even tho its on *this* blog

the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

O-OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE THIS??? ;O; HOLY SHIT where did you all even come from omg i’m??? shook??? thank you all so much!!! it honestly still surprises me that so many of you are following me!!! a lot of you have been so cool and friendly and AHHH im just so…shocked

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎

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Hi omg so i was stalking your blog because i just love it and im telling your right now i would never fall asleep watching your art proces. In fact, as a starting artist myself, i would love to see what you or any tips you would have. I think a youtube channel could also inspire begginers like me to keep drawing and stuff like that so please i beg you. That is how highly i regard your art lol. Now excuse me while i run away in shame of writing this even tho its anonymous. -A friendly anon. 😁

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this haha. Trying it out wouldn’t be so bad I guess. I’ll eventually try.

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Is it even possible to make dark smile?

What chu talkin about, he smiles ALL the time! look at that LOVELY smile!

Seriously though, even if Dark is a stick in the mud, its not as if he doesn’t SMILE! In fact, Ive drawn him smiling SEVERAL times on this blog, HERE HAVE A SMILING COLLAGE: 

its interesting tho, because gathering these smiles really made me see something kinda sweet in his character? like, he’s an old dark asshole. but when I collected the things he smiles for, its like, being with CC, getting one up on anti, being with Ollie, things being calm and quiet like reading and such. 

Like, I haven’t drawn him interacting with Mark yet, but I feel like he smiles for Mark too. Sure he’s cold, dark,serious, calculating and mysterious, but being around these people really helped bring back some of his old joy and compassion that was long lost. Which also attributes to some of his relationship with Anti why its not just full on hate and annoyance. The demon is stupid, young, crazy and unpredictable. But he draws emotion from Dark which he hasn’t been used to in a long time. And in a weird way he does have fun sometimes in his antics so while he would never stick his neck out for Anti, he would acknowledge him as someone vaguely more important to him than others. and of course, without Anti he wouldn’t have Corroded Crank. And he DEEPLY cares about that boy.  Ollie is a part of him and is sort of like having a cat. nice and calming to be around. Something gentle to protect. 

He’s a changed spirit because of this one humans lifetime. Not drastically changed, but just a glimmer. Nothing he couldn’t easily revert back once they’re all dead and gone, but something nice. While it might be a little more rare to get more than a smirk from him, I hope to draw more Dark smiles in the future. 

400+ follow forever/1 year anniversary

It’s pure coincidence that I hit 400 around the 1 year mark lolol

So when I first started this blog I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I don’t know what possessed me to start an rp blog, let alone with Ferid as my muse.

I don’t even like vampires that much.

I didn’t expect to meet so many cool people, and make so many new friends. 

But here we are, one year, lots of Ferid, and 400+ followers later. 

I can honestly say that 2016 was the worst year of my life, but this blog helped me through it and i’m grateful.

I really wanted to do something extra special for this, but I don’t have any talents so… I’m just going to say a few words to some people? 

(also i apologize for the image above i’m lazy ok)

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Uh, spoilers?? I couldn’t wait til next week sorry orz, I just can’t wait for this. Kinda quick sketch I guess. But yeah…… yeah.

on the real tho, its kinda shit that people can’t have fun shipping h/l anymore bc larries ruined it …. like we cant even have fun blogging about them without people unfollowing or sending messages like “are you…. *whispers* one of them…” lmao like fuck man, why did larries have to do this to me

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Thought for a second that your blog was my dashboard, I've been here don't know how much time, your art is awesome !

omg hahaha i love when this happens. aaaand it happens a lot. usually ends in a follow. like, fuck, i been here for hours, obviously this is my kinda shit.

also thank you and back the hell at you, love your stuff

(August 2015)

You may have seen a crop of this before - if you frequent the page of my blog or see me on picarto. I had planned a lot more into this, but never got past the base shadows… still pretty darn cute though. 

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Even tho Jongin says he loves his skin it appears from his constant use of those filters that he is a bit selfconscious about it. Im sure you understand getting over personal issues and insecurities. As much as we all love his skin and don't want to see him degrade himself its not helpful to comment on it to his From Kai comments and etc I think a blog with so many followers like yours may influence people to do just that when you mention him using filters like :( every time he does pls be aware

he’s using the peach punch filter not really because he’s feeling selfconscious (though he might be, none of us knows what he’s thinking), but rather because he feels like he has to. f.e. when sehun posted a pic of jongin’s finger back in 2k14 i remember just how many ppl left quite mean comments about his skin. by using such filters, he’s avoiding the backlash he might get if he posted a pic without his skin tone altered in any way.

me saying “that filter :(” just expresses my opinion/sadness about the fact he feels like he has to lighten his pics

i have no responsibility when it comes to my followers, i am not their mother nor are they individuals who can’t decide what’s the right thing to do on their own

there’s literally no correlation between me saying “that filter :(” and ppl commenting w/e they want on his posts