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Like Fandom? International Consumer? American Net Neutrality Rules Do Affect You. Here’s Why & How You Can Help

Are you involved in a fandom? Do you log onto a site called archiveofourown? Do you use Tumblr? Do you watch youtube videos? Do you use wikipedia when you are writing a fanfic and need to know a ton of information? Do you use a site called storenvy to find fandom related merch? What about etsy? Like gmes and use Steam? WoW? Battle.net? Are you a German artist who has a solid American following? Do Americans consume any of your fanfic, fanart, webcomics, original art or fiction? 

This will hit you in sales, lack of fan produced content, or removal of fandom websites

Nonprofit organizations like Ao3 rely entirely on donations of the consumers. That site will not be able to sustain itself when ISPs are squeezing it for premium fast lane prices. You will not enjoy it when its broadband is constantly overtaxed because it cannot afford premium prices. This will at best, just annoy you and you will have to try again and again to even get into the site. At worst, it will close the site. The American fanfic writer though? They may not even have access to the site anymore because they cannot afford to be “granted access” to it and will no longer produce content for you to enjoy. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, a company so excited to see net neutrality laws done away with. If you think American content producers will escape the premium price pay-walls on this site, you’re wrong. If you think Verizon won’t find ways to also hit you, you’re wrong. The very nature of the internet is globalized. What hits America, trickles into the international markets. Every site and every example I put in paragraph one will see dramatic changes, some of them will just outright end. The most immediate change you will see is fandom changing for Americans. No more American produced fanart, no more American produced fanfic. At least from those who cannot afford it. You better hope your favorite American fanfic author is rich. This is not even a party line issue. Americans across the BOARD do not want this. We are screaming at the FCC. We must KEEP screaming.

Here is what you can do to help. Email the FCC. You don’t need to tell them you’re international. You don’t even need to give them a last name, or just go ahead and makeup a pseud if you’re scared. Mind you, they know when an account is a spam account or a bot, so DO NOT USE THOSE. Remember, these are American governmental persons. They are not serial killers. They will not track you down and kill you in the middle of the night. You can even use what I wrote out on my own.

Ajit Pai - Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov (he is the champion of this and will unlikely change his vote but you should still tell him why he’s wrong)

Mignon Clyburn - Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov (Will vote NO)

Michael O'Reilly - Mike.O'Reilly@fcc.gov 

Brendan Carr - Brendan.Carr@fcc.gov 

Jessica Rosenworcel - Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov (Will vote NO)

[Introduce yourself, tell them happy holidays]

Please vote no against repealing Title Two Net Neutrality rules. These rules protect small business, non-profit organizations, individual American citizens. Repealing the rules will hinder American investment globally. Small businesses will cease to exist. in an online forum. Americans may be cut off from the international world. We do not want this. We have flooded your comments, we have created petitions. We have shared Facebook statuses. We have spoken and we say no. You as an agency must look out for the American people, not for a select few deep pockets. The American people say no. A competitive market is not an expensive market.

Again, do not repeal Title Two Net Neutrality rules.

[Insert salutations end]

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Did she just described japril? I mean “challenge each other” “make each other better”

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And did she used the words “the most beloved couples” like REALLY? Every other couple of every other TV show sweetie.

Also sweetie the only one who is rooting for this are you and k*ista.

And one last thing: if every article has to explain why they are not related that not great

Happy Thanksgiving (^-^)/

When you read this I’m probably very overwhelmed and drained and quiet, but right now while I’m writing this everything is okay ^-^ so I just want to say thank you all so much.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for trying your best to keep going.

I’m so so glad I could have the chance to know all of you. 
I wouldn’t give this up for anything ^-^
I love each and every one of you
And I hope to gosh you can have many wonderful tomorrows filled with so many happy memories
You deserve every single one ^-^

Thank you for being you

Thank you for being here

I love you ^-^


Torsdag 24.11.16 kl 8.19

Hi Even, thank you very much for the drawing. It’s nice. When did you manage to put it into my jacket, actually? 
Glad you liked it. Put it there when you had gym class. Miss you.



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You believed a hater so easily. She is an update blog who posts whatever is trending in the fandom and news with proper crediting to help some lost army. There is always the source and if it is a screenshot the name is never cropped. She makes some of the best analysis in this fandom and is always positive and willing to help. I couldn't keep up with anything 3 months ago if it not for her blog. I thought army support each other not bring one another down *disappointed but not surprised*

look I’m not looking to start anything, but it is my blog and I’m allowed to voice my opinions so please don’t just assume I’m mindlessly believing that one anon. I’ve been aware of that blog for a while now, I just never voiced my opinion. I just personally don’t like the way her blog is and that’s just preference, telling me that its “the best analysis in this fandom” is subjective because I clearly don’t think it is. I think she adds a lot of unnecessary commentary for an “update” blog and I don’t like that. I know a lot of people like and follow her for her updates and that’s fine but I don’t, I also dislike how they make any grab at new info without double checking credibility. Plus the thing recently where a bunch of my mutuals had their gifs used in their update posts to gain traction.

Also being another “army” doesn’t mean we’re automatically supporting one another? The amount of reposters that I’ve have to deal with that steal and edit my work consider themselves “armys” and I’m definitely not about to support them. So don’t go and guilt trip me. 


the little SHADOW NECKS!!!! this was the first drawing i ever did with them after seeing someone [i cannot for the LIFE of me remember who it was but shoutout to them] draw lil shadow necks

i STILL do the fine black diagonal shadow necks to this day!! and it started w/ this totally uncompleted doodle of the signature gays

and i was SUPER proud of this like. unbelievably overjoyed about the shadow necks i was like ‘wow! this is…….what i need to do from now on’ and i did!

+ vvv recent doodle examples w/ shadow necks

pro ship culture is just not reblogging anything because you cant figure out if op is an anti or not and dont want to get blocked/disrespect boundaries

*Hufflepuff and Gryffindor walk past a small group of Ravenclaws*

Ravenclaw #1: yeah, but maybe this actually is a dream and our dreams are reality!

Ravenclaw #2: but then why don’t people remember their dreams often?

Ravenclaw #3: and why do dreams differ between people? There’s no consistency!

Ravenclaw#1: because we’re all from different realities, dreams are where we meet.

Ravenclaw#4: that would only work if people remembered their dreams.

Ravenclaw#2: maybe dreams aren’t allowed to remember dreams.

*various mourners of agreement from the other Ravenclaws*

Gryffindor: this is why I stay away from Ravenclaw.

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you know, i think if steve were a girl and p*ggy were a boy a lot of ppl wouldn't be so quick to ship st*ggy. like ppl might even read the guy in that scenario as being a creeper. not trying to hate on p*ggy. just saying that steve never really responds to her advances and if their genders were swapped ppl would be much quicker to pick up on that.

Oh absolutely 110% without a doubt. ESPECIALLY the scene where Peg sees Steve being kissed by Natalie Dormer and then when he asks her what she thinks of the shield, proceeds to shoot at him because she’s upset with him. Which fandom seems to think is badass???? Imagine if Steve was Stephanie and Peg was Peter. And Peter saw Stephanie - who is not his girlfriend anyway - being kissed by another man, and then because he felt upset/jealous/angry, he then shot multiple times at Stephanie with no guarantee that the shield would stop the bullets? People would have been mad as FUCK and rightly so.

I really do not care if people are on board with this pairing, like live your life, i got bigger shit to worry about than who ships what. But what is a worry is that people are accepting of behaviours like the one above when it’s a woman doing it to a man, when they’d be outraged if it was a man doing it to a woman. Because those attitudes carry over into actual life and contributes to why so many men don’t feel they can talk about being mistreated by a woman.

TERF Tips #265

For some reason we have this thing where we just make fun of people’s interests when it’s literally not hurting anyone? Oh you’re a homestuck? You watch anime? You draw any kind of cartoon? You watch a specific show? Well our movement is just as outdated as our insults and if you do any of that shit then your opinion doesn’t matter!