even the purple matches


нιвarι ĸyoya ✧ lιттle anιмalѕ

↳ Requested by @badkerville


These are just some single tile stone patterns I like to use on the edges of my cobblestones, around certain buildings or public works projects and even just randomly around town!  They match all of the other purple paths from my town of Nocturne! 

anyone is welcome to use, reblog, like, tag me in pictures where you use them, etc, but please don’t repost <3

A ball


Kathy was excited. Never before had she attended one of Riverhaven’s balls with a date.

Her ballgown was purple and shimmered in the evening light, shimmering gloves to match upon her arms. A little something she whipped up with some magic.

Cuvo was dressed up as well as human, disliking the fancy suit he was forced to wear for this.

Course, the bird had no idea this wasn’t just for Kathy and Obby to dance and be together. He didn’t realize this was also to see if perhaps he and Lutea’s relationship could blossom more. Who honestly, he was nervous about seeing. Didn’t need any more embarrassing moments to happen! Those little moments had been sticking with him, and it only made him all the mre nervous to see her.


The cutscene on night five happened BEFORE your first shift.

1. Purple guy’s eyes. They’re all white. Even the pupils.
2. Springtrap’s eyes match exactly. Because they’re PURPLE GUY’S.
3. Springtrap already has human organs practically gushing out of him.
4. Purple guy didn’t have to take anyone else OUT of the suit before getting into it. So it had to have been empty already, or he wouldn’t have been able to get in at all.
5. Just because your body has been smushed to a pulp by an animatronic’s endoskeleton doesn’t mean they’re dead. Don’t believe me? Look at the chilren. They’re still ghosts. They have influence on the world. Purple guy is just a zombie.