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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • us: what happened in that one week in march?
  • dan: is march even real? I mean, of course it's real in a sense that we abide by all these months and days and years but really time is fake. Why is it that some months have 31 days and others have 30? Don't get me started on February. Like who decided all those years ago that we had to follow this month construct? We're just born to follow this concept that doesn't even make sense, i get that a year is going around the sun and a day is the earth spinning but months are entirely different? We don't need months
Creeper Starters
  • "You won't suspect a thing."
  • "You'll never see me coming."
  • "I can see you."
  • "I can hurt you from inside."
  • "I will break you."
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "I'll follow you anywhere."
  • "I am the demon you fear."
  • "You'll never know what hit you."
  • "You are never alone."
  • "I must have you."
  • "Who were you with last night?"
  • "That's not fair."
  • "Stop following me!"
  • "Someone needs to be punished."."
  • "You looked magnificent last night
  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you..."
  • "I know what you fear."
  • "You are the only reason I exist."
  • "I was born sick."
  • "I worship you."
  • "Will you really do all those things?"
  • "I don't need this."
  • "Even in the darkest nights I can see."
  • "I'm in an open relationship, you know."
  • "All you need is me."
  • "All I have is unpure thoughts of you."
  • "You must be mine."
  • "I will be with no other."
  • "Get away from me, you freak!"
  • "No matter where you go I will find you."
  • "No one will touch you. You have my word."
  • "I dream of you every night."
  • "I'm tired of this tete-a-tete."

I wanted to redo my first fanart for the miraculous fandom (actually my first fanart ever) to see how I’ve improved over the year. I’m still not at a stage that I’m happy with but I’m so proud with how I’ve progressed this year. To all those artists out there who are just starting out, practice really does make perfect. You may not being able to see your improvement right away…but give it time and you will surprise yourself. 😊


Just some really cool wallpapers to get this blog going again since I stopped for quite a while then got guilt tripped back by all those new people who followed me for no reason like little lemmings of hope what even am I saying. Here you go anyway I love these.

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I agree with you on the Clara references. However the River reference made by Missy bother me. Missy never met River and this River reference by Missy feel not natural at all. If Missy make a reference it's more logical if it's a Clara one (and i understand why it's maybe better she don't do that). What is your opinion on the relevance of this River reference ?

Honestly, I don’t know. It seems way too early to speculate, since we don’t even know the context of the Missy scene. It is odd to have River brought up like that though - Missy (sadly) doesn’t have any connection to her and there seems no immediate need that we are aware of to remind people of what happened on Darillium. Because that’s what is seems like to me. A disguised “and here’s what happened for those who haven’t followed every Christmas Special till now”. Considering the glimpse of River’s diary we saw in the trailer, this might not be the end of it…

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i’m gonna be real i did not



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Someone who defends swan queen and talks to those people don't deserve this url or even half the followers you have. don't say you're fans of emma when you act like her step granny is an ok choice for her

idk when you sent this bc honestly i’ve been avoiding tumblr but ur late to da party, buddy. but go off. drag 👏🏻  me 👏🏻

hey !!   what about a shout-out to all  of the  non-mutuals.
those of  you who didn’t get  a follow back for whatever reason
but who  still decided to  stick around to  have us on your dash.
we see you over there,  every time you like or reblog our posts
& we always appreciate your support of us, mun & muse alike.

so this one goes out to you    ——because you’re super rad !!

Please! let me know that I'm not the only one who fell in love with Maggie Sawyer even more seeing all those fantastic gifs in #maggiesawyerweek

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Hello there, Dark. As you can tell I'm a new being in your domain, and I'm in the process of familiarizing myself here. So...how does one become your "lovely?" It's a terminology I'm unfamiliar with myself as I don't know if it's considered as a pet name, nor do I consider myself what others would call "lovely."

“You have already become my lovely the second you showed your face.”

Dark responded and grinned, sardonic but pleasing to the eye thanks to the gift of a good looking face.

“Those who follow me are my lovelies, as it has been since the first moments I came about this place. You do not need to be claimed by me to be a lovely, you do not need to be physically attractive or even stable to be a lovely. Being a lovely is a statement of your knowledge, and open appreciation to me. It is a sign of your commitment to my being. It is what I call those I respect, and it is earned by those who respect me in return. Do not worry about your worth or your qualities, you are a lovely through and through.”

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I sometimes question whether Matt actually HAD genuine romantic feelings for Elektra. I wonder how much of it is abandonment issues in his formative years, how much is confusing toxicity and stalking with love, how much is "Someone who knows my secret and also fights bad guys (sometimes)!", and how much was actually genuine.

I was originally going to ignore this ask because it’s treading dangerously close to outright ship disrespect, but I’m humoring you because I seem to have trouble saying no to people and I want to share my answer publicly. 

Yes, Matt had genuine romantic feelings for Elektra and Elektra had genuine romantic feelings for Matt (see: DD S2 2x07, 2x08). They found kindred spirits in one another and those feelings quickly became love despite the circumstances that led to their meeting. Obviously the situation was unhealthy and complicated, and that romance became unsustainable, but it doesn’t negate the fact that two damaged people found love and solace in each other. Like, why wouldn’t you want to be closer to someone who knows your secrets and can fight with you? And why wouldn’t you find it genuinely appealing to have someone in your life who can understand your loneliness and abandonment issues? Life and love are terribly complicated and nothing from the list of things you mentioned should presume that either Matt or Elektra are unable or undeserving of finding genuine connection with each another.

I mean, if I were to follow your logic, I would have to assume that Matt’s abandonment issues, general proclivity for making bad choices, and inability to share his secrets with other people precludes him from ever forming genuine relationships, which means the ones he shares with Foggy and Karen are just big fat shams as well. I could also basically lift your original line of reasoning and question whether Matt ever had genuine romantic feelings for Karen or if it was just because she was literally the only attractive woman in the room at Nelson & Murdock. But no, I don’t ask that because it’s a dumb ass question and these would be dumb ass assumptions.

I realize you’re well in your rights to raise questions and start a discussion about it, so by all means, do so in your own space. But you’ve clearly been following the discussions on my blog and you very well know who I ship, so even if you asked this with good intentions, know that I find this question to be annoying and offensive. And I’m not entirely sure how you were expecting me to answer this but here you go. Are you convinced now? 

In the meantime, here’s a protip: you may find it easier to have positive discourse with other people in the fandom if you stopped low-key AND high-key insulting the things that other people liked and kept those thoughts to yourself. 

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I don't even follow your shitty blog but that post somehow made its way to my tl. Nobody's even remotely mad over here trust me. Also find it hilarious how you only acknowledged hxh because even though it's good it's still not on the level of the other 2. And of course you would stan FMA for those reasons lol I can already tell you're some feminist who hates men. And how is sasunaru not a yaoi ship? Do you even know what it means? Doubt it. Just go back to being a disappointment to your parents

Yaoi consists of fetishizing and sexualizing male/male relationships and enforcing seme and uke stereotypes, which I’m completely against. It also spreads incorrect (and potentially dangerous should anyone uneducated decide to follow it) information about sex. It creates a false image for the LGBT+ community that we’ve been fighting against for years and doesn’t help with normalizing our relationships. I’m all for accurate LGBT+ representation in the media but yaoi definitely isn’t it. Sasuke and Naruto are canonly soulmates, together they broke a cycle of hatred no one before them had been able to, they went so far for each other, even risking their lives and goals for one another. “My one and only” “I will shoulder your hatred and die with you.” “I’m really glad I met you.”. It’s a ship that consists of two people who love and understand one another like no one else, who got past their hardships and learned to be at peace. It’s not Yaoi just because it insists of two men. And yes, I only mentioned HxH because it’s the only one I’ve watched from the ones you mentioned. I’ve seen bits and pieces of one piece and I didn’t like it much. Just because YOU think FMA Brotherhood isn’t good (which, I’m afraid to tell you it’s one of the highest rated animes of all time boo) doesn’t mean we all do. And lol, yes, me.. who has dated men, hates men. Sure fam. I don’t hate men, I hate ignorant people like you. Now go be petty somewhere else.

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Weird that I had no followers until I started reblogging the character Polaris. I feel like I've been spied on by trolls. I created 3 different accounts as a test to see if these followers will follow me as soon as I start getting pics of Polaris and I was correct. Same people will follow me and they don't even have anything I have in my dash. They don't like or reblog from me. Can this be trolls? Haters? Obsessions? Maybe I see it that way because I'm a paranoid person. Just strange that's all

I think I know what you mean. if for some reason you feel that way, you can always block who ever you think this troll is. Sorry to hear you’re a paranoid person. I do have people following me simply for no reason but I guess they just follow you for some reason. Just block, block and block and for those of you experiencing the same thing……BLOCK.

so I saw a post where some poor innocent soul mistook a collection of extravagant pink dildos for Sailor Moon wands

and I thought, as I so often do ‘there’s got to be a way to torchwood-ify this!’

just imagine

the team (and Rhys and Anwen) visiting the Harkness-Jones household on a sunny summer day with little to no predicted Rift-activity

everyone sits in the garden, talking and eating and laughing

Anwen (here maybe 5 years old?) has to use the bathroom but doesn’t immediately return after because she gets curious what is upstairs (where she was told not to go)

and suddenly, all the adults hear is a delighted-sounding shriek

and Gwen quickly runs to check what’s happening

only to find Anwen bouncing up and down in excitement, pointing out a shelf in the master bedroom’s closet

“Look mummy, they’ve got Sailor Moon wands!! Think Uncle Jack will let me borrow one?” *puppydogeyes*

and Gwen

poor Gwen

has to take several deep, steading breaths

before she can force herself to smile benevolently and reply

“I’m sure he will honey; why don’t you stay here while I go ask him, hm? But don’t touch anything while I’m gone!”

the last bit she already calls over her shoulder, hurrying back down the stairs

“Everything alri-” is all Jack manages to get out before she slaps him, reprimanding him in a low hiss for leaving his bedroom door unlocked while a child is in the house, and then tells him to “go upstairs, NOW, and play along. Ask her which one she wants, make up some magical excuse as to why she has to leave for a moment before you can give it to her, CLEAN IT and then bring it here.”

and Jack is nodding obediently but can’t quite stop laughing all the while (and neither can Owen or Rhys in the background, Tosh & Ianto the only ones who appear even somewhat embarassed (and even Tosh seems to bite back a giggle))

that is, until Gwen lowers her voice even further

and adds: “You better take this seriously, Harkness, ‘cause if you slip up even once, I promise you Ianto is going to have to rely on those things for a LONG. TIME.”

Jack goes pale at that and instantly shuts his mouth

the collective explosion of laughter follows him all the way up the stairs

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Honestly it amazes me how you and other communists can't understand why people don't trust you. Everything you listed in that response has happened in the ussr China Cambodia and right now in Venezuela. Also none have you have even acknowledged what's going on there. I don't care if these countries are bad examples of socialism because their leaders got to power for spouting you're rhetoric. Why should anyone believe you or trust you. You didn't even try to sympathize with that anon.

idk if you found my blog bc of some post ive made and dont follow me because ive made it very clear that i dont support any of those countries and as a libertarian communist countless other libertarian communists have fought against oppressive leaders who call themselves communists and been murdered by them. they asked me why im a communist and i answered and i answered why i cant support capitalism. i understand why people who lived or whos families lived under those countries might oppose that and im not going to seek them out to bother them but i am not going to change my mind about being a leftist, sorry. and its not just “bad examples of socialism” because its really not socialism by any definition. i highly recommend actually reading anything about socialist theory


Guess who?

That’s right everyone, I’m still around! You can’t get rid of me that easily! 

Every now and then I see the notes that keep coming in, the posts that get reblogged, and I miss you all. This blog was such a huge part of my grad school career! And now I’m off and running and I haven’t stopped since! Some highlights:

  1. Even post grad you can still screw up your summer writing goals. Thats me watching the deadlines fly past me.
  2. I’m working full time at one uni and part time at another. Why do I insist on keeping myself this busy you ask? I have no idea. It’s as if grad school wasn’t enough.
  3. I had my first faculty meeting, whaaaaat?
  4. My office phone is from 1989, I’m not even joking.
  5. So many dealings with students, so many potential funny posts. I wish I could professionally respond to student emails with gifs. 
  6. I’ve been exercising? And eating healthy? What?
  7. I read for fun this summer? Again, whaaaaaat?
  8. Still not emotionally over that Game of Thrones finale. Who’s with me?

I’ve thought about posting on here, but then it’s not fair because it’s not how I see grad school anymore since I graduated, it’s how I see post grad life and faculty life, and trying to act like an adult and holy crap these people are treating me like a legitimate person how do I do this? It’s wild everyone.

So really, this is me reaching out and wanting to say hi! And also, if you want my personal blog, let’s do this! I want to keep in touch and get to know all of you more. Let me keep supporting you and cheerleading you through your grad school journeys. Just promise not to judge me. My personal blog is a different world from this one. Come on over to @notesfromalabprincess (Fingers crossed my students don’t find this. They googled me guys. THEY GOOGLED ME AND TOLD ME ABOUT IT).

Also, I thought I’d leave you all with some other grad school blogs to follow. These are wonderful human beings who have been there for me, and are funny, and smart, and can give you your grad school blog fix! So check out these amazing people and support each other!














So, I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all and posting. Maybe I’ll come up with something new and fun to do. Maybe I’ll do a bunch of tbt. Send me asks or post about grad school advice. But let me tell you for now, you can do this. You can come out the other side. I promise! I love you all!