even the hand gesture


2 times when Even probably took Isak’s hands 

Exo Reaction to Their S/O Walking in on Them Changing


He would recover quickly from his shock and start making flirty faces at you. He’ll probably start taking off more clothes in a pretend strip-tease for you. Baekhyun would make sure to add some lip biting and seductive hand gestures to make the experience even more memorable.


This slow- reaction king would be dazed while the both of you stared at each other in shock. After realization settled in, he’ll quickly finish changing under your admiring gaze. He’ll probably feel shy for the next couple days especially if the both of you are not passed that stage of the relationship yet.


When he saw you standing in the doorway with a surprised look, Chanyeol’s first reaction would be to burst out laughing in an awkward manner. His ridiculous laughter would infect you, and the both of you would quickly forget the fact that Chanyeol was half-naked.


Out of all of Exo, Kyungsoo would be the member that is the most embarrassed. He’ll probably shout at you to leave out of reflex. In the next few days, he’ll be really ashamed at how he reacted and can’t even look you in the eye until he mustered the courage to apologize and all is forgiven.


The leader would just carry on changing while giving you awkward smiles because of the situation. He would not be that affected by you seeing him naked since the both of you are already in a relationship.


When the both of you made eye contact, he’ll freeze and stare at you for a couple seconds. After coming back to his senses, he’ll change at the speed of lightning. It’ll be of the rare times that you see Chen so flustered, so this will be teasing material for you later on.


Due to his inexperience and young age, Sehun would feel self-conscious about his naked body in front of you. He’ll try to mask his face, but his expression will be slightly awkward. However, he’ll be be comforted with your reassuring smile.


He’ll try to act suave and cool to hide his shyness. Kai will wink at you and blow you a kiss while he tries to change as quickly as possible in a discreet manner. Though, his embarrassed smile and blushing cheeks would give away his bashfulness.


Absolutely no shame since he worked hard to get the body that he has today. He’ll be really pleased with your open admiration of his body. His smugness would be obvious as he starts changing in a sensual manner while looking straight at you.

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“And you’ll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House.”
Cheery blushed.
“Mind you, that seems to have ended now,” said Angua.
“Why? Did you complain?”
“No, after I joined in it all seemed to stop,” said Angua. “And, you know, they didn’t laugh? Not even when I did the hand gestures too? I thought that was unfair. Mind you, some of them were quite small gestures.”

– Angua remains my hero | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

“Come on, throw a guy a bone.” Dean rolls his eyes and inspects his cheeseburger. “Never in my life did I think my little brother would be getting laid more than I do.”

“Well, an actual relationship helps out my stats. Where you wanna go tonight? ” Sam forks his grilled chicken, hoping to get Dean off topic.

It doesn’t work.

“You will not distract me from the matter at hand.” Dean wags a finger at his brother, “So spill it, come on. Is she feisty? Into anything kinky? She looks like she’d be into a little role playing-”

“Dean!” Sam nearly chokes on his food. Last week you came across his old priest get up. You made him wear it and some very naughty ‘confession’ followed.

Dean doesn’t need to know that.

“Maybe a little spanking?” Dean makes a little butt slapping gesture with his hand.

When Sam even thinks about your round little bottom his face turns red. He runs a hand through his hair, mildly embarrassed. He can’t help it…he does love your ass.

“Her ass…” Sam sighs and looks away from Dean with a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. “Her ass is top shelf.”

“Sammy!” Dean pounds a fist on the table, “Now we’re getting somewhere!”  

anonymous asked:

Hi :-) Thank you so much for all your posts. I would like to know how can I show a character is smiling in a dialogue without saying that (so I haven´t to repeat again and again the word ``smiled´´ or ``grimaced´´) Thank you!

Context is everything. If you’re writing a conversation where two characters are sharing something pleasant, whether it’s joking or good news or nostalgia, readers can usually infer a facial expression. You might include a laugh, a smile, a brightness in their eyes, or even a gesture of affection like a hand on another hand, or a leg, a shoulder, but sometimes it’s best to let the dialogue speak for itself without too many interjections surrounding it. 

Think of it this way - if you attach a facial expression, or a body movement, or a tonal description (like an adverb when a character may speak slowly, quickly, tiredly, loudly, ect.) to every line of dialogue, a reader pauses between each line to read these. And the conversation ends up with beats before each character says their line, taking away the flow of a natural conversation. 

Instead, insert these descriptors where there are natural pauses. I bet if you limit yourself to only including a descriptor when there’s a pause in conversation, you’ll find yourself using way less smiles and grimaces. 

I’m not considering basic tags like “he said, she said” as descriptors. These are sometimes necessary to identify speakers, and readers barely even notice them. It’s when you expand on them that it becomes intrusive. 

So this is step one. Limit how much you’re using any kind of descriptor. 

Step two: find the places where they’ll have the most impact. 

If you’ve got two characters bantering back and forth, save the smile descriptor for the biggest punchline. When the funniest jab is uttered, that’s when you write that a character is smiling. And to bring in my point from earlier, the comment that made them smile would also give them a reason to pause, even for a brief second, to either end the ribbing or come up with a great comeback. 

One additional thing you can do, if you feel it’s important to note that the character has been smiling the whole time, is saying that a smile or expression grew.

  • “His playful grin stretched even wider at this comment.”
  • “The brightness in her eyes seemed to twinkle when she heard this.”
  • “The grimace on his face twisted even more, expressing his deepening disgust.”

Context clues from the the actual words spoken should have alluded to these types of reactions earlier in the scene, and when the moment is at its peak, you confirm it, and show the readers that the reaction becomes even bigger. 

Readers don’t just read dialogue; they hear it, and they see it. If the dialogue is well written, a reader won’t need to know that a character is smiling while saying something. They’ll be able to imagine it. So rather than finding ways to use these descriptors, challenge yourself to write dialogue that clearly shows how a character is reacting and feeling. 

Hope I was able to help! Good luck!


NagisaxYuuji Valentine’s Day headcanon masterpost

Okay so I ship these two way too much, but didn’t have enough time to do much for them this year, so I at least wanted to get these ideas out there for others to look at:

–After mistaking Nagisa for a girl, Yuuji is very cautious about avoiding any such implications ever again. Therefore, for them, Valentine’s becomes a mostly mutual affair—that’s how it’s done in other countries abroad, plus it’s just more convenient. However, for their very first Valentine’s Day when they were kids, Yuuji purchased and gave some chocolate to Nagisa, voluntarily putting himself in the more “girlfriend” role. Nagisa was so amused by it that Yuuji resolved to hand-make the gift next time for an even more meaningful gesture.

–Yuuji’s a rich kid, so imagine what he could do with those kinds of resources. I’m talking chocolates from abroad, exotic and custom-ordered bouquets, trips to New York for Valentine’s Weekend, or taking Nagisa to a play or the ballet as a treat (Nagisa’s from a more humble background so these are really infrequent, but still, killer Valentine’s gifts). But imagine that one year Yuuji gets caught off-guard. The big day is almost here, Feb. 14th, and he hasn’t bought or prepared anything yet-

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‘It’s like that in the Watch, too,’ said Angua.  'You can be any sex you like provided you act male.  There’s no men and women in the Watch, just a bunch of lads.  You’ll soon learn the language.  Basically it’s how much beer you supped last night, how strong the curry was you had afterwards, and where you were sick.  Just think egotesticle.  You’ll soon get the hang of it.  And you’ll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House.’

Cheery blushed.

'Mind you, that seems to have ended now,’ said Angua.

'Why?  Did you complain?’

'No, after I joined in it all seemed to stop,’ said Angua.  'And, you know, they didn’t laugh?  Not even when I did the hand gestures too?  I thought that was unfair.  Mind you, some of them were quite small gestures.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Feet of Clay”

senpai-fidelis  asked:

I want to say thank you for your ToZX episode reviews. I have all of this frustration and irritation after each episode (but every week I have hope they'll do something to make it right again) and reading your posts let me commiserate and release some of that negativity. Wow, that was awful, better go read soymilkheaven's review. Its almost like a little kind of therapy.

You’re very welcome.  I’m glad my reviews (which I feel like have been getting saltier and saltier with every episode  >.<) are at least helping you feel better.  I know I got a ton of responses to this week’s and I think the last time I had any response of this sort was when the S1 season finale aired.  And honestly, despite all the salt on display, I actually do enjoy writing them (even if I was actually making angry hand wavy gestures at the screen during this week’s episode, lol).  So to see my posts resonate with so many of you, and to see the notes I post one, it actually helps me in that I don’t feel like I’m the only one who’s alone in feeling the way I do.

That said, it kind of says something that I’m this salty and we’re not halfway through S2 and I’m already hitting S1 finale levels of salt.  And here I thought I wouldn’t get there again so soon, lol.

Just a quick post inspired at this gifset (click here to see the gif posted by the original owner), that shows both moments in EXO Second Box: Jongin talking about Kyungsoo’s and Jongdae’s singing skills.

Jongin praising Kyungsoo:

Jongin praising Jongdae:

It’s obvious that Jongin’s reactions to both of them are similar. Even the words used and some hand gestures were similar, and, honestly, both Chen and Kyungsoo deserve it. Both of them are amazing singers and, even with different voice tones, they’re really good singing EXO songs, covers or OST songs. 

But, I want to talk about how Jongin achieved to sound different, even talking almost the same thing to both of them.

Jongin’s expressions are the point I’ll analyse right now. I love how he’s honest with his expressions and tell us through them what he actually feels about the world around him. I’ll detail my thoughts in another opportunity, but he’s not the type of person that can hide his emotions. It’s part of his nature being like this and it’s something that he can’t control. That’s why Kyungsoo knows (you can see this watching their couple interview in EXO Second Box as well) when Jongin is teasing or not.

When asked, Jongin starts answering the question in a honest tone and an equal honest expression. He doen’t laugh or joke even when Kyungsoo tells him that’s he’s exaggerating/talking nonsense. He could just stop and laugh a little, but he didn’t. Just continued to praise Kyungsoo and how he’s impressed with his voice. And it’s something real, in my opinion. In many other occasions when Kyungsoo sings live, Jongin stares at him only in a singular way almost all the time. I don’t think it’s something you can pretend for so long.

With Jongdae, however, you can see Jongin’s posture changes. His interview with Kyungsoo was the first, so, when they talked about Jongdae wish to make a collab with Jongin, he started with his teasing tone, telling Jongdae that “he was the best singer in Korea and loved hear his voice, etc” with a huge smile on his face. He knew he talked the same thing to Kyungsoo and this was on purpose, just to see Jongdae’s reactions, because, let’s be honest here, this kid is no joke! He didn’t know what to do and how to thank Jongin for such words. Idk, Jongdae’s a cute creature and needs to be treasured at all costs.

After my finals I’ll try to make a post analysis about how to understand Kim Jongin watching his facial expressions, so stay tuned ;)

Iida Tenya loves Midoriya Izuku. He had a hard time showing it and an even harder time expressing it but, it was true. Iida loves the way Midoriya looked at him, as if he was the only important person around, how he’d tease Iida for the way his pants fit over his calves. Midoriya even told him (numerous times) how his little hand gestures and leadership skills were lovable. Iida Tenya loves Midoriya Izuku.

TBH, I don’t care if Po and Tigress ever gonna share a kiss or get married. All I want them is to be together! Of course as a couple! Because honestly I feel sometimes even small gestures like eye contact, hand holding, or even hugging can tell a person that they’re in love.

I’m not saying I don’t want them to share a kiss or get married and have adorable panger babies. If DreamWorks really ever do that I’ll definitely be the most happiest person on Earth! I’m just saying that many canon couples in many series and movies haven’t showed us kissing or marriages yet they’re still happy and adorable together. Perfect example I could give you guys is Gloria and Melman from Madagascar.

-No kisses
-No Marriage
-No babies

Still these are just so happy together going on adventures with their pals!

Here are some more examples about other ways they can show; 

-A Twirling Surprise Hug from Tigress after Po returns from a battle?

-An adorable close up Nuzzling?

-Po in joy twirls Tigress around after their victory?

-Po trying to reassure Tigress or making a promise with a Forehead touch.

Even if Po and Tigress do share a kiss, I can only picture Tigress making the first move.

BONUS; Just imagine this image As Po and Tigress kissing behind the hat. Or instead of hat let’s just picture a wok. :P

((I doodled today and then I had an idea)) She hops off her dragon gracefully, her long golden plaits streaming behind her. Her feet hit the ground and her skirt bounces with the impact. Her racing paint is a little smeared from the stress-induced sweat caused by the weight of competition, but it’s otherwise flawless. Hiccup smiles at her as she approaches him. She returns the gesture and together they lean on the fence to watch the adult dragon race, the large, older Vikings mounting their rides. Among them are Stoick and Astrid’s father and Spitelout. The first horn blows and suddenly there’s a windstorm from the wings of racing dragons. Astrid stands on her toes the get a better view and puts a hand on Hiccup’s shoulder to balance herself. Hiccup glances at her pale, small, freckled hand, and even though it’s a common gesture, he reddens slightly. Her fingers are splattered with blue and orange paint. They’re slender and deceivingly strong, able to form a fist hard enough to knock your nose into your forehead. Hiccup follows the contours of her arm with his intelligent green eyes. Her arms are like her fingers: thin but strong. They’re pretty arms, covered in freckles and scars and, on occasion, spattered with blood from the fights she tends to get into. Hiccup’s eyes move to her shoulder and then to her face. It’s round and angelically imperfect, with intense blue Bambi eyes and freckles and a small round nose and thin red lips and a crooked smile and currently tattooed with racing paint, a blue and orange design scrawled across her forehead and cheeks like alluring graffiti. Her eyes are locked onto the competition above, the reflections of dragons flitting in and out of her glassy irises. Hiccup gives a small smile and looks back to the race. Suddenly it’s the final lap. Stoick is in the lead. And now Astrid’s cheering, booing her own father and cheering for Hiccup’s. She hardly refers to Stoick as “Sir” anymore. She calls him “Stoick” and, on the odd embarrassing occasion, “Dad”. She spends so much time with Hiccup that he may as well be part of her family, and she part of his. And he likes it that way. Astrid cheering for his own father is something that’s happened before. But to Hiccup it feels good every time to hear it. To hear proof that Astrid favors his father over her own in at least one aspect. There’s an uproar. Stoick wins! Astrid’s nearly pulling Hiccup over, she’s leaning on him so hard. Her fist pummels the empty air around it in glee and her high, melodious voice creates a symphony of happy praises that would shame a Valkyrie. Hiccup laughs with her and smiles at her ecstasy. His cheeks are warm in his adoration of the girl. She stops cheering with a grin on her face and catches the way Hiccup’s looking at her out of the corner of her eye. Her cheeks flush slightly and she averts eye contact, savoring the fact that she actually has someone looking at her that way. Looking at her like she’s the most precious thing on the planet. Looking at her like all he wants to do is hold her in his arms all day. Looking at her like she’s his entire world. Hiccup looks back to the celebration and puts an arm around Astrid’s waist, pulling her to his side. He laughs a little. “You’re so cute when you’re excited,” he observes. Astrid smiles and leans into him, slipping her hand into his. “Thank you,” she responds. She wants to kiss him. But he doesn’t seem into that at the moment. He only wants to hold her right now, not have her lips pressed to his. And they’re both okay with that. Because they know what they each want and they respect the other’s wishes. Because they love each other.

Something else I wanna talk about - because I’m obsessive and an over sharer - is how amazing it was to see them so comfortable with physical intimacy.  They’ve reached the point where when one of them reaches out to the other they respond to the action almost without consciously thinking about it.

In the barn when Robert reaches for Aaron’s waste… it’s almost like Aaron doesn’t even really notice the gesture. Robert reaches toward him and Aaron’s hands come up and start rubbing Robert’s arms almost like it’s a reflex. 

Then in the woods after that perfect kiss (the gentle, lingering press of lips was perfect for such a heart felt moment) the look on Robert’s face was so… captivated. I can’t imagine what that entire talk meant to him. When he finally opened up, Aaron said exactly the right thing. He told him how special and how loved he was and you could see it on Robert’s face that he had never been more sure of Aaron. 

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11x11 “Into the Mystic” // Promo

So how much do you want to bet that Dean is utterly and completely sure that something is not just off with Cas, but that Cas is not Cas when this moment rolls around? There was a reason to why in 11x10 “The Devil in the Details” we had this very tender moment between Dean and Castiel. It emphasized something that is so ingrained into their interactions: the fact that Cas, if he touches Dean always touches Dean’s left shoulder, the shoulder where he left his handprint on Dean. But here he reaches for Dean’s right shoulder. And I don’t care what anybody else thinks, but even if Dean was doubting here already, this gesture, Cas laying his hands on his right shoulder feels off to him too. Well, Lucifer, sorry to tell you but the devil is truly in the details…