even the way he breathes are you kidding me

“I want to talk to you about something,” Even says and Isak’s stomach literally falls out of his ass. Thing is, there’s a reason for this. Because the last time Even had used that specific phrase, he had just been accepted into a film school. In London. And Isak had just been accepted into a biomedical research position in Oslo. Of course, it all worked out in the end because they are Isak and Even and they’re like, fated, or some shit that Even always says in the nighttime hours, but damn was that a rough couple of months.

So like, the phrase causes a brief flash of panic.

Isak glances at the table– which probably should have been his first clue that something was up. Even had made all of his favorite foods for dinner. And he knew he spotted strawberry shortcake in the kitchen, so Even had gone for the big guns in buttering Isak up.

He swallows the bite of chicken and takes a swig of red wine (because he is now one classy motherfucker.) “Okay?”

Even taps his fingers on the table and then reaches up to take his own sip of wine, but puts it back down just as quickly. “Okay. Okay here we go.”

But Even says nothing right after that, so Isak has all the time in the world to fucking lose his mind.

“Even,” Isak hedges, “Baby. You’re freaking me out. Like a lot.”

“I know.” Even shakes himself, “I’m sorry. I don’t know how you’re going to take it and this is like- a life changing conversation so I’m trying to be articulate and get it right on the first try.”

Isak runs a hand through his hair, “Well, are you divorcing me?” 

Even shoots him the most deadpan look in the world, so Isak lets a little smile tug on the corner of his lips, “Okay good. You’re not pregnant, are you?”

Even freezes and opens his mouth and Isak raises his eyebrows, “That was a joke. Even, if you’re pregnant I need to have a serious discussion with someone about the laws of biology.”

Even throws a wadded up napkin, “I’m not fucking pregnant, you shit.” He plays with the collar of his white cuffed shit (Another! fucking! red! flag! because when the hell have they ever dressed up for each other?), “But like- it has to do with that.”

“Just come out and say it,” Please god, say it before Isak has an aneurysm, “Whatever it is, do it.”

So he does.

Even takes a deep breath and says, “I want to talk about adopting a kid.”

Isak blinks.

There is a bit of ringing in his ears, so he doesn’t quite hear the way Even scoots his chair back and slides to his knees right in front of Isak’s chair, “Baby?”

Me baby?” Isak says dumbly, “You want a baby. Like a real baby.”

“Yeah,” Even’s voice is level, controlled. “Yeah, I really do, Isak. And it doesn’t have to be now. But I want to talk about it with you.”

“With me,” he repeats dumbly, “You want a kid with me? Why? Oh my god, Even, I’m a mess. I’ve been going commando for the past week because I ran out of boxers and I’m too lazy to do laundry!”

That damn grin at the corner of Even’s mouth nearly does him in. The quick kiss Even presses to his lips does, “You are the only person I would ever want a kid with.”

Isak grabs his wine glass and chugs it, “A kid. Like you and me adopting a kid and taking care of it and raising it until it’s 18. Changing diapers and… going to school performances and… rocking it when it gets sick.”

Even nods softly, “And taking family vacations to the beach…. teaching him or her all about movies… and you can teach them about parallel universes and other science stuff.”

“Holy shit, Even…. you want a kid. With me.”

“I do.”

Isak thinks about it, like a home movie where the actors haven’t quite all been chosen. He sees himself and Even, and a little human with flashes of blonde hair and hears baby giggles and-

He sees Even folded into a tiny little bed with a children’s book on his lap and a nameless, faceless, child (their child) in his lap. And Even is grinning and reading to them in funny voices. Then he sees himself behind a kid, directing them on how to look in a telescope.

He sees so much.

“This is a big thing,” Isak says, “A really, really big thing. Are you sure you want to?”

“The only thing I have ever been sure of in my life is you, Isak. I want to do this with you.”

“Okay,” Isak breathes, “Fuck. Let’s adopt a kid.”

Tennessee Whiskey

Title: Tennesee Whiskey

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t think he can fall in love. But every time he thinks of the way he’s around her, the way she makes him smile even in the darkest of days, he starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, he’s wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 2315

Warnings: Hmmm. Like the tiniest bit of angst. Drinking as a coping mechanism (not healthy, but this is Dean we’re talking about, so, you know…). And fluff, guys. So much fluff.  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @supernatural-jackles Jen’s SPN Birthday Challenge. My sweetest friend, Jen, happy birthday (even if I’m a few days early) and thank you so much for letting me participate. I loved working on this one.

My prompt for this was a gif that’s inserted into the fic. The story is very much based on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey (which is the most amazing song ever and has Dean’s name all over it *cough* the glorious Jensen Ackles has covered that song and it’s a dream *cough*)

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 because she is the best best-friend and writing guru in the world (and because she kept me sane these past few weeks). You’re the best, twin. 

Thank y’all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3 

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Dean Winchester had always liked bars.

He liked the way they looked, deep mahogany booths and age-speckled lights making him feel at home in places that had seen their fair share of stories, the way that distinct scent of cigarette smoke and aged whiskey clung to his clothes afterwards, like it was a piece of him.

He liked the inverted bottles that were pressed along the walls, the beer and the whiskey and the bourbon, and the way it burnt down his throat and made him feel something, anything, on those nights he was far too numb and far too broken to believe he was alive in the first place.

Alcohol used to be Dean’s poison and fuel anyway; it cleansed the impure parts of him and kept him going when he felt like there wasn’t much to keep going for.

And then she came along.

Y/N waltzed into his life years ago, when she’d shakily shot the werewolf that had kidnapped her right in the heart, and, ever since that day, she’d somehow managed to wove herself deep into the fabric of his existence.

He didn’t even notice at first.

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Goddess of the Underworld (Part 1)

Summary: Greek mythology!AU. James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself mortals call Persephone but you’re still scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter betroth you to Hades, you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark, attractive god. Maybe he’s not what he seems. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

A/N: Hey loves! I tagged everyone who voted for this story. Let me know if you want to be untagged and of course if you want to be put on the taglist. Also this first chapter is to introduce the twelve Olympian Gods, so you have an idea which of the Avengers is supposed to be which god of the Greek mythology. xoxo Debbie ♥

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes (Hades) x Reader (Persephone)

Warnings: None so far

Word Count: 1081


Part 1          Part 2 •••► coming soon! 

Gold. Gold and white polished marble was all around me. Today was my first time on Mount Olympus. I had a feeling about the home of the twelve most powerful gods would be pretentious, but this even outweighed my imagination. The great hall, where the councils were held, was enormous.

In the middle of the half circle stood the biggest and most pompous marble throne. Right next to the throne from our king of the gods, Zeus, was the one for his wife Hera. On each side of those two thrones were five smaller ones for the remaining gods. All of the twelve Olympians were currently sitting on their own rightful white polished marble throne.

The roof of the great hall was pillared, decorated with the symbols of the gods hewn in the white stone. The giant columns were embraced by hundreds of sky blue and golden flowers, making the whole hall shine heavenly and tempting. Floating in the air were thousands of lights in bulb shape, illuminating the hall, and casting slight shadows on each of our faces.

I was standing beside my mother, Maria, formally known as Demeter, who was talking quite animatedly with Athena beside her. I knew Athena all my life, which gave me the privilege to address her as Sharon. Due to respect we all spoke to one another with our godly titles and even more so at official congregations.

Like anticipated we were waiting for Zeus and Hera, our king and queen to appear for the meeting to begin. So far I still had no clue why I should attend this gathering in the first place. Some of the gods, like the twins Artemis and Apollo almost looked apologetically in my direction more than once. Others like Ares, Hermes and Dionysos sent me suggestive winks from time to time. Arrogant idiots!

I heard of their escapades, more times than I could count, and I clearly had no intention of being part of a single one. Not now, not in the future. My gaze wandered to Aphrodite and Hephaestus who had only eyes for the other. I was wondering if that was because of them being newly-weds or the fact Natasha was the goddess of love.

They were obviously happy in love and I caught myself wishing for someone to look at me with the same amount of devotion as Bruce looked at Natasha. My thoughts were interrupted when Tony and Pepper at last decided to show up. My father sent me an unnoticed smile before greeting everyone. Normally my father would hold a long speech and the fact he got straight to the point made me kind of nervous.

The more when he also sent me side glances over and over again. “The reason I asked you all to come, can simply be said with a single word. Hades.” To say my curiosity was awoken would be an understatement. I knew not much of Hades, brooding and dusky god of the dead and king of the underworld. On very rare occasions he would be invited on Mount Olympus, but his empire was the underworld and not the world above.

Only on very rare occasions Hades itself would show up on Mount Olympus, to take part at the meetings. The more I was paying attention to the next words my father spoke.

“We all know it’s nothing special or uncommon my dear brother stays secluded in the underworld. But now some worrying news got to me and my brother Poseidon’s attention.” Tony nodded at Steve, my uncle and god of the seas, who took it upon himself to continue.

“I spare you all the details, but the underworld is slowly falling apart. Hades lives more reclusive than ever. He ignores his duties of ruling the underworld and taking care of the souls. We came to the conclusion what Hades needs is a companion, someone who wakens his interest, helps him rule his empire and brings him back to live his life as the king he is. It is super important to make sure the balance of the worlds is ensured. We quickly came to the only solution. Hades has to get married.”

After this statement everyone started to speak loudly with his neighbor. The god of war, Thor, formally known as Ares was the loudest to be heard, with his loud booming voice.

“Who possibly would want to marry Hades willingly?” He said mocking. Zeus once again rise to speak. “Luckily we already found the perfect woman to become his wife. There couldn’t be someone more fitting. I’m proud to announce my lovely daughter Persephone will be marrying Hades.”

No way! I was shocked, unable to form words or even process what just happened. I could feel all eyes in the hall on me. I took a deep breath, to wake up from my surprised state.

“Are you kidding me right now?! No way I’m becoming the wife of Hades! Let alone my uncle!” I gritted out through my teeth, anger clearly evident in my hysteric voice.

“You know my brothers and I were created not made. You’re not blood related. It’s already decided. You will go right after this meeting. But you can’t let Hades know about our decision, he can never know about our arrangement. If he knew he would be grievously hurt in his pride. It has to be his free will to marry you. You need to make him fall in love with you. You understand?”

“But …” At my attempt to reason with my father his commanding voice, like I called it, came out.

“[Y/N]! I am your father! And I am your king! You will do as I say! When the meeting is over you will go to the underworld, you will make Hades fall in love with you and you will become his wife! End of the story!” He took a small dramatic pause.

“Do you even have an idea how important it is to remain the balance?! You are the most logical choice. As goddess of spring who breathes life into dead flowers and creates light, you’re ideal to bring some stability in the underworld. There can be no life without death and no death without life.”

I knew that what my father wants, my father gets. There would be absolutely no way I could change his mind now. Slowly but surely I had to get used to my new duty to protect the equilibrium of the worlds. I inevitably would have to make Hades fall in love with me.


PART 2 •••► coming soon!

Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged. Love y’all! ♥


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You Win Some, You Lose Some

“Why are we scowling today?” Hoody asks you as she sits down next to you.

“I’m not scowling. That’s just my face” you answered her back not looking up from your tablet.

“No, babe. I know your resting bitch face. That one is a scowl.” She tells you again, poking your forehead.

“Leave me alone.” You told her as you attempted to bite her finger.

“Ugh. What did he do now?” she asks crossing her arms across her chest.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. And that’s the problem.” You replied with a tinge of annoyance.

Right on cue, Jay walks out from his office and approached you and Hoody. The moment he saw the annoyed look on your face, he knew that he was close to winning this thing.

“Aww babe. You wore overalls.” He says as he stands in front of where you were seated.

“I’m kink shaming you!” Hoody says covering her ears.

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Sneaking In

I thought I was being quiet. I swear I was. 

But then again, Stealth wasn’t exactly my middle name. So, you could imagine the noise I made when I tried sneaking back into the Bunker. You’d actually think I couldn’t care less about what the Winchesters thought about my midnight rendezvous, but I was mortified about what Dean would think.

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—more touken headcanons 💍

here’s some touken headcanons to help you quench the otp thirst, inspired by ch130 (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


it’s still hard for Touka&Kaneki to find moments to spend together, alone, without goat members disrupting them, Tsukiyama dragging Kaneki to discuss mission strategies or Nishiki giving Touka a weird&suspicious glance (—the “i know your secret” type of glances—) from the distance that drives her insane. Sometimes they just have to briefly hold hands under a wooden table in the middle of a meeting, or sweetly brush each other’s bangs with their fingertips—instead of a goodbye kiss—before taking different paths, both ready to keep working, Touka catching Kaneki’s last stare to her as he disappears through the door, a “i wish i could stay with you longer” type of stare. But Touka is quite an optimist, and she doesn’t give up so easily. Whenever she sees Kaneki brewing coffee by himself, she silently walks towards him to wrap her arms around his waist from behind, resting her chin against his shoulder. It’s something her mother&father used to do, she recalls; the memory of her mother sweetly wrapping her arms around her father while making coffee in the kitchen was something she always looked at in wonder. They wouldn’t say anything, a silence louder than words, and holding each other was more than enough for the both of them.

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A Way to You Again: Part 9

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count:  1792

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. Holy mother of confrontations.

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I felt the couch shift slightly as someone sat beside me. I immediately knew who it was, and I was happy to act like I was sleeping until the end of time to avoid him. “Y/N,” Bucky whispered softly as he placed his hand on my back. I stiffened at the contact.

“Don’t,” I snapped as I sat up and looked at him. I could tell it was nearing the early dawn hours by the soft yellow light that flooded through the windows.

“Please doll,” he whispered as he placed his hand back in his lap. “I didn’t ask for her to be there. I told her to leave right before you came in,” he explained – desperation dripping from his voice.

“Don’t you get it?” I laughed as I hastily wiped tears away from my eyes. “You did ask for it, Bucky. You slept with her and kept it a secret before breaking it off…” I paused for a moment before turning to him. “Did you even really break it off or were you seeing her when you started spending time with me?” The words sounded much more accusatory than I had meant for them to be.

Bucky blinked for a moment – shocked at the words that had come out of my mouth – before anger flashed across his face. “For Christ’s sake, Y/N! If you would just let me explain what happened!” he answered, exasperated, as he slammed his fist onto the couch.

“I think I can sum it up quite nicely. You fucked my best friend, and kept it a secret from everyone on the team. You then broke it off with her— knowing that she had feelings for you, and began pursuing me. You then did the exact same thing to me,” I muttered bitterly as I looked anywhere but at him.

“Except I didn’t break it off with you – you ran away. Off to some place that I couldn’t find, and refused to talk to anyone. And then when I called to apologize you told me it’s over, and hung up. Let’s not forget about the sister I never knew existed.” Bucky was becoming more agitated by the minute as he struggled to reign in his emotions.

“I didn’t tell you about her because I was trying to protect her!” I shouted as I angrily pushed myself off the couch.

“And why won’t you believe me when I tell you the same thing?” he asked as with a sad sigh. His anger had deflated and he was grappling for words as he ran his hands through his hair nervously. The sight of him looking so helpless and confused disarmed me and I felt my own anger ebb. All the things that Steve had confided in me about Bucky’s happiness and subsequent withdrawal after I had left came flooding back. I sat down beside him softly.

“When did you start having nightmares again?” I asked quietly. In the months that we had been together he rarely had nightmares, and even when he did they were no where close to what he had had tonight.

“Since you left,” he responded just as quietly.

“I’m sorry I left. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. I should have stayed and talked to you…. I missed you,” I added as I rested my hand over his.

“Then nothing else matters. It’s all in the past. We can move forward,” he responded fiercely as he gazed up into my eyes.

His words echoed back to those of another, who had once said the the same thing—holding me captive with the promise of a better tomorrow for years. I could feel the chill creep into my heart again as I quickly removed my hand and watched Bucky’s face melt into confusion. “It does matter and you know it,” I responded brutally.

“Why? Why can’t we talk about this and move on from it?” Bucky pleaded.

“Because I love you!” I yelled at him as I pushed off the couch once again. I froze at my sudden announcement. I hadn’t meant to say it – I had just been trying to reason my feelings out in my mind and it had slipped through. I looked at Bucky as he sat frozen on the couch. His mouth opened and closed several times; unable to formulate any type of response to me. I turned to leave – it was like I was living my own personal nightmare. I had prepared for this revelation as best as I could, but I had failed miserably in its delivery.

“Y/N, wait,” Bucky breathed as his hand wrapped around my arm – stopping me in my tracks. I turned to look at him again, but still saw the same troubled and terrified blue eyes that I had witnessed when I had accidentally confessed my feelings. “I…”

“Just tell me this Bucky – why did your best friend have to come find me in secret? Why wasn’t it you?” I asked bitterly as tears stung my eyes. Bucky looked down at the ground unable to answer me. “Jesus Christ – I can’t stay here and look at you like this,” I muttered as I yanked my arm from his grasp and turned to leave. As I stepped into the elevator I turned to make sure he wasn’t following me and saw him standing in the same spot I had left him. Just before the doors closed he turned to look at me with tears in his eyes.

I slumped against the wall of the elevator once the doors had closed. I felt like I had had the breath knocked out of me. Tears trailed down my cheeks as I tried desperately to regain my composure. Some of the others would be awake by now and I didn’t want to stir any suspicion. I couldn’t answer their questions – no matter how well intended they might be.

As the elevator doors opened to the common room I rushed through them – determined to dart to my room. In my panic I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and ran into Steve.

“Woah, Y/N! Where’s the fire?” he chuckled. The humor in his eyes extinguished when he looked at my bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks. “What happened?”

“I…” I was finding it hard to speak, and keep my composure. “I walked in on Nat comforting Bucky after a nightmare and I…” Steve visibly tensed at this.

“Go on,” he said as he wrapped his arms around me and brought my head to his chest.

“I… he followed me, and I confronted him… and… I told him I loved him,” I whispered as I buried my head into Steve’s chest. I just wanted to disappear. “And he didn’t say anything, Steve… He just stood there.”

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice came from behind me. I stiffened at the sound. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Steve hugged me tight as he sighed into my hair.

“Y/N, you should head back to your room. I’ll come check on you in a second,” Steve muttered. I looked up at him confused.

“Steve, I can…” but the look he gave me stopped me in my tracks. I swallowed hard before Steve’s arms dropped to his side and I half-turned defensively towards Bucky.

“Y/N, I…” but Bucky’s words were halted by Steve’s fist hitting him straight in the jaw. He blinked once before falling to his knees. He stared at me as I turned to leave.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Steve asked angrily as I retreated to my room – unwilling to participate in a super soldier brawl.

I slumped back to rest my head on my door. I was dizzy from the tale-spin of emotions that I had just endured. I heard Bucky trudge down the hallway with Steve close behind him.

“What are you doing?!” Steve demanded before a door slammed – securing both men safely in Bucky’s room, and making it less likely that they would wake up the entire tower.

“What am I doing?!” Bucky bellowed back. “I’m trying to win my girl back, and you keep getting in the way Rogers!”

“What the hell are you talking about Buck?” Steve asked – astonishment driving his voice to become even louder.

“Every time I turn around you are there with her. How am I supposed to even get a second to make things right when you are always there?!” Bucky yelled back at him before quieting himself – he must have regained enough sense to realize I could hear everything he was saying.

“You’re kidding, right? You don’t need my help fucking things up, Buck. You’re doing great on your own,” Steve answered incredulously. I could tell that Steve was trying to regain control of his anger but was struggling. “She literally ran away from you, and you refused to run after her. If it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t even be here, you fucking idiot!”

Silence lapsed between the two men as I held my breath – waiting for Bucky’s response. There was of course no way I could have known that Bucky would snap and run full force towards his best friend. Suddenly there was a loud crash and a cloud of debris as the two men came hurtling through the wall –Bucky with his hands still around Steve’s throat. I shrieked in response as I scrambled off of my bed and into the corner of the room as the two men crashed onto the floor. They rolled around – jabbing at one another and grunting. After the initial shock wore off I looked at the gaping hole that now adorned my bedroom wall, and felt anger bubble up from within me.

“What the fuck do you two think you’re doing?!” I screeched as I stomped over to the two of them and fruitlessly attempted to pry them apart. The men continued to fight as I yelled at them. Hot angry tears rolled from my eyes as they finally broke apart – realizing suddenly where they were and what they were doing.

Bucky scrambled to his feet quickly – his hair in disarray and he shirt partially torn. “Doll I am so..”

“What the fuck gives you the right to act like fucking two-year olds? Both of you are grown ass men! God! Just get out of my room!” I yelled as I stomped my foot in frustration. Without saying another word both men quickly exited. I groaned as I looked at the gaping hole in the wall near my bed. As Bucky entered his own room I realized there was no way I could stay. Not without seeing him, and hearing him every second – I angrily padded across the room, and grabbed my gym bag before making my way to the gym.


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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (3)

[A/N: Last chapter for today! If you go to my page you’ll see that I’ve left a little question asking what you’d like to see in the following chapters! (I don’t want to spoil anything but the chapter after this one will have kind of Jughead POV scene or scenes)

I’m really enjoying writing this one but obviously I want you guys to enjoy it too and I want to write the kind of stuff that you want to see! I hope you enjoy this one guys! Also I love it when you guys leave comments, it really makes my day (read that as: I need constant validation to ensure that I am happy). 

Also see if you can find the Fall Out Boy lyrics in this chapter! (Hint: It’s not very subtle)]

Word Count: 1870

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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Marichat Day 12: Sleepover

“Are you sure we’re not going to get in trouble?” Marinette peeked over the roof ledge of the school.

“Who would even know we’re up here? Don’t worry, Princess. I’ve got everything taken care of.” Chat Noir finished covering an air mattress with blankets.

“My house is literally across the street. We could’ve just done this on my balcony.”

“We always hang out on your balcony. I wanted to do something special for the meteor shower.” He opened a cooler and pulled out bottled water, offering one to her.

“When did you get all this up here?” she laughed, taking in the pumped air mattress, blankets and pillows, cooler, and expensive-looking telescope.

“I’m a Chat of mystery,” he winked. “Come sit with me.” He patted the space beside him on the mattress. 

Marinette sat down and then laid back. Chat Noir smiled down at her and then joined her, flat on his back. 

“It really is beautiful,” she sighed, looking at the stars. “When will we be able to see the meteors?”

“Maybe another hour or so, according to the astronomy app.”



“Is it weird to hang out with me?”

He rolled over and propped himself up on an elbow. “What in the world do you mean?”

She turned towards him. “Like, you’re someone outside of Chat Noir, but you only hang out with me as Chat. Are you different with me or are you the same as you are in everyday life but with a mask?”

“Are you asking who I am?”

“No!” She blushed. “I guess I’m just wondering if you ever feel like two different people? The Chat Noir who saves the day with Ladybug and hangs out with Marinette and the Chat Noir who…doesn’t?” She closed her eyes and gave a frustrated huff. “This isn’t coming out at all the way I mean.”

“I think I understand what you’re asking.” He pursed his lips in thought. “Yeah, sometimes I do feel like two different people.”


“Can I tell you a secret?”

Marinette’s eyes widened. “Uh…you don’t have to do that.”

He furrowed his brow and then laughed. “I’m not going to tell you who I am right now if that’s what you’re nervous about.”

She let out a breath of relief. “Sorry,” she grinned sheepishly. “What’s your secret?”

He leaned in a little closer. “I’m never more myself than when I’m like this with you.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever been more comfortable with another person before.”

Marinette smiled at him. “I’m glad I can be that person for you, kitty.”

“I’m glad you’re my person too.” He kissed her forehead. “Now, let me teach you about the stars because I have a feeling you are woefully uneducated.”

“Excuse me, I have excellent star knowledge, thank you very much.”

Hours later after constellations had been pointed out and glittering bits of meteor had been spotted, Marinette lay curled on her side on the mattress, covered in blankets and breathing in and out in an even rhythm.

Adrien watched her sleep, tempting fate for the chance to see her so relaxed without his mask in the way.

“You’re playing with fire, Kid,” Plagg warned as he recharged with a piece of Camembert.

“I don’t mind the heat,” Adrien whispered in reply.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: around 800

Warnings: A little angst, a big unspecified age gap, one or two curse words, mention of nakedness, implied smut.

A/N: This is my contribution to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing V Challenge - Week 12

Dialogue prompt bolded. Sorry i haven’t been writing that much lately. Unbeta’d so there will be mistakes.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56


Bare feet shyly lead you down the stairs with enough luck to prevent the old steps to creak under your weight. On the carpeted floor in the little resting area you stop, the glow of the side lamp next to the big couch by the window on Bobby’ study decides your way. Fidgeting with your fingers you walk, taking the long path through the kitchen when Dean’s eyes don’t lift up from the book he’s currently reading as you pass the study’s entrance. But as you turn around the kitchen’s archway, distracted by the way the polish chipped from your nails, you never notice Dean waiting for you to walk in the room.

“What are you doing here?”

“Shit!” Feet jump off the ground, taking you a couple of steps back. “You scared me!”

The grim expression on his face eases up into a gentler one, the tiny dimples upon the sides of his lips disappear. Dean shuts the book, letting it rest on his lap and straightens up, arms going to the outside back of the couch in a silent invitation for you to join him. With a sigh you step back into the room, hesitantly at first but then take a sit on the opposite end of the couch, facing him.

Licking his lips he stares as you unnecessarily make yourself comfortable on the edge of the corner panel. Loudly he sighs, causing you to finally find the perfect position.

“What it is,” he asks although he knows exactly what it is, same as you.

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Tell Me

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Tell Me
[You need alittle reassurance from Zico]

Jiho groaned and rolled over on his side. You two have been in bed for the last few hours and every time he finds himself finally falling asleep, you would find it absolutely necessary to roll over and it would wake him up. That and he’d often find a mass of hair tickling his face, but he’d grown to find that part comforting. He couldn’t really complain about a slight discomfort when it oddly smelled like warmth and home.

However, each one of your little flops were followed by a very huffy grunt.

It wasn’t that you never moved around in bed, it was just that you never moved around so much. He glanced at his alarm clock and sighed, rubbing his temples. He had work in a few hours and knew that you wouldn’t just offer up what was bothering you. “Jagi please” he wrapped his arms around you, stopping you from turning again. “What is it?”

“…Nothing” you mumbled pouting.

He knew that pout, that was the I don’t wanna say it, but I’ll be even angrier if you don’t keep asking me pout. “Come on, please just tell me.” he yawned. “I gotta get some sleep and whatever it is, is clearly bothering you.”

“I don’t wanna tell you.” your pout deepened.

“Well why the hell not?”

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 18


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,

You left the building feeling thoroughly disturbed. You could still feel the phantom sensation of Jaebum breathing down your neck, and you shivered as though you had just walked through a spider web. Your side hurt where you had been kicked, but the tears stinging the corners of your eyes had nothing to do with that. Jaebum was completely insane, and if you weren’t careful, you could very well lose everything.

You were already a block or so away from Jaebums base, but felt like you couldn’t get away fast enough. You turned an ally on your left, the quickest way back to Bangtan. Something crashed to one side, and you jumped only to see a small cat scurrying away from the trashcan it had just overturned.

“Dumb cat.” You muttered, before a hand clamped down over your mouth and pulled you sideways so a dumpster hid you from view of the street.

“I don’t think a cat is your biggest concern right now.” 

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James March: Ugly Jealousy

You were at the bar chatting with a man named, Nick. He’s staying two nights at the Hotel Cortez for a business trip. The conversation was completely harmless, as this man is married, he just wanted someone to talk to at the bar.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to use the restroom.” Nick pats your arm and leaves to the restroom. You nodded to him.

5 minutes pass and the man hasn’t returned. You figured that he went back to his room or had to take a business call. When you thought you were sitting alone at the bar, you can feel a presence behind you and you turn around instantly. It’s your boyfriend, James.

“I see you were having a splendid time talking to that man, dearest.” James said sarcastically.

“Get over yourself, James. We were just talking. Am I not allowed to have an innocent conversation with the opposite gender?” You stand up to face James, eyeing him in annoyance.

“See to it that you never will with that man.” His eyes grew wide. You knew exactly what he meant by that.

You dashed towards the stairs, heading to the elevator. James immediately following after you. “I can’t believe you killed that man James. He has a wife waiting at home for him. Are you kidding me?” He easily could’ve shunned the man away, but your Jamesy being the way he is, he had to go as far as ending this innocent man’s life.

Reaching the elevator, you pressed the button for the penthouse suite with force. 

Once the doors closed, James grips your arms and pushes you against the wall. “How many times do I have to remind you that you are mine?! I will not let other men even breathe your air.” James nostrils flared as he spoke.

You shook your arms from his grip and pushed him off of you. “Get your paws off of me, James.” If it were anyone else doing this to James, he would kill them in an instant.

The elevator doors open and you speed walk to your room. You attempt to close the door on James’ face, but he stops it with his hand and he slams the door behind him.

James clenches his jaw and starts taking deep breaths as he tries to prevent himself from yelling at you. 

You cross your arms and face your back towards him not saying a word. The tension in the air was definitely thick. As the room is filled with silence, you gather your thoughts. You couldn’t believe James would really go as far as killing a man for speaking to you. You took a deep breath and without thinking straight, you unlock your arms and face James, yelling at him. “I’ve had it with you up to this point! This is fucking ridiculous! You know what? I’m leaving!” 

You go around the room looking for your phone and your purse. The plan wasn’t to necessarily leave James, you loved him too much. You just needed to get out of the hotel for a minute just to give yourself space from James. Taking that man’s life for talking to you was just going too far.

James was going to let this go until you opened your mouth. He was shocked that you started yelling at him out of the blue. But sometimes, you can’t control your emotions and he’s definitely guilty of that too. You knew that yelling at him was going to push his buttons and you don’t know why, but that’s exactly what you wanted to do. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop using such foul language?!” James shouts at the top of his lungs. You can see his veins peek through his forehead as he’s yelling. “And you’re not going anywhere, I will not have that!”

“You can’t tell me what to do or where to go, James!” Once found, you throw your phone in your purse, then you started heading straight to the door. Before you had the chance to get even 5 feet from the door, James quickly runs out and locks you in.

Twisting the doorknob, trying to get the door open, only lead to failure and now you’re locked in your room. “God dammit, James. Let me out!” You yell as you’re pounding on the door, hoping it would help change his mind to set you free.

James ignores you with his back facing the door as he allows himself to calm down. It always breaks his heart whenever the fights end up as a threat from you to leave the hotel. You simply said such a horrid thing in the heat of the moment. It definitely was a flaw of yours. 

The last bad fight you had resulted to you leaving for a night. And that night without you, caused James to go insane. James loves you more than he’s ever loved anyone else, maybe even more than killing. 

After his mood goes from livid to content, he twirls the key around his finger, whistling while he does, then starts walking towards the elevator.



Let me know if you guys want a part 2! I would be happy to write one (:


Hey hey hey!!

I know you’re probably sick of me and my fics by now ‘cause there are too many but I was thinking about how today is Yousef’s free day and how he has Sana’s number now and how I’m dying to see him with kids and I had too many feelings that I had to write this. 

It’s not complete though, I’ve written a second part. And if you like this I can post it later or tomorrow. I just didn’t want to post the whole thing because it was too long and I didn’t want to bore you. 

So again, it’s a mix between text messages and fic. Sorry  about the mistakes that might be there but as you know, english is not my first language.

I hope you like it!


She took a moment to process everything.

Yousef had just asked her out. Yes, it was to go watch a kids play but still, he had asked her out. He had even offered to go to her house and talk with her mom.

Her mom. She had heard her on Sunday telling Elias that she didn’t like Sana and Yousef spending so much time together. She was going to freak out when Sana told her that she wanted to go out with him. And as charming as Yousef was, which was a lot, she wasn’t sure that he would be able to convince her.

After choosing carefully her outfit, something nice but not too nice so her mom wouldn’t suspect, she went to the kitchen to find her mom and Elias there. Elias, she wasn’t counting on him being there.

“Hey habibti, you look really nice today. Are you planning on going out?”

So much for not wanting to make her suspect. Well done, Sana.

“Yeah, yeah, I was actually coming to ask you if I could go out”

“Are you meeting Noora?” her mom asked

“Um…no, not Noora.”

“Who then?”

“Well…”Sana looked at her brother who was focused on texting someone. She didn’t feel very comfortable telling her mom her plans with him there.

“Sana, you know we don’t have secrets in this family. Whatever you want to tell me, you can say it in front of your brother” her mom said following Sana’s look. “Besides, he’s not even listening, are you Elias?”

“I am listening, I just don’t really care” he said still looking at his phone

“Whatever…okay…well, I have this friend” Sana started “who works in a kindergarten”

“Okay, now I’m interested” Elias said putting away his phone and giving her sister all the attention, he knew exactly where this was going.

Sana gave him a death glare before continuing

“Yeah, well, the kids there are performing today, some kind of play. And he has a spare ticket and asked me if I wanted to go”

“He?” Sana’s mom asked “Who’s he? Is it Isak?”

“No, no, no, not Isak…” she took a deep breath trying to find the right words, when actually there was only one word that needed to be said, one name. “He’s…well…he’s…”

“Come on, sis! I know you can” Elias teased her.

“It’s Yousef, isn’t he?” her mom asked frowning

“Well…yeah…he is”

“Sana…You know I like Yousef and I know he’s a good kid but…I don’t know if I want you spending so much time with you…with the whole drinking thing and so on…”

“But mom, he doesn’t drink. He told you, the bottle wasn’t his”

“Well, he wouldn’t tell me if it was”

“Mom, trust me, the bottle wasn’t his. He doesn’t drink. He’s a good guy, you know him, you’ve known him for years. And we’re just friends, we’re going to watch a kids play. That’s it”

“If it’s a plan for friends, why wouldn’t he ask Elias instead of you?”

“’Cause Elias doesn’t like kids”

“Neither do you Sana”

“I like kids…sometimes”

“I don’t know Sana…I don’t like the idea of you two being alone”

“We won’t. There are going to be parents and teachers”


“Would it help if he told you all of this himself? If you heard this from him?”

Just as she finished her sentence, someone knocked at the door front.

“’Cause he’s here…”

Mrs. Bakkoush took a deep breath and closed her eyes trying to calm down.

“Elias, please, open the door”

He stood up and went to the front door and opened it. In front of him there was a very nervous Yousef. He was wearing a white shirt and nice jeans and no snapback at all.

“Dude, what are you wearing?” Elias said laughing at his friend

“Not helping” Yousef said brushing past him.

He entered the kitchen followed by Elias. His eyes went straight to Sana, she looked beautiful, but that wasn’t a surprise, she always looked beautiful.


“Hi” she said looking at him the same way she always did, with loving eyes.

“Good afternoon Mrs Bakkoush” Yousef said to her mom “I guess Sana has told you why I’m here”

“Indeed, she has and frankly Yousef I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“I know, and I respect that but please let me try to convince you”

“Go ahead” she sighed

“Okay..so…”he took a deep breath preparing to tell her the speech he had been rehearsing in his way there “I know you don’t like the idea of Sana and me spending time alone, but the thing is we won’t be alone. There will be a lot of adults, parents, teachers and so on. Even my aunt, she works there, so she’ll be there. The kids have worked so hard for this play and I think Sana will like it and the kids are going to love her. See, I really admire Sana as a person, I think she’s kind and strong and she’d be a perfect role model to the kids there and they could learn a lot from her, so I would love them to meet her. And she’ll be back here as soon as the play ends, we can come home straight from there. You can even call the headmaster of the kindergarten if you feel more comfortable. I just…I don’t know what else to say…but if you still don’t think it’s a good idea, like I told Sana, I’ll respect that and go alone”

Both Sana and her mom looked at Yousef in awe. The boy was definitely charming, the things he had said about Sana had convinced her mom without even doubt it. Still, she kept thinking about it.

“Come on mom, cut them some slack, you know they’re both responsible people” Elias said trying to help.

“At what time does the play start?” Mrs. Bakkoush asked


“And how long is it?”

“Not longer than an hour I guess”

“Okay” she sighed “you can go Sana”

“Really? Thank you mom!” she said hugging her

“Thank you so much Mrs. Bakkoush” Yousef said

“You have to be here at 7pm, though” she told her daughter

“7 pm? But the play ends at 5 pm…that’s two hours” Sana said confused

“Well, the boy came all the way here to talk to your mom, the least you can do is invite him to an ice-cream after the play don’t you think?”

“Sounds fair to me” Yousef said with a big smile.


Well, this is the first part. The second part is about the play and the kids and so on. Let me know if you want me to post the second part

I’ve just noticed that there’s a mistake in one of the messages, it should say “they gave me two tickets” and it says “the”. Sorry about that

Also! This is especially dedicated to my friend @sterekwonders We were talking the other day about how cute it would be if Yousef went to talk to the bakkoush’s family about his relationship with Sana. I know this isn’t exactly what we talked about but still, it made think of you. 

Well, I hope you all like this

Thank you for reading and let me know if you would like to read the second part

Edited: here’s part 2

That’s My Name, Don't Wear It Out Pt. 3 (Jason Todd x Reader)

AU/Prompt Used In Pt. 1 : “I’m your neighbor and I can hear you fucking someone who shares my name” AU by @mewlink 

A/N: I would like to thank and give creds to @avengerdragoness for helping me come up with ideas for this story. Italics are just your thoughts. 

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help

Pt.1  Pt.2 Pt.4 


Well, shit.

Jason told you to go inside your apartment before his unwanted guest said anything to offend you. You tried your best not to listen to their argument but the walls were no help.

“Oh, come on, Jason! You ended what we had going on just for some (girl/guy) you barely even know?!”

“I ended things with you because of who you are as a person! I was already planning on ending everything last night! Fucking you wasn’t on my agenda, you know?!”

Jason’s voice was dripping with venom. When he’s angry, it’s like he’s a different person.

“But, Jason…I love you, damn it!”

“Love isn’t just sex for fucks sake! Do you really think I would love you after all that? Do you think I care about your so called feelings?! It’s what we agreed to never let happen between us! No strings attached! No feelings!”

“Look at me in the eyes and say you don’t love me!”

“I don’t love you!”

They fell silent. After a minute or two they screeched, “This is all because of them!” And with that, you heard the sound of footsteps running out of his apartment. 

You let out a sigh of relief, waiting a few minutes before it was safe to leave your apartment. A few minutes passed and you walked outside to knock on Jason’s door, “Jason?”

He opened up right away, “Come in.” He said, seething.

You didn’t hesitate at all. You walked in without a word heading straight to his living room and sat down on his couch.

He closed the door, copying what you just did but sat across from you, letting out a suffering sigh, “I know you heard all that.”

You nodded, “Yeah…”

He crossed his arms behind his head, nose pointing up towards the ceiling. The two of you didn’t talk, letting the comfortable silence stretch on.

He’ll talk about it when he feels like it. 

You were going to break the silence, but his phone stole that opportunity. He fished it out from his pocket and answered, not checking the caller ID, “What?” He growled.

You couldn’t make anything out of what the caller was saying, but it seemed very important by the way it intrigued Jason, “He finally has what he owes?…I’m on my way,” He hung up and gave you an apologetic look, “(Y/N), I’m sorry but I really need to go to work.”

You shook your head and stood up, “Don’t worry! You do what you gotta do.”

I didn’t know he worked at night.

You both said your goodbyes before you left back to your apartment. You were still in the outfit you wore for the date, so you took it off for a long shower. You didn’t know how long you were in there, thinking about what happened not too long ago.

What kind of person did Jason stop sleeping with? Why does he hate them so much? And there’s no point for them to hate you either.

You sighed, turning off the water and started getting ready for bed.


When morning arrived and you realized you were off from work today, you slept in a little later. Eventually, you dragged yourself out of bed and started to do your morning routine. Today, you had to go grocery shopping for basically everything. 

You sighed as you walked out of the building, looking up at the gray Gotham sky, and started to head over towards your car. Before you opened the door you had to double take, there was a long harsh slash on the car paint. You groaned, slamming your forehead on the car in agony, “Damn kids.” You muttered. 

“You alright, sweetheart?”

You turned your head and raised an eyebrow, Jason was parking his motorcycle behind your car, “You just arrived from work?” 

He shook his head and got off, “Nah, I arrived from work a few hours ago. I just came back from visiting a brother of mine. So where are you…?” He noticed the slash when his eyes trailed down towards your car,” What the fuck happened?” He leaned down, examining the damage.

You shrugged, “Probably some idiot kids who did it. It’s no biggie.”

He scowled, “No biggie, (Y/N)? Who cares if it was a damn kid or not? You need to find out who the fuck did this.”

You sighed, he was right, “Fine, but do you know where I can go to fix this?”

He scratched the back of his head, trying to not look at you in the eye, “Um…if you want, I’ll take your car to a repair shop after you take me to wherever it is you’re going.”

You gave him a sincere smile, “Sure, I’d like that.”

He grinned, and snatched the keys from your hands, “Cool! I’m driving.” He got in the car before you could even respond. You smiled and rolled your eyes, getting in to sit on the passenger seat, “To the super market, kind sir.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

You felt your face heat up. Gosh darn it (Y/N), you only met him last night! Stop getting baby butterflies in your stomach!

One of the things you figured out about Jason is that he loves to go fast.

“C-could you go a bit slower, Jason?” You were clutching the sides of your seat.

He snorted, “I am going slow.”

Oh, great.

The both of you arrived in no time thanks to Jason’s driving skills. After parking the car and heading inside, you took a shopping cart and started listing down the things he could help you get but gave up after noticing how much stuff you need, “You know what, just get anything that’s necessary, Jay.”

He stopped dead in his tracks, looking completely thrown off, “What?”

You realized what you just said, “Oh sorry, it just slipped out. If you don’t like me calling you that then-”

“No, no! You can totally call me that!” He rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at the floor, blushing, “I don’t even know why I felt so surprised.” He murmured. 

You told him to not worry about it. You thought it was very cute when he became flustered. The two of you parted ways to look for all the groceries you need. You walked down the cereal aisle, browsing for your favorite while pushing the cart. Once you found the one you were looking for, you reached up to get it but suddenly, you were pushed to the side.

You grunted, your hip hitting the cart, “What the hell?”

“Sorry, about that.” Someone said bitterly, “I didn’t see you there.”

You felt a shiver run down your spine, the person who hit you “unintentionally” was the same person from last night. You gulped slightly, “No hard feelings.” 

They smirked, “I take it we share the same name, (Y/N).”

You fold your arms across your chest, “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

They clenched their jaw, scrutinizing you, “I saw you walk in with my Jason.”

You laughed, “Last time I checked, he doesn’t want to be your Jason.” You retorted.

When did I get this confident?

Before they could taunt you back, Jason called out for you, “(Y/N), I found some nacho chips we could eat tonight,” He walked up from the other side of your cart, placing the bag inside, “All we need is some cheese and- Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me. Why the fuck are you here?”

You noticed how quickly they changed their tone when they saw Jason, “I just wanted to seize the day and buy some groceries, babe.” They said sweetly.

You rolled your eyes, even the way they speak irks you.

“Don’t fucking call me that,” He took in a sharp breath, trying to control himself, “You don’t even come here, so just fucking leave.” 

They pouted, “What are you talking about, babe? I always come here.”

He started walking slowly towards them, “Yo, stop fucking lying you-” 

You placed a hand on his chest and stood in front of him, “Jason, forget them. They’re not worth it.”

He kept sending them death glares. Jason grabbed your wrist and started pulling you towards the exit, “Hey, wait what about the food?!” 

“Forget it, you’re eating at my place tonight.” He said, intensely.

You looked back over your shoulder, sticking your tongue out and winking at your new enemy when you saw how irate they were. 

Later after that terrible encounter with Jason’s ex-FWB, the two of you just hung out driving around the streets of Gotham.

“Jay, are you okay? You seem tired.” You were driving this time but you noticed how droopy his eyes were.

He yawned, forcing himself to keep them open, “Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”  

The repair shop can wait.

You asked him if he wanted to go back home, considering the fact that he probably didn’t sleep at all last night. The sun was setting as you drove back to your apartment. 

After parking and heading upstairs, you told him that you’ll just order takeout so he can get all the rest he needs. Before the two of you said your goodbyes, he saw a package in front of your apartment door, “I think you have a secret admirer.” He said, jokingly. 

You smiled, playfully hitting his shoulder, “Shut up.”

You picked up the package, examining it. It was wrapped in gold wrapping paper with a green bow on top. Taped next to the bow was a note, Jason looked over your shoulder, “’Welcome to your new home! Hope this will come in handy.’” He read out loud, “Do you even know what that means?”

You shook your head, “Not if we don’t find out.” You ripped off the wrapping paper letting it fall to the floor and opened the box. 

You screamed at what was inside, dropping the box on the floor, “Oh my gosh!” You had to squeeze your nose shut because of the putrid smell.

Your body was swaying from the disgusting odor. You almost fell but Jason caught you before you hit the floor, “What’s wrong?!”

You just pointed at the box, whimpering as tears streamed down your face. 

Jason peered inside, but was so revolted that he kicked the box down the hallway.

Inside was a dismembered human hand.

Nobody Else But Me

Tobi x Reader

Request: “Could you please write an imagine based on that shirtless tobi gif? Something where he gets super jealous and then somehow leads to that situation with him shirtless and out of breath. Honestly you can write it however youd like but I need something to satisfy the tobi feels after that gif”

Note: 2400 words. Shout out to the anon who told me to listen to this song because it inspired this imagine. Also shout out to @sveta-sdmn for turning all of my followers into Tobi stans. I appreciate dat. Sexual themes below (like, seriously).  [master list]

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you have to wonder how the fake ah crew manages to get anything done?? like heist planning alone must be a goddamn nightmare when you consider how 9/10 times during an AH video geoff can’t get through explaining the rules of a game without getting interrupted or lured into an argument for twenty minutes

like maybe geoff sets up the premise for a heist and everybody’s general reaction is there’s no fucking way that’s going to work are you kidding me, and geoff huffs and is like, “look, what do i always say?”

“uh, ‘i swear i’m not drunk right now’,” jack says thoughtfully.


“don’t even look or breathe or exist in my general direction until i’ve had my coffee,” gavin pipes up.


“for the love of god, ryan, stop breaking into my house at two in the morning and scaring the shit out of me,” ryan contributes.


“for the love of god, michael, stop helping ryan break into my house at two in the morning so he can scare the shit out of me,” michael chimes in.

NO– everybody shut the fuck up! you’re all fucking fired, i swear to christ.”

“ohhhh,” jeremy says, snapping his fingers and nodding. “right, yeah, that’s what it is.”

ethien  asked:

Congrats to 1500 Follower <3 AUs: 🍆 and 🍼 Characters: Zen, Yoosung and Seven ^-^

ooh this combination gives me life

(written in second person because I need fucking practice at it and also this isn’t proofread cause it’s fucking midnight and I need a good cuppa to proofread)


  • “so in all the time we’ve been fuck buddies you failed to mention you’re babysitting my little sister”


“Hi…I didn’’t expect to see you here”

“That makes two of us”

You knew this day would come. Here you were standing in the doorway of the Kim’s residence, in some ugly ass pink slippers, t-shirt beautifully garnished with a ketchup stain and some shameful running shorts. Yoosung looking like he’d seen a ghost. To be fair if you came over deliver the spare car keys to the babysitter only to find your fuck buddy in the doorway you’d be shook as well. Somewhere along the way in your relationship (if you can call it that anyway) with Yoosung you ended up babysitting his sister in a desperate attempt to add to your sad list of qualifications. You knew telling him would just make things more awkward between you two. Yoosung was shuffling from side to side, occasionally opening his mouth to say something then shaking his head and closing it again. You had become quite interested in a cloud that kind of looked like a bunny, Yoosung finally cut through the silence with a harsh whisper

“so in all the time we’ve been friend with benefits you failed to mention you’re babysitting my little sister” 



  • “Hey..I know I only message you for a quickie but I’m currently locked in the bathroom trying to escape a demonic 7 year old, your assistance would be appreciated”

You had finally got a day off your schedule and had planned to have a ‘me’ day. You had netflix at the ready, popcorn in the microwave, a litre bottle of Phd.Pepper. You were legit about to flop onto the bed. When you heard the muffled ring of your phone coming from your back pocket. You looked at the screen to see ‘The Beast™” and a picture of Zen’s face. A look of confusion spread on your face. You had specifically told Zen not to call today. The curious part you wanted to answer the call, The rational side wanted to ignore him. You ended up picking up the call anyway. You made out noises before hearing Zen’s panicked voice through the speaker.

“Hey..I know I only message you for a quickie but I’m currently locked in the bathroom trying to escape a demonic 7 year old, your assistance would be appreciated”

At that moment you regretted even picking up the phone. You took a deep breath to refrain yourself from unleashing your petty side and roasting his ass for calling you to deal with some snotty kid.

“Are you fucking serious” You barked already raking your way through your wardrobe to find a warm coat.

“I’m being serious he threatened me” 

“Oh and what threats did he make” You were hobbling into your shoes whilst trying to keep the phone wedged between your shoulder blade and your cheek.

“He threatened to cut my hair”

“Just stay where you are I’m coming” You sighed, “You owe me one for doing this though I’m pretty sure this goes way beyond our agreement”

(I couldn’t do 🍆 for Seven he’s a holy man remember)

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • “So in the profile it said you were hyperactive and needs constant supervision, oh and it also forgot to mention you’re 22″

You checked the address on your phone for the third time. You didn’t want to end up at the wrong house again after the incident with the rich lady who thought you were her husband’s mistress. You cautiously stepped up to the door the instructions said to wait to be let in for your own safety. As you took in the scenery around you, you start to wonder how you managed to pick the shadiest babysitting job. You were brought out of your thoughts to the door opening to reveal a man with a mop of red hair and oddly coloured glasses . When you got a closer look at his face one thing came to mind

“You’re cute”. Crap.You realised that you had said that out loud. Not only had you booked this shady ass job you had called a random stranger cute. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say you wanted to crawl in a hole and die

“Thanks, right back at ya” said “the cute glasses guy” 

“Uhm…I’m here for the babysitting job is Luciel here” You asked trying to steer the conversation to the reason of you bein here

“This is him”

You took a long pause wondering if this was part of some prank show.

“I’m sorry how old are you”


“…Right” you answered now thinking that the whole option seemed really appealing now

“So in the profile it said you were hyperactive and needs constant supervision, oh and it also forgot to mention you’re 22″

“I see this must be very confusing but let’s talk about this over some Phd.Pepper”

“..Okay..I’m still getting paid tho”

Stormy Weather (M) – Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Summary: You take up on Jungkook’s offer to meet him at the bonfire, but an incoming storm causes you to change your plans. A continuation of Shades, but can stand on it’s own

Word Count: 5.3k

Warning: Smut, oh lordie

A/N: This kinda got… out of hand… yeah.

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anonymous asked:

“You died and left me a bunch of money and a pile of really weird IOUs?! why did someone owe you a free body disposal. why did someone owe you two brides and a goat. why did someone owe you an island. WHY” with Tony/Steve please!

Tony blinked as he stared at the opened cashbox once again. Small scraps of paper filled the box as Tony slumped in the desk chair. He didn’t even know about the safe, much less the small, slim black box that was inside, until Bucky slid the painting off the studio wall. He spun the wheel with practice before swinging the safe open.

“Steve asked me to show you to the safe in case anything ever happened to him.”

“But what exactly-”

Bucky shook his head. “He said that everything would be explained to you in here.”

Bucky clasped Tony’s shoulder. “I’ll be right outside.”

Tony glared, but Bucky was firm. “I know ya want space, but I promised Steve I’d make sure you’re safe. I’ll be right outside if ya need me.”

The studio doors slid closed as Tony turned back over to stare at the framed picture sitting on the desk. It was their second wedding anniversary, and Steve had insisted on taking Tony to the beach. You need a vacation. No working allowed. Tony remembers grumbling that Steve wouldn’t even allow him to take his phone for the week they were gone, but Steve insisted.

They didn’t have much money; Howard had cut Tony off after Tony refused to continue the family business of weapons manufacturing, opting for clean energy. And Steve had just started getting his name out there as an artist, so money was tight, but Tony didn’t care. 

It was love at first sight when Steve swooped in to sweep Tony off his feet. (Literally, Steve picked Tony up out of the way of oncoming traffic. Tony’s been in love ever since.)

Tony traced the glass frame. Tony had thrown a cheesy peace sign as his over-sized hat flopped over his face. Steve stared down at him adoringly as he wrapped his arm around Tony’s waist.

Hot tears blurred his vision as Tony furiously wiped at his face. Tony shook his head, turning back to the letter on the desk. Tony was written in Steve’s familiar handwriting, and Tony’s hands shook as he struggled to pop the seal, there was a seal, on the crisp white envelope.

Voices rang out outside as Tony could hear Bucky curse outside. Tony scrambled to his feet as he turned to face the studio doors, grabbing the gun out of the safe. The doors slid open and Tony let out a sob as Steve limped inside, alive.

He’s alive.

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