even the eyebrows for god's sake

terezi cornering dave in the hallway and smirking like careful dave karkat’s cuteness might seem harmless but honestly it is a steel toothed trap that once sprung might be impossible to escape you better watch out

vriska constantly “accidentally” walking in on wherever they’re hanging out trying to catch them in the act, not even sure what act, just AN act, for god’s sake give us a fucking clue

kanaya watching them give each other merciless shit one day and act like best friends the next and overhearing dave talking karkat down from some vriska-induced rage or another and wanting to meddle SO BAD but having no idea HOW where do you even BEGIN with this karkat what are you doing

and all rose has to do is raise her eyebrows slightly and dave heats up like a furnace

Raphael and Magnus are going to interact this season so I just want you to imagine:

  • Raphael being very unimpressed with the fact that Magnus’ boyfriend is a shadowhunter ‘Though it is an improvement from Camille.
  • Raphae then going right on to tell Alec (privately of course) that not even the Accords will save him if he hurts Bane.
  • Magnus rolling his eyes to the heavens every damn second because ‘I am your god damn elder Raphael, respect me. Hmm, how about next century?’
  • Raphael and Magnus making negotiations to keep their people safe from Valentine’s clutches. 
  • Magnus saying that he hates Raphael and then panicking when he thinks something’s happened to him. 
  • Magnus hugs Raphael and picks him up for the sake of annoying him… Raphael’s nowhere near as annoyed as he pretends to be. 
  • Raphael just mocking Magnus with his head tilt and raised eyebrows. 
  • Magnus making Raphael see reason because ‘A part of his family was in danger, what did you expect Sheldon to do?! His name is Simon, Dios Mio. See, you do care. 
  • Magnus and Raphael having cocktails and the conversation somehow turning to Ragnor and they’re filled with a silent nostalgia for their friend. 
  • ‘Isn’t that one of Raphael’s jacket? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Stanley. YOU AND RAPHAEL HAVE MATCHING JACKETS?!’