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so I just wanted to take the time and talk about this bc I haven’t seen anyone else warning exo-l’s~~~

I’m sure yall noticed the views freezing yesterday on chanyeol’s teaser and that’s bc antis have created fake SMTOWN YouTube accounts, trying to trick us by putting a link and saying that “there’s exo prizes, first come first serve if you click the link” or “be the first to watch exo’s music video on this link” and I just wanna warn yall PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN THE COMMENTS, THEY’RE FAKE ACCOUNTS

unless you see a little *check* by the username, they’re not SM and they’re only doing this to get you to click the links- which is why the views are frozen

this goes for every group and not just exo, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of those fake accounts (I’ve seen them on Red Velvet’s comeback just a couple days ago, same with NCT and ikon smfh)…please report them and comment to let others know that they’re fake, don’t cost your favorite group the views that they deserve….esp the ones who don’t get enough views as it is

just make sure you do this on the actual music video as well, since I’m sure their goal is to make the views freeze on it and not let us reach our goal. they’re pathetic and they have no life, anyone who goes out of their way to hurt any group like this is disgusting PLEASE REPORT THEM AND SPREAD THE WORD

repost, make other posts like this, warn your mutuals and your followers if this happens during anyone else’s comeback, report anything else that you think antis might be planning, and happy streaming 💖💖💖

a little note for the antis:
yall have no idea how hard these groups work to achieve what they have, and to disregard their success bc you’re jealous and bitter is like you’re disregarding your own fave’s success
like it or not, all these groups have a good relationship with each other no matter how competitive this industry is, it’s bc of you that a group has a bad reputation if you’re behaving like this and hurting another group and their fandom. please, have some respect and spend your time supporting and loving your group instead of spreading unnecessary hate.

bailci  asked:

I can't think of headcanons myself, but how would their first kiss go? :D

*digs hands into cliche solangelo headcanon box*

@bailci asked for headcanons and instead i delievered a fanfiction in bullet point omfg im so sorry

  • fight me all you want on this, but their relationship for sure started with a ‘first kiss’ because they’re cheesy like that
  • so lets give a bit of background shall we ??
  • i like to think that they really became friends—actual friends–after those three days in the infirmary and they obviously had *those* moments
  • you know what im talking about.
  • like when things got a bit too quiet during their walks and both had the urge to just reach out and hold the others hand
  • or when they one of them were caught by the other stealing glances here and there during meetings because literally who cares about what chiron’s saying when there’s a cute boy in the room
  • but besides those little moments, i’d say they were pretty comfortable with each other
  • nico would voluntarily hang out with will at the infirmary and “help him out” and “bring him a snack”
  • anyway let me actually answer this before i go on rambling about their cute friendship days:
  • maybe things got pretty bad one night. i’d presume nico had some really bad nightmares and he woke up and took a walk to clear his mind
  • and maybe he just happened to walk over to the path that lead him to the apollo cabin—half because he hated the dark and half because the glowing warmth of the cabin gave him comfort and solace
  • and of course, will would just be leaning there, maybe trying to get his own thoughts out of his head and when he saw nico, he’d just smile and gesture him to come closer.
  • they’d take a walk together around camp, just talking about normal things until will asked him what he was doing up and walking around at twelve in the morning
  • “you’re literally the child of the sun solace the better question is what are you doing at twelve in the morning”
  • will would probably just shrug and say how he was just couldn’t sleep cause he was thinking about his brothers
  • and then—uh oh—it’s awkward and quiet suddenly and will doesn’t knows why until nico starts talking about how he was thinking of bianca and oh
  • and because will solace is a Literal Sunshine he’d probably just ask him to elaborate and talk about his sister and his time at italy and all of a sudden nico is flailing his arms and his eyes are sparkling and will is biting his lip to stop himself from smiling too much
  • eventually the conversation fades away comfortably, maybe laughing at something nico said, but either way the silence that follows after is finally a comfortable one
  • nico breaks it by looking over at will with the calmest expression will has ever seen and he thanks him—for listening, for being there, for letting him rant on and [insert bumbling flustered nico here]
  • “he’s really cute but oh god he won’t shut up and i’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what’s he’s saying anymore”
  • so will decides to shut him up and calm him down by leaning in closer and pressing his lips against nico’s in a chaste, gentle way. his lips are warm—they’re unbelievably smooth and the happy warmth bubbling inside his chest is a bit too much and for a second will doesn’t realize that nico’s become tense against him
  • and just as he’s about to pull back, nico relaxes slowly and presses closer in a super nervous and unsure type of way because he’s 14 okay and he can’t even handle will smiling at him and you’re talking kissing
  • will feels a rush of happiness and he puts his hand on top of nico’s trembling one (he also learns that kissing, contrary to popular belief, does not calm people down)
  • and they part, not because they want to, but because breathing is a thing and they kind of forgot how to do that in the last few seconds.
  • now all of a sudden they’re looking at each other with wide eyes that dart to the other’s lips awkwardly and faces that are too red to be healthy and they just start laughing because their shocked and also nervous but most of all happy and “oh my god did we just…”
  • they spend the rest of the night unable to sleep but because of a good reason this time: just thinking about how the others lips felt and each little sensation and smiling into their pillows and oh my god is that the sun?

give me headcanons (or risk asking me for some and opening a black hole)


『You are fanatical like a demon.』

things dwarves from orzammar would find strange or scary about the surface:

  • rain
  • snow
  • most of the weather would be just fucking terrifying
  • the concept of a sunburn. the sun can literally burn and blister your skin. 
  • birds. what are birds. how the fUCK do they stay up there in the sky and then come BACK. how are they not floating away forever.
  • how loud it is at night. so many things would chirp and hoot and just plain scream how do you people sleep at all.
  • the fact that there’s so much space from one human city to another, or that people are so spread out in general
  • the fact that humans and elves won’t quit talking down to them like just because you’re taller does not mean you have to crouch that is so rUDE
  • bees

you bet i do and you bet i made it as tooth-rottingly sweet as possible 


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories


3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him


“One Fine Day” MEMEboard

tagged by @aireclaire to make a bias moodboard but we decided to make a “one fine day” moodboard of our biases instead :) 

Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas



Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

Let Keith display anger, frustration and/or irritation at Shiro 2k17