even the guest stars know your love is real you idiots

Naked Birds - Tim Drake x Reader

Summary : You are Tim’s girlfriend, and today, you play some strip poker with the batboys…(Tim is a bit older than he is currently in the comics, like he’s around 19 or something).

for @gobydana, hope you’ll like it (I’m always stressed the people who requested things are gonna be like : “that’s shit”) : 

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It was a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when everything happened, when you gain your boyfriend’s older brothers’ respect. And also embarrassed them more than they ever been embarrassed in their lives. 

Dick, Jason, Tim and you were spending some times altogether, getting to know each other, as in five years of relationship with Tim, you never really had time to hang out with his family (busy people). 

Bruce was at work, Alfred had a day off, and Damian was hanging out with some friends (which was so rare that no one dared to tell him to stay to spent the day with you guys). 

-No Jason, we  are NOT playing strip poker right now. 

-But I’m bored and a movie is…

-I said we’re not ! 

-Why nooooowwwt ? 

-Because it’s only you, Dick, (Y/N) and I, I don’t need to see my brothers naked. 

-And (Y/N) ?

-We’ve been together for five years, what, you think I never saw her naked ? 

-I never saw her naked. 


Jason gives his brother an infuriating smile and, taking some soda cans while Tim takes a giant bowl of pop-corns, they go back to the living room where you and Dick are waiting. 

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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 4

Princess97:  I’ve decided I’m going to be a porn star.

Sebastian let out a small snort as he read the message on his phone. Ever since the picture exchange, the two of you had been texting nonstop. You moved on from the silly chatroom and gave each other your real phone numbers. It was a risky move on his behalf, but being the typical Leo he was, Sebastian liked to live dangerously every once in a while.

SexySeaBass82: Pornhub or Brazzers?

He snickered like a child as he sent the text, grinning like an idiot. He looked back up at the set before him. He had just finished filming an exhausting, yet epic fight scene which he was highly proud of. The dull ache in his muscles let him know ahead of time that he’d be feeling everything tonight.

Princess97: You perv! pornhub is where the mula is.

SexySeaBass82: I think it’s safe to say that I’d be your biggest fan, doll face.

Princess97: You know what I just realized?

Sebastian cackled as he typed his witty reply and hit the send button with lightning speed.

SexySeaBass82: That I’m daddy material? ;)

Princess97: No, that you’re probably older than electricity.

SexySeaBass82: I know you can’t see it, but I’m giving you the middle finger right now. (:

He set his phone down as soon as he saw Anthony and Jeremy making their way over to him. The two men were arguing about which character could take who. Of course, Anthony was convinced Falcon could destroy Hawkeye, but Jeremy was having none of it.

“All I’d have to do is shoot you out of the sky!”

“Not before Red Wing gets his sights on you!”

Sebastian fought the urge to laugh at the two as they stood in front of him. “Seb, tell him the truth before I do.” Anthony reasoned. Jeremy snorted, taking a sip from his water bottle. He’d never say it out loud, but Sebastian was a huge fan of Hawkeye, and when it came down to it, he felt Falcon would take a beating from the archer.

“Nope!” he held up his hands in defense. “I’m not taking any part of this! I’m like Bucky, completely innocent.”

Before any of them could reply, Sebastian’s text tone went off, causing the three men to jump and peer down at his phone. His phone, which was glowing, the text showing the following words:

Princess97: I wonder what else you can give me. ;)

“Oh, damn!” Anthony cackled as he snatched the phone from the chair. “Who is Princess97?”

Sebastian immediately shot up from his seat and wrestled the phone out of the man’s hand. Jeremy bent over, his hands on his knees as he cackled loudly. He would never let this go, Sebastian was sure of it. One sentence, and the entire cast would know of his little flirty texting buddy.

“None of your damn business!” he spat, placing his phone in his pocket.

“Ninety seven doesn’t stand for the actual year, does it?” Anthony teased, elbowing Jeremy as they roared with laughter.

“Hey Seb,” Jeremy chimed in. “What kind of formula do you give her?”

The two men burst into hysterics, catching the eyes of several crew members. Usually, Sebastian would have laughed along, but instead, he felt his face heating up with embarrassment. You weren’t that young. Hell, there’s a lot of people who talk to younger people, so what was the deal? You were of legal age, which was totally fine. Then again, his mom would probably give him a slap if she found out he was flirting with a nineteen year old.

“For your information,” he sassed, sitting back into his seat. “She’s really hot. Get with the winning team, guys.”

“Who’s hot?”

The three men turned around to see a very exhausted Chris in his stealth suit. He scratched the back of his head lazily as he peered between the men curiously.

“Sebastian here’s got himself some jailbait.” Jeremy spoke before taking off towards his trailer before Sebastian could catch him. Chris furrowed his brows as he looked over at his friend. This was absolutely not how he planned this to get out.

“What’s all this talk about jailbait?” he asked as he took the seat beside him. Seb groaned and placed his head in his hands.

“It’s literally all lies,” he told him. “She’s perfectly legal, just a bit younger.”

“How young?” Chris asked, his brow raising in disappointment.

“Nineteen.” Sebastian answered after a long silence.

“Oh thank goodness,” Chris breathed dramatically, placing his hand over his left boob once again. “I thought you meant she was young.”

“She is young.” He admitted. “Fifteen years.”

Chris let out a snort as he pulled out his phone. “Well, Seabass,” he sung as he unlocked his phone.

Make sure you burp her after feeding her, m’kay?” he teased before sprinting off as fast as he could in the same direction Jeremy ran in. 

Sebastian sighed, sinking into his seat.

What on earth was he going to do with these idiots?

You were snuggled on your sofa, scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard, when you heard the theme song of one of your favorite TV shows being to play. It was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You loved that guy more than anything, he could always cheer you up when you felt down. 

“Good evening folks, our guest tonight is the one and only…Sebastian Stan!” 

Immediately, your ears perked up at the name. That was the actor Sebastian was in love with. Your head cocked to the side as you realized the two men had the same first names. You shrugged, it was probably a coincidence, right? 

“Here’s your tea, Y/N!” your roommate chimed as she handed you a matching mug. You gave her a quick smile before returning your gaze to the TV. 

“So Sebastian,” Stephen said. “I understand you and Anthony Mackie are quite the duo on set.” You found your eyes focused on the actor’s face, taking in his features. You understood why Sebastian was obsessed with this guy. He was freaking gorgeous. And that jawline -man, that looked like it could cut diamonds. And those steel blue eyes! He was a total babe. 

“Yeah, we’ve grown pretty close these past few months. We even gave each other nicknames.” Stan said as he giggled, his face turning a deep red. 

“Oh? Do share these nicknames, Sebastian!” Stephen mused, earning a bunch of cheers from the crowd, mostly from women. 

You took a sip of your tea, your eyes set on the blue eyed man on the screen as he said the following words. 

“Well, he likes to call me Sexy Sea Bass.” 

The tea in your mouth sprayed all over the screen in front of you, even landing on your roommate’s lap as well as yours. She let out a shriek before jumping out of her seat and pointing an accusing finger at you. 

“What the fuck, Y/N?” she exclaimed, her face twisting into a scowl. 

You stared at the screen, your eyes completely wide with distraught as the man repeated the nickname for a second time. 

“Yeah man, I’m telling you,” he laughed along with Stephen.

 “He calls me Sexy Sea Bass!”


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“You used to be my hero, you know. It took a long time to let go of that image.”

Lance says it with a little laugh, head tilted towards the stars. Shiro turns his gaze away. He’d ask why they didn’t send Keith, but he figures he knows. This is his punishment. Turning a weapon on a guest isn’t very paladin-like — isn’t very heroic.

“Bet I helped with that,” he says.

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For the drabble thing- 1, 28 & 38?

From this list. So far I’ve received asks for 1, 6, 9, 19, 12, 23, 28, 30, 38, 44, 51, 67, 77, 93, 102, 109, 122, 146 & 148

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“You’re still mad?”

“You leave whenever you feel like it.”

John gaped at the bickering couple in front of him, head going back and forth as if he was watching a tennis match instead of eating dinner with his daughter’s godparents on a secluded patio overlooking the Bay of Naples. It was a good thing they’d decided to have room service delivered instead of going out for dinner, was his thought as he took in the rapidly escalating disagreement in front of him.

Sherlock (no surprise there) had started it, mainly by acting all offended when it was clear that Molly was still mad at him. So instead of just telling her he was sorry or shoving his face full of food, he’d decided to attack, sniping about her floral minidress, which was perfectly lovely and suitable for the warm summer night. It was their last day in Italy; they were wrapping up a case while Mary, not quite recovered enough from being shot by Vivian Norbury to go globetrotting after a jewel thief, stayed home with Rosie.

“Seriously, Molly, I can almost see your knickers,” Sherlock continued with his sniping. “You’d think you were on the pull.”

“Maybe I am,” she said smartly. If one were keeping score, John thought bemusdely, one would suspect that she was well ahead of Sherlock. Who knew that verbal sparring was her sport?

Yup, she’d definitely scored on that one, judging by the size of the pout now pursing Sherlock’s lips. “I can’t believe you’re still that mad about what I said before.”

“What, that I’m not exactly femme-fatale material? Or when you told the suspect that it was no good flirting with me because I was terrible at it?”

“You are!” Sherlock half-shouted, raking his fingers through his hair. “You only seem to attract idiots or dangerous men, and that…that…GIT…was both!”

“I don’t care,” Molly said mulishly. She pushed her chair back from the table, deliberately crossing her legs. John heard Sherlock swallow, and wished he’d had the foresight to put his mobile on so he could record this for his wife. She’d love it, every second of it. “Like I said, you can leave. Anytime.” She jerked her head toward the door. “So why not now? Case is over, you’ve once again made it clear that I’m undatable and have horrible taste in men…”

“What? Who said you’re undatable? I never said that!” Sherlock responded in outrage. “You’re not undatable, that’s not the problem!” He hardly seemed to notice that he’d jumped to his feet in his agitation; John scooted his chair back just a bit and began fishing in his back pocket for his mobile as unobtrusively as he could manage. 

“Then what IS the problem?” Molly demanded through gritted teeth. Without taking her gaze from Sherlock (having stood up so they were closer to being eye-to-eye), she pointed at John. “You take one single snap John Watson and I swear I’ll tell your wife you were flirting with that woman on the bus the other day.”

“I never was,” he sputtered out in protest - but he did, reluctantly, take his hand away from his pocket. Mary would just have to make do with a verbal recreation of whatever was this…thing…was between Sherlock and Molly.

“The problem is that you have horrible taste in men yet you won’t give me the time of day even though you and Tom have been broken up for over a year and even though you said you understood about Janine and even though I haven’t gone near a needle since Magnussen!”

Molly gaped at him, turned to stare at John (who merely shrugged), then returned her befuddled stare to Sherlock. “Wait…what? Are you saying you want to…”

“Date you, be with you, do more than just share a bed a few times a week, marry you, put my babies in your belly? Yes to all of that,” Sherlock practically snarled as he shoved his chair aside and edged around the table until he and Molly were only inches apart. He reached out, his movements far more tentative than his impassioned words, and brushed a tendril of hair away from her cheek. “Or have you completely gotten over me, for real this time?”

Molly’s eyes narrowed, and John groaned silently. Couldn’t that idiot have just stopped? Why did he have to spoil the moment with that little dig about Tom?

“You throw that in my face ever again - and I do mean EVER again - William Sherlock Scott Holmes,” she growled (oh yeah, definitely a growl, he’d have to be sure to use that specific word when he talked to Mary), “and we. Are. THROUGH. Got it?”

“Can’t be through if we never star…uh, yes, got it,” Sherlock said, smartly correcting himself mid-course and proving that he could be taught. 

He was nodding and Molly was still giving him a stony-faced glare when her hands shot out, grabbed Sherlock by the lapels of his jacket, and yanked him down so they were face to face. “Good,” she breathed, then proceeded to snog him breathless.

John stood up, carefully pushed his chair in, opened the patio doors, stepped into the hotel room he was sharing with Sherlock, flipped open his mobile, and grinned as he began throwing his clothes into hi valise. “Hey, Mary? You’re never gonna believe what just happened…”


Sherlock brushed his hands over the tops of Molly’s thighs, just skimming the filmy hem of her sundress. “May I amend a previous statement?” he murmured, his breath warm against her ear.

“Which one?” she murmured back, brushing her fingers against the curls on the nape of his neck.

He gave a little shudder. “The one about this dress being too short. That’s not the actual problem with it.”

“And what is the actual problem?” Molly asked, pulling her head back to look him in the eyes.

“It’s not too short, it’s just too much on you. It needs to come off. Now,” he added decisively, fingers moving with more purpose now, both hands grasping the hem tightly.

Molly raised her arms and smiled, eyes dark. “Well then, in that case…be my guest.”

And oh, he very much was.

Sometimes two wrongs make a twisted right

                                                Short author’s note

In no way am I a real writer, it’s just something I dabble in for fun sometimes, so don’t judge harshly lol I just had this  modern rosvolio AU idea so yeah…happy reading :)

Rosaline Capulet could not believe it!! Her cousin wouldn’t be so foolish as to get married straight out of college and to a Montague no less.  There had been a long lasting feud between the Capulets and Montagues for as long as both families could remember. To hate a Capulet or a Montague was like the rite of passage to both families, so imagine Juliet’s mother’s reaction when on their weekly Saturday dinner Juliet announced she was engaged. At first the whole clan couldn’t have been happier for their dear Juliet, but things changed the moment Rosaline’s cousin revealed the lucky man’s name: Romeo Montague. Let’s just say the evening went downhill from there. But Rosaline had to hand it to her cousin, Juliet was nothing if not determined when she wanted something there was no way of stopping her. No matter how much both Juliet and Romeo’s families tried to “talk some sense” into the young couple nothing seemed to work. The disasterous feud their families have been apart of had  no significance to the two lovebirds. As much as Rosaline tried to intervene with her common sense and logic it seemed Juliet was already a lost cause.

“Please, cousin, do not be foolish, it’s a short lived affection and nothing more. He is a Montague after all”. Rosaline’s tongue curled in deep disgust at the mention of her family’s rivals.

“Ah, Rose so you know the deepest parts of my heart, do you now? Maybe someone who hasn’t had a date in two years shouldn’t be giving love advice”. Juliet’s not so subtle jab didn’t go unnoticed as Rosaline rolled her eyes at her cousin’s comment.

“You very well know that’s a choice! Men are overrated anyways”. Juliet couldn’t help, but laugh from her friend.

To a hopeless romantic like Juliet love was the main thing that kept the world spinning, but Rosaline? She was quite more practical and lived in the  ’‘real world’’ as she put it. She was never one to get sentimental easily, when girls at high school were pining over boys Rosaline looked the other way. Rosaline figured she would know when she met someone she clicked with and never really thought about it again. The clicking part had yet to happen, but if it never did Rosaline wasn’t one of those girls whose life would be ruined if she didn’t have a boyfriend to prance around with.

“You need to give Romeo a chance, Rose! You’ll see he will fit right in”. A sneaky smile appeared on Juliet’s face, a smile she wore when she was up to something.

“I sure hope so. I mean I feel for the poor lad already, he will have to survive your mother’s wrath and hey on the bright side if he does not you won’t have a groom to marry”. The only response Rosaline got from Juliet was a pillow to her head.

“Hey! Don’t shoot the messanger dear cousin. I mean I wholeheartedly think that you’re crazy, but I expect to be a maid of honor and nothing less will suffice”.

Juliet knew that it was Rosaline’s way of giving her blessing and a thankful smile appeared on her pale lips. They rarely agreed on anything, but they were family and Juliet needed all the support she could get.

“Of course, how could you not? Oh, and wait till you meet the best man! Very easy on the eyes…I think you two would be a perfect match”. Juliet sent a flirty wink Rosaline’s way.

“Okay, cupid I think you should concentrate on your own relationship, not mine”. With a pointed look Rosaline rose from the bed.

“You will like Ben, you’ll see”.

“Ben?? as in Benvolio Montague??!”. Usually composed Rosaline in a blink of an eye turned into a mad woman the second she heard his name.

“You know of him?”. Juliet wore a puzzled expression.

“You can say that…” A low growl left Rosaline’s lips and if looks could kill…well, poor Juliet would be dead already.

“Doesn’t seem like you two were on friendly terms”. Juliet stated trying to avoid Rosaline’s gleaming eyes.

“Of course we weren’t! What Montague and Capulet are? Oh, well apart from you and Romeo. That bastard was the bane of my existence in college. I swear if I see him ever again I’ll poke his eyes out with a fork and hang the rest of his remains on a pole”.

“Wow there’s major pent up frustration from your side, Rose. What did he do to you?”. Juliet asked quite intrigued. It was weird to see her as ever composed cousin so disheveled just from hearing Benvolio’s name.

“What didn’t he do to me? I swear that man is the most annoying, self centered, playboy there is! If that’s the company Romeo keeps I doubt he’s any good for you”. Rosaline was already on one of her long rants and Juliet knew better than to interupt her now. That didn’t mean she was listening to a single thing though…No the young Juliet was planning a scheme. She wouldn’t have her wedding ruined just because of a little squabble between these two hotheads. In Juliet’s romanticized dream world she even believed that Rosaline and Benvolio could be still star crossed lovers…

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One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I love you’ - 7: “I dreamt about you last night.”

Number 2 from the list of prompts from @queseraone. She also added ‘because obviously, they dreamed about each other before they got together’.

Shout out to @justkillingtimewhileiwait again for her beta’ing help :)

Thank you to everyone who is reading too! Your feedback on the last one was phenomenal <3 Please let me know what you think again, and if you have any prompts of this list you’d like me to write, just message me!

“What?” Erin asked her partner when her eyes drifted back to him, only to see him gazing at her with a smirk playing on his lips. They curved up on the left corner, looking deliciously sinful as he shook his head and took another sip of his beer.

“Nothing,” he replied, smirk still plastered on his ridiculously handsome face. Even the lighting in the corner of Molly’s where they had settled for the evening couldn’t give Erin a break. They were partners, and that’s all they could be. For now. 

“Jay,” she said pointedly when his amusement at his own private joke began to irritate her. “What?

 “I dreamt about you last night,” he told her nonchalantly, causing her to raise a brow.

“Again? Wow, I should be getting paid for making these guest appearances,” Erin joked, mentally adding this to the tally of four other times he had told her he had dreamt about her. 

They may have been partners but that didn’t mean they were blind to the fact that there was something there between them. Something they had agreed on holding off until ‘one day’, which seemed to be approaching closer and closer every moment they spent together.

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White Robe Grooms

Andy Biersack Imagine

You are a rock star in a band that used to be a BVB cover band, but now you are making a name for yourself as a real band, but BVB, Andy in particular, isn’t very appreciative of that.

(Y/N) - Your Name

(Y/S/N) - Your Ship Name (Make a ship name for you and Andy)


The roaring of another crowd soothed your tortured soul. No matter what had happened, no matter what you’d been through, you could come here, to a stage lined with screaming fans, and know that none of it mattered, because they wanted you.

They were chanting your name, your bands name really, but you identified as much with the title as you did the name you were given at birth. It was the sweetest kind of music, and as the beginning of “Never Give In” played you ran out on stage.

You’d started as an all-girl cover band of your rock idols, Black Veil Brides. None of the five of you had intended for it to go anywhere big, you just wanted to play few gigs and bring your own flavor to a beautiful set, but it had become so much more.

Over the years you’d begun writing songs, as well as doing covers, until you weren’t really a cover band anymore. The shows you played got bigger and bigger, and people actually wanted to see you preform. It was a surreal moment when you and your girls got together and said, to hell with it, and went for a music career. It wasn’t easy, and it was a long road to get here, but it was all worth it to hear the fans begging for your personal brand of rebellion.

“White Robe Grooms!”

“White Robe Grooms!”

“White Robe Grooms!”

You regretted not changing the name a little bit, but it was a part of who you were at this point, you didn’t want to change it.

As you came onto the stage and began to sing the crowd began to roar with excitement. Yes, this was it, this was the rush that you loved.

You began singing, and, just like you knew they would, they sang every word along with you. It was a tradition of yours to begin every concert with a cover to keep true to your roots, and which one it would be was always a surprise. You loved the surge of energy and nostalgia you got hearing them all love you for being a cover band, and couldn’t keep away a wicked grin when they loved you even more for doing you own thing.

By the time the concert was over you were drenched in sweat, and ready for a shower, and a long night’s sleep, but not likely to receive either. The girls were all excited about your upcoming interview with Bryan Stars, and the very distinct possibility that they were going to get to meet their idols. You weren’t sure you wanted to meet them though. You were almost positive that they wouldn’t be as good in the flesh as they were in your head, people rarely were, but you would think about that tomorrow, there was always the off chance that Bryan had a different kind of “Special Guest” lined up. But then again, that wasn’t very likely at all, was it, who else could it possibly be?

“Well, I’m ready to get out of here.” Your pink haired drummer ,Collette, laughed, wiping the sweat off of her brow.

“Yeah, me too.” Your clad in black pianist/ guitarist, Eve, affirmed. The five of you had a pretty in punk look, as you’d deemed it, wearing small specks of pink here and there, expect for Eve, who hated pink and refused to have anything to do with the color. You had made your mark on the world of rock, and while not everyone appreciated it, it was your mark, and you had made it, and you were proud of it.

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Nijis YouTube Channel part 4


Niji:-twerks On zoro poster-
Niji:-tries to cook- -Sets cooking on fire-…yeah..that’s how i like it

Niji: i also love fashion and stuff!
Niji:-tries to straighten hair-–burns off hair-
Niji: Can’t recommend this straightener..‘cause..-puts glasses on- I’m still hella gay

Niji: I also do DIY’s!!
Niji: -puts glue and glitter on wood- And that’s how!..you do…nice things!!
Niji: Now even this piece of wood has more sexual tension than my brother pfff.


Niji: Alright guys, hello and welcome back. Today we have one of our favourite guests. My heartless bitch brother Ichiji!

Ichiji: No.

Niji: I said…Ichiji!!!

Ichiji: And I said No.


Ichiji: Why am I the only person? what about bene? Or Your boyfriend?

Niji: I am not allowed to go near them for a certain time because I am too “clingy“ and I “distract” them when they are on very “Dangerous” mission and they could “Die” because of “Me”.

Ichiji: ….. -sighs- You know what? I will appear in your godamn video…. But in exchange you have to help me.
Ichiji: Please find my cat.
Niji: What.
Ichiji: he is somewhere.
Niji; and..what are you going to do while I search for him?
Ichiji: I will take a nap, ‘cause i stayed up a whole week cleaning the freaking kitchen after you and Sanji destroyed it.. and if you find him you can wake me up and I will appear in your stupid video.
Niji: O-Okay alright thanks I will find your cat! whats his name?
Ichiji: Cat.
Niji: Alll right… CAAAT. WHERE ARE YOU -runs outside-
Ichiji: This is going to be the longest nap i ever had
Sanji: why?
Ichiji: Because we don’t have a cat.
Sanji: Fucking Asshole. That’s genius.

Some Hours later. -french accent-

Niji; -Holds cam in his face- It’s now 3 Am. I’m still searching for Ichijis cat and I get the feeling that he tricked me but..what if not..I can’t resist.

-Some more hours later-

Niji:That Shitface definitely tricked me. Oh wait no there is the cat!

-a lot more moments later-

Ichiji: -wakes up- wait..what?
Niji: -Holds raccoon in his arms- He only bit me like…17 times but it’s alright, seems like he is just like you a-
Ichiji: Niji.
Niji: YEAH?
Ichiji: We don’t have a cat and this is a raccoon.
Niji: What? No no look it is a cat, it has a tail, a pointy nose, cute..fingers and..stripes and..looks like he is wearing a mask..Oh my got it is not a Cat
ichiji: See I told ya-
Ichiji: Niji no.

-A week later-

Niji: Things happened. A lot of things. We arrived in the hospital, it seemed that the raccoon had something called “rabies” and it’s very “dangerous” and i was so “stupid” to think that a racoon was a cat and burglar…tzzzz…oh and yeah, ichiji filmed what happened, have fun~

Ichiji: So..the..raccoon attacked niji. It was funny to be honest.
Niji: Its noaat fuuuannny..
Ichiji: Oh yeah they gave him some antibiotics that made him hella high. Say hi Niji.
Niji: ichiji i don’t want to concern you but you face became a cam. My cam.
Ichiji: Is there something you want to tell your fans out there.
Niji: never..let a burglar in your house..no matter how cute he is or how high you arrreee…and ichiji?
Niji: I had..so much fun and thanks for appearing.. in the vlog here. That made me really happy. Love ya bro.

(Niji: I have dubbed this part new, it is more accurate now.)

Ichiji: …..wh-what is this…-grabs his chest- that….feeling. It feels like the usual cold stone in my chest broke and became a heart thanks to the lovely words of my brother.

(real ichiji: CUT IT OUT, DIPSHIT.)

Niji: HA HA I MADE YOU FEEL THINGS. Wait that sounds pretty gay. But I am pretty gay, but not for my brother but they say twincest is wincest but we are no twins. Wait…Ichiji. Oh my god….. Are we twins.
Niji: That explains why you are older than me.
Ichiji: How fucking high are you?
Niji: Ask the pretty lady here.
Paramedic: I’m a men.
Niji: A beautiful one. Don’t let the haters get down to you.
Paramedic: if they get down to me they will die.
Niji:…..are you an assassin?
Paramedic: No I’m a paramedic.
Niji: is this a gun?

Niji: So…Ichiji helped me out there..And I want to show him how thankful I am. That’s why I created the Star Challenge! Because sometimes Adults need gold stars too.
Niji: let me explain. So you know, sometimes peopleget Little gold stars because they did something really good, for example, really good cooking, very good manners, most assassinations and the normal stuff. But this..Is the adult version. Yep..you are thinking right ~
Niji: Let’s go and find ichiji.


niji: -Sneaks up behind ichiji-
Ichiji: -eats food-
Niji: LOOK AT YOU EATING FOOD. -smacks gold star in his face-


Ichiji:-Puts pants on-
Niji:-Smacks gold star in his face-
Ichiji: you littl-


Ichiji: -Reads a book- Niji No.
Niji: NIJI YES. -smacks gold star on his forehead- LOOK AT YOU READING THAT BOOK.
Ichiji: i will kill you.
Sanji: Niji maybe you should run.
Niji: Awww look at you giving me advises. Here a star.
Sanji: Oh thanks.
Ichiji: You gave sanji a star an-
Niji: Are you jealous???
Ichiji: ….?
Niji:…you know smack sounds Kinda like smash and-
Niji: don’t you know what a great Idea a smash or pass video would be but not with some random people but with different photos of taysir. Would I smash him in his summer outfit or winter or mission outfit. Damn that’s great.
Ichiji: Niji?
Niji: yeah?
Ichiji: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Niji: :I Meh :v

Luckily, no one knows who I am in rl. That gives me power to write shit like that. @ask-the-vinsmokes@snajey Du wolltest es so. Und hier hast du es.
if Aphrodite gives a shit (and We created you in pairs)

Rated: T

Chapter: 1/5

Relationships: friendship Otabek/Yuri, Seung Gil/Phichit, implied Leo/Guang Hong, Yuuri/Victor


When Yuri met Otabek, his timer had been showing him zeroes since he was ten. His Soulmate didn’t come and find him. Cursed, people call him. Fuck off, Yuri tells them.

Otabek still has years before he’s due to meet his Soulmate.

aka the soulmate timer au with a twist

read on ao3


Yuuri and Victor is a tale of misunderstandings made worse by bad communication and scandalous shenanigans. 

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davekat popstar au 3/3

davekat humanstuck AU where Dave is a popstar and Karkat is some rando who’s never heard of him. sfw, about 2300 words.

first parts are here and here

Ampora laughs at you. Straight up points a finger and chortles. Dave–Strider, whatever– doesn’t. If anything he looks chagrined.

Yeah, well, maybe he should be, you think savagely. Maybe if his music was better I would have heard it. As if you don’t relentlessly avoid anything considered ‘popular’. Popular shit is for the masses, and the masses are idiots. It’s been scientifically proven.  

You’re too busy hating yourself and the rest of the human race to catch what Dave says to get Ampora to leave, but he does. Dave slumps back against the railing, palming at his eyes and smearing his makeup further. “Dude, chill. It’s not a big deal.”

You will not chill, you will slop the hysteria inside you all over this goddamn balcony.

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Worst Timing Ever.

Dan was setting up for his weekly live show in his old bedroom. It was only used when Dan made videos as he now shared a bed with his boyfriend, Phil. Of course nobody had to know that. Sure the Phandom had many ideas and ‘proof’ of them. But they weren’t going to announce it until they themselves were ready. They’ve been dating for three years and Dan wouldn’t say it aloud but they’ve been the best years of his life.

Phil had been the one to ask. Their first date was a little iffy at first but they soon relaxed. Phil had taken him out for a movie. Dan didn’t see the difference between going as friends and as a date. But Phil had surprised him by intertwining their fingers on the armrest. Dan liked it more than he thought he would. It wasn’t until months later that Dan moved his clothes and some possessions into Phil’s room. They just had to remember to hide certain things before filming a video.

Dan was just about to start when he remember to mess up the bed sheets. It, one, looked like he slept in it. But it also made some of the fans yell at him for it. It was a game now. He made sure his door was opened in case Phil were to join later that evening. Dan settled into the famous butt chair. Making sure his computer was all ready to go, Dan started the live show.

“Hello!” He smiled and watched the few first people start to join the chat. “Describe how you’re feeling in one word. Go!”

The live show was going very well. He always loved doing them and looked forward to them every week. He’d told them about how Phil was planning a new baking video for Halloween and that they just finished a new DanAndPhilGames scary video. People sent him love and there were a couple proposals. But majority of the chat was filled with phan-like comments.

“What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Says Caroline.” Dan tapped his chin. He truly had no idea what they were going to do. “Maybe Shrek. That’d be interesting. I think Phil said he wanted to go as Thor.” He looked into the camera. “He keeps swearing he’s Thor. I don’t believe him.” He rocked back on his chair looking through the chat for anything that popped out.

“It looks like Phil is watching.” Dan laughed as he saw Phil’s name in the chat saying, more like yelling as it was in capslock, that he was Thor and he just didn’t want to show his muscles. He turned to yell over his shoulder. “You know you could just come in!” Silence was his response. It was strange since Phil’s never silent. Especially with their fans present. “Quit being a dork and come in here.” He laughed as no movement could be heard. “So Phil is being an idiot.” He told everyone.

The chat started saying Phil was being adorable and people were saying hi to the new guest. Dan decided to ignore the people saying things about those muscles being only for him.

Dan decided it was time to answer some questions sent as fan mail. One of them asked what movies he’s seen recently. He told them about how the two of them have been watching scary movies over the past week. Someone else asked when another Danisnotonfire video will be.

“Soon guys! I Promise!” It was the phrase he used every week.

He looked down to see he got another marriage proposal from someone. Just as he was about to thank them, he noticed the name.

Phil Lester sent you a marriage proposal.

At first he thought it was a joke. But it couldn’t have been. Phil was funny but he wouldn’t do that as a joke. Especially in front of thousands of fans.

“Um. Just hang on a minute guys.” The chat was already going crazy. Dan stood up and moved quickly to his door, shutting it behind him as he went searching for his boyfriend. He wasn’t in their bedroom or the kitchen doing some secret snacking, leaving only the lounge.

The door was closed but light peeked out through the edges. He opened the door, letting the squeaky hinge announce his arrival. What was on the other side was overwhelming to say the least.

Phil was down on one knee, holding a ring in both of his hands.

Dan started to shake with excitement but he was also a little nervous.

“Dan, I love you. You’ve been such an interesting twist in my life. But a good one. I’ve been so lucky to have met you. You’ve kept me stable and you keep me on my toes. Life is never boring. From the first message years back, I knew you were special to me. That I’d do anything to make sure I wouldn’t lose you. Dan, you are the light in my dark world. You are the stars in my night sky. I know this is cheesy but I mean every word. I love you, Dan Howell. Please let me be the happiest man alive and be my husband.”

Dan was absolutely speechless. He fell to his knees in front of Phil and smiled with watery eyes. He let the tears fall and pull his boyfriend into a heart-warming embrace.

“Yes. Yes, I will.” He whispered. Dan leaned into Phil’s neck and the smell of hot chocolate and his body wash of cinnamon was what made him feel safe and loved. He felt Phil place a kiss on his temple. But see that wasn’t good enough. Dan gave him a proper kiss and didn’t want to leave that spot.

He looked over Phil’s shoulder at his boyfriend’s laptop. He’d completely forgotten about his live show!

“I guess I should explain why I disappeared on them.” Dan pouted and hugged Phil closer.

Phil laughed in Dan’s ear and rested his hands on his now fiance’s hips. “Probably. Or you could just tell them you have to go and come right back here.”

“I wouldn’t have to if someone chose a better time than in the middle of a live show!” Dan smirked as Phil blushed. “I’ll be right back.”

Dan quickly went back to his room and explained he had to get going. Everyone was still yelling 'Phan is real!!’ or 'Can I come to your wedding?!!?’. He only laughed and gave his farewells. Promising he’ll be back next week.

Going to join his fiance in the lounge for maybe a night of cuddling, Dan discovered Phil had other plans. A tangle of sweaty limbs were covered by the green and blue blanket awhile later.

“I love you, Philly.”

“I love you too.”

(long, heavy sigh) here we go again

okay, champs. time for a lesson in problematic behavior. i’ve literally had to copy and paste the same lecture so many times that i feel like i should get it tattooed on my stomach/chest so next time someone needs some education i can just flash them my titties and hit them hard with knowledge because i’m so fucking sick of having to go through every single page of this blog to collect all the same information that all of y'all should know already because the shows/fandoms aren’t in any way subtle about their problematic behavior

  • hijacking posts that have nothing to do with them and adding gif after gif from their shows even after the original poster asks them to stop
  • very problematic, romanticizes mental illness, often calling themselves “sociopaths” so they can be more like Sherlock, which, to people with associative disorders/who are on the Autism Spectrum find really offensive, because they’re making mental illness look like a trendy accessory
  • also says “we belong in an insane asylum” which is also really shitty because they’re comparing themselves to sufferers of mental illness because they watched a show
  • fetishizing homosexuality: only supporting gay marriage so Destiel and Johnlock can become canon; harassing actors about gay ships; hating female characters just because they get in the way of gay ships; harassing the writers (sending death threats to Mark Gatiss for example), harsh stereotyping (thinking that Moffat can’t possibly be homophobic when he’s clearly made homophobic statements because he has one gay friend) 
  • said that their fandoms were “more important than trans rights”
  • sends death threats to individuals who don’t like the shows/don’t agree with their opinions 
  • the shows themselves are very sexist/racist/heteronormative, and then the fans try to justify it/excuse it by saying “but captain jack was GAY! so it’s a LIBERATOR for GAY (men’s) RIGHTS!”when Jack Harkness was actually bisexual (oh look, bi erasure) and his sexuality was made into a fucking punchline 
  • defends the problematic things that the actors say/do (ex: Martin Freeman making rape jokes & calling Lucy Liu an ugly dog, Benedict Cumberbatch misgendering Chelsea Manning and calling her a man (even though she’s a trans woman and goes by she/her pronouns and is THEREFORE A WOMAN) because he disagreed with her opinions about leaking government secrets, and doing something like that on purpose is disgusting and extremely disrespectful, making classist comments about the UK’s education system and saying that students protesting said oppressive education system were “bloody idiots”. Before admitting that he grew up privileged and has no idea what he’s talking about.
  • racism, racism, racism! let’s talk about the shitty representation of people of color in these shows and how the fanbases treat them! SHERLOCK: One singular PoC, Sally Donovan: hated with a passion because she turned Sherlock in for being a shit and doing her actual job as a member of law enforcement, also slut shamed—Sherlock said that her knees were bruised, so she must’ve been “scrubbing Anderson’s floor” (aka having sex with him doggy style) and everyone thought it was very sassy and clever when it was actually extremely sexist. DOCTOR WHO: Martha Jones: generally hated for “trying to be the new Rose” and for “being clingy” when she’s the only companion who loved the Doctor but didn’t rely on him for character development. In the end, she realized that it was time for her to strike out on her own and leave the toxic situation she’d found herself in and left the Doctor in order to become her own woman, and a rather good agent/scientist also. Mickey: forgotten about. Nobody cares about Mickey. And then they make jokes about the fact that they forget him by calling him “the tin dog” (based on a comment someone made ONCE in ONE episode) and ignoring his entire arc of character development (which is a nice arc tbh, rather well written) in favor of poking fun out of the fact that they’re ignoring him. Other Random Side-Characters: there’s been a couple of PoC guest characters from oneshot episodes (ie: Lizzie (from the episode about the Star Whale), Martha’s parents (characterized as assholes and backstabbers), an Egyptian Queen by the name of Nefrititi, perhaps you’ve heard of her because she’s a real historical figure who got completely whitewashed for the episode and was generally useless, the kids Clara babysits (generally useless)). Not to mention that River Song ended up being Cleopatra, as if the whitewashing in this show wasn’t gross enough already. Apparently the new companion is black,which will be nice but let’s remember that he’s only the third PoC companion ever and the show’s been around for 50 fucking years. SUPERNATURAL: Tamara and her husband: dead. Kevin Tran: dead. Raphael: dead. Uriel: dead. Kevin’s girlfriend: dead. Alpha Vampire: dead. Kevin’s mom: not a lot of screen time, and for a while they thought she was, guess what? Dead. Joshua: dead. Remember Bobby’s black Hunting Buddy?: dead. Edgar (leviathan, Latino): dead. Shojo (Japanese monster): dead. The CIA officer who arrested the boys in “Jus in Bello”: dead. Jake Talley: dead. Gordon: dead. Okami (Japanese monster): played by a white woman (oh look whitewashing again! my favorite!) and also dead. 
  • in Sherlock, he makes it clear that he’s asexual, and the fandom often ignores it just so they can write fanfiction about Watson fucking him in the ass (ace erasure)

if you “honestly can’t understand what’s wrong” with sexism, racism, ableism, and classism then you really need to sort out your priorities. 

so yeah. we’re an angry hate blog. why, you ask? because we hate problematic behavior and it makes us angry. and all y'all little nerds need a few minutes in the corner and maybe a cold bucket of water to bring you back to reality 

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I just love your stories and the way you write~ ^^ Could you please write a scene where in the reader and Yoosung finally meets face to face. Then the reader comes out as shy and introverted unlike in chats when she's really quirky XD Thank you!

Hope you enjoy!  Now, a fic featuring MC and Yoosung, aka Townspeople A and B. - Mod Z

You’d always been the brightest one in the chat, when you were there, it would light up his whole world. 

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Hallows Eve (Part Two)

John Laurens x Reader Warnings: Drunk hamilsquad I guess? (A/N: Part two to this story, I really enjoyed writing it so I hope y'all enjoy reading it :D)


“JOHN! Are we g-gonna finish shthe game or what?” Alex drunkly exclaimed. John pulled away and sighed, his smiling never diminishing. You took this as your out and chuckled, using the excuse of, “I have to find Angelica.” You quickly made your way back through the crowd, trying to ignore the buzzing voices in your head.

He called you beautiful.

He was drunk.

No, he was tipsy.

He was still impaired.

He called you beautiful.

You needed to clear your head, you really wanted a beer. But, you had to stay sober to fufill your duty as the designated driver, so you opted to just go find a quietcorner and go on your phone for the rest of the night while listening to whatever the hell soundtrack was playing.

Just as you had found an empty seat and started to loosen up, you heard a familiar french accent calling your name. You looked up from your phone to see Laf standing over you, smiling and swaying only slightly. Was anyone not intoxicated?

“Mon amie, pourquoi etes-vous pas (why are you not) with Alexander and John?” His native tongue often took hold when he was drunk, and any english was heavily accented. Good thing he had taught you some basic French.

You sighed. “They’re in the kitchen.” He quirked a brow, getting down on one knee so you were face-to-face.

“That did not answer my question, mademoselle.” Even drunk, Laf could probably sense there was something off about you and suddenly, you felt like you needed to tell him everything.

You grabbed his hand, leading him out of the living rrom and into an empty closet down the hall. Once inside, you flipped on a light, slightly amused by his bewildered expression. Once you opened your mouth, you couldn’t stop the story from coming up. Every moment of falling in love from the first day, right down to what had happened tonight.

“I know he’s drunk, so I just removed myself before he said anything else that he won’t mean tomorrow…“ You trailed off, heart sinking as you realized the truth of your words. No way he’d remember it tomorrow, no matter how long you would.

Laf stared at you, biting his lip and not quite meeting your eye. It didn’t look…suspicious really, more like, concerned. Like he was holding something back.

“Laf, is there something you’re not telling me?” He sighed in defeat, finally bringing his eyes to up yours, nodding his head.

“Oui. John had told me to…how you say? Keep it a secret.” You cocked a brow, even more confused than before.

“Keep what a secret? Laf, just spit it out. Please.” His gaze softened, and he took off his cap to run his hand over his now frizzy hair.

“He is…amoureux de toi - in love with you, what he said tonight is the truth, probably just encouraged by the alcohol.” Your confusion melted away, slowly replaced by an avalanche of thoughts tumbling in your head.

He loves me? Since when does he…how long has he…is this just Laf being drunk..? You looked back at him, realizing he wasn’t as intoxicated as you had earlier presumed. Instead, he was staring back at you quite intently.

“Are you okay? Your skin looks a little pale.” You nodded, still unable to form a complete sentence. All this time of holding back your feelings, and he could’ve been doing the same? You shook your head, you needed time to think about this.

“I am not trying to rush you, but it is getting a little…cramped in here.” He laughed, and you realized how long you’d been standing in there. You nodded going to open the door,

“Thank you, Lafayette.” He smiled and together you walked out of the closet. You needed time to digest this, if what Laf said was even really true. But, it seemed time was not on your side becuase before you had even gotten to the living room, a very distressed James Madison rushed up to you and Laf, something was wrong.

“…(Y/N)…Lafayette…,” He said between breaths, “Alexander and Thomas…challenged each other to a chugging contest…Thomas won, but Alex is insisting he cheated, which I’m not sure how you even cheat while chugging, then John and Hercules jumped in to defend Alex and, well, it looks like things may get ugly.” You groaned and Laf nodded. Couldn’t they just get along for one night? One? You turned to Laf who was rubbing his temples.

“I will take care of Alexander and Hercules. Sacrement beau fou (damn handsome fool).”

You sighed. “I’ll get John.” All three of you hurried to the kitchen, breaking through most of the party that had gathered to watch the unfolding commotion. Once you had elbowed your way to the front, you saw Thomas towering over Alex, glaring down as Alex furiously spat something about him being “a curly headed magenta idiot”. His fists were clenched and his jaw tight, John circling them looking, even more sly and raven-like than before. Hercules stood behind Tomas, ready to sucker punch if provoked.

You knew they were all drunk, but you still didn’t want to have to drive any of them to the ER.

“Alright, alright,” You said, stepping between Thomas and Alex, “That’s enough. Alex, Thomas, take a walk.” Alex huffed, but complied, taking a few steps away. You noticed Laf putting his arm around Hercules, trying (and sort-of succeeding) in leading him away. Thomas smirked.

“What’s this Hamilton, bring your girlfriend to defend you?” Your cheeks flared as you tried to keep your anger in check. He slip an arm around your shoulder, leaning down so you were the same height. “When are you going to ditch these losers and start hanging around with a real man?” his sickly-sweet sothern accent had every word dripping with spite and you pulled yourself from his grasp.

Before you could shoot anything back, Thomas was pushed back, sending him stumbling and falling on his ass. You whirled around to find John seething, fists tight at his sides. You had never seen him this angry, it was a little scary. And oddly, hot.

“Don’t touch her ever again!” He yelled, taking a step towards Jefferson. You put your hand out to stop him and shook your head. As he looked at you, he seemed to break out of his angry trance and his gaze softened. “(Y/N)…”

“Let it be. Come on, lets get you all home.” He nodded, his jaw still clenched as he glanced over your shoulder.

You and Laf managed to wrangle the boys of of the apartment and into your car, John up front next to you, Alex, Laf and Hercules all sat in the back seat. You pulled away and out of the corner of your eye, you could see John staring at you. You glanced up to the mirror, finding the boys all asleep against each other. You had to admit if was pretty cute, you wished you could snap a pic. You turned your attention back to the road and stopped at the red light.

“You know..t-that wassh really brave of you. You were like…an angel guardian…,oh! A guardian angel!” John mumbled, you could tell he was trying not to fall asleep. You chuckled.

“I wouldn’t have to intervene if Alex didn’t get into trouble, and if you didn’t loop yourself into it.” You had meant it to sound like a scolding but it just came out weary. He was quiet, turning his gaze to the window. After a pause you heard him mumble, “I have to defend my friends, they’re family.” Your heart skipped a beat and you were reminded what made you initially fall for John; his caring nature. The way he always looked out for and protected his friends, they really were family.

You pulled into your parking lot, figuring it was best to just let the boys crash at your place then try and get directions out of them. As you turned off the car and took the keys out of the ignition, you found John smiling at you. You gave a half-grin. “What?”

“You just look so…dazzling tonight, n-not to say you don’t look dazzling every other night, because you do…you just look…extra sparkley tonight. It’s light the stars are caught in your eyes.” It wasn’t fair. You knew he was drunk, he couldn’t mean what he was saying.

You fumbled with your keys, muttering, “Let’s get these guys upstairs.” John helped you wake the guys and get them up to your apartment, forcing them all to drink a glass of water once they got inside. You dumped Hercules and Laf on the guest bed together, the two lovers instantly cuddling into each other as they drifted off to sleep. Surprisingly, Alex didn’t put up much of a fight, curling into a ball and passing out on the couch as soon as you had gotten his shoes off. You stood in the doorway of your bedroom, make-up off and hair undone. John was in the bathroom.

That only left one place for him to sleep.

Your bed.

How had you not thought this through? You could barely be in the same room with him without getting flustered, let alone share a queen-sized bed with him and be fine. The time on your phone showed 1:30am. You could always just stay up all night. No, that was ridiculous, and you had to study tomorrow.

“I could sleep on the floor.” You jumped, while you were deep in your thougths you hadn’t noticed John’s figure next to yours. You sighed, trying not to take into note that he was clad in only a black tank top and some wayyyy to big sweatpants of yours that seemed to fit him just right.

“No, you’re my guest, I can just…” Your sentence trailed off, and you realized there really was only three options; John slept on the floor, you slept on the floor, or,…you sighed. “We can share the bed. I’m honestly way too tired right now to even think. just stay on your side.” You grumbled, it was rumored that John often liked to spread out over the entire bed while he slept.

He chuckled. “No promises.” You smiled and made your way over to your dresser, grabbing a baggy t-shirt and some shorts. You had just started to unroll you fishnets when you looked up =, only to realize John sat on the bed, staring at you. You were glad it was dark because you felt your cheeks heat up for abouth the tenth time.



“I kind of need to change.”

Your words took a moment to sink in, and once they did, you saw his face alight with realization. He stuttered and apology and lay down, turning his back to you. You shook your head, a small smile still on your face.

You quickly changed and walked over to the bed, still very unsure if this was going to work. You went to tell JOhn to scootch over so you could have your usual side of the bed, but in the time it had taken you to get changed he had fallen fast asleep, locks of his curly hair fluttering against his nose with every breath. You shook your head and crawled over the snoozing man, careful not to bump him.

As soon as you got comfortable under your blankets you turned your back to him, trying to limit as much physical contact as possible. You lay awake for a couple moments, taking in the sound of John’s rythmic breathing, it was so soothing it was beginning to put you to sleep. As you drifted off one of the things John said to you still lingered in your mind; “Your like a guardian angel.”


“Awww! I knew it was bound to happen soon!”

“Alex, shh! Do you want them to wake up?”

“Yeah and you owe me ten bucks.”

Familiar voices filled your room as your eyes fluttered open. You weren’t fully awake, but you were aware enough to realize that people were standing over you. You opened one eye, and as soon as you did you were met with a bright flash of light, on of the boys had taken a picture of you, but for what?

“Guys…what the hell?” You mumured, trying to wake up a bit more.

“ABORT ABORT SHE IS AWAKE!” Laf ran from the room followed by the other two men. You sighed, why did they even take a picture?

Only then did you realize you were tucked against John, you two had somehow ended up spooning against each other sometime during the night. Suddenly, you were very aware of how solid John’s chest felt against your back, how protected you felt under his arms. You instinctually cuddled further into him, trying to enjoy this before he woke up.

“…(Y/N)…?” Too late.

You froze, unsure of what to do next. “Good morning John.”

“Did we…oh gosh..what-what happened last night?” You tried your hardest to ignore how incredibly sexy his low, gravelly morning voice sounded.

“Well, after you almost got into a fight with Jefferson, I took you back to my apartment so you and the rest of the gang could pass out somewhere safely.” You felt him sigh, probably in relief.

“But we didn’t…you know…”

“John, I was too tired last night to do that even if you tried, and you didn’t try anything,” you debated letting the next part out before quickly mumbling, “except for call me your guardian angel, and beautiful.” You tried to force a lugh, but it just sounded like an empty attempt. He took in a sharp breath, you knew what was coming.

The, “I’m sorry I said that.”

The, “I didn’t mean anything, I was so drunk.”

The, “Thank god we didn’t hook up or anything!”

Deciding to save yourself the heartbreak of actually going through his relief, you tried to get up. But, surprisingly, his grip around you tightened, he held you closer to him.

“I meant what I said, by the way. You are like my guardian angel, always keeping me out of trouble or focused when I need to be, and I’ve never really thanked you for that.” He rand his hand along your arm, causing goosebumps to break out in his path. If you turned to face him now, he’d surely notice the blush creeping up your neck.


“Wait (Y/N), please, let me finish. I also meant when I called you beautiful, I’ve thought you’ were beautiful since the first day we met, beautiful in the way you spoke, the way every word was packed with passion as you and Alex debated, how airy your laugh was, how beautiful you are when you’re frustrated and you scrunch up your nose. I don’t know if you even feel the same, or-or if I’ve ruined what we have between us…but…”, you turned around, placing a hand on his chest and looking up into his big, beautiful brown eyes, “I’m…I’m in love with you.” He said the last part barely above a whisper, as it he were afraid to say it.

Laf was right, he was actually right. You had dreamed about this moment for as long as you’d known John, but now that it was here, you found yourself speechless. His lip quivered lightly as he stared back into your eyes. You did the only thing that made sense at the moment, you leaned forward and gently pressed your lips to his.

He responded quickly, pulling you as close to him as physically possible as you melted into the kiss. It was everything you had ever wished it to be and more, he was so sweet and gentle, you felt like you were speaking through this kiss. You were telling him how much you loved him, and he made sure you felt the feeling was mutual.

You pulled away, breathless. He was smiling down at you, and you smiled right back. This was the happiest you had felt in a long time, and you knew it would last a long time. You layed your head against his chest, nuzzling into him.

“You know, I think the guys have a picture of how we were sleeping.” He chuckled.

“I’ll chase them down later, right now, I’m just enjoying finally having you all to myself.”

You smiled. You couldn’t agree more.


anonymous asked:


Send me a Ship and I’ll Break Them DOWN (warning: i went way overboard with this lol)

  • How did they they meet?


  • Who developed romantic feelings first?

Oikawa! Or at least, he realized it first – after that time in middle school Iwaizumi stopped him from punching Kageyama.

  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”

Hanamaki and Matsukawa. Fucking. CALLED. IT. Since. Their. First. Year.

But of course, the whole Seijoh team totally ships it, too – it’s just Matsuhana are the captain of the ship xD

  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

Right after Oikawa finally confessed to Iwa-chan in the university’s dorm room – “So, Hajime, what do you say about becoming boyfriends?” – Iwaizumi covered Oikawa’s lips with his own, pressing desperate kisses everywhere, mouth ghosting across Oikawa’s pale skin, murmuring his answer, over and over again,“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

  • Who confessed their feelings first?

So here you get the run-down of how the confession happened xD This is like a prequel to the previous answer.

This is part of the childhood friend universe and also kinda post-canon hq!! where they both go to different universities. Oikawa was the one who confessed to Iwaizumi when they were in their second year of university. After separating after high school, they found that their long-distance friendship is quickly falling apart. Both of them still think their love is unrequited, and it became painful for both, so after a while they just lost contact. 

After one year, Iwaizumi showed up at one of Oikawa’s games, and sparks were reignited. After a very angsty journey, it ended up with a teary, angry drunk Oikawa showing up at Iwaizumi’s dorm at midnight and confessing his eternal love ¯\_()_/¯

  • What was their first official date?

They went to watch the newest Star Wars movie???? They were both very happy at the end of the date, though :D

  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

Surprisingly, despite what you’d think, Oikawa isn’t really big on group dates??? Oikawa loves bragging about his boyfriend in front of other people, but he’s actually really private on the personal details of their lives, so neither of them likes to do group dates much. The only exception to that is Hanamaki and Matsukawa.

  • What do they do in their down time?

Netflix and chill nah when they have the time, they both enjoy babysitting and teaching Takeru and his friends how to play volleyball

  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

“Ah, Tooru-kun – you’re already like a second son to me – of course you have my blessings. Please take care of our hopeless Hajime. I’ll be placing him in your care.”

“Mom, I wouldn’t even trust that trash to take care of a goldfish.”

“Hajime, be nice and stop picking on Tooru-kun!”

  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

“Aliens are real!”

“No, they’re not!”

“Then neither is Godzilla!”

“You – you take that back, right now!”

I mean they were four when this happened so their moms probably made them make up?? idk.

  • Which one is more easily made jealous?

Oikawa is more apparent and expressive about it, draping himself across Iwaizumi’s back and smiling threatening smiles to ward off unwanted advances on his precious Iwa-chan. He can be petty, so it looks to outsiders as if he is obviously the more jealous one of the two. 

However, Iwaizumi actually has his possessive side as well, perhaps just as much as Oikawa, and while he’s not so bothered by the constant flock of girls, guys hitting on Oikawa are a different matter. Whenever that happens, Oikawa finds himself with a lot of hickeys the next day :D

  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

Milkbread at a bakery downtown – actually the bakery was just Oikawa’s favorite but he kept on dragging Hajime there until it became both of their favorite place to eat. Oikawa always get milkbread, which Iwaizumi has learned to tolerate (they do taste good but he’ll never admit that to Oikawa), but Iwaizumi orders relatively different breads each time

  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

Oikawa loves being cuddled and pampered, and Iwa-chan doesn’t admit it, but he loves being the bigger spoon and nuzzling into Oikawa’s soft, fluffy hair

  • Are they hand holders?

Yes, Oikawa is naturally affectionate, but Iwaizumi loves holding his hands to show Oikawa his love. Oikawa can be insecure at time, so it’s Iwa-chan’s way of telling him silently ‘idiot, i love you and i’m never going to leave you’

  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

Going with the childhood friends universe, I’d say they didn’t wait that long after they started dating, since they took such a long time to actually get together (like, try, eight years).They’ve both waited long enough (probably lol), and they’re sure, so it just happened. And when they did it, it was the most natural thing ever, like finally finding that missing piece of the puzzle. It wasn’t awkward, it was loving, it was bliss – and it took a while, but at last, they’re home.

  • Who tops?

They switch depending on their moods that day ~ there’s some pretty kinky shit going on too

  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into?

“Oikawa…this – this needs to stop. Us – we’re not – shit – we’re not good for each other. This isn’t healthy, for either of us.”


“Look at you, idiot! You look like shit. We’re – shit, I don’t know – we’re like codependent or shit – and I don’t know what to do. You can’t revolve your life around one person, Oikawa. Can’t you see we’re destroying each other?”  

“….Iwa-chan, you’re not… leaving, are you? Iwa-chan, Hajime – Hajime, please  don’t  I’ll don anything   “     

  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?

They both do, but sometimes they take turns and sometimes they go together

  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

Oikawa, but not because Iwa-chan is messy. Iwaizumi is fairly neat and orderly, but Okawa lowkey has OCD and takes it to a whole new level - this man fucking organizes all his damn trophies and medals chronologically and then by type (gold, silver, etc)


  • Who proposes?

Iwa-chan does! I’d imagine it was after a hard-won game (maybe the Olympics?) and looking at Oikawa’s face after an intense match, Iwaizumi just fell in love all over again and proposed!

  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

They didn’t want to have one :o 

  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?

Obviously, Matsuhana are the best men for them. Iwaizumi made Kyoutani one of the groomsmen lol.

BONUS: Somehow Yahaba is part of the wedding as their wedding planner like he is a legit professional wedding planner and Watari administrated the vows i kid u not

  • Big Ceremony or Small?

Medium, I think. They invited some university friends and teammates, their families, the old Seijoh team, and, after some debate, Karasuno. Only people they really know or have known for a long time.

BONUS: Oikawa also may or may not have tried to ban Kageyama from attending the wedding on like the day of the wedding. Also Iwaizumi had to send out a last-minute invitation to Ushijima, who became Oikawa’s uni teammate, the week before because Oikawa ‘accidentally’ forgot to send the invitation to him out of everyone on their guest list-“haha Iwa-chan what a coincidence right”

  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

They didn’t exactly went on a honeymoon, but they did take a vacation back to Miyagi to revisit family and friends

  • Do they have children? How many?

A son named Kageyama Tobio and son-in-law named Hinata Shouyou. 

anonymous asked:

Hi shannon! I really like your taste in fics could you recommend some new longer ones please?

hi! and thank you! I rec a lot of the newer ones on here, so I’ll just make a big master post of all my favorite long fics for you! (long being 30k words and over) Some of these are chaptered and others are one shots, enjoy! 

You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings 80k

Harry takes the summer before uni to travel Europe and meets Louis in Barcelona, and they end up traveling together.

Don’t Look Down 92k

 In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

Fading 200k

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

This Offer Stands Forever 78k

Harry is who high school kids would define as a nerd, he loved going to class and studying, he was just good at school work and saw nothing wrong with liking it. He signs up to tutor students at the middle school down the road where he ends up helping Lottie Tomlinson, younger sister to the ever popular and gorgeous Louis Tomlinson who is also a senior and in a few classes of Harry’s. Harry might have a crush on him and not so sure how to act around Louis but hopes he can get close to the other boy and learn everything about him.

Speaking of Marvels 100k

AU. Louis is a nanny in suburban New Jersey, and the neighbors’ son is home from college for the summer. It was supposed to be a fling.

Pull Me Under 140k

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Some Clear Jellyfish Don’t Sting 32k

Louis Tomlinson is starting grad school in New York City in the fall and when his best friend Niall Horan finds out, he invites Louis to spend the summer with him on the end of Long Island, at the house of their childhood friend, Harry Styles. Louis hasn’t seen Harry in years, not since he was sixteen and Harry was fourteen and Harry had a somewhat massive crush on him. What will happen when they meet again? Will the tables be turned????

Red Brick Heart 98k

Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.

Into The Blue 117k

AU. In which Louis is Harry’s scuba instructor and quite happy to provide the requested special treatment, pun fully intended. It can’t be all that difficult to convince Harry that they’re on the same page, right? Also, Niall and Liam may or may not be dating, and Zayn is surrounded by emotionally stunted idiots. He bears it with dignity.

Here (In Your Arms) 62k

he one where Louis is a successful real estate agent and Harry works at a retirement home. They’ve never had a real home. Up until now.

I Would Name The Stars For You 91k

“Harry Styles is a poem waiting to happen, Louis thinks, eyes tracing peach flesh and the undercurrent of blue veins. He wants to write him all down, to capture the image of green eyes and red lips and skinny wrists… dark ink spilled across the page.” or a vaguely Notting Hill-like AU starring popstar!Harry and bookkeeper/soulful poet!Louis; and including guest appearances by fate, a wise elderly aristocrat, and lots and lots of pining.

Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) 55k

The first Louis had heard of Harry auditioning for X Factor was the night he’d turned up on Louis’ doorstep the day before leaving for Boot Camp, with a DVD and an illicit bottle of vodka.

Things Have Gotten Closer To The Sun 50k

When a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

Glitter/Gold Series 50k

harry and louis are from two different crowds, but harry wants to ask louis to prom.

“we should get married,” louis says, and this time, neither of them say no.

Because You Saw Me When I Was Invisible 33k

A loosely-based Princess Diaries AU, in which Harry finds out he’s the heir to the throne of a country he’s never even heard of.

You’re My Favorite Bird 33k

Harry is an ornithologist and Louis owns the camera repair shop where Harry gets his photos printed. Niall works for Louis, Liam works with Harry, and Zayn paints. There’s a cat, some camping, some bird watching, and obscene amounts of fluff.

Like A Beautiful Carol, I Get Lost In Your Song 30k

Louis Tomlinson has become many things in the five years since One Direction ended, and a Scrooge is not one of them. However, there are three ghosts on his doorstep who beg to differ.

Boys Of Summer 50k

New Jersey Beach Town AU

A Million One, A Million Two (A Hundred More Will Never Do) 42k

An AU loosely inspired by the short-lived WB drama, Young Americans, and the Gotta Be You music video.

From Eight Until Late, I Think About You 35k

After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. They fall for each other long-distance, but put off meeting face-to-face as long as possible, too nervous that they’ll screw it all up.

We Are Full Of Stories To Be Told 36k

Harry and Louis get engaged and break up and then married; Liam accidentally tells Zayn he’s in love with him on their first date but they end up being friends (and maybe more); Niall shears a sheep and gets slapped in the face a lot. or: the HIMYM AU with my favorite plots from the first two seasons, where Harry is Marshall, Louis is Lily, Liam is Ted, Zayn is Robin, and Niall is Barney.