even tho she forgets how to speak

Soooo I met yesterday the most positive and optimistic player in Overwatch and they were a Mercy main. Like it was funny because we were in Eichenwalde fighting against two diamonds (our team only had one) and I noticed that the enemy team had this other Mercy main I have played with and fought against several times (Lady-Malvina, that is their battle name. It is one of those players you have seen so much and they are so good that it is impossible for you to forget their nickname), so I was like ‘well this is gonna be a difficult game’ because I know how good Malvina is on Mercy and I didn’t know the Mercy of my team.

But you know what? Even tho in her psn bio said she only speaks French, I really want to add her as friends. Because damn….what a beautiful player.

We were losing at first and the diamond guy started to throw (why, so far, all the diamonds I have met are so petty? And why they always play McCree and Pharah? Lmao) but this girl encouraged our team to work together and when I went Lucio to help her she was sooooo happy? And when diamond guy realized we were actually trying our best he switched and slayed as genji (got the potg with our zarya help), and we won. And all because this Mercy of our team being so damn positive and a healthy player.