even tho its on *this* blog

tumblr is the worst fucking platform bc im basically always on mobile and 90% of the time this piece of fuck website doesn’t let me see about/links on a blog so long story short i realize after arguing w someone that they’re a literal child and despite looking all over for their age i still feel awful bc i shoulda just Let it Go

hey for anyone who cares, the reason i left this blog temporarily is bc my brother found it; i deleted my about and went thru my blog to delete posts that mentioned anything lgbt related.

i was outed and its not a very good experience even tho it did end well (i mean, i didnt exactly tell him but he knows now and theres nothing i can do about it, but at least he’s cool abt it and not like…violently homophobic) so i might not be online much, or maybe this blog would be more aesthetic-y bc i dont really want it to contain stuff that could out me to irl people who arent as accepting as my brother.

either way i dont really care if you unfollow or not; @mutuals who’ve been meaning to unfollow me for ages now this is ur chance (just softblock/hardblock me so i dont hav to manually look u up and unfollow u please!)

Replies from the social secretary b0t, P0RNY1:

“Hello everyone. I have been SO busy. I will need another shower soon. Would you like to watch?

@jahkatai , @nornities and @willky12 , I am so happy that you like the colors of the newest alien world by @rhodalle .  We could all run around there naked if you’d like?

@nornities  , I hope to satisfy you in many ways, including your curiosity about the Ghost Festival.

@raindropdrinkwater , Alien Trust Fund Kids can be thought of as a side blog, even tho it is its own Tumblog. I’ve been thinking that *I* should have a blog of my very own so I can reblog @andantezen ‘s posts and mix them in with HOT pix of me. I think he’d appreciate that a lot.

@willky12 , I replied about the lighting mod. @nornities , I am so happy you like the pictures posted. Would you like to see HOT pix of ME and my friends?

@treason-and-plot , If you sat in a Red Chair, you might end up in the lap of a ghost. That could be fun.

@phinae-simblr  .. We BOTH like color.  A pleasure for the eyes , as you say, but it can be more. Lets paint each other’s bodies with glorious, edible colors and then lick them off each other.

@ashuriphoenix , you HOT momma, I appreciate your offer to make paintings for me. I will send you some GORGEOUS, HOT HOT pix soon, promise!

More tomorrow. Time for bed. Want to join us? RHY-zar is a VERY appropriate name for the Ascended Dragon Patriarch next to me. He does RISE most impressively..and repeatedly. 


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omfg i went back on the person's blog and it is VERY clear they were never into homestuck, or if they were they were in a very different part than most people i interact with... saying shit like "its not canon unless they said it directly int he podcast even tho they said it outside of the podcast" like this all reminds me so much of people getting pissy about hs race headcanons bc they're """white""" in canon.

idk i didnt say anything abt them being into hs that was an unrelated post abt my taako BUT i will say yes, this is very reminiscent of that one time when people were like “theyre all white and cis” 

I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten

asking ppl on tumblr is such an ordeal tho like its so much easier to google “french language pop music” and get thousands of answers instantly than send some random person a message like “hey x 😊 I was wondering if you had any suggestions for music in french? im really into pop so something along those lines would be awesome! thanks!! btw i love ur blog 🌸💖” and then wait an inevitably long time for a response that may never even come??


I decided to close this blog.I wont get into details mainly because it would be too much to write about. My intention in creating this blog in the first place was to find a place for my own,but it didnt work out in the end,it just brought pain into my life destroying my mental health. I- a lot of things happened and i dont think im strong enough to handle them. I didnt know what made me so anxious everytime i went on the internet but not too long ago i descovered the reason,its tumblr,and some people here in the fandom,that are keeping me in the past.Im not gonna lie,i had a great time here but there were always painful things that covered the good ones.So, although it is hard for me,im gonna leave this blog,ill miss my little chara and frisk but- i know that what im doing is the best i can do to move on and heal.Im not strong,and im not determined enough to continue,so im sorry.But maybe one day,when i’ll be ready,i’ll come back,with new ideas,with new blogs and with immprovement.Im sorry i couldnt keep this blog entertaining enough for everyone. I hope i’ll see some of you one day tho.I didnt imagine my blog would end like this so soon… but people change afterall.As for now,its goodbye

lena deadass held kara’s hands while she typed out the 11 letters tha form ha name like it was a deleted scene apparently? like i feel like the only ppl whom had access to it was karahell stans? but antyways yeah so apparently lena was like hold on kara lemme type out ur own name for u sis cause me giving u the idea that u should be blogging abt this shit also means tha i want u to expose ur own self and not say use a fake name or anythin !!! but yea guys lena is the one at fault for kara being fired :( it wasnt kara using her own name on that blog :( its lena’s fault tha kara dont kno how to be shady :( it was also lena whom was sayin Post it post it post it post it repeatedly even tho kara was worried about it :( its not like as soon as lena gave kara the idea kara was like “lmao snapper gonna get my ass handed to me if i do it” and then immediately came up w ways to help kara instead :( 

Lesbian literature and culture is notoriously difficult to find throughout history. Even at points in time where love between men (spiritual and physical) was considered the highest form of love, love between women was still often scorned mostly due to misogyny, and then later a mix of that and homophobia/lesbophobia. 

However, of course, not all lesbian culture has been lost or destroyed or otherwise unreachable. Some of the poems of Sappho (archaic Greek poet) are still around among other more obscure works. A couple of the works in a more obscure category are two love letters found written on a 12th century German manuscript. 

There are no full names listed, only single letters to remain anonymous to everyone but the lover. 

The first love letter is from “B” to “C”:

To C.–, who is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb,
B.– sends all the love that one can send to love.
O my unique and special one,
Why are you delaying so long in that far-off land?
Why do you want me to die, your one and only
Who loves you, as you know, with all her body and soul,
and who, like a hungry little bird,
Sighs for you at every hour and every moment?
For ever since I was cut off from your sweetest presence,
I have not wanted to hear or see anyone else but you;
Just as a turtledove, after she lost her husband,
Remains forever sitting on its barren twig,
So I lament without end
Until I once more can enjoy your faithfulness.
I look around and do not find my lover,
Nor anyone to console me with a word.
While I very happily
Review in my mind the sweetness
Of your conversations and your appearance,
I am oppressed with terrible pain,
For I find nothing like them now.
What should I compare to your love?
It is sweeter than honey or the honeycomb.
And compared to it, the luster of gold and silver are worthless.
What else can I say? In you are all sweetness and value.
Thus my spirit always languishes in your absence.
You have none of the poison of treachery;
You are sweeter than milk and honey.
You are singled out from the thousands;
I love you more than all the others;
You alone are my love and my desire;
You are the sweet refreshment of my soul.
There is no pleasure for me
Without you.
Everything that was pleasant with you
Is wearisome now and dreary without you.
And so, I wish to say that in all truth
That if I could pay my life for you, I would not hesitate
Because you are the only woman I have chosen with my heart.
Therefore, I always pray to God
That bitter death does not come to me
Before I enjoy the sight of you, so long desired and so dear.
Farewell. –
Have all my faith and love;
Accept what I have written and sent you
And my ever faithful spirit.

And the second, from “A” to “G”: 

To G, her one and only rose,
A.– sends the bond of precious love.
What strength have I that I may bear it,
That I may endure your absence?
Is my strength the strength of stones
That can wait for your return?
I never cease from aching, night and day,
Like someone missing a hand and foot.
Without you anything happy or delightful
Seems like mud trod underfoot.
Instead of rejoicing I weep;
My spirit never seems joyful.
When I remember the kisses you gave me,
The way you refreshed my little breasts with sweet words,
I would like to die
Since I cannot see you.
What should I, most wretched, do?
Where should I, most poor, turn?
O, if my body had been committed to earth
Until your longed-for return,
Or if I could go on a journey like Habakkuk,
So that just once I could come to where
I saw the face of my lover,
Then I would not care if I died that very hour.
For there is no one who has been born in the world
Who is so lovable and dear,
No one who without feigning
Loves me with so deep a love.
Therefore, I ache without end
Until I am allowed to see you.
According to one wise man, the worst misery
Is to be far from someone one cannot live without.
As long as the world endures,
You will never be blotted out from my heart’s care.
Why do I linger with so many words?
Come back, my sweet love!
Don’t put off your journey any longer.
Know that I can no longer endure your absence.
Remember me.

(if you’re looking for sources, you can find many on your own; however, a specific text source is The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse by Stephen Coote c.1983/86, which includes these poems as well as works from Sappho, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and many more.)


This isn’t even fair >//>

((and my personal favorite:


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eYYY iTS dAT pREttI bOI i mean Alfonse from Fire Emblem: Heroes. even tho the blog’s theme is still temp & i’m totes rushing to head to class atm than work on proper theme / promo & all that jazz later. but do give this post a LIKE & REBLOG if you want to roleplay with the Prince of Askr & talk about everything FE: HEROES #WYZWANTSTHARJA #GIMMETHARJAFEHEROES

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How long does it take to make a confession?

It normally takes me between 5 and 20 minutes. Ones like these take me 5 minutes and ones like these take me 20 minutes.

It truly depends on how far I want to go with the editing

-Mod Junko

Mine takes more than 30 mins because I have lack of attention and I end up doing other things before I finish one -mod mukuro

ok u know what im gonna sit down and write you the story of mod izuru making confessions bc i take so damn long that my grand children age even before they come out of their mom’s uterus even tho im pretty sure im not getting any children but y e a h i even consider talking in servers i n e v e r talk in when i start making confessions and just searching for good pics takes so damn long bc i suck but hey finding an idea on how to do a confession is a century by its own but lets not forget considering changing my personal blog’s theme and my side blog that i literally never use’s theme and this blog’s theme and also considering cleaning my laptop from shit i dont need which ends up with me deciding to download all sprites at once so i dont go searching for them later when i start doing the damn confession which ends up with me actually opening the wiki’s page to do that but i dont do it at the end and just exist the page- oh wait i forgot to mention that im talking with my friends the whole time while all that is happening and while photoshop got legs just to beg on its knees for me to close it if im not doing anything with it but you know mod izuru then goes like naah dont worry bby im doing something with u today i cant let those confessions stay in inbox forever WHICH ALSO ends with me actually doing nothing and going like “yeeaaahhh im doing it tomorrow” which-

i hope that gave u an idea on how much time mod izuru takes on doing confessions!! 

-mod izuru

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎