk and lost his control, then she might be one of the only few people who can talk some sense into him right now.