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pidge: welcome to mcdonald’s what can i get ya

keith: can i have some fries?

pidge: all out of fries

keith: coke?

pidge: i’m not a dealer

keith: well what do you have

pidge: this little purple toy and he goes ‘ahh!’ when you poke his tummy

keith looking at lotor: but that’s a grown ass man


one hundred days with naluday twenty-two‘that better not be what i think it is…’


“Break free from your chains… GANDORA! The dragon of destruction!” Heba shouted as the beast roared, its body aglow by the dozens of red gems that covered it. The chains shattered, dropping to the ground.

@celepom already did a fabulous rendition of a certain drabble/scene from @riyuyami‘s Millenium World au, but when inspiration slaps ya in the face then you don’t turn it down

wanted to draw something dynamic ish and used the excuse to play around with CSP stuff as usual! I like how Yugi turned out =w=

how the fuck did all of those renaissance dilettantes learn so much crap? Like they spoke 3 languages and were foremost in several branches of science, plus they wrote poetry, played the violin, and were master artists? And they still had time to be gay? 

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i think all hell would break loose if dooku met ahsoka. "WHAT THE FUCK HAS BECOME OF MY LINEAGE" the count thinks as he watches his great great grandpadawan use a BACKHAND GRIP with JAR'KAI and WHAT IS SHE WEARING GHDJFHSKJH. anakin is extremely proud.

But here’s the best part. Obi-wan actually listens to Dooku because somewhere deep inside, Obes still sees the Count as an authority figure, and they do have a lot in common. 

Ahsoka, on the other hand…

“This outfit, what even - “

“And the backhand jar’kai, I mean I never - “

“But really, this is unbecoming of my linea - “


“Never mind. I’ll…I’ll just - I think I’ll just comm Kenobi again.”

*bangs fists on table* mORE SLEEP

i love mark. i love seeing him happy and healthy. i love it when his face scrunches up and his eyes squint from laughing too hard. i love it when he plays with his hair even though we all know that he’ll look perfect whichever way he styles it. i love it when he’s attentive with the other members. he might be the quiet one but he’s always observing and trying to cater to the other member’s needs. i love the way he loves and cares for his family and friends. it must be hard being away from your family for that long and the fact that he uses whatever free time he has to visit them is truly amazing. i love how he puts in 110% to every single performance and even though there’s a high risk of him getting hurt when he does martial arts tricking, he still does it because he doesn’t want to disappoint us and he wants to do his very best for us. i love his voice. when he raps or sings, he does wonderful in both. i love the fact that even though he’s the hyung of the group, he never uses that to his advantage. i’m glad i stan such a magnificent person and i am proud to be able to stand by his side and support him till the end.

i love mark. forever and always.