even tho thats not his name

University tsoa au where achilles is working at a coffee shop to make extra money (even tho his mad rich dad can pay double his tuition)
And patroclus comes in one day and orders a drink. Achilles stares at him and writes on the plastic cup and says “thats Pa-tro-clus, right?”
And patroclus just nods shyly bc no one ever bothers getting his confusing name right

When patroclus’ drink is ready and he gets it from the counter achilles’ number is written on it (“Call me ;)”) and achilles grins from over the counter and patroclus blushes and next thing you know its saturday evening and theyre on a date

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okay so i was at this place waiting to get picked up and theres this guy that goes there alot, and we talk and stuff. so he was leaving and i said "you dropped something" and he picked up and then looked up at me in my eyes and smiled and said "thanks amberlyn." (lol he calls me amberlyn,,, even tho thats not my real name,,, its a long story) and i was just like "no problem."and then he left. but the look in his eyes omg he was like staring at me forever and it was just so cute.


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jackson wang wearing his own last name on his clothes and accessories like its a fashion label especially seeing as it's a traditionally chinese name and he's working and living in south korea is incredibly important to me as is his constant attribution to his family for his success, hard work and even his good looks. the pride he takes in his roots and his humility and ability to always keep these things in mind no matter how well he does or how famous he becomes are truly inspiring and one of his most admirable traits.

Hi guys! So a have a dog.. His name is Bucky! He is still a puppy, a one year old Shih Tzu with beautiful green eyes.  

He enjoys doing a lot of things, and he’s very adventurous.. uhm..  He likes living on the edge. (quite literally sometimes..)

And he loves to stare at the most beautiful and bright things in the world..