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Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

ok not to sound ungrateful bc i love summer w my heart n soul but it is so fucking hot that my gujju desi father HIMSELF suggested turning on the ac not once but MULTIPLE times in the past week

bokuroo domestic hcs!!!

this is for anon who requested some :D

  • but while boks goes way too often (think five times a week), kuroo hardly goes, and usually only drags his ass to the gym to accompany bokuto
  • bokuto is definitely definitely definitely a morning person?? tries to cook omelettes and stuff for breakfast but honestly they end up slightly uncooked and gross (he gets into dejected mode so kuroo eats everything even tho its crap and forces a smile in order to cheer up the big birb)
  • cuddling is just a big mess of limbs and hair
  • literally jars and bottles of gel and stuff just EVERYWHERE
  • bokuto the type to show kuroo off to like… everyone???? “THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND!!! APPRECIATE HIM!!!! IS HE NOT HEART STOPPINGLYY HOOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!???” and honestly kuroo’ll just be all like smirky and “i know boks but tell them more…….. tell them all of my greatness”
  • kuroo does most of the cooking and bokuto tries to do the other chores like washing and stuff because boks! is! hopeless! at! cooking!!!!
  • akaashi finds himself dragging the both of them home when they get dead drunk and honestly he is so done with these two idiots who ALWAYS just HAPPEN to get WASTED when he’s doing something IMPORTANT 
  • kuroo reads alot alot alot alot alot and his books are everywhere
  • bokuto is the neater one out of the two so he’s always packing up kuroo’s books and putting them back in their shelves
  • they both gush about each other alot to kenma/ akaashi?? and honestly both of them roll their eyes so much it’s amazing they haven’t gone blind
  • grocery shopping is never productive like they try at first and put in like milk and meat and some vegetables but then they just dump anything they see in the cart and this is why they are broke 
  • kuroo buys snacks for bokuto alot, like on his way home he gets like some candy or chips for boks and honestly he does it in a way so it’s really off hand and stuff but bokuto gets so flustered and happy and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
  • winter is cute because kuroo has like 1000000 scarves but because bokuto is a literal human ball of fire, he just prances around in a sweater and pants

i’m sorry this is so short, i hope you like it though!  

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I like them, they deserved better, I feel like, with hindsight, I can say that about every mgs character and it pains me

also I didn’t feel like looking at refs for the sneaking suits yah

[this isn’t my 100% but it’s been in my drafts for too long]

I know everyon talks crap about edgy fairytale remakes n like I get it but american mcgees alice is so good n it was the first to do That and what I love about it is like even tho its dark n edgy and crap its like not cynical n it has a happy ending

wweh this took long… Anyways
Im often thinking of how I never really push myself to the limit to see how far my art skill reach, so I tried to actually spend quality time on a drawing to see

and I discovered even this (something I spent a lot of time on) isnt as far as my skills go

I hope you guys like it :D