even tho i am not ~super pleased with this

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You have a vagina and fantasize about penis. Please, do tell us more about how LGBT you are.

yup, i am very queer! i’m a super hella mega gay boy, i’m a boy who loves boys regardless of if they have a vagina or a penis or neither
regardless of that tho i’m intersex so even if you DO believe being a gay boy doesn’t make me queer as fuck (it does) i still fit into the community whether you like it or not~

Work Story.

ooc: A young lady who just turned 18 and was celebrating with her mother, tried to flirt with me using anime today. She was adorable. Way too young for me but damn precious. She gave me her number even tho I didn’t ask for it, but it must’ve taken an enormous amount of courage on her part, she seemed super shy.