even tho these were just quick


the members praised him so quickly, this is so precious :’) + his thankful reaction


i gave my little cousins some reference photos, control of my tablet and let them have at it. there is some real potential here 👌👌👌

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hey mint just wondering what you thought of the signing? I've seen some people complaining n it's worrying me a bit but like its a signing. you can't really expect to have a full conversation and there's so many people to get through as well so I'm kinda wondering what they're complaining about honestly, so just wondering what you thought of it?

For a singing i thought it was really good! As you said, theres a lot of people so you can’t have a proper chat with them, but it I honestly liked it, even tho they let us in 1 hour and 30 minutes later than we were supposed to. They boys were all nice and tried to have a quick chat with everyone, like Jack said welcome to London to me, Rian asked me how I’m doing, Alex complimented my jacket and Zack wished me a good day. They all try to make you feel comfortable!

I dont think i have ever felt so bored watching tvd before …. these plots are so lame like they need to hire new writers?? the things theyre doing is so OOC.

julian and the heretics are just 99 cent Mikaelsons tbh lol 

better put more bamon scenes quick tho cause the way bonenzo is going is so unnatural why is bonnie the one acting all thirsty where is the bad ass we were promised?? 

how is a vampire going to take a pregnancy test??? their inner organs are literally dead and her diet consists of blood??

nothing is really making sense i dont even remember whats supposed to be the main issue of the season 

i remember joining my first ship, faith/buffy from buffy the vampire slayer, four years after the show was over. there were still fics being written and fanart being made and tumblr wasn’t so popular with fandoms back then but we had forums and there were plenty of people discussing the ship and writing meta and it was still lit even tho the show ended four years ago man. four. and the ship wasn’t canon. and it was less popular one compared to canon ones. so what im saying is, don’t stress too much about clexa fading away because it’s not such a quick process; and there is a fuckton of fanmade content being produced still - you just have to look for it in the right places.