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RFA+Saeran+V react to an MC who is extremely grumpy in the morning. They will kick you if you try to wake them up.

Do you mean… ME, anon? -Green


-first he finds your grumpiness cute 

-but he doesn’t take the warning “if you touch me one more time I will kick your throat” seriously 

-and now he’s running around the house screaming as you chase him 

-you had thrown several pillows and hit him right slap center of his head, you never miss 

-your accuracy is scary and it HURTS 

-after this terrifying incident, Yoosung is a lot more gentle with waking you up. He will wake you up with food or maybe some back scratches 

-tho he will always be terrified whenever your hand reaches for another pillow



-he KNOWS. and he still likes to wake you up at fucking FOUR A.M. 

-he thinks it’s just hilarious because he thinks your all bark and no bite 

-you are ready.. to   f i g h t   your boyfriend 

-the next time he wakes you up with one of those god damn chicken dog toys will be the day he dies 

-which made it all the more worse because you were having an amazing dream and you were in that perfect spot on the bed,, everything was so comfortable that you wanted to never give it up 

-then B A  M 

-he literally lunges and drops his whole weight on you while laughing his ass off 

-oh bo y. u a dead man 

-you don’t even hesitate with throwing this fucker off the bed and slamming him on the floor 

-then you pin yourself on top of him and smack his forehead repeatedly so hard until he swears to never do it again and the 5 things he will do to make it up to you 

-after that, saeyoung lays off. a little. there will always be the pranks. but for the most part, he lets you enjoy your beauty sleep. 

-except you getting out of bed is a whole other story, of course… 


-he would NEVER disrupt your beauty sleep unless it was dire importance

-and we’re talkin like. a whole world war erupting. this man doesn’t fuck around with you.

-the only time he found you grumpy was when you woke up a little early from him being a little too loud getting ready for work 

-you didn’t totally go full fury on him but you were super pissy 

-smacked his ass real hard as he left the house 

-so he got the warning to be a little quieter, but lowkey wants you to do that again 

-kinky shit 


-same kinda scenario with Jumin; she was up early in the morning filling out papers for the coffee shop

-she was playing some music in the background which she meant to keep quiet but there was a particular loud part that even startled her 

-was quick to turn it down and come into the room to check in on u tho

-she was so sweet and apologetic about how she didn’t mean to wake you up that you couldn’t get grumpy 

-you just asked for an “i’m sorry kiss” which she was happy to oblige in 


-he wanted to be all romantic and wake you up with kisses 

-you didn’t really even know what was going on other than Zen was all over you and you were no longer asleep and you wanted to be 

-so you just fukin bit Zen’s lip with all your might before turning around and going back to sleep like nothing happened 

-he didn’t know if he should be turned on or offended????

-he decides to just wait after your awake to kiss you..?


-you both are EXTREMELY grumpy sleepers

-you stole the blankets? AGAIN? FU C KE R????

-you two are constantly fighting in your sleep 

-but you manage to work it out because you two generally wake up at the same time

-so you’ve just learned to leave each other alone for the next 20 minutes after getting up so you don’t end up biting and kicking for no reason 

-saeyoung is constantly amused but so so afraid of you guys in the morning

-you walk around like the dead and you’ll fuckin attack him too if he says a word 

-help him


-again, like Jumin. usually would not wake you up for anything

-but it was getting way late into the day and you hadn’t eaten or been out of the room at all,,,

-so he decides to muster up his courage and wake you up 

-what a…  m i s t a k e 

-he wakes you up by gently stroking your hair 

-while it’s a nice way to wake up….. you still attack him 

-you legit bite this mans hand 

-you BIT HIM



-V is just .. confused? like babe?????? you bit my hand????

-you don’t apologize.

-until you actually wake up and find the bandage on his hand and your like “aw honey! What happened?”

-apologies won’t stop coming out once you find out omg 

park jihoon as your older friend

(( AS REQUESTED! // jihoon scenario where you’re 2 years younger than him so you think he only sees you as a little sister but he confesses to you when he thinks you’re gonna date someone else bc he’s scared of losing you??? this is lowkey rly specific but THANK YOU!!! ))

  • ure used to hearing ppl talk abt how young jihoon is, and how hes so so so cute
  • of course, u agree with him
  • everyone does tbh
  • still, it makes u feel a little upset bc it seems like everyone who says those things are older than him, with jobs and life experience and history and Fancy Stuff like tht
  • so compared to them, u feel like a toddler

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A Night to Remember

Originally posted by illyria-and-her-pet

Written by Danielle

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 2,310

Anonymous asked: Could you do a peter asking someone to prom fic? BTW you guys are great writers keep up the good work

A/N: Hey guys!! Man does it feel good to be back! I feel like I haven’t written a fic in so long and I am so sorry it has taken me this long to finally post one again! Life has just been crazy busy and I haven’t been in the zone to write anything good. I can’t just sit and have words flow from me magically, I have to have an idea and then go from there. And lately I haven’t had any good ideas. I know prom (especially promposals) are long done by now but I hope you guys can still enjoy! Congrats to those who are graduating! :) Christina and I will still work hard on any requests we have from you guys! We just tend to tackle them when either of us gets a good idea for one of them because we really want to make sure we put out good content you guys will like. We love you guys! Thank you so much for the continuous support <3 BTW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALMOST 2,000!! WE’RE SO CLOSE AND CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! xoxoxo

“Uh hey (Y/N)…? (Y/n)? (Y/N)!”

Tapping the end of your pencil on the tabletop, staring off into space lost in your thoughts, Peter shakes you softly to get your attention. Snapping out of it, you stop tapping your pencil and sit straight up in your seat, blinking to try and wake yourself up.

“Hm? Yeah, what? Oh sorry, Pete! I didn’t see you there..” you feel bad for not noticing him right away. The two of you have been really close friends ever since Freshman year, and then at the beginning of Junior year, Peter had finally asked you out. The two of you were both afraid it would ruin your friendship, but it ended up being the one thing in your life that made the most sense. The two of you together just felt right.

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member: bae jinyoung 
genre(s): high school!au, hoobae!jinyoung, fluff
summary: all the matters regarding bae jinyoung’s grades is now placed in your hand but it seems like it’s not just his grades that you’re going to take responsibility for. (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 2.3k 

note: a requested scenario by an anon! i’m so sorry if it’s really lengthy hahah but i really really hope you like it ;; thank you for requesting, once again it means a lot! as well as that, many thanks for the likes, follows and reblogs - words can’t say how much i truly appreciate it, thank you thank you ; ~ ; < 3

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Bakugou s/o headcanons

Ok so I’ve spent entirely too long thinking about Bakugou’s nitro sweat and the consequences of such a thing for, ya know, sexytimes.
Because yes, I’m like that.

And the other day, I had a revelation. I have to credit @leeva-z-kai for this particular discovery, because I never thought of it, but while Bakugou is very averse to touch in general… he only seems to have nitroglycerin sweat in his palms. The rest of him is, we’re meant to believe, has regular old sweat glands.
And I can’t believe it took me that long, because he literally only ever shown with explosions from his palms.
This, my friends, opens possibilities.

I have this image, that Bakugou has to be careful about what he touches, because nitroglycerine, even when not activated as a quirk, is volatile AF. This is possibly why you very rarely see him use his hands outside of combat (he only ever whacks one person ever, and that is Kirishima in the cavalry battle, but that dude is made of rocks so…).
If, most likely in a few years, he were to have an s/o, and find himself in intimate situations, he’s sure as hell going to be super careful around them.

Do you know what this means?!!? Constant self-imposed hands-off policy. Most of his love life is a lap dance where he’s not allowed to put his hands on the dancer.
I bring you headcanons:

  •  We’ve already seen that he’s very slow to let down his guard. This kid wrestles with a lot of stuff, so I do believe he’d have to mature and just… process a bit before he can even enter a healthy relationship.
  • Even then, slow to admit that he has feels for someone. Feelings are for weaklings and no amount of character development is going to turn him into a soft boy.
  • I do believe that once he makes it to hero status, he’ll have fangirls and boys all over him (I mean, who doesn’t love a bad boy, the BnHA fandom sure as hell does). I also believe he won’t give a shit about these people. They fuel his ego, yes, but also, they’re extras.
  • I very much think that for him to actually fall in love, he’ll need an equal. Someone he respects. Someone he can spar with. Someone that challenges him, one way or another. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a fighter. Someone with the confidence, the intelligence or the sheer sass to meet him on a level field could knock his socks off.
  • This person would also need the patience of a saint, because he rarely answers his texts and he won’t let it be known if something bothers him, until it’s already too late and there’s a loud bang from  kitchen because he exploded the toaster for some reason. He is, however, very adamant about channelling his aggression towards  villains and the occasional inanimate object.
  • Not much of a cuddler in a relaxed, non-sexual environment (see earlier, not too fond of being touched), but he’ll do it, with a sigh and an eyeroll, if s/o whines about it.
  • Once he gets comfortable around his partner, he is very into kissing though. Hands shoved deep into his pockets, leaning in and just… surprisingly soft kisses.
  • You know the kabe don thing Japanese delinquents do? When they cage their partner against a wall? He LOVES that, though he has to do a slo-mo version, because one time he whacked the wall too hard and it went boom, startling s/o. There were no kisses for him that time :(

None of what’s underneath this cut is even remotely safe for work.

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Pocket Dokyeom

Scoups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || Dk || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino

» Talk about having a literal pocket of sunshine
» Like seriously seokmin just emits light
» He is a nightlight 
» Like imagine him climbing own into your pocket 
» And light is just pouring out of it 
» And people are ??? 
» Okay but all jokes aside 
» When you saw seokmin for the first time your heart absolutely melted 
» He was sitting there all perfect 
» And super smiley 
» His little could cure cancer 
» You were sold before you even spoke to him 
» He was actually quite shy the first day
» But a cute shy 
» He was all blushing and awkward smiles 
» He warmed up to you super quick tho
» This first real conversation you had with him was about how much he loves music 
» And then he sang for you 
» And you were like omg 
» You are amazing 
» How are you not a star 
» We are going to make you a pocket star seokmin
» The two of you did karaoke a lot together 
» He couldn’t hold the mic of course 
» So he just sang next to where you’d set it on the table 
» He’s always a big influence on the mood of your place 
» Usually its super energetic and fun 
» And he is always able to cheer you up and make you day fun 
» Constantly coming up with jokes that leave your stomach hurting from laughing so hard
» Still really close friends with the pocket ‘97 liners
» And every now and then everyone will come over to your place to hang out and its wild 
» Who knew such tiny people could be so wild 
» Its great to see seokmin having so much fun like that 
» And also seeing him interact with people his size
» Loves loves loves watching movies with you 
» You guys have so many movie nights together 
» You’re amazed you haven’t run out of movies 
» But you always have good snacks like popcorn and stuff 
» One piece of popcorn is huge for seokmin
» Cutest thing ever to watch him eat it 
» One time fell into the container of popcorn and you couldn’t find him for a bit
» It was pretty funny
» Stuff like that happened a lot with him tbh
» Really loud for a pocket person lol
» One of the most fun pocket people to be around tbh
» Everything about pocket seokmin is perfect

I had a dream about him ;;o;;

anonymous asked:

since diluting the blood ruins it, this raises the questions, "would blasting blooddog with a garden hose kill them?" and "would blooddog die if they got caught out in the rain?"

OK SO blood that is separated from blooddog’s main mass can be diluted as easily as…any blood from anyone else lol and then it’s unable to reabsorb it. but blood that is part of it’s main mass is a little more resilient. a little more. If it focuses it can really condense itself to help prevent it’s main mass from being diluted n yanno. dying.  It can actually even hold small measures of liquid within itself for periods of time,  but complete exposure of it’s entire mass to water for long enough will ultimately kill it. 

If u cornered them and continuously sprayed them eventually there would be nothing left of them and they would be dead yeah. But it’d take awhile, unless u had like a really high pressure hose. like a fire tank hose of something then u could just blast em away pretty quick fgkhdf.  blooddog can actually move surprisingly fast n through small spaces when it wants to tho so if u try n spray it it’s gonna. nyoom.

It would be able to handle a light rain pretty easily. A heavy downpour would be a bit of a problem though, and again if caught out in it long enough it’d eventually be all washed away n gone. but if even a small portion of its main mass finds shelter somewhere it’ll survive it’ll just b. rly small for awhile. blooddropdog.

And if it were stranded in the ocean or something…It can hold itself together for short periods of time if submerged, but after not too long it wouldn’t be able to hold itself together n it would eventually become completely saturated n diluted n die essentially yeah.

as u may guess, blooddog does not really like water. no boat rides for blooddog

2x14 thoughts and stuff

For starters I loved the ep, the Karamel was great and pretty much everything else was heart breaking but very well done!!! Anyway…

Ok so I read a post saying that the first few minutes of the ep didn’t feel quite right and I tried to find the post again to chat with them about it but ever since I put tumblr savior on my browser it’s been whiting out groups of posts and I’m pretty sure it’s in there somewhere so I’m gonna put this here and hope for the best. On that topic tho…

I think the first scene was intended to be almost jarringly cheerful. I think it was supposed to have a too-good-to-be-true/too-good-to-last vibe to it. The bright, glowy lighting. The giggles and the general happiness of the scene felt like a bubble waiting to be burst. I mean, there was a news broadcast on in the background about Kara delivering puppies for crying out loud. There was also a lot of back and forth movement and a quick feeling to the scene.

I think what we were meant to be seeing was Kara and Mon-El in their idealized version of a relationship. They’re two people who have no real experience with this kind of thing and I think they were selectively focusing on the best parts. Which they both deserve but in the world they live in it wasn’t likely to last.

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Still in your mind - Chapter 3

Authors note: Hello darlings, this is the second part of the throwback and it got a hell lot longer than I thought it would be. I hope you all like it. And thank you so much for reading <3

Still 23th of February 2014

I couldn’t believe I just said that. I just agreed to go home with him. What was I thinking? Obviously nothing. My hormones were thinking for me and they hadn’t had any appearance for too long so they were plainly going nuts. What if he was a serial killer or something like that. I mean, I didn’t know him, not really. He could pretend to be whoever. Yes, I panicked. But my face didn’t show anything of my inner conflict. I just smiled at him while my thoughts were rushing in hyper speed. 

Okay, Mona. You like this guy. He is nice and charming and fucking hot. There’s nothing wrong with going to his place. You didn’t promise him to fuck with him. Calm down, it’s just dinner and maybe a movie. Wait, dinner and a movie? Is this a date? Should I ask him if this is a date? No, I won’t ask that, I quickly had a conference with myself.

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anonymous asked:

This one is kind of out there but could you write how each RFA member would react to a horribly embarrassing situation for MC. Like she's visiting with them having a good time then unexpectedly gets her lady time and has nothing with her?

This sounded really interesting so Ken-chan is here to write about this awkward situation, yay! also I’m going to write this as if  MC just moved in with the RFA so a little different but pretty much the same as your request. hope you enjoy! :3


-oh no

-you were sitting together playing LoLol when suddenly

-you just knew 

-why right now?

-”I’m going to go use the bathroom Yoosung”

-you’re just sitting there being annoyed that you started

-when Yoosung, without thinking, walks in

-and figures it out right away

-he closes the door RIGHT away 


-after you gather yourself

-you walk out expecting him to be right there

-but he’s over by the couch

-he set up a little bed of pillows and blankets 

-” Yoosung, what’s this?”

-”I wanted you to be comfortable”

-he lets you lie down while he takes the floor

-eventually you fall asleep on the couch

-he just lets you sleep there until morning because he doesn’t know what to do poor child

-”Yoosung why didn’t you wake me up?”

-”You looked so peaceful when you were asleep” liar he just didn’t want you mad at him for waking you up


-again you were just hanging out at his house

-watching a movie

-when you realized you had started

-you try to rush off to the bathroom

-but Zen holds you up

-”Hey where are you going, we just got to the good part” bad timing Zen

-”Um, to the bathroom”

-apparently you had a look on your face that told Zen everything

-he seems really embarrassed for stopping you

-so you rush to the bathroom

-you come out and see Zen sitting there on the couch

-”are you ok? Do you need anything?”

-as soon as you sit down he forces you to lie down on his lap 

-so you sit there and watch the rest of the movie

-but you can’t really enjoy it because Zen asks you if you need anything every 5 minutes 

-”Zen I’m trying to watch!”

-when the movie ends you’re out so Zen carries you bridal style to the bed being careful not to wake you you’re actually awake the whole time but don’t want him to know-


-Jaehee knows right away

-you were also watching a movie when you started

-she could actually kind of tell already the way you’d been acting today

-so when you said you needed to use the bathroom, her suspicions were confirmed

-while you were in the bathroom she made you some tea

-she let you lay down on the couch while she sat in a chair she had moved right next to you

-and you watched the rest of the movie

-you fell asleep halfway through though so you’ll never know who won the hunger games

-she let you sleep for a while, but woke you up a few times to make sure you were fine

-good thing she knew how to deal with this

-in the morning she brought you breakfast in bed or breakfast in couch anyway

-she didn’t even let you know that she was on too and in just as much pain oh jeahee why :(


-when you first started he wasn’t actually home

-so when he came home from work and saw you napping on the couch

-poor Jumin didn’t know what to do

-you never napped except when you were sick, so he knew something was wrong

-then he finally realized why assistant Kang always called in sick at the same time every month

-so he does the first thing he can think of 

-wakes you up by stuffing Elizabeth III in your face

-”here MC I got Elizabeth to make you feel better”

-”Jumin when did you even get home?”

-Jumin doesn’t seem to realize Elizabeth isn’t helping, and just sets her down on your stomach, which is even worse

-only when he notices you’re in even more pain does he lift her off of you he keeps her close just in case tho

-he just makes you some tea after that and gives you a quick kiss before finally letting you get back to your nap


-you two were eating a fanciful dinner of McDonald’s when you started

-you quickly excuse yourself leaving seven a little confused

- he’s not quite quick enough to realize why you left though

-so he just goes and watches T.V.

-eventually he realizes you’ve been in the bathroom for a while

-so he goes to check on you by opening the bathroom door

-he closes it before he even processes what just happened

-you come out of the bathroom and hes standing there with honey buddha chips who knew right?

-he hands you the bag and proceeds give you a piggy back ride to the bedroom

-where he forces you to stay lying down 

-so you two lie there for a while just watching T.V.

-suddenly he gets up and walks out before you can ask where he’s going

-he comes back with a board game

-”I didn’t think you’d want to just watch T.V. all night so I brought this”

-turns out Seven’s never played a board game

-and he gets bored 2 minutes in

-even though he beats you every time you know he’d never let you win

-but he keeps playing because you seem to be enjoying it

-and you end up doing this until you’re both to tired to stay awake  

-and you fall asleep with the board game still between you

I hope you enjoyed! Elly and I are still looking for requests so we can post as often as possible so any ideas or feedback are welcome:3


"I'm Not Going Anywhere" (Mino)

Requested by anon

Originally posted by no-8

    You sighed as you watched the customer you had just finished ringing up leave the store. An old Girls’ Generation song played through the tinny speakers overhead and pedestrians passed outside, busy living their lives as you waited for someone to come in and buy something, giving you something to do. Every day was the same- college, work, college work, and it felt like you were getting nowhere.

    Your boyfriend on the other hand, now he was another matter entirely. Pop star, rapper, Show Me The Money semifinalist- Minho was the definition of success, which left you insecure, wondering how long he would stay with you, when you considered yourself so boring.

    That evening you were working on homework when you got a text, and you immediately clicked it open, seeing it was from Minho. “hey babe, just wondered if I can come over :)”

    “Definitely!” you typed back, “i gotta work on homework tho.” That would be okay though; he often wrote lyrics while you worked on homework. When he arrived at your apartment you greeted him with a quick kiss and then ushered him in.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

Do you have any hamilsquad or jamilton Christmas headcanons?? :)

* This is Laf and Alexander’s first Christmas in America.
* Laf has celebrated before, but Alexander hasn’t celebrated the holiday AT ALL
* He just was never able to as a child, and he didn’t really have much money either
* The boys have decided to make this the absolute BEST for Alexander
* Alexander’s first Christmas must be memorable
* He deserves it, honestly
* He works so fuckin hard
* Laf and Herc make a bunch of pastries and sweets
* They even get hot cocoa
* (And Alcohol)
* They gotta drag Alex out of his study and keep him away from anything he can write on/or with
* But after a while, Alex is in the spirit.
* The boys each give each other gifts, and Alex gets a couple from E A C H of them
* He doesn’t know what to say
* He’s so flattered and tries not to cry in front of them
* They’re tears of joy tho, and they all have an amazing Christmas

* Thomas and Alex have..interesting holidays
* Interesting in a good way tho
* Thomas finds one of those headbands/hats with mistletoe and wears it around Alex all the time
* (He’s had it for a few years now)
* He even has it in his case while at work, like no joke
* Right when they’re leaving the building, he puts it back on
* At first Alex thinks it’s cute and complies for a while
* But after a few days, he gets sick of the quick pecks (they were never just ‘pecks’ and we all know it)
* Alex ends up tackling his tall ass boyfriend to the ground when he’s wearing it.
* Let’s say they did more than kissing
* Another thing is Alex gets different hot chocolates to mix with his coffee
* Thomas stops him before he can have too much
* “But Thomasss~, ‘tis the season!”
* “I don’t give a fuck, we don’t want a repeat of last year.”
* They don’t talk about Last Year
* They try and be all cutesy too, making cookies and decorating them
* They’re horrible
* They get store-bought cookies instead
* They’re so competitive when it comes to getting gifts for each other
* Like Thomas will say, “I’m gonna get you the best gift ever this year!”
* And Alex takes it as a challenge, “Yeah right, I’ll get you the better gift!”
* They’re gifts for each other is either cute and thoughtful, or something kinky and inappropriate
* There is no in between
((This got deleted the first time, but I salvaged what I remembered.))

@phynali @larielromeniel

yes, someone informed me of this like not even a full minute after I clicked post but thank you guys for your input~ glad my suspicions were debunked. In my defense, this was a concern many people in this fandom have had ever since that one flash episode happened with our poor son wally ( tho he’s not really gone, just isn’t a regular flash team member any more ) and jesse quick. And now, if you’ll excuse me, i gotta put this whole blog on ice and shatter it from the embarrassment okay thank.


“Seventeen’s reaction to walking in on you changing, but all you do is go up to them and kiss them like it’s no big deal” 


At first he was fearing for his life! He didn’t really notice ou naked because he was just afraid that you were going to get angry at him and rip his hair out for not knocking ahead of time but apparently you didn’t care and just gave him a sweet little kiss~ Wah, for a second there I thought I was going to be a goner, why are you being so sweet? Hm?~”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He would just laugh at the fact that you weren’t angry at him and just gave him a kiss! Because in all honestly he would’ve been slightly irritated if you walked in on him changingYaah, learn to lock the door..what if it wasn’t me who walked in on you changing, babo! After giving you a small scold he’d give your forehead a small flick on the forehead. “Be careful next time.”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


His first instinct tell him to act cute to cover up the fact that he made the biggest mistake of his life. “Waah look at me I’m be– But you would cut him off with a kiss which would shock the heck out of him because he thought he just majorly screwed up not majorly asked for a kiss from his sweet cupcake!  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


At first he would regret he even came in because now he’s going to get a can of ass whoop from you! But after receiving your sweet as heck kiss on the lips he doesn’t regret it one bit, but I mean he’s still going to apologize about walking in on you!  I’m sorry I walked in without knocking..but your kisses are really the best~” Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He did not expect to walk in someone his special diamond changing! He just going to take a quick heel turn out the door but you were quicker than him and planted a kiss on his lips. He was surprised at the sudden kiss but he’s not complaining!  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He didn’t come in to expect a kiss and a half naked bundle of joy but this wonton accept anything for his bundle of joy! He honestly doesn’t care if he walks in on you naked, all he cares is that he’s the one that walked in on you and not someone else. Aish, how many times do I have to tell you to lock your doors when your changing! There are twelve other boys in this house..Are you trying to plan something?”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He’s not even going to be phased by your kiss because he’s monstly going to be feeling a mix of frustration and irritation because of the fact that he just walked in on you changing! Okay now you are driving me crazy, if I walk in on you changing one more time, you can’t live with us in the dorm anymore because what if someone else who isn’t me walks in on you and something happens without me knowing?”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He would be kinda flustered about the situation but cover it up with a joke and feel proud that he ended up getting a kiss instead of a punch to the butt from you!  This in on Seokmin news, I walked in on ____ changing and did not get punched on the butt but a kiss on the cheek, the world is going crazy! Who knows what natural disaster will happen next..Tune in next time for Seokmin news!”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


This kid is going to casually pretend he doesn’t see you and act like he’s putting face care products on his face. But on the inside he’s freaking the heck out about him walking in on you changing, and now he’s just thinking about how his funerals going to turn out! He doesn’t think about his funeral for long because all of a sudden your lips are on his now. Wah, for a second there I was thinking about my funeral and now I’m thinking about our marriage!”  Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


All he’s thinking right now is if you stay still you won’t see him! But he was dead wrong, he sees you coming closer and his heart beat gets faster and faster! But then his heart beat slows down as your lip collide with his. After the kiss he takes a deep breath out in relief. Yah don’t just come fast walking towards me like that! Tell me your going to kiss me or I’ll think your going to kill me!Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He going to try to play it cool like he didn’t walk in and hope that you didn’t see him! He’s going to turn around on his heels and walk as fast as he can away from the door. But your going to stop him by grabbing his shoulders and turning him around, then his first instincts are to serenade you I love youu– But his serenading is interrupted by your lips on his. He’s 10/10 okay with this! Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He’s just going to freeze realizing he walked in on you changing and legitimately think that his life is completely over now, but he’s wrong! Because a split second after thinking that his lips are met with yours. After pulling away from the kiss he’s going to feel like the smoothest boyfriend alive for getting a kiss when he should’ve gotten a punch to the face. Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30


He’s going to get defensive really quick! As soon as he sees that you saw him he’s going to start blabbering! I swear I didn’t see anything! I swear on Micheal Jackson that I didn’t see your secret parts! Please don’t kill me, you love me too much to kill me anyways but that’s not the point! Pl– But after hearing all his blabbering you decide to let him know it’s okay with a small kiss to the cheek. Honestly tho none of these kids should see titties till their 30

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Who would’ve known November 2, 2016 would be the last time I️ talk to my father? The last time I was able to hug him and tell him I️ loved him.
It’s crazy when somebody is just there every day of your life, you hear from them everyday, and are with them everyday…then it just ends.
Crazy bc I️ remember being excited about today last year as I️ am this year because my birthday is in exactly a week. That changed real quick tho, you didn’t even make it to see it..
I️ honestly thought you would be coming home this time last year. When you sent “okay” after I️ sent be strong, I️ thought that was it. I️ thought you would’ve been good, even when it looked bad.
But God works things out differently. I’d be lying if I️ said I️m not mad you left me. 365 days went by and it feel Iike we were back in the hospital just last night.
I️ miss you pops. I️ still can’t believe it sometimes..I️t still hurt that you ain’t here & it always will because you were supposed to be.
Rest up Big Welch, you’ve officially been resting up for a year.🙏🏽

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QUICK! Top three scary movies. 😘

You’re Next

my #1 scary movie, and #2 all-time favorite movie


the suspense and awkwardness kept me on my toes, it really made me feel paranoid even tho i was just watching it


sci-fi horror ? look, as a young kid, this terrified me. Stuck with no real way out, traps in almost all the rooms, no real reason on why they were grabbed and put in there? so good and horrible!!

I dont think i have ever felt so bored watching tvd before …. these plots are so lame like they need to hire new writers?? the things theyre doing is so OOC.

julian and the heretics are just 99 cent Mikaelsons tbh lol 

better put more bamon scenes quick tho cause the way bonenzo is going is so unnatural why is bonnie the one acting all thirsty where is the bad ass we were promised?? 

how is a vampire going to take a pregnancy test??? their inner organs are literally dead and her diet consists of blood??

nothing is really making sense i dont even remember whats supposed to be the main issue of the season