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This is kinda my personal blog even though it’s kinda flooded with DragonBall b/c of my obsession ;x

But I needed to ramble and I don’t mind if people read, just don’t reblog. In fact, talking to me would probably be nice. But I have some stuff I just need to get off my chest.


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It’s full of things I’d like to fix and change and edit BUT overall I’m pretty happy with this design??

It’s a Dr. Gaster ErrorTale concept I decided to throw together…. I have no idea how this would work, or if it would even be POSSIBLE for an Error!Gaster to exist, but oh well it’s a cool thought.

ERRORtale belongs to @loverofpiggies!

List of little headcanons and stuff I thought of while drawing this under the cut!

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dedicated to freethepoets​ (check her out!)

Okay, this is basically compiled from maybe 20-30 different sources, so there’s a lot of info here. one hella big masterpost.  Even though there’s so many, I have personally checked each link to make sure it works, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Note: if marked with *, it’s digital/tablet art most likely. This is a really long post, so look under the cut. Follow for more master posts and references!

Tutorial for Beginning Photoshoppers
Photoshop help blog (2) (3)
Painting tutorial 
how to shift images using blur
brush stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
glow in sai 
coloring art (2cloth)(hair)
how to draw clouds 
how to make stars
water fire snow light 
light sparkle 
mountains (2) moon ice
greyscale tutorial 
ps layers 
glitch effect 
download ps (2) (3) 
this tag (ps) (2)
this tag (sai) 

Other Graphic Stuff*
Make multi-page images 
Pixel art (2) (3 eyes)(hair)(fur)(4)
image types (jpeg,etc.)
pattern library 
lots of templates 

Gif to flipbook 
easy toon 
how to make one 
this tag

Google Fonts 
font out of your handwriting 
my tag 
this tag

Colors and Coloring
Color Basics
Color Blender *
Color Palette Generator
Great Color scheme designer 
Get info about a color by its hexcode * 
What colors pair well with others? 
A bunch of color groups/palettes (2)(3) (4)
how to make a color palette
coloring * 
adobe color wheel 
gradients *

Photo Editors/ mess around with art*
gimp (how to use it for shading)
more here and here 
online image editor 

Drawing People/Animals Tutorials/References

How to draw dreadlocks and other black hairstyles (poc)
How to draw wolf/dog ears 

body motion 
hands (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
feet (2) (3)
faces/ heads  (2) (3-lighting) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)(12)
kissing (2)
Dragons! (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)  
clawed hand                                  
 expressions (2) (3)
how to keep variation when drawing faces
comprehensive body refs/tutorials (2) (3) (4)(5) (6) (7 could be slightly nsfw)(8 nsfw-ish)(9) (10) (11) (12)  (13 nsfw)
body ref (you get to create the poses)
skin tone ref

hats on people (2) (hoods)
skin color palette (2 is skin in-depth tutorial) 
more skin helps (2) (3)
butts and thighs 
cool mutant human skeleton refs
male torso (2)
female body
creating creatures 
felines  (paws)
lion head
animals (general) (paws)(fur)(2)
how to draw penises (nsfw i guess)
sitting poses (2)
hair (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11) (12)(13)(14)(15) (braids) (more braids)(braids)
clothing (2) (jeans) (boots) (plaid)(lace) (armor)
horses (2) (3) (hooves)(legs + hooves)
dogs  (2) (3)
cats (big cats) (cats 2)
wolf paw (head) (body)
human wings (2) 
wings (2) (3)
pegasi (is that the plural?)
anime eyes (2)
eyes (2) (3) (4)
cool body visualizer 
ears (2) (3) (4 + noses)
noses (2)
mouth (2) (3) (4)
necks (2)
skull (2) 

Inanimate object Tutorials/References
How to draw trees (2) *
Awesome water ref 
clouds * (2)
rose (2) bush*
grass in sai/ps * (2) (3) 
rain * 
water *
3d rooms how to
gun ref (2)
chain how to 
how to draw gems 
gold coins 
how to draw an apple 

Make a comic strip 
Digital sculpting *
Silk art 
art prompt generator (2)
clay figurines 
how to watercolor 
how to add dimensions to your art 
watercolor pencil technique (2)

Other Resources 
Hella tutorials here as well 
this blog 
this page 
art ref blog 
inking masterpost 
art youtube channel 
this site
fashion infographics  
these master posts 
ps blog (2) 
this post *
body ref blog 
master post of art resources 
this art tag (2)


exciting news everyone!!! i’m finally opening up preorders for clear acrylic charms! any of the TOS ones can be preordered here, and any of the AOS ones can be preordered here.

the preorder is just so i get an idea of how many charms to actually get made, but even if you don’t preorder, i’m ordering enough that there should be plenty left over! they should be ready to ship early to mid february, and i’ll be sure to post updates here!

under the cut is extra shop info regarding stickers:

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Welp! You asked for it! I scanned the comic! I indeed drew this in one evening a few days after first splatoon test fires (and thus was the start of my squid insanity). I was just starting to learn how to draw inklings and this comic was made without references and markers, so no erasing. Anything I did, staid there. This is why I’ll upload the  pages under the cut because I don’t want anyone to suffer through these pages unless they really want to. 

So yeah, I suppose this is how Orange and Blue met (even tho they don’t look like them here). I dunno. I change stuff with them all the time. Enjoy none the less! Hope you can read my horrible handwriting.

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Honestly I try not to be salty about IH vs IR but this was just…. really hilarious to me so I’m gonna blog about it. Salt under the cut

…… or so I said, but halfway through writing this it turned into giant fucking meta about IR so what the fuck. Salty meta under the cut, I suppose, about some deliberate panelling choices, the focus of the narrative, and (apparently my favourite goddamn arc for IR) the fullbring arc vs chapter 681.

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Yo so here's a few thoughts

I’m going to watch shadowhunters over teen wolf, y'all don’t have to do the same thing but this has been my favorite book series since I was ten years old, I’m not running away from it so fast.

I do however think some of you are losing your shit over nothing. Some stuff can’t be changed, but cgi is still under production and right now people are rushing out scenes from the tv show because of two things.

1. They want something to present to fans at comic con.

2. I’ve seen a lot of people whining about not getting a trailer for the show even though we’re still 4 months out. This includes a very large booktuber who I won’t name for fear of getting attacked who thought we would get a trailer two eps into filming. People are being impatient.

Don’t ditch the show because the first cut of it looks a little weird. It’s a pilot, it’s the first season, and it’s up to us if we want a season two. And consider the fact that you may very well be scaring off new fans from watching it with your pessimism.

Seeing as I was part of my student council board in high school, I thought I’d share some stuff with you. Under the cut are some activities that my high school did for fundraisers or just plain school events. Feel free to use these for your school roleplay or even bring them to your student council adviser at school and request them! Everything that I’ve partaken in on this list, I’ve really enjoyed so I promise, they’re all fun!

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Why did I even make this? I have no idea

But yeah, pretty much a headcanon about Elma’s xenoform genes inheritance I…somehow… thought up during math class. Albino genes inheritance works almost exactly like this, so… ;v ;

EDIT: DAMMIT I MESSED UP. It should’ve been ‘Recessive’ not ‘Repressive’…. haha dhow do I even English OTL

So sorry for the long post, guys! qAq
More info+Individual chibi pics under the cut:

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Fear the Walking Dead AU: Hurt Alicia

Alicia doesn’t notice until after they’ve made it safely back to camp. It’s been two weeks since the ranch home. Two weeks since a fire destroyed their safe haven. Two weeks since Chris and Travis never came back.

Two weeks of her mother leading a search for Nick after he walked away again.

They had gone on a supply run. Alicia has been out on a few now, her mother letting her help out more now that Nick and Daniel are gone. This time though, things didn’t go as planned and they needed to make a quick exit. So it’s not until they’re back at their temporary camp that Alicia notices the long, deep cut just under her shoulder blade on her side.

She doesn’t even remember how she got it. And it’s not that she wants to hide it, but honestly, what does it matter? Maddie hasn’t paid any attention to this stuff after Alicia’s first successful run, not when they’re getting closer to finding Nick and had picked up his trail a few days ago. There are more important things going on.

She knows it wasn’t an infected, none had come close to touching her, so she cleans it with water and leaves it alone. Doesn’t tell anyone because can handle this on her own. She won’t be a burden.

Except the wound gets worse. It doesn’t heal, and it starts to get tender. She can’t wear her bra because it irritates the cut too badly. She makes the excuse her bra ripped and moved on.

She gets fevers, blames it on the sun.  Starts sweating and blames it on the pace, the heat.  Nobody notices anything really until they are pushing the truck in neutral to save gas and Alicia nearly falls over. But she blames the sun again, gets some water, and they continue on as Maddie berates Alicia over lost time.

After that, Strand is the first to notice something is wrong.

Alicia had never been the most talkative of the group, but there was always an air about her. An awareness that’s overlooked in favor of a snarky attitude and well timed eye rolls.

When he tries to tell Madison she brushes it off. Tells him Alicia is just dramatic, she always has been, and that she’s probably pissed her phone finally died.

‘It will pass,’ Maddie says. ‘She gets in her moods and then something else catches her attention. It’s fine.’

Strand wants to push. This feeling in his gut, twisting and nagging to say something more…but it’s not his place. He is not Alicia’s father, he is not family. Hell, he’s only known Alicia for a couple of months. If Maddie says it’s fine, who is he to question her?

It’s not fine.

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