even their trash captain


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“help i’m in love with captain flint. he hasn’t once let me down since…”

!! how far in are you now? s2 is just the best… if you weren’t in love with captain flint *before*…….

I just finished S1! 

  • omg flint’s “so it was bad”. this sarcastic little shit. he only smiles when everyone else is exasperated af. 
  • his EPIC FACE when eleanor was ‘he helped a lot’ about Silver. just pure I AM BEING TESTED AND I WILL MURDER YOU ALL
  • The Captain Has Feelings. So Many Feelings. 
  • holy shit that conversation between Gates and Flint. Holy. Shit. 
  • listen i came here for captain badass and i’m getting CAPTAIN FEELINGS. that CONVERSATION WITH MIRANDA. MY HEART. 
  • don’t murder your captain guys, he’s trying his best
  • what i earlier mistoke for distant badassitude is clearly just the very thin level of chill flint has. before he flies whole heartedly into six different emotions all at once
  • i live for flint’s murder faces at silver. 
  • i also love flint fucking with silver. tbh i love flint fucking with everyone. let the man have his joys in life. his sarcastic little joys. 
  • THAT GATES SCENE *CRIES* i am compromised. comp.ro.mised. 
  • flint. flint. you are listening to silver. you are listening to SILVER this is a terrible idea. when ur taking the lead from the weasel. 
  • but also flint is a GODDAMN NAUTICAL GENIUS. ADMIRAL WHO? NELSON WHAT? *swoon* 
  • flint has s o  m a n y  f e e l i n g s. captain feelings
  • fuck that storm tho how dare it deprive the world of captain flint kicks the Urca’s ass
  • i keep saying it but i bust out laughing EVERY TIME flint gives silver that fucking look. like i know exactly what i’ve done in my life to fucking deserve you but that does not mean i will not rip your head straight off if you try that pouty sass with me again
  • also thank you whoever decided we needed shirtless toby stephens. well done u. we thank you for your contributions to humanity
  • competing OTPs for flnt rn are Flint/Blood and Flint/Rage Face

in conclusion: flint needs a hug and a valium. maybe two. actually, just give him the bottle. 

non flint notes:

  • blackbeard is BITCHING. i wanna grow up to be an asshole pirate lumberjack
  • Charles Vane like an undead boss. Easily my fav character to watch get the fucking shit beat out of him
  • i love gates
  • M A X. MAAAAAAAAX. *starry eyes* maaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
  • ascended Accountant. i love him. 
  • god silver is such an asshole. i love watching him weasel. john ‘every day i’m husslin’ silver. 
  • i love eleanor so much. i have loved a place as fiercely as she does nassau and god it tugs at my heartstrings.
  • bless poor jack rackham. 
  • Anne Fucking Bonny, need i say fucking more.
  • R A N D A L L i’m dying of laughter
  • everyone’s boobs are so nice
  • i will never get sick of this theme song
  • the real stars of this show are the completely amazing ship sets
  • i’m so sad about gates tho
Realizing they fell for someone they’ve known for a while (DR1 Boys)

Captain Hope Kink Trash Bagel : Hohoho.~ I personally loved this Imagine. Enjoy the collab me and Ibuki did!

Ibuki: All of my creativity was placed in this imagine! I’ll shall say that this my favorite one I’ve written so far!

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  • Barry: *in a crowd and can't find Len* desperate times call for desperate measures
  • Barry: *uses his hands as a microphone* THE FLASH SUCKS
  • Len: *from across the room* that was a little.... COLD, don't you think?
  • Barry: found him
For No Reason Except That It’s Fun, Let’s Talk About...

Killian, Emma, and Leia. 

So I don’t really know what this is, other than some straight CS! family fluff. It’s pretty plotless and useless and fluffy like a cloud because I’m just trash for the fluff, okay? (as if you didn’t already know) 


Leia is four days old. She was born on a beautiful morning in mid march; Killian would never, ever forget the sight of the sunshine cascading through the hospital window, bathing his beautiful family with light. Everything had gone perfectly, much to his relief, and they had been discharged and allowed to go home late that evening. Tired as they were, Emma and Killian were enjoying every minute — every tear, every tiny smile, every soiled diaper…everything. They were both so grateful that life had led them here, to this beautiful little baby with velvety dark hair and bright green eyes.

This morning, there were grey clouds over Storybrooke, and Killian woke to the pattering sound of rain on their rooftop. He glanced to the clock on his nightstand; it had only been 45 minutes since Leia woke last. He turned over to gaze at his sleeping wife, marvelling at her peaceful features. Her mouth was slack, hung open in a tiny O, and there were faint purple rings just beneath her feathery eyelashes. He’d never dreamed she could get any more beautiful than she already was when he first laid eyes on her, but these last few days had proved him so, so, wrong. Nothing could compare to how beautiful Emma looked while taking care of their daughter. Nothing.

This was the first time Killian had woken up in their bed to something other than Leia since she was born, and of course he and Emma both always immediately got up, intent on making sure Leia received everything she needed. But a quick glance over Emma’s shoulder into Leia’s bassinet assured Killian that she was still asleep, little mouth slacked in an O shape, just like her mother. Killian slid closer to Emma, reaching for her. He curved his hand around her shoulder and pushed gently, trying to move her body nearer to his. He had moved her barely an inch when she moaned sleepily, understanding what he wanted without opening her eyes. She moved closer to him herself, keeping her eyes shut as she settled against his side, resting her head on his shoulder and curling her arm across his chest. “There we are, love,” he whispered, as Emma surrendered herself to his warm snuggles. She made an appreciative sound in the back of her throat and he sighed contentedly, wrapping his arms around her and holding her so close to him…something he hadn’t been able to do in quite some time. He planted a kiss on the top of her head and then just let his face linger there in the blanket of her hair, inhaling the scent of her vanilla shampoo. He scratched her back lightly with his fingernails, and soon her breathing returned to its slow rhythm as she drifted back to sleep in his arms.

Killian had spent many a peaceful night in the cabin on the Jolly, listening to the rain hit the deck, but all of those were nothing compared to the way he felt now, with Emma in his arms, his daughter a few feet away. Never had he felt so complete. So at home.

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Scrolling on my tumblr these days consists of :

  • Reading (good) metas about Emma Swan’s wedding dress that involve Grace Kelly (which, in case you didn’t know, is not a good thing but totally fitting … Prince Rainier was a freaking TYRAN)
  • Discovering some CS shippers on my dash 
  • Finding a post that ignores all of Supergirl season 1 by stating Kara was never shipped with another woman before Lena (guys, there are people who even shipped Kara with Siobhan, ffs)
  • Witnessing hateful tweets directed at Rahul Kohli and coming from some poorly behaved Supercorp stan
  • Still finding some Karamel stans here and there, attacking the rest of the fandom

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Basically, I need to find a new fandom (until drama finds me there too).
Lucky for me, Wynonna Earp is coming back soon!

trashchat topic of the evening: sub!Thor, so underrated
  • shinelikethunder: maybe thor and steve have a fuckbuddies arrangement where whoever loses when they're sparring ends up on the bottom, and at first it's just an excuse for steve to get nailed a lot by thor's giant asgardian dick, because it's not exactly an equal physical match
  • Dira: BUT THEN
  • shinelikethunder: but then steve wins, probably by doing something highly gymnastic and a little sneaky
  • shinelikethunder: and thor is like I DID NOT EXPECT TO BE SO INTO THIS
  • Dira: and he doesn't even care that much about topping he just wanted to figure out a way to WIN for once
  • samtalksfunny: that's totally ic for steve too
  • samtalksfunny: like wanting to win, tired of being the underdog
  • Dira: and he's all excited and proud of himself
  • Dira: and Thor is like "...right, right, be gracious, this will be fine, whatever..."
  • Dira: and then he finds out that Steve is not the only one who likes getting fucked hard and put away wet
  • shinelikethunder: afterwards they're lying there completely fucked out and steve's like "just so you know, if you throw our next match i'm gonna be insulted. even if it IS because you want my dick."
  • samtalksfunny: I ....
  • samtalksfunny: could you just publish that
  • samtalksfunny: not even
  • samtalksfunny: just as you typed it in chat

I enjoyed this too much, guys.

I just need to take a moment…

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that Mayuri and Nemu, and Bleach in general, have meant a great deal to me these past few years.

I won’t go into the state of my personal life, partly because I’ve written out some long soppy post for when Bleach finally ends in two weeks, but I felt like I had to say something now, as we potentially get the last manga appearance of the Kurotsuchis that we’ll ever get. 

I just wanted to say thank you to Kubo, for creating two such interesting, complex, bizarre, funny, tragic and downright sinister characters that I, and many others, have been able to enjoy for so long. Mayuri and Nemu have gained the honour of being two of the only fictional characters EVER to make me cry actual tears (on multiple occasions). And that’s quite a feat, considering I cry at basically nothing.

Of course I have questions regarding them, and I’ll probably keep thinking of questions for years to come, but I suppose for now I’ll just have to fill in the blanks for myself. In the meantime though, I’ll just be satisfied with the fact that you seem to be ending this series with at least SOME happiness (even if the trash captain didn’t deserve any).

unless you’re about to pull a 180 with some yhwach future bullshit and say hahahaha this wasn’t the real ending at all and it turns out everyone’s dead and suffering in the next chapter, in which case how dare you